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Cincinnati OH

Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: Kelly

Ok, I am not going to write about my experience too much because my friend Becky who I went with already wrote about most of the good stuff. So you can read her submission. I just wanted to say that AJ is back to his old self again. He did one heck of a job. They all did. I am still can't believe that I made eye contact with all of them and that Brian stuck his tongue out at me. It was so funny and cute. The silly string fight with Nick was pretty great too. My friend was just getting bombarded with silly string because she threw her can to Nick and he used it on us. I got him with my silly string though. The beginning part when Howie's and Kevin's platforms wouldn't come down was pretty funny too! I know Nick will agree with me he was laughing!

Concert In cincinnati

Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: katie

Hey! The show in cincinnati Rock that was my first bsb show andI loved it i was right next to the mini stage the place wasnt as big as i throught it was .I was there early and didnt get to see them but i heard the sound check .It ws great also .I got a wave from kev . they got my ballon and i was happy . I cnt explain the rest ti was t o good to be true that i was in the same place as them .Oh by the way sisqo sucked . it was the best night of my life

Aug 25 01

cincinnati Ohio


Cincinnati, OH August 25, 2001

Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: thea

Oh, my. um, where to start?.. Well, last night I went to the Black and Blue concert in Cincinnati. It was TOTALLY AMAZING. It's insane... Well, this whole story, is, though... But, anyways, we managed to get 2 tickets for section 112 (not so well seeing as how we've always been on the floor in previous concerts) and then 2 tickets on the floor, FRONT ROW! It was INSANE!! I must admit, I had a few tears of joy for the beauty of the front row.... aahhhh ....(basking in the glory of the Nickness)Well, anyways, we FINALLY got in and we had already missed like 3 songs, which sucked, but it was alright, cause at least we were in. Oh, my.. Then we figured out the seating arrangements (Andi and Emily in the front for 1/2 of the show, me and Liz the next 1/2). So, anyways, it was pretty good after that.. Things only got better ;)! Aaahhhhh.... and they sang 'How did I fall in love with you' and 'Time' right next to each other, and they were so cute... tears of joy, again. They were so cute.... It was unbelievable.. But then is where the real fun starts. Andi came up to get us during 'Answer to our life' (another good one) and we got to go down to the FRONT ROW!!! (It still seems so unreal... I'm still getting the excited nervous feeling in my stomach!)But, first, they were telling us how where they were was RIGHT in front of Nick for the most part, and he kept waving at them, and then Emily would scream and jump up and down, and then he'd laugh and wave again. It was really cool, so Liz and I hoped for such luck. We were only down there for about 35 minutes, but it was well worth it. Oh, my.... and now for the REALLY good part! As we were sitting in the front, Nick kept paying attention to us, and looking and waving. Then he came over and kept making eye contact (he kept opening his eyes REALLY wide! it was funny) and waving and pointing at us.... It was so cool! Then he made this 'come here' motion (eeeee!!!) and (this is making me have excited/nervous stomach again!!) I was just laughing and pointing to him, and waving and smiling, and then he puts his hand up to his ear like a phone! He did it a few times! And he made a slightly sexual gesture with his mouth (Aaaahhh.... His mouth....Aaahhhh....) Oh, my.. Then he started saying something to his bodyguard. I didnt really pay attention, cause ya know.. backstreet boys. But, anyways, then the bodyguard came over and goes 'Nick wants your phone number'!! I was like 'What?' I thought he was messing with my head. And I kept asking if he really meant me, and if he was teasing me, and he was like 'Im Nick's bodyguard, I cant lie' so, I gave it to him, thinking he'd probably just throw it away anyways, but then he got nick's attention, and held up the paper I wrote it on, and pointed at me, and Nick smiled! IT WAS OUT OF CONTROL!! I almost peed on myself... It was too much.... I kept staring after that.. very unbelievable, I know... dont if you dont. But, it was amazing.. I was in shock for the rest of the time... it was just insane. I dont know what else to say. I guess that all.... thats the important part, anyways. farewell!

