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9/21 (At their hotel) 9/22 at their concert

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay

Hey! Ok well on friday after school,(9/21) me, my 3 friends, and my dad drove to chicgao (we live in milwaukee) to try to find the hotel the bsb are staying in. So first we stopped by my moms office to pick her up since she had work and was leaving early to go to the concert with me...(my dad just wanted to drive us there) She is friends with the BSB management (The Firm) so we managed to get second row and possibly meet and greets...well my mom calls this one hotel and she asked if the bsb were staying there and she was like "we cant give that information out" and then we were like pleaseeeee we need to know! me and my daughter and friends are driving two and a half hours to see them!" so the lady on the phone says "I cant give that info out but I think the _________ will have everything u are looking for. So we were like ok! we're going there tonight!!! So we went there and we stayed in the lobby for a reallllly long time and they werent coming so we went to the mall, then finally around, I dont know what time, my mom calls me and was like, I JUST MET NICK, where r u?? i was like oh my gooooooosssssssssh!! How could my mom have met one of them before me! Even though I met Howie at FAO Schwarz for his charity and watched him bowl for a cause on May 26th! So then we went down and waited for ever and then nick comes down again and we were like omg....and then he was like Im going out to dinner, I'll be back we're all like, ok, he'll be then howie came down and he signed autographs and took pics (I got both) and he had just gotten out of the shower because his hair was all wet and hot!!! He leaves and then like half an hour later, kevin comes down. His hair is in a ponytail which is soooo hot and he was like if u want an autograph, ur gonna have to follow me down becauise im in a hurry, but I didnt know that so I just took hot pics and waited.....then that was all for then....then we went upstairs and rested and then found out what room they were staying in!! so we waited onn their floor for like 45 minutes and then sliped a note under their door that said please come down! weve been waiting for 7 hours!! we love you...blah blah blah...we knew it was his (AJ's) room though because we heard him and brian singing a new song in...a capella!! That was the all time best! (PS~If you read "Elizabeth submission, you'll see our stories are rather similar because I went with her to the bsb concert, but she had different seats than me) so he didn't come down for a while but we had to go back to the lobby and then we waited again! and then 2 of my friends went to the parking gargae to see if they were there but they werent and while they were downstairs, AJ comes ouut!! he was soooo hot. he was wearing all black and a baseball cap, no glasses!! it was amazing! brian never came down so that kinda sucked and they said that they would be back at 4 am but the lobby closes at 2am and then opens at 5 am so yeah...that was a disadvantage. so me and my friends went to sleep at 1:30 and then woke up at 7 and then started the day over. this girl was like, yeah nick came down last night at 2 am and i was like errr we went to bed half an hour too soon! but I knew i would be getting meet and greet so i didnt let that get me down. at around 3 pm, we were still waiting and nothing yet so we went to these elevators where no fans where and stil nothing! so we saw their tour buses and all these dancers and band members for bsb and we were like bsb must come down here! but they never did so this one guy who worked there told us to go around the corner and we did but we had to cross the street. we couldnt be close. but i took the best picture of nick walking on the bus! then all thses fans were so preoccupied by that, that we missed AJ go on his bus. then we left because we thought they were all gone but then we saw howie signing autographs and stuff. but thats ok, because I had met him previously. Then we drove to tinley park to see bsb in concert! we went to will call and got our backstage pases and it was soo cool! we went to our seats and they ended up being first row, not second! then at 7, we got to meet them! Brian hugged me and laughed a cute laugh when i told him i loved him. then nick gave me a hug and was like "hows it going" and i said i loved him so much. then kevin was next. he was like "HOWDY!" and i told him he was amazing and i loved him and i was shaking and crying and he was like, "r u ok" and i was like yeah and then he hugged me and introduced me to howie. i told howie i loved him and i met him the night before and he said thats really cool and gave me a huig. and then AJ! I was like "OMG AJ! i love you with all my heart! I am so proud of u and i knew u could do it and he said thankyou hunny, and hugged me! that was the best night ever and i will never forget it. after the meet and greet, i watched the best concert ever, even though ive seen the black and blue tour 3 times, including the one in milkwaukee, AJ's first night back. I almost got my camera taken away like 5 times and i could only take 3 rolls of pictures or I would get in trouble. The concert was the best and although the stadium couldn't fit a small stage, wings, or the bridge, they still made it the best concert ever! KTBSPA!

Chicago Sept 22

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Kim

Well this review isn't going to be about teling u every move because i think we ahve all seen this tour at least here it goes....

well it was the start of september and the concert wasnt until the 22nd....and it all started up not eating and getting all nervous...I dont kow what it is but just for bsb concerts I like cant eat and I feel all weird and sick weeks before the concert..well as it inched day by day I got mroe and more excited and I started to eat again...until of course the day of..I never eat squat the day of..well since it was all weird with the driving and the Tweeter Center is about and hour and a half away and my mom hates driving and she wouldnt let me drive my car and i was SO glad to..we had to take some special activites pace bus that takes people to things like that for like 3 well my mom was at work that day and so my freind drove me to her work which was on the way to the pace place. So we picked up my mom and we drove over to the pace place..we all boarded and on the way I wanted to get the whole bus to sing bsb songs..well I was wrong..taht was hard to do so I stopped trying...well we finally made it to the TWEETER CENTER! there's me like FREAKING out...almost frickin peeing in my pants..oh yea btw I had the best seats on the bus thats why...I had 10th row..thats why I was freakin...well ok as we start walking to the gate to get in I hide my film in my hood and my mom hides the camera on her side under her jacket..we werent allowed to have cameras in the venue...well they searched us but kinda didnt search the side the camera was on..on my mom and well who would look in a phew I got past with my camera..go me....but I do have a downer to that part i'll tell u later....well we start walking around because I coudltn go to our seats yet..I wanted to wait a little we saw this big wall people were signing so I asked a lady taht worked for it and said people will sign it and they'll give it to the guys after the I wrote something about my friend Brandon..because hes freinds with I mentioned that hoping if they did get it maybe would have caught move on....we finally started making our way to our I thought for some reason sec 102 was our section..and it seemed kinda too far to the left of the stage and would have been a little dissapointed in my $250 each she said oh keep we ended up being close to the center.just a tad over to the right.but hey 10th row baby! I start jumping up and down and I called all my freinds taht were there to see where they one group of friensd were in lawn and all of a suddne I told her where to look and she told me to jump up and down and so I did and she saw me! then they started diong it and I actually saw them too! there were soo many people I didnt think i'd see them from all the way up there...well then we decided to meet up and go get some merchandise...and when I got there I heard it was old stuff from the 1st leg.....WRONG..allll new thigns..I was like damn it I didnt bring that much money thinking I was jsut going to get the howie bear..well I was was $25 so I said forget it..besides I supported the DLF when howie was here in chicago for the 'bowl for the cause' was going to get the individual pics but they were all live pics and I didnt like and besides I had better live pics from the 1st leg becasue I was closer tahn this I jsut got a new poster with live footage on that one...its cool! evne my mom likes it and she thinks I buy useless stuff..:)

well all of a sudden i heard some people talking on stage so I ran to my seat and left my they introduced the broken up Faze4 who broke up and are now Vi3 (chicago-based boy bands) so they were cool i've seen faze4 MANY times and I mean now they were just 3 and WHOA steve is hot..I forgot HOW hot! well then sisqo came out..he was good and after him I was already gettign a hoarse voice..that was hilarious! ok so we waited and i was kinda upset thinking they werent going to come on till like 9:30 ..(it was about 8:15)

