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Submitted by Ada McElroy from Louisville KY USA
Date: Wed Jan 5 15:02:51 2000

Okay,okay,okay, I want all of you guys to take a deep breath and calm yourselves down. Since when did this become a "Lets Bash Kelli" board?! I mean, I know what she said was uncalled for here, but I mean you guys need to really calm down. She is just one little insignificant fan, she can't have a big impact,okay? I mean, this is where you are supposed to be able to state your opinions. Its not like she personally bashed you, or said that she wished the Backstreet Boys would die, or anything. This is starting to get ridiculous, take a look at the situation. Me personally, I don't agree with what she said, but its her opinion and its not like she was insulting me or anything. I knew that there would be some people who would bash the magazine cover, but I didn't get worked in a tizzy over it. I just realized that there are people who don't like The Backstreet Boys, and will insult them. The world isn't peachy-keen as we wish it could be. Also, think about it, Kelli probably didn't care what we thought or she wouldn't have said what she did. She's probably laughing at all of the responses. And there are so many more important things in the world to get angry over.

Submitted by fan from Flagstaff Arizona
Date: Wed Jan 5 11:50:31 2000

Thanks for all those who shared their opinions of digust over the shots but majority wins and the majority of the backstreet boys fans LOVE THE PICTURES. LIKE IT OR NOT!!

We will still not be brought down by the dissers.

Congratulations, Backstreet Boys for 5 Grammy Nominations.

Who said they are not taken seriously. The fans have spoken.

Submitted by Ocean from Fz CHINA
Date: Wed Jan 5 04:32:56 2000

I have nothing to say. But I really hate the pics.

说真的,我真讨厌它们! 讨厌极了!为什么要拍这样的照片?!太下作了!

Submitted by Rebecca from RI US
Date: Tue Jan 4 17:26:10 2000

I agree with everything said. They do what the do not just for us but for themselves as well. We, the fans, have lost site of that and myself and many others who haven't understand where all this is coming from. We never and we can never say thank you enough to them. They devote every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day to doing what they do best and what do we do? Scream things at them, try breaking in to their hotel, tour bus, etc. We should shape up and let them know that what the are doing is for them first and then us, the fans. I have one more thing to say before i end this. Why do so many people like them for their looks and not music? I don't understand why. I mean sure their HOT. I can't disagree there but their mucis should come first. When I first heard about the Backstreet Boys it was on the radio and the girl played their music and i fell in love with them right there and then. Then i saw a picture. WOW!!! Any way the music should come first and then looks. Any way the music is first and looks are a plus.

Thank you


Submitted by Amanda from Palm Beach Gardens Florida USA
Date: Tue Jan 4 17:25:19 2000

I totally agree with her I mean a lot of the time celebrities don't want to tour anymore (teen idols mainly) (like the Beatles) because they can't take it anymore or they fear for there safety! Or they just want GIRLFRIEND or WIVES! so we should support them and respect there personal lives so they will want to do this for the rest of there lives!

Submitted by Cindy from Boise Idaho USA
Date: Tue Jan 4 17:22:19 2000

Bravo!!! Thank you for having the guts to put into words what so many of us have wanted to say for a very long time.

I agree 100% and don't have only one thing to add. There will be some people who will be angry when they read the article, but they should keep in mind that if you TRULY LOVE someone, you want only the best for them. You want to do everything you can for that person, and make THEM happy, that is TRUE LOVE. They love and respect us, we should love an respect them.

Submitted by Jennifer from Brilliant Alabama United States
Date: Tue Jan 4 13:37:00 2000

Well, i think it was a cool cover. AJ has the best looking legs of them all, their legs weren't all that great to look at but it was a funny cover. Now, we can safely say that they are sex symbols.

Submitted by Niki from Toronto Ontario Canada!
Date: Tue Jan 4 13:30:41 2000

Well I don't have a problem with it! As long as they don't degrade themselves! But come on it's the boys...... how can they possibly do such a thing? They look hot in anything...Come on any fan would agree! So if they think it's gonna do well for them. Well I agree!

Submitted by Crystal Lilley from Carrollton Virginia USA
Date: Tue Jan 4 12:59:05 2000

Oh m'god!!! Whewwwwww!!!! Is it me, or is it getting hot? I especially like the pic with Nick holding his hand he's saying "come to daddy". Every girl's dream come true... to see the BSB (especially Nick) with their pants down!!!

Submitted by Crystal Lilley from Carrollton Virginia USA
Date: Tue Jan 4 12:50:55 2000

I looove the cover! The Backstreet Boys are definitely MEN and show that off very well..... just one complaint...... Nick isn't showing enough.......leg!! What's up with that? C'mon Nick, show us your glory!!! -lol-

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