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Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: nicky's baby girl

can someone please e mail me and tell me where this quote came from??? I think Nick said it or maybe it was Kevin... "We're sitting here picking out noses, what does it look like we're doing?"

I have seen that quote so many times and I want to know where it came from!



brian's definition of cool

Date: Nov 11, 2001
Submitted By: cindy

I found this quote on a website and copied it down. i can't remember the name of the wedsite though

"Cool is just being yourself, trying not to come across as someone you're not" -Brian

AJ to fans qoute

Date: Nov 11, 2001
Submitted By: Jennie

i kno this is only 1 qoute but its really sweet and i love it soo much (I also love the guy that said it, lol)

"Without you we're all alone up here! You're the reason we're doing this!" - AJ

Backstreet Quotes

Date: Nov 11, 2001
Submitted By: bsbrian


Nick: singing to "bootylicious"--"I don't think you're ready for this jelly, I don't think you're ready for this jelly, I don't think you're ready for this...CAUSE THE BAND'S TO BOOTYLICIOUS"

Kevin: reading a sign that said THANKS FOR JOINING US KEVIN (since he wasn't here last time) "Yeah I'm glad to be here too."

AJ: "Yall have been a Kick Ass audience tonight...we luv ya!"


AJ:"Holy shitic...brok you gotta see this toilet man its like a reclineable chair."

Brian:(in a high pitched voice) "AJ's just so excited"

Nick:"I don't give a damn I act like a kid up here."

Brian:(on the bus ride)"Well the rides great its just oh... a bug.."

Howie:"Wow we got a nice selection of drinks here...I don't know why they've got beer in here we don't drink beer" (aj interrupting) "I drink beer"

Howie:"AJ drinks beer but he's not supposed to be drinking beer."

Kevin:"That was one of the cheesy ass photo shoots."

Nick:"We do those every once in a while when we come over to Europe."

Kevin:"They need some cool, creative.."

Nick:"Not some wack shhhhhhhh"

Kevin:"Don't say that"


Kevin:"I said that but you're gonna bleep that out"


Brian:(asks Carson a question and he knows the answer) "You know the answer?, you do? You cheated!"

Nick:"And that was Offspring at #22 with Pretty fly for a white guy, cool!"

Carson:"You're a fly white guy"



Nick: I wear boxer briefs

Aj: They have a boxer brief?

Nick: (answering his favorite movie) I'm a goonie kid. Rosie: excuse me?

Nick: The goonies!

These guys are so cute!

Brian-"Sex on tv is ok...as long as you don't fall off"

Potty Mouth ! Wipe that mouth out with soap Nick!

Date: Nov 11, 2001
Submitted By: Frackette

"She's like 'I wanna *%@% you!' Oh no, you can't put that on!"

Nickys got a potty mouth!

AJ's Issues with his Blue Pants...

Date: Nov 11, 2001
Submitted By: Fel

Hershey Park,7/5/01--

AJ: What do you guys think of these pants?

Girl in audience: TAKE THEM OFF!

AJ: I can't take them off. There are kids in the audience.

Well anyways, these pants do absolutely nothing for my butt. Not that I have one, but...


*Cell phone rings*

*AJ looks down at his pants, right at his crotch*

AJ: My pants are ringing!

LMAO...And at my 9/7 concert in East Rutherford, he said "My pants are ringing" too, but he actually grabbed at his crotch and made it look like it was vibrating to the sound of the cell phone...lol...Boy just cracks me up nonstop! Gotta love him!


Kev and Brian

Date: Oct 29, 2001
Submitted By: Nicci Carter

Kevin: "Brian,Brian. Is that supposed to happen? I don't think it is!"

Brian:"NO! WOAH! It broke! I hope no one gets hurt!"

Kevin and Brian when the bridge broke after they all saftly got off at the 9/7 concert.

A.J.: "Will you all stop it!! Slow down! Can I talk here? Man! You girls are so annoying! I'm just messing with ya! I love you! But STOP so I can talk here!"

Aj when all us fans were throwing stuffed animals at him at the 9/7 concert.


Date: Oct 29, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

I am like a big bear.- AJ

I saw this on an MTV diary episode, I'm not sure if that is exactly what he said.

Just some various BSB quotes!

Date: Oct 29, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

"98 days sober today and proud of it! But I'm still a little crazy, don't worry!"-A.J. at the Denver concert on 10/10/01

"Denver Colorado!!! Denver Broncos! Avalanche...Rockies!! Ya'll have some good ball teams! I don't really know what to say, so...muah!"-Nick, at the Denver concert, kissing the camara!!

"We've got good news and bad news. The good news is were comin' back, but that means the bad news is we've only got 2 songs left,"-Kevin, Denver concert

"That's the old Nick, this is the new Nick,"-Nick, on The View

"We're proud of him!"-Kevin, about A.J.

"We're blessed! We have gotten the chance to live out our dream! If it all ended tomorrow, my dreams have come true! And I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful family. And all I need now is a little Kev running around."-Kevin on The View

"I'm doin' great! I'm tired this morning but I'm doin' great! I'm feelin' absolutly wonderful! I've got great support from the fella's, the fans have been just...off the chains, they've been so supportive through out the whole thing, my family and friends back home. It's been getting easier for me, but the inital getting out and getting back on the road was really scarey."-A.J. on the Today Show

"We will love you more than Lance. Don't give lonliness a chance...Starr listen to us when we say, we will love you more than Lance."-the guys singing to Starr on The View

*~Star-Trek Doors~*

Date: Oct 29, 2001
Submitted By: Jacque McLean

"...the coolest thing i think about the plane was the little star trek doors, because the dorrs all recessed into the walls...and u could hit a button and you'd hear the pressure just :::pffff::: you know, and they'd, they'd go back ::: Laughs ::: so we had fun, like trying to break those things, you know we kept hitting them and they'd open and we'd close them..."

**aww Bri, ur sound effects are so cute, and ur face lights up when u talked about the doors...LoL, and ur laugh was so cute :)~

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