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OBESSED AND ILOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: Alex

y im sooooooooooo obessed with them bcuz they can sing their goregous and also one of them has my intials and i also deserve him cuz me and alex r alike in every way (almost) and i have all of their cds peace out


6 Reasons why I LOVE my Boys more than the life!

Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: Krasi Gene Carter

~I LOVE NICK because:

1.of his provocative smile

2.of his new haircut(it's better than the old one)

3.of his sexy&hot body

4.of his style(I love his Calvin Kline's boxers!)

5.of his wonderful voice

6.he is my FAVORITE Backstreet Boy!

~I LOVE BRIAN because:

1.of his eyes(I love brown eyes!)

2.of his good heart

3.of his AMAZING voice (the best in the group)

4.of his earring

5.of his new hair colour

6.he has written one of the biggest hits of the BSB!

~I LOVE AJ because:

1.of his madness

2.of his crazy style(lol)

3.of his laugh at the beginning of "Larger Than Life"

4.of his tatoos

5.of his black polished nails

6.he is sooo SWEET when he wears sun glasses!

~I LOVE KEVIN because:

1.of his cool body(Mr.Body hehe)

2.of the fact he invited Brian to be part of the BSB!

3.of the fact he was my fave at the beginning

4.of his wisdom

5.he his pretty face

6.he is Brian's coisin!

~I LOVE HOWIE because:

1.of his warm eyes

2.of his new haircut

3.of his voice

4.of his sense of humor

5.of himself at all

6.of his nick name - the Latin Lover!


1.they are the best boyband in the world

2.they sold over 50 million of every single album

3.they have talent and voice

4.they do the best ballads ever

5.they are like family

6.they are LARGER THAN LIFE!

True fan!

Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: Missa

I don't think how many posters or cds or concerts you have been too, clarify you as obsessed. I think that if you really love and respect the boys and you know deep in your heart you are an a true fan, then maybe that is when you are truely OBSESSED!!!

How do you think? Am I obsessed?!

Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: Nick's babe

1.For the previous Valentine's Day I sent to the boy who I was in love the lyrics from "What Makes You Different"!

2. After I finish school I will go studying and working in Florida! Do you know if there is an university in Tampa?

3. I don't like boys with blonde hair and blue eyes but I'm TOTALLY in love with Nick.

4. One time I fall in love with one boy and he laughted at me because of the BACKSTREET BOYS but I sang to him "I want it that way" and he FELL IN LOVE with me!

5. I have A LOT of information,pics,interviews about the boys.(especially for Nick)

6. I visit Backstreet.net at least 5 times for every single day.

7. Before BSB I was a Nirvana fan and Nick is Nirvana fan, too! Isn't this cool?!!!!!!!!!!

8. I wasn't watched the "Drowning" video for one day and I decided not to go to school but to stay at home for watching the video.

9. I LOVE the boys and want them TOGETHER FOREVER!(who doesn't)

10. I'm IN LOVE with B-Rock's voice!"Cause your voice is so amazing!Babe it is the best thing in my life!"(he he)

11. Cause BSB were, are and always will be THE BEST boyband in the world!!!!!!




Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: shann

things that make me on the verge of obsession:

-visiting the same site 3 times a day to check up on the DAILY news making sure they dunt suddenly put sumthin up w/o u knowing. http://kiss.to/tightiewhites and http://www.words-2-say.com

-cry, pisses at ur family, and throws a fit when the carpet cleaner places a chair ONTOP of ur hugest bsb poster (i mean who DOES that? y would u do that 2 a poster!)

-rite up obsession lists after reading about 50

-download every bsb song ever, and get annoyed when u cant find one.

-listen to million of versions of one song, [original, remix, live at van, live at denver, live at...etc]

-stop talking to ppl who diss bsb and dont have a solid opinion and reason for not liking bsb.

-smile and imagine to wave at the tv whenever u see brian wave at the camera or do ne thing thats cute.

-had fantasies of going up to kevin and cutting his hair off whne it wuz long and greasy, its for his own good, and the boys know it.

-wish that nick worked out a lil more, but then if he did, he wouldnt look as great as he is now, and imagine a stick nick carter NOW. not kewl.

-analyze every move the bsb make

-talk to urself about how great nick sings, and how natural singing comes to him, theres absolutely now effort. and i think its bcuz he's so emotional, and that really helps.

