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Date: Dec 25, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

Hey Bsb fans Whats up??

ok. So Im from Alberta, and i just happened to be in florida during christmas through new years. I knew Aj had a JNN concert at the hardrock live, me being dumb and having no idea where that was. Anyways so December 30th my dad says lets go to Universal Studios. So we drive the hour it takes (we were in Kisseme) to Universal. I get out and we walk to the gates. My mom goes to me and was like, Katie is that the Hard Rock live. I looked and I just FREAKED right out, So we went on rides and what not, then we went and had lunch at the hard rock cafe. Totally cool cause we looked around for a bit. So my mom and my sister and I tried to find out how much tix were. They were only 17 dollars, so i told my mom id pay for them but she said no cause (yes it was DAMN cold that day even for me a canadian) she didnt want to wait while my sister and i went to the concert while my parents and 11 year old brother stayed outside and froze. So i pouted the rest of the day. As we left and were driving out on the high way we saw a black limo. My dad slowed up, we had bsb blasting in the rental car, becuz i couldnt go, so thats supposed to cheer me up. the sunroof thing was opened, my sister and i, our faces were glued to the car window. There was traffic on both sides so we pretty much stopped as the limo did. All of a sudden, Aj's head poped out. My eyes were so wide. He looked around as to see when the traffic would start to move. My sister (shes 13) dared me to roll down the window and yell his name. I rolled it down, yelled AJ!!!! He looked for a bit then saw me with my head stuck out of the car. He flashed me his big ass grin and waved. The the traffic stared moving. He had a sad look on his face. Probably reflecting mine (chrushed) waved again and drove off. ok so no concert, meh. That was untill i got home. I told my self no looking at pics or reviews. The about 2 weeks after i got home i looked at a pic. Aj and some blond long braded hair backsides. Ok no big deal right? WRONG. i looked at another one. It was Nick AND HOWIE. My 2 Absolute faves. i went down stairs and freaked at my mom i got sooooooooooooooooooooo mad. But oh well theres nothing i can do about the past. Oh and while we were at US we saw some girls wearing We like Johnny but we LOVE Aj shirts. If that was You NICE !!!!!!!! VERY cool

anywas thats my half great/ and half worst day of my life

love ya


Nick Encounter at JNN

Date: 08, 2001
Submitted By: Elisha Vallejo

Ok, so y'all wanna hear my encounter? I went to the JNN Concert New Year's Eve, ya know...yada yada yada...with my younger sister. We were down on the first floor about 18 rows back to the left. We talked to these other girls next to us and they were saying that other BSB guys were there. I scanned the area but didn't see anyone so I gave up for a while. So then, my sis had to go to the bathroom so I brought her there. When we were coming out, there was this guy standing about 15 ft. away by the elavators. Well, at first, I wasn't sure if it was a guy or a girl from the back because of the long blond/brown braids. LOL. But I figured it had to be a guy because of the broad shoulders/manly structure and whatever.

It turns out that the guy was NICK! I wouldn't have noticed it at all, but I saw his tattoos! He was wearing this cutoff shirt thing and I saw the arm band tattoo. I freaked out and grabbed Paula (my sis) and I was like..."oh my god that's nick carter!" She was like NO WAY, so we stood there and stared at him because we didn't know whether we should go up to him or not. He was talking with this girl, but I couldn't see her face well because her back was towards us. She was in a pink sweatshirt kind of thing and shorts and her hair was like a dark brown/black color. We thought it was maybe a fan but he wasn't signing anything so maybe not? So then they turn and get into the elavator when it opens. I saw her face when she turned and I was surprised to see that she was like asian or something. Nick looked at us and we waved and he waved back before the doors closed. Me and my sis screamed. We went back to our seats and we figured that Nick was somewhere in the balcony. We tried to stand up and see but we couldn't see anything.

Nick came on the stage to introduce a band and then he came on again when AJ was making fun of the BSB guys. It turns out that Howie D. was there too! It was so funny. But what was up with his braids? Those were way funky. Later, me and my sis thought we'd go on a little hunt thinking we could find Nick again. So we walked around on the outside (I grabbed my camera this time) pretending like we had to go to the bathrooms. We didn't see Nick, but we DID see that girl again. She was walking down the corridor thing and was wearing a tank this time...I'm sure it was her. So I snapped her pic when I saw her walking and she disappeared around the corner. Then after 10 mins of searching and no nick or howie, we went back to our seats.

So there's my BSB encounter. I will post the pic of the girl as soon as i get the pics developed. The concert was awesome by the way. But i'm sure you heard enough of that.



