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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Mon Nov 13 23:43:26 2023

Dear Melissa,

Your heartfelt message touched me deeply. I commend you for your strength in overcoming addiction, and I'm honored that my journey has inspired you. It's incredible how music can create lasting connections, and I'm grateful for your support since you were 11. While I can't personally arrange a meeting, I want you to know your words mean the world to me. Keep staying strong, and may your dreams of meeting us come true one day.

With love,

Submitted by Melissa H Zwicker from Saskatoon Sask Canada
Date: Sat Mar 17 19:22:10 2007

it is now early 2007, and i just once again watched your apperence on oprah, i admire you so much, only because i know what you have been through. i suffered with addiction very early in my life, and it was only because of my loved ones that i got through it. you are a role model for me now, to stay clean. i love you and the boys so much, i cant even find the words to describe it....i have been in love with you guys since i was 11 years old, and i am now 23. i would love to hear from you, and meet my life long dream of meeting you guys, thats all that i have wanted since i was a little girl, so contact me please, because i will find a way to meet you guys one of these days, and just to give you a hug and tell you how proud i am of you and all of your accomplishments would satisfy me forever. thank you for your time, and love to you all.

Submitted by Rogean from Qamishly syria bbb
Date: Sat Mar 17 18:01:01 2007

hi aj do you know that when i was grade one i loved you and know im grade 7 so you are my here and my heart and my soul i relly do love you please e-mail me href=""">target="_blank">

Submitted by Rogean from Qamishly syria bbb
Date: Sat Mar 17 17:56:34 2007

hi aj whats up i just whant you too know that you are my love and i really would like if you could e mail me href=""">target="_blank"> and keep up the good work love rogean

Submitted by Alisha S. from Spotsylvania Virginia USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 03:58:45 2007

Hey AJ, what's up here is an email address (its my cousin's e-mail address)
its, pleeeeeeease whenever you get a chance e-mail mail me. i would really appreciate it.

Love ya,

Alisha S.

Submitted by Alisha S. from Spotsylvania Virginia USA
Date: Wed Feb 21 01:53:04 2007

Hi AJ, i'm a 29 year old female, 5'2 brown eyes, you have ALWAYS been my
favorite Backstreet Boy, i admire someone that faces their problem head on
and get help for it, that says alot, hope you someday find that special
lady and that that lady will be me (Ha Ha), i also look forward to hearing the
new album, hands down "Never Gone" was the best album ever. i will have you
in my prayers, my love for you goes beyond your celebrity status, you have my love and support for LIFE.

With Love

Alisha S.

Submitted by Raea from Columbia Alabama u.s
Date: Sun Feb 18 14:32:13 2007

Hi A.J. i hope you are doing good.I hope that you aren't having any trouble with anything.I can't wait for yalls new album 2 come out.I only have 1 thing 2 ask...Could yall try 2 come 2 Birmingham,Alabama or even Atlanta,Georgia that way i can go to one of yalls concerts.I hope that all of yall are doing great and i hope that 2007 brings yall great things.By the way A.J. you are my favorite backstreet boy.Well i hope 2 hear from you.Much love and best wishes!!!

~Raea(its pronounced like raya)

Submitted by Amber from Garland tx usa
Date: Wed Feb 14 21:47:08 2007

My big sis LaCosta is a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We both want 2 wish u good luck. Tell the guys hi & we love Yall 2 death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BSB`s biggest fans,
Love always,
Amber & LaCosta


Submitted by Miss Kay Graham from chicago Illinois United States Of America
Date: Mon Jan 22 15:37:16 2007

Mr.A.J,,,,Not too updated on your "predictament" buuut, I'm supporting Whatever you are (still?) facing/goin-through!!!!
The Lord has been with you all this time, He'll be there guiding ya thru this as well!
Cant wait to find out WHEN you will be in Chicago!
Please???,,,make (our Borders, book-store, On Michigan Ave, one of your Important stops! I'm SURE to be in there waiting on ya!!!!!)

Tell Mr.Richardson,I hope your happy with your decision to quit the group,thought (he) will be greatly MISSED! Who's taking his place?????
And I'm really praying for a response,,,from My letter to ya,in the past month!
Thanks sooo much for your time, And just HAVING this web-site to talk to ya!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!

