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Providence, RI, USA, (September 3, '98) by Debra Black

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Written by Debra Black

Debra's Review of the BSB's September 3'rd Concert

Ok well after the whole ordeal of actually getting the tickets and finding a way there, I was on my way to the Providence Civic Center. My good friend Chris came with me. He is not really a BSB fan, he just likes "Everybody" but he went to have a good time. Well a good time we SURE HAD!

When we got to the arena, there were soooooo many people. I wanted souvenirs so I got into the crowd. With the help of Chris I made my way to the front and got a T-shirt and a program.

We easily found our seats and realized they weren't as bad as I had thought. They were pretty far away but a CLEAR view of the stage!! I had binoculars so it was OK. I didn't take my camera though. I really should have. They didn't check for them!

The opening acts

  • Some lady and a guy....neither of which could sing at all. They were really bad.
  • Some band from Boston called LFO, they were like rap I guess... TERRIBLE!! Honestly, they were so bad and their songs were very inappropriate for the audience there.
  • Aaron Carter!! He was great. he's so adorable. He sang 'Crush on You', 'Crazy Little Party Girl', 'Ain't That Cute', and 'Shake It'. During 'Ain't That Cute' (which he said was written by Brian) he got a girl up on stage and sang to her and stuff. She looked SO nervous! He had the whole arena doing the 'Shake it' dance. It was great. He is ONE GOOD LITTLE dancer!

The Intermission

Then there was a 45 minute intermission! Chris and I were really getting bored but it was ok. They kept playing rap songs and stuff.It was kinda annoying but it just made me more excited! It was really funny though because the crowd was so anxious and every time anything on the stage moved the crowd went craaaaaaaaaazyyyyyyy!

The Big Moment

FINALLY at 9:00 The boys came out. WAHOO!!! I couldn't believe that I was there. It was almost like a dream. The screaming was so loud, but actually not as loud as I was expecting!

Well they sang 'That's the Way I Like It'. They were all wearing warm-up suits and things like that. Shiny, etc. I remember thinking "wow they must be dying in those hot clothes!" Nick and Brian were wearing red sweatshirts.

Then they introduced themselves. I don't remember which order they went in but I know Nick was last *grin*. Brian thanked each and every fan as usual. Nick said that they all love the fans. I think it's really nice that they did that.

Then was 'If I Ever Fall In Love' A cappella. Wow is all I have to say! I always liked that song when I heard the original from Shai, but this was WOW. They all sang a solo in it. Kev was great! Then after that Nick complained that all along the tour it was the same and that he didn't get a solo. So they let him sing a solo of that song. Wow! I would say that the biggest difference between all the guys live and on tv/cd is Nick. He is so amazing live. The emotion and feeling in his voice. Chris was really bored with this song that lasted about 10 minutes. I loved it though! They are amazing a cappella, simply amazing!

Then came Hey Mr. DJ. it was great, a real energy booster. They split us up - one side to sing "Hey Mr. DJ", the other side (my side) to sing "Jam All night long". Of course they said that we were the best so far on the tour. (I assume they always say that) They were still wearing the same things but all of a sudden I noticed Howie was gone! I didn't know where he went. Then I figured that the solo songs must be next and that he had to change and stuff. Well I was right!

The Solos

The solos were all great. Chris almost slept through them though *lol*. Well Howie came out wearing a red satin outfit, shirt open and nothing underneath! He had the white roses and threw them out while singing 'My Heart Stays With You'. It was great! At times he would take his shirt completely off and the screaming was crazy! He looked great though if he would only shave!.

Then AJ came out and sang 'Lay Down Beside Me' he had this jacket thing over his red outfit but he took it off. It was great. He puts so much emotion into his voice.

Next came Kevin with 'Nobody But You'. It was great! He came out and danced all across the stage doing these super cool moves and then he sang the song. It's so great. he really deserves more solos!

Then came Brian with 'That's What She Said' He played guitar and it was great. I think it's so cool that he wrote it and stuff. It's a wonderful song. Even Chris who hates ballads admitted it was a great song and that Brian is supremely talented. During the song someone through a teddy bear up on stage and Brian got up, walked across the stage to it and picked it up. I thought that was really nice!

I was thrilled that Nick was last! He came out on top of a stage/platform thing to sing 'Heaven In Your Eyes'. He only sang like one verse I think but WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! I can't describe it but I can still hear it. I couldn't believe that I was sitting in the same building as him. I just can't describe it! He sang the verse and the chorus. I think I was the only person around me who knew the words! Then he stopped. but I knew he wasn't done. He finished it a cappella. wow! I just wish he sang the whole thing (not like I am complaining!!

Speed it up

Then Nick said "Let's speed it up again" or something like that and they did 'Let's Have a Party' it was GREAT!! I love that song and once again Nick was great! They still all had on the red satin outfits. Now my memory gets a little hazy and I forget the order of things. I'll still describe them though! There was a dance break where they danced to many popular songs (not theirs) I remember Puff Daddy's 'It's All About the Benjamins' and 'Too Close' by Next (it's so ironic they danced to that song because Chris hates it more than anything and i thought he was gonna kill someone when it came on!) I don't remember the other songs in the medley but it was great anyway! They are such GREAT dancers (duh!)

QPG was cool. Of course when they started out they thanked the fans for making it a top 10 hit. Then the band played WAY too fast (of course!). The Boys stopped them and they tried again but it was way too "alternative-y" if you know what I mean. So they stopped them again and one of the band members was like "ok well if you don't like the way we play then you play yourselves!". They were like "OK SURE!" Nick went on the drums (he took off the red satin shirt but he had a white sleeveless thing on, Brian on bongos Kev on the piano/keyboard, AJ and Howie on guitars.

They did the first 2 verses of QPG amazingly since they were playing too! At this point Chris poked me and said "wow debra these guys are so talented!" I replied by saying "I know, thanks for *finally* realizing that". Then the band took over again and they finished the song. The funny thing was that Nick had trouble putting on his jacket again. He tried putting it on inside out and it didn't work! After that they introduced all the band members. Brian even bowed down to the keyboarder (Tommy?).

AIHTG was awesome. It's one of my 2 faves so i was super excited. They came out with black hats with red bands around them. They did the song so perfectly. Nick was amazing at the beginning. Well they ALL were amazing! I couldn't hear Kev's little solo line because his voice is sooooo low! but at least he got to do it! They did the little dance with the hats. I love that so much.

Darlin' was cool. Kev's voice is so sexy. I would say that it was the least eventful of all their songs. It's slow and nice and relaxing though! I like it more after seeing it done live! During it they split us up. One side to sing "darling" and the other side (the side I was on) to sing "tell me what to do to make things right". It was cool and I made Chris participate! Of course once again the Boys said that we were the best so far.

