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St.Louis Concert

Date: Sep 15, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren Bartshe

1) One word to describe the event: I can't It was just to cool.

2) Your reaction to the event: Omigod that was great!

I too read the review of the concert and agree with most, that guy guy was freakin' stupid.

I loved the concert, and being close helped a lot ( a whole 9 rows from the stage!) I was in complete shock.

Krystal was awsome. I personally don't like Sisqo, so he sucked. BSB, need I say more?? If y'all want to talk sometime E-Mail ME!!! ( ) Thanks a bunch!

Love always,

~ Lauren

PS If I hear anyone say "NSYNC IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT" again, I think I'll throw up!!

August 26, 2001 St.Louis MO

Date: Sep 06, 2001
Submitted By: Traci Simpson

Well where do I start??? The most important thing, the concert was great. The best part is when me and my friend got invided to go to the meet and greet. We got back there and we had to wait about 30 minutes because Brian was sleeping and they had to get him up. A few minutes after we were told that, Howie and AJ walk out we just said to each other, "O my God there is Howie and AJ." Finally all of them walked out and how ever many was in your group, you got to take you turn going up to them and you got to take one picture with them. All the other girls shook there hand and when it was our turn, I went up to AJ and said can we have a hug? He said of course and we hugged them all and got to talk to them all. It was great. During the picture Brian had his arm around me and he look at me and said, "Girl, you are shaking." I said "I know." My whole body was shaking. Then we had to leave. We missed Kristal one of the opening acts, but it was all worth it. We ended up getting to see Sisqo. But that was the best day of my life and I wish every true BSB fan could experience the chance we got to. It was a dream come true and truly the best day of my life.

The St. Louis Show

Date: Sep 01, 2001
Submitted By: Lisa

I went to the St. Louis show at riverport Amphitheatre on Sunday night on August 26. I just got done reading the article about it from our local newspaper and was upset at how he critisized it when i thougt it was the best time i have ever had. I love the backstreetboys music and i am so incredibly happy about aj's recovery and it was a show all about that. The writer of the article explained how it was boring! Please, If you like bsb ( which i guess he didn't) then you would be entertained just fine to just here their music. He complained how they didn't have enough excitement like N Sync does. Well that is N sync's fault if they have to use so much Pyro to make up for their crapy songs. I was extremly satisfied with the concert and it was my second one. I will definately try to go to the next one.

St. Louis Show 8/26/01

Date: Sep 01, 2001
Submitted By: Niki

In my opinion, this tour topped "Into the Millennium". Everyone around me was just blown away at the guys'energy level, the completeness of the choreography (this was the BEST dancing I have even seen them do), the band (which wads incredibly funky--keep these guys!!), and the guys' comraderie with each other.

I won't bore you with details, because you have probably read them nmerous times in different versions her, so I'll just let y'all know my personal highlights:

-the performance of "If You Stay". I have always loved that song and it was great of them to incorporate it into the show. The choreography was TIGHT! Hats off to Fatima and Swoop!

-the boys themselves wer HOT! You know, when you look at certain pictures, some of them have off-looking days, but that night, all 5 were majorly sexy. Especially my Kevin! Let's just say Kevin in clingy white pants is a dangerous combo! LOL!

-Even though we didn't have a ramp, I still felt close to the guys. Their love for their fans shines through.

-AJ looked and sounded great. Loved him in the JNN-style baggy suit and hat.

-I went to the afterparty at Planet Hollywood--Nick is SO fine in person! Nice, tall, and huggable-looking. Howie is so tiny and cute.

-At the afterparty, afte the "youngsters" left, they judge a bikini contest. When the emcee asked the judges to introduce themselves, why did Nick say his name was 'Lance'!?! LOL!

Thanks BSB for giving me the time of my life!


St Louis concert

Date: Aug 30, 2001
Submitted By: Deb and Ally (again)

