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Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Kellye

Let me tell you all. Tuesday September 18, 2001 was the best night of my life. The Backstreet Boys actually came to my town. Well it started out a typical school day. I wore black and blue clothing, pumped up, and ready for the concert. My one friend who was going with me didnt even like them(she supposeably did when we went to Millenium) and could of given the ticket to my other friend who loves them as much as I do. Well anyway......

So after school I go home, do my homework, and get ready. I wear my black and blue t-shirt and stickers all over my jeans. SO now I have to go to my grandmas to get a camera and wait for my mom. Finally 5 rolls around and my mom comes and we leave to go get my friend. We get my friend Cori and go to the gas station. When we get to the gas station I remember I left my camera at my grandmas so we go back and get it. Now we are finally off to HSBC Arena. On the way there we talk and say hey I wonder if those people are going to the concert. So now we are there talking to the man who lets us park. Well the parking lot was small and pretty full so he let us park right on the outside so it was easy to get out. We are such dorks! My friend and I ask him if he knows where BSB is. He laughs and says nope sorry. So we are now walking up to the big arena with all the other fans. When we get in we were like the first 20 people in 1 line. We were there kinda early. We gave the man our tickets and he gives us our stubs back.(which I have in a picture frame)We are now going to the souvenir stand. It is pretty crowded but get in. I got a shirt that is pink and blue and has different designs on it that say Backstreet Boys Black and Blue World Tour.(many of you might have seen it) I couldnt believe my friend didnt get anything when she supposeably loves them. SO......

Now we go use the bathrooms and I change into my new shirt. We are finally done and we finsih washing our hands when we hear screaming. Well it turns out AJ and Brian came out to introduce Krystal.

Krystal did a wonderful performance. I love her songs. Her smash hit SUPERGIRL got the crowd pumped. She ended her performance with the STAR SPANGELED BANNER. Which was beautiful. I didnt need her autograph there because July 14th the day the concert was suppose to be but was postponed she was signing at a local Walmart so I got it there on my cd. So now Sisqo is up. He was okay but I am not really into rap music. Of course my friend was dancing! He ends his performance with THE THONG SONG. Which that song I like. So now we wait anxiously for the BSB. (we sat right infront of this glass so if we turned our heads there would be a peice of glass and behind that an actual drinking bar)Well my mom went to have a drink and I saw a security guard. So I tell my friend to go say something to him. She goes over and says so do you know BSB? ANd he says I dont like men I like booze. I started cracking up. IT was hilarious! My mom is now back and the lights low. We all start screaming. BSB enters with asteroids hitting earth. They sing EVERYONE and Brian says next "come on yall know this one". Which then LARGER THAN LIFE comes on. It got us really pumped! They did a wonderful perfromance. A couple of my fav parts were when Nick had this giant stuffed fishy and Howie(i think) was chasing after him trying to get it. Another was when they were gonna strip and AJ was hit with a stuff monkey. But my fav part was when AJ Brian and Kevin waved to us. AJ waved direactly at us. He is my fav! Cuz like a said there was light behind us and so it was easy to see us. They just were themselves and had a lot of fun! After they were done with SOMH we started to leave to beat traffic. But when we were by the door I heard music so I said lets see. And thats when they performed the wonderful song DROWNING. We were like 20 rows away I was shocked. So aftr that we left. It was an awesome night I wont forget. O yeah i did see the tour bus while we were by the arena but we didnt get out cuz we were in a bad area of town. I wish I would of now. feel free to email me and talk about the boys. TTYL

september 18, 2001

Date: Nov 07, 2001
Submitted By: cathleen

Well, I will never forget that day.Me and my cousin's were rushing after school to get ready for the concert.We streaked our hair and we even had glowstick earings!If you were at the concert you might have noticed our signs it was BSB #1 and all the letters were cut out.It was hard to miss.Anyway, we got to our seats section 327.We were so so far away.Then all of a sudden two men the bass player and the percussion player for Bsb came up to us.First of all my cousins made me go up to a total stranger.I thought they were going to kidnap me.They offered me :floor section 1(right in the center of the stage) row 15 seats.For 4 people.I was so excited that i dropped my camera and the batteries went flying.I couldn't stop shaking, and saying thanks.I will NEVER forget those guys.I was right under the bridge.It was the best day of my life.What good photo opportunities!Brian and kevin might have seen our signs.After that day I left my floor braclet on so everyone would believe me!Plus not only did i see BSB, I saw Aaron Carter in August at Darien Lake.He rode superman twice.He looked right at me.I just wanted to add that in.KTBSPA, and go buy chapter 1 if you havent already!

