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Hershey, PA (July 5th)

Date: Nov 27, 2001
Submitted By: BSB lover

All I can say is OH MY GOD!!! Before I went to the concert, I thought BSB was ok. But now, I'm OBSESSED with them. The night changed my life, I was never so happy. The Backstreet Boys are 5 of the most amazing people on earth. They have amazing voices, great personalities, and awesome songs.

The concert had amazing special effects. I felt so close to them, and our seats were perfect.

There were beach balls, explosions and lasers. About an hour or two before it started, it was raining like crap. I thought 'Oh, this is gonna suck.' But it cleared up about 30 min. before the show, and the sky was gorgeous. Krystal and Shaggy were amazing opening acts. Krystal has a beautiful and strong voice, I don't think she got the attention she deserved. Shaggy got the croud pumped and hyped with "Angel" and "It wasn't me".

The crowd got tired waiting for BSB. Soon they were screaming " Backstreet Boys! Backstreet Boys!" When the 5 hot guys finally came out, I was screaming my butt off. I couldn't believe I was so close to the group that has achieved so much and become known world wide. The show was sooooooo funny too. The guys sure know how to make the audience have an awesome time. Some of the highlights of the show were when Nick humped the stage (Oh my gosh, my BFF almost fainted), AJ ripped off his shirt, and Aj said he forgot to buckle his pants (they showed a close-up on his crotch). It was awesome when they sang "Everyone". They all played instruments. Howie got stuck with the cow bell. Aw, poor Howie.

Well the concert was kick butt! I totally loved it, and i hope to go back next year. If you have the chance to get tickets, get them! The shows are sooooooo AWESOME!!!!!


Hershey BSB concert 7/5/01

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Jen

I won't bother writing a whole review cause lots of other people wrote just about everything. But let me say that was one of the best nights of my life! We got 6th row center sections seats from the fanclub, right on the end of the row so I got lots of pics with nothing in my way. Whenever Brian came to our side I got his attention and he kept making goofy faces at me and he posed for a pic during "I Want It That Way." :) That was so cool. But I was kinda mad that Nick hardly ever came to our side of the stage, cause he's my favorite.

After the concert it took us forever to get out and then I had to go get my umbrella that they wouldn't let me take in. It was really late by the time we started walking back to the car, and the parking lot we cut through had tour buses in them. Well we didn't think anything of it, figuring BSB was long gone and it was just probably for the band or dancers. Unfortunatley, we found out later that the guys were in the park and if we would have waited like 2 minutes we could have met them. :( Oh well, maybe it will happen some day, but overall it was a great night.

Hershey Pa

Date: Sep 03, 2001
Submitted By: Elysia

Let me start with OMG!!!!! My friends and I waited 90 something days for this day to come. I couldnt believe it was finally here. We got to Hershey about 4 oclock. As soon as we got there we went right over to the stand to buy stuff. My one friend and I waited in the pouring rain trying to win backstage passes,while my other friend waited under a stand with my cousin. we didnt win. We finally got in line to go into the stadium, I was freaking out, saying oh my gosh this isnt happening, this isnt happening. We gave the lady our tickets, she put a green stamp on it, that was cool, that meant we had awesome seats. Which we did, 5th row center. I knew they were awesome seats, but when we sat down, I freaked out alot, and screamed. The stage was alot closer than I expected. Ok, the concert, Krystal was awesome. She has an awesome voice. Everyone was screaming her name. Shaggy was really cool too. He got the crowd pumped up for who we were all waiting for.

And then the Backstreet boys, I was really freaking out by that point, waiting for the few minutes when they would come out. It felt like a year. Finally the smoke started comming out, and they come up out of the stage on their own stand. By this point I was screaming so much, I didnt even know I was screaming. I couldnt believe my dream was coming true!! They started off with Everyone, and did their awesome dance moves. They song all of their hits. During time, Nick and Howie put on pink alien ears, that girls gave to them. They were laughing so hard, nick almost missed his part! Nick tried to put them on Kevin, but kevin flung them off his head, he looked mad. The tv screen showed the guys in like the year 2050, they were all old, and making jokes. It also showed the guys down where they change, aj was in his black boxers. Everyone was freaking out. The guys of course talked to the audience, Brain asked who had the 3 cds, Nick said look at the full moon. Aj ripped off his shirt, and threw it in the audience , I wasnt over to the left enough to catch it! I am glad they didnt have a catwalk, I didnt want them to go anywhere! Oh yeah, aj was saying something about his zipper was stuck, and girls were saying take them off!, and my friend yelled it really loud, and aj said no, I cant do that its a family show, or something like that. During more that I started crying because I think I was in shock. I am pretty sure Howie looked over at me. I freaked out! Did I mention I got the best pics in the world?!? this was the best night of anyones life who went to this concert!

Hershey, PA July 5th

Date: Jul 22, 2001
Submitted By: Nikki

Well Its been a bit over two weeks now since the concert and I am going to try and write this review as best as I can! First of all getting our tickets was an adventure in itself but we ended up buying 6th row center tickets for an amazing price... However we ended up sitting in the second row center, but more about that later! The drive up to PA was long but totally worth it...

