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St.Louis MO AUG 26

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: B-ROK'S CHICK

First it stated with Krystal and she had mentioned that Aliyah was killed in a plane crash which is really sad because she was so young.By the way Krystal was great. Then Sisqo and he was really good to.Then finally the Backstreet Boys took the stage and they opened with "Everyone" then "Larger than Life". after the first to songs they came out and individually talked and said a few thank yous.Brian was the first to speak a he also said that Aliyah was killed in a plane crash and he also asked if everyone would mention Aliyah and the other 8 people in the plane and their families. Then it went AJ, Nick, Howie,Then Kevin.After that they sang some more then during "The Answer to our Life" Nick played the drums Brian played the guitar AJ played the bongos and Howie was on the tamberine Kevin just danced around.While they were changing they showed a little show type thing of how maybe they'll be in 2050.Howie had a hip replacement, Nick had a big huge bellie ,Kevin was gray and so was AJ and Nick . Howie stillhad some dark hair and Brian was bald, in a wheel chair , smokeing a pipe, and of course had a basketball.They also showed them in their dressing room which was hillarious.They were fighting over the mirror."The Call" was second to last which in a way they tricked you because AJ said they only had time for one more song which was "The Call".A lot of people really thoght it was over I think because of the GOTTA GO part. But then the final song was "The Shape of my Heart". All in all I'd say it was the best night of my life. It was awsome. Keep the BACKSTREET PRIDE alive.

Black and Blue

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Nicole Becker

Last night,Aug. 26,2001, the Backstreet Boys rocked Riverport in St. Louis. I thought the concert was really upbeat and had great skits in it. I wish they would of performed more uptempo songs and maybe had less skits in it. But other than that they all were really good. AJ was rocking it durning all his parts and looked healthy and happy. The other boys looked happy to have him back, too. The Black and Blue tour was not as good as Millennium, but still was a rocking show. I suggest if you don't have tickets to go get some. Cause you laugh, cry, dance, sing and of course SCREAM.

St.Louis,MO, August 26,2001

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Howie's Girl

Backstreet Boys Black & Blue World Tour

St.Louis, Missouri August 26th, 2001

I still get chills when I think about the moment that the theater went pitch black and thousands of fans like myself jumped to their feet and began screaming. My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to explode. The sheer shock of the sudden blackness was enough to startle anyone, but knowing that in a few seconds the Backstreet Boys would be visible made me shake. Slowly the stage filled with fog and five pedestals rose from beneath. The lights came back on and each of the boys was standing RIGHT there. I turned around to my friend who was screaming "I can see Nick! I can see Nick!!!!". As they began singing "Everyone" my eyes welled up and found myself actually crying. I think I cried for the first two songs and I know my friends did too. My excitement was on a level so off the charts I couldn't contain myself. It was the most astounding feeling I've ever experienced. From there the thrill of everything only grew and I only took my eyes off the stage to scream to my friends "Oh my god!! Oh my god!!". The concert flew by so fast. It felt like they were only on stage for fifteen minutes, not two hours. They looked and performed flawlessly and beautifully as always and I will be forever grateful to them for a night I'll never forget.

St. Louis Aug. 26th

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Erin


The concert of course was great, the greatest thing however was staying at the same hotel as them! We found out where they were staying Saturday, changed our reservations that we did have and then made them there. We checked in and went up to our room, then rode the elevator around seeing if we saw anyone. We went down the the fitness room and Marcus and the other main body guard (if someone knows his name let me know, he has brown hair and is w/ Nick usually) So we were leaving and guess what? so was he! so we rode the elevator w/ him, he was kinda a pervert and wasn't about to let us find out what floor he was going to (it was the 17th or 18th though)

Around 1 or 2 we were eating lunch in the lobby/bar and all of a sudden the 10 or 12 girls that were in the lobby got up and ran over to somewhere, so my friends and I got up as well! and guess who we saw? Nick! and he was ACTUALLY NICE! I have met him before and both times he was a jerk. We got pictures with him and then went up to our room. We ran into some dancers who were staying on our floor and talked to them, then went back down to the lobby to wait for the rest of the guys to come down.

I went up to our room to go get something w/ my friend and left our other friend in the lobby. As we were walking to our room there was a door open w/ luggage, I turned and looked and it was none other than KRYSTAL! She was two doors down from us! She was in the process of getting ready, we kind of startled her! lol. We talked to her for awhile and took some pics and stuff and then went back down to the lobby.