WELL I was was like 9 not even and it gets dark....the meteors hit....and then the party started! and omg I was so close! I coudltn believe it..its evne soo hard for me to listen to the cd without freaking out now...i mean evnethough I was closer in feb..bbut I was on teh side and I didnt exactly see the SHOW..just when they came over to hte sides...this time I was seeing the whole production and it kicked BOOTAY....the we felt it...well after everyone I was already frickin hoarse and couldnt scream as it was..I was sweating already like a frickin hog..(and it was freezing that night-HA could u imagine) well ....i'm frickin jumping up and down like a maniac the 2 guys in front of me kept turning around looking at me.....oh yea..about the camera situation..this is where it came into wasnt allowed..well I didnt realize they actaully HIRE people to sit in like the first 20 or so rows to TAKE away cameras....they take ur film and batteries if its a camera and if its a disposable they take it..WELL of course with my luck..the guy sat RIGHT in front of me....soo..we had to be secretive about taking our pictures...and well I got 20 pics total but hey its at least proof...but seriously within the first 20 rows and within the first like 5 songs there were no flashes...except those far away and in sucked since we had to be so careful..and ya know what it was security and stuff like that ...taht made it a bad concert experience...I mean evne after the show when my friensd called me on my cell asked if I was mad..yes at the security but otherwise it was one of my favorite bsb was my 6th concert and they just frickin keep getting better..and eventhough this one was exactly like the 4th and 5th one ! LOL.....since al lthsi happened sept 22 10 days prior tragedy hit our nation and so the guys talked about that and dedicated 'God Bless America' to those involved at all in the tragedy....I swear it was so great seeing them all like wearing something with a flag on it or at least waving an American flag was great.I hvae some cool pics of them with that...seeing bsb with a flag looked incredible ..dotn ask me

well then its the end of the show and they say they only have time for 2 more songs (the call and SOMH)...well they said goodnight and stuff after SOMH..too bad everyone was leaving..I knew that since "Drowning" came out just a week prior they added it to the set me and my mom stayed ....but they were taking awhile so we were getting skeptical on if they wree going ot sing it..then the angels rose from above and sang the beatiful song..and VERY VERY well was the most incredible thing i have ever seen..they all looked sooooo good and sounded GREAT (esp AJ)..well they said bye and so we started leaving..but as were talking through the aisles I all of a sudden hear these girsl we were JUST about to pass said 'omg ur that aj guy' and sure enough it was that AJ impersonator guy whos alwasy on trl and me being al lrude and stuff that i am at concerts i butt in and asked for a pic....I have the CUTEST pic of us two! then right before i continued on my way I asked for a hug...he smelled sooooo good..I believe it was one of ajs fav we went back to the bus and all of us just talked aobut the concert...end of that....but let me tell u some more hightlights:

~Nick looked great. I didn't exactly like his hair..its getting too long for him to spike it so it was down kinda like a bowl cut agian...but he looked great..and his can tell he's been working on that lately! FINE FINE MAN! the only down fall was that hes been working out so much he's got no booty anymore! there's this one part during I think shining star or GABF I know nick shakes his butt and he did it and well it wasnt as big..there wasnt much being stuck out...LOL (if u coudltn tell nick is my fav)

~Brian looking FINE as usual..I heard Leighann was there and was in the front row but I again missed her! But Brian..very nice

~Kevin had his hair in braids which i liked rather than it being long...sorry me and something aout long hair..I dont do..but he was great also..I heard Kristen was there also...with Leighann but missed her...but nice

~Howie...omg my mom was like freaking out..she LOVES LOVES his new hair cut...and well ok i'll tel lthe truth I wasnt paying al lthat much attention to him because I met him back in May and I knew if I looked at him i'd be like all weird...I looked at him like once and it was jsut weird looking at this man that is like ....this guy who like changed my life ..I met....and when I met still hasnt sunk in so it was weird looking at him...sorry its hard to explain...but he looked good

~AJ aj aj aj! what can we say about this man...well he lets say is doing GGGGGREAT! He was 80 days sober at our concert! GO AJ! Well u can tell he got SOO much love from all of us! oh aj is so great..I luv him! he looked and sounded sooo good..oh there is so much more I can say....

ok well thats the on to outfit.I always dress I had to dress black and I had on a black tank top on that I got when i met howie at the 'bowl for the cause' they are special DLF shirts...and then I wore blue like pajama pants...they had shining stars all over them (hint hint)....but they were too my mom cut them and hemmed em...but gave me the ends of the pants so I could make things out of i put on leg around my arm (I felt like ms commando)..then i used the other as a headband and wrote 'nick is my shining star' on outfit ROCKEd....and I got sooo many compliments..evne as i'd walk by i'd hear 'oh wow I like her pants' as they said it to theri friend..but as soon as i heard that i'd turn around and said 'thank you' and they were shocked to hear me saying that ....thinking I didnt hear them.....well there it is..all of it..soryr its long and I didnt enve give u a review OF the concert! lol...well BSB rock as ya'll know...and well vote for Drowning u know it rox.....oh and dont forget to get the Chapter 1 cd..we gotta show em all that they arent dying...they'll be around for MANY MORE years to KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE everyone....peace