We got to the venue about an hour and a half before it started... right after the hurricane like rain stopped.. thank god! We had no problems getting out cameras in and no problem sneaking up to the second row! We just walked right up, didnt even look at our sixth row seats, and happened to sit down in two of the couple empty seats in the second row. We were second row almost dead center and as soon as the show started and I realized that no one was coming to claim the seats, I hugged my friend for dear life and nearly cried!

The stage was pretty far above the ground but it was like 15 ft in front of us! We could see everything from there, including the 25 tour buses the guys have and them running around in the lot! So anyways... Krystal came on at almost exactly 7:30, and she was absolutely amazing. All the fans in the front were screaming for her and she was so happy and surprised to see that we knew the words to her songs! She is gorgeous; i have never seen bluer eyes than hers! She sang *Supergirl,* *My Religion,* and a awesome rendition of *I'll be there* with her piano! Hehe, she even stood on her piano during her set! Shaggy came on soon after, as the sun was going down. He was great, and his really long set included a lot of songs that i didnt even know were his! Him and the 10 other people on stage with him, lol, did a great job of getting the crowd hyped. He even brought up a little girl named Caitlin and sang to her! So cute.. It was awesome because the sun was going down and the sky was all different shades of red, orange, and yellow.. I thought his cloud of confetti at the end of his set was the coolest. My bag is still filled with it! I missed some of Shaggy's set cuz Krystal and Sarah (along with some other gals.. no idea who they were) came out in the barricade section between the stage and the front row, and signed autographs and took pics. I got my black and blue CD cover signed!

AND THEN...... The Boys took the stage! The video was kinda dumb and I was getting really uncomfortable with the explosions and pyrotechnics 'cause I could feel the heat on my face. But then the Boys came out in this blue cloud of smoke and I nearly died! They were so close! AH!They did a couple of fast songs including Everyone, Larger Than Life and Not For Me.. And then came the slower songs... There were so many slow songs all jumbled together (If You Stay, Show Me The Meaning, and plenty of others)... Some hilights.... The introductions were funny... AJ was his usual crazee self.. Apparently he's allergic to chocolate (poor baby, in Hershey, PA and cant have any chocolate!)... so his debate between Hershey fans and Hershey chocolate was short-lived. Almost all mentioned the full moon rising over the stands... AJ's "All the crazies are out tonight... nah, just me." Hahaha! And he mentioned his non-existent butt lol... which i must say is pretty fiiiine lol. Nick, the ham, just stood and soaked in all the screaming for him... Of course I was going nuts! Kevin came out and did a quick wave and kiss to his relatives (two blondes.. one named Maria Richardson) sitting in front of us. Howie and Brian were their cute selves.. Nick looked absolutely hot that night! I loved when he came out with his black hat on and sang while we could'nt see his face. He then gave the hat to Brian who tossed it into the audience (Lucky girl who caught it!). Nick later grabbed his crotch and *humped* the stage during Don't Want You Back! OMFG! During the Wardrobe Box set, a girl on the other end of the center section threw Nick her Elvis mask and Nick danced around in it saying he was Joey Fatone and shaking his ass for the fans. He hopped into the box saying "Bye Bye Bye!" Later they sang Time while sitting at the edge of the stage in the middle. Nick motioned for the 6 year olds sitting the the front row center (there were like 6 of em all front row dead center!) to pass up their pink antennae plastic headbands with light up butterflies on the ends og wiggly springs. Nick put one on himself and one on Howie. They were laughing so much they couldn't sing! So CUTE! Nick tried to put his on Kev, but Kevvy smacked em off his head real hard and gave Nick a mean look. Poor Nick-ay! He just put them right back on his own head! Then Howie took his off and told Nick to put him on Kevvy but Nick refused and told Howie to do it. Eventually Brian ended up with them on and when the song ended he started talking in a cute lil alien voice, hehe! Meanie Kev! He had an attitude with Nick all night! Nick was so afraid to go near him! O well... Nick was so sexy when he played the guitar during The Call and the drums during Answer to Our Lives.. Little did he know he would break his hand the next day.. Poor Nick-ay! The concert ended with Shape of My Heart... But I was so happy b/c I had an amazing night! Nick sang to me at least twice, and winked and waved. And during one of the songs I waved and smiled and he winked and gave me a cute look and licked his lips for me (I WAS LIKE AHHH HE THINKS IM YUMMY! and i have the pic to prove it ahahahahah! lol)! My friend tried to throw up this really funny muti-colored hat for Nick but it never made it. At least Kevin walked around with my red M & M! I can't wait to see em again in E. Rutherford! I still can't believe I have second row floor for that show too!! :o) If you've got anything to say email me at!

Hershey, PA. July 5th

Date: Jul 18, 2001
Submitted By: Casey

Well, I went to this concert with my friend and we spent the whole day at Hershey. We got poured on then we went to take our seats at the stadium around 7:20. We really didn't care for Krystal and Shaggy. Although, I like my religion by Krystal and Angel by Shaggy. Then, a little while after Shaggy was done, the crowd started screaming for the backstreet boys. Including me! Then the boys rose from the ground and opened with Everyone then went straight into Larger Than Life. I thought the whole show was awesome!!!!!!!!!! It was my first bsb concert and i thought it was amazing!!! I also was screaming most, but not all of the show. I also loved the way the did the earth and stuff when the boys got on stage. Then right before the show ended, they sang their famous encore Shape of my Heart!