Backstreet Boys Concert

Date: Oct 28, 2001
Submitted By: Emily and Jessica

For the past five years, we have been dedicated fans of the Backstreet Boys. We have attended 2 concerts by them in the past and on September 18th was our third! It was totally awesome having them in our home town of Buffalo, New York for the second time in two years!!! Of course we were going crazy because we had to wait patiently for about six months but it was definitly worth it, especially if A.J.'s heath was at risk! A few hours before the concert, we went to a local restaurant called Jacobi's. Now with this being exactly a week after the attacks, we decided to express our patriotism. On the back of one of our posters, we had written "God Bless America" and stood near the intersection and told people to beep their horns if they loved our country! After we finished eating, we eagerly headed out to the HSBC arena. It was finally time to see our BOYS!!!!!! Since our concert was the first after the attacks, the BSB brought out American flags and wore red,white,and blue to show patriotism toward our country! They mentioned how great it was to be back in the United States! We felt the show of patriotism made it complete. We will never forget the BSB concert!

BSB 2001 Tour at HSBC arena in Buffalo, NY

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Danielle

Being there myself, i would like to say that the BSB put on a awesome show. The lights were just perfect and also getting a little up close and personal with some fans that were a little way from the center stage. You could tell each band member and their dancers took time and effort into this show! The opening acts were great to...also Krystal getting to meet some of her fans by signing autographs while sisqo put a great show on singing his hit single "The thong song." Each member had good wardrobe as well. Also, being the first concert the guys came back from Europe, the sang the national anthem after the Sept. 11th terrorist attack. I thought that was a good idea and very sweet of them to take out the time to do it. BSB to me had a awesome show and keep the BSB pride alive!

Backstreet Boys, September 18 show

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Bridgett

First let me say sorry it took so long to get this on here but I’ve been busy. Anyway Sept. 18,2001 is and always will be the best day of my life. It was my first ever Backstreet Boys concert,had tried to get tickets to every show around here but couldn’t. I finally got some when Wink 106 was giving them away, when I won I couldn’t speak I was speechless. Then the concert got rescheduled and I was upset at first but I knew that AJ being healthy is better than me being happy, so I got over it quick (like 2 min). Finally the day of my concert and I realized I had left

my camera in school the day before. I went to school right before I left home and they made me wait to go get it, at first they told me if I wasn’t going to school I shouldn’t be there and weren’t gonna let me get it, but I complained and I got it. I live in Addison which is like 2 hrs from

Buffalo, so we left at like 9 am. When we finally did everything we needed to before the concert. We went into town to the arena, and there were buses out back. So I got out of the van and took my camera and went to wait for the boys. This was like 3:30 pm. Brian and Kevin and Howie

were already there on their buses but they hadn’t got off yet. AJ arrived next in an suv. He looked really good. Then Krystal and another girl arrived they parked across the street and ran over, AJ waited for them so I got some good pics of him. Howie came next he looked the same

as usual cute. Kevin came from one of the busses and was tossing a football with one of the security guards he’s got an arm. Brian got off his bus next with Leighanne, she looked nice and as always Brian looked hot. Nick was the last to arrive he came in on his tour bus and they

pulled in and I ran to the other side to get some pictures (which sadly didn’t come out), but I screamed his name and he turned around and smiled. He tossed the football too. Then we went to the van so I could change my clothes cause I hadn’t had time before. Then we went and got in

line to go in this was like 5:30 pm. We were close to the front of the line so it wasn’t a long wait. Anyway I met a lot of cool people in line. They didn’t let us in the building until like 6 pm. So I had time to talk and all. Then when me and my mom got inside I bought $110 worth of stuff, but Backstreet’s worth it. Then we finally got let to our seats. We had floor seats row 37 seats 9 and

10. They were good seats for not paying for em. Then when the show finally started AJ and Brian came out and introduced Krystal, she was really good. Sisqo was next he was good too. Then at about 8:48 pm BSB started. They started with “Everyone”, they rose up out of the floor.

