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nick? solo artist...HA!

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: maegan

First off - Nick as a solo artist?? Never...thats stupid.

Don't get me wrong I was once a HUGE BSB fan...and I'm still sorta a big fan, but I'm getting impatient waiting for what they do next. I just hope when they do come out with a new CD it'll be good. The last one was good...but not their best. They need to move in the direction of where music is going these days. Y'know - something cool...funky...hip-hop/r&b......hey if Justin did it, so can they. (and justin's cd is GREAT!). Um..back to Nick...his cd isn't too great. I personally do not like the songs. They don't flow...

I can't really feel them...y'know?! Whatever...its my opinion...I just think Nick should stick to his day-job....BEING A BACKSTREET BOY...not some Justin-wannabe. *lol*


Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Dianne

This album is really awesome! Nick's music has so much 80's rock feel to it that I thought I'd died and went to heaven. To hear something new sound so much like the stuff I really love was so refreshing. And it has some bluesy feel to it, too, another favorite of mine. I'm 39 years old and this guy has it all wrapped up! Even my mother and my kids (9 & 6 year old boys) love it and to be able to reach 3 generations is a true accomplishment. He can sing a ballad right up there with Jon Bon Jovi and Joe Elliot. And he's such a cutie patootie! He's really grown into a man.

nick's cd blowed my mind

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: greenteal

this cd is awesome! honestly, i was expecting a pop sound, but, what came out was a honest-to-god rock album. incredible.

i have friend (my best friend in fact) that's a die hard nsync fan and she hates justin's album. she loves nick's better and she's going to buy it. i'm not dising nsync, but i'm just showing how much of an impact it has had on people who actually listen to it with an open mind beyond that of, "oh, it's nick of the backstreet boys. ya know, apart of one of those boy bands."

people who haven't bought it, shame on you-especially if you like rock and edgy-raw stuff. trust me, this cd will not dissapoint.

My Now or Never Review

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Miranda Leigh

I love Nick's cd i listen to it like everynight, i makes me fall alseep. The lyrics are so good, i'm glad that Nick went the rock n roll way! I've always loved and supported Nick in everything he's done & i think i always will! I can't just choose a favorite song from the album because i like them all its so hard to choose just one, they are all so good! Nick is a very talented person (along with the rest of the guys!) I hope Nick makes another album, if he does i know i'm gunna go and buy it! Good luck to Nick and the boys in everything they do!! Much Luv!!

Love it love it love it

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Erin Carter

I love this album sooooooooo much I think NIck Carter is the hottest sexiest man ALIVE in the history of the world!!!! He is an awsome awsome performer and I can't wait to go to his Boston show in Febuary. Nick Carter rules and I love him sooo Much......HAPYY 23rd BIRTHDAY NICK!!!

nick is the best

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: leelee

nick's lp rocks!

Nick Carter should stay with the boys!

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Marcie

I think that Nick is awesome with out the boys but he's just not being recognized! With the boys he is known but without them he's just not recieving the attention he should be getting! But overall if i have to chose for him to stay solo or stay with the backstreet boys i would have to say he needs to stick with the boys! He is part of a group that would not be the same without any single one of them!

Rock on NIck

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Adreanne

I love it! His cd is fun and will always put me in a good mood!


Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Jenni

I listened to Nick's solo album, and i have to say....i wasn't too impressed. Nick is just better off being 1 of 5 memebers of the Backstreet Boys. It's just better that way. (not saying he's a bad singer or anything...cuz he's not...) He is just one of those people that are better off being in a group.

really great!

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: 王毅

Nick,your solo album is really cool and great,and the bouns is helpful for me. But why don't U come to china? There are so many fans waiting for U 4 8 years!In2002,Uand Aaron didn't come,it hurt us so deep! please !come2 china! more than 40million fans all luv U!

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