July 5, 2001

Date: Jul 18, 2001
Submitted By: Mandy

Wow! The concert was soooo freakin' awesome.From the beginning, when we first got there, we had to open our pocketbooks (what a bunch of shit too, they shouldn't have been allowed in our pocketbooks). Well lucky me, I had 2 cameras, and I wasn't thinking. I had to pay 2 dollars for the cameras to be in a place where they kept them. So when we went in the Hershey arena, I was soo mad. First of all, security guards were taking pictures of these to girlss for them. (Excuse me? I thought no cameras aloud).

Well we had GREAT seats, we were 7th row from the stage, on a end seats. So, snce I was mad at the security guards, I kept screaming in this guys ear.. Haha, it was pretty funny! Not to be mean, but I was mad I didn't get pictures.

Anyways, when Krystal came on, hardly anyone was yelling for her/ Heck! I think i scrweamed for her as much as I did the the Backstreet Boys, trying to show my support. She had an amazing voice. Then Shaggy came on, he was pretty good, but I was so anxiuos for the Backstreet Boys to come on.

Finally the Backstreet Boys came on, and everyone was gathering around the stage, so I went, But the freakin' security guards made us sit back down. My favorite part was when they were old and nick said something like "Howie got a hip replacement and we were trying for a replacement for Howie and he said Joey Fatone came to the audition" I thought it was funny. Aj was sooo totally hott, especially when he said "Hershey's chocolate, hershey's fans" as if debating. But, of course, he picked the fans. When Nick and Howie were wearing those Alein ears, that was funny. But when they stck them on Kevin, he flicked them off. Oh wellz! Howie and Nick kept laughing.

At the end of the day, after the concert some girl we were walking by sid "WWhat was up with Brian? He didn't even take off his coat" and the other girl said "he is being faithul to his wife" and the girl was like "and why were they making fun of NSYNC?" My cousin, who I went with, gave them the most dirty looks, and I had to tell my aunt to turn the other way,in case my cuz tried to attack her, lol. But all in all, they were NOT making fun on nsync... ANd the concert was soo totally amazing but I will not go to another concert of theirs at Hershey stadium b/c they didn't have a catwalk or the bridge... The hershye stadium stunk but the Boys were totally hott and excellent.



Backstreet in Hershey- Getting Sweeter All the Time

Date: Jul 18, 2001
Submitted By: Samantha

This concert was the best night of my life . . . so far!

OMG I had seats all the way back in section 1 (no wonder; I got them from a radio station) but I was able to move all the way up to not the the front section but the on right behind it!

But first before BSB, Krystal came on. I felt really bad because nobody was really there yet so she didn't have a big audience. No one was singing along or standing or anything. But she is an amazing singer and I really enjoyed her performance.

Then Shaggy came out to get everyone pumped up. They got hyper alright but I myself didn't really enjoy him.

Finally BSB came out! I was so happy! My mom kept saying we're gonna move up, we're gonna move up but I was so into the concert even though my seats were bad that I didn't want to move. Well right before they started More Than That we made our way right in front of the big screen in the middle of the audience. I was able to take some pictures though they didn't come out really good.

Anyways, the higlights of the concert:

They showed a video of the boys in 2050 and Brian was bald! It was really funny. They said that the needed to get someone new in the group when Nick needed a hip replacement and Joey Fatone showed up.

During the dressing room video Nick is swinging from a pole in his boxers.

Right before they go into wardrobe, AJ asks if you like their pants and when we scream to take them off he says NO there's children in the audience!

Then AJ was doing this really funky dance when it's just him and Kev on stage and he's singing that disco song "Let's whip it baby, Let's whip it right."

Then Nick came out in a mask and one of the guys asked who he was and he said Joey Fatone.

Don't want you Back- Amen Alleluia- Nick humped the floor!

and the heavens broke open . . .

AJ did a bunch of pelvic thrusts right in the beginning of the Call and then proceeded to rip off his shirt . . .entirely!!!!!!

Howie got stuck playing the cowbell during The Answer to Our Life. Poor Baby!

I think that's about it. Peace out and KTBSPA!!!!!!!

OH Yeah I swear I saw their tour bus out side the stadium. What other bus would have a Florida license plate?????