Chicago, September 22, 2001

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Elizabeth

Ok, so first it was exciting enough going to my second Black and Blue concert within a month, but then I got to Chicago and found out that I was staying at the same hotel as the Backstreet Boys!!!!!! I got to the hotel, and was just sitting in the lobby, and I saw Nick's security guard, and then, NICK!!! I walked up to him and put my arm around him, and was like "Hey Nick!". And he put his arm back around me and said "Hey, I know you!!"cuz i met him in Milwaukee too,"I'm going to dinner now, but i'll be back later babe, don't you worry<" OMG< how hott is that??? Then, a while after Nick, Howie came off the elevator!! I walked up to him and asked if he would take a picture. He was like "Sure". SO i put my arm around him, and he put his arm around me, and we took the picture. THen, i kissed him on the cheek, and he smiled and pulled me in for a hug!! His hands were like on my butt too!!! He is so freakin' hott!! I got really good pics of him!! Then Kevin came, and I said his name really loud and he looked over and was like "Hey, I love you all, but i'm late for dinner, the guys are gonna kill me!!! But i promise i will try to come back down later!" His hair was in a ponytail, it was so hott!!! But he still shook my hand and stuff!!!!! I love him sooooooo much!! Then AJ came, and his security guard like pushed him into the elevator, but AJ kept jumping up and waving to everyone that was there. He was so cute jumping up and down!!!! HE IS SO HOTT AND HAS SUCH A NICE BODY!!! So, by some magical way, we found out what floor some of them were on, and went up there. I walked around, and then all of a sudden I heard AJ and Brian singing a cappella through their door that was cracked open!!!! OMG, they are so amazing, and have amazing voices. I slipped a note under the door, and AJ's security guard told me that AJ got the note!!!!!! OMG, I LOVE THE BSB SO FREAKIN MUCH!!!!! THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!! And at the concert, I was sixth row. It was so close!!!!! AJ was 80 days sober then, and they were hilarious!!! YOu could tell it was going well because first AJ took his shirt off, and then NIck did too!!! That rarely happens!! Please e-mail me, I would love to talk to anybody!!!! KTBSPA!!! ~Elizabeth

The Front Row Expierence!!!! CHICAGO 9-22-01

Date: Oct 02, 2001
Submitted By: Jenny

Backstreet Boys

The Front Row Experience

Chicago 9/22/2001

The dream of every BSB fan- to be in the front row.

Last night, September 22, 2001, I had my dream come true as a HUGE backstreet boys fan. I was sitting in the front row for the Backstreet Boys Black and Blue Tour in Chicago. I seriously don’t even know how I ended up with these tickets, but I got them the day they went on sale for face value because of a computer glitch on ticketmaster! It was such a freak thing! Since the day I got the tickets I was totally going crazy knowing that I was going to be so close to the boys I love so much. The concert was originally scheduled for July 21, 2001, but then when I was on vacation I found out that it was rescheduled for September 22 because AJ was going into rehab. I’m so proud of him for doing that!! I had already started on my sign for Brian, which said… “BRIAN, remember me from the 2-12-01 fan conference? I asked for your water bottle!” It was on bright yellow fabric and all the letters were embroidered with blue and silver sewn on sequence. I worked on it from July until early September, and then finally it was the day of the concert!

If you have been to a BSB concert, you know the feeling of excitement before it. It is so unexplainable! I had no idea what I was in for that night! As usual I had on all my BSB gear and then wrote Backstreet boys with a bar of soap all over the tinted windows of our van. It was about a 20-minute drive to the Tweeter Center, and when we got there at about 3:45 my mom and I went right into line. At around 4 the Backstreet Boys busses started to come in and I was chasing them down to the parking lot! The windows were so tinted that you couldn’t see inside them, but you never know who could have been in there! After those busses came in, it didn’t seem like any others were coming so we went back to the van really quick to get something to drink. As we were walking back we saw another bus coming in the distance. This time we were on the opposite side we had been on because we were walking back to the van, and there were only about 10 people there who were walking to the lines. The bus kept getting closer and then we noticed that the window of this one was open and AJ was sitting in the window with a smile on his face!! OMG I was freaking out! Then a few more busses came and we went back in line.

From the line I started to hear really loud music playing and I realized it was BSB doing their sound check! I ran over to the fence and heard them sing “Drowning”, “Everyone” and the band warming up! It was sooooo cool! After that I figured that Brian, Nick, Howie, and Kevin must have been in the other busses that came in, but just didn’t have their window open! Finally they let us in the gates and I had my camera and sign hidden and actually got them in! The first thing we did when we got in was go to our seats to really bring it to reality that we were in the front row! Section 102 row A seats 15 and 16. Then I went to buy a shirt, a purple Howie bear for his charity, and tour pins. There was a contest from kellogs where if you brought in 7 box tops from kellogs cereal that you would get a tattoo and they would pick out some people wearing the tattoo to go backstage before the show! So I brought my box tops to the tent and put the BSB tattoo on my arm, but no luck being seen!

We were in the very long line for the bathroom when we heard it be announced to stand in recognition of those who died and their families in NY and WA. That was really sweet! By the time we got out of the bathroom the first opening act, VI 3, started. They use to be Faze 4 but a member quit so they changed their name. They were pretty good and were wearing red, white and blue! During their last song they threw out t-shirts and one was coming our way and my mom ended up catching it! Krystal had a Radio Disney show in Dallas so she couldn’t make it. Sisqo’s set was getting prepared and this huge red banner of him came up for the back round. Sisqo was really good and wants you to scream! He is also an awesome dancer! There were a lot of explosions and in the front row you can feel the heat and force of them like you are in the middle of it! During the “thong song” black and blue confetti came pouring down and it was so cool!

After a while the pop tart girls came out and called out seat numbers of people that won prizes. When they were done, we knew the boys would be on stage soon! During that time we were talking to the security guards and being really friendly with them. This one security guard who was in front of me the whole time kept saying like 5 minutes until they come on because he knew the exact time everything was going to happen! At about 8:35 the lights were turned down low and it was time for the show to begin!

An image of the Earth showed up on the big screen as 10 meteorites, resembling Idaho potatoes, crashed into the Earth followed by thunderous booms, blinding flashes of light, and extreme forces of heat. The feeling of being so close is just incredible! Then the Backstreet Boys who seemed literally “larger than life” were raised from below the stage on 5 pedestals. They were all wearing black leather trench coats, either a black or blue shirt with silver lining designs on them, and black leather pants. Brian was in the middle and was wearing a bandana, and AJ surprisingly wasn’t! They were lowered down to stage level and I was holding out my sign, jumping and screaming like crazy! They did an opening dance routine to some pounding beats, at one point they froze with these serious looks on their faces, facing our section. Brian spotted my sign immediately and you could see the shock in his face when he saw Brian on the sign! You could see his eyes and head moving from line to line reading the sign word for word when all the other boys were still and then when they moved out of that pose he looked over at me with the classic Brian smile and shook his head YES! AHHHHH!!!! I can’t believe he remembered!!! He then proceeded in watching me go nuts!

