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My Aniversary

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Celeste

The Aniversary of the day that I became a Backstreet Boys fan came and went. December 27, 1996 was the day that Backstreet Boys came to Ontario from Quebec. They did a concert at a dinky little club in Toronto called "The Warehouse." Then it was on to an autograph session at the Sam The Record Man store on Young Street. Then on to Muchmusic for an interview. :)

I think that was the day that I knew that I was in love with the Backstreet Boys and how I knew that I loved them. Of course I was 20 and nobody knew who the Backstreet Boys were but I didn't care. Then all of Canada discovered them. I'm glad that they came to Ontario first because we Canadians were the first ones to discover them. :)

Somthiong special ... somthing different: Obsession in German!!!

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Bee

I don't really know why but lately I feel like I'm one of the last German-fans. Isn't there anyone like me out there any more?

May be it's because of the fact that the Boys didn't visit us for such a long time. (Did you forget us, guys? I mean I didn't forget you!!!)

Anyways, I will always be a BSB-fan, till the day I day, I swear!

By the way, all you German-BSB-fans, where are you? Am I the only one who's left out here in Germany? I can't believe that! I mean there have to be some German-fans exepting me!! C'mon y'all, you can't leave hanging here all alone. I mean you all know that there isn't any better group in the whole wide world. They are the BEST GROUP EVER!!!

Forget all the others like you know... *Nsync (please somebody help me! I'm getting sick...so very sick!!! Every time I see or hear them I get sick and right now that I used that inbedibly ugly word (you know the word with "N") I'm feeling even more sick.[4-26-3355464-76-4627994259-7425-74448-669!!). Forget O-Town, I heard them singing live and I can tell you one thing, it sucks!! I mean if the Backstreets would ever sing like that I would be deeply disappointed! I can tell you that! If you ever hear them (O-Town) singing live you'll be proud to be a BSB-fan. I was at this moment!

But back to where I started! ... I read some lists about others obsession but I never found someone from another country, beside the USA. (Well, maybe I didn't watch close enough!) So I decided to make one in German. This list goes out to all the German-fans who have gone astray and to you all in the USA so you can learn a bit German, maybe, if you want to! (I'll try my hardest to translate it for you!)

And of course it goes out to ONE SPECIAL PERSON, the most important person in my life. NICKY C., if it weren't for you I didn't know what to do.

So let's go:


Hörst du meine Stimme? Sie spricht nicht nur zu dir. Vertrau auf deine Sinne, ich mein' dich. Bitte glaube mir, ich hab' gesehn wie du blutest, wie du schwitzt und du weinst doch. Weil ich ich und du du bist ist jetzt dein Leid nicht meins. Interessenkonflikte verklären den Sinn, mein in Kleinkrieg verstricktes ICH vergass wer ich bin.

[Do you hear my voice? It's not talking to only you. Trust in your senses, it's you I mean. Please believe me, I've seen you bleeding, sweating and after all you cry. Because of the fact that now me is myself and you is yourself your harm isn't mine. Conflicts of interest unclear the meaning, my in a smallish war involved self forgot who I am.]

Verstehst du, was ich sage? Weisst du, was ich mein'? Stellst du dir nicht auch die Frage, was uns davon abhält, vollkommen zu sein? Wir sind im Augenblick kühl für unseres nächsten Leid. Wir brauchen mehr Mitgefühl, sonst bleiben wir ewig entzweit. Das was du nicht ertragen willst, füge mir auch nicht zu, denn mit dem Schmerz den ich fühl' kommst auch du nicht zur Ruh'.

[Do you understand what I say? Do you know what I mean? Don't you wonder what prevents us from being complete? At the moment we are cool for each others harm. We need more sympathy or else we are broken in two eternally. What you can't bear don't do to me either, because with the pain I'm feeling even you won't come to rest.]

Ich bin du. Merkst du nicht, ich bin du und du ich. Ich bin du. Eigentlich bin ich du und du ich. Du bist ich und ich du. Du bist ich. Doch wir sind zu sehr ICH um gerad' du zu sein. Doch wir sind ein im Nu.

[I am you. Can't you see, I am you and you are me. I am you. Actually I am you and you are me. You are me and I am you. You are me. But right now we are too much ourselves in order to be you. But we are one easily.]

I hope you like it. You know in German it sounds a little different.

{the song is performed by GLASHAUS}

30 signs that you're an obssessed bsb fan

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: cindy

*1* if your school offered a course on the backstreet boys, you would not only be able to ace, but you could also teach it

*2* at the end of every letter, email, phone call, ect., you say or write "keep the backstreet pride alive"

*3* you cry for joy when you see them on tv

*4* you walked more than a mile in the middle of winter and spend your last $20 on a bsb watch and clock set (with a collectable tin!)