hershey, pa

Date: Jul 11, 2001
Submitted By: maribeth

dude, it was the best night of my life! well, let's start with b4 the concert, i made friends with the head of security, mike. we were just talking and i was saying how i've never met them and i've like them for like 7 years and all and he goes, "well, i can get you up front tonight" which is exactly what he did! but ok, let's start at the beginning of the and my friends were in 3rd row. krystal went on first of course. now i love krystal. i felt so bad for her! no1 was standing up! so i went up to front row b/c no1 was there, stood up, sang and danced the whole time trying to make up for the rest of the audience. she saw me, smiled and walked over. she sang part of super girl to me. she was real sweet! then when shaggy was on, krystal walked by backstage and came over and said hi to me. she was so nice! haha, well, shaggy kept everybody excited but i just wanted to see bsb. well, finally bsb came on, and all these people started running up infront of me! dude, how pissed off did i get?! well, security made them all go away which i was happy about but i still felt bad b/c they werent as close, ya know? and somehow me and my friends got into 2nd row b/c they made everyone move. ok, well, then, i found mike! the security guard that said he would get me up front! well, he introduced me to all his security buddies and they told me that i could get up right against the barricade for 1 song! i was soo happy b/c all of security kept everyone atleast like 3 feet away from the barricade. i was sooo excited and i got to choose one song to come up for! well, me and my friend went up during "don't want you back"! i was awesome! i got a great pic of aj looking at me right in front of me during it! but, it was only half a song so all the security told me i could come back for one more song! we chose to go up during "show me the meaning" b/c all of bsb walked over to our side of the stage during it. omg, we almost died. when they came over, brian sang the first verse to me and my friend!! he pointed at us and was looking at us the whole time. and i was definately us b/c there was no1 around us but secuirty! it was amazing! then, after "show me the meaning" was over, we went back to 2nd row. and do i just hav to say, some people were so rude to us just b/c we got to go up! dude some girl tried to start with me, but i just yelled right back at her. she was really mean! and then these 2 women with their little kids were really nice to me and yelled at the girl for yelling at me too. anyways, you know where aj is on stage by himself b4 "the call"? well, he was having a problem with his pants and i was being extremely obnoxious yelling some pretty obscene things at him! haha. and for some reason the stadium seemed so quiet and i knew that if i yelled aj would be able to hear me. so i jumped up on a chair real fast and screamed, "AJ I WANT YOU!" and he stopped talking, turned around, gave me that sly lil smile and pointed at me! dude i FLIPPED OUT! haha it was great! and then...the highlight of my entire evening! during "shape of my heart" kevin walked over to our side of the stage. i was like soo into the song and kev did that lil point thing he does with his pointer finger and his pinky at me and was singing a chorus of "shape of my heart" to me! i wasnt sure if he was singing to me but all the people in my section turned around and were screaming "HE'S SINGING TO U!" at me! haha i was in heaven! well, after that, the concert ended. i went tracking down all the security gaurds that let me up front for those two songs and thanked them endlessly for the best moments of my life. but, thats it! i went back to the hotel after and went to sleep! it was great! HERSHEY FANS ARE BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE!! xoxo

Hershey, PA July 5th 2001

Date: Jul 10, 2001
Submitted By: Colleen

I thought the concert was totally awesome! But what concert that they do isn't?! I was in Section F and it was pretty hard to see. If everyone would have sat down it would have been better. But, thank god for screens! lol Well, Krystal did a really good job but she was wearing all black and hard to see. I think she sang really good but didn't get the appreciation she deserved. I plan on getting her cd tomorrow. Shaggy was pretty cool too. I just loved his sexy dancing! lol I thought it was so sweet when they pulled the little girl on stage and sang to her. Well, now to BSB. My throat hurt so much after the concert from screaming so much! Every time Brian came on the screen I was like the first one to scream! I swear he waved to me! lol They had some really cool effects and stuff. I loved it when Nick humped the floor (Well I only saw chunks do it) and AJ ripped off his shirt. (By the way thats so sad about him!) I wish I would have seen Brian do that cause I'm dyin' for Brian! Hes just so sexy!! Well, overall the concert was kick butt. I can't wait till next year. Hopefully I'll have better seats.


Date: Jul 09, 2001
Submitted By: candi G

Just awsome!!!What else can I say?!! The boys did a more than terrific job. Shaggy totaly hyped the crowd. I felt sorry for Krystal she didn't get the hype she deserved I think once she gets out there she'll build up some hype. OK let's get back to the important stuff the boys.They were hot !!! I thought it was great that they told the fans that they chased the rain away- AJ's talk about fans and chocolate -Hey AJ I'm sorry your allergic to chocolate but your still awsome to all of us.Brian totally pumped up the dance he is incredibly HOT!!!!

Nick was funny acting out like he was joey fatone.The answer to our lives was excellent I was so moved by it I almost started crying I'm glad that even with the bsb's busy schedule they have to support their most important causes not many pop icons seem to be as supportive.At the end of the concert I could of swore I saw aj and his girlfriend sitting right next to us in the car . I was sitting in a white van wearing a red blouse. I am still freaking out to know if it was by the way if it was nice smile and wave it was sweet if it wasn't i'd like to know who you are your cute !!!

