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Date: Jul 22, 2001
Submitted By: lexi

Bread and Butter baby!!

bri said that at the backstreet boys disney channel concert after his b ball game with nick!


Date: Jul 22, 2001
Submitted By: ~*Amanda*~

Nick and Howie on the set of as long as you Love me in the All access video:

Nick:"When you come to la you have to dress like this"

Howie:"No, when YOU come to la you have to dress like this"

Nick:"Well howie why are u dressed like that?"

Howie:Because im in a video shoot."

(nick and howie both laugh)

nick at indy concert

Date: Jul 25, 2001
Submitted By: samantha lynn

"i love da leetle feeshies!"-nick

A True Kid At Heart

Date: Jul 28, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa

"I don`t give a damn, I always act like a little kid....."

Nick on Diary

The best advice given EVER

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Nicks LOVA

If practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, why practice???? ~Nick~

LOVE it! hes such a cutie patootie...hehe:)

Too much pyro?

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Julie

(this is from the favorite video countdown when A.J. & Howie are talking about a little mishap from Howie's youth and Brian happens to walk behind them)

A.J.(about Brian): Another famous pyromaniac!


Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: backstreetgirl5

"We want to be one of the longest groups of our kind to last" ~nick

from a magazine

Brian on Fire

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Sandy

" So my Girlfriend goes up to Brian's wife and says, I think your husbands head is on fire."

- AJ regarding the time Brian's head started to smoke

More BSB Quotes:

Date: Jul 17, 2001
Submitted By: Shelby

"What do you do before a show?"-Reporter

"We sacrifice a duck." ~ AJ

"No we don't." ~ Howie


From the making of As Long As You Love Me)


AJ: Hey Skipper, where we goin' today?

Howie: Yo homie, gilligan, we's goin' back to the islands!

AJ: Word....

Howie: To your brother!!


"I would buy a big house for all you guys to party back home in Orlando with us." ~ Howie

"But you already have a house back in Orlando to party

in" ~ Nick

"Not big enough for all of these people in sweden" ~ Howie in Sydney, Austrailia

A LOT of BSB quotes (enjoy!):

Date: Jul 17, 2001
Submitted By: Shelby

"How do I think a tatoo would improve my sex life? ::Looks to the guys:: I dunno... I don't... really... have a sex life right now..." ~ Nick

"Hey, I'm Mr. Romantic! I have Spanish relatives, so romance is in my blood!" ~Howie

"Here we go. Goin' to the show. Going to cheerio. Come on people, come on, let's go, let's go, move it on out." ~ Kevin

"I want a girl who'll let me hold her so tight and let me kiss her, and kiss her, and kiss her and kiss her."~ Nick

"Faithfulness is very important to me. I would be incapable of cheating on my friend. I couldn't look her straight in the eyes. If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't even need to look at other girls." ~ Nick

"When you like someone, put their name in a circle, not a heart, cause hearts can be broken, but circles go on forever." ~ Brian

"I was asked out by girls a bunch of times when I was at school. I like girls asking you out because it takes the pressure off of you having to do it, but it hasn't happened for a while, I'm sad to say." ~ Nick

"Don't wait for the person that you can live with, wait for the person that you can't live without" ~ Brian

"Personally, I like it when fans do crazy things! It may sound funny, but I got a thrill when I was pulled into a crowd once. It was like 'How am I going to get out of this?!" ~ Nick (OKAY NICKY!!!!!)

"Since our fans are so dedicated, and since the new album is called BLACK & BLUE, we're gonna call our fans the Black and Blue Army" ~ Nick

"I try to be bad, but nobody will let me." ~ Nick

"It's so funny to sing in the middle of so many bras " ~ Nick

"If we've been to a scary movie or something and we're sharing a room, and the lights are off when we walk in, Nick will go 'It's dark in here, isn't it?' And he's not trying to be funny he means it!" ~ Brian

(on shows) "Sweat and girls........ Does it mix? I think so!" ~ Kevin

"Being honest, when I see an attractive girl I have to say that the first thing I look at is, well, if shes looking at me, her eyes but if shes not then her booty. I watch it go from side to side. It doesnt matter what size it is but Yeah, I know. Im a man. Sorry!" ~ AJ

"Most of all I like chasing us. Of course I like to look at pretty girls in the street. What hot-blooded boy doesn't??" ~ Brian (THAT'S A CAN DO TOO B-ROK!)

