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Now or Never

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Suzanne

I think NON is a very good album. He has a very good voice and it's definitely showing on the album. A german magazine called it a master piece and I totally agree with that! My favorite songs are Blow your mind, Scandalicious and Who needs the world. Nick Carter/Now or Never roxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!

now or never review

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Rebecca

Absolutely amazing!!! I think he did an incredable job!! He's voice seems to have really matured as well. There isn't a single song on that CD that I couldn't listen to over and over again. I love everything about it! His thank yous are sooo sweet too, he dedicated it to the boys(aww)

Overall I think it's an amazing album and Nick deserves a big pat on the back!

Nicks album

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Leighann

Nick's album rockz!! He is so hot and his new look is so cute :) I love the shoes he's wearing on the cover of the album hehe. My favorite song is: Help me and Do i have to cry for you! also i need to give a shout out to the rest of bsb and i cant wait for another album!!

now or never review

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Melissa

I love nick dont get me wrong and hes an emazing singer .....but i didnt really like some of his songs on his CD like miss america and stuff ...i just thought it was his style really ....but i didnt enjoy most of the songs....and nick keep it up cause u will always have ur fans behind u 100 percent.....canada loves u !!!!!

Now or never

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Janna



Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: sophie

I think the album is great because it has a variation of different genres. My congrats to Nick! I especially like 'My Confession' and 'Do I Have To Cry For You' but I love to rock 'Girls In The USA' ;). Anyway, it's a great album!!! Right on!

I love nick!

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: lucky

I am a girl from china.I like bsb very much.Though I have not

bought Nick's new ablum,but I think he will do it best!I will support him forever!

Now or Never review

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Jill

Well, I must say that I am impressed! Go Nick! I still LOVE BSB, but I've been getting into alternative and rock lately. So, I was surprised that Nick has songs that sound like that. I was happy and impressed though as well. I know it's not the same without the other four, but you know what? He's darn good by himself too! I really hope they Boys stay together, but I am also glad that Nick is doing his own thing. With AJ getting married and Brian having a baby, who knows what is going to happen? And dont take this the wrong way fellow BSB fans...but BSB is not going to be around forever. I hope they're around for A LONG time, but they're normal people. They deserve normal lives....with or without BSB. We should respect that...just as we respect Nick for putting himself out there and making an awesome cd! That's all I listen to in the car since I've gotten it! : ) It's such a fun cd. I really applaud Nick for following his dreams. I still hope there's a future for BSB, but I think Nick is doing the right thing for himself too. Take care guys! And rock on! lol. :)


BSB Fan forever... (sorry so long btw)

Now or Never great or a joke?

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Julie

Now or Never is AWESOME!!! I think that Nick did a GREAT job!! i love the whole album it's hard to pick just one track to be your favorite! but just to name a few Miss America. Blow your Mind, I just wanna take you Home are so awesome ! The album definetely shows growth and change in Nick and I'm very proud of him for doing such an amazing Job so Nick awesome job I LoOoOoOove your cd! it's great!


Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Barbara

i believe that nick carter cd is just off the chain i love "do i have to cry for you" um i know nick said that this album was going to pop with a lil rock flava to it.Though it seems that this album has it's way in moving into rock but the last two ballads seem to be more pop,and "Miss America" seems to be a mixture of pop and soul, but i love the album either way nick rocks backstreet boys rocks peace.

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