July 5, 2001 @ HersheyStadium

Date: Jul 09, 2001
Submitted By: AngelaJ

Ok. Let me start off by saying the concert was a total blast! I was in Section D in the 37th Row from the stage Seat 45 which was on the end. It may not sound that great but I saw soo good I could even like see Nick's sweat. Besides its way better then what some people had. They all came up and did their introductions like always and I thought is was so aweesome when AJ was like "Hershey Fans..Hershey Chocolate" Then Nick came up and when he was going down he said "Bye Bye" which I thought was so cute!! When they were singing "Time" someone gave Nick these Pink Atennas and when Brian was singing he put them on his head! Then I lost it when Nick started laughing right in the middle of his part! It was so funny when Nick put on this big Elvis mask and was dancing around going "Im Joey Fatone" Then on the one part in the year 2050 when they asked Nick what his most exciting moment was and he said "When Howie got his hip replacement about 5 years ago and we had auditions and even Joey Fatone showed up!" I lost it. Then they came out in those blue silky pants that I thought were kinda sexy! And AJ asked what we thought of them and he goes "Well I dont really like them. Look they do nothing for my butt not like I have a butt." Then me and these otehr 3 girls screamed "TAKE THEM OFF" and I heard him go "I cant take them off!" Look there are kids in the audiance! The only down part was that the security guard when I was going in did not like me at all. He took my poster that took forever. I was kinda mad because on the other entry I saw some girl walk in with one. Then, he searched my mom's purse. We hid it all the way on the bottom and took it! Then since i was like at the end and I was that close I could have taken such good pics and everyone else was! So if anyone else in Section D got pics or anyone else did Please email me! Just highlight or click on my name up there. Anyway, I went crazy when AJ ripped off his shirt even though I love Nick to death. AJ looked SO hott! Another funny part was when they went down stage and Nick and Howie were fighting over numbers. And Howie got the mirror in the end. And at the one part Brian had his mic on his forehead it looked so FUNNY! That was the part in the dressing room on the TV. Before the concert though a light caught on fire. Also during "Time" Brian came out and goes "I am form the planet Vernod" And oh my god! The best was during "Dont Want You Back" or "Get Another Boyfriend" Nick humped the floor. He constantly grabbed himself and kinda shaked it and this one part too. The only disappoint there was they could not do the mini stage or the bridge part because it was outside and they were having problems with the set which Kevin pointed out. Still, it was an awesome show and you could tell how real there are. Like when Nick told everyone to look at the moon and pointed and said how freaky it was. It was only my 2nd BSB concert but now I love them so much more now! And im having "post concet depression" If ya have pics of that show please email me! Thanx! KTBSPA!!

Hershey, PA

Date: Jul 08, 2001
Submitted By: Jessa

Ok, well I kinda wrote a review out until I got to the boys then I decided just to write the best things that happened although Im sure I missed out on many lol!!! Oh btw, I didn't really care about my punctuation and capitilization..I just wanted to get this done before I forgot stuff!!!

First of all...Ahhhhhh! Lol. Well we left at like 1pm To get there..Got there at like 4? So instead of going To hershey park for a while my best friend and I just Changed and walked up to our car, peaked in the Stadium and then waited for our friend holly at Chocolate world. We met her and her mom, they're SOOOOOO sweet and she drew the nicest pic of Nick....Exactly like him!! So we went over to the Stadium..Listened to the ever annoying wink 104 radio Station..Them jumping on their bus and BOOM! It starts Pouring down rain. Most of peeps ran away (ah we're Melting!) lol but we stayed so finally it stopped raining And we got in line to go in. This news guy came over And we're yelling 'get us!' so he came over and he Asked holly for her name and talked to her..Then he's Like ok lets get you two now (my friend and i) so he Was asking us questions and then he's like 'so what do You wanna say to the boys right now?' and I was in Tears telling him how they've inspired me so we got on The news woo hoo! We finally got in and the lady took Us to the wrong seats lol. She put us over on the end Where the stage ended (cause the ramps didn't connect The audience) so she finally moved us and I dunno if You all know what it's like, just being that close. Im Like omg I got a special stamp cause im THAT close Hehe. So we waited and waited and I was thirsty and Even a tiny bit sick cause I ate nothing that day so We're watching the crew up there and these two hot Dancers and a stage light catches on fire. Everyone Was screaming 'fire fire!' and I never even saw til The crew did lolz. So finallyyyyy krystal comes out And she's just even more beautiful, so awesome that Close! And there weren't that many of us up front standing Up.

My other friend and her friend michelle came and they're up dancing around and their like 'jess stand up!' lol so I did (i felt Bad for the peeps behind me but oh well I was having Fun!!!) so after she was over, she didn't sign I was Soooo sad =( But Mook came up and got her ...Hehe LUV The hair! So then a few minutes later shaggy came out ..It was nice we didn't have to wait long! He got the Crowd SO PUMPED! But as much as I luv him, I think his Set was too long..I mean for an opening act ya know? But ahh he's hot and! *sighS* such a sexual act lol. So then we had to use the bathrooms...Of course There's the worst line and we couldn't even go right Outside to go! Arghh!! So we went back and im like i Hope I last! Lol. Then backstreet comes on woo hoo!! Ya know I thought I was gonna pass out, or bawl? But i Was really calm..Something about seeing them up Close...Just ruins some kinda thing about them lol not In a bad way...But it's just too real! Ok well i'll just Tell ya the amazing things that happened!

* we got on the big screen a few times =) hehe.

* Nick hurt his arm and luckily I didn't see the blood Running down his elbow but my friend did..

* Nick put my friend Ally's Elvis mask on. OMG OMG OMG how lucky canya get?! He walked around with it on goofing off forlike 5 minutes I swear...Wait til I get THAT pic Back!! Then he threw it back and at the end of the Concert I got to touch it lol *sighs*

* my friend said when howie said something to aj when I think bri? Or someone was talking and she said aj Lipped 'f*** off' to howie.