During all this Mr. T. came down to the lobby and another girl who we swear had to be Molly Ringwald. We have no clue what they were doing there, if someone does let me know.

Krystal came down along w/ all the dancers, band, and luggage and they loaded the bus and left (we saw Brian's luggage go on thru as well) So we thought they were all leaving and that Howie MIGHT stay the night since he had the planet hollywood thing. As we were waiting here comes Nick back and no on stopped him or anything, we just sat in our seats by the elevator and he smiled at us and did the little head nod thing that guys do and was like "hey there" aww, how cute is that? So he went up w/ his nasty friends lol...they were perverts who just wanted action and took some nasty skanky girls up to the room w/ them...they were kinda over weight too may I add. One of the guys I think might have been in the group Born into Kaos, we had rode in the elevator w/ him earlier, he just wanted to make sure that everyone knew he was w/ the Boys. He had on a hat that said Kaos so I don't know.

About ten mins went buy and here comes Nick back thru w/ all his entourage (nasty guys) and the body guard we rode w/ earlier, along w/ those skanky girls who were whispering something in Nick's ear, but I don't think they ended up w/ Nick or the nasty guys come the end of the night.

A white skinny guy w/ brown hair who is still nameless and I'm not sure what his job was came down and was like has Howie passed thru here? So I go no, is he missing? (LOL) he goes: maybe!" He was a jerk! If he was gonna be a smart ass so was I! haha

We found out that after Nick left all the guys had taken another route out of the hotel! GRRRR! So we went up to our room and got ready and then went on to the concert.

When we got there we saw those dumb skanky girls setting on the cement along w/ the skinny guy that asked me about Howie. I don't know if they ended up actually getting in the concert or backstage or whatever.

We watched Kaci perform on the outside stage thing, she was pretty good. I went and got my Lupus charity bear and then we went and watched Krystal, left half way thru her performance to get in line for the autograph signing. It was a good thing too b/c like 50,000 girl came and pushed us and it was crazy! finally we got thru and I got a pic of her w/ my friend who we left in the lobby when we had met Krystal in the hotel, she told my friend that was w/ me when we met her that she would never forget us and we startled her!...she was in her bra thing at the hotel! lol (w/ the door open! haha)

We watched Sisqo and a guy came on and sang two P. Diddy songs...and he looked like P. Diddy and everyone was screamin it was him...was it really? does anyone know?

The actual concert was great, they all seemed happy to be there and AJ still shouted the "Good Gawds" yay! Our seats weren't the best but at least we didnt have lawn, that had to suck! Howie's hair was all gone!!! It was cute, better than pulled back, but I like it long!

We decided not to go to the Planet Hollywood thing b/c they annonced too many times that there was gonna be way too many teeny boppers there! We headed out to the hotel and much to our surprise THERE WAS THEIR BUS! Along w/ two silver ones. We asked a girl in the lobby what was going on and she said AJ, Brian, and Kev checked out but the limo just came and got Nick and Howie to take them to planet hollywood and they were staying the night. We went up to our room, cleaned up b/c we were all sweaty from the concert and hung out until 3am b/c that is when the planet hollywood thing got over. Sure enough we watched out our balcony and here came like 3 or 4 cars circling the hotel and then the limo! we took off down stairs and around the corner and there was Nick! My friend was a little behind me so she didn't get to see very well what was going on. Howie, Nick, Marcus, and that one body guard were just kinda standing there between the ballroom and lobby. Nick stopped like he was gonna come over and then Marcus shoved Howie first then the other body guard, and Nick followed, they took the "secret" way up..haha I was was only two of us and I know Howie would have talked to us for awhile...he so would have known me from me being friends w/ his mom, but oh well.

We went into the lobby to go back up and here comes so typical girl in setting there. then some other girls were escorted in by the security, they had vip wrist bands on, then three REALLY nasty, skanky, typicial groupies were escourted in by police and were sat down to wait...Then here came the skinny guy that had asked me about Howie earlier w/ like 5 Planet Hollywood jackets singing the Blu Cantrell song along w/ Boomer the DJ who sat by us and some other people (nick's entourage) Then Hotel security came and told everyone (the girls) in the lobby that they have to go outside b/c too many were in the lobby, which made NO sense b/c there were like 8 of us and before there were like close to 15. So we gave them go to hell looks and went up to our room. But I thought it was really funny that the groupie girls had to go stand outside...haha skanks!