Awesome. I could tell u every detail of every single song but if u want it all u can email me. I’ll just tell you my favorite parts (which is all of it, lol, but I’ll skim it down). Lets see where to skim, where to skim. My most favorite part was when they went onto the little stage in the center of the arena cause with my tickets where they were, the little stage was like 4 feet away from my seats but there was an aisle way and when they came on it I pushed girls out of the way to get right next to the fence around it. This was like 1 and ½ ft away from Nick OMG. I was freaking out, I started to cry cause this had always been my dream (other than meeting them of course). Anyway they had earpieces in but I think they still head me cause I was screaming so load this lady yelled at me. Beside it was still good cause Nick kept looking at me, probably

because I was crying and screaming but he waved at me and pointed at me. So who knows how I got his attention but it worked. Anyway I threw my necklace at him and it hit him in the hip. They were dressed really nice, they had on blue suits. When they came up they showed a picture of Dan their crew member who died during the terrorist attacks. Then they sang “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” in his memory. Then they sang “How Did I Fall In love with You”. I think its all fuzzy I was so happy I don’t really remember the songs (on the small stage) but I remember every movement and facial expression Nick made on that stage. I believe “Time” came next, they sang it walking over the bridge connected to the stage. It was really nice I like that song. Another one of my favorite parts is when Nick stuck the camera in his private area (I’m sure you’ve heard that before). Also when Nick was like taking his clothes off. In case you couldn’t tell Nicks my favorite. I also liked when the sang “America” and wore the American

stuff. “Drowning” was also very good it was the fist time I head the song and I loved it. The next day we bought a newspaper and the guy totally bashed the show but if you ask anyone there they will tell you it was awesome. My mom even liked it and she doesn’t really like BSB that much. She liked em but not as much as she does now. Well ill shut up if you wanna know moe email me at ok bye.

BSB fan for life


Buffalo, NY

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Kelsey Carter lol

OMG!!! It was a awesome concert!! Nick who is my fav had a fishie and it was really cute. A.j had a monkey. and Howie had a funky hat. They had the best voices. Then they took us backstage on the screen. It was super hot!! Then after yhe concert we pilled up next to the bus and were banging on our car windows screaming for them to come out. Then we pulled in the front of the bus and someone came out with a dog, i think it was brian, then nick walked past the shade that hung up!!! OMG!!!! and the bus driver and the guy i thought was brian waved!!! it was the best concert ever and it inspired me so much and i fell so much better about the backstreet boys then ever, i feel like i know them the best now!! i love them to death!!! keep the bsb pride alive!!

BSB fan forever,

Kelsey A. Carter

backstreet boys

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Gee Gee

September 18, was somewhat of an anniversary for my daughter and myself,(2 years of BSB concerts) and we were not disappointed. We'd been to 3 Milleniums and this was our 7th Black & Blue. AJ, always our fave, was as his Mom said on 20/20, tighter in his dance moves and very precise with his vocals. The rest of the boys also looked better and Brian's presence with the fans was much friendlier than has been noted of recent times. Kevin had energy to throw the football as they arrived and the only one who concerned me was Nick. He honestly looked frightened the 1st 3 songs of the concert but loosened up to the delight of the fans.

Upon arrival at the hotel, post concert, we'd heard that Nick was a little under the weather. All in all, it was the best Black & Blue performance we'd attended and spurred us on to follow the Boys to Cleveland (no Tix in hand), that review to follow. The best part was of course, interacting with the boys at the hotel, post concert. Marked absence of AJ was disappointing but, he'd gone on and is working very hard at keeping clean. My daughter was sad but applauds his every endeavor at his sobriety. He IS a wonderful role model for any young person to see the good and the bad and the struggle within him. He acknowledges her at every concert and that means the world to her. It was AWESOME!!!!

Buffalo, NY concert

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Christine

I wrote this for my school newspaper and I thought you guys might like it!

Backstreet’s Back!

Boy Band Rocks HSBC Arena

As a mature seventeen year old I sat in an almost sold out HSBC Arena last Tuesday night screaming and yelling like a possessed twelve year old. The Backstreet Boys concert had become this event that was always in the future but you know would never actually happen. The show was originally scheduled for July, but postponed when A.J. McLean needed to take the now infamous rehab time out from the Black and Blue Tour. And while the boys’ record sales and radio ariplay have been slumping recently to the boy band that shall remain nameless, A.J.’s “vacation” seems to have rejuvinated the entire group.

