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BSB Concert in Chicago, September 22, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Nikki

The concert was not all I expected it to be, but nevertheless, it was pretty good. First of all, I missed Sisqo, though I'm not a fan of his anyway, and I was a little sad that Krystal wasn't there. I actually arrived at my seat exactly when BSB popped out to sing "Everyone;" that was a great start to it all. I had a great seat...10 rows I started taking pics. I had gotten the cameras past the ticket takers, but unfortunately, I couldn't get them through a worker nearby my section. It pissed me off a little, but the enthusiasm of Backstreet took my mind off it.

I wanted it that way *lol*: Kev came REALLY close; Brian waved to me during the beginning of "Show Me the Meaning," (my fave Backstreeter and song!!!); they sang "America the Beautiful" and "Drowning,"; how normal they are in person; Brian wore a bandana; AJ took his shirt off =P *well...partially*; baby blue tops; they all have a good sense of humor; and their harmonizing.

Things "not for me": The "Not For Me" outfits; too many wardrobe changes; Brian getting hit in the eye with silly string *LOL*; no catwalk and extra stage; no cameras and posters; too many pyrotechnics and talking...not enough singing; and me not sitting front row *hehe*.

If you'd like to know more about the concert or came to it and would like to keep in touch, e-mail me at

God bless,


Backstreet boys concert / Chicago sept 22nd

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Kaity

Hey omg I went to the bsb concert last night and let me tell you it was Amazing!! They all were REALLY hott!! Aj is 80 days sober , Go HIM!! but newayz they sounded great all there songs were awsome they had great dances and ahh they were just the best i have been to two other of there concerts here at chicago and let me tell u out of all of them last night was definetly my favorite!! Excpet for the fact that the stupid tweeter center security was tight as hell and u had to go through pat down there for you could not bring your camera in and get this u COULDN'T HAVE ANY SIGNS!! I was so mad because i made this awsome sign that on one side said Chicago supports aj and on the side it said chicago luvs u and it had bsb pics all over but the stupid manger dude was mean, but i didn't let that spoil my night i have never heard them sound greater togehter then they did last night and aj was back to his normal hyper happy healthy self which made me happy!!Everytime aj came up on the screen or was singing like a solo i would scream sooo LOUD and the peeps in front of me and my freinds were getting mad but i ididn't care because i was there to show my pride for bsb!!Let me tell u i will be dreaming bout bsb until i see them again in concert and beleive me i can't wait!! o yeah and i had great seats i was in section 203 and they were pretty good compared to what i have had b4!! Thanx and BSB ROX!!!

Backstreet Boys in Chicago

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Jaclyn

I went to the BSB concert in Chicago last night, and they were as awesome as ever. This is the best show I have ever seen. All of the guys seemed so psyched to be out there. I've never seen Brian so active before. I think that's what made it so good. Nick was going crazy, too. I think they gave him sugar cubes before the show 'cause he was dancing around all over the place, especially during the band introductions. And he was whaling on the drums. He's the greatest. The sound was bad when it came to them talking. We were hoping after Sisqo that they would work on it, but it never came. Outdoor arenas are bad for sound anyways. But I'm not complaining 'cause I saw Nick! They all looked great. I liked the black and white suit outfits compared to the other ones they wore during the last leg of Black and Blue. I enjoyed the mixing up of the playlist compared to the earlier B&B shows. I got mad when "Shining Star" wasn't 3rd like I thought it was going to be, but they sang it later and I was thrilled! Especially when Nick showed his butt to the whole crowd and it was on all of the video screens! I was one of the few who got a camera in. The person in front of me got sent back to their car, but I think the lady felt my camera, but thought it was the glasses case I had. The only bad part was that they made us take the caps off of our water bottles so annoying people who didn't stay in their seats during the show kept knocking them over. Our books and t-shirts were not harmed. The Boys were so great last night and I can't wait until they come back again!

Chicago IL, september 22, 2001

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Erika

Hello! I went to my 3rd backstreet boy concert last night. It was so amazing. I'm a huge fan so it was wonderful to me. They were really hyped and had so much energy. It was sweet of them to individually come on stage and say their thank yous and I love yous. A.J gave a big thanx to all who supported him during his tough times, and announced that it was his 80th day sober.

All five guys looked so handsome in the beginning of the show, when they were all dressed in white suits, and sang 'yes I will.' One of my favorite parts was when they sat in the front of the stage together and sang 'time.' It was very casual and playful. Nick sprayed the guys with silly string towards the end of the song- I thought it was cute. Then there was the prerecorded clip of the backstreet boys in the year 2050. It was halerious, the whole crowd broke into laughter. This clip showed bsb dressed up as old, gray, wrinkled, fat guys, who still acted as crazy as they do now. Who knows, maybe it'll happen!

Last but not least, the most touching part. The guys said their last goodbyes and thank yous, and disappeared under the stage.Everyone was about to leave. But then, once again, out of a cloud of smoke rose bsb. All dressed as handsome as can be in black suits, they sang their latest song, 'Drowning.' They sang the some with so much emotion, it must have gotten to everyone. It did to me.

Chicago Sept 22nd

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Crystal

Hey! I went to the Chicago show and it was my very first BSB concert ever. I had such an amazing time. I agree that the sound really sucked though. I couldn't understand anything they said. I also had to hide my camera in order to get it in. My pictures turned out really crappy though :( It sucked that they couldn't do the bridge or anything, but it was still an awesome show. The guys had so much energy and it was good to see them all back. Aj we are proud of you! I loved that video when they are old. It's so funny. After the show, we got out right when the busses did and we followed them for a little bit. Howie was in the bus right behind us. I saw a tv on and I saw him walking around, so I started waving to him and then he came to the front of the bus and waved back. That was so sweet. So I enjoyed my first Backstreet concert and that definately won't be my last either :) Any BSB fans that want to talk, feel free to email me at any time! KTBSPA!