I nearly died

Anywhere For You is my absolute fave BSB song. When it came on I nearly died. I love that song so much. It was great. They started off in different places. AJ, Howie and Kevin down on the stage and Nick and Brian up on the platforms. They worked their way down with the other 3 though once the song started. They were still wearing the same red suits. I love that song even more now! Nick's line "couldn't live my life without you in it" was so amazing. I always loved it. I can still hear him singing it live. All of a sudden Kev was gone and a spotlight moved over to somewhere on the side of the stage. I remembered from the live video that he went out into the crowd for that song. Well he did. He climbed to shake hands with people in upper sections and a bodyguard was holding him up. It was so cool. I wish I was sitting there!

OK, now my memory comes back. They did INBYH. Kevin thanked us for making them #1 on Total Request all the time. Near the end they all worked their way up to the platforms and all of a sudden they stopped and were all in a perfect position. I knew the song wasn't over though! So Brian says "hey can you guys help us by finishing the song?". So everyone sang really slowly "I'd rather die than live without you I'll give you all of me honey that's no lie". The whole crowd was in perfect unison. Then the Boys did it a cappella. It was one of the more amazing things they did. The harmony was absolutely perfect!

Then there was a break of about 2 minutes. I think some people left! They came out and did ALAYLM. It was great. They did the little chair thing as always. Everyone looked and sounded great. That's about it. They again each talked to the crowd. thanking us for coming, etc. People actually thought it was over!

Then there was a little longer break. Some people really started leaving. I was so shocked because I knew of a couple more songs they had to sing! Then they came out and did 'Get Down'. They all had matching sleeveless sweaters/warmup pants outfits on. They were all the same but different colors. 'Get Down' was great. A real "pick-me-up" song. A lot of energy and stuff. It also sounded great too. During this song I made a comment to Chris about the fact that they didn't do WGIGO since it was their first single and all. Well I spoke too soon because, just like on MuchMusic's I&I, they connected it to the end of 'Get Down'. It was cool. Good as always. They spoke again and MORE people left!


There was a pretty long break this time. I knew it was to get ready for 'Everybody'. Chris was also starting to think it was over and that they wouldn't sing that song. Which is the only BSB song he truly likes! Well I told him not to worry that they would definitely do 'Everybody'. Well all of a sudden a screen popped down and the beginning of the Everybody video started showing. They played some of the instrumental parts including their talking at the beginning and the ends. Then it got real dark. Some grim reaper people came out with bright eyes and then 5 coffins came out. Chris and I got all excited and stood up. We didn't have to stand before then because of our great seats! When they came out we flipped out. It was awesome.

They had the same pants on but they put on the ruffly shirts like they had on in the vid. They looked as good as usual. Nick's "Am I sexual"... Wow, that's all I can say! Then Nick went behind a cage and he came out and they all walked around him while he did his "as long as there'll be music we'll be coming back again". That was awesome. I was getting sad because I knew that it was really over now. They said thanks and good bye one more time and I knew it was over. I took one more look at Nick as he was leaving the stage and we left. Wow. definitely one of the best nights of my life! The concert ended at about 10:45 and they sang 18 songs plus the dance medly. Much much more than I expected!

Other Details

  • AJ's dancing was fine, perfect, no injury apparent. His hair was the same as R&KL. brown with blond highlights and stuff. Nothing crazy. He was the one who made all the wild/slightly risqué movements and stuff. If Chris was using the binoculars at the time he would throw them at me and say "I can't look at that you look."
  • Brian was fine. Not hoarse as *some* people think he was on R&KL. There was no evidence that he had any teeth pulled if you ask me. He was great. The funny one.
  • Kev just looked great, like he was having a BLAST out there. yum!
  • Howie sounded awesome. When he started 'If I Ever Fall In Love' I was so amazed. He sounded really different. He needs to shave of course, but other than that he looked great.
  • Nick's hair was perfect. I'm so glad he cut it! He looked great. He really played to the cameras and the crowd and he would always make funny faces on the big screens. He also looked like he was having a blast out there.

They were all great. AJ and Nick were the most playful with the crowds and cameras that I could see. They all interacted with each other... high fives, hugs, arms around each other etc.

This was an experience that I will never ever forget. If you ever have a chance to see them live go for it. No matter how terrible the seats are, it's worth it. Just bring binoculars and money for souvenirs! Even Chris said it was more fun than he'd had in a while.

Wow. that was so long, I hope I didn't bore you all to death!. I'm sure I left a lot of stuff out! It was amazing and I had to tell you all about it!

Hempstead, NY, USA (September 2, '98) by

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

I went to their Sept 2 show in Hempstaed, NY. I was in the 5'th row and it was fantastic. THEIR CLOTHES, DANCE MOVES, VOICES AND THEIR LOOKS WERE AMAZING. They were great. They had fireworks and for the song Everybody they came out in coffins. It was fantastic. When Kevin came into the audience I got to touch his hand and I thought I was going to faint!


Grand Essex, VT, USA (August 31, '98) by Heather T (Kaos' Girl)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

The concert in Grand Essex Vermont was the best. They performed on the Coca- Cola Grand stage and brought the house down! Her's what happened.

First I was waiting in line to go sit in my seat and then my father took me out of line with my sister Amy still there to save the spot and brought me an area outback. All of a sudden a tour bus pulls up and starts backing up right next to me. I knew it wasn't there tour bus because I know what their tour bus looks like. Anyway, it went behind this huge stalkade fence and they sclosed the doors. My dad put me on his shoulders so I could see over the fence. I had my camera, ready to take pictures of whoever came out and am I glad I had it ready. The door opened and Jane Carter came out of the bus followed by Bob Carter and eventually followed by Aaron. I was so excited. Aaron went back in the bus and came back out and waved to me. Then Denise Mclean pulled up in a small black car. She also waved to me and said, "Hi!" Then they all went into the dressing room so I left.

I got to my seat and waited for the concert to begin. A man came out announcing that Brian couldn't perform because he felt a little under the weather. He had gone to the dentist earlier and if you watched Reegis and Kathie Lee you can tell he was in pain. But he did come out to say hi to all of us. After that A.J came out and introduced Aaron. Aaron performed three songs. Shake It, Crazy Little Party Girl and Ain't That Cute during which he pulled a little girl onstage to sing to.

After he performed they finished setting up for the Backstreet Boys. Then the show started with Nick, Kevin, A.J, and Howie rising up on theses lifts. They sang We've Got it Going On first and then each sang their solo songs. Nick sang Heaven In Your Eyes during which I cried because I couldn't beleive he was standing not even three feet away. Then they sang some more songs like Let's Have A Party and Get Down. During the beginning of uit playing Games With My Heart the band pretended to mess and the boys took over the instruments. Nick played drums. Kevin played keyboard. A.J played bass and Howie played guitar. They had two encores which were Everybody(Backstreets Back) and As Long As You Love Me.

That was one night I'll never forget.

Moosic, PA, USA, (August 28, '98) by Tara Nicole K.

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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Tara Nicole K.