Cincinnati concert 8/25

Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: Carrie Hall

Wow!! That's one word to describe it. I, personally, think this was the best tour they have had thus far. Sisqo was pretty cool. The dancing rocked!! I wish Krystal was there, but maybe she'll be in Kansas City. Anyways...on with the show. The pyros in the beginning were really cool. It really looked like asteroids were like landing on earth. Ok, I gotta talk about my favorite part of the concert. That would be when they came up on the small circular stage towards the back of the venue. My friend and I ran down the stairs and we were like 10 feet from them. I was staring at Nick because he is so gorgeous. And he was being so sweet with the fans. He was letting them give him stuff. It was really cool. I really wish I would have taken my camera. I was going to, but I was rushed leaving my house and I didn't think of it until we were at Firstar. Ah! Nick is so cute!! That's the image I've had in my head all day today. I absolutely loved it when they showed themselves on a tv show in the year 2050 and they're all really old and Nick tries to laugh but he like hacks up a lung. And when they were goofing off backstage (which I'm guessing was previously recorded). It was soooo great. Well, I will give a much better review in the next couple days cause tomorrow morning I'm flying to Kansas City and going with my best friend to the concert there. I'm so beyond excited!!!

cincinatti show on august 25th

Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: angela coomer

What can i say....

the boys were incredible!!!! AJ looked so refreshed, renewed and his spirit had returned! I had gone to the indianapolis show in june before he had checked into rehab and i could tell that something was wrong. He just wasn't the AJ that we all know and love. My poor baby!!

But last night, the second show for the boys after their hiatus was incredible! They dazzled us of course with spectacular pyrotechnics in the beginning....rising up from the stage....

they're energy was unreal and couldn't be matched. They laughed, joked, smiled, hit every note, every step....

singing the songs we love to dance to and the songs that make our hearts melt...


I Think i almost passed out from all the hip swiveling, booty shaking action that night that wasn't present in Indianapolis :) And when Aj kept his shirt pulled up around his neck for the remainder of the us a good hard glimpse of sculpted abs and 69 tattoo i was so dizzy i thought i would pass out!

They were so playful, so soulfull, so appreciative of their audience who could help but love them???!!!

They sang songs off of all three cd's, driving us into a screaming frenzy. I'm so glad they added the mix...because even though i ADORE Black and blue with all my heart, i'm a fan of ALL their music!!!!!

If you've never been to a bsb concert then you have truely lost out on one of life's little (or HUGE) pleasures!!!

Trust me, it's worth any price!

Boys...if you read this...i was the nut on Nick's side of the stage, in the blue tank top and rebel earrings jumping up and down, crying, dancing, singing and screaming my heart out!!!!!!

peace and love to all,

angela (weirdgirl forever!)

August 25, 2001 Cincinnati Oh.

Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: Becky Bishop

Ok, I went to their concert in Lexington June 21, and let me tell you how much better this one in Cincinnati was!! When we frist got there we looked down at our seats cause we were on the floor, and we just stared in amazement becasue they were so good. We were perfectly centered and we were the 4th row from the mini-stage. I almost passed out, they were such good seats. We got tere about 15 mins. before Sisqo performed and Krystal wasn't there last night but Sisqo was great, I really enjoyed him. I had went with 2 other friends and we wore our glow-in-the-dark BSB shirts that we had made for Lexington. Then the boys came on, the meteors were coming down, and I almost freaked out, my camera for some reason would not work, I was about to have a panic attack, I could not figure out what was wrong, so i just kept opening and closing the stupid thing until finally it worked. Well, then the boys came up and as they were on their way down, Nick and Kevin's wouldn't go down. Nick kept jumping up and down and Kevin just stood there. Then Nick came down and started cracking up, and Kevin finally came down and the show started. They sounded so good, it was 10 times better than Lexington and I could tell a big difference in AJ's voice, but he looked so good and healthy, it was amazing.

What the best part of the concert was is when they came out on the mini-stage. We were dead center and four rows back, it was amazing. Howie first waved to us and then AJ did, and it felt like they kept looking at us but I'm not sure. But then, the bridge came down, I couldn't breath I was so exited. My friends and I got out our silly string and as AJ walked by, nobody could get him and he kept moving out of the way, and I sprayed it and accidently got it in his eye, lol (sorry). Then here comes Nick, my fav., and i got him really good, and then he walked away and came back and I got him again, in his mouth. So then i threw my can up to him and got it then went towards the front. Again, he came back and we had a silly string fight, I couldn't believe it, I was having a silly string fight with NICK. Then as Brian was walking by, my friend tried to spray him but her can wouldn't work, so he stuck his tongue out at her and me. It was the best night of my life. I can't describe it. I went to their Into The Millenium concert in Cincinnati too and that used to be the best day of my life, but last night changed that!!