I had to write again about the review that the st louis paper had, and I am not from there and my daughter and I drove 6 hours to see this concert. We had seen the Nashville concert and I found it to be lagging something , which I did write in my review of that concert in which a lot of BSB fans did get mad at me, but it was right after this that everything I wrote bad about came true and AJ admitted himself, soooo the review I wrote about this concert is just about what I saw, not because I am a BSB fan but because I am an honest person and tell it like it is. ( if you haven't read my review from nashville , you will see I really do tell it like it is, also the review from nashville sent to the Firm(I did not send it someone with connections to them sent it, sooo anyways) back to this concert review from this idiot who is obviously tone deaf as he made it clear he is a nsync fan and if anyone has ever talked to anyone that has gone to a nsync concert , they do lip sync so they might sound good (YUK0) to anyone that might like their way of singing? But as far as talent, anyone can sound good if they have good recording studio people do all their little tricks they can do to help peoples' voices on a soundtrack with all those synthesizers and all, But it takes real talent to get out on a stage and sing and dance for 2 hours and sound like it was recorded in a studio, and never miss a beat or get out of breath as to where it is noticable. The BSB can and always do , do this. And like I said this concert was great. I don't know where they could improve on anything they did. I have to ask this jerk that wrote?/made up the review from St Louis. Was he really there? Or was he the jerk I saw sitting in front of me flirting with some little young teens with very little on and had obviously by the middle of the concert had had a few to many beers, er uh isn't this about where he said the show started slowing down? I think it was he that was slowing down. But now I am not sure this man was him sooo... Well to everyone that read his bunch of worthless words , please take it from someone that has been to a lot of concerts in all my years, and so many different kinds, THIS BSB CONCERT WAS THE BEST I HAVE EVET BEEN TO!!!! If you are going to a concert I promise you that you will think so too as they really "got it going on" again (no pun intended,lol) Do NOT listen to any bad reviews from people trying to make the BSB go away so Nsync can act like they are better (they wish) and let the BSB know that we will always KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE ! Caz like they always say..."Backstreet fans are the greatest fans in the world" and we are!

My Response To The St. Louis Post Dispatch Concert Review

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Lisa Engelke

Mr. Johnson,

First, let's make one thing perfectly clear. I'm not a hopeless drone, like other music critics have once called me, and yes I am a perfectly sane person. I have a life, which revolves mostly around the Backstreet Boys, and I am very happy with it. What I'm not happy with is your insulting, revolting, false interpretaion of the Backstreet Boys concert this past Sunday.

You claim that *Nsync's 'Celebrity' CD triumphs over Backstreet Boys' latest 'Black & Blue' which I again can not understand where you can compare such heartfelt ballads like 'More Than That' to such songs like 'Do Your Thang' which is so weak it needs life support in my opinion. Then songs like 'Not For Me' & 'Get Another Boyfriend' could not even be close to the even less productive 'Celebrity' & 'Selfish' I can't even listen to those songs without wanting to gag.

Apparently you're a guy that was dazzeled by the special effects that *Nsync has pulled off at their concerts. All I have to say that is that as a Backstreet fan, I was in awe of the talent that was present on stage. I don't need pyros, or special effects to make me see true talent. I HEARD what I came to that concert for. Everything else in that show was just gravy. Additions to the already perfect vocals. You can ask any Backstreet fan why they are so crazy about Backstreet and I can guarantee that answer will not be because they kept me 'alert and dazzled by the show's many effects' as you claimed in your article. That was not what this concert was about, and if that's what you think then you are completely wrong!

How dare you say that A.J. Mclean should have had something better to come back to??? Sunday night, there was nothing better, and possibly never will be. At least until the next Backstreet concert. A.J. Mclean had an awesome show to come back to. Something that was packed with coreography, beautiful singing, and exactly everything that every Backstreet fan was dying to see. And it's possible that you couldn't find a 'standout moment' because you were too blind to see that the whole concert was a standout moment. Each and every second was perfect in every way, and I loved every second of it.

I can also speak for myself thank you very much, so don't write what I expected from the concert like you did, cause if you were going to lie about the 'vocals buried deep in the tracks' you should have kept it to yourself. I heard their voices loud and clear, but apparantly you couldn't over the THOUSAND OF GIRLS SCREAMING FOR THEM!!!!! I guess that means that you can't speak for them either, can you??

And I guess because you're a music critic that you would know that being known for less production, and slow ballads is a bad thing right? WRONG!!! I had tears in my eyes when they sang "Show Me The Meaning" and "How Did I Fall In Love With You." They had beautiful harmony, and kept me listening the whole time. I never missed a note.

"An attempt to breath life back into the show came near the very end........but it was too late."

Ok, were you even watching the show??? APPARENTLY NOT!!! Did you even see the great coreography that they had?? *NOTE: I think saying Backstreet's moves were way to Janet Jackson' is actually a compliment, considering this past year she was made an ICON by MTV, but you probably missed that too right?* Did you even see Nick Carter rock on that electric guitar during 'Everybody'?????

What about the awesome vocals??? After all you missed during this show, there's a good chance you missed that too.

You really need to talk to more Backstreet fans, because I, for one, LOVED the pre-recorded segments. I thought they were very cute, and showed that after all the success Backstreet has had they are still the down-to-earth people Backstreet fans have fallen in love with, and showed they still know how to have fun.

