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cinncinati, oh

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: steph

All I cam say is that 8/25/01 was the best night of my life.

When I got there is was so excited, then a walked in the arena and sat down. My seats were like 15 away from the stage. I was actually in front of front row just off to the side but that was ok because I was right next to the wing.

So I wait for about a half hour then a huge banner with

Sisqo's picture comes down. Then sisqo comes out about 10 minutes later, plays for about a half hour, then of course, thong, the thong, thong, thong. So we wait about 15-20 minutes (it seemed like 2hours!!) later. Then comes the end of the world as the huge screen overhead the stage shows

The earth being struck by a meteor shower. Then, backstreet.

I was so excited. I was in shock. They were like right there. That's probaly the closest I will ever get to them so

I was very overwhelmed to be so close to nick, because I love him more than anything. Even though he was on the other side of the stage MOST of the time I was still happy.

They opened the show with "everyone" and "larger than life"

And did a few other songs.Then each of them came out and talked for a few minutes. I loved when did. Someone threw

A teddy bear he caught it perfectly and was dancing around with it and stuff. It was so cute!

During "yes I will" when nick says "with God as my witness..." he threw his little cane in the air and missed it. I was cracking up. I loved it when the showed them in 2050 and they were all supposed to be in there 70s and they were being interviewed. I was laughing so hard I was crying!

Kevin was the first to walk over where I was sitting. I waved to him and he smiled back! I couldn't believe it!

A few minutes passed and howie walked over and I waved to him hoping he would smile or wave back. He did! He smiled right at me! They kept on walking over and stuff and I was

Having a great time. Then brian came over and I started blowing kisses for some reason really fast to get his attention. I did. He laughed at me. Not a 'what a dork' smile but a friendly smile as to say thank you. Nick had walked over a few times and was just there for a second singing. At the end, shape of my heart was my definate favorite song they sang all night right from the beginning.

I was so beautiful. Nick had just happened to be on my side

The whole time! I thought he sounded (and looked!) amazing.

then as he was walking to the center of the stage he stopped and I did the same thing I did to brian and he smiled at me. I was in a complete daze/shock as I was leaving I accidently ran into my mom walking out. All I could think about was nick and how he made that the absoulute best night of my life. **sigh** anyone who hasn't been to a bsb concert, you are missing out on an amazing

Experience that I know I will never forget.

**p.S. Anyone who has pictures please post them, I only had a pictures on my camara and I didn't even get them all back! THANX!**


Date: Sep 05, 2001
Submitted By: Sammy G.

I went to see the BSB for the second time on the Black and Blue Tour in Cincy on August 25th. I had been looking forward to it for a very long time, since I had seats on the side next to the section of the stage where Nick comes most often. Nick is the HOTTEST man alive, and I was really anxious for a few reasons. 1. I've only seen the guys at Rupp Arena in Lexington, which isn't far from where I live. Lets face it, when they're in Lexington in front of Brian's and Kevin's family they tend to be a little more reserved. But DANNNNNNNNNNNG! As long as I live I will NEVER forget two moments from that show in Cincy. The first being when Nick came out and threw off his jacket during the very first song, and the second being when he put the cane behind his back during Yes I Will and rubbed himself all over. Hehe. was a more exciting show then Lexington because they were just starting over, and because they didn't really have all that family there. It was a great show, and I really wish I could see them one more time. I also got the chance to meet Kevin, and I met Howie in Lexington. But I really want to meet Nick. *sigh* I'll just keep on wishing.


Sammy G.


Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Kelly

I do agree with Dana that the sound wasn't as good as it was when I saw them in Columbus. I dont know why but there were times I had a hard time hearing there voices. As far as the show I was not disappointed. They were on. They looked happy and healthly and full of energy. They truly looked like Cincinnati was exactly where they wanted to be entertaining us. I already wrote my review but I wanted to let others no that there was an issue with the sound quality not being as good as it normally was. Thanks

Cincinnati, OH August 25th, 2001

Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Dani Ellison

I drove over 10 hours from South Carolina to Cincinnati to see the return of the Backstreet Boys and I must say it was well worth the trip. This was my third show on the tour and it only keeps getting better. I was sitting right next to the wing within touching distance and had a personal moment with each one of the fellas. You could tell they were all thrilled to be back by the playfulness they showed throughout the show. The audience participation and interaction from the guys made the show even more memorable. It was like they had never left. I am a true AJ fan but I must say I found all of them irresistable. As the fellas walked across the catwalk they were hit by cans and cans of silly string and seemed to enjoy every moment. A roll of toilet paper was thrown up there and Kevin picked it up unraveled it some and threw it back into the audience. Someone threw a can of silly string up to Nick and he turned it on the audience. It was nice to see them having so much fun after all they have been through. For any of you out there who have never been to see them in concert I would recommend that you make it to one of their show before the tour is over, I believe it is something you will remember for the rest of your life. And for all of my true Backstreet fans I know we will all never forget our experiences each time we see them over and over again, cause their really is no other fan greater than a Backstreet fan.


Dani Ellison, Walterboro, SC

Cincinnati, OH August 25, 2001

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Dana

I went to the concert on Saturday in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a loyal Backstreet Boys fan and went to their Millenium concert also. That one was an awesome concert. Maybe I was expecting the same quality of a concert. I am reading some of these reviews and thinking to myself, "did we go to the same concert?". I think it is because I truly love The Backstreet Boys for their songs and voices and not just their looks and dance moves. I went to hear them sing their songs. I was so disappointed in the concert. Whoever was in charge of the sound for The Backstreet Boys did a horrible job! The band overpowered, especially the bass, the boys voices all night and it was very frustrating. Half the time you could not hear the words that they were singing. They have too good of voices to be overpowered so much. I just could not believe that their sound person did not make any adjustments. The bands sound should have been turned down and the Backsteet Boys mics turned up. The best part was when they went to the round circle and did "Show Me The Meaning". You could hear them alittle better. Does anyone else feel this way? I went to hear the Backstreet Boys sing and perform and instead got their bass player. Very disappointed. I love the Backstreet Boys but they are not going to keep fans by giving them a concert with just background instruments that overpower their voices.

Black and Blue - Cincinnati :)

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Erika

I went the Cincinnati concert last saturday and I wanted to say that it was sooooo wonderful to see the boys back together on stage! They had so much energy and I could tell they were having tons of fun being there. I was in the third row beside the stage and I could see everything. They performed their hearts out and if anyone hasn't been to a concert, I would totally recommend going. Going to their concerts are so much fun and they are such great performers! They never messed up, they sounded wonderful, and everyone was pumped up. It was great! AJ looked like himself and I was so happy that he is doing better and on the road to recovery. Never believe reviews written by 40 year old men about BSB concerts. Go to one yourself and experience something different than any other concert. BSB sound perfect, their dancing is great, and they have a perfect combination on professionalism and just having a great time doing what they do best - putting on an awesome show!!! KTBSPA!!! :)

Cinncinati concert

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Michele

WOW What an amazing concert. I saw BSB in Columbus in June in the front row and I didn't think it could get any better than that, but this show topped it!!!

I was in sec 112 row E, right next to one of the ramps! I almost died when Nick came up the ramp and waved at me omg!!!

Anyway, they all seemed to be happy to be back on tour. They also seemed to interact with the fans alot more.

The coolest part of the concert was when they sung "What makes you different". Their best song!

Also, if any of you remember my review of the concert in Columbus I mentioned how Brian made fun of me when I waved my arms at him. Well.. I did the same thing to see if he'd remember, and he pointed, waved and mouthed "I remember you"!!!!! WOW

August 25, 2001 was definately a night I'll remember forever, and I can't wait until September 19th in Cleveland when I'll be seeing them for the last time on this tour. The Backstreet Boys put on a great show and even when times are tough, never forget their fans!!!!!

