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Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: fahreta ABIDOVIC

Ohhhhhh o my god man I can't belive I couldn't belive it was one of the best albums I ever have.

Keep doing mr.Carter and you gonna rock the world.

Good luck I will tell everyone for your album they need to get one before is gone.

Your biggest bosnien fan fahreta.

now or never

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: bsbwillafan

i love now or never so much! i thought when "help me" came out it was pretty good, and had high expectations for now or never... nicky, baby, you exceeded all expectations... "take it off, take it off/ let's get it on, get it on"... sorry about the bad grammar, but this isn't english class!


Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: audrey

This album is amazing the songs are great and Nick voice is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations to Nick for this wonderful album

audrey Québec,Canada

pleasantly surprised.....

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: andrea

Well, all I can say is I had no intentions of buying nicks Cd! Honestly, I supported him but I didnt think it would have Been the greatest cd ever!! I mean, sure the boy can sing, but I prefer him in a group setting, just as I woudl prefer all Of them in a group! Bc its the harmonies of bsb I like the best!!! All 5 voices togethe giving u this awesome vibe! Its just such A rush!!!

Neways, I heard 'help me' on the radio, and yaa, I liked it! Its a good top 40 song and I think it should be higher on the Charts then where it is, but, I downloaded it and have been Listening to it for a while now! Then I heard 'do I have to Cry for u?' seeing that I LOVE! Bryan adams, I thought this Song was great!!! And seriously, it can touch u! Esp if u have Ever felt this way! I mean, its a direct duplica of bryan adams Song 'do I have to say the words?' but I still loved it!

I still wasnt going to buy the album at this point, then the Album got released! And I read the reviews... I was honestly Very VERY shocked at them!! Most of them were really really Good! Out of the 8 I read I think only 1 was negative!

I was surprised that these ppl, who tend to critisize actually Admitted nick can sing, and his album is good! So after I read That, and really wanted to see this dvd that somes with the Cd I decided to get it!

I still didnt kno if I would like it, but I have to admit i Am surprised!! Esp since most of the songs were written by him, And most of the better ones I might add!

Well! The songs I liked were my confession, I stand for u, do I have to cry for u, girls in the usa, I got u, heart without A home!

I find is it saturday yet? And miss america annoying songs!

I LOVE bon jovi, journey and bryan adams! And if u like these Artists, u will like the album!

For a bsb fan u will prob find it weird or diff at first, but After a few spins u will be hooked! And really enjoy it! As For non-bsb fans, u will prob like some of the rockish songs, And u will find a few of them really annoying!!

On a whole, I am happy I bought this, and I would rate it 7/10, This album proved nick can sing and write and be good as a solo Artist, do I think he will make another album?? Only time and Fate of bsb will tell!

I would still rather listen to a bsb album ANYDAY over this! But that doesnt mean I dont like it! And I really hope bsb come Out with there album like they ahhh promised! But who knows! And for now, 'now or never' will be spinning in my cd player!!!

Hope u enjoyed this review!


PS--if u work out! Omg!! Great work out cd!! Lol! Byee!

Nick's cd

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Jessica

I LOVE Nick's new cd! I've been listining to it NONstop since Tuesday! I don't care what any critic says, its awesome. haha and he sounds SuPeR sexy when he goes "take it off, take it off, lets get it on, get it on" hehe. But i think my favorites are "Do I have To Cry For You", "Blow Your Mind" and "My Confession"....ah i love em all! What about everyone else?


Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Dreama

Omg!!! I love nick's new album its the best!

I love nicks voice in "do I have to cry for you" its soo sweet and soo sexy....And omg...I recommmend that all peoples buy his album!!! Hes the best

Love ya man

Nicks Cd....

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: ***christy***

hey every1.

i've been a nick fan for the longest time and think he has a great voice, but im not very happy with his new album. its all pretty cheaply done. its very synthesized, not really the right style of music for his voice, and some of it is pretty offensive. a lot of it is stupid propaganda which you can tell he didnt write. so basically... i say stick to backstreet. he cant carry it alone. (hope i didnt just offend everyone reading this. i have nothing against nick i swaer... im just not likin his solo album.)

Just, wow

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Forever Rebel

OMG, ive been waiting for this album since i first heard about it... i really hope hetours, b/c itwould bring out the sweetness of the album... i think my fave songs are Heart Without A Home (I'll Be Yours) and I Stand For You... but theyre ALL awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :D... lol

~Forever Rebel~

~Rebel Without A Cause~

Thank God it was Now and not Never

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Crystal

Since grabbing up one of the 4 copies of Now Or Never left at my local Wal-mart on Tuesday I've not been able to stop listening to this album! From the opening groove of "Help me" to the last beautiful strains of "Who Needs the World" this album is worth every penny and then some!

Every song has it's own distinct sound, it's not an album of one sound and 12 songs, it's 12 songs with 12 different vibes - from fun to sweet to crazy, Nick rocks out and chills out.

Every song has something in it's own rite that makes it note worthy. "Help me" of course as the first single was safe and groovy, fun to sing along to and has a edgy vibe. "My confession" holds this almost accoustic feel, with ballad-esque lyrics yet an uptempo beat it makes you wonder why this artists didn't go solo and write his own songs sooner. "I stand for you" and "Is It Saturday Yet?" are fun, rock out songs that listeners from all age groups can enjoy. With refrences to the times, the generations and the freedom of life they're deffinitely worth their weight in lyrical and musical fun!

The ballads on the album, while some uptempo some slow and some with an outright 80's rock vibe give witnes to the talents of this vocal phenomenon.

With credit to writing/co-writing 5 songs on the 12 track album(US Version without bonus tracks), Carter shows his talent, vocally, instrumentally and lyrically. With how little buzz and pre-sale advertisment there was for his album, sales seem to be growing day by day and this 10 year vetran of the industry seems to be setting himself apart from other group-gone-solo artists, as one who can and will be in it for the long haul.

Commendations to Nick Carter on his first Solo album being such a success, whether the numbers show it or not, the fans know that this is one album they cannot live without!!

Now or Never-an awesome album!

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Mandy C.

I think Now or Never completely rocks!!!!!!!!!!! It blew me away and i love it! Nick really surprised me and i think this music is definetly his style! the album shows the real nick carter and i think it's great! it's a trip back to the 80's if u adk me. So u peoples go and buy the album it's worh every cent!!! KTBSPA! and Rock On Nick!!!!!!!!

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