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A really great album!

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: mell

Sure, I've bought yet! I Think it's a very good result of hard work! I love the Boys since the first song! But I like most. So I bought the album! And I was surprised! It's really good!

But I think togther they are much better!! They shouldn't split! I hope that will never happen, because with their music I grew up. And It's like a dream to be on one of their concerts.

It's a pity that they forgot their german fans, because only of them they got famous!! And it's a shame that they don't do some concerts in germany!!


Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Reem

I Think you were v.good but I think you are better with the group

NOTICE: pleas try to send me alittle massage

Nicks solo Album

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Monica G.

i think his cd is very diffrent from bsb which is something new for many people. But over all i think its really really good.

Props to Nick!!!!!!

the backstreet boys will be last

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: mostafa

hi boys,i'm from egypt&i wanna the backstreet boys will be last 4ever &nick carter must come back 2urs he must do that cause u have a great things u do...... plz come back u'll do more&more in the music&u will have allllllllllllllllllll the awards plz come back &allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll who love the BSB will wait the new album from urs thxxxxx alot


itīs so good

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: gaby rodriguez from mexico

the cd itīs so great, i loved, the lyrics, the music, the voice, all itīs ok.

Growing up

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Sarah Jessica

I think that ''NOW OR NEVER'' has come to show us Nick Carter is already a raised man!

The fans and everybody else could feel (and hear!) how much he growed up(singing and living) during this 10 years being a backstreet boy

This album is for sure one of my favorites!

We must be really proud of him!


Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Kat

Actually found myself enjoying the CD the more I listened to it. " I Got You" is my favorite.

Justin stinks

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: True_fan_Forever

I really, really, really like nick's album, but they hardly ever played help me. That was a good song but they are always playing that stupid song Cry me a river by justin timberlake. Why? that song sucks. And justin timberlake has the biggest nose, i don't see why girls think he's hot

now or never

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: gecko

Oh, dear. Nick comes across as a guy who, like a zillion other guys, likes to sing along with his favorite songs. He doesn't appear to have his own vision or style. The worst part is, he's sounding like a charactature of himself.


Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: lazy

i have already said that i like the album, now i just want to say that he choose the the wrong songs to be the singles, the videos basically suck...(sorry but they do) the 2nd looks like the set of "more than that# and it is quite confusing. he looks like those tipical americans that live for the beer and that are quite ignorant. beside that I like the album, the sound and the it looks(next time more photos, lyrics and drawings<--really good!).

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