The show opened with Krystal Harris, the first act signed to the boys’ record label. While a refreshing change from the wanna-be Britneys out there, the audio was so terrible you couldn’t understand what she was singing. Her catchy song “Supergirl” was a bit better since most of the audience was familiar with it before the concert. She closed with a beautiful rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner”, playing a flag-draped piano. If she gets some better songs, she deifinitely could be big.

Next came Sisqo, lip-synching to his hits like “Got to Get It” and “Incomplete”. His set was lifeless because he practically ignored the audience. And all we wanted to hear was “The Thong Song” anyways.

After a long wait, the boys finally made their entrance, to asteroids blowing up the earth. In light of recent events, this should have been edited out. But I soon forgot about it after the show began.

As I reveled in my defining moment of teenybopper glory (yes, Brian Litrell waved at me. No, no, not the girl behind me. Me!) I couldn’t help but think about the terrorists attacks. The Buffalo show was the Backstreet Boys’ first show in the U.S. after the attacks and it really hit home that we are all Americans, celebrity or Average Joe. When they sang “America, The Beautiful,” and came out for the encore draped in American flags and jerseys, I felt like screaming “Take that, Bin Laden!” Oh, and, “Omigod, Nick is soooooo HOT!”

he Backstreet Boys put on a great show and thrilled their Buffalo fans who desperately needed a night of fun and distraction. Alright!

the buffalo concert on September 18th

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: andrea

OMG!!!! I know this is a little late but last Tuesday was by far the best night of my life!!! It was my third BSB concert and in my opinion it was THE BEST ONE YET!!! Did they look hot or what. Especially B-ROK!!!!!!! That man is a GOD. There's just so much to say i don't even know where to start. The way they opened was the bomb. I loved how they opened with the two songs that were dedicated to the fans. (Larger than Life and Everyone) It was great to see AJ back with the group and looking really good! Did i mention that nick was being a very naughty boy. I think AJ is rubbing off on him. My favorites parts were when nick kissed the camera, AJ did his dance during the Call, when Nick pulled the camera down to where the sun doesn't shine during Don't Want You Back, but most of all when BRIAN WAVED TO ME. I thought i was going to die. It was when they were on the bridge and i was waving as hard as i could. he saw me and smiled and waved. i started balling and then my mom started to cry too. Her favorite is Howie. When they were on the bridge, she was screaming "GO HOWIE!!!!!!" It was the cutest thing. Definately a true bonding moment for my mom and i. I also loved those huge hats that a fan made. They were awesome. I could go on and on forever but if i think of anything else, i'll write about it some other time. All in all, it was the best thing i've ever experienced, and i'll always keep the BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!


Buffalo, NY concert 9/18

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Amy

Ok. I'm going to re-type the review that the Rochester Paper gave of the concert. I don't agree with their review. I thought the concert was totally awesome. But anyway, here's their review.

"Carloads of teen Lolitas cicrled Buffalo's HSBC Arena last night, howling an hour before showtime: "The Backstreet Boys are here!" and waving CDs out the windows while parents cringed. Backstreet Boys is what it is: big, goofy fun in a NIckelodeon way(I SOOO do not agree with that comment, but anyway). They sell millions of CDs. And product shilling was shamless last night, with commericals for cameras and a chocolate-chip breakfast snack aired between acts. Yeah, there was some music too. One thing the Backstreet Boys do well-aside from cash royalty checks-is croon sexy, midtempo, syrup-laden, teen-pop songs. Slow ballads such as "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" were particularly well done; last night's performance fo the song was dedicated to a member of the group's crew who was killed in the World Trade Center attack. This was their first show in the United States since the tragedy, after a swing through Canada, and the Boys celebrated with a sweet, acoustic version of "America the Beautiful." With a stage shaped like a set of airliner wings-not a terribly comforting sight give last week's events-the Backstreet Boys love are more about stage production than music(don't agree with this either). The dance routines are so shiny, you could shave in front of them. But they often felt forced. And the overproduced early part of the show-with video of meteors hitting the Earth, pyrotechnics and dancers in weird, pseudo-sci-fi costumes, seemed to overwhelm the boys. "Shining Star" felt more like a Broadway interpretation of a boy band. Graceful moments such as "Time" were obliterated by the show's self-conscious need for such quick gratification. The Boys seemed tired. The show had originally been scheduled for July, but was postponed due to A.J. McLean's rehab stint. "Seventy-six days sober," he announced proudly during the show."