Tara's Review of the BSB's August 28 Concert

Aaron Carter

Well, I’m sorry to say, but I didn’t think I’d like Nick’s little brother. Boy, did he prove me wrong! He was so energetic, such a cutie pie and sweetie, and he has immense talent, just like his big brother and the other boys. He only got to sing four songs including his new one, Shake It, which got the crowd moving and, well, shaking! Aaron had two dancers along with him, who were good too.

And now, for the BACKSTREET BOYS!!!

Their performance can be summed up in one word: WOW! Although AJ did injure his thigh, he still gave it his all! For me, the highlight of the show was AJ’s solo ‘Lay Down Beside Me’. I loved it. He was ‘bumpin’ and grindin’’ to the enjoyment of all his screaming fans, myself included! They did all their popular songs, including ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’, which makes me cry whenever I hear it. They did one encore, where they came out in coffins for ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’. They wowed the audience with their singing and dancing abilities and their silky outfits. AJ made us all scream when he ripped his shirt open, and Howie did likewise when he threw flowers out to the audience during his solo.

This was the best concert I have been to... and ever will go to! I can’t wait until they come back to Northeastern PA!

Hempstead, NY, USA ( August 27, '98) by Angel

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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Hey everyone! this is it..hehe..I make it seem like a big deal right? Well it is! Because I saw the concert and got to meet the guys! Newayz, it was August 27th, 1998 and it was at Nassau Coliseum. The first thing that happened when I got there was that a bunch of girls were screaming and running to the entrance of the Coliseum. So I assumed that it must be the guys so I ran also. It turned out to be a Z100 truck. It's a local station here in New York. So I stayed there anyways and talked to these two girls who said the guys already arrived around 4 and I got there at 5. So I was like "Oh well I get to go backstage!" I was fingering the pass in my purse, cuz I didn't want it ripped off. So then I found my seat and waited for about 1/2 an hour, buying the BSB Program in that time.

Then it was about 8:00 and this guy introduces the first opening act, Rockell. She sings 2 songs, 1 with this guy that looked so much like Brian from where I was sitting but it wasn't. So then after her, Aaron came on with his two dancers and he sang Crazy Little Party Girl, Shake It, Surfin' USA. It was about 9:00 and the whole place is chanting Backstreet finally they come out from these trap door things with fireworks and smoke and its really cool(I have a picture of that). And they start singing That's The Way I Like It. Then they sing All About The Benjamins or something like that, I can't really remember. They sang all their solos. When AJ was doing his its like OMG(Ohmigod)! He's like going down on this pole! Jesus! Kevin wasn't bad either cuz his low voice is like wow. When Nick sang Heaven In Your Eyes, wow..I got teary eyed. Then Brian's solo. I was completely hypnotized by his guitar playing and voice.(As you can see Brian is my fave)...Howie did his solo with the roses and stuff. I kno they sang a bunch of songs which I can't really remember, but one of them was Quit Playin Games and they played their own instruments with that cuz they said the band couldn't play the song right.( then they did I'll Never Break Your Heart and that was sweet. Brian blew a kiss to me during that!

Hehee....and he also waved and smiled at me during As Long As You Love Me i think it was. But the finale was Everybody. They make you think the whole concert is over by playing the video and then they come out in these coffins being rolled out by grim reaper people and they turn them around and boom! there are the boys. I was doing the dance and I was able to talk to Brian for a few minutes he said he saw me! I said hello to the rest of the guys really quickly and that was it! The best night of my life!

Halifax - I love U Nick, (August 26, '98) by JIM REYNO

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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by JIM REYNO, The Daily News (Halifax)

'I love U Nick'

In a crowd of nearly 30,000 screeching Backstreets Boys devotees, you can't judge a fan by her distance from the stage.

About halfway up Citadel Hill, a sea of heads away from front-row centre at last night's Backstreet Boys concert, Jade Campbell, 12, of Dartmouth sits on a blanket, awaiting the start of the show. She is joined by her parents, Trina and Peter, her nine-year-old brother Kyle, as well as her uncle and his three children.

Although showtime is still 11/2 hours away, Campbell already knows what she wants to hear: Let's Have a Party - a song that hasn't even been released yet. "It's off their album coming out in October or November," says Campbell, who sits with a piece of Bristol board across her lap inscribed with: "I Love You Nick," using a human eye, a heart, and a capital U.

"The song's been released on one of their (videos). My friend has the (video), so she hooked up a karaoke machine and taped it for me. The tape's kind of worn down now."

Campbell, who says she's been a Backstreet fan "ever since they came out," says she's happy with her view from the hill. "But this is good - I'll be able to see them all. I'll be able to see Nick."

That's Nick Carter, the blond Backstreeter. Fans could take a little bit of Nick and the rest of the Boys home with them if they visited any of four souvenir stands - but pack a hefty wallet. A souvenir T-shirt cost $35. For $20, you can also get a Backstreet Boys tour pass, which, according to one woman working at a stand, gives you access "to absolutely nothing."

Began lining up on Sunday

Fans began lining up Sunday at 3 p.m. As of 5 p.m. yesterday, volunteers from St. John Ambulance had treated about 25 people for minor ailments, mostly heat exhaustion. The gates opened yesterday at 4 p.m.

"People who have been in the lineup for the last two days, they are dehydrated. They haven't eaten properly," says Marianne Hagen of St. John Ambulance.

There was plenty of security on hand to keep things under control - 108 security personnel, 22 regional police officers, and about 40 people from the Halifax Regional Police Youth Program.

Two hours before the concert, security operations manager Jim Baker says things were running smoothly. "The crowds in Halifax, I'm not going to call them mild, but they are very well behaved," said Baker, who has been in the security business for 16 years.

Later, ambulances were called in from as far away as Hubbards to deal with a rash of medical emergencies during the concert. Everything from asthma attacks to fans injured in the crush in front of the stage were taken to hospital during the concert.

Halifax Regional Police said there were no major incidents during the concert.

Across the harbor, Dartmouth residents said they could clearly hear the concert. One woman living on Windmill Road said the music drowned out the construction on the Macdonald bridge.

So, why all this fuss?

"Probably because they pay so much attention to their fans in little areas," Campbell says.

"Nobody this big has ever been here before that I know of - there might have been someone a long time ago. But people like Hanson and the Spice Girls don't even give Halifax consideration," she said, adding it was the second time the group has been here inside a year.

Halifax, (August 25, '98) by Jenn

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By: Jenn ( for sending this in.

After waiting in line for more than 20 hours you would think they would have let us in the concert area on time. But no, they didn't, the band needed to do sound check and so did Aaron. It was a hot day too and the heat was getting to all of us. My friend did pass out after a hour of saying she would.

So I went with her to see a medical person. Now in our show there was a VIP section and only so many people were alowed in there. Well, my friend was fiainlly alowed back to the show and they were just closing the gate to the front section, meaning me and my friend were left out there on our own and our friends were in there.

They finially were going to let my friend in but I had to tell her something so after that they wouldn't let her in. She is not a fan of the boys, she was only going because we all were going. So she found one of our other friends and stayed with her the whole show.

