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Buffalo ny, september 18, the best nigt of my life!

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Mary

ok, last night me and my cousins and their 2 friends went to the backstreet boys concert. On our way down to the arena, we had spotted 2 tour buses, so we were all freaking out! so then when we were at the arena, we were trygin to find where those 2 busses were, so we were walking around like the whole building! lol. but finally i saw 5 busses, and one of them was brian's i think because next to the license plate it had this blue thing with a big K in the middle, so it had to be his! so then the security guard came over and told us that we couldnt stand there but if we walk a lil farther down, that aj had just gotten into his bus, and that we could stand out there or something. so we all went down there, and there was like already about 20 other girls out there. so then this one lady told me that nick was in the tour bus right in front of us. so i was freaking out cuz he would have to come out sometime! lol. so then while we were waiting we heard all of this screaming and everyone running over to the other side of the driveway, and i look and theres aj! i was screaming and waving, and he was going back inside his bus, and he looked and smiled! so then i was crying a lil bit, but he looked so cute! he had a black shirt on and a black hat thingie lol. so then we where waiting for the longest time! so then we see this big blue bus come, and there as a guy sitting by the window, and then we knew it was sisqo's bus! so then while it was backing in next to nicks bus, he was doing lil dance moves and stuff lol. so then he can out and he did this lil stunt thing, smiled,laughed, and then walkd away. lol. omg sisqo is so tiny! but i was in shock cuz i love sisqo, and he was like 2 feet away from me! so then while we were all STILL waiting for nick to come out, we look by aj's bus, and here comes a security guard with lil tyke and leighannes dog! omg those doggies are so cute! lol, then leighanne came out and she was smiling and waving. shes so pretty! i mean, in pictures i always thoiught that she wasnt all that pretty, but in person she is! so then she walked right up to the fence the i was standing against and was just smiling then walked away with her doggies. lol. so then like 10 minutes after that, we see ajs door opening, and out comes denise! (aj's mom for anyone who doesnt know) so then she smiled and waved, and then walked away with a thing of water or something. so then all of a sudden, i hear everyone running to the other side and screaming, so i look, and theres nick carter! i ran as fast as i could over there, and he was signing autographs and in his other arm (like under his other arm) he had a football! lol how cute! but he looked like he had just woken up, but i was geting mobed! and i wanted him to shake my hand but he kept on walking away from me. so then he stopped, and went to the other side were there were only like 5 girls, so then i ran over there, and i was like screaming his name and i had my hand out but then he walked away, but he was playing football with one of the security guards! lol. so then my cousin and her friend got autogrpahs, and like 20 pictures! lol. so then everyone is crying, and my cousin walks over and shes crying and all i could do was just have my mouth open, i couldnt talk, and my eyes were all watering, but i couldnt cry! so then we were all hugging eachother and then i just broke down and started crying! i was like "omg i met nick carter!" lol. and by the way, he was wearing a blakc linkin park shirt, and blue jeans! lol. ok so then we went inside and everything, and after the concert we went back to were the tour buses were, and they said that aj had already left, and i think howie to. so then i saw brian pull away, and he had a blue shirt on, but he had his back towards us lol. so i saw brian, then we saw nick come out, and he was so cute, cuz he as holding this huge seal thing that he had gotten during the show (a joke thing u had to be there lol) so then he was walking out with that and he was laughing and smiling, and then he got on his bus, then he pulled awy but then stopped, so we ran over there but he started to go again, but then he honked the horn! lol! so then we all left. and went home. so then i was listening to my radio, and the dj said that they were still in town. so i was thinking that i could go find them! and he had said that if we call and begg that he might tell us. so i called and we were talking for a lil while, and i told him how i needed to know, and that i was a bsb fan for like 5 years and all this other stuff. so he told me where they were! so i was like "omg i ned to go down there!" so my mom drove me and my cousin down to the hotel, and we were just walking around, and then these girls said that they saw howie and that he was going out, and that nick was in bed sleeping, and everyone else is already, and only howie and nick were staying for that night. so then we made my mom go into these bars to look for him, but we had no luck doing that. so then we went back to the hotel and we were just siting inside, so then we went back into the hotel and my cousin waited outside in the loby, while me and my mom went to the bathroom, so my cousin is stabding there just starring and wathcing something. so she goes "mar come here" so i walk over and the door opens and howie walks in, with 2 security guards and some other people!! my cousin just froze, and he looked winked and smiled at us and said hi. and i was like "hi" and then he was walking away talking with this other girl who had been waiting for him. so the security guards were like pushing him into the elevator and stuff, and i was going to ask for his autograph, but he was already in the elevator and stuff, but when i was walking away, howie was like looking at me walking away, and i just starred at him. then the elevator door shut. so then i was just in complete shock! i couldnt even cry! but hes so nice! and hes way hotter in person! oh yeah, and nick is so skinny! he kinda looks fat on tv, but in person hes skinny! lol. so then i wrote bsb a note and had my mom put it in the door of their tour bus! lol. with my phone number! lol. hey ya never know! well that was my day of meeting bsb!! and i will never forget how they looked or this whole day! and by the way, the concert was the best, and aj was like thw hole show! he wasbeing really funny and just his usual self but alot happier!