Cincinnati, ohio

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Amber Carter

omg where do i start. well me and my sister got there bout 3:30. and oh boy we found where they were gonna be dropped off at and while waiting me and my sister, and cousin got interviwed by channel 5 news- we were on there by the way..well nick was the first to arrive and omg..i had this neon green sign that said stuff bout nick on it and he got off and waved and smiled then he noticed my sign and turned back around and read it and pointed at me*screams* *ahhhhh*...anyways then brian came and then kevin then aj..and no he finally came bout 6 i think..well we got n the concert and sisquo performed but krystal wasnt there i wish she was i was wanting to see her.. well the bsb came out finally and omg they are such good performers i was sooo edcited i was dead center...3rd row! so they eqach come out one by one to talk rght..well when nick came out i was like mg perfect time to throw my teddy bear 2 him so i got it out and i thought it just fly on the stage like every other thing does but omg it was soo perfect it went right into his hands and omg hes so funny he was dancing with it and stuff..well i thought for sure hed throw it bck n the audience cuzs they usually do but he didnt he kept it!!! he was dancing with it and omg he said me and my teddy bear- from my girl- and pointed to me*ahhhhh* i about fainted!!!!!! he kept it to!!!! and called me his girl omg..

well then the concert went on- amazsing by the way and the bridge thin started and during time nik ran over 2 me and sprayed silly string on me lol.- which i kept by tge way.... well the concert ended with shape of my heart which the whole concert was just unbelieveable it ws soo awesome im going to see them again sept 19th n cleveland and i cant wait!!!...

8/25 concert-cincinnati ohio

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: holly

when the guys went on trl to say aj was going into rehab it was one of the saddest days of my life. someone that was in awe of was suffering in ways that only some can relate too. and then as the days went by i was beginning to think that they had reached the end-that it was all over. but saturday night the guys were back and better than ever.

sisqo was alright..i am not that into his music so i was just praying for his set to be over so the guys could come out. and even tho i wanted to see krystal i wasnt terribly disappointed about her not playing because the guys ended up coming out about 830, by far the earliest they have come out at any of the shows i have gone to.

pretty much everyone knows the setlist and all that so i am not gonna go into all that. but i did want to say that even tho there was a fair amount of pryo and dancing their concerts seem to be focusing more on their singing than anything else. while i enjoy their dance moves, it's also nice to just listen to them sing.

and as for aj he seemed to be happy and when he came out (by himself)the place went absolutely nuts. i had a good seat (sec 128, row h) so i could see them all really well. but he looks great (more built) and his voice as incredible as ever.

i hope the guys do many more tours and that i am able to see them in concert many more times, but if they dont i am happy that i was able to be at the firstar center saturday night. their energy and love for their music and us fans is something i'll never forget.

Cincinnati, Ohio show 8/25

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Brittany

First off I have to say that this has to have been one of the best shows ever!!! The guys were so into it and gave it their all, danced their butts off and had an all out blast!!! Which means so did we the fans. But before I talk about the show, I have to say that I’ve read all the other reviews of this show and that the girl “Thea” who claims that Nick told his bodyguard to ask for her phone number……IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! I was 2nd row and I saw everything that happened and I was watching Nick all night and he never did that. In fact his bodyguard was only inside the barricade for a few minutes at one point and he did not ask anyone for their phone number. As a matter of fact I scoped out the entire front row and the only girls that were even pretty were the two girls almost in front of me. And I know their names because I talked to them and it wasn’t “Thea”. And to be even more exact they are the only ones that Nick (along with AJ & Kevin, but mostly Nick) paid attention to. He did not ask them for a phone number (probably cuz he already seemed to know them and probably already their number but I didn’t wanna ask) and believe me he was interested in them. They were extremely pretty girls, one had long curly brown hair and the other kinda long straight brown hair(but I’m not gonna say their names cuz they may not like that). They had his undivided attention all night long. He teased, played, sang and talked to them all night and they did the same to him and he definitely enjoyed it. He even waved to them right off the bat and pulled his sunglasses down and winked at them when they first come down from their risers and they’re supposed to be all serious.