Now, it was up to me and my friend to get me into the front section or the whole night would have been a waste. Some guy (I don't know his name) gave me a bracelet which you needed to get back in if you went to the washroom before the show. There were two gates and I went to the other one and it worked. I was in! Yeahhh!!

Ok the show was the best one I have ever seen. Aaron was great, he did four songs this time, and I had met him 3 days earlier and he seemed to remember me. Now the Boys. At the first they had a cardboard cutout of AJ on stage where he should be at the beginning. They had to cut out the dance break and the part where they sing all by themselves. But still the concert was good even without that.

Oh yea, AJ did come out and sing 'I'll Never Break Your Heart' , we keep saying ' We Want AJ' over and over again. He came out and said hi to everyone. And he sang. During one part of the song where Brian is singing he was looking aroung and I waved to him and he was waving right back. I asked him how he was doing, and he said that his leg hurts but onther than that he was fine. And we talked til about the time it was to him sing again. The solos in the concert were great but Nick didn't need to hold the note at the end as long as he did. I almost caught one of Howie's roses and when Kevin came off the stage I was about 2 centimeters from touching his hand.

Oh well, the concert was great, I had fun, and so did my friend. We all want them to come back like NOW, but we know that them comin' here again is a slim to none chance.

Halifax, (August 25, '98) by Sandy MacDonald

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

by Sandy MacDonald, The Daily News (Halifax)

Backstreet's back, all right!
And that's the way they like it

Metro's most anticipated summer show - especially if you aren't old enough to have a driver's licence - was the second coming of the Backstreet Boys. Nearly 30,000 tickets were snatched up in two quick grabs, and kids anticipated the rare open-air concert like a bonus Christmas in August.

So last night, as the late-summer dusk dropped over Citadel Hill and a salty chill rolled up off the harbor, Christmas arrived early. The bottled-up anticipation came pouring out about 8:30 p.m., unleashed by a unearthly rumble from a mountain of bass cabinets, a swirl of synth, and then a howling guitar that teased the young crowd.

A sudden explosion of white light and a burst of fireworks triggered a collective hysterical screech that would peel paint off the Macdonald bridge - and the four swaggering hunks from Orlando, Fla. hopped into That's The Way I Like It.

Apparently, that's the way Backstreet fans like it too. Many held signs aloft suggesting a variety of pleasures they might visit upon the Boys.

The massive stage was a wonder of theatrics - a towering edifice of polished chrome lighting grids, with a tier of risers and silver drapes - and everywhere there were colored lights.

Exuding raw charisma, the quartet (AJ was again sidelined with an over-danced leg muscle) cranked into Hey Mr. DJ and the clothes started falling to the floor. Before the second chorus, they were down to well-filled undershirts.

The pace of the show slowed for one of those tortured-teen, heart-wrenching ballads, complete with red and white roses. I think Elvis mastered that shtick in Vegas, giving out dime-a-dozen scarves to the adoring masses.

Nick Carter bravely strapped on an acoustic guitar and tortured a couple of out-of-tune chords to set up That's What She Said. Guess what - nobody much minded.

The show hopped back to speed as the crew appeared in baggy, red-satin suits for the rave-up, re-establishing the winning mix of light soul vocals and tightly choreographed hip-hop dancing over a heavy funk groove.

To the crowds delight, the four Boys scampered up on the risers to unseat the crack backup band for Quit Playing Games. To the faithful - and that was everyone covering the hill and pouring down into the flatland in front of the stage - they could do no wrong.

As the four traded lead vocals, different legions would scream their approval. If anyone had a sound meter, Nick would likely rate highest on the screech scale.

A solid hour into the show, the injured AJ hobbled onstage, cane in hand, and another huge roar went up. In what was probably the musical highlight of the show, the five perched on stools for a soulful doo-wop take on I'll Never Break Your Heart.

A 20-minute encore peaked with Backstreet's Back, and tore up the crowd with Get Down, wearing yellow rain slickers presented by some young fans in Truro.

Over the 90-minute blast, the Backstreet Boys delivered the polished show the crowd turned out to see, and capped it with a fireworks shower to send the crowd home.

Halifax. (August 25, '98) by Melissa Gerrow

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

The concert was da bomb! The boys were the most amazing performers and their voices rocked the house! " This is beyond reality" screamed a fan from Cape Breton. She had driven 4 or 5 hours just to see the concert. Surprised? Ofcouse not, these are the Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter. Not only were the Backsteet boys heavenly to look at but the fireworks and explosions were unbelieveable! The Concert was an outdoor performance on Citidal Hill. There was an aproximate of 27 thosuand people lined up around the hill for hours! Which is pretty big concidering how small Nova Scotia is. Thanx to the wonderful chorographer Fatima Robinson, and The boys natural talent the smooth dance moves were crisp and slamin'.

Even though A.J. hurt himself and was able to perform that didn't stop this Romantic Rebel. The crowd screamed even louder to support A.J. when he limped onto the stage with a cane balenced in his right hand and the saddest puppy-dog eyes that made your tears fill in you eyes and your heart go weak. A.J. sang "I'll never break your heart" Everyones knees grew weak with love. We love him SOOOO much and are sooo glade to hear about his speedy recovery. Aaron Carter was a big hit to, As he was the main opening act for the BSB. The 4'6", blond-mop top, got the crowd jamin' with his latest singels such as "Shake it" and "Surfin USA." E-Jay also performed.

Some highlights that made the girls scream were...

- We Nick, Big brother of Aaron, kissed the camera Which was up on the big screen. The cheers went out when Nick through his jersey into the audience. A girl choked another girl to steal it from her.

- People loved it when the boys flew open their shirts to revel their tight abs.

- Howie made very good impression when he through Rosies to girls in the audience.

- cheerful Brian had his "hello's" and "waz ups" in the middle of the songs which made the hearts of many fill up with joy.

- Kevin delighted the crowd with his solo. Everyone loved it when he talked to the crowd.

- Aaron came out on stage with his beautiful accient and said "dang, there sure are alot of people" His response: alot of screams and cheers. During "Surfin' USA" he through a beach ball into the crowd. No word on who got that.

The boys sang their solo's witch are to released on their next album. Inc. tracks like, Baby I'm yours, party, touch of your hand (by Brian), who do you love, and possible lets make a toast to our love. They are soon to work on their next album and can't wait. Also watch out for Nick and Aaron Carter's duet, "Loverboy"!!!

People had drove many hours, slept on the grounds overnight, and waited through rain and unbelivable hot weather, (when it was supposed to rain) And anyone would do it all over again!

Hopes go out to A.J, that he doesn't get hurt in Canada or anywhere else for that matter. Last time in Monteral he had his foot run over. Poor dude has been through so much!!

Well that's it for this review, But there is so much more to come, such as Melissa Gerrow's News Flashes! Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive!! and Let aaron keep Shakin' it our hearts. This is Melissa G and in the words of Brian "I'm a Ghost....."