We went up to our room and we looked up and there was Nick hanging over the balcony along w/ all his friends. There were like 3 cop cars outside and Nick yelled "D, look what we caused" haha, how cute! Finally at 4am we decided to go to sleep.

At 7:30 we got up and got ready and were checking out when two limos came and then another bus came and the main bus was moved. We checked out though and didn't hang around to see if they were coming out or not and went shopping.

So that is my BSB adventure! yay! I didn't get to talk to Howie though! grr!

Sorry if I bored you but I thought you would have more fun reading that than a typical concert review.

Feel free to write me or AOL IM me (shynstar4)

TTYL! Erin

Black and Blue Tour August 26, 2001

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Candi

On Sunday, August 26, 2001, I attended the Backstreet Boys' Black and Blue concert in Earth City Missouri. The opening acts Krystal and Sisqo were BOTH amazing. I actually got to meet Krystal and got an autograph (Pictures to be up on my site later this week).

The Boys opened up with everyone and then Brian came out and said some kind words for the singer/actress Aaliyah who died tragically just one day prior. Amongst all the sadness each boy was excited and enthusiastic to be back on stage. AJ who never once sported his trademark of sunglasses, looked fabulous.

The Backstreet Boys, who have been together 8 and a half years, proved they can still rock the city of St. Louis. The show was just the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Definitely the BSB's best works thusfar. Playing with the audience more as the show went on, the night was filled with laughter and dancing and of course screaming and singing. As all good things do, the night had to come to an end. Each boy said their good-bye and the last song they did was Shape of my Heart, a great song to end an amazing night.

Check out my webpage here!

St. Louis

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Kelli

OMG!!! I saw BSB last night at the St. Louis show and it was sooo amazing. They sounded great and look so darn HOT!!! They sang 22 songs and I didn't realize how much they danced, but I will say their vocals were amazing. And OMG Nick, he is so sexual with his danced moves now. HE IS SUCH A HOTTIE. And AJ, I am sooo proud of him and excited that he his better and he said that he was 53 days sober and counting. Of course the crowd cheered for him. He seemed a lot more healthier too. Howie got his cut and it looks good. Brian, well what can I say about him other than that he is sooo adorable and sweet. As for Kevin, OMG he sooo darn sexy and he was more layback than before it seems. Like he was more hyper and jumping around. If I had to give the concert on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 15. It was sooo great. I LOVE BSB and I sooo PROUD OF AJ!!!




Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: MEGAN

Ok this concert was the bomb, there are no words to describe it. What made it even cooler was that it wasn't about lasers and fireworks( like nsync) it was about the music......And the boys. This concert was, was, oh everything good. I love those boys so much. And afterwords howie hosted a fundraiser fo lupas at planet hollywood, and nick came too!!!!!!!!!! It was awsome, i'd submit pics, but I have no scanner.

St.Louis Concert

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Alex

I went to the show last night in St. Louis at Riverport. It was THE SHIZNIT! My friend Christel and I were extremely excited. My mom surprised me with 11th row the day before and when we got there they turned out to be 6th row! We were so HAPPY. We were there pretty early so we decided to walk around. I had decorated some jeans with pictures and glitter and wrote stuff all over them. I got A LOT of compliments so that was pretty cool. Anyways, when Krystal FINALLY came out no one stood up. I was so mad. SO, me and my friend tried to stand up but then everyone behind us was throwin' a fit so we sat down. Everyone stood during "Supergirl" though. She dedicated "I'll Be There" to Aaliyah which was really sweet. She was AMAZING. She is seriously SO good. AHHH...It was great. Then Sisqo came out. He was so cute. He had on a STL hat..He kinda looked like Nelly in all red. He was like "HEY ST LOUIS! EI EI!" It was cool. We even saw him SPIT! That's how close we were. HAHA! He was pretty good and everyone stood up and was dancing during his performance. THEN, after a while the moment we'd been waiting for FFFFFIIIINNAALLLLYYYYY came! The guys came out and LOOORDDDD did they look GREAT. Kevin had cornrows, Howie got his hair cut SHORT (which might I add looks pretty damn good), A.J.'s hair looked kinda red,I didn't really pay attention to the order they sang. I know they started with "Everyone" though. They goofed off SO much this show. I loved it. It's so cool how they are just themselves on stage. AJ thanked everyone for their support of course and said that he had been sober for 53 days tonight. Brian reminded us all to keep Aaliyah's family in our prayers. Nick kept putting his arm around all the guys like he always does. AJ had this bandana over his eye and he goes "I feel like I'm at the eye docter man!" It was great. Brian did his cheesy lil' goofball smile so much.. HAHa..I love it though. The dressing room skit is hillarious. Howie was like takin' over the mirror and they were all pushin' him outta the way..LOL. And when AJ came out in the beggining of "The Call" and asked who was callin' one of the band guys put on a Cartman mask and AJ was like "Cartman, Is it you?!" LOL, it was funny. The whole show was GREAT and I wish it never had to end. There was a lot of other cute stuff they did but I don't wanna type it all. SO email me if you have any questions! It was an AWESOME show and hopefully, I will be at the Chicago show too!