CoNCert On Sept. 18 2001

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Cherish

The Concert in Buffalo, N.y, on September 18 2001 was simply mind-blowing , from the beginning to the end , it was wonderful !!!.....Sisqo and Krystal were great , The Backstreet Boys were even Greater.. This was just the thing we needed after the September 11th tragedy .... THANK YOU BSB !!!!


Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Leigh

Omg ! Let me say even if you hate BSB (witch i dont see how any of you can) you got to love them way more after the show. Their is just no way to tell everyone how great the concert was. I was so disapointed that lots of people who bought seats did not show up =-(. There was suppose to be only the 3 hundreads open but there was so many more seats that should have had people in them but anyways if you did buy tickets and did not go for one reason or enother let me tell you guys missed a great show sorry but you did. Well they make Sisco soud real bad i mean he was not the best but he was not horrible. I thought that the way that BSB came out rocked. I loved all the affects (it was so cool). They started by "Everyone" and went to "Larger Then Life". They were so sweet to Buffalo they told us how much they loved us and let me say A.j is looking mighty fine (he waved to me like 5 or 3 times). He is so sweet. Nick was way noughtyer then A.j witch is very strange. He was shaking that big great butt like never befoe (lol). A.j was just so hott he did his shirt teases and in the dressing room it was hott amn he was in his boxers and swinging on this bar (at least at my concert). Howie was so sweet. He got spryed with silly string by Nick. During "Dont Want You Back" Nick ran over to the camra and pulled it way down like were it counts (lol Nick and A.j are just my man lol).Girls we need to make BSB number one cause they deserve it not N Sux. BSB ALL THE WAY! NUMBER 1 BABY! If you want to talk more bout what they did and let me tell you they are so many things i will tell !! E-MAIL ME AT MUZIKGRL9@AOL.COM. I have to tell you the rest ! Im me if you are on kk bye much love peace out and BSB FOR LIFE !!

Me and my boy Johnny say be real be cool and like always you guys BEHAVE BABY ! ( Me and A.j will try to too). MUCH LOVE

Sept 18 Buffalo,NY

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: kristen

WOW!!! there are no words to describe last night!!! it was such a great show!!! in the morning me and my sister went to the areana to see them or their buses.we went behind the areana and we saw lots of white buses and big trucks and i took my camera out and we went around the block like 3 times to get pics of the buses. they let us in at 6:30 (our concert started at 7:30)they didn't even check for cameras or water bottles nothing.

around 7:25 two guys came on stage and said buffalo!!! i looked it was aj and brian!!! they were in like normal clothes. they both had like winter hats on aj had a blue shirt on with black pants and a chain on his pants. brian had brown pants on and a t-shirt on under a hooded sweatshirt! then brian said have any of us heard a song called supergirl and then he started singing it. so hot! then krystal came out and she has an amazing voice!! usually she sings i'll be there as her last song but she put an american flag on her piano and sang the national anthem. sisqo was alright. i liked it when he did the moon walk!

around 8:50 the lights turned off and everyone was screaming! i could see aj's head sticking out of his toaster before the smoke started to get stronger. brian, howie and nick looked the same. aj had his normal hair color and kev had the cornrows again! they did everyone and larger than life and the dancing was hot!! then they did not for me i love how all of them were wearing the sunglasses!

brian's intro (my fav) he said he was glad to be back in the states. he started laughing and pointed at some girl's sign that had his healthly heart logo on it. he asked if we had all the albums and if we wanted a new album of course everybody screamed and he said me too!! he is so much hotter in person!!!

aj's intro 76 days sober!!! he wanted to give us all a big hug and a kiss!!

nick's intro he made us scream and howie was hitting nick's leg telling him to hurry up cuz he wanted to come out.

howie's intro he said Buffalo had some hot women!!

kev's intro he didn't say much just to get on with the music.