Sincerely,,,,Miss "K" Graham

Submitted by Samantha from MS
Date: Sun Oct 22 21:08:38 2006

Hey A.J. I know that u have been through alot.. And i know that you and the rest of the Backstreet Boys have been through alot also.. But u have turned your life around alot.. I have loved all of u ever since i was a kid.. And the worst thing that i would hate to see is one of u going down hill.. I know that u changed and i am glad that u did.. After Kevin left i had no idea to what was gonna happen to the Backstreet Boys.. Then i heard about everything that was going on with u and Howie.. Howie had to deal with the fact that his sister has Lupus.. So i know that he is going through alot also.. I mean it seems like all of u are going your own seperate ways.. U guys have been together for a long time and all of u are like brothers.. I know that when Kevin left it was hard for all of u.. But there is only 4 of u know.. And i know deep down in my heart that all of u will pull through and make everything work.. A.J. u are the best... Don't let your life go down the drain... U seem like a great guy and u have a good head on your shoulders.. Don't let that go to waist.. The first day i heard one of the Backstreet Boys songs from the CD Never Gone i almost started crying because it has alot of meaning to it.. I know that A.J. probably wont read this.. But if he does A.J. I love u alot.. U r the best... U have been through alot and u need to keep going and keep your dream alive.. And i know for a fact that there are about 90% or maybe more people in the world that do drugs.. But listen this is for anyone that reads this,, it wont answer anything... Just because u may think that u have a terrible life or something dont go out doing drugs thinking that it will answer everything and make things alot better... It wont.. I never dont drugs and i know for a fact that i never will.... People think that it makes u look cool but it doesnt.. It makes u look bad... U can be cool, but u dont have to go all the way and think that drugs will make everything better... Look at A.J. for instance he turned his life around.. And me, myself, and I am proud of him... So like i said dont think that u have to do drugs or something to try to make yourself look cool.. Its not right.. So I love you Backstreet Boys God Bless all of u.. And A.J. good luck... Keep going..

Submitted by Jennifer Elizardo from Woodsboro Texas U.S.
Date: Sun May 28 22:24:10 2006

Hey AJ..This is Jennifer i just wanted to let you know what a big diffrence you made in my life...around the age of 10 i started to smoke weed(i live in a small town so there is nothing to do)after that i started to drink and i became depressed when my great gradmother died...after i heard that you had been sober for 3yrs i decided to get some help...I have been sober for 3yrs(i am only 13)

Love,Jennifer A BSB Fan For Life

P.S. Love, Peace, And BSB

Submitted by eddie (gurl) from canada
Date: Tue Mar 14 22:57:10 2006

hey aj i'm glad you're doing better ... i hope everything'll be alright now!!

luv u so much and i wanted you to know that ya'll are in my prayers.
i know i'll probably never get to meet any of you..seeing as my 'rents don't really like you guys very much (but they don't even know your music..) but if you guys are still together when I decide to move out .. which'll probably be in like ... 5 years (you BETTER STILL BE TOGETHER THEN! haha) i'll sooo totally meet u guys!!

luv you .. remember that God luvs you, and Backstreet Boys can't keep on being as successful as they are without him. don't try to become like the other bands out there... they're not nearly as special as u guys r! they're all the same.. u guys are unique and ROCK MY SOCKS!!

Submitted by mandy from orlando fl usa
Date: Fri Feb 24 23:44:20 2006

dear a.j. i've always loved your personality and am a big fan i hope you feel real

better i've done the liqour and i've almost lost my life i was almost hit by a car just

walking home from a party i was really shook up and after i learned that u had a

drinking problem i was very proud of u for getting the help like a man #1 fan


i love the picture u drew in rehab it was awesome

Submitted by Kyle from Thornton Arkansas United States of America
Date: Fri Feb 24 23:30:00 2006

Yo, Mr. McClean,
How you doing? I don't recall if you ever got an e-mail message from me when I was little, but I'd always been a fan of the crazy-but-cool-actin' Mr. McCleans' singing. I heard about your problem with the bottle, and man....want ya to know if ya need a pal to talk to, dawg I'm here. Message me anytime, homez.
I'm a 21-year-old, TOTALLY-STRAIGHT fella from south Arkansas who is a fan of the Backstreet Boys' music. I must say, I haven't heard many of the new songs yet from the "Never Gone" c.d., but "Incomplete" is the only one I know about and have heard and I gotta say, y'all did good with that song.
Mr. McClean, I say again I'm here for ya, dawg and I know what you're going through. I lost my grandpa to suicide like 4 or 5 years ago, only to find out until last year (2005) that my family lied to me when they kept saying it was a "natural-death", so I guess to a certain extent I DO know how you feel, man.
Gotta go, but congratulations on ALL of y'alls success and HUGE congratulations to the fathers' of B.S.B.......and before I end this e-mail, I gotta say....Mr. McClean, I'm PROUD of you and your battle over alcohol. To ALL the fellas: IF you guys can see my hotmail e-mail, please never be a stranger. God bless B.S.B and take care. YOU FELLAZ ROCK !!!!! "Shape of my heart" is my "mack-on-girls" song, so.....hahahahaha, I guess I could be an imitation Mr. McClean 'cause I try to get the ladies myself. PEACE OUT, Fellas.
A B.S.B. fan,
I wish you all success in life.....and last year I had a VCR tape of y'all in a concert with songs like "I Want It That Way" and "Back To Your Heart"....and when y'all did the song "Don't Want You Back" in the blue and black outfits, I laughed my butt off because of when Mr. McClean was about to scream "....BAACK !!!" towards the end of the song. It was a neat videotape until my VCR ate the tape up. I cried when I saw the video-clip of "Back To Your Heart" because it reminds me of a girl I miss so much named Jenny I haven't seen in a year or 2, and I tell ya fellas, I love her to DEATH.

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Fri Feb 24 22:23:42 2006

Hey A.J babe I know ur doin better now I saw u on Oprah two back when u came out on the show to talk about ur problem I admire u for that cause alot of ppl wouldn't do wat u did.

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