"I never hang my feet off the end of the bed - I'm afraid little gremlins will bite my toes! Really!" ~ Nick

"I am the Breakfast Burritto Man!" ~Howie

"No, I am just kidding. I don't really have a girlfriend. All you girls out there, you're all my girlfriends!" ~ Nick

"I wanna be crazy, even when I am 80" ~ Nick

"If I had a girl I would love to see her in my clothes. It's real romantic" ~ Brian

{what has been your most passionate expierience on a date?}

"Oh Man! It was a long time ago, I can tell you that much! It was over a year ago. I don't want to go into details, but there was a sauna involved!" ~ Brian

"The guys call me 'Sweet.D' because they say I have a big heart." ~ Howie

"I like the fans, they're our extended family when we are on the road." ~ Howie

"If I see a child who I know isn't going to have the chance to live life, it tears me up inside. I have to leave the room sometimes!" ~ Kevin

"When you see fans lined up against the gate, it kinda inspires." ~ Kevin

"I had my first kiss when I was four and kissed my next door neighbor's daughter Jennifer and then ran away!"~ AJ

"We're really focused on not taking our fans for granted! You can't get caught up with it, because there is no way to please everybody. But when we can, we like to give them special attention. We're just trying to be nice and give a little something back."~ AJ

"It's a Backstreet thang!" ~ Nick

"Live your life to the fullest for the future is scarce." ~Nick

"Hugs, Kisses and Cookies" ~ Howie

"Brian is a five finger discount man!" ~ Howie

"My first kiss was with a girl called Gina Davison who I went to school with. I was in the fifth grade. She was nice. That was my first real kiss." ~ Kevin

"Thank you for your smiles, your tears, your love, and cheers, that keep us going nonstop. You are larger than life." ~ Kevin (IT'S WHAT WE DO, BRO!)

"Someone to beat him at his Nintendo" {what kinda girl he thinks Nick should have}~ AJ

"I know this might sound cheap, but I might take a girl to McDonald's for dinner." ~ AJ

"I believe there's a perfect love match for everyone. I just gotta find that person." ~ AJ

"I'm a very spontaneous open-minded individual. I'm a very caring person and a real worry wart. I'm always concerned about people and I'm a bit like a big teddy bear. I'd never hurt anybody's feelings, and when I'm with a girl, I'm totally devoted." ~ AJ

"I like a woman who isn't afraid to do something on the spur of the moment - like go skydiving, or white-water rafting, or make love naked on a beach in Tahiti. Something just totally off the wall." ~ AJ

"If I really set my sights on someone, then I'll go to any lengths to get them." ~ AJ

"I shop more than most women." ~ AJ

"Whenever we're asked who the biggest flirt is, they all just scream and point at me. But it's true, I'm not gonna deny it." ~ AJ

"I've been flashed from stage. It happened in London. This girl was watching me when I was singing 'Return of the Mack' and then she reached up under her shirt and made me lose my concentration. Then she pulled her bra out, screamed my name, and whipped up her t-shirt and showed me her breasts. I forgot the words and I stopped singing. I was like, 'You lied to me' and then I saw the breasts and I was like 'Oh'." ~ AJ

"We each have pretty nice tempers when you get us going. I think Howie has the most control as far as his temper, and AJ's is pretty good at controlling his temper. Me, Brian and Nick probably have the worst tempers." ~ Kevin

"One of our security guards is a certified masseuse... So in case we get a pulled muscle or something's out of whack, he'll give us a good hook-up before the show." ~ Kevin

"This type of career makes it difficult. Most of the time women are skeptical about the type of life you lead. I am looking for a serious relationship, possibly one that will lead into marriage, but I feel it may have to wait for a few years. Among the most important things are honesty, style and a beautiful smile. I see my dream girl as sexy or be more exact, sensual, without ignoring other qualities. It is very important to me that she has an up-beat personality." ~ Kevin