Sequences with chairs and canes are certainly not played out, I have no clue why you would think that. That didn't dissappoint me, and the response from the fans Sunday night doesn't say that either.

In conclusion, I would like to say that next time you go to a Backstreet Boys concert and want to write your next indecent article of crap, try highlighting the awesome event. Those fans should have told you something when they were screaming their lungs out for these five guys that have inspired them so much that they did not care about the 'dazzling effects' like you did.

Your opinion that *Nsync's nasal whine can even compare to the harmony that Backstreet has had for the past 8 1/2 years is insulting. Has *Nsync ever dedicated a song to their fans in their last three albums??? NO, and that's sad, cause Backstreet Boys have dedicated three to their fans. (Anywhere For You, Larger Than Life, Everyone) Backstreet has a lot more respect for their fans, and I'd rather have someone who appreciates everything that I do as a fan, than a group like *Nsync who adds more 'dazzling effects' just to make critics like you say they look good.

Sincerely From A Backstreet Fan For Life,

Lisa Engelke

Oh by the way, corny titles like 'Backstreet Boys act is in need of rehab' are not nessacary, the only thing that I can see that needs help is your article.

St. Louis, MO show

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Karrie

I was just too thrilled with the Backstreet Boys concert, August 26, in St. Louis, MO. This will be my second show and this one was better than ever! I was very disappointed with the review that the St. Louis Post Dispatch gave on the show. The boys are back and better than ever! The boys are able to entertain, not only with their music but with their carefree humor and ability to laugh at all they've been through. The pre-recorded video segments were great too. They were humorous and casted a real, fun, and just "everyday guy" light onto the boys. They certainly are stronger than ever. AJ shined the entire night, as well as Nick, Kevin, Howie and Brian. The show was intoxicating and a various age group was in attendence, excuse me, St. Louis, but not only adolescent girls showed up! St. Louis loves the Backstreet Boys and enjoyed the show. A real fan would appreciate the concert because WE know that the boys love what they do and proved it last night. The Backstreet Boys do not need trends to keep them on top as I'm sure is the reason N*SYNC is so popular, Pop will die out but the Backstreet Boys have proved to be more than that, appealing to all age groups not just pre-teen girls! The show was awesome and my entire family and group plan on attending again later this year; the boys are back again and stronger than ever!

St.Louis Mo BSB CONCERT!! : )

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Shawn

it was just sunday August 26th and i was sooo excitied! i could not wait to see BSB for the 4th time in concert! i love bsb w/ all my heart and i will continue to love them! anyway i had the best seats in the house! at first my dad had bought me tickets but sadly i had to sell them. BUT for way better seats bc i had lawn at firt, My Aunt Dawn works for mastercard and well they had a drawing for bsb tickets, to my surprise she won! i had star box seats! VIP TICKETS!! it was great! i took my causin natile and we had a blast! ksytal came out fisrt and let me tell you she ROCKS! i love her! she is a SUPERGIRL! Sisqo was next and that man is fine! i loved him! FINALY BSB! i could not contane my self! i screamed as lound as i could! they the show and the effects were

amazing! i was soo pround of AJ for getting help and starting over w/ a new life! congrats AJ!the show was full of comedy as well! the skints were just hilaruois! i loved the dressing room! AJ IN HIS BOXERS!!! YUM!!!and the one were thet went back to the furture to the yr 2050! it was too funny! you had to see it! I also was lucky enough to recive numerous waves from Brian! i was doinf all the waving to them buti only got brains attention. brain saw me and waved and i nearl faintied! he saw me do that! LOL i mouthed out I LOVE YOU nad he smiled at me!It was like a dream! the show was amazng and i loved every second every min of it! i did not get to meet BSB even though i had VIP tickets i didnt know if i could or not so i didnt ask. anyway bye peeps! KTBSPA!!!! WE LOVE U BSB! : )

sunday 26; @ st. louis

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: katie

i feel that the st. louis dispatch was very off on there review of the concert. i personally feel that it was one of their better concerts. i was at one of their concerts last year too. both concerts were magnificent. they were and are the best concerts that i have ever attended. i am even going to see this concert again when it hits chicago; by then i hope that the critics out there can and have gotten a better sense of what a good show should and sound like; if not then maybe they should take off their earplugs and listen. i am very disappointed by this review. by the way kevin and aj are gorgeous!!! as for the part where they wrote that everyone was staring at aj the whole night; well we probably were but not because of the fact that he just got out of rehab. we were staring at him because of 1 - his voice is awesome

2 - he is hot

3 - he has his own individual style

4 - at least he admitted that he had a problem and sought help unlike half of hollywood out there; at least he had the guts to do this. for this i give him a standing ovation.