Johnny No Name

Date: 06, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

I went to the Johnny No Name concert on 12/30/00 and it was so amazing. First, Kid Cruz from the local radio station came out with A.J. showing a jacket that Johnny had worn at the show last year. Then, they introduced Lil J. He was cute and he had a pretty good voice. Then, Kid came out again and introduced this terrible, terrible band that I don't remember their names. They played the violin. But then, Kid came out for the last time, with A.J. and NICK (complete with long blonde extensions, like dreads)! I was going crazy. Nick introduced his band, Born Into Chaos. They were very good, they are kind of like Limp Bizkit when they were starting out. During their performance, Nick was up in the balcony trying to sing along, doing a little head banging, he was so hot!

We waited a while and then Johnny came out. He was wearing a blue suit and he sang Rollin, complete with all the dance moves from the video. I don't really remember what he sang next but he changed his suit 2 times and in that time he sang Brian McNight's Back at One, Lay Down Beside Me, and Play That Funky Music and Backstreet songs, Yes I Will, Don't Want You Back and Get Another Boyfriend. At one point he decided to go through all the Boys and make fun of them. He attacked Kevin's eyebrows, Howie's "Sweet D" nickname (sort of saying he was gay)...then Howie came out with a broom...he made fun of Brian's nickname and how anyone would want to be called a rock becasue you only sit on rocks, and then for Nick all he said was that he's called Chaos. Then Nick came out and they just talked for a minute. Howie and Nick left then came out later. A.J.'s mom was there and she came out on stage and A.J. had us all say We thank you and love you Denise. It was very cute, then she kissed him on the cheek and gave him a little pat on the booty. He is a very, very good performer.

At the end, he came out in just a pair of jeans and Nick and Howie came out with him. Nick played the drums while the other two sang Brick House. After the song, all three of them did pelvic thrusts like you have never seen before. Nick was shaking his ghetto bubble butt, it was adorable. Thats about it but it was almost as good as their concert...except Brian and Kevin (the attached ones) weren't there. I was very disappointed that we weren't allowed to have cameras but I don't think i will ever forget the concert.

johnny no name concert dec.30th

Date: 03, 2001
Submitted By: lori

I went to the Johnny no name concert and it was the best yet. I went to the last Johnny concert on his birthday but this was the best cause i had front row. I stood on line 11 hours and i bet everyone who was there for that long could agree with me it was frezzing. I went with my sister and my friend. We bought our cd player so we played black and blue for the people in line. Ok now to the concert. the opening acts were good but i really wanted to see Johnny. Nick had something seriously wrong with his hair. Ok so then Johnny came out and he started with "rollin". I almost died. The concert was great up until he sang "back at one" cause a security guard saw my camera and kicked me out so i went to my aunt and mom and dad and I was hysterical crying and I got to hang out with Amanda cause my family was hanging out with her, she was really nice.

When i first met her i told her what happened and she gave me a hug. aj sang "lay down beside me" and thru the whole song he kept on looking at Amanda. I liked when Johnny almost stripped for us!!!! He said if he had to all the bsb would have to so i was like go ahead!!!!!!!!I loved when he made fun of the bsb nick names that was so funny! I asked Amanda for her autograph so I got that and I got to take a picture with her. I got to sit on the side of the stage with Amanda cause we were both whining about how our feet hurt.

Yhe pelvic thrusts thru the whole show were the best!!!! Expecialy Nick shaking his ghetto botty!!!!! I was right near the fight where two girls were punching each other but one of the girls ran away so they never found her. The show was soooo raunchy. He came out and he was smoking so I was like omigod. I loved when he let us sing the "yeaah" part of "get another boyfriend" I wasnt in the crowd when he did that cause I got kicked out put I did it anyways. I liked when he went to his two security guards and had us say hi to him and the he went over to the other one( which was by me) and started talking spanish!!! Ajs mom walked right by me, she is so short. What was really funny was some girl threw a condom on stage and Aj picked it up and started to read it and he threw it down and said " i dont wanna know what that is"!!! i liked when he said: " happy f**king new year"!!!!!! well thats my review i know alot more happened but i cant think of it right now so:




Johnny No Name Concert

Date: 03, 2001
Submitted By: Toni

I went to see A.J.'s Johnny No Name concert and it was so amazing and awesome. He sounded and looked great. Nick and Howie came on stage a couple of times and that was pretty neat. But Johnny stole the show. He was so funny. I coulnd't believe how wild he was without the rest of the Boys. It was even better than a BSB concert. It just rocked.It was just an excellent show. I do have to complain about some apparent N'Sync fans that were just behind who did nothing but dis my boy all night. Hey, if you are an N'Sync fan why are you there in the first place? I finally had to move away before I got into an argument. Otherwise, I had a great time. A.J. Rules, no matter what name he goes by!