*St. Louis Backstreet Boys concert*

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Kelsey

If I could describe my experience at the St. Louis Backstreet Boys Black And Blue Tour in one word, I would summarize it as Excellent!! The starting act was Krystal, who performed in a sparkling black robe singing "My Religeon", followed by "Super Girl", another song, and a tribute to the late Aalyiah. She presented real stage presence and an edgy yet synchronized pop & R&B soul. For whatever reason and to my great relief, Shaggy didn't show and instead a stellar performance by Sisqo was provided. Perhaps the worst part of the concert came next with the moronic Pop Tart and I Zone Sticky Film people who made a big deal out of giving away a pop tart a BSB bit and a 3month supply of Pop-Tarts. After that corny advertizing the lights finally dimmed......then a globe came to view on the video screen. There, pyrotechnic comets shot throughout the stage. After a mist of smoke, the music began and on 5 white pillars rose each BSB look'n mighty sexy. Upon their appearance, I focused my binoculars on Nick's HOT face and was yelling pure shrills knowing we were only sections away from each other( Ok, I'll shutup about how hot I think Nick is now). They did a medaly of "Everyone" and "Larger than Life", which gave off electric energy and enraptured the crowd in sheer joy. They performed also (not in order) "More Than That", "Shining Star", "Get Another Boyfriend", "I Want It That Way", "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely", "Its True", "Backstreet's Back", "I'll Never Break Your Heart","All I Have To Give" "Yes I Will", "Not For Me", on instruments they performed "Quit Playing Games"(most predictably) and then "Answer To Our Lives" which provided an eniviormental protection theme. My man the Nickster performed his verse of "As Long As You Love Me", and also within the concert was a comical view into the possible future of BSB, also with a clip of life under the stage (its not live by the way to those who would assume otherwise). They began to close it up with "The Call", but knowing the nature of concerts, they came back out to sing "Shape Of My Heart". In conclusion, I have to say if anyone likes the Backstreet Boys even a slight bit, they would have enjoyed this show. Hot guys, great music, and spectacular stage display wrapped into a nice little ball makes this show a great one for friends, families, and dates to see. Check them out next time they come to your city!!! ~reviewed by Kelsey :D