Montreal, Canada (Aug 23, '98) by Anne

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

A BSB concert in Montreal is always a big event! Last time they were in town they did the Molson Center 5 times. This time, they didn't have the time to do that so the did the show at le Parc des Iles. 60 000 tickets went on sale in april for this show. General admission,of course! Usually, when they come in town people sleep outside for a week or so to get good tickets, so a long time before the show , I could believe it was going to be hell!

About a week before the 23, a section of reserved tickets went on sale. My friends and I tought it would be better to buy those (less trouble the day of the show) so we did. The day of the show, the site open at 3pm and the island open at 6am. The only acces was the metro ( it open at 5:30 am) so I don't think that I have to mentionne that a lot of girls were there as early as 5:45 am. We got there at 2 pm and when we reach the site we split off. We were 5. 3 of my friends went to sit at our places and my friend Nathalie and I went to a radio station VIP section because she won backstage passes. So we got to meet Brian, Howie, Kevin and Nick backstage. We took a picture with them. Even if we didn't see them a lot ( the meeting was really short) they all seem to be really,really nice guys! Before we met them, Denise,Aj's mom, came to tell us that Aj was not there because he was injured.

She told us that he would not be able to do the show but that he migth come and say hi at the begining of the show. When the show started, i can easylly say that I was in heaven!!! I love everything in the show even if Aj wasn't there. We sang Happy birthday to Howie and we called Aj a couple of time during the night. The guys thank us for that.I espicially love the part of the show when Brian (my favorite Boy) came on stage to sing "That's what she said " It was great and Brian was sooooooo cute ( as usual!) We didn't have the same songs as everybody else because Aj wasn't there so insted of "I wanna be with you" we've got " Darlin' ".

It is not one of my favorite but Brian sang it and he was such a cutie durig that song so I don't have to complain. They were in great shape that night!! They did a lot of crazy stuff like sticking hearts on there forheads during " I'll never Break your heart" and climbing up the light tower during "Hey Mr. dj". I don't know if they do this everywhere they go, but it seems to be spontaneous! I had a great time at this concert, I will never forget this day and I can't wait for them to come back!!

Toronto, (August 22, '98) by Marissa

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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****KTBPA**** Marissa Ontario, Canada

Toronto, (August 22, '98) by Jenn Yin

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

by Jenn Yin

The Backstreet Boys did two excellent sold out shows to a total of 16,000 screaming fans for each show at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto on August 22nd (Howie's b-day!). I was at their first concert at 2:30pm. The opening acts started at 2pm. Solid Harmonie performed 4 songs first, then Aaron Carter came out and sang Crush On You and Shake It. Him and two dancers got the crowd goin' by telling us to do the dance with them.

Then at 2:45pm, the curtains were removed to reveal the band. They played some music and then the BACKSTREET BOYS appeared. I don't remember the songs they sang in order, but it was great. They did dances to Too Close, It's All About the Benjamins, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See, and I'm Not a Playa I Just Crush a Lot. It was awesome! Then they did an acapella. They all sang their own parts except for Nick. When the acapella ended, Nick did a little act. He was saying how it was unfair that he didn't get to sing a part. So they continued singing with Nick as the lead.

They sang That's the Way I Like it, Let's Have a Party, Hey Mr.DJ, Anywhere For You, I'll Never Break Your Heart, As Long As You Love Me (with the chair routine), All I Have To Give, We've Got it Goin' On, Get Down, Darlin, I Wanna Be With You, Quit Playin' Games (with them playing the instruments. Nick played drums, AJ on bass, Kevin on keyboards, Howie on guitar, and Brian on those things you hit with your hand), and their own solos. Howie sang My Heart Stays With You (he threw white and red flowers into the crowd that had tags on it that had their signatures on it!!), Nick sang Heaven In Your Eyes, Brian sang That's What She Said (he played the guitar), Kevin sang Nobody But You, and AJ sang Lay Down Beside Me (he humped the stage at one part while singing this song!). This isn't the order they sang it in.

During Get Down, AJ left the stage and nobody knew where he was. The other guys had to sing his parts. AJ also wasn't there for We've Got it Goin' On and the last act, Everybody Backstreet's Back. The show ended with only Nick, Brian, Howie, and Kevin. The crowd kept on chanting AJ. Later on that day I found out that AJ had pulled a muscle in his leg. Even though AJ wasn't there for 3 songs, it wasn't the same. So let's pray that they won't break up for a LLOOOONG time.

Toronto, (August 22, '98) by KIERAN GRANT

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Note from Caitlin: Please don't send me email about this negative review. I did not write it but obviously the journalist who did (KIERAN GRANT) is an old fart!

You can contact him and give him a taste of that good old Backstreet Pride at one of the following addresses or by clicking here.

Regular Mail

M5A 3X5


Make sure to specify that the e-mail is for that Kieran Grant.

by KIERAN GRANT, Toronto Sun

The Boys lay it on thick

The Backstreet Boys must be determined to go out with a bang rather than a wimper.

Explosions. Rockets. Big blasts of confetti and streamers.

The Orlando boy-group sensation laid 'em all on thick for a sold-out crowd of 16,000 at the Molson Amphitheatre yesterday.

But no amount of special effects could cover up the fact that the Backstreet Boys' act was wearing thin. Instead, they looked like parlor tricks designed to draw attention away from the show's threadbare musical furnishings.

Yesterday's appearances, which included sold-out concerts at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., marked the Backstreet Boys' fourth visit to Toronto in 18 months.

A wildly appreciative response from most of the pre-teen girls in attendance showed that at least the fan appeal of singer-dancers Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, Brian "B-Rok" Littrel, A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough hasn't faded -- or that they're still in good physical trim. Well, except for A.J., who tore a ligament in his ankle towards the end of the first set and had to sit out the entire evening show.

Canada is the biggest BSB market in the world per capita, as the quintet were none too shy to point out mid-set during the afternoon set.

That was no excuse for coasting through the show, only flipping out of autopilot for an occasional victory roll or two -- although A.J. did work hard enough to injure himself in the line of duty.

The constant, screaming din of the audience -- which the band seemed to feed off in past concerts -- was just another layer of nonsense for the Boys to hide behind.

The same gags and lines from the group's January SkyDome show were trotted out in a revue-style snooze-fest that clearly tested the patience of the younger kids in the crowd.

This was a band going through the motions, however unintentionally funny those motions might have been.

Competing for comic relief prize: The curtain swinging open at the start of the show to reveal the Boys' six-man backing band and ... the road crew, fumbling to clear the set for Nick, Brian, Kevin, Howie and A.J.

Birthday-boy Howie being elevated on stage in an open red satin shirt and pants and launching into a striptease that wasn't lurid so much as it was lame.

A.J.'s near-felonious shout-out to "all the sexy ladies in tha house." Eek.

There were flashes of likability from Brian, who proved himself a trooper after undergoing heart surgery earlier this year. Undisputed star Nick -- once the tiny young one, he's shot up in the last year to become the tallest of the bunch -- chirped out a full-on power ballad.