Johnny No-Name Concert at Hard Rock Live 12/30/00

Date: 02, 2001
Submitted By: Tami

The Johnny No-Name concert was great. Although it was very cold waiting in line the show was well worth the wait. A local dj came on stage to start the show off and brought AJ out with him and the crowd went crazy. He introduced some of the opening acts. Then the next time he came out, still as AJ, he brought Nick out with him. He said the he didn't know who Nick was anymore because he was freakin' him out backstage. Nicks hair looked really bad. Nick introduced his group, Born Into Kaos. They were really good. Then there was a really long period before "Johnny" came out. He performed all kinds of different songs. I was so close to the stage. There were only two people between the stage and myself. He stayed over on the side where my cousins and I were. So we picked a really good spot to stand in (there were no seats on the floor). We saw Amanda Latona. She was sitting over on the very end of the stage near the security. But she wasn't there the whole time. I'm sure she was backstage. When AJ came back out as AJ he performed a few songs as himself with Nick and Howie. Then they started doing pelvic thrust. Because I do not live in Orlando, my grandmother had to drive my cousins and I there. When we got out and were walking to the car, she said that he puts on a wonderful show and he is truly an entertainer. And that you can tell he loves doing what he does.

Johnny No-Name pre new years eve bash!

Date: 02, 2001
Submitted By: Alicia

I went to the Johnny No-name pre new years eve basha and i had a total blast! it was great! the mere 13 hours of waiting in line was all worth it! besides all the girls screaming and trying to shove their way up to the front the concert was a total sucess. i was one of the lucky ones to have "2nd" row considering it was general admission. Johnny/Aj put on a great show. the suprise guests was an extra bonous. *if anyone knows who the guy in the whit shirt and the tan benni was plz email and tell me who cause he was hot!* the mix of diffrent songs they performed was a great thrill and johnny/ajs constant teasting the crowd of striping naked kept the crowd at attention. towards the end when nick and howie joined aj on stage must have been the best part. the on going of pelvic thrust had every girl longing to just have a bit more! all i know is that it was a great experience. i know that next time im deffinately going again! *i took pictures and im going to scan them.. if you care to see them email me and i will send them to anyone who would like them :) *

~ Alicia *pardon the spelling.. i suck*

Johnny No Name Pre New Year's Eve Bash!!!!!!!

Date: 02, 2001
Submitted By: Cristina

Wow. I cannot even describe how good this concert was Saturday night. I went to last years and it was good, but this year, it kicked ass!!!!! The opening acts where really good. Especially Born into Kaos! Nick did a great job! Now, Johnny No Name put on a great concert! When he started off with Rollin, I about died, because that is my favorite song! :) The best part was when he was making fun of the BSB. Everything he said was true. Except the Howie thing. Poor guy. :( Ball and chain, ball and chain, now that was hilarious! I liked his backup singers. They where really good. The one with the red dress and the hat, she kicked! :) I miss the old BSB band though. It was really neat being able to see them perform with Johnny. :) When Aj came out, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I noticed a new tattoo on his right arm. It was on the inside. It was a set of hands reaching for each other. Didn't know he got that one, but it still looked good. I was front row, and I couldn't have been happier. :) Johnny did a awesome job, and I loved every single song he did. I don't really want to bring up Lay Down Beside Me, because I would be here forever. In other words, that song kicked total ass!!!!!!!! I would like to thank Johnny and Aj for puttting on such a great show. Also, allowing Howie and Nick to be there. That was really cool. Nick's hair is wild, but I like it. :) I cannot wait to see him in concert again. I have so much fun!!!!!

~In Aj's words..." Happy F****** New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Johnny No-Name

Date: 02, 2001
Submitted By: Kate

Oh my good God! AJ McLean should be outlawed. I have never in my life experienced such a thing as I did last night. I thought I was going to have a heart attack at the young age of 19. My three friends and I went and got there at 1:30 in the afternoon. It was so cold. I waited five hours in the cold for that man, but it was well-worth it. We finally were let in at 6:00, and the four of us pushed ourselves up front. I could hardly believe that I was going to be that close to him. I knew that Nick was there because people had seen him with his dreads, but I wasn't quite sure if Howie was going to be there. 'Lil Jay came out first. His dancers are incredible! However, before that Kid Cruz who is a local DJ came out with AJ. He was fully dressed, but I knew that wouldn't last for long.