"Friendship is what ties this group together. Without it, we would be lost, what people don't realize is that we are real good friends. If the band broke up tomorrow, we would all stick together." ~ Kevin

"Sometimes we have no idea where we are or what town we're in. People don't realize what this constant running around it like. They make it all worthwhile, though, especially when you look out into a massive crowd and you realize that all that screaming is for you. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced." ~ Kevin

"The tour is high energy and a lot of fun. We've been doing all the current singles and some covers. You'll hear all the hits and some new tracks." ~ Kevin

"It's very rewarding to think you're actually affecting lives... I mean, people who can't even speak english are singing our songs and even the American audiences-- We've had a lot of loyal fans who have stuck with us a long, long time." ~ Brian

"I am interesting in girls who are openly giving and sweet. I can tell right away when I meet them and speak with them if they have these traits. After that, it's all about communication. I think I'd like someone intelligent who wants a career for herself and who is interested in achieving other goals in life. She must also be trustworthy." ~ Brian

"We're really as close as brother. Just like we were saying before, Nick joined the group when he was only thirteen years-old. He has grown up with us and we love him. Now look at his brother Aaron, so young, but so ready to embrace fame. What people need to succeed is togetherness and a positive outlook. Sometimes we laugh so much that our stomachs hurt; everyone joins in and then we can't stop." ~ Brian

"It's like when I said I was in the hospital and I received thousands of cards and letters from fans from all over the world. It really helped and it made me realize that I have a part in something very big and important to many people." ~ Brian

"I love meeting people and hearing what they have to say especially when they have heard us for the first time. It's really exciting. The best part about touring is seeing places you have never seen before. I usual sit up front of the bus and stare out at the scenery. It helps me think and prepare for the days events." ~ Brian

"I like to push Nick out first, because all the girls go after him!" ~ Brian

"Character is far more important than appearance. I like a girl who's honest; that's very important. She has to have some grit in her, be able to stand up for herself. But most of all she has to love me, of course!" ~ Nick (WE ALL DO)

"One time I forgot to button my pants all the way up. Bummer! We danced pretty wild at the show and when we did "I'll Never Break You Heart" my pants started slipping down and showed my boxers. But the girls seemed to like it!" ~ Nick (UMMM, WHY WOULDN'Y WE?!)

"I can't stand it when girls smoke or wear too much make-up. The worst type of girl is one who acts like a snob... I just hate it! Personality is the most important thing for me. Forget her appearance, if her personality isn't right it just won't work. A girl who agrees with everything is not for me, as well. I also love girls who like dancing, hold-hands, long walks and lots of kisses; but character is by far the most important factor to me" ~ Nick

"I love it when fans do crazy things like trying to sneak into our hotel rooms. I guess we'll need to worry if they stop doing crazy things!" ~ Nick

"Howie can be serious at times, but at other times, he can be just as crazy as me and Brian." ~ Nick

"SECURITY!" ~ Nick

"I do NOT! I do not WHINE!" -- Nick

"I think we all know the BSB's won't be around forever and ever. We won't be 65 and still singing Backstreet's Back!" ~ Nick

"I thought [it would be] a glamorous life- going to parties and sleeping in late. But no way. Sometimes we have to get up at 4 am to get on the road, and there are always promotions to do. I had no idea how much work goes into it" ~ Howie

"I know this is going to sound superficial, but I do look at girls appearance. I like athletic girls, especially when they can tag along with me when I go jogging. It's important to be healthy, after all, when you love someone, you want to spend a long life with that person. I'd still love a girl as much if she wasn't gorgeous, because beauty is only skin deep. There are many things like personality, humor, and goodness that can made someone beautiful on the inside. A mixture in that would succeed in seducing me." ~ Howie

"Sure, we have the occasional argument about where to go or what to eat, but when it all ends with us laughing hysterically. Being famous is actually quite funny sometimes. It's great to turn around and just laugh at situations, and at us." ~ Howie