Ok, that was the review of the Boys. Now I'll write what the reviewer said about Sisqo and Krystal.

"In other developments, after work with the R&B group Dru Hill, opening act Sisqo established himself as a mojor poet with "Thong Song." Just kidding. But he and his dancers-four at a time, working in shifts-were energentic enough, with Sisqo even nimbly tunring a cartwheel. The Brief set included five costume changes. In the showcase of new material, "Thong Song" did not make an apperance. Sisqo's set was flat, over-relying on backing tracks, even for some of his vocals on what will be his next single, "Dream." (I totally agree with his review of Sisqo. I didn't enjoy him at all). Show opening Krystal si a hip-hop Tori Amos, closing her performance with a solo rendition of the national anthem (Diva Mix) while sitting at her flag-draped, white grande piano. A relative unknown, she bleted out spirited anthems such as the cartoonish cliche "Supergirl" whild accompanied by a huge bass beat and a chorus of heavenly gospel singers, none of whom were anywhere to be seen. Let it be said that Krystal has great backing tracks, and is at least priced like a star: Her t-shirts go for $30, just the the big kids'."

Ok, that the news paper's review. Like I said, I didn't agree with most of it. I love the Backstreet Boys and I thought the show was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! I had the best time!!! Anyone that disses the Boys' concert is not even close to a true fan, cause the show was DA BOMB!!!!!

backstreet boys concert in buffalo ny @ hsbc arena sept 18th

Date: Sep 23, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren

ok i would of did this the day after the concert but i didnt get the chance so here goes ! wow that concert was so amazing words dont even begin to describe it . the buffalo news gave it a terrible review but they dont know nuttin . i was there and it was one of the best nights of my life the other 3 include other bsb concerts i been to :) i dont even know what to say ! but nick was being a bad boy :) he did his little stripper thig which was great and then i dunno what came over cuz all of the sudden the camera went down to his "AREA" if u know what i mean but if ur a teenage girl im sure u didnt mind . i know i didnt ! hmmmm i was pretty close i could actually see there faces from where i was sitting i was over to the left side of the stage and aj kept comin over to our side it was great i didnt get to touch any of there hands or ne thing but it was good enuf to see them as close as i did . aj was really friendly he talked the most and he was always cummin over to our side . they all looked way hot of course but nick and aj and bri looked rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooood . it reassured me that nick was the hottest man alive . i dont even know what to say its just a feeeling u get when ur at a concert and u get all hyped up and the energy is just like wow and especially if its ur fave group then its even more nutz !! i believe most bsb fans know what i mean its like theres a connection !!!!!!! i dunno but it was a magical night and ill never 4 get it !!!!!!!!!ktbspa!!!!!!!!

did i mention nick kissed the camera ? :)

buffalo ny, i got more to tell!

