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Date: Dec 31, 2001
Submitted By: sharleen

Drowning rocks!!!!

The guys look really cool over there! especially AJ after the rehab he looks so much cooler!!!

I think this is the best video the guys have ever done!

Nick has mature a lot in that video !

He is always smiling, what a person!!!!

so guys keep up the good work and keep making good music!

Backstreet Boys forever!!!



Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

OMG! Drowning has GOT to be my favorite BSB song!!! I mean, I obviously love all their songs, but this one is AMAZING!! It's really heartfelt, and whenever I hear it...gosh, I feel like a little kid...I think of this guy that I have a crush



Date: Dec 06, 2001
Submitted By: Walter

Well, the video is simple awesome and nice.. kinda like 'More Than That'.. I like the song very much as it is my 2nd favourite song.. But, I hope BSB will have their dancing moves again in their next videos..cause i just want them to rock the world again... As like Larger Than Life, Everybody and Get Down... Plz, I really want to see BSB dance again.. KTBPA!!


Date: Dec 06, 2001
Submitted By: Chelsea

What can I say about "Drowning" other than it's an incredible song. BSB has yet to put out a really bad song, I mean singles, not songs on the albums because we all know that "If you want it to be good girl, get yourself a bad boy" is just a bad song, I mean even the guys think so. But the video is just so amazing, even if they do just stand or sit around and sing. It's about their vocals that matter, not how good they dance or who's doing what. All five look hot, and I swear they get hotter by the day!! Plus what makes this such a great song is that all five get a solo part, not every boy band allows that (not naming names, one group pops up though). I think it's so awesome to hear all five sing, because they are all so talented. I just can't wait for the new album, new material, new sound. Ohhh, how exciting!!


Date: Dec 01, 2001
Submitted By: zany

well i think that the drowning is simply awesome...NICK looks cool as ever .he is lookin gr8 in the videoo.i simply love himm.well the others r also lookin good.Aj is lookin cool the song itself is nice and i drown in the love of nick whlie hearing this song.not jokinggggg

the drowning song melts your heart

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: azneeta

well,for the first time i heard this song i really like it.very much!acttually i'm one of bsb fan.drowning is not like more than words.i don't like that song as much as i like drowning.when i first hear more than words its like "hey,is this bsb new song?it is not that good."but im grateful they made this new song.keep up the good work guyz.


Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: smile


I'm from Malaysia.I heard the bsb new song "drowning".It's a amazing song.I love it so much but i have to admit that their video is too simple as we know that this song is about a man who accept his gf although she did something wrong because he loves her very much.So it suppose to have more character to make this song meaningful and interesting.That's my opinion.Secondly,although i really like this song but i realised that bsb already sang a lot of songs with sappy feeling.Honestly i really sad when the radio and the DJ seldom play their songs and all their reasons are same :not nice to hear and their result in the music chart always not very good.Still what i want to say is please support them not for what ,it's for the respect which they deserve to have compare to another group ,for their success and their hardwork but not much people know that.Keep the backstreet pride alive.Like they say ,"if there's not fan to support,they wont have the backstreetboys.I love them so much!Drowning BEst

Drowning- part 4

Date: Dec 27, 2001
Submitted By: Nnacy Soltero

What can I say about Drowning?

It's an amazing song, this song show who the backstreet boys are: the best group in the world, this song show that they really sing and that they can be singing for 10 years or more. I think backstreet boys are here for their talent, for those beautiful voices and for us, who always be there for them no matter what happen.

The video is excellent i mean they look so great and mature you can't resist.

backstreet boys rocks here in Mexico, we love them soooooo much, they're the number one.

sory if I didn't writte well but I did my best, but I wanted to say that.

Keep the backstreet pride alive.

Keep love the backstreet boys


Date: Dec 27, 2001
Submitted By: a friendly purple monkey

Thanks to the insanity of music fans, I may not remain a friendly purple monkey for long. I am an aggravated purple monkey to say the least. An avid supporter of good music, I must say that a compliment from me is very hard to obtain. My plea to fans worldwide - REMOVE THE ROSE TINTED SPECTACLES! GET A PERSPECTIVE!

Drowning is not a wonderful amazing song. It is a mediocre tune, written to seduce wannabe Mrs Carters, McLeans and Littrels the world over. I, the primate music critic extoadinaire, am somewhat harder to beguile.

I am indeed a fan of the boys (else why would I be here, stooooopid) but i have to admit their weakness is releasing terrible songs. I can pin-point the descent of their careers to the release of SMTM, only to sink lower by releasing The One, a TV show theme tune with little substance. SOMH was a boring ballad, the call was a tacky "Oh my god, Nsync are more popular lets totally copy their style and rip off the Bye Bye Bye video all at once!" type song, and as for More Than That, well, I don't believe it even charted here in the UK.

The sickening thing is, these songs come from an album of splendid, cutting edge, perfectly produced pieces. Doesn't anyone have any sense 'round here.

PS Nick, if you can see past what I just said, and are into monkeys, mail me babe! luv, monkey xxx


Date: Dec 27, 2001
Submitted By: Rose

I think that the new video of the Backstreet Boys, is great but I think that for the next video that they should put a leading lady. But the video is great, they look all hot.

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