There was no one else in the front row that was worth them getting excited over. He & AJ even thanked them at the end for this sign they had and for the whole time in general and he and AJ blew them kisses. By the way……hey girls if you’re reading this “HI!! It’s me Brit, thanx for helping make the show soooooo great!! And your t-shirts rocked!!” I’m not gonna give away everything they did cuz I don’t wanna give away their secrets and someone else do it cuz they were great! I would’ve never dreamed of coming up with some of that stuff. I just think it’s pretty low that this girl said he asked for her number cuz he probably never even looked at her. Mah girls rocked the show tho cuz they had the most awesome signs and silly string (which he even asked them if they brought some so he had to know them) I would love to use their ideas for signs cuz they were the best but then the boys would know I copied cuz they’ve seen them and they were too original to be redone by someone else. The boys loved those signs and cracked up all night. But anyway…..onto the show!!! It was going to be fun from the get go!! Mucho technical probs and they were funny!! When the boys rise out of the floor Howie’s thing didn’t come up. They’re all way up in the air and no Howie!! Nick was cracking up. The others are trying to remain all serious and look straight ahead and Nick was laughing so hard he was bending over and holding his stomach. It worried me cuz he was so far up in the air he could've fallen off, lol! So Howie finally comes out and then when they brought them down, Howie and Kevin’s didn’t come down.

They were stuck up there for a few seconds. By now Nick was going to pee his pants from laughing and the only one left with a serious expression was Kevin. They missed the cue to begin the song cuz they were laughing still. Nick was an absolute maniac!!! He was so wild but oh my god soooo hot!!! (personally I think he was trying to show off and put the two girls in front of me into cardiac arrest, along with everyone else, LOL) At one point during LTL he grabbed the camera and ran it from the top of his body to the bottom as he did a roll, OMG!!! Then during Yes I Will, when Nick goes to sing “as god is my witness……” he throws his cane into the air and missed catching it. He started laughing again and this time you could hear him thru his mic. He has that high pitched laugh that’s so funny and cute. Brian was laughing at him and they were so funny. But the funniest thing had to be when they shoot out of the floor for “Everybody/Backstreet’s Back” The same riser that didn’t bring Howie up in the beginning didn’t shoot Brian out of the floor. LMAO!! Four boys came flying out but no Brian. Right before Nick sang his “am I original” Brian came shooting out of the floor.

It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He scared Nick and Nick laughed so hard he couldn’t sing. You could hear them all laughing thru their mics. Brian starts doing this little funky dance and he’s like “here I am!!” LOL!! During “Shining Star” Nick and AJ turned around and shook their booties(Nick, AJ & Kevin were shaking and gyrating all night long, woohoo!) then Nick came over in front of those girls and gave them that look with the smoldering eyes and oh so sexy and started acting like he was gonna do a striptease for them. He was wild I’m telling ya. Everything with AJ all night long was sweet. There was so much silly string on the bridge in the middle of it that you couldn't see the rails of the bridge and it was an all out war between the guys and people below(props to mah girls again, heehee thanks for letting me help!) There were lots of missed words to "Time" due to the silly string fight. The crowd really welcomed AJ back and gave him lots of love. I’m so glad he’s back and doing so well. It was the best show I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to lots of them. The break really did them some good and they really seemed more connected to each other. All I can say is, “BACKSTREET’S BACK!!!” Yeah baby!!! And to “Thea”…..go get a life!!!!


Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Carrie Boggs

I went and saw the Backstreet Boys with my best friend Sonya and her sister and mom. They were great. It was the first concert we both had gone to and it was all that we espected and more. It was August 25, 2001 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The boys were great and we had a lot of fun. After the show we were stuck in traffic and the best thing happened to us. We got stuck right beside A.J.'s bus and we kept holloring because we knew that he was in there because we saw that it was his driver. We also saw him arrive that is another reason why we know. As the traffic went on we got stopped again and this time we were back by the back of the bus and the window was open and we hollored for him and then finally we saw him. He stuck his head out the window and smiled and waved. We were so happy to see him and be that close to him. We onlky wish that we could of got a hug or even a autograph. But hopefully we will be able to go to another concert and maybe we will get one then. We had the time of our lives.