Date: Sep 21, 2001
Submitted By: mary

ok well i actually wrote my whole night before, but i never said anything about how the concert was! so im now gonna write how the concert was! lol. well me and my cousin were siting with eachother and my other cousin and their friends were sitting somewhere else, and we decided to meet at this one spot during the intermission. so we figured that they wouldnt come on until about 9, so we went and met up with my other cousin and friends, so we start walking back, and all of a sudden, we hear all this screaming, and i look and the lights are off! so me and my cousin are freaking out cuz it was starting and we werent there! so we were kinda far away from our section, so nobody was in the halls, so we were running as fast as we possibly could screaming "STAY IN!! DONT COME OUT!!! NNNNNOOO!!" lol it was funny! so we got back to our seats before it strated and i culd barley breath! but i had enough air to scream as loud as i possibly could! so they came out from the stage, and started off with everyone, and then went into larger then life. the dancing was so amazing! and they soudned great! so then brian came out with his intro, and he had said how it was great to be back in the states, and then he asked if we had their cd's and if we wanted their new then aj came on and had announced that he had been 76 days sober, and that he appreciated us giving him the time he needed, and he wished he could hug and kiss everyone one of then nick just made us scream, but then howie was hitting the back of his leg and he was saying that he beter hurry up cuz he wanted to talk, so then nick was like "alright hold on man!" and they were kinda figting in a way! lol it was so cute!so then howie came up, and didnt really say much then kevin came out and pretty much just said lets get back to some music. so then ajs kept on coming up on the right ramp, and i was in that section where the ramp came into! so he was right there! and there was this girl who was giving him so much stuff! like she had made these weird hats, and gave brian and aj them, then she gave aj this awesome sign, and this then later when they do the dressing room thing, nick got this catfish, and he was running with it cuz howie was chasing him! and then howie was yelling at aj in spanish! lol it was so funny! cuz aj was singing a song befrore they went into the trunk, so everyone else was waiting for aj to finally end the song, and howie tapped aj on the shoulder and aj was like "im not done yet" it was so cute! so thats when that whole thing happend! lol, but then before they all went into the trunk, nick was saying how they should change on stage! so he took of his belt and was swinging it around like a stripper! then he undid his button on his pants! and was dancing like a stripper! it was great! he and aj were being very naughty that night to! lol. so then during time howie was walking around with a burger king crown on! lol he was so cute! lol. so then before they did the call, only aj was on stage, and he had walked on the right ramp where i was, and then he started walking away, and the girl who was throwing all that stuff at him through a monkey at him and it hit him in the head! and he was like "oh a monkey just hit my in the head!", so then he was pretending the monkey was talking to him! lol so he was like "uh huh, uh huh, ok, uh huh, ok, well he just wanted to tell u that there are so sexy ladies here tonight!!" it was so funny and cute! lol so then he gave us bad news and good news. the good news was that we were "one hell of an audience"the bad news was that they only had time for 2 more songs. so then they did some other songs. then te last song was drowning! and it sounded so good! i wanted to cry! but i held it in, plus i had gotten all my crying out when i met nick! lol. wellt hat was my night, and i will never forget it! thank u bsb for doing a grwat show!

buffalo shirts and hats that the boys had were all mine yikes

Date: Sep 21, 2001
Submitted By: tina

Ok guys here we go and please bear with me as I am trying to you every detail about my wonderful night at the buffalo show. We arrived at the arena about 5pm. Pulling up front in our limo. Stephanie, my daughter and myself got out and took all of our goodies out of the trunk. There was a sign about the treagedy in NYC and two hats that are like the srazyiest things that you have ever seen and another sign that was expecially made for brian, (brian, we love you backstreet boys). Litttle did we know at that point that our lives would be a whole bunch differnt when we left. We stayed outside for a while and walked around, we found the tour busses out back and aj and nick were both on theirs, we waited around for like 40 minutes and they still haden't come off so we left. We got interviewed by channel 2, they showed it on the 6pm news. Hopefully they will show it again.

All of the people that were out front were looking at us like we were crazy, for wearing our shirts and hats that we made just for the concert. They were pretty big, witch hats all decorated. When we got to go inside the arena we found out where our seats where. OMG SECTION 114 1ST ROW RIGHT ON THE RAMP. I was sooo impressed when Aj and Brian came out onto the stage to introduce Krystal. I could hardly breath. THEY WERE SOOOO CLOSE... Krystal was good. We have met her before and then sisqo took the stage and he was good too. We were on the side where the zambomnie goes out onto the ice so there was a lot of room down under us and there were guys wlaking around all over the place I asked one if he could give a gift to brian for me and he took it right outback and gave it brian. Yikes.

The boys came out on to the stage........I can't believe the l;uck we had in our seats. Aj came up our ramp and was touching hands lol he was soo nice he touched my daughters hand and she was offering him her hat that she had made for him. Siad AJ right on it and he took it and walked down the ramp and proceeded to let all of the guys put it on their heads and play with it. Could you believe that. We were bawling like babies. Let alone touch his hand he was playing with a hat htat we had made for him in front of all o f these people. Next kevin and nick came over and touched our hands and then Aj came back oooover to our side again. We had our sign that we had made saying the we love the backstreet boys, stephanie was to afaid to throw it to him so I took it and I hit him right in the butt with it. Lol he looked at us and he opened it and started to read it, he took it down to brian here again in the middle of the arena he read it and then proceded to wrap it arounbd his shoulders and wear it around the stage while they sang. AGAIN I AM BAWLING OMG. BRIAN

The next few songs were a blur I was too excited. Kevin came over too our ramp and touched hands again and we held out my brian hat and he looked at it and then went on touching hands again and steph said to him take it and he did he took it right to Brian, he put it on and danced around a little then he took it and dropped it down the hole that he always comes out of. AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH could I have been any luckier??? I m telling ya you gotta love that man. Aj was the man of the night he was soo sweet and he was taking everything that I had foro him. We had one more thing it was a bandana that said frick on it and he took and danced with it in his hand for a while and then he gave it to brain. In turn he showed it to the audience again and then threw it to leighanne in the front row.

