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Nick Carter New CD

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Krista

Hey all nick carter fans, and nick!!!!!!

I got the new now or never by nick carter the day after it was realeased in to the stores.

I just love the songs and my favorite song that fits me in my confession becase that girl nick is talking about sounds a lot like me.

nick carter has the best songs on his cd and I have enjoyed listening to them over and over day adn night. The music even helps me go to sleep, I know when I am around nick's age that I will listen to this music and it will help me some how. Right now I am 13 and I am not so confused about who I am because of my lord god, he has me reading why I am here.

I also was able to get nick's dvd and of my gosh it was so awesome, it felt like nick was right there with me. I try to catch nick on everyshow that he is on and I can not wait for his tour he will put on as he says.

my grade for now or never is an a!!!!!!

Keep all the nick carter love real and all the bsb pride alive. Krista


Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: anna

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!

Review on Nick's album

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Sara

I think Nick's album is awesome!!I listen to it constantly!My fav song is Who Needs the World!I am so proud of Nick and all of the fellas.

Now or Never

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Sarah Shewey

Ok, I’m writing this after reading fan & critic reviews of ‘Now or Never’. First of all this is a solo album, SOLO meaning by himself. Nick is doing something he loves & re-invents himself without 4 other guys. After reading a lot of these reviews, it sounds like your not giving him a fair chance to do that. You’re constantly saying “he’s better with BSB”; while true, there would be no BSB without Nick but I wouldn’t say he’s better off (I’m not saying he should go astray either). Backstreet boys is more in that pop category, while Nick wants to go more into the rock category by HIMSELF. Of course Nick is a Backstreet Boy, he’ll always be one, although by himself he’s just Nick Carter. In conclusion, comparing BSB & Nick Carter’s music is like comparing apples & oranges, I know accepting change is hard…but have an open mind, you might be surprised!

Second of all, for all those people out there hating on the songs, STOP. I mean what did you expect from a 22 year old guy? His songs on the album are about having fun, girls, love & life. Plus he must be doing something right since he has a record deal & has been singing for 10 years.

At the end of the day, all that matters is: he’s a talented singer, he’s passionate about what he does, he loves his fans & he makes good music.

Now or Never

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Ashley Hernandez

I think the cd is wonderful my Father even thinks its cool and all I can say is Nick keep up the good job that your doingand I love you


Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Wendy

I hate all those stupid critics saying, oh, this album sucks. I swear, they're all smokin something because this album is AMAZING. My God... Nick goes for his own sound and doesn't use anybody's help (Clipse, Janet, etc... ya know who I'm talking about) and he should get some credit for that. I've HEARD that other blonde boy's album, and I personally think it sucks, so why is it getting such good reviews? I seriously think something is totally wrong with that. I don't really CARE that they say this album sucks because I LOVE IT!! And, the DVD... wow. I'm so glad I got both versions. NICK PRIDE BABY.

help me

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: EDGAR

wow, what can i say? i think help me is one of the most amazing songs, the i never heard

it's hot

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Kristin

i bought Nick's CD last week and i love it...i think its grea that he finally made his own CD...i love all the songs on there, they have an awesome beat espically is it saturday yet and girls in the USA. i was very impressed with his abilities, and i'd just like to say that he's better then justin timberlake any day. Rock on Nick

nick is awsome

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Nicholas

just wanna say nick rocks. I didn't really like bsb's music befor I heard Nick carter's new album "Now or Never.I think he's album is awsome.He has on of the best pop/rock songs on that album. Old school rock is the best.And i just wanna say

that Nick Carter is the man,for doing his own're the man.Now or Never is really cool,and all who didn't get his cd yet go get it,you will be happy with it.


Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: lotje

I love the album from Nick, it's different, but it's just great, much better than Justin Timberlake, I don't have that album, but I can just imagine that it's horrible. I love all the songs who are on the album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick, if you read this, I LOVE YOU AND I WISH I COULD MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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