-the only thing that lifts ur mood in an instant is hearing, seeing or imaging the bsb.

-u feel like ur rite bside nick whenever u hear or see him sing

-u want to b with brian, bcuz u know that there is no way he'll ever hurt u. and u know fer sure that he'd b the perfect dad for ur children. and thats y ur jealous of leighanne.

-u go to cosmogirl.com and vote for brian till the next morning on the skewl nite just to get him past a n sync member, and when u do, ur friends and u msg each other celebrating the victory.

-ur so proud of the bsb and want to b grateful and real to them, just incase u meet them, that u piss at other bsb fans who bad mouth other ppl's guys cuz u dun want the bsb to view u as bitchy fans.

-even though theyre 7 and more yrs older than u and live many many many miles away from u, u still think ur gonna end up together.

-u first thought u were gonna end up w/ brian sumhow, maybs kev, then u moved to aj and nick, and hoped not to end up w/ howie...eheh, he's kewl, but he's too lady's man for me.

-luved bsb soo much that u fell in luv w/ aaron carter cuz he's nicks bro.

-know that u'll b there for their reunion tour.

-break into tears when u find out that u missed ur chance in gettin bsb tikets, happened to me, but got a happy ending. *dad got the tickets after they resold*

-would keep ritin this whole list if i didnt hear my parents gettin up.

well all i gotta say is happy birthday bri, wait, its past the day, wth, who cares! luv to them all and bsb fans, we rule!



Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: Kaos_baby

I am soooo obbsessed my mum says i need help! i have 964 posters of them on my roomwals (including ceiling and door) 20 of their Cds, 2 big folders full of news paper cuttings and interveiws, 19 hours worth of tv interviews on tape, spend 4 hours on net just on bsb sites, have fish, cats, dogs and rats named after them,a homemade pillow with them on, my room is Black n blue, i had 2 days of school when the rumour that they were splitting up was goin round the uk( i live here and no body said it wasn't true), If they have a new music video out i set my alarm clock for 5am and sit and watch mtv for 3 hours until i go to school just incase its on , and if Nick gets a new girlfriend ( although i am happy for him ) i cry!!! I live in uk so i havn't had a chance to get nrthing signed bcuz BSB are never here!! :(


MY FRACK (and the rest of the boys) OBSESSION!~~

Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: Frack Maniac

ok here it goes...

1~~You love them with all ur heart and would do absolutly ANYTHING for them to be happy and not hurt. (i know everyone says that..but its true!!!)

2~~you drove 14 hours with your best friend to see them in concert..on the way ur car breaks down..and you are stranded in the middle of Iowa miles from any civilzation! (long story..but we made it out okay..and saw BSB for the 3rd time)

3~~Police officers have threatened to arrest you 11 times becuase of doing crazy things to try and meet the HOTTEsT guys in the world! i still dont understand why they just wouldnt let us ride the hotel elevators up and down..we just desperatly wanted to be close to them... :)

4~~you of course have Backstreet Boys, Backstreets Back, Millenium, Black and Blue, Ch.1, all 3 "For the Fans Cd", ALL singles, and those cheep CD's that come with the movies

5~~you also of course have "Backstreet Boys-The Video", All Access, Burger King "FOr the Fans", A Night Out, Homecoming, Around the World, Ch.1....plus MANY MANY hours of taped apperances (i have EVERYTHING taped they have ever been on..even 5 second clips)

6~~You listened to Black and Blue a record 14 times in one day..i never left my room

7~~You live in Minnesota and have....sat outside to buy Millenium tickets in 25 degree weather (doesnt sound so bad..but think of a -10 degree windchill with it, and you ended up sitting there for 5 1/2 Hours!)...you sat outside for 14 hours to see Johnny No Name in the dead middle of winter (about 10 degrees most of the day)...and you sat outside their hotel in the in negative degree weather for hours hoping to meet ANY of them (my waiting paid off...and i met Leighanne)

7~~EVERY school notebook, folder (even my calculator) is covered in BSB pics

8~~My room is COMPLETELY covered...including celing and inside my closets

9~~I was the 1st to buy Black and Blue in my town (got there at midnight)

10~~i celebrate nicks (and all the other boys) birthdays by making them birthday cakes with my best friend and having a party for them, and i send nick b-day and christmas presents every year (and i send Jane happy mothers day cards thanking her for bringing such a beautiful man onto this earth :)

11~~I get into SERIOUS fights with nsuck fans..and i dont stop until they know who is the better band (even if that means getting in MAJOR trouble with the principle....