So like this concert is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don't think that I can top this. I am sitting here in school (i am a teacher) with 4 hours of sleep and I am very proud to say that I am a backstrret boys fan and I got to touch Aj, nick, Kevin< and howie. Brian knew that he should stay away, he didnt even come over tot he ramp. I wouldn't have hurt him I swear, I just wanted to touch his hand.

So I plede with all of you any video taped of the buffalo would be greatly appreciated. I need it desperatly.

I am getting my 12 rolls of film scanned as we speak and I will send in quite a few to tbsb.Net and if anyone wants specific pictures just let me know as we were very close and I will email them to you.

Email me at brian_brok_littrell@hotmail.Com

P.S. Everything that we gave to the guys had out emails all over it. Soooo hopefully we will recieve and email from one of the boys..






Buffalo, NY

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Ria

Well, I went to the concert at HSBC Arena in Buffalo on Sep. 18th and it was so amazing. I got there late because I had a swim meet so I missed Brian and AJ introducing Krystal. But I did get to see Krystal perform her last pieces. Her last piece was the national anthem and she drapped an American flag across her piano. She sounded great. Then Sisqo came on and did a good performance, i wouldnt be the greatest judge though because I'm really not into his kind of music much. Then there was a break and i went and bought a tshirt. I just got back and the lights went out after only a 20 minute break. They started at 8:50 or so. I was so spazing out and I had really good seats, I was in the 100s right inbetween the two stages and we were pretty close. So they came and and the decibal level went beyond measurement. They sounds so amazing and i was taking pictures like crazy. So they started with Everyone and then went into Larger Than Life. Then they changed and went into Not For Me and had these really cool vests that they went over vents and the vests were over their shirts and floated up. They sang so well, but I'm getting long winded so I have one last thing to say. when brian was talking and everyone was silent I screamed "hi Brian" because he's my favorite and he waved to me. I was spazing out. when they were walking across the bridge for "time" i was standing in the aisle and waving my arms over my head with this flashing battery opperated glow stick of my friend Kelly's and jumping up and down, Brian stopped across from me and started waving at me for a while and then started imitating me jumping up and down waving his hands in the air and my face expressions to, then he waved and smiled and started walking again. He was waving to me for so long. I started crying of joy. Ok, if you want to know every detail, email me and I will tell you, and I'm also sorry for grammatical errors.

Buffalo, New York, September 18th, 20001

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Addie

OMG!!!! I went to the BSB Concert on Sepetemebr 18th, 2001 here in Buffalo...And I had sooooooooooooooo much fun!!! It was also my first concert I had ever gone to....My dad got me tickets the day of the concert and my mom told me that he got them for me when I got home from school...I was soooooooooo excited!!! I quickly did my homework and then I ate dinner....Then I loaded up my camera and left for the HSBC Arena...I didn't get to see Krystal Harris and I was so pissed...I did get to see the ending of Sisqo's performance, which wasn't bad...It was pretty good....Then there was a 10 minute wait before the backstreet boys came on, so I decided to go and buy myself a glow stick....When I came back, it was almost time for the show to start....Finally the lights dimmmed and the show began....WOW! Is All I have to say about it...I was so good...They all looked so hot and sounded amazing....They even performed "America The Beautiful", which souded so good..Plus, they sang "Drowing", which made my heart melt...It was absolutly gorgeuos.... I had okay seats...actually they really were not bad...I was up on the 300 level, but I had from row, so I could see everything very clearly...Anyways, they were fantastic..They had so much energy and they kept the crowd pumped...I sung my lungs out and clapped my hands out and I had a blast!...I am so happy that I went...This was a day that I would never forget....Thank You BSB for a wonderful night! :o)

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