St. Louis Black And Blue Tour

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Rachel

The night started with a few great songs from the first girl signed to KBNHA records, Krystal Harris. Next came the fabulous Sisqo. But after about a 25 minute wait came the boys, or should I say men, I had been waiting 4 months for. They rose out of the floor on round cylinders with a lot of smoke and lights. It was a great entrance and the show only go better! They opened up the night with a great song off of the Black & Blue called "Everyone." They proceeded with "Larger Than Life" from their sophmore album Millenium. The night was full of great songs and dance moved! A.J. was back! He was ready and rarin' to go! The show continued with songs like "I want it that way" and "more than that." It was a GREAT show and WONDERFULLY put together, contrary to popular belief! They ended the show with a BANG! They ended with "Backstreet's Back," "Get Another Boyfriend," and "The Call." The encore was "Shape Of My Heart." I seriously recomend seeing the Black & Blue tour! Catch it while you still can!


St. Loius, aug 26th, riverport ampitheater

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Krista Rutledge

On sunday, August 26th I saw the backstreet boys in St. Louis. Let me just say the boys were so amazing. the begining of the show w/ "everyone/larger than life" was so cool w/ the pyro stuff. i was umpin up and down cryin hahahaaha. Brian (my man!) looked soooooo good and aj was so on w/ everything. i'm so proud of him. nick howie and kev looked great to. it was a very intaminte concert . i felt like they were talkin right to me. they were very into the crowd. i had front row lawn seats an they were great!if ne1 was there and wants to e-mail me and talk to me about it. or has pics they would be willin to scan me i'd love to talk!

concert Aug 26, 2001 in st. louis

Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: chris

omg! i just went to the bsb concert here in st louis mo, i read the review from our paper, the post dispatch, and it was crap! let me tell you that the concert kicked major butt! i did like millenium too but this one was great also! i mean u have to give them some credit! it had got to be hard from being gone for so long and then coming right back and having to sing the same songs everynight for adoring fans! they have to get tired! i definately don't think they get as much credit as deserved! thanks!


Date: Aug 29, 2001
Submitted By: Wanda


Sunday night was the BEST!!! Krystal is amazing live...I hope to see her in her own concert sometime! Once her set was finished me and my friend RAN to where she was going to sign. My friend got her autograph and I got a picture of her(she is SOO BEAUTIFUL!), I knew that Sisqo was on but, I really dont like his music. So after we sat down, I went to get a visor(I know it was $30 but its cool lookin). There were these 2 ladys up on stage(from Kellogs) and they were talking about how the BSB ate half a poptart and was going to give it to a fan(to me thats just plain discusting!) after seeing a few commercials about i-zone sticky film and the poptarts, I was READY! I had my camera out and everything!! Then the lights went out....I screamed(I suprised myself) The pyrotechnics were awsome...then they came out....I was estatic! And while they were signing to "Everyone".....I couldnt reconize one person....I was like "whos the guy in the brown short hair........OH MY GOSH! HOWIE CUT HIS HAIR!!!" I think he was hot with long hair ,but he was lookin good anyway ;) . The way they sang and the choregraphy was intact, like they didnt miss a beat and they were better sounding! You can TELL that THEY were having a great time! There is one skit that almost made me die from laughing too hard....the one when its 2050......*laugh sigh* I hope that skit will get on tv some how cause that is WORTHY to be seen!!! After that, they were singing, there came a box and all the guys were joking around"Im not going into that box!" Nick went first,Howie,Brian. A.J. and Kevin were joking around that "its now the A.J. and Kevin show for the rest of the night!!" after that A.J. went down the box and Kevin closed the box,sat on it,and was telling the crowd that he was getting some solo stuff together and told everyone to clap...then he said that he was joking and opened the box to go down...then the tvs were on to show "what they were doing down there" it was hilarious but you can tell it was old(cause of A.J and Howies hair). Im going to leave that part out also.

Once they came out more singing,dancin,and goofing around(I cant remember the songs in order...sorry!) but I freaked out that after Shining Star(I think) they started singing If You Stay...thats one of my favorite songs! The one song that surprised me was Just To Be Close To You...I havent heard that song in FOREVER! Its amazing live. I know everyone was singin to I Want It That Way.....heck all of the songs!! But there was one song that EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE was singing to....More Than That, it sounded like a choir! BSB should come out with a live cd, that would be awsome!

Here is what I remembered of when the guys came out..