Backstreet Boys Chicago Show

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Julie

I went to the Chicago concert at the Tweeter Center and let me just say that it was the best concert I have ever been to. I was upset when they postponed in July, but it was definitely worth the wait. AJ announced he was 80 days sober and he's looking and sounding better than ever. The guys had so much energy and got the crowd so worked up. They were so cute and fooled around and had fun. We arrived at the venue around 3:00. We saw a few of the busses pull in and when we were in line, we heard them doing soundcheck (Drowning & Everyone). Their opening acts were VI3 and Sisqo. Sisqo was AWESOME. Once the Boys took the stage I never stopped jumping and screaming. Nick and Brian noticed me and Howie waved. The Boys performed "America The Beautiful" in honor of the victims of the terrorists attacks. It was so beautiful. They dedicated Show Me the Meaning to the crew member they lost, Daniel Lee. When AJ came out to do his introductions everybody went nuts..he got the most screams outta all of them hehe. It was the best night of my life and one that I won't ever forget. I thank the guys for making my dreams come true once again :o) If you went to the same show as me and wanna feel free to email me at you are goin to a will love it! KTBSPA!!

Tinley Park IL

Date: Sep 26, 2001
Submitted By: Julie

Its me again, but there was something important that I left out about the concert. When AJ came on and thanked us for his support and I believed he said it was day 80 for him, you could not believe the support he has from not just the young kids but the adults as well. My husband was just clapping like crazy as the were the men and women around us. I personally was very proud of him I could have cried. But when Jamie Fox totally ripped him on the MTV awards I wondered if he should have came forward. Last night proved that he did the right thing. Those other people dont matter. I think that they have brought so much joy to others with there music and the things that they do, that we just gave it back to them last night...Go AJ!!!

Tinley Park ,IL

Date: Sep 23, 2001
Submitted By: Julie

Hey Hey Hey!!! I went to the Backstreet Boys Concert last night. What a great show. I was so thrilled that my whole family was able to go. When they cancelled the show in July I was not sure if our oldest daughter would be able to come since she was back at college.

Krystal did not open but Sisco was there. The boys have so much personallity. My husband commented on Nick when towards the end of the show he was jumping all over stage. He wondered where does he get his energy. That something they all have. And as usually it was a whole 2 hrs long.

The only bad thing was the sound system... It was awful. When they did the old man video and the dressing room thing we could barely her what they were saying. Even some songs it took me awhile to tell what song they were singing. But they are such showman that you forgot how bad it was and were still able to enjoy the show. My oldest daughter is not a fan but she did enjoy the show. As we were leaving she said that she had forgot what a Great show they put on.

Enough said.

September 22nd Chicago

Date: Sep 23, 2001
Submitted By: Jackie


I went to the Chicago concert last night. It was so awesome. I went with my mom, and my friend for my b-day present. We left at 3 and didn't get there until 4:30. The place that the guys played at sucked so bad. The stage was small and the wings lead to nowhere. VI3(a chicago group) opened up for them first. Stevie from the group is so cute. Then Sisqo opened up for them but I didn't see him cause I was in line for the bathroom and I already saw him at the Milwaukee concert. The guys came on at 8:30. They didn't have the bridge or the small stage which sucked so bad. After "Time" Nick sprayed some silly string on the guys. So cute. The Brian was making fun of how Nick talked when he was 13 and still does. AJ is 80 days sober. Go AJ!!! They deicated "Show me the meaning..." to Daniel Lee. They also sang "America the Beauitful" and "Drowning." I love that song. While we were waiting to be let in you could hear the guys soundcheck. The stupid gaurd was being stupid and yelling at us for getting off the grass. Plus we couldn't take any pics or signs in. I made a good sign too that said "We love BSB 'More Than That.'" with a group poster. Oh well. My thoart hurts from screaming to much over AJ and Nick. Lol!!! If you any of you guys went to the Chicago concert or Milwaukee concert please e-mail me at Thanks.

Chicago, IL

Date: Sep 23, 2001
Submitted By: Kara

We went the day of and got excellent tickets. Theyre singing was awesome! Not to mention, aj is 80 days sober!! yeah baby! it was soo awesome nick was soo cute and playful! they sang drowning! it was just sooo great!

September 22, chicago concert

Date: Sep 23, 2001
Submitted By: Rebecca

I just came from the Chicago Backstreet Boys concert and let me start off my saying it was incredible. The guys all looked hot as hell. I had really good seats that were section 105 the first row, so I saw the guys really well. The only bad thing was that security was really tight so they wouldnt let anyone bring cameras in. Lucky for me I hid all mine and managed to sneak 6 cameras in. But as soon as I started taking picturs I got it taken away by a security guard. Which made me mad. Then like an hour later the guard guy gave it back to me. Then again I was told that I wasnt allowed to take pictures. So I only went through two rolls of film. Then I met this really nice security woman who had noticed that I was holding five envelopes tied with a bow. I wrote a card to each guy and hoped to give it to them. I asked her if she knew how I could get them to her and she took me to thier security guy. You know the big tall african american guy who u always see. And he took my cards and said he would give them to the guys. Then I saw him hand them to Kevin. So I hope they got them. I also got to touch Kevins hand because he came really close to the end of the stage. Tonight was the best night of my life and to anyone who is going to the concert get ready to have an amazing time. And hide your cameras.

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