Black & Blue tour (cincinnati)

Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: Rachel

There was no Krystal that night. Many people were happy because the boys would come on stage sooner. Many people weren't. Sisquo was ok. He didn't do all to well. Many people missed Shaggy.

Now on to the boys. I could tell they were much happier. During the first 3 songs i was just so amazed. When they rise up Howie's platform had a tech. difficulty and also on the way down. Plus, Kevin's was the same way. I saw the concerts in Boston and Indiana. I would say by far this was the best concert. During the first half they had soo much energy. So much love went out to the boys from the fans. During the Time song the fans had silly string and Nick got basically covered with the silly string. Aj recieved 2 hats during the concert (and he wore both) The music was great the guys were great. AJ with his shirt off was great. They really know how to put on a really great show. I just hope i get to see it again. The end of the show with Shape of My Heart was going out to the fans. they signed autographs and gave the shirts and bears out. It was sad to see them go.


Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: Polly Anna

First of all, for those of you who've never been to Cincy, the football stadium, baseball field, and arena are right next to each other, and they're building a new baseball field in between, where the parking used to be. I thought I was in good shape because the Reds were on the road- never thought to check to see if the Bengals had a preseason game. MAJOR traffic tie up and no parking. By the time I got into the arena I had missed the opening act. The boys were onstage right around 8:30, so I'm thinking either Krystal or Sisquo wasn't there- I barely was in my seat before the boys came out.

Anyway- this is the third time I've seen the show this summer (Lexington and Nashville were my other two). The songs, costumes, etc. are the same as earlier in the summer (except Howie has some neck scarf thing happening when they're in the white suits for MTT and IWITW, and he ditched all the headgear with the new haircut. Overall the haircut isn't bad, but I personally prefer the long curls.)

They come out for the opening on the risers and there are only four boys. Since I've seen this twice already, I know it's Howie that's missing and not AJ, otherwise I'd have been worried, but I'm still thinking where the heck is Howie. Finally he comes up, but somethings wrong, because once he gets up to the top and they start to come down he's stuck there. I'm thinking he's going to have to jump, but finally it comes part of the way down, so he does have to jump off a little bit, which Nick seemed to find very amusing. There was a lot of technical stuff going wrong in the first few numbers, most of it involving Howie, I guess it's a new crew since the break. The sound wasn't very good for the first three or four songs. When they stated singing WMYDMYB Howie's mike was barely working and when he went to the stool to sit down he kept looking back at the legs of his stool like it was wobbly or about to fall over or something. When they first came out for NFM there was a lot of smoke and fog and apparently something wasn't right there either, because they were gathered around each other looking at the floor, checking something out. Finally they starting singing, but I don't think they were real happy with whatever was going on. The other major technical problem was with that same riser that Howie starts out on. When they came out for Backstreet's Back (where they shoot out of the holes) out pops four boys, this time minus Brian. Fianlly Brian pops up. He made a silly face and went with it.

Other than that the show was good. High energy, and everyone seemed happy to be back. AJ looked great, and as someone said from the Friday review, went without the sunglasses for most of the night. There was a lot of hugging and high fives going on between the guys.

As we were leaving the football game was just getting out also, so once again it was a mess. We drove around the back of the arena and a few busses were still there. Howie's and at least one more- who has a silver one? Anyway we were stopped in traffic right by the buses and just as we pulled up past the arena door everyone started screaming and flash bulbs started going off, so we just missed somebody!

Cincinnati, OH Firststar Center

Date: Aug 26, 2001
Submitted By: Krista

It was a thrilling 110 Minute Show last nite by the BSB!!! it statted off with a meteor show with the world and a wonderful bang to get things started as they proceded into "Everyone" and then they sang "Larger than life" and many of there wonderful songs along with some behind the scenes footage of I want it that way as everyone in the audience sang!!! This concert was the best concert ever especially since my seats were 2 rows from the floor and right next to there other stage!!! i saw howie kevin nick aj n brian ALL UP CLOSE!!!!!!!! OMG OMG Nick is so hot!!!!! lol anyways but they were being so nice telling there body guards to get stuffed animals, peices of paper photo album and not to mention gurls spraying them with silly string!!! they Had an awsome dance compilation for Get anthore Boyfriend and not to mention the return of A.J. n his Stay 52 days sober it was a wonderful concert that i n i am sure MOST OF CINCINNATI OHIO can't n wont ever forget!!!

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