Nick came out....first(I think) and was talking about the usual"hows all the ladys in the house" "its hot here!" (thats what I think is the usual)

A.J. came can tell he was talking from his heart. I wanted to give him a hug! He said that he was 53 days sober, and told us to scream loud as we could.

Howie came out....He was talking about joining him at Planet Hollywood after the concert(ma wouldnt let me go...STUPID SCHOOL!)and have a great time at the concert! I couldnt stop lookin at his new hair cut!

Brian came out....He told everyone about Aaliyah and said to keep her family and the other people with her in your prayers. He said that she will be truly missed(I know she will too).

Kevin came out....he said that it was "hot here" and to relax and have a great time(ha, basically what eveyone else said).

All I have to say about the concert is...they are STRONGER, BETTER, and they will show you that they have what it takes to stay a group for a long time!!!

Im so proud of them. Makes me wanna cry!

St. Louis, MO August 26, 2001

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Cindy

First, Krystal sang a couple of songs, from her new CD, and then mentioned, that Aaliyah, had been killed, in a plane crash. In memory of her, she sung a beautiful rendition of, I'll Be There. She was absolutely amazing, and this girl, definitely has it going on. I strongly recommend to anybody, who hasn't got her CD, to buy it, because in my opinion, she is one of the hottest up and coming female artists, out there.

Secondly, Sisqo sang some songs, from his Albums. He definitely, pumped up the crowd. In my opinion, Sisqo is underrated. The man can sing anything whether it be up tempo songs, slow songs, etc. It just doesn't matter, and he deserves more respect.

I had read some reviews, about how Krystal and Sisqo sucked, and that's not true at all. I can't think of two better people, than Krystal and Sisqo, to open up for the BSB. They both did a fantastic job.

A while later, the BSB came out. It was so very emotional, to see the five of them, together again, after all AJ and the guys, have been going through. It was well worth the wait. They sang nearly all the songs from Black and Blue, and some songs from their self titled CD, and Millennium. They also sang, a really older song, called If You Stay. Since they have so many songs, they sang some in medleys. Each guy, talked to the crowd, for a short time, to thank us, for all the love, support, etc. There was also two skits. The dressing room skit, and also a skit, of what they would be like, years from now, into the future. It was so funny!!!!! You just have to see it, to believe it!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't had, that much of a blast, since I saw BSB in March of 2000, at the TWA Dome. They were absolutely AWESOME, and nobody can entertain a crowd, like they do. They looked so hot!!!! There was a closeness and solidarity about them, and they seemed to be tighter than ever, as a group. The singing, choreography, etc., was absolutely PERFECT. You wouldn't had even known, that AJ, had been in rehab. The crowd was so very loud, and rowdy. I stood up the whole time, from the first second, the BSB came out. Tickets cost a lot, but trust me, they're worth every penny. Also, part of the proceeds from ticket sales, goes to the BSB charities, so it's for a great cause.

BSB are truly a CLASS ACT, and work their butts off. I'm proud to be a BSB Fan, and I will, forever and always, believe in them. AJ has a long road, ahead of him, and I will continue to pray and support him, no matter what. That goes for the other guys too. THE BSB ARE THE BEST, AND WILL FOREVER BE, NUMBER 1!!!!!!!


St. Louis Concert at Riverport

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Christy Barcus

I thought the Backstreet Boys Concert in St. Louis at Riverport was the most awesome experience because the wheelchair seating section was totally awesome. I mean I could actually see the faces of Krystal, Sisqo, and of course the BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!! Although I have to say I was very disappointed in Krystal and Sisqo's performances because all you could hear was the beat of the music and not the words to the music. Plus they just didn't get me "pumped up" if you will. But when the lights went down and the video screens came on and showed the earth being pelted with astroids, and then the pyrotechnics went off. That was what got me really "really hyped up!" A.J. looked really happy and healthy. I was so happy for him. He's my second favorite and Brian's is my first. I really thought it was really funny when they did that little "stint" about what they would look like if they were still around in the year 2050. (Which I really do believe they will be around to see the year 2050 and more popular than ever!) I also like when they all acted like they were going to strip on stage. If they did that they would definitely be arrested, but boy what a site it would be! Anyway I loved how Kevin showed the fans what goes on underneath the stage during costume changes. I enjoyed seeing A.J. showing off his tattoos, and saw the new one he got, but I couldn't hear what the tattoo said. I also heard that he got rid of the tattoo that said "Bone," but couldn't really hear that either. So if anyone who went to that particular concert could please email me I would appeciate it! All in all I think this was the BEST BSB concert I ever went too! Backstreet and the Riverport rock!!!!

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