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Johnny No-Name's Pre New Year's Eve Bash 2000

Date: 31, 2000
Submitted By: *~Sarah~*

omg!~ I just thought I'd tell you about my experience at the concert at the Hard Rock Live last night!

My fave quotes that he made were:

be cool, be real,and behave baby!~AJ

Red stands for 3 things: love, life, and sex!~AJ

Happy f****** New Year!~AJ

Nick's a punkass!~But how much Kaos can he really cause? But wait, he's almost 21-single and legal!~AJ

Whats up with those frickin eyebrows! Ever heard of tweezers Kevin! Pluck, Pluck, Pluck!~AJ

Brian, married man. Ball & chain, Ball& chain. . And what the hell kinda name is B-Rok!? Who the hell wants to be a rock anyways! All you do is kick it and sh*t on it!~AJ

And Howie, Sweet D. Tell me: How Sweet is he girls?

And then there's AJ. What kinda nickname is Bone! If my daughter brought home a guy named Bone I'd kick him out cuz its sounds like sexual activity to me!~AJ

lol, those were so funny. He sang, Get Another Boyfriend, Don't Want You Back, Lay Down Beside Me, Yes I Will, Down, Brickhouse(with Nick & Howie),some Latin song, Bad To The Bone, Play That Funky Music, and some other songs. I got pics, and I'll scan them and send them in ASAP!~

Just thought yall would like to know!

***Oh, and by the way, Born Into Kaos is really good! Everyone loved them!***


Date: 31, 2000
Submitted By: Kimmy

Hey everyone. Well, last night as most of you know, was the JNN (Johnny No Name) Pre-new years bash. It was all that and them some. And not Just AJ/Johnny. Howie and Nick too! It was very fun. The opening acts were good. ESP. Lil J and Born into Kaos. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see a lot of the Johnny performance. I met up with Jason (amanda's brother) and me and my friend hung out with him and his friends for a while. AJ humped the ground TWICE and I saw him perform all the songs. I just didn't keep my eyes on the stage. The first song he performed was "Rollin" by Limp B. He performed it pretty good. Amanda and Jason were dancing all night long. While Johnny peformed "play that funky music white boy" we gathered around Amanda and Jason while they danced and danced. It was fun. Then AJ had to play my song. "Lay Down Beside Me." I went CrAzY. And then he did that little "hol-hol-hol-hol-hol-hol-hol-hold me-uh!" And each time he'd do it longer and longer until he ran outta breath.

But, the best part of the show. and I know this may not be for most..but, is when he yelled "HAPPY F***KING NEW YEAR!" I was just like "hell yeah! HELL YEAH!" Then I sat down for a while and I can't remember what songs he played. All I remember is "brickhouse" when Howie and Nick came out and joined AJ. And when they all went "BAND, HIT ME 1 TIME!" and omg. Howie and Nick!!!!!!!!!!! mmm-mmm. And they did pelvic thrusts all the way up until 10! And Nick looked good with those long braids. And Howie with his Long, Latin hair. But, Johnny looked the best when he came out wearing that Blue Suit with the Blue hat. And when he changed into the Red suit with the brown hat. mmm-mmm. And in the end, when Johnny left and AJ came out wearing jeans and no shirt. That was the best outfit all night. He has such a nice stomach and back. I wanted to see him at the after party. I got invited by the dancers and Jason and them but, I just wasn't up to it. I felt that if I went, I would've passed out on the nearest chair. So, I just went home and dreamt about...JASON.

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