St Louis, Mo Concert

Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Deb and Ally

To start off everyone was searched for cameras and they let you in with anything that didn't have a detachable lens (I did sneak in my 35 mm with a 300 mm zoom lens ) which I hope I got a lot if great pics as we had great seats eye level with the stage and just left of the center (where Nick and Brian mostly played around.) And did they play, it was like back in the day when they joked around alot with each other and the audience. They were great. They had the crowd going the whole concert and picked on each other and kept telling the crowd how much they loved us and asked if we all were having fun (all throughout the whole concert)and it was obvious they were really enjoying themselves , as we were. AJ told everyone he wished he could come out and hug each and every fan , which he teared up when he said it. Brian got kind of choked up when he thanked all of us for our support and even said if the fans hadn't supported them during this thing with AJ that they would not be there that night and that it was the fans that made them decide not to give up, he worded it different but that is what he said basically, then Brian told about Aaliyah and asked we say a prayer for her family. It was so hot in the amphitheater and the boys were red faced a lot but it didn't stop them. They were great as I said before. They were so full of energy and thier voices were great. AJ sounded really great , you could tell he, well they all were glad to be back. We had seen a concert before their unexpected vacation and they have added some things to the video of when they are old and also when they were under the stage changing, both are hilarious. They also sang a few more songs and changed some of the dance routines a little but that might have been caz they were on a small stage. We didn't have the cat walk or the little stage, and the wings were not in the crowd like the big places they have played at but being a small amphitheater was nice and it just seemed they were so close to all of us, it was a great crowd, we were in the section AJ called the sexy section,lol, but I noticed a lot of younger kids at this concert than the others I have been to(mostly on the floor) and there was even a section on the floor that had deaf children and a young lady did sign language to tell them what was being sung. She was a show to watch herself, and she was good. I thought this was sweet and the boys would go over and sweetly wave to them. Oh I got to mention , if you haven't seen it Howie got his hair cut, short and curly and I have no comment on weather I like it or not, and he had a party at Planet Hollywood just after the concert (to benefit the LUpus Foundation)which I bet hardly anyone made it to caz it was for the under 18 until midnight and then over 18 til 3 am and I know we were stuck in traffic until about 1am so ... Well I need to go back and say that Krystal was great also, I had a girl sitting next to me that had never heard of her and during Krystal singing she kept saying wow she can sing and when Krystal was done the girl was a fan and was going to buy her cd! We got to see her up close as she was signing autographs after her set but I didn't get her picture caz I was afraid they would take my camera so we just waved hi to her when she looked up , we didn't try to get an autograph as the line was so long, lol. And if you ever hear anyone saying she lip syncs tell them they are crazy, she is such a talented lady and I wish more would vote for her on TRL , she deserves it. Well if you are waiting for your BSB concert , it is really something to get excited for and if you don't have tickets yet, you need to try and get some, it is worth what you pay for them!!! BACKSTREET IS BACK! Thank God!!!!!


Date: Aug 28, 2001
Submitted By: Sherry Zumwalt

I think the concert was amazing!They seem to get better and better everytime.They added different dance moves and it felt more personable where they performed at.My seats weren't the best,but I could still see them pretty good.I just wish the critics could be more openminded about them.Thanx BSB I will always support you a 110%!!!

St.Louis concert at the Riverport Amphitheatre

Date: Aug 27, 2001
Submitted By: Cammie

Krystal started it out of, she mentioned about Aaliyah dying in a plane crash, followed by Sisqo. BSB came out exactly an hour later which was 9:30. They started off with "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life" then each guy would come up to say something. Brian said, "As u already know probably R&B singer Aaliyah died in a plane crash yesterday. So remember to say a prayer for her family and friends. The music business is gonna miss her." He also said thanks for all the support. Then AJ came out he said he has been sober for 53 days and he also said thank u for all the support and love through this situation. He said he needed it done. Out came Nick, I can't really remember what he said cause of the girls screaming in my ears but I think he also said thanks for the support. Howie was next, he asked how the beautiful ladies where doing.. lol I thought only AJ said that, guess not. Kevin was last he said "What's up St.Louis? U ready for some more?" (I think that's what he said, but like I said I had girls screaming into my ears). Nick never came on my side much, he was always goofing off on the left side of the stage like spraying water in the crowd and shaking his bootay. Mostly Kevin and AJ came over, Kevin more. All the guys came over to my side alot, except Nick he only came over a few times. Nick had big diamond earrings in both ears. They sung all the Black & Blue songs, except "It's True" and "I Promise You (With Everything I Am)" they also sung "Larger Than Life", "I Want It That Way", "Show Me The Meaning...", "Don't Want You Back", and "If You Stay". They showed BSB what they would look like in 2050, it was so funny. Also they showed them backstage getting ready. Nick was bothering all the guys as usual like taking AJ's hat off in "Yes I Will" and hitting Brian while sitting down on trunks. He also went over to Howie and messed with his hair. During "Time" the guys mentioned they had been together 8 and 1/2 years, they were sitting down. Howie was hugging Nick the whole time, it was cute. =) Also, during "The Answer To Our Life" Nick played drums, Brian played guitar, Howie I'm not sure what he was playing, AJ was playing bongos or some type of drum-like instrument, Kevin just danced around. AJ said Good god in "Get Another Boyfriend" which was the third to the last song, followed by "The Call", then last "Shape Of My Heart". Then after they were done with "Shape Of My Heart" they thanked everyone for coming and they'd see us soon. All the guys seem to be glad to be back on stage again.

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