He looked great with a bandana on and a pair of khaki pants and a khaki jacket over his white wifebeater with wire-rimmed glasses on. After 'Lil Jay left, AJ came out again with Kid while just wearing a black bandana, jeans, white wifebeater, and his glasses. He and Kid held up his white outfit from the first show he did which is going to be on Ebay later next week. Then, Cleanser came on. They weren't that great. They were on way too long. Then, AJ came back out and said he wasn't the only Backstreet Boy there that night. Nick then came out. He looked soooooo good in his hunter green sleeveless t-shirt and baggy khaki pants. He has dreadlocks in his hair now. They are past his shoulders. They actually look really good. He introduced his band Born Into Chaos. They were a little loud, but obviously had talent. The crowd was loving them. It seemed like an eternity, but Johnny finally came out. I thought I was going to go deaf. I forgot to mention that the crowd was soooooo wild. A fight broke out in the audience, and the pushing was endless. The Hard Rock Live security couldn't believe it! They had to pull the fighting girl out of the audience.

AJ wasn't allowing cameras either. I don't think he wanted pics on the net. I can see why now; he was soooo raunchy. The security took your camera if they saw it. They must have taken away 20-30 cameras that were snuck in. Johnny came out handcuffed in a brown suit and brown hat. He had a cigarette in his left hand. I knew right then and there it was going to be bad. He busts into "Rollin" from Limp, and the screams were endless. He talked in his accent the whole night. He moved his body like nothing I had ever seen. He glided instead of danced. A girl behind my friend passed out. Women were going crazy; constant chants of, "Take it off," and "Ride it baby!" were heard throughout the night. He did all these songs which I know that you will read about somewhere else, so I am not going to waste my time discussing that.

He did let us sing the "Yeaaaaah" part in "Get Another Boyfriend." He was amazing. He made about fifty references to his "thing" and discussed how horny he was the whole night. Someone had thrown a big plastic bone onstage so he put it at his crotch and waved it around. He thrusted the entire night. He took Peter the good luck duck of the band, put it to his crotch, and screamed, "He touched me!" and threw it into the audience. He commanded the stage. At one point, he did a song with Stevie of Take 5, and some girl came out in disguise. Many claimed that it was Willa, and it sure looked like her. AJ even said that Nick was single. He then made fun of all the BSB's nicknames, and that his nickname, Bone, made reference to some sort of sexual activity,as he thrusted his way during the comment. Howie came out when his nickname was mentioned and so did Nick. He also brought out his mom, and made us say in unison, "We love you, and thank you Denise!" He adores his mom.

When he humped the floor the first time, he teased us so much. He would get down, and then stand back up. He finally was like, "Oh all right!" He did it, and the audience suddenly lurched forward with ecstacy. He was making the women nuts! He brought out Nick and Howie and performed "Brickhouse" with them. Stevie was also a part of it. Nick played the drums when they sang "Brickhouse." When he performed "Bad to the Bone," he was playing a guitar, and at the end, he smashed it against the ground. That guitar will go up for auction on Ebay along with the suit next week. AJ, Nick, and Howie all did thrusts in unison for an eternity. Nick then told AJ to "do it again, nice and slow." AJ then proceeded to hump the floor for a second time. I was dying with the rest of the audience at this point. Nick fell back on the floor, and he sort of "popped up" shall we say. AJ also unzipped his pants and undid his belt. He was teasing us soooo much as he twirled the belt around. He was wearing Tommy green plaid boxers.

Someone threw up a pack of cigarettes on stage, and Howie kicked it over to AJ. They all thrusted a billion more times. Imagine Howie thrusting, Nick shaking his ghetto booty, and AJ humping the floor all at once! It was my fantasy come true. My birthday card for him was taken back to him, and my rose made it onstage. The best part was my friend didn't get her camera taken away, so we have awesome pics.

PS- When Johnny was on the local radio station promoting the show, he said that he and Nick were going to the Playboy mansion to celebrate their birthdays. WOW!

Johnny No Name Dec 30th Hard Rock Live

Date: 02, 2001
Submitted By: Dani

I was at the Johnny No Name concert last night and had a blast. He is so sexy. My friend and I drove from South Carolina to see him. All the acts were great but when Johnny came on I thought I would die. He looked so good. He has so much energy and puts on a really good show. I know I will travel to see his next show wherever that may be. Once you've had a taste of Johnny you can never get enough. Howie and Nick were there and my friend was screaming for Howie. We were over by the door where they come out and I was close enough to touch them except for the big body guard in my way. We wanted to knock them out of the way, steal their shirts and go backstage, but there were too many witnesses. Haha. If you have never seen Johnny live you must go trust me it is an experience you will never forget. And to the new friends I met, if you read this I enjoyed finding more Johnny lovers who are closer to my age. To you Johnny you are the bomb and see you next time wherever you may be.

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