WMYD aj got a big hat from the audience and put it on and brian was looking at him funny. then he put it on howie and he started doing his salsa dance with it on.

YIW and MTT were good i love the cane dance.

IWITW aj took a banner from some girl in the audience and was showing it to us and wrapped it around brian.

QPG, ALAYLM and DWYB were all good they did some great pelvic thrusts in DWYB!!! all of them including brian!! the dressing room part was hilarious nick had a catfish it was so funny!

SMTMOBL they showed a picture of the crew member Dan Lee during the song on the big screen and i almost started to cry!

Time brian waved at me!!!! i love him!!!! aj got silly string by the crowd then nick had some and silly stringed howie!! howie also had on a burger king crown!!

after time kev said that they were talking about canceling some of the shows cuz of the new york city and washington stuff but seeing all the smiles on our faces they didn't want to cancel thank god!! so he said that since Buffalo was the first US city since the tradegies they had to do something special!! so they sang America the beautiful. it was so sweet!! then i saw leighanne, krystal, and aj's mom in the pit!!! wow leighanne's hair is really blond and i'm so glad that she is safe!

ATOL, AIHTG, IYS were all so hot!!

shining star had some awesome dancing!

right before the call when aj makes us scream he got hit with a monkey and he picked it up and said he had some good and bad news. good news we were one hell of an audience then he showed the but of the monkey and said but there only two songs left.

SOMH brian was wearing a tanktop that said USA on it, aj took off his shirt and had a flag with him, kev had a shirt on with USA on it too.

drowning is such a good song!! so hot!!!

the whole concert was the best concert ever! it was definitly worth the wait!!! i love them so much more!!!


The Backstreet Boys in Buffalo, NY Sept.18th

Date: Sep 20, 2001
Submitted By: Karen

WOW!!! I went to the Sept.18th concert in Buffalo, NY. I had the best night of my life! I don't know where to start, there's so much to tell. Well early in the day my sister and I went downtown to see if we could find them. We did see some buses and trucks at the areana, but not theirs, so we checked the hotel I thought they'd be at but again we didn't see them. We had great seats 10 rows from the floor on the right side of the stage, aj came on our side alot!

The concert started at 7:25, 2 guys come out to introduce Krystal: it's Brian and AJ!!!!!! Brian sang alittle of "Supergirl". I didn't expect that, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics. Krystal put a flag on her piano and sang the National Anthem, she said it was good to back in the US. Sisqo was kinda boring, he didn't really interact with the crowd.

At 8:50, HSBC Areana went dark and screams were so loud. I could see Aj's head in the toaster before they rose up. In Brian's intro he said they were happy to be back in the US. Aj said he was 76 days sober!!I'm so happy for him. In Nick's intro, Howie had his arm up and was swating at Nick to hurry up so he could come out. During WMYD Aj put on a really funny hat and then put it on Howie. Before they get in the box, Nick got a huge catfish and was playing with it. Howie was yelling at him to get in the box, it was really funny. Nick finally got in the box but had the catfish peeking out of the box. Aj picked up a keychain that had a dolphin on it & said I got a fish. He then said "it's not the size of the fish that matters, but the size of the ocean, if ya know what i mean". They all seemed to be having so much fun, kinda like they were relieved to be home.

Aj got silly stringed by the audience on the catwalk. Nick got Howie really good, Howie was wearing a Burger King crown. After Time, Kev said that they had a choice about cancelling some dates due to the tragic events of NYC & DC. But they decided not to, because seeing us smile uplifts them! So the fans are helping them cope and vice versa. Then he said since we were the first city in the US, since the tragedy, that they were gonna do something special for us. They sang "America the Beautiful" accapella, well i think there was a piano but I really can't remember. That's when I saw Leighanne, Krystal & AJ's mom in the pit, they were standing and clapping!! I grabbed the camera and took some pics!

Aj came out & said he's got good news and bad news. He got hit in the back of his head with a stuffed monkey. He said we were one heck of an audience, then he turned to the camera and showed the monkey's butt and said "but we only have time for 2 more songs". They sang Drowning, which is a great song, i love it!!

During SOMH, the dancers came out with flags and were showing them pride. Kev had a flag bandana on, Brian was wearing a USA shirt, Aj had a flag from the dancers, i could just tell they were happy to be back!!All in all the concert was amazing and I will never froget this night, thank you Backstreet Boys!! And as Howie always says Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive! By the way i have no voice!

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