“Everyone” began and the boys sounded better than ever! They did the dance with the salute to the chorus and it was great! It went straight into “Larger Than Life” with the spectacular dance break with all the dancers. At the end of the song they went down the stairs to change into their black and red outfits for “Not For Me”. The round screen turned to a blazing red and they came back out all wearing sunglasses except for AJ! Brian was acting to the lyrics of his verse like a play by having a note with a number. Right after the first chorus, all of the boys came right in front of us and all did a nice dance move if ya know what I mean!! Haha! I absolutely love the part where they stop in front of air blowers and all of their clothes are flying everywhere! At the end of the song while singing, “well let me tell you it’s not for me!” they all drop below the stage in their 5 trap doors! The looks on their faces as they fall down are just priceless! Within seconds of falling down the trap doors, Brian came rising back up his to give his welcoming. He was saying, “How many of you have the Black and Blue album? (Screams) Who wants so see some more of Howie? (Screams!) “How many of you have the Millennium CD? (Screams) Who wants to see more of Kevin? “How many of you have BaCkStrEEts BaCk? (Screams!) Who wants to see more of AJ? (Screams) Now here is the real test! How many of you have the backstreet boys very very first CD? (Screams!) Who wants to see more of ummm Nick??? (Wow big screams!)” And he thanked us for coming and then was slowly lowered down his trap door as AJ came up his.

AJ came up already wearing his white suit and went on to say, “ Finally I’m at an even number here! Today is 80 days sober! Thank you all for the love and support!” I can’t remember what else he said but up next was Nick. The first thing he said was, “C’mon everyone lets give it up for AJ one more time!” and then said; “Now lets give a big round of applause for America! Ya!” And thanked us! After Nick was Howie and he was talking about how he was at White Star on Friday night and how the people of Chicago and B96 helped him raise $6,000 for his charity! Then out came Kevin and he dedicated “What Makes You Different” to all the ladies in the house!

The rest of the boys came up wearing white suits with the spotlight on Howie as he sang his first lines and then moving over to Brian as he sang his part. In the middle of the song Brian saw me singing along and jumping and waving and looked right into my eyes and held the microphone out to me! I was like OMG!!! And then he smiled like he knew I was having the time of my life! AHHHH! After that was “Yes I Will” and Brian had a scarf on along with the white suit and he would wipe his fore head off about every 30 seconds! Poor Brian! He must have been so hot! They did the cane routine to it and it was awesome!

The lights turned out again and you could see the shadows of the boys going up the stairs onto the raised platforms to sing “More Than That”. It was so cute how Nick would get so into it and start spinning around! There was steamy smoke flooding throughout the first few rows as dancers rose up and down doing ballerina type moves. It felt as if I was on a cloud, which I was because I was so close to the Backstreet boys! Then Nick climbed under the rail and jumped down to the main stage, and Brian and AJ went down the stairs! “I Want It That Way” started to play and everyone went crazy! When it was Howie’s solo he added in Chicago! I had no clue at the time because I was staring at Brian, that after Kevin’s solo he went down the stairs and jumped off the mini wing, and started walking on this platform right in front of our section!! Before I knew it I was being pushed by the security guard that we had gotten to know right in front of Kevin and he looked at me and touched my hand!!! He touched my hand about 3 times because he kept going back and forth and then I touched the bottom of his pant leg! OMG OMG OMG!!! When he touched me it was like something came over me and I couldn’t stop crying and looking at my hand in amazement like OMG KEVIN TOUCHED THIS HAND!!! When I touched his pant leg it felt like wool and like it would be very hot and itchy! I hope it wasn’t though!!

After “I want it that way” a video came on the screen that showed the making of the IWITW video. The kept showing close-ups of all 5 hotties! Everybody would scream when they saw their favorite BSB’s close-up on the screen and tonight AJ got the loudest one! It’s so fun to watch the guys joke around! Then a video from the year 2050 came on and it had what all the boys would look like then. They were all so hot still! All the boys kept touching nick’s stomach because they wanted to know what he was hiding in there! Nick was like, “Hey, that’s 25 years of Twinkies right there!” Howie had a hip replacement and he was doing a little cha-cha dance and cracking jokes that Joey Fatone of *nsync auditioned to take his place! Haha! The point of it was that they will always be the backstreet boys!

Up next was a medley of “Quit Playin Games” and “As Long As You Love Me”. The boys came out wearing blue suits and they sang the medley without much music in the backround. Brian would keep jumping on and off of the black blocks that were on the stage, and from my view, I couldn’t see AJ the whole time they were on the blocks! The lights dimmed again and when they lit up again they were in a “V” formation with their microphone stands and sang “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”. Nick had the funniest look on his face when he was doing the dance routine during the chorus like, “Is this cheesy or what?” Awww! So cute! Whenever Brian had a solo he would hold the microphone out like he wanted everyone to sing, but not that many people knew the words! I was with ya Brian!!! After that AJ took center stage and the other boys were further back on the stage. Then Howie went up to AJ and said, “What is all this with I’ll Never Break Your Heart? You’ve been lying for the past 8 years…c’mon show them what you really mean!” And then that was the start of “Don’t Want You Back”.

At the moment it looked as if we were all in for a strip show, as they took off their blue suits piece by piece. Ahhh! Brian was having trouble with his and he had to stick his hand down his pants to get his shirt off!! LOL! They were wearing baby blue wife beaters and blue pants and looked sooooo hot! The dancing was awesome, and it went into the dressing room skit. They asked us, “Do you like the clothes we have on right now? Would you like us to change right here on this stage in front of you all??” OMG ya!!! Then Brian jumped into the BSB wardrobe box without saying anything. Then Nick went down followed by Howie. At that point AJ and Kevin were left and then Brian came back up out of the box wearing a white wife beater and pulled AJ down in the box with him by the ear! Kevin shut the box and sat on it and then this big purple cowboy hat came flying on stage! I think it was for AJ and Kev picked it up and was like this must be for AJ and said he wanted to introduce us to some new solo material he had been working on. A song began to play and he sang for about 10 seconds and went, “Nah, I was just kiddin ya there! Would you like to come inside?” So Kevin went in the box. As he was climbing down, a prerecorded video came on of the boys changing in their dressing room!

AJ was telling us about a new tattoo he had gotten that says Ajiggidy I think. He said it’s his new nickname too! AJ was also swinging from a pole in his boxers!!! Nick and Howie tried to get AJ a date that ended up being an inflatable girl named Sally! Then, nick got a number from a girl in the audience and Howie took it because he said that nick got all the girls! They were all trying to see in the mirror and then started to sing part of “Just to be close to you”.

