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top 10 ways to tell your obsessed

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: Britney

1. when you write fansty storys with your friends about being with one of the guys.

2. When no matter how many time you've heard one of their song you still freak otu when it comes on

3. when one of the songs are in a movie or show it only takes you a split second to realize it a bsb song and then u sing along.

4. whenever their mentioned you giggle happily and state "they are the best band in the world and your going to one day marry one of them, or at least be their love slave."

5.when you have your own nickname for all the members of the band.

6.when everything you own has pictures of them on it

7. when your bored you draw pictures of your favorite member.

8.if you know every T.V. show they've ever been on

9.if you all the band members birthday where they grew up and where they live now

10. and you really now your obsessed if ever girl you see with you get a strong uruge to strangle violently

A purley physcological evaluation

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: Tigger

So the title lied-How to Know You Are Obbsessed

1-Your Parents are into them

2-Your Bro is into them

3-You kicked your bro's but for dissing thenm

4-Your teachers know little facts about them thanks to corner notes

5-You can't remember the color of your walls cuz of the posters

6-You own every single friggin'thing w/them on it

You know your obsessed when...

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: GiGi Carter

~ Your mom can find out stuff about the guys before you (concert dates, ticket prices)

~ When your mom isn't at work and her co-worker starts making of of you for being obsessed and another co-worker you've never even met says "oh stop making fun of her".

~ When in English class the teacher says its time to write an essey about something you care about you know exactly what it is...

~ When you've made your ex-BSB hater friend in to a fan

~ When you tell your mom your bestfriend painted her room and she says "let me guess the color, GREEN".

~ When you make a HUGE collage with tiny pics. of the guys and add it to your shrine.

~ When you consider allllll the BSB fans around the world your friends.

~ When you think about naming your new baby cousin Nick or Brian.

~ You feel extremley happy and even cry wheb you see other fans meet our guys.

~ When you can't wait to see how beautiful Brian and Leighann's baby will be.

~ You have a serious celebration for your fave. guys b-day.

~ You declared November 21st a national holiday.

~ When you remember dates like Oct. 9, Nov. 21, Jan. 28, or the date of the concert (that you went to like 3 years ago).

~ When you bought Chapter One even though you've got all the songs except one.

~ When you paint your nails B&B, dye your hair blue, write I LOVE BSB on your face and NICK IS THE BEST all over your arm.

~ When your listening to a BSB song and all of a sudden you feel healed.

~ When your mom asks you what your doing after a big fight you say "listening to people that actually care about me".

~ When your dad though you were excited for the Super Bowl and didn't care about the pre-game show!!!! hahahaha!

~ When you freak out when you meet another fan online or at home.



are U obsessed?

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: JOJO

1. u canīt go anywhere without your cd walkman with a bsb-cd in it.

2. u totally freak out when u watch mtv news and "they" say that todays news will include some bsb-stuffs.

3.u are listen to the radio and someone says that bsb are haveing a consert in your hometown, BUT:thereīs "only" fivethousand tickets left.... and u starts jumping around and screaming hysterical....

4. before u go to bed u just HAVE to kiss ALL your bsb-pics hanginī on your wall... cuz if not: u will die or something.

5. when u heard about the terrorist-attacks in usa, the first thing that came up in your head was:"oh my god.... hope bsb are OK...."

6. you donīt have a book in school that u HAVEN`T wrote "bsb rox the world" on.

7. when u have written a letter or something, u DON`T sign it "luv, "your name".... nope. u sign it "luv, nick".

8. if u donīt can listen to bsb whenever u feel like it, u go crazy.

9. u have your "chapter one"-cd on repeat aaaaaaall day long.

10. u are wisiting this site(and all the others) minimum: 3 times a day!!!!!!!

now u can answer my subject. ARE U OBSESSED?!?!?!?!?!?!

luv, nick

Fan-demonium (An essay I wrote for my ENGL 1101 class)

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: Baby-Rok Littrell


Okay, we all know who the Backstreet Boys are, right? Well, in case you forgot, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, A.J. McLean, and Howie Dorough are part of the world’s most successful pop group. Now, let’s examine their American fan base. Believe it or not, there are many different kinds of Backstreet fans. This essay will attempt to divide up the fans into various categories of insanity… I mean of devotion…

First we have the semi-fans. The semi-fans have heard a song or two on the radio and have decided they like the Boys. They may have one album, and only listen to a couple of songs off of it. They have never been to any concerts simply because they do not want to go. They will deny liking the Boys at all.

The so-called “normal” fans are the ones that own two to three American-released CDs, and have a couple of posters on their wall. The “normal fans may or may not have been to a concert, depending on if they could get tickets or not. They vote for the Boys on such television shows as Total Request Live, and know the words to most of the songs. There are many “normal” fans throughout the U.S.

Now we move into the more interesting categories.

The wanna-be-obsessive fans are quite intriguing. They are the ones who scream as loudly as they can at the concerts, singing along with the Boys. They may have part of a wall in their bedrooms covered with posters. These fans may also have websites devoted to their favorite group.

Obsessive fans are the fans that will lose their voices at the Boys’ concerts. They may go to numerous concerts, and have one to two walls in their bedrooms covered with the Backstreet Boys. They sign their names using their first name and one of the Boys’ last names. They may also be hostile to a group known as ‘N Sync. These are the fans that feel sorry for the Boys when they are being chased.