Everything else came off like a two-hour Chippendale's audition.

Cut out the obnoxious amount of dramatic pauses, awkward between-song stumblings and constant calls of "Hellooo!!!" and "Wassup Taranto?" and they could have been out of there in 15 minutes.

You can contact him and give him a taste of that good old Backstreet Pride by clicking here.

Winnipeg, Canada (August 20, '98) by Tiffany

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Ok, the day started off pretty much like any other. I was scheduled to babysit which I really didn't wanna do!! Come on!! BSB, my gods, were in town!! But finding em....I originally heard they were staying at a hotle called the Lombard, but i was soon proven wrong. I was getting ready to go to my sister's to babysit when my mom came upstairs and said "Phone, Candace. She said it's very urgent!" I instantly knew it was something bSB related!! Candace is one of my closest friends who actually introduced me to BSB and got me hooked! Anyways, I phoned her and she gave me all the details!!

Her dad runs his own business and had to run a few errands at the Crowne Plaza Inn that day, by fluke. He saw 3 big tour buses parked outside with Florida lisence plates. Knowing that BSB were in town that night and that his daughther was like, a former totally obsessed BSB fan, he asked the lady at the front desk and she toldhim that BSB were staying htere!! He got Candace's brother ot phone her at home and tell her and that's when she phoned to tell me!! Knowing were I could track em down, I begged and pleaded my way out of babysitting!! No way in hell was I babysitting then!! I got my mom to pick up Candace and our other friend Melissa that was already over at Candace's house, and drove us downtown. She plunked us off in front of the hotel where we stood for about 20 minutes. We met other fans who had told us that I was like, 45 minutes late. Brian, also with Kevin and AJ, had left to Rossmere Golf Course.

I was soo mad!! Oh well! We met this one girl who had alot of info on the day's events. All five of us walked inside the hotel and were standing near an elevator with some other fans, just gabbing. I was near a side wall, so I didn't have full view of the elevator. All of a sudden, the elevator doors opened and all the girls started screaming! I turned to see who it was... it was Aaron Carter!! He walked past us and I got to shake his hand! He was soooo cute!! I looked down at him and said "Hi, Aaron." He just looked up at me with this little shy smile and say "Hi." He's so sweet!! He's gonna be a heartbreaker like his bro, I can see it now!! ;) Anywho, his mom had to like, pul him away from us! He wanted to stay and chat, but they had to go to the building next door so he could record the "Hot 9 at 9" for a radio station.

So, we followed him out the doors that he went and were back outside. We were standing in front ofthe doors waiting for him to come back out. Then Candace said "I have to go to the bathroom, melissa, will you come ith me?" She's like, "yeah, sure." Nothing was happening and we had a feeling he wasn't gonna come out for awhile yet, so I decided togo for a walk with them. We left the gilr we met there, Chelsi, by the doors and said we'd be back. It turned outCandace didn't have to go to the bathroom, but was just sick of standng. We went to get a drink and loked at some magazines and stuff. I'm like "Ok, guys. We'd better get back. Chelsi will be wondering about us and who knows when Aaron will come back out." We all agreed and walked back outside. Chelsi was gone!! We were like "Where'd she go?"

We went up to some people that we just sitting there, near the hotel doors andasked if they'd notice a blonde-haired girl leave. They replied with "Yes. Some little blonde boy came out and they were gabbing and she got his autograph and then she went back into the hotel." I was like "Nooooo!!!" I was so mad at Candace! She was like, "I'm sooo sorry you guys!!" Oh well. So, we went back inside to find Chelsi and she was in front o fthe hotel. We got to see the 2 cd booklets he signed and she told us about how they were talking for like, 5 minutes. I'm still kicking myself in the butt over that! So, we were standing in front of the hotel. We saw newspaper reporters and news reporters all around. We went up to talk to this one lady that was a reporter for the "Winnipeg Sun". We were gabbing, when we felt water drops. I'm like "Oh, of course! It's raining now!" We all looked up to find out it wasn't a rain was Aaron!!!

He was squirting us with this little pink water pistol!! It was soo cute!! All of us were yelling "WE LOVE YOU, AARON!" But, Chelsi, Candace, Melissa and I got to have a convo with him!! LOL!! Well, sorta!! We were yelling at him. Chelsi yels "Do you still colect Beanie Babies?!" and he was like "WHAT?!" So she yelled it again and he still couldn't hear her so I go "Let's ll yel on the count of 3!" 1...2...3... "and we all yelled it!! He nodded his head and yelled "YEAH!!" We all started cheering! It was funny1! Then we were yelling "Is Nick with you?" and he's like "Yeah." We all go "Te;l him to come outside." So he goes in, and comes back out and starts squirting us.We yelled for Nick to come outside and Aaron went back inside the hotel room. Candace and I were standing there staring up and we swear we saw Nick lean out of the balcony next to the one Aaron was on!! We just kinda looked at eachother and go "Did you see that?!"

We looked back up and he was gone! So, we were standing around gabbing, and that reporter was interviewing us. She was finished and we were just standing there talking and waiting for something to happen, when all of a sudden this high-pitched scream yells "HOWIE!!!!!" We all turn aound, and we felt like total idiots!! Howie jus walked, like, directly behind us out of the door we were standing practically right in fron tof!! He got into this little, Jeep, Sidekick kinda thing, and blows us kisses and waves!! My stupid camera didn't get the picture of Howie or Aaron cuz of my stupid flas, but Candace got a great, close up pic of both!! So, he rode off. We stood round, waiting and waiting for something to happen...nothing.....It was rumoured the other guys came back from the golf course through the side doors and already left.

I was mad at Candace again cuz we got into an argument and she kept saying, "Let's stay near the front. Howie came out the front!" I was like "No, that's too obvious! The fans will expect it now, cuz they put up barriers and stuff! They're trying to distract us! Let's goto the side doors." But, we ended up not. We got a picture of AJ's mom, Denise, and we wished her a happy b-day. She waved at us.We also saw Tommy and Leigh Anne. We crossed the street to look at the tour bus, and then all of their luggage crossed the street and stopped right in front of us. I got a cool picture of the luggage and clear as day, the tag on it...Bone. :) I thought it was cool. That was the only tag I could make out, but Candace said she said she saw Nick's.

We were hanging around, and just chilling when we went back inside the hotel to see what was going on. It was just hussle and bussle of tour people and stuff. All the BSB's luggae was gone and we soon knew, so were they. We'd agreed we were gonna go to the airport the next morning, for our daywasn't very successful. So, we caught the bus, and wenthome to get ready. Candace and Melissa had different seats then I did. We had, like the crappiest seats, and they were alot closer because candace's dad knew the guy puting ont he concert, so she got her tickets free, even though after the concert she said they sucked. Well, we got to the arena at approx. 6:30.