Following the video the boys were suppose to rise up from a mini stage in the back of the stadium, but the Tweeter Center is an outdoor venue and they couldn’t accommodate it. So instead of that, they came back up onto the main stage and they dedicated “Show Me The Meaning” to Daniel Lee who died on one of the terrorist flights to LA. They also said that everyone is so depressed now they went on with the tour to brighten people’s days! So sweet! Throughout the song pictures of Daniel were flashing on the screen in his memory. They were all wearing grayish colored suits now and started singing on the wing right in front of us! OMG they were so close it was unbelievable! They all seemed to have their eyes closed really taking in the song! They moved on to the other wing to finish the song and then went back to the center to sing “How Did I Fall In Love With You”. At that time I noticed a blonde woman coming from under the stage and walking in front of the front row where I was. I didn’t have to think twice, I just knew that it was Leighanne! She went and sat down in front of the barricade, towards the center of the stage. She really seemed to be enjoying the show, and she is so short in person! In the middle of the song Brian and Nick came walking over my way and I started jumping up and down and waving my arms like crazy! Then Brian looked right at me and started doing the same crazy waving motions that I was doing! I was like no way!! He was laughing so hard when he saw how nuts I went when I saw that he saw me! Being in the front row is just so incredible!

“Time” was next and then they all sat on the edge of the stage. Brian said, “Did you know that the Backstreet Boys have been together for 8 years now? That was when Nick was only 13!!” And then they started singing. Leighanne was still sitting in front and she was directly in front of Brian. It was so adorable because Brian kept pointing to Leighanne, who was right in front of him, and she would mouth the words along with Brian with this huge smile on both of their faces! They are so in love! Then someone in the center section pulled out silly string and started spraying the boys! Brian saw it coming and I think he might have gotten some in his eye! Then ducked for cover! LOL! They had it all over them! Nick said the cutest thing during his solo that goes, “remember the days when we would sing at the drop of a dime oooo” and then he added in the sweetest voice, “Or maybe even a penny!” Then Nick and Howie had their arms around each other, and Brian discovered some silly string on stage when the song was over and slipped it into Howie’s pocket! Howie had this look on his face like he was going to use it later and Brian patted it in Howie’s pocket for safe keeping! Then Brian started making voices pretending like he was Nick when he was 13! Ahhhh! It was so comical just like something he would do!! Then Nick went, “hey dude I am still 13!” Brian just kept making the voice!

At one point they sang “America The Beautiful”, which was so breathtaking, in dedication to all the people that died September 11th and to their loved ones. Their harmonies sounded like angels from above and just perfect! At this point they all changed into USA clothes and flag bandanas.

They all went to instruments except for Kevin during “Answer To Our Life”. Kevin said, “This song is about making the world a better place and I think it could be right now!” Brian was on the bongos and guitar, Nick on drums, Howie on the cowbell and AJ was on guitar I think. Kevin stayed in center of the stage. There was a powerful nature video on the big screen. At the end of the song Nick pretended to fall and was laying on the stage and Kevin would keep putting the microphone out so we would scream when it was out and be silent when he pulled it away. It sounded so cool because he would put it out for a long time and then do short ones! You really had to have been there to know what I’m talking about.

Up next was the “All I Have to Give”/ “If You Stay” medley. Nick came out alone to sing his solo and then he was joined by the rest of the boys by the chorus. They did a hat dance with a western flavor to it and then that went right into “If You Stay”, which has a really good dance routine to it. Brian even threw out his hat, and it landed in the front row in the center! All of the boys went out of view as the lights dimmed. When the lights turned back on AJ was in the center of the stage and started “Shining Star”. He was followed by Nick when it was time for his solo, and he came down a set of stairs and even pretended to answer a phone when he said the line, “doesn’t matter if the phone might ring”. All of the boys were on the stage by the chorus, and the choreography was so great! With this being my 5th Black and Blue tour concert, I knew most of the dances, and I was dancing along with them the whole time! OMG one of the best parts of the whole concert had to have been when Nick was shakin it and getting down, if you can get the picture, like one after the other!!! AJ must be rubbing off on Nick cause he was being sexy hot baby! Not that he isn’t always, but this was something to see!!!

After “Shining Star” was the band and dancer intors. All the boys were having such a good time introducing them all, and when Nick was introducing the drummer he was like sitting on a rail and really getting down yet again! Go nick!!! Then they all went off stage. About a minute later all of the dancers were on the stage and there was this huge explosion. Then the boys came soaring from under the stage out of the 5 trap doors! They were like rockets blasting through the stage, it was so awesome! From the front row you could practically feel the adrenaline coming from the stage, it’s the coolest feeling in the world! This song is just classic in concert! The best question asked of the night was, “Am I Sexual?!?!?”, and I’ve got the answer!!! Heck YA! Just imagine Nick crouched down, head between his knees, and pulling at his hair while singing that like 3 feet away!! The dancing was spectacular as usual too! With a short pause “Everybody” went right into “Get Another Boyfriend”. Brian was in front of our section like the whole time and he was sooooo adorable!! He even let loose and pulled an AJ, or maybe I should say a Nick after tonight, but it was so small but yet so HOT! It must have been because Leighanne was watching! The dance break in this song it just awesome! When the song was over AJ came back out and said, “I have some good news, and I have bad news! The good news is that you all have been a hell of an audience tonight!! The bad news is that we only have time for TWO more songs! (His call phone starts ringing) Should I answer it? Should I answer it?? (He answers it) Hello? (Looking at someone in front of the front row barricade, Kev’s wife?) Kristin? Why are you calling me?” or something to that extent. That was the beginning of “The Call”. Yet again the dancing was great, and on the second chorus Nick yelled, “Let’s get down with the remix!” and they did a different routine. It was so cool! The last time they say “Gotta Go”, before the break in the song, they all dropped down the trap doors while saying it. From the front row you can’t really see their feet so when they would drop down the holes the multiple times during the show it looked like they were just falling and never stopping! They came back up wearing blue choir robes and then ripped them off and threw them like right in front of us! Then the crew was picking them up and bringing them backstage. They finished up the rest of “The Call” and then went down the stairs again.