Cincinnati, OH-August 25

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Laura

Wow...that's all I can say about this concert. I saw them in Indianapolis and Hartford this year, and while those were good, this one blew them away!!! They had so much more energy-you could tell the rest and regrouping really helped them. There were a few technical problems but that's to be was awesome. They sounded great, looked great-what an awesome time!!!


Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: Kelly

I saw the show in Columbus on June 22nd, but this one by far was much better.The Firststar Center security were great comparedto Columbus. The guys all looked happy. AJ looked great. 52 sober days.That boy is cut...LOL.Howies hair is short and curly. We saw him get off his bus and go in. All the girls screamed and he waved. Kev had his cornrows going on. He looked good. Brian was his usual sweet cute self. He and Nick were sticking there finger in each others ears and messin up each others hair..typical Frick and Frack. Very cute. He asked us if we had Black and Blue..everyone screamed. He asked us if we had Millenium. Everyone screamed again. He asked us if we had the Backstreet Boys..Everyone screamed...Then he asked if we wanted a new album and everyone went nuts.......YEA NEW ALBUM!!! Then of course my Favorite Nick. Actually seeing him from 8th row. He is even more gorgeous than I thought he was. I cannot believe how hot he is....its unreal.He touched some girls right off the ramp and my 5 year old daughter started crying saying its not fair I want to touch Nick..LOL. It was cute. I'm hoping to maybe catch one more show on the tour but if I don't I had 2 of the most wonderful nights of my life with BSB....My only disappointment was Krystal wasn't there. They have never said why.

Black & Blue World Tour August 25, 2001 Cincinnati, Ohio

Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: Missy

This is not really just a review.

I attended the Backstreet Boys Concert on August 25,2001 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They opened with "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life". After that AJ Mclean had a speech. Yes, he will give that at every concert. I respect him for being honest.

I only watched him during whole concert. He wasn't off key. He just did his own thing. As he always did. I can only imagine what it would have felt like to have a lot of the audience on you. Making sure you weren't messing up.

He performed well, as did the others. There was some of their family at the concert. They made points of them being in the audience. Which of course always made the crowd look.

This isn't really a review. But you really can't classify it as a submission. The reason for this article is to let people know the concert was good and AJ did perform well. In the Cincinnati Enquirer review, they put BSB down quite a few times. Yet they never gave them credit for continuing and working at their career.

I am glad AJ sought help and is recovering. He seemed quite enthused that he was sober 52 days. Although not many fans were interested in that. They wanted to see them perform. Which they did quite well.

I respect the Backstreet Boys for being honest. Maybe they don't sell out like Nsync, or they don't have quite as many record sales. I paid to see them, and I left in awe. They are not only singers, but onstage you can see how close they just rally are.

Cincinnati concert

Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: Criss

Well, not only was I going to my very first BSB concert, but it also happened to be my 21st birthday on the exact day, August 25. The concert began with Sisqo, who was on for about a half hour. Krystal was not there that night and I was somewhat disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing her. But oh well. Anyhow, the guys came on about 8:30 or so... and the concert was absolutely incredible. It was by far the best birthday present. I can't exactly tell you what order they sang the songs, or what songs, but I know I was absolutely mesmerized. A.J. looked great and it was wonderfult to see them back. Howie really seemed like he was having a great time, he was doing his own dances for a few songs!!! lol Anyhow, it was great. If you've seen Larger than Life, the show from CBS, than you've seen most of the concert. They are very similar, except there are more songs obviously. But the excitement and fun and everything else is all there. They put on a great show. My favorites, What Makes You Different and How Did I Fall In Love With You were absolutely beautiful. And Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely was a bit sad, especially coming off the break, really makes one think. But overall it was a great show and definitely worth the money. The smaller stage and the bridge are so great. And it just really shows how great and real these guys really are... they never forget their fans and do whatever they can to be closer and give back. What a wonderful birthday.

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