I was no longer with Candace and Melissa. I was now with my dance teacher, Kim, my neice, who loves Aaron, Brittany, my best friend who was mad cuz she had basketball practice instead of getting to come downtown with us, her name's Melissa too, and her bro, PJ (total drag), and I. We got there, and were standing around when everybody started runnign for this gate and screaming. We ran there too, to see that's where the tour buses were parked. i swear I finally saw brian!! I was freaking out!! Then Kim turned to me and said "Who was that girl with him?" I'm like "What girl?" She goes, "That blonde one right beside him. Kinda, Pamela Andersonish." My only time seeing Brian went down the tube.

It was Leigh Anne. Oh well!! I saw him, man!! :) We were standing around, then we finally went to the doors. It was sooooooo funny!! There was this huge window at liek the top of the arena, and some guy kept coming to the winow and the ggirls started screaming!! A few were like "Nick!! It's Nick!!" I grapped my binoculars frommy bag to find was some old man teasing the girls!! It was sooo funny!! Then, we were walkign past a gae, and there was a roadie there and Kim goes "Go see if he can get you backstage. Or, maybe he can get something signed for you." I'm like "i don't think so." She's like "Go on. It won't hurt to try." So we're gabbing with him and he's like "I'm sorry. This is my first day on the job and I can't do that." We were like joking around with him saying "Melissa will give you a striptease if you do it" and all this and he was laughing at us.

We finally got inside and found our seats were sooo crappy. I was kinda upset, so I decided to go buy my t-shirt then. Kim said she wanted to come, so Melissa, Brittany nd PJ styed at the seats. I was looking at t-shirts and Kim went over to look at these little picture cards. I was buying my t-shirt when Kim comes back and she goes "Omigosh, Tiff. You're gonna flip!! Guess what that guy just said to me?" I'm like "What?" Now, she's sooo pretty1! She reminds me totally of Cindy Crawford!! She goes "He said that I was the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and there's no woman as beautiful as me where he comes from.(he was like, Jamacian.)I thought I'd take this opprotunity into hand, and so I asked if he knew the boys. He said, yeah, we hang out alot. I travel with them." I'm like, "Ok, that's weird. Why would a sales guy ravel with them so, I was like, ok whatever.

She goes "He said he can get me backstage!" I'm like "WHAT?!?!?!" "He said for me to be right here after Aaron Crter comes on and he'll take me backstage." I'm like, no way!! It sounded more like a rape attempt to me!! After Aaron? The boys are like, major preping! Whatever. I was ready to take the chance. We got back just as Aaron was starting and after he finished, Kim and I boltedback to that spot...he was no where in sight. We looked everywhere!! Finally, it was like, 2 mins to the concert and we knew we wouldn't be able to get backstage by that time. My heart was broken again. We got back in time for the concert. It was awesome!! I'm not gonna go into full detail because yo've heard pretty much the same stuff. Little tid bits I noticed were the satin green panies that got thrown up on stage that kevin picked up!!

Melissa was using her binoculars because she likes Kevin, she was watching him pick somehting up. He mad a funny face and dropped them, that's when she realized they were panties!! It was soo funny!! or, Brian going onto this little ramp, going to walk back and stumbling because he tripped. It was cute!! :) Or brian playing with a teddy bear that got thrown up n stage! He was like, talking to it!! It was soooooooooo cute!!! Or, I was talkign to Kim and he asked to use my binoclucars. I gave em to her and she was watching. Backstreet's Back came around and Nick came on that ramp. He said his famous sexul line, but Iwasn't really paying attention to him when Kim like, almost dropped the binoculars and yells "OMIGOSH!! I'm like "What?" She goes "I swaer Nick just undid his fly!!!"

I was killing myself laughing, but she insisted she saw Nick unzip his fly and do it back up!! I dunno!! Umm..what else...Oh! During Howie's solo, Kim and I we kinda yaping cuz I said to her "Howie like sto show his chest alot." She goes "I noticed. Oh well! He deserves it! He's got the bod for it!" I'm like "Oh yeah!! Your fave is Howie!! Wouldn't your husband be mad if he saw you fanisizing about a Backstreet Boy?!" She just laughed then I tol her that AJ was a bit worse then Howie....he humps the floor!! She started killing herself laughing and when AJ came out and did that famous move, I turned to Kim and went "I told ya so." She was like sitting there in shock!! Hmmm..what else..

I think Nick's solo sucked because I couldn't see him!! :( He sounded good..I'm sure he looked good...but, there wsas this big speaker in the way, so I couldn't see!! The speaker was kinda cool though! When the boys first came out, it blocked everyone but Brian!! I htought I got lucky with that!! The main times I cried were the beginning (That's The Way I Like It), That's What She Said (brian's solo) and the end (Backstreet's Back). Ohh, but what a day it was!! I can't wait to do it again!! We were on our way out when we saw that guy selling pictures again.

Kim goes up to him and goes "Where were you? You gave me a promise." He's like "Oh, I was right here. I was looking for you." He was sooo lying through his teeth!! She goes "How bout that backstage tour you promised?" He goes "Sorry,t he boys have left. They went to the airport. We're moving on to the next city." I knew the next city was Toronto so I go to him "Where are you guys of to." He lookes at me and goes "The next place we travel to." He didn't even know where he was supposedly traveling to!! He insisted that the boys went tot he airport, which was a crock. Kim was like, yeling at him, so he gave her a free picture.

Oh well. Brittany wanted and Aaron shirt, so we were trying to find a booth that had a small. We went to this booth and were paying for it when we saw all these girls hanging around thses stairs. They started screaming, so I left Kim and Brittany, and Melissa and I ran for it. There were too many girls, so I couldn't see anything. Kim was laughing and she goes "It's a good thing I came along because Britty would be sitting here all by her self in this over-sized Aaron shirt!! She'll look like was abandonned!" We had to wait for my parents, so we hung around waiting and stealing boxes of Corn Pops from allllll these huges boxes they had of em!! They were handing them out, and there was boxes left, so they let us all tearinto s few boxes! I still have Corn Pops!!

Well, we left and decided that the boys had went to the airport that night, so we cancelled going in the morning. It turns out they did go in the morning, and Iknow a few people who went and got great pics and everythign!! I was soooooo mad at that guy for telling me they were leavign that night!! Why I believed him was beyond me! Oh well!! It was awesome!! And my New Year's resolution is to meet em this time!! I know some of the secrest, so I have to!! ;)

Winnipeg, Canada (August 20, '98) by Leslie

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

Okay, let me warn you, this is gonna be LONG!!! I'll start with the morning of the concert day (August 20th). My friend had a dentist appointment, and on her way back to her house, they passed the Crowne Plaza hotel, and saw two big purple busses, and one big black bus. She took half a roll of pix of the bus, then rushed home and called the rest of us. We all went back an hour later, and sat on the curb opposite the hotel. Everyone else was right at the front doors of the hotel, but we thought if one of them stuck their heads out of a balcony, we'd have the better view. So we looked through the bus windows, and saw bunk beds, and a white shirt sitting on a couch. We also saw an inflatable bone that said Big Boner on it, and had a bunch of fan's phone numbers on it. We also saw some all-acess crew passes on the bus.