After a little while the boys came back on stage and sang “Shape of My Heart”. Normally this would have been the end of the concert, but AJ said they had time for TWO more songs! During “Shape of my heart” Brian came out with 2 Brian Littrell healthy heart club for kids shirts, and he signed them on the stage. Then he told a security guard to give one to the handicap girl who was having such a great time directly a few rows behind me, and one to this mom that was holding her sleeping daughter. At that time Kevin came back over to where he was shaking hands during “I Want It That Way”! OMG I didn’t notice him over there until he was there for like ten seconds because I was staring at my baby Brian who was right in front of me, so when I tried to go over there I was too far back for Kev to reach. He was so sweet though because he kept trying to reach as far as he possible could and he almost fell off the stage trying! The next thing that happened I had no idea even happened because I was over by Kev! LOL. Luckily my mom was there! From what she told me AJ went and got a water bottle and started drinking out of it and then sprayed the audience with the rest of the water. He then threw the water bottle right in front of my mom, but in front of the barricade! This guy we met at the BSB fan conference that works for them was sitting on this black storage box right next to where it landed, so my mom was smart and asked if she could have it! He was like SURE and then my mom ran over and showed me! I totally didn’t believe her because I didn’t see any of it happen, but I was freaking out so bad! Now I have Brian and AJ’s water bottle! Ahhhhh!!!! I tried to throw AJ this leopard slap bracelet I had gotten for him, but it missed the stage! AJ was also parading around the stage with his shirt lifted over his head so we could see his chest and a huge American Flag, which was so cool of him! I thought this night couldn’t get any better but there is still more!!!

After “Shape of my heart” there was this huge rush of people that came flooding to the front! It was like a stampede of BSB fans! LOL! Then out of nowhere the boys came rising back up on the same pedestals they came up on during “Everyone”, but they were all even with one another, and sang “Drowning”!!!!! They stayed raised in the air until after the first chorus, and a spotlight would go on each of them individually as they sang their solo. Then they were lowered to stage level. It was so weird because hardly anyone knew the words so it was almost silent and I could hear myself singing word for word with them! AJ still had his shirt pulled over his head and he looked soooo incredibly HOT! Kevin’s solo sounded so good because it has been a while since he has had one in a song! Before I even knew it they were taking their final bows and then being lowered down under the stage waving their last goodbyes!

Within a minute of the concert being over, a guy that works for the Backstreet Boys came out from under the stage. He was holding a whale stuffed animal and he was coming straight towards my mom and I. Naturally after the concert I was on total Backstreet high like OMG I can’t believe all this happened. The guy was in front of the front row barricade and he went up to my mom because I was freaking out enough already, and said, “The boys wanted your daughter to have this!!!” And then something like they saw her sign, but I really can’t remember because it happened so fast! At that point I was shaking and crying “Like a Child” and he handed me the stuffed animal that said Nick Rocks on the bottom. It must have been something someone threw on the stage for Nick! I was in total shock and I couldn’t stop crying for at least 45 minutes! I still don’t even believe it when I see the whale in my room like a shrine. That really shows how much they care about the fans and actually notice and acknowledge them! I never thought in a millennium that I would be in the front row of a Backstreet Boys concert let alone have them send a stuffed animal to me from backstage because they saw how big of a fan I was! When I think about it, they must have had to describe me pretty well for the guy to be able to come and give it to me! OMG they were talking about me! Ahhhh!!! My guess is that it was Brian who sent it even though he said “the boys” because I had a sign for him and he saw me so many times throughout the show!

When we were walking out all of these girls kept coming up to my mom and I wanting to touch AJ’s water bottle! It was also so weird how all of these people knew who I was! I wished that night had never ended because that was one of the best nights of my life, right up there with February 12, 2001 when I went to the fan conference and got a hug from Brian and he gave me his water bottle!

Other things that happened during the concert but I can’t remember when….

Kevin caught a Goofy stuffed animal on the stage and said something like, this is AJ!

Leighanne went back under the stage to put on a light blue sweatshirt because she was cold, and then she came back out and was dancing with one of the BSB crewmembers and having a great time!

Howie picked up a stuffed animal that looked just like him with the long hair (I think it was homemade) and the same one was thrown on stage February 12th!

Howie pointed to me!

Nick almost slipping right in front of us!


Chicago September 22nd

Date: Sep 28, 2001
Submitted By: Whitney McDermott

Last Saturday I went the the Backstreet Boy's concert. OMG it was so good!!! First let me tell you that the Backstreet fans are so freakin awesome. The people that were passing out pics by gate 2, you guys rock. I got the pic w/ Justin and he had like lipstick on and other girlie stuff(which he happens to be a girl. LOL) Anyways my bestfriend and I went w/ my moms friend's daughter. We arrived at the Tweeter Center about 4 o'clock. If anyone was by Gate 2 we were the girls saying BSB rock and my friend Stacy was so "Howie is hot" and my bestfriend Bailey and I were say "Nick is hot." Sorry if we annoyed any of u but hey we were so excited. The security was so tight and crap. I had to throw one camera away, but luckly I had a spare which I am so glad I brought it. So we got in the arena at 5 o'clock and went and got some soveniers. Those programs were very expensive but did they have some good pics in it from the last leg of the tour(which I went to the Feb. 13 show). I also got a glow stick and a pic of Nick. My friend Stacy had front row and Bailey and I were in section 105 row V seats 34 and 35 which were the seats all the way to the left. I was complaining how bad our seats were because I couldn't see the left wing. Anyways Sisqo opened up and he was really good. During the intermission between Sisqo and BSB the screens were showing clips of N'SYNC and when they appeared the whole arena was sreeming BOOOO which was really cool. I was waiting the whole time to see that. Anyways BSB came out and did Everyone and then Larger Than Life. Damn did Nick look really, really sexy. I really can't remeber the song order but when they came out to say thanxs to the fans I was really happy to hear the A.J was 80 days sober. Boy am I proud of him. When Nick came out I was going nuts. He asked all of us to screem for A.J. and I yelled really loud. He looked really good. During 'What Makes Different ...' one of the security asked if Bailey and I wanted to move up and we were like yeah. We got moved up to the 5th row!!!!! I was so shocked. BSB performed 'Amrica the Beautiful' and I was like crying 'casue it was so beautiful. When they did 'Shape of My Heart' Kevin came to our side and I touched his hand. OMG!!! I was going crazy. The show was really, really good but the sound was horrible. It was not BSB's fault it was the arenas fault. If you want to e-mail me you can at Thanxs



Backstreet Boy Sept. 22, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Stephanie

Last Saturday, I went to my third Backstreet Boys concert at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park (my home town). Anyways, the concert gets better and better every time I go, and I scream louder everytime also. But I have never heard people scream so loud, until A.J. first came up on the screen. People were so excited to see him back and healthy, and he really was. He looked so much better and he sounded a million times better, and had so much energy, it was great! So the guys sang really well, and looked really good,doing everything. But when they got serious and had everybody stop and sing "America the Beautiful", that showed me how much they have to care for the country and all of their fans here. I can't wait until they go back on tour, I'm going for the best seats possible this time, and I'm saving up for it right now, even if they don't go on tour for another 3 years, I'll be prepared!

