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Nick did a good job on the cd but i would rather all 5 of the guys together!

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Heather

Nick i really liked the cd it was cool! It was something that

i wasn't expecting and i don't think any of the other fans were

expecting ethier but it still rocked! Don't get me wrong i loved the cd and listen to it EVERYDAY, but i think i like all the guy's together cause i guess thats what i've been used to for the 5 yrs. i've been a fan! KTBSPA 4-EVER!

If any bsb fan would like to chat IM on glilangel88 on aol or e-mail me if u don't have aol! I'll be happy to chat but don't IM me or e-mail me and start talking bout bsb sucks and bsb gay and all that crap cause i have had it happen before and i promise and speak my mind when u say something bout bsb!


Nick's album is awesomw!!!

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Lo J

I think Nick's album is incredible!! It's different, it's funky, it's amazing!! It's so him and I'm proud of him.Go nick, you finally did it!!!!!

nick rocks

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: laura

i thought his cd was was way better than justink timberfake!!!!!!!!!!!peace !!!!!!!!!!!!ktbspa


Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: KRISTA B.


I have to listen to it every single day 5 times through. I even got to tell Nick how much I liked the cd! My favorite songs are miss america!!! blow your mind! and my conffession!! oh plus i got you! All the songs are awesome and I can not describe how much I love Nick for being who he is just Nick not for the person he is in the music industry but just him.


~*~NoW oR nEvEr~*~

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: ~!*!~FracKaos~!*!~

Now or Never is an awesome cd!!! Nick did an awesome job,especially for his first solo cd. Every song relates to something different,so u can listen to the album for any mood,reason,etc.

I cant wait to see if Nick decides to release another cd later on,and i can hardly wait for the new BSB album hehe :)

I am also reallie lookin forward to seein Nick on tour in Toronto in february!!! :)

~!*!~To0dLeZ ;) ~!*!~

My Nicky!

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Shir...

I'm so proud of my Nicky!

I loved the CD, i really think it is very good!!

I'm in the thing of rock now and that is really what i needed to hear!!!

Good job...

i love this cd it ROCKS!!!!!!!

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: April

I Love This Cd It ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you Nick And BSB you guys are #1 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

please try the bsb

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: sandra

i have listened to the album and i liked it soooooo much cause im a big fan of bsb specially nick carter ..and the music it self was nice ..but i think theres somethin special in the bsb music i dont know ..maybe the idea of a band itself

all im trying to say that now or never album was sooooo cool..but in the end i prefer bsb


Now or Never

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Archita

Man!i had to wait 2 months for Now or Never .here in india it released in dec and i got it on the 22nd....long wait..from aug to dec!

I think "NON" completely rocks....or should i say pop rocks!well here is my review...better late than never

Help Me: i loved this song from the first time i heard it on the net...the video could've been better though...I gotta know! know!


My confession:This is my bro's fave song..the guitar's so cute...i really like the background music when he's singin"and i want you to know when you're floating in space"....secong verse is cute.hard to sing.loooowww pitch....kinda hard for girls


I Stand for you:at first i didn't like it but it grew on me....i love it the way he says tattoo.and yeah the "don't u care"


Do i have to cry for you: reminds me of Bryan Adams...i know its a fave for many but sometimes i find it kinda offence


Girls in the USA:u girls r real lucky!imagine nick carter writing a song for it!!(i feel jealous though)....i always hear massachussettes.when he says special


I got you:i really didn't like it in the first was my least fave but since i saw the video it's become one of my faves


Is it saturday yet:Kinda kiddish but i still like bro finds the end part really funny....jerry springer is my brother and mother's cousin was the uncle of my sister's!


Blow your mind:Amazing song!!!!!!totally in love with it....always look forward to it and play it really loud...drums really blew me away


Miss America:Undoubtedly the sexiest song i have ever heard....i laughed so hard when i heard that "take it off,take it off" for the first time....i said to myself"Boyzzzz"


I just wanna take u home:Very cute song....very honest i gotta say...the electric guitar is awesome


Heart without a home:did u hear the way he starts off by singin"girl i love to watch you"....oh man takes my breath away!second verse is really cute..well written song


Who needs the world:The beauty of this song lies in its the acoustic sound..definitely one of my faves on the album


End of forever:its a bonus track on my now or never...i don't have scandalicious but i downloaded it....i thing EOF could've been avoided.they could've put forever rebel or wanna shout instead(love wanna shout!)




Jade's Review

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Jade

I thought he could of done better if he had done more of a rock sound, it's obvious to me that's really what he wanted to do but didn't want to stray too far away from the Backstreet Sound.

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