"The schedules can get to you and so can the rehearsals. But when you're out on stage performing you realize deep inside why you do it. You do it for the fans that have come to mean so much to you." ~ Howie

{About nick's lazyness}"I went into his hotel room in France once while he was sitting in front of the TV, but he didn't like the show he was watching. I had to switch it over 'cause he was too lazy to pick the remote control up off the top of the TV and do it himself!" ~ Howie

{Their name, in high voice) "'Cause we're back......we're from the street.......and we're boys!!" ~ Howie

"There was DisneyWorld, Sea World, and Nick's world." ~ Howie

When a reporter asked what was in their tour bags

"These are stolen towels from the hotels." ~ Howie

"My name is Howie..... Howie you doin' sweetheart?" ~ Howie

"Not being loved frightens me. I'm a very loving person and for me to give out so much love - and not receive any in return really scares me. I prefer to talk from the heart and go with the way I feel. A few people have told me they find it warming and romantic." ~ Howie

"The fans make us who we are." ~ Brian

"Your wife put you in check,dog." ~ AJ talking to Brian

"Security!" ~ Brian {On Rosie O'Donnell}

"I guess it's that latin power like howie says" ~ Nick{talking about the fans in Rio on their 100 hours trip!}

"I would assume so. I mean, I'd like to share some of the things that my father shared with me in growing up. I look forward to it in the future when it's the right time" ~ Brian {talk about him and Leighanne having kids}

"It's awesome, I mean we've had a chance, with this new album BLACK & BLUE, we've had a chance to all get together and do some writing and some producing. It's good to be back and to see a great response like this here in New York, it makes us feel very welcome!" ~ Howie

"Yes, we've actually written 7 songs on the album, total, all of us together. We've all taken time, we wrote a song that Babyface produced. We did a song that Rodney Jerkins, we didn't write the song, but we did a song with Rodney Jerkins and we've done about a total of 7 songs on the album and hopefully everyone will like them" ~ Nick (WE LOVED THEN!)

"We don't consider ourselves to be manufactured. We are five guys who sing, we're a vocal group. I think our music and our success speak for themselves." ~ Kevin

"In the making of the Backstreet Boys' Around The World trip, we went to Sydney, Austrailia oday and had an incredible response and now fellas we are on our way to Cape Town, South America and Brian & Howie this is your fellow comrade." ~ AJ

"South Africa you dummy. South Africa you dildo" ~ Kevin

"Kevin just called me a dildo. So, basically we're going to Cape Town, South Africa. Excuse me, I have no idea what I just said, but either way, we're on our way to our 3rd and almost final stop to Rio and back to New York City to realese the album in the U.S. . So again fellas, I wish you a good flight, good night, God speed, God bless and you know what, again as always, you can kiss my ass!" ~ AJ

"First of all, growing up, I've been in this business since I was like 6 years old and like I said I always hoped and dreamed of hopefully making it one of these days in a group like this." ~ Howie

"Hey we're the Backstreet Boys and you're watching TRL" ~ BSB

"You guys have good taste" ~ Howie referring to the Fans

"If the police will let us, we'll be here" ~ Kevin

"Everytime we go into the studio, we try to grow" ~ Kevin

"Backstreet way, that's the right way" ~ AJ

"Our fans are the best fans in the world. They've been with us since we were doing middle school tours back in 95'" ~ AJ

"We've been through thick and thin with them. They've supported us our whole careers, you know and they're still supporting us and you mean and we try to do as much as we can for them." ~ Nick

"Without the fans there will be no Backstreet Boys!" ~ AJ

"What do you do before a show?"-Reporter

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We sacrifice a duck."-AJ

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "No we don't."-Howie




From the making of As Long As You Love Me)


AJ: Hey Skipper, where we goin' today?


Howie: Yo homie, gilligan, we's goin' back to the islands!


AJ: Word....


Howie: To your brother!!



"I would buy a big house for all you guys to party back home in Orlando with us."-Howie


"But you already have a house back in Orlando to part



"Not big enough for all of these people in sweden"-howie in sydney, austrailia

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