Needless to say, we tried all of the doors on the busses, but they were all locked. So, at exactly 3:25 pm, we decided to go to the arena, where Q-94 FM was giving away BSB stuff. To my dismay, This morning I heard that at 3:30 pm, Howie came out of the hotel, and everyone who was smart enough to have stayed probably got some prime pics of him. I am still kicking myself for not staying five more minutes. Anyways, we were at the Q-94 FM party in the arena parking lot, and Rosco went into the crowd of about fifty girls, and got some of them to sing. Then one of the guys on the Q-94 platform (who was really hot) threw some stickers and posters out into the crowd. I got a sticker. At 4:00 pm, we went back to our houses to get ready for the concert. One the way back, I saw a really beat up old van, with tinted windows. Of course, we'd been on the lookout for tinted window vehicles all day, so I looked a little closer. There was a little hole (head-sized) in the back window, and a guy stuck his head out of it. I swear on my life he looked exactly like Nick Carter. Maybe it was him, but I doubt it. I smiled at him, then turned away, and told my friends. I would have said something sooner, but I was in awe. He didn't stick his head out of the window again. If I ever meet him, I'll ask if he has a habit of driving around in old trucks... Oh well.

So, we went home, and got changed. On the way to my friend's house, I stopped at the dollar-store to pick up some bubbles. My friend and I had this plan about a month ago to get a bunch of people to blow bubbles during I'll Never Break Your Heart. More about that later, though. So I went to my friend's, and we got picked up. We had made signs with each of the guy's names on them, so we had those held up to the windows. A bunch of people pointed, and waved, but our arms got sore, so we took them down. Then we saw a car with some little girls in the back, so we held them up again. They pointed, and smiled, so we waved at them. They must have liked us, because they drove next to us for the next five minutes, and waved back the whole time. They were so cute!!! So, we got to the arena again, and went right inside (after cutting a few hundred people... luckily they didn't object!).

Unfortunately we realized that they were NOT checking people for cameras. We had been dumb enough to leave ours at home. So, half of us went to find our seats, and the other half went to buy t-shirts. Then we went right up to the stage, and looked to see if the guys would be able to see us. They couldn't, because we had the crappiest seats there. Then we went back to the seats. After a few minutes, a stagehand came onstage, and everyone thought it was AJ, and started screaming. We knew the difference of course. Then, we saw a guy we knew, and found out he was a roadie. Of course, we didn't get to talk to him. Then Aaron came onstage, and said a few words. He started Crush On You, but he was only lip-synching, because his voice isn't strong enough yet. Then before his next song, he asked us how loud we could be. He was saying Edmonton was pretty good, Calgary was great... and everyone cheered for that. I, personally booed, because that's what he wanted us to do.

Then he did Shake It after his dancers showed us the dance. It was now intermission, so I went to go get my t-shirt. I was mad when I saw that most of the t-shirts said USA on them. We went back for the rest of intermission, and I met my friend from the Internet. Then the house lights went out, and the curtain dropped. The Backstreet Boys came onstage, and did That's the Way... I screamed soooo loud. Then they introduced themselves, and I went nuts when it was Howie's turn. I was bawling, and I didn't even notice!! They did a little dance break, and then an a capella number by Shai. After that was Hey Mr. DJ. I think it was at this point that AJ was riding the bar that seperated him from the audience. He also hung out over the audience.

Then it was time for the solos. Howie was up first. At this point I completely FREAKED. He sang My Heart Stays With You. I was crying, screaming, laughing, singing along, and trying to see through binoculars all at the same time. I gave up on the binoculars, and watched him with my own eyes. At some point, I looked at the big screen over the stage, and Howie was looking right at the camera at that point, so it was as if he was singing to me, but I know he wasn't. I was so oblivious to everything but the music for this song that I didn't even notice when my friends all held up my Howie sign. Then it was AJ's turn. He did Lay Down Beside Me, and got kinda sexual with the floor. It was a good thing. Kev was up next, but I can't remember anything except it was awesome!! The man can dance! Brian played guitar for That's What She Said next. My friend was crying really hard, so I had to comfort her. Nick did Heaven next, and we all started crying. It was really intense at the end. Then Nick said Enough of this slow stuff. and they did Let's Have a Party.

I have no idea about the song order after this, but they did some slow songs. During I'll Never Break Your Heart, about a hundred people pulled out their bubbles, and started blowing. I think the guys saw it, because they turned the spotlight on the crowd. Our plan had worked!! I think it was during Darlin' that they had the spotlight on the crowd again, and Howie was on our side of the stage, so I held up my sign, and I'm sure he saw it. Then they did Quit Playin' Games at some point, and played their own instruments. Howie was a little reluctant to give up his guitar, though. Then they did Get Down and We've Got It Goin' On, just like in the I & I on Muchmusic. After that, came the big finale. Everybody!!! They played the beginning of the extended video, and then cut right to the end, when they find out it was all a dream. The a grim reaper and some goblins came out (I'm sure one of the little goblins was Aaron), and spun around five coffins. It was pretty quiet before they spun the coffins, but I knew what was coming, so I screamed as loudly as I could right before they spun them.

They did the whole dance (which I know), but weren't in costume. They just wore frilly shirts, and black pants. And then... it was over. My friends and I made a human chain, and fought our way out of the arena. Our ride wasn't coming for another hour, and we were dying of heat stroke and thirst, so we decided to go to McDonalds. Of course, it was packed (no Backstreet Boys, though), so we walked in, and walked right back out again. We finally made it to Robin's Donuts, and got drinks. I finished my Coke in about 30 seconds. It was the best can of coke I ever had... seriousy. Then one of my other friends came in. Apparently, she'd had really good seats, and had brought her camera, so she promised to get us copies of her pics. (NOTE: After I got copies of the pics, I discovered how crappy they were...) We sat in Robin's for an hour, and then our ride came. We decided to drive past the Crowne Plaza again, and saw the same girls waiting outside again.

We pointed, and laughed, and were going to drive by with the curtains in the van closed, and make them think we were the Backstreet Boys, but we didn't. Instead, we went home. We found out that during the day, two boys had been at Rossmere Golf Club, playing golf. Howie wasn't one of them, though, because he had been at the hotel. My over all impression of the concert is that they have all matured a lot voice-wise, but it was shorter than last time. I also noticed that Nick had been really cautious around Brian during the concert. I think he's still a little scared by the surgery. So Nick was playing around with Howie onstage a little more. I thnk it was sweet of Howie to protect Nick like that. He felt a little less worried about it. However, that's only my opinion. So, that was our concert. I might go to the airport to see them off, but their flight leaves pretty early so.... Anyways, e-mail me if you could possibly want more details. I just hope I get better seats next time. KTBSPA!!!!!! Leslie

(NOTE: I did go to the airport, but they weren't there. Ironically, the song "Leaving On A Jet Plane" came on the radio when we were driving home.)

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