* nick wanted the alien ears this girl had and him and Howie put them on during time and he went to put them On kev and kev's there 'not now!' or somethin and he Pushed them off the stage (actually kinda rude!!)

* someone threw boxers at nick and he threw them at Howie and howie threw them back at nick and he was Laughin so hard he had to stop singing for a Minute...It was SO funny

* my friend had the perfect picture and ya know what? Security came back between us to get this camera from This lady who wouldn't give it up so we missed it Cause they were like leaning over us argh!

* aj whipped the shirt he ripped off out.Guess where It landed? My friend actually had a piece of it but The two girls next to us did so they grabbed it from her grrrrr! And I fell backwards tryin for that lol. She did touchit though.All sweaty and wet...Woo hoo! I just wanted a tiny piece :(

* Nick was jumping around so much when they were up on Their five platform things I swear he was gonna break It! * Nick did it. Nick got down on the ground and humped It ohh ya and I got a pic!!!

* Nick & Aj turned around and shook their Butts...Right in front of us!!!!

* Someone threw bri a stuffed b-ball and he sat it on The stage during answer to our life and kevin threw it In the audience! Poor bri..He clung onto that for dear Life I swear!

* aj was tellin us he's allergic to chocolate but at least he wasn't allergic to us

* When they came up to talk...I swear half of them Mentioned the moon...It was pretty, but it was so cool They actually ya know, noticed somethin like that i Guess? Hehe. And when nick went down it was SO cute He's like bye bye in the cutest voice

* nick did so many cute facial expressions ya wouldn't Believe it!

* This was really funny...Someone threw some kinda Food at nick and he tossed it to the side of the stage And him and Howie could NOT stop laughing ..Omg rotf.

Anyway that's my story, hope ya enjoyed it..Hehe Probably boring but I wanted to let ya all know the Great things that happened!! Oh and if anyone wants to see the pics of Nick humpin or with the mask or anything...I should have them Tuesday, email meehz at the above addy =) tanky!!!


HersheyPark Stadium, PA - July 5th, 20001

Date: Jul 08, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle & Cat

Yo, that was a totally phat concert - wait, that doesn't even describe it. I (Michelle) went with my best friend Catherine's family in section C, 11th row, seats 5-8. Man, oh man, they were totally amazing, hot, sexy, FUUUNNNYYYY, and man oh man goofy!!!!

Before the concert, we stopped by Wendy's and saw this car which was covered with some painted messages and tons of posters - saying "BSB Mobile", "See You At Hershey!", "#1 BSB Fans", "I have a real BSB tattoo!" and "BEEP IF YOU LOVE BSB". BSB has the best fans, peepz! Though it was horrible fan appreciation for Krystal! I can't believe you people! I had gone to Nassau Colisseum, NY, on February 5th, 2001, and man, NY has more fan appreciation for Krystal than PA ever had!!!! But, all in all, Krystal was awesome! You gotta have true talent to play the piano and sing at the same time (even if you're an expert)... she's got an extraordinary vocal range and she stayed in tune!! She sings like Mariah Carey... or even better 'cuz she can play the freaking piano at the same time! I can't believe more than half of the stadium was sitting on their asses!!!!

Shaggy was a totl pervert with his Ricky Martin/Elvis Presley hips, almost breaking his own ass. Though, it was so sweet and really harmonic with his peepz and him in great harmony in "You're My Angel" singing to a little girl from the audience. The confetti that Shaggy sent out from stage was totally totally CCOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLIIIOOO!!!!!! Before BSB came on, there was Pop Tarts and Izone commercials. When the Pop Tarts commercial came on, I was so hyped up for the concert to begin. I was wondering why there were Pop Tarts floating around the screen, but anyways, in my hyper state of mind, I yelled, "POP TTAAAARRRTTTSSSS!!!" out. People must've thought I was going absolutely mad. If you heard me, please e-mail me! Beach balls were being passed around too and I totally expected them to get on stage but never did.

*Drum roll please* It started with all that smoke and BSB lifting up from the stage. The movements that I remember is BSB saluting and moving solidly and stiffly for a few minutes and that was so cool! Then, they started "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life".... For LTL, Bri said, "I bet y'all know this one!!" The pyros, fireworks, and smoke were absolutely terrific! The catwalk and mini-stage weren't there which totally made me mad!! They should've had one, even if the stadium was outside! Catherine and I were planning on running back to it before they went there, if you past B&B tour fans know what I'm talking about during the little movie film. During "More Than That", Howie was trying just a little too hard to look sexy and doing his little ChaChaCha dance with himself - though it did pretty good and cute but just trying a little too hard. With "Don't Want You Back", I was surprised they were singing a song from Millenium which had never been a single and one of the best dance songs on that cd! Nick got his groove on with the floor singign "sexuality" - Is he semi-perverted? Is it just me or is it just Nick that always sings the word "sex" and emphasizes it always? Example: Everybody (Am I ssseexxxxxxx-ual?) and on Don't Want You Back, everyone stops as JUST NICKOLAS SINGS the word "sexxxxxxxx-uality"... just makes you wonder if Nick is a sex addict who loves to emphasize the word- .... never mind.... LOL JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! I'M KIDDING!!!!! Although, during the whole show, Nick was acting a bit AJ-ish... hmmm, that wild rebel is having too much of an influence on poor little innocent Nickolas ...*cough cough*... LOL *hehe*