*5* your email address and/or password has to do with them

*6* you have at least 100 bsb pic on your wall and would have more if you could find some

*7* you claim that your married to one of them and wear a fake wedding band to prove it

*8* you virtually married them

*9* you use bsb songs in everyday conversation, like you say," i have to make the call" instead of saying "i have to make a call"

*10* your parents took you to a shrink, who pronounced that you were beyond help

*11* you bought aaron carter's cd just because nick is on it

*12* when a magazine has a centerfold of nick on one side and one of howie on the other, you buy two copies of it, even if it's $4.99 an issue

*13* you talk to your posters as if they are real people

*14* people think that you know the backstreet boys personally

*15* your favorite pastime is writing fan fiction

*16* you started playing basketball because it's their favorite sport

*17* you consider it bad luck to stop the cd player in the middle of a song

*18* you only eat stuff that they would eat, so you have a stock of macaroni and cheese and the people at mcdonalds/ the pizzariia know you by name

*19* when you try not to talk about them, you have nothing to say

*20* you can relate ANYTHING anyone ays to them (just try me!)

*21* you have seriously considered nameing your kids after them

*22* you scream at the tv if the bsb are not #1 on trl or don't win at the awards show

*23* you actually called up carter, n. from the phone book to see if it was nick

*24* the back pages of your notebooks are filled with "backstreet boys" written over and over in neat rows

*25* you have legally changed your name to Carter

*26* you made your brother get a backkstreet boys backpack

*27* you went to see krystal because you knew that she is like the bsb's little sister (she was really good!)

*28* you send thank- you cards to the companies that sponser them

*29* you llearned to play the same instruments as them

*30* when you have a headache, it magically goes away when you hear their voices

My obsessions

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Stephanie

1). When my dad was broke, I made him buy me comcert tickets, even though they were in the nose bleed section.

2). The only thing I asked for for Christmas was more Backstreet c.d's, and Backstreet stuff.

3). I sprayed my hair black and blue for the concert. It didn't come out for 10 days.

4). This is my first year at a new school. By the second week, I had re-written the lyrics to every bsb song in each of my notebooks (9)

5). My brother and sister are really into rap, and nothing else. After my first bsb C.d, they loved it.

6). I got suspended from school because I wrote bsb rules above the urnals in the boys bathroom, because my ex boyfriend broke up with my because all I talked about was A.j.

7). My best friend and I have gotten in fist fights because she made fun of A.j when he went into re hab.

8). My dad took me to the bsb concert. He brought a poster that said, 'A.j, got beer'. I ripped it up, and didn't talk to him for two weeks.

9). All of my birthday cards had bsb on them, or mentioned bsb in the messages.

10). I have waited in line outside the stores for every bsb C.d. I almost go arrested for waiting out side F.Y.E for the 'Black&Blue' C.d, but my uncle was the cop. lol!

Obsessed?...Mabey...Crazy?...Defenitly Top 10

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Renee Karipidis

1.I put each of their colognes on their pictures so that they smell how they would in real life

2.when someone says "so what did you do today" my imidiate answer is ALWAYS "i watched as long as you love me 348 times today"

3.i never have anything to talk about instead of The boys

4.the only internet sites i go to are or have something to do with the Backstreet Boys

5. When AJ went into rehab i cried for 2days and had a cake that said "quit playing games with renees heart". and it was like i was in my own little rehab until he got out.

6. I bought 3 fish JUST to name them "Vegas,Tyke,and Jack Daniels"

7.every sentence i use is involved or has something to do with AJ or Nick.

8.my mom and my dad Consider the Carters their inlaws

9.my mom and my dad and my sister know the words to every song EVEN their un-released ones.

10. Im sitting here writing a top ten list of how obsessed i am!!!

my obsession

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Annette

ok,here is how OBSESSED i am with the backstreet boys!!!!!!

1.Ive been a fan since i was 12 and now im 17 and i love them just as much now as i did when i was 12.

2.Ive now got both my younger brothers listening to the bsbs and they know everything about them too.

3.I write stories about the boys and i write down everythin that the boys do such as concerts and t.v apperences.

4.i have bsbs ringtones and logos on my mobile phone.

5.my college folders are covered in backstreet boys posters.

6.i have over 500 backstreet boys posters.

7.i have all there videos and t.v apperences.

8.ive only been to one of there concerts but it blew me away and i cant wait for them to come over to england again!

9.im the only one out of all my friends who likes bsbs but im not afraid to tell people how much i love them.

10.I love them more that words can say!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Mrs. Nickolas Gene Carter

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Amy Liu

I love Nick Carter so much! Today's Christmas! Okay, my wall is completely covered with Nick, I've a whole scrapbook of them, calenders, cards. I went to Hollywood and bought all these photos of them! I'm planning my wedding with Nick. I change my CD player's batteries like everyday from listening to BSB. I went thru withering heights to get seats to their Black and Blue summer tour. I'm getting a Nick tatoo. I snuck outta school the 1st day Chapter 1 came out to get it. I so totally obsessed and proud. God Bless, my peers. peace.