backstreet boys concert on september 22, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Kim

I went to the concert saturday with my mom!! It was sooo much fun!! The tweeter center was really cool and sisqo was awsome!! I think that Faze 4.. or now they changed their name.. i dunno wat they r called.. performed and they were good but i only got to hear them.. i couldnt see them because i was in line for a program! The concert was awsome and i got pretty good seats!! My pix came out really bad but i had a bad camera!! I was 24th row and i could see them really really good!!


chicago concert

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: nicole

Hey BsB peeps!!! The Chicago concert was excellent! Security was a little paranoid though. Anyway, you know the basics, the whole astriod ordeal, the great pyro... it was all excellent. I got the pleasure of seeing Nick shake his groove thang front row, center!!! My God that was interseting. Anyway AJ was 80 days sober, I'm so proud of him. Besides the sound system and security who took like 2 of my cameras (but I cam back with the 3rd backup cam!)it was a really cool concert.Brian was cute as always. Kevin was really nice and he came over to 101, Howie slipped in the beginning, I think and everything was great. Can't wait till the next one!!!

Chicago, IL., September 22, 2001 concert

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

Well, Saturday night, I went to the BSB concert. It was absolutely awesome!! I went with my cousin, my friend Amber, and my mom. VI3 was the first to play, and they were really good. The blonde one was hot(not sure of his name)! Then, sisqo came on and it was really cool. He is a great performer. When the Backstreet Boys came on, I went nuts, lol. It was so amazing!! They looked SO hot and, even though the sound wasn't very good, their voices sounded wonderful. My cousin was able to sneak in my camera, so we were able to take pictures. Some parts were sooo funny, like when they were acting like old men and during "Time" when Nick started running around everywhere. He is so hilarious! I liked how Brian made those really high voices, too. Amber and I were screaming louder then anyone around us. By the next morning, our voices were SO sore, and Amber couldn't even talk later that night. Anyways, I loved "Drowning" and it was SOOO cool how they sang "Don't Want You Back", since I never thought they would perform that song anymore. AJ looked really hot when he took off his shirt, and I was so proud of him when he said that he had been sober for 80 days. Everyone started screaming and cheering for him, when he said that. To me, Nick looked the hottest out of all of them, lol. After the concert, we were walking out and we saw people all near this fence. So, being the Backstreet fan I am, pushed my way through everyone to get to it. For a while I didn't even see anything, but then, all of a sudden, I saw Brian running to his tour bus and he waved to us!! It was SOO cool!! I had just missed Kevin, AJ, and Nick. After we saw Brian (and everyone started screaming), they said we had to clear out and we couldn't stand there anymore. It was still cool to see him, though. All in all, it was an AWESOME concert and I have a ton of memories from it. If anyone else went to this concert and wants to talk about it, you can email me at and tell me about your experiences. Hopefully, I will be able to go to the next BSB concert when they come to Chicago.

KTBSPA, Ashley

Chicago September 22nd, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Kate

OML sorry it took me so long to get a review I've just been so busy but let me tell you the show was rockin! As always! I've been to 4 BSB shows but this one was great. It was the best night of my life. I had a smile on my face the whole entire time. I had really great seats. 10 rows back from the stage. When we got there which was alittle earlier than most people cuz my mom works at the Tweeter center I was all ready giddy (and still am lol) anyways I went with my friend Steph and my step sister Samantha. I heard Howie doing sound check I could hear other people singing but I wasn't sure who it was cuz the sound system there is really bad! We all had seprate seats but they were kinda close by so we all ended up standing together anyways but ya I was really upset when I found out from one of Sisqo's rappers/dancer told me that Krystal wasn't going to be there cuz she was doing the Radio Disney show in Texas but these other guys VI-3 (formally known as Faze 4) opened up and they are way hot and were really good! And then Sisqo opened up and he was da bomb. Then drum roll plz..... BSB! I started jumping up and down. The show was amazing. I knew camera weren't allowed but I snuck mine in anyways and I had like 5 rolls of film and used it all up lol. Kevin ended up coming off the stage to touch peoples hands and we all raced up there. Well my friend Steph got up there and helped this girl up who got knocked down and Kevin saw and grabbed Steph's hand and said "Thank you God Bless you sweetie!" Steph was shocked! and then he grabbed the girl who got knocked down and held her face and was asking her if she was ok well she was now! LOL And he came over to where I was and grabbed my hand and smiled at me. It was great! At the concert in Feb I touched AJ's hand so 3 more left lol. Anyways The rest of the show was awesome Nick was so full of energy and great job AJ 80 days sober! Keep it up! Well when the show was over we went over where the buses where and I was surprised they hadn't left yet usually they are gone right after the show but it took them a little while anyways there was a huge line of people in two rows so the bus could get through. They all had their own buses. Anyways the 1st bus out was Brian's. He was just sitting by the driver with his dog Tyke, it was so cool seeing him right there off stage, the 2nd bus was AJ's he waved to everyone and made them go crazy, 3rds was Kevin's he also waved and the last two I don't know cuz I didn't see Howie and Nick.But yea there ya go thats how my night went. It was really fun and I can't wait till they come back next year. But before I go I saw Leighanne sitting in the pit of the front row but I also saw some dark headed girl sitting next to her. Now I am wondering if it was AJ's new g/f??? Cuz when the phone rings for The Call AJ picked it up and the girl says hello and he says "Kristan is that you, why are you callin I'm in a middle of the show?" So who is Kristan? Well if anyone knows feel free to e-mail me! Thanks for letting me tell my story!



Concert Chicago IL sept 22 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Andrea

How U doin'? So the concert finally came and let me tell you it was worth the wait!! Yeah Sisqo was awesome and he did sing "the thong song" i didn't think he would but that was cool! krystal wasn't there for some reason i have no idea why...anyways yeah bsb!!! wow they all looked so fine and Aj anounced he is 80 days sober (which i already knew since i've been countin with him) The best song was def "time" it sounded so great "America the bueatiful" was also very good and they sang "drowning" which was great or at least the part i heard...we left a little early to go wait for there busses to come and yeah we saw them leave!!! Brian's bius came first and he was in the front window waving to all of us and that was kewl and then Kev's bus came next and he waved to the others wern't sitting in front so you couldn't see them but we saw are two favs so its all good..the only thing that really sucked was the sound at the tweeter center was horrible!!! And they were actually really serious about not having cameras...but it was once again an awesome concert!!! KTBSPA!!!!

Chicago BSB Concert- September 22, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Sara S.