Since I (Michelle) am such a dedicated obsessed Nick Carter fan, I notice Nick mostly... though AJ was extremely hyper, hot and sexy. But do you know on "Yes I Will", Nick hit EXTREMELY HIGH notes which takes some balls, excuse me but yes it did!!! The cane dance was really cool as well. In the film of BSB in 2050 was hillarious - Nick's pregnant (wow the technology in the future - first, a man pregant... second, he's about 70 something... and third, it's Nick Carter), Howie's got a hip replacement (but according to him in the film, he can still shake it and I was thinking, "He could probably do his ChaCha too!!), AJ's bald bald bald (probably from dying his hair so much), Brian's in a wheelchair (poorrrr Brian!!!) and Kevin - I dunno about Kevin.

During The Answer To Our Lives, the boys gave a little talk about their charities and foundations. Also, the boys played instruments (did you ever notice Bri either plays the guitar or, a lot of the time, the BONGOS?!?!). Kevin's little message that we're not going to allow George W. Bush to take away our forests. I totally agree, man! During the song, Brian took off his Healthy Heart Club for Kids shirt, signed it, and threw it into the audience. Howie threw a purple bear an Brian, I think, threw a Hershey kiss.

The most memorable moments were with AJ, Mr Hyper Guy - geez he was hyper! Oh, not forgetting Nick being thrown a Joey Fatone/Elvis Presley mask and said, "I'm Joey Fatone!" singing, "Bye Bye Bye!" (If you don't know, Joey & Nick share a birthday, but not the same year - Joey is older) Another memorable moment was during the Joey Fatone jokes when Howie had a whipe/belt/something whatever like that in his hand and was swinging it at AJ like it was hitting AJ's ass - wait, he has none... another hillarious moment was before The Call when the boys asked how their outfits were (which were pleasurable blue and cute!)... AJ said "These pants do nothing for my ass.... though I HAVE nooooo assss!!" and then his pants started ringing. The funniest most hillarious moment was when they were jumping into the box to go into their dressing room and the only two who were left were AJ and Kevin.... "The AJ and Kevin show" with AJ dancing around, also Kevy was dancing, but AJ shaking his no-ass (LOL) and singing, "Do that funky thang, funky thang!" over and over. It has stayed in my head ever since. During "Time" the pink antennas were soooo cute being passed from Howie and Nick then on to Brian and Kevin (though Kevin flicked it off!!)... poor AJ never got it. The whole group sitting together was extremely sentimental and tear-jerking!!

The harmonies during the "Quit Playing Games"/"As Long As You Love Me" medley was gorgeous in their shiny blue suits! In their dressing room, the "Just To Be Close" harmonies in the beginning were totally off but hillarious!! And then, Howie spending too much time infront of the mirror was hillarious too! AJ's yelling "Good God!" over and over during the choruses of "Get Another Boyfriend" was 'interesting'.... LOL... meticulous? is that the right word? Well, whatever AJ was, it was AJ!! He's unpredictable. And then in "The Call", AJ ripped his undershirt revealing his, what I thought was a, disgusting 69 tattoo around his belly button even though he had been saying he wasn't going to take his shirt off because it was a "family show" (Excuse me, AJ - Mr Family Man, Nick humps the floor in a family show?? I really believe that... Hahahaha). During the end of this song and "Shape of My Heart", AJ threw water on the crowd and then his water bottle. (This is all out of order but it was the best moments!!) During some song which I think was "I Promise You", Nick jumped down near the audience (have you noticed he's the only one who jumps down usually??) and sang to us... that was so sweet!!! What was really funny was when AJ and Nick were shaking their booties towards the audience near the end of the show. Another cool thing was Brian spinning that b-ball on his finger, passing it on to AJ - how do you do that spinny thingy??!! During what I think was "The Call" again, Nicky played the electric guitar and amazingly threw it back to the band. Geez, if I threw it, it would break - but that was practiced, I'm totally sure.

I had thrown at least 7 stuffed animals and none of them got onstage. I expected people from the 5th row to throw it up for me, but rudely and surprisingly NONE OF THEM DID!!! I can't believe those people - if someone threw a stuffed animal in my area, I'd pick it up and throw it as closely to the stage as possible. It just shows you how many non-altruistic people are in the world... if you don't know what altruistic means, it means giving of oneself... like thinking of others before yourself, which many of those people did not do... I was totally heartbroken from those people, but it didn't ruin the concert experience (what could ruin the experience in 11th row?!?! ... well 1st row would be awesome, but that's totally impossible, ya know - if any of you who are reading this got 1st-4th row, PLEASE E-MAIL ME AND TELL ME HOW, without the boundary of $300 dollars, thank you very much! LOL). I think during "Shape of My Heart" Howie passed on his mike to one of the dancers when it was Nick's part - which looked so awesome!