12~~my parents and brother have Repeadtly threatened to throw my sacred BSB CD's out the window if they hear them one more time...thats what my extras are for..:)

13~~EVERYONE at my school and church refere to me as "the backstreet girl" and they know better than to say anything negative about my boys...they all learned the hard way

14~~i consider all BSB fans all over the world to be my best friends!! luv you guys!!!!

15~~my car the is the "Backstreet Mobile" and NOTHING plays on the CD play besides my boys...goes for the same at home...NOTHING plays in my cd player in my room besides their cd's...

16~~i must listen to them all day...and i mean ALL day..my alarm is set to play ALAYLM, i get ready to LTL (it gets me pumped up for the day) i bring a cd to school (it changes from day to day..depends on the mood im in)..i listen to all my unreleased songs while i do my homework, while getting ready for bed i listen to any cd of theirs, and i fall asleep to either "i need you tonight" "how did i fall in love with you" or "Drowning"

17~~ i can INSTANTLY recognize the abreviations for their songs (example: SMTMOBL-show me the meaning of being lonely or GAB-get another boyfriend....)

18~~my stuffed animals are named after them (example: my pooh bear is now named Kaos, and my rabbit is Brok, and my tiger is Bone...)

19~~Last weekend i waited in line 9 1/2 hours to meet aaron..and i had to sit next to the most annoying little girls the entire time) but it was worth it cause i got a hug and kiss (on the cheek) from aaron, and pics.

(by the way...he smells ssssoooo good..it was incredible)

20~~i have over 5,000 pics (not including posters) of my boys

21~~i end EVERY phone conversation, Instant message, email with KTBSPA

22~~i am gonna end at 22 becuase thats how old my nick is!!

(and becuase i have to go to work)






Top 10 reasons you know you're obsessed with the Boys of Backstreet when...

Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: nikki

10.Your Grandma can name all 5 guys by their first and last name

9.On your family trip to Flordia this year your parents hope the brought enough money to bail you out of jail once you get charged with the stalking of Nick Carter

8.The shirts you bought at the BSB concerts you went to are so fadded that you can no longer tell who is who

7.You paid $150.00 for "Into the Millennium" tickets to sit in the nose bleed section

6.You made your parents rent a Durango and drive you to the BSB concert in Penn State that was only like 5 hours away

5.You got in trouble because the nicley painted walls your daddy painted for you, you plasterd them with BSB pics and posters so much that you don't even know what color your daddy painted the room

4.You wore a yellow hair tie the whole time AJ was in rehab to show your support

3.you and your friend decided that instead of taking a real date to prom that you would just take Nick and AJ card board Cut-outs

2.You stuck BSB valentines to your daddy's lunch box and are making him carry it around like that...and he knows that if he takes them off he's gonna get hurt

1. you make an obsession list!!

Top 10 reasons to Love 'em!

Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: Jessica

10. They are talented beyond belief!

9. They are gorgeous!

8. Howie

7. Kevin

6. Brian

5. A.J.

4. Nick

3. Back

2. Street

1. BOYS!!



Date: Feb 25, 2002
Submitted By: Anna Mclean

I'm just plain obsessed and everyone knows it !!! I mean everyone..My whole school. I love aj with all my heart!!

I have been to two concerts

I plan to go to the next one..Floor seats this time

I have about 200 pictures on my walls

I got 2 bsb books

My locker is jam packed wit bsb pix

I have 4 of their videos

I watch atleast 1 eack day

My agenda is jam packed wit bsb pix

I write all over my papers..I love aj..Bsb rules..My math teacher is sick of it

I have all the cds...I listen to black and blue every night

They are my angels thats what I call them

Aj is the sexiest guy on earth!!!!!

I will love them 4 life..I swear..No band will evvver be as good

I absolutly hattte nstink so much it aint even funny

Aniways on my to do list is...Meet them..I hope it comes true

Stay true to backstreet boys..They rule



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