2 nights ago I saw my 4th Backstreet Boys concert in Tinley Park, IL. Let me say it was awesome! But I was super pissed off at the place. I hope the BSB NEVER do a concert there again! The security was really rude and uptight. Yes I understand with this whole New York thing they have to be extra careful, but come on! Cameras arent hurting anyone! We had this huge sign.. maybe some of u signed it.. it was white and it said we love and support AJ and the BSB.. and the other part had a thing bout Sept 11.. if U signed it we are working on getting it to the guys! Thank you! Neways the concert was great as usual, the guys were so happy and energetic, specially nick! We even got to hear the soundcheck before the show!! We met some great people and got to see some of the tour buses pull in! Can anyone tell me, what ones were the white ones, and were the guys on tha black one? Email me PLEASE if you know! Thank you! I hope everyone gets to see this AWESOME concert!! I LOVE U NICK!!!!


Chicago, IL-9/22-01

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Angela

Ok this was my sixth BSB concert since 1998, and I was in the same row as the first time I saw them, in the same venue! I got my tickets for my 17th birthday last week, so I didn't have long to wait til the concert. I went with my twin sister and my two cousins (who are 25 and had as much fun as I did, by the way!) We had a blast! The concert was sooooo awesome! I gotta say that A.J. looked and sounded soooo good. I'm so proud of him! He just looked and sounded BETTER, if that's possible. He thanked all of us for the support and said it was his 80th day being sober. Go A.J.! Well I'm getting ahead of myself... Sisqo and Faze 4 opened (who are now VI3 or something...but anyways...) I didn't care about them I just wanted to see my boys! They came out around 8:30. I'm not gonna give anything away but the highlights were when 'Shape of My Heart' came on and and whole bunch of us rushed the stage!!! We were in front row for 2 whole minutes!!!! It was so awesome! I have never been so close to them. It was just surreal. The Security made us go back but it was ok...They were yelling to each other, 'What happened,' 'What the hell?!!' It was funny!

Then they sang 'Drowning' for the encore which I just loved. Then we ran back up there again! The Security guards probably hated us but oh well! We're BSB fans!! Then at the end we were in the parking lot and caught the tour busses as they were leaving and Kevin waved to everyone from his bus! It was great, especially cuz Kev is my fave!! He looked so good, he had his cornrows in and was just so hot. I don't care what anyone says, he's HOT!!! I almost threw up it was overwhelming!! At one point in the show someone threw up a Goofy doll and they were playing with it. It was so cool cuz Goofy is my fave character! (my screename....) It was so cute, I def. got a pic of that! And some girl made homemade dolls of them...they were very cute and they boys were playing with them. Nick sprayed silly sting all over the other guys during 'Time' when they weren't looking and Brian made fun of Nick's voice. Heheheh. They were just so hot and awesome, I can't describe it. I loved that I got so close to them for a minute. It was so worth it..We got three rolls of film despite numerous threats and warnings from security...HAHAHAHA!!!! I love BSB!!!! My only complain is that the sound could have been a bit better but that was the venue's fault!!!

BSB in Chicago, September 22, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Jenna

I just want to start out and say that I personally thought the boys put on a great show, I had so much fun!!! My friends and I had to drive 9 hours to get to Chicago (let me tell you, it was worth it). I had seats in section 102 row E, so I had fifth row!! I thought that the opening acts did a good job, I don't know the name of the first act, but after them Sisqo came out and performed for probably a half hour. He ended his performance with the "Thong Song" The Backstreet Boys started out the concert with "Everyone" followed by "Larger Than Life." Little bit later each of the boys came out to say something. AJ said that it was is 80th day being sober (way to go babe!!!) and he wishes he could hug and kiss all of us but, then if he did, there wouldn't be enough time for the concert (That's OK!!). Nick had sooo much energy, he was bouncing all around the stage. Brian is sooo sweet, towards the end of the concert he signed one of his T-Shirts and gave it to a handicaped girl by me (I wanted it cry). I was also able to touch Kevin's hand twice while they were singing "Shape of my Heart". He is so nice to the fans. They ended the concert with their new single "Drowning" (a beautiful song) I had such a good time and I hope they have another tour real soon. Keep the Bakstreet Pride Alive!!!


Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Cherie

Well i went to the BSB at the Tweeter Center on Saturday- and let me tell you that security was tough!

Me and my friend always device plans to meet the boys- like most fans do these days:)- and anyways, we talked to a production runner and after and hour of convincing and shameless flirting we got him to help us out. He went into the arena to go talk to some buddies to get us some passes and he came back instead to ask us if we could sing. My friend can sing beautifully so she said yah! So he told us he was looking for someone to sing the National ANthem. He then took us...BACKSTAGE! I know NO ONE will believe that but its the unbelievable truth! I was freaking out! We walked onto the patio where a ping pong table was set up and one of the guys security guard was there asking who we were and why dont we have passes. He was cool but a little scary. He let us hang there for a while, then AJ WALKS RIGHT PASS US! I am the HUGEST AJ fan and i couldnt say anything...We would have gotten booted out if i said ne thing. SO that had to be the hardest thing of my life. When we walked into the backstage area through the doors from the patio, the rest of the guys minus AJ were doing sound checks. I was hoping to catch a glimpse but couldnt. Just knowing they were so close- yet in a sense, so far was frustrating. After a while we went out in the front next to the stage where my girl was gonna sing for some big shot named Chris Weathers. When he finally came out he took all of us , Katie, Me , Nate, and him to a basementlike hallway and told her to proceed. It was incredible- i was so amazed with how she sang- i couldnt believe my ears. Chris was also really impressed. he told her just to relax and concentrate on the events of the past week and things like that. He said, "All I have to do is talk to the management and okay it with them, because i would rather have you sing this live than have a tape of (i think it was Mariah Carey) singing it." He told us to wait there and he would come back and let us know. We were freaking out. IN essance she would be an opening act for the boys! We waited there for what seemed like an eternity. after maybe an hour and half or two hours we found him and he said, "Im sorry they decieded to stick with the tape."

IT was sooooo incredibly dissapointing. I cant even explain it. I thought, we are going from hangin backstage which is nearly impossible to pull off, to sitting in lawn seats-i dont think so!

We tried everything to get into the meet and greet but couldnt. Ne ways- we got pics with the old faze four, now they are VI3. That was okay but we see them all the time at zero gravity so it wasnt that great.

The concert was cool we ended up sittin on the floor about 15-20 rows back center. The only thing that sucked was that there wasnt the 2nd stage. oh well it was the boys so it was awsome.

Hope ya enjoyed*keep the pride alive


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