That's all, folks! That was an awesome, terrific, cool, phat, dope, crazy, sexy, hot, fantastic, sexy, dance-filled, great vocals, extraordinary harmonies, sexy moves, muscular bodies (especially Kevin - all I've heard from fans that have hugged him is that his body is good, firm, and hard... man, he works out sooooo much! You can totally tell! It shows! Man, it shows! And it is sooo hot... wait, isn't he married? LOL, Oh well. He's still sexy hot.) AJ with his debating over Hershey fans or the Hershey Chocolate and then being allergic to chocolate... that wasn't true, right? If it was true, I NEVER KNEW HE WAS ALLERGIC!! If it wasn't, I am sooOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOoooooo gullible!!!!

It was the best night of our lives!!!!!! ...So far, if we don't get first row soon... LOL. Any first row peeps, remember E-MAIL ME!!! (We were just visiting HersheyPark... we're from NY... and you know what I think about all that chocolate? I don't like it at all... so there! *hehe*) KTBSPA!


Date: Jul 08, 2001
Submitted By: Hannah T.

Let's talk about why Hershey Park sucks. First of all, the people working the gates were not exactly friendly. I was completely searched like I never have been before. I have been to many concerts -all different kinds, and I have never been searched like this before. Also they were rude! Not to mention that they took our posters away from us-WHY? That is part of the BSB experience. We spent alot of time on those posters, they were really nice and creative! So, then we get into the stadium and we see that EVERYONE has cameras. That is ridiculous because we got searched at the door and yelled at about it. But luckily we hide our cameras in our clothes (because we didn't want to walk all the way back to the car). The most important thing is that our seats were unreal!!! And the Backstreet Boys were so close!! We were so close I felt like we could touch them! The funny thing is, we were not suppossed to have cameras, yet, the security guards said nothing! SO anyway, I love the Backstreet Boys-but Hershey sucks! The sound was awful, the lights on stage we on fire before the BSB's came out, and Shaggy nearly fell and broke his neck! I trully felt bad for the BSB's and Shaggy and Krystal. The stage wasn't even the way it is suppossed to be. When I saw then in Atlanta in January it was perfect! But something was really off about this show--maybe because it was a full moon, I dunno! I hope I am not upseting any loyal fans (like myself), but the truth is the BSB's were not able to perform as good as they usually do. Something was wrong. Even Kevin looked upset by the sound because we kept making sour faces and motioning to his ears like he couldn't hear the monitors. But, please let me say--AJ looked amazing as usual!! He looked great especially when he ripped off his shirt!! Please don't think I am trying to talk badly about the boys!!! I just think Hershey sucks!! Please read my other review from the Atlanta show and you will see how the show was supposed be! Please email me with comments ok guys!! Hope to hear from you guys!! Thanks!

Hershey PA July 5

Date: Jul 08, 2001
Submitted By: ELVIS

Let me just start off by saying: IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! My friend and I had 2nd row center seats that could not have been better! Krystal and Shaggy were great, but I know you only wanna hear about our Boys! My friend and I had a mission that night: Make BSB Laugh! The first thing we thought to do was bring this really ugly fat Elvis mask and have a sign that said "I'm Joey Fat-One". We never thought we'd get this huge mask in, but we did! We took turns wearing it and holding up the sign. Nick was the first to notice it, and he couldn't stop laughing! He was telling the other guys about it, and of course they were hysterical too! A few minutes later, we see Nick in front of us motioning for something. HE WANTED OUR MASK! My friend takes it off and gives it to him! Let me just point out that it is a very big, and very hot mask! Naturally it was kinda sweaty inside and we thought he was only going to show it off...but he puts it on!! He starts dancing around the stage and he's saying "I'm Joey Fatone! Bye bye bye!"! Brian is feeling the top of the "hair" (it was a giant rubber mask w/ big rubber hair) and is curious as to what's inside it. So they've wasted enough time with our mask, and Kevin tosses it back to us. It was over my friend's head, so somehow, she caught it! We think this is the only great thing to happen, but we were wrong! During HDIFILWY, we held up a sign that said "A.J. we have a J.D. hat and shirt 4 you!" and I had the hat and shirt in my hand. He reads it really fast, nods, and gives us the "one minute" sign. He tells a body guard to get it from us, and he hands it to A.J.! A.J. takes it back to the band and looks at the stuff! He's all showing it off to everyone and reads our little note inside (w/ our phone numbers...hey, ya never know, he COULD call lol) and tells a band guy to take it downstairs! You know how they mostly just kick the stuffed animals back to the back of the stage, but A.J. kept ours! A few minutes later, during Time, we're waving to A.J. and he thumbs his nose at us! He was only kidding, but it was sooo funny! So the concert goes on and they're AMAZING! A.J. is talking to the crowd before The Call and all of a sudden he points straight at me and says "Thanks for the hat."! Of course I flip out even more and almost fall over lol. A.J. and Brian took a sip of water, and then A.J. sprayed the crowd with it! I got some of their water and licked it hehehe their finale, it finally hits us. We communicated w/ 2 BSB!! Nick Carter had on our mask! A.J. McLean loved our gift! They laughed at us!! Two days later, we're still in shock! I have my half of a mask sitting right next to me, and we're gonna make frames for them. If you see a girl at the E. Rutherford shows w/ half a mask, it's me! As always, they're getting even better than they were (if it's possible!). If you haven't seen a show, GO NOW! KTBSPA!

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