Dedication to my cuz

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Christa

I use to live in Delaware and my cuz still does. Well she and I just love bsb! I remember when we would go up in her romm and pretend that it was our b-day and bsb showed up and danced with us. We would have a great time and we had a lot in common! Well a couple years lata my dad was transfered to Virginia, so we had to move. We talk on the phone a lot and on aol. Now that we are older and we don't see each other a lot we don't have that much in common, but two things I know we have in common and always will is that we love bsb and we love Brian!! When we grow up we plan to go to college together and I know that our dorm will be filled with pictures of bsb!!

I Know I'm Obsessed With BSB Because

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Wendy

- I've seen them in concert 4 times.

-I bought a concert ticket from a ticketbroker and payed twice the price.

-Since the Into The Millennium concert was not coming to Vancouver my mom and I went to Portland to see the concert. We had front row tickets!

-I've seen them do the Black and Blue concert twice this year in Vancouver.

-I have 3 T-shirts.

-I have 4 programs.

-I own 4 Backstreet Boys calendars.

-I know all the dance steps to their songs and at concerts I do the same dance steps as the Backstreet Boys do (and I get dirty looks from people around me)

-I scream the loudest at their concerts.

-I have 10 Backstreet Boys CD (one is a burned CD with never been released songs.)

-I know everything about them.

-I've brainwashed my family into liking them.

-I have made 2 scrapbooks.

-I have made a photo album.

-I hate anybody who likes NSTINK

-I tell people that Nick can kick Justin's ass in.

-I tell people that BSB are a vocal group, not a boy band.

-I know every single word to their songs.

-I can turn any word somebody says to me into lyrics to any BSB song.

-I have 677 posters on my bedroom wall. (One is autographed by Howie.)

-I yell at people who tell me Howie's gay. He's not!

-I have all their music videos on tape.

-I have 17 hours of interview and appearances they have done on TV.

-My friends buy me BSB related birthday presents.

-I'm doing this list.

-I collect pennies that were made in the years that each member was born in and use them as good luck.

-I polished my nails Black and Blue for the Black and Blue concert.

-Everybody refers to me as the biggest Backstreet Boy fan.

-My locker in highschool was covered with pictures of them.

-My grad message in my year book reads: "BSB all the way!!" followed by the dates I've seen them in concert.

-I did school projects on them.

-I skip school to be the first person to buy their new CD.

-I collected all the action figures from Burger King.

-I talk about them 24/7.

-I dream about them.

-I've named my stuff animals after them.

-I've framed my ticket stubs from concerts.

-I quote them.

-I listen to my BSB CD's everyday.

-I sing BSB songs in the shower.

-I can tune out my professors at school and sing BSB songs in my head to pass time.


b-rock my baby

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: lindsay hey

1) everytime you hear them on the radiotv, you make everyone in the room shut up just so you can hear their voices.

2) if they dont shut up, you threaten to kill them

3) you own over 200 posters, pics, magazines of them.

4) you get in arguments with one of your best friends, who likes nsync better, over why bsb is so much better.

5) you own all the movies of them, and tape every thing with them on it, even if they are on for a minute.

6) you were a hard core, obsessed, fan for 5 long years.

7) when nsync is on TRL, you mute the tv, turn on bsb and sing it.

8)you yell at people that like nysnc.

9)everyone in the school knows u r the biggest fan

10) you own over 12 cds of theirs, not counting doubles of one cd.

11) when you see them in concert, you scream as loud as you can even if you dont have the best seats.

12)u have notebooks and folders of them

13) you're planning on getting a tattoo just like your fave of the group.

14) you yell at Carson when they're not #1 on TRL.

15) you cried when you heard what happened to brians heart.

16) you cant go a day without hearing them or seeing them.

17) you cry when you're not allowed to leave at 12 in the afternoon for their concert to meet them.

18) everytime their on tv, you scream and then listen to what they have to say.

19) when something new comes out with them on it, you have to buy it.

20)ur teacher says ur to obsessed

21) you're fave number is 26 because that's how old brian is

22)u put on all ur papers ur name andlittrell

23) ur like ewww any time someone says nsync

24) evertime somebody says something about them, you're in their face about why they're so good.

25) you turn the tv up all the way when they come on.

26)u got mad at ur cousin for sying they r going to break up and hit him.

27) your dad knew it was them on the radio, and he tried to turn it off without you not knowing and you didnt talk to him for the whole day

28) you're actually happy for kevin and brian because you know they're happy. even if you dont like leighanne, you're still happy for Brian.

29) you have "I love brian" written all over your books and binders.

30) you keep a place in your heart for one of them, and hoping your last name will belittrell

31)u reqest a bsb song at school dances all the time ur there

32) you write stories about them, and you're always one of their girlfriends. and you tell people you're brian's girlfriend.

33)ur best friends name is brian

34)u went to the concert in a limo

35)ur best friend was born on brians b-day

36) everytime someone talkes to u it ends wit bsb

37)everytime your family asked u wat u want it is stuff wit the backstreetboys.

38)when u play the bb game u always win

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