Finally, we have the “somebody-call-security-we’re-gonna-need-backup” obsessive fans. These are the fans that are doing the chasing, and are the ones who lose their voices just hearing the fact that they are going to the concert. They know all the words to every Backstreet song ever written, and refuse to go by any thing other than a name related to the Boys (such as Lisa Littrell). These fans have entire rooms devoted to “their” Boys. They will refuse to listen to anything but Backstreet Boys. If anyone says they like ‘N Sync, these fans will go ballistic. Word to the wise: DO NOT provoke these Backstreet fans. Strength in numbers can be a scary thing. If you value your limbs (and life), do not mention ‘N Sync (or anything that sounds like or resembles ‘N Sync), around these fans. These are the people who raided Burger King when they had the Backstreet toys in their kid’s meals. They bought all of their clothes from Sears when Sears was sponsoring the Boys’ Into The Millennium Tour back in 2000. The list goes on and on. They would do whatever it takes to meet the Boys.

So, where do you fit into these categories? Come on, admit it; you know you like them.


Check out: http://ccgscarter.tripod.com/homepage.htm

how did i fall so head over heels for the bsb?

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: Toni:)

I tried so hard to fight it but it in the end i couldnt help it and fell for the bsb head over heels.

This is my own personel list cuz all of this is true about me.(he he)

1. when u ask your mom if u can change the wallpaper on the computer she says sure if its NOT brian nick kevin or howie or aj.

2. when u rent olive juice your mom says oh leighanne is in it? brians wife right?

3. you spend so much money on tickets hotel etc to try to meet them that everyone u know is completly puzzled at this.

4. when one of your co-workers says if i were a bsb which one would u be?

5. When aj went to rehab every single person at your work tells u they heard it on the news and know u have the latest scoop.

6. when u pretty much know where the boys are every single day without having to leave your home thanks to the media and other fab bsb fans.

7. you insist on watching the chapter one commercial every single time it comes on:)

8. when u have seriously considered getting bsb tattoed on u.

9. when u make a fool of yourself in the calendar store when u see the new bsb calendar.

10. when u see arron carter u think how lucky the little 13 year old girls are that they are going to have a hearthrob as hot as nick is!

thats it all these are *sigh* true i must say


My top reasons why I'm obsessed

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: ChikiMonkie

1. The main reason I wanna become a singer is just to open for BSB and follow them on tour and be close to them.

2. The main reason I wanna become an actress is to star in one of their music videos and have one of them fall madly in love with me just like Brian and Leighanne....

More Things To Add To My Kevin Obsession List.

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: Celeste

Kevin is the only one for me. I always enjoy listening to him sing and I enjoy watching him dance.

People always seem to think that because you're over 20 that you shouldn't like Backstreet Boys. I have a lonely poster of Kevin and I have 2 magazine covers, People and Teen People, that feature Kevin on the cover. I suppose that I relate to Kevin a lot more than I relate to the other Backstreet Boys simply because we're only 5 years apart in age and we both lost people that we love.

Kevin if you read this just know that I love you and I'm anxiously awaiting the Backstreet Boys triumphant return to Toronto or Ottawa. :)

How obsessed!?!

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: SaMa

Actually I don't really know how obsessed I really am with the BsB, or in other words, with NICK, cuz there are so many reason why I love him (them).

Just thinking of Nick makes me feel a little dizzy, cuz I just can't STOP thinking of him. Who can tell me why? 1st thing EVERY morning, thinking about the hot dream I had of Nick (if I didn't dream of him at night I wonder why and so I dream of him at daytime). 2nd, tossing and turning in my bed cuz I don't wanna get up but go on dreaming of him (let me go on sleeping Mom!) 3rd, switching the TV on and hoping get so see the latest video (isn't heartbreaking how desperately Nick seem in the DROWNING-video?) Then the whole day, thinking of him no matter what I do or where I am and who is with me. I don't have a clue how to manage it not to think of him just one second! And finally the last thing EVERY day, thinking of him and hoping to have another nice and hot dream of him. That's my day and so it goes the whole week, the whole month and the whole year. (I've spent the last FIVE years this way!)

"I feel your hands guinding me as I lift my wings to the dawn

I rise up to the heavens because your love carries me on

When I pass through the ocean of waves I stand firm

Seeping through the tides of lessons to be learned

Through the beauty of a pure and righteous love

I press onward flying high on the wings of a dove"

U KNOW UR OBSESSED WITH BSB OR AJ WHEN...(this has all happened to me)

Date: Nov 04, 2001
Submitted By: Iris McLean

1) ALL u think about is aj....24/7....he's the last thing u think about when u go to bed and the first thing u think about when u wake up

2) you cried your eyes out for the entire sept. 12 black and blue concert because aj was 5 feet away from you and smiled at you with the most adorable smile in the world

3) everything you say is bsb related, so as soon as you open your mouth, you friend says "u know what...i dont feel like hearing about aj today"

4) your binder, locker and agenda are covered with pics of bsb, and u have aj wallpaper, screensaver, and cursor

5) if someone says ANYTHING to diss bsb or aj u slap them (i actually didn't talk to my friend for a week because she said aj was ugly)

6) you record EVERY tv special they are on and u have all the times and channels written down a month ahead on your calendar

7) you camp out for bsb tickets in the rain for 2 days and when they come to much music u wait outside in the cold for 16 hours just to get inside

8) if you ever met them, you would tell them how much they mean to you and how much u love them and how they have changed your life


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