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Obsessed Much?Backstreet

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10. You know your obsessed when you go to the store to buy your friend a birthday gift but spend all your money on backstreet stuff for you.

9. you know your obsessed when you celebrate every single backstreet event. (birthdays, graduations, backstreet day, etc)

8. You know your obsessed when your walls, ceiling,windows,doors and any clear spot is covered in backstreet memorabila.

7. You know your obsessed when you hear a backstreet song on the radio while in a store or a resturaunt and you can't leave until its over.

6. You know your obsessed when you cant change the channel when backstreet is on t.v even if you've seen it a dozen times.

5. You know your obsessed when you have dozens of tapes full of backstreet that you have taped off of t.v. Even the commercials.

4. you know your obsessed when you kiss your backstreet posters good night before they go to bed.

3. you know your obsessed when the whole neighborhood can hear you because backstreet just won an award.

2. You know your obsessed when you go to bed all you can dream about at night is you being married to one of the backstreet boys.

*1. The number one reason that you know you are obsessed with backstreet boys is that wheather you are awake or not you are dreaming about you being with backstreet and the line between dreaming and reality are very blurred.

my little obsessions....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You watch the video of them everynight before you go to sleep.

2. You feel guilty if you listen to anything but them in your cd player.

3. You collect pictures of them and have a folded labeled "BSB pics"

4. You know every little fact about them and sometimes scare yourself with how much you know.

5. You check backstreet.net everyday to see if there is any new news on them.

6. You had their book specially ordered because the store didn't hold it.

7. You get really pissed off if they aren't number one on TRL.

obsessed b/c...

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. everyone in your grade KNEW you were obsesed with nick carter and the color green

2. your friend had to convince you that even though you WERE obsessed, you should just keep it to yourself

3. when u decided that you "werent obsessed with nick anymore" all your freinds tried to trick u into saying that you were or that u still liked him

4. your geography teacher knew you loved nick and even made up a nickname for him (the most embaressing day of my life!)

5. she (the teacher) told you that she also liked bsb and that she had a freind who looked xactly like brian and she would tell ppl thta he was brian and ppl would want his autograph and scream and everything

6. you told her you HAD TO MEET HIM! (i never did)

7. you get queezy wehn you think of nick or all of them b/c your lovesick

8. you went to fao schwartz to buy nick a pug stuffed animal and had a discussion about whether or not you should buy the one that barks (we didnt b/c it would scare em if it hit them or whatever)

9. you were sooooo depressed when you couldnt go to their concert, especially b/c you were s'posed to!

10. you cant wait until nov 21

11. you tell your freinds that you are FOR SURE going to the concert this time around, or else you'll die (and your not bein sarcastic either)

12. you freak out if someone puts a pic of heath ledger or anyone whos NOT a bsb up on your walls

13. you have a tape in your vcr JUST IN CASE bsb are ever on---and it comes in QUITE HANDY!

thats all! I LUV BSB SO MUCH!!!

Obsessed spanish fans

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Here in Spain there are some very obsessed spanish fans. The last time the boys were here in concert (it was a year and a month ago) there were fans that stayed 45 days in front of the stadium that the boys were playing to be in the first row!! 45 days are a lot of days and those girls just went at home to have a shower. They were in all the news papers and tv channels. I was not one of them, i have just been 2 days in the street to see them.

You know you're TOTALLY obsessed when...

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10. You buy every magazine that says Backstreet Boys or has a picture of them on the cover, no matter what the price is. (thats me!)

9. You actually read stuff like this-- also me!

8. You MUST look through every teen magazine to see how many posters and pin-ups and anything else there is on BSB and then buy the one with the most info/pix or go for all of them (i've done that several times)

7. You have dreams about them every night- most likely triggered from gazing at every poster you have for a long time before you finally fall asleep (me again!)

6. You have a pet named Lil Tyke, Litty Leigh, Panda, Bear, Missy,or any of the other Backstreet Pets (I have 2 rabbits- Lil Tyke and Litty Leigh)

5. You put Backstreet quotes in every letter, email, note etc. (ask my friends if you don't believe me!)

4. You accidentally call your brother Brian B-Rok on more than one occasion (sorry Brian!)

3. Your Aunt gets you ONLY BSB stuff for Christmas, your b-day, anything that you get presents for! (yep, thanks Aunt Rose!)

2. Your friends know you as the Backstreet Freak (thats my name, don't wear it out!)

1. You've gone so far as to legally change your first and/or last name to : Nicole Carter, Alexia McLean, Brianna or Brianne Littrell, Karen Richardson or Harriet Dorough (haven't gone that far yet, but i do plan on naming my kids Alex, Nick and Brian!)

KTBSPA!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV YA GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 ways you know your obsessed with bsb

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10- you cant see your bedroom wall because it's full of bsb posters!

9-you have a picture of them in your locker

8-your friends see your room for the first time and say "so, you like the backstreet boys alot then?"

7-you've bought at least three copies of their latest album becaue you've played it too much it's started jumping

6-you kiss your favourite bsb boy every night. on the lips!

5-you have at least 5 framed pictures of them in your room

4-you have your pinboard covered with your fav bsb pics!

3- you've written to them at least 10 times trying to get a reply!

2-youve been to at least one concert and have been depressed about it ever since

1-youre always thinking about what they're doing now! i am!

10 ways u know u are obsessed with " The Boys"

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

#1- your room is like a BSB museum.

#2- you have BSB bed sheets.

#3- you notice every little mess up they do on stage.

#4- you are convinced that you are one of their girlfriends.

#5- when you found out that brian and kevin had girlfriends, you thought they were cheating on you.

#6- you eat things they like, even if you don't like it.

#7- you go around quoting things they have said.

#8- You could swear that the song "The Perfect Fan" was ritten about you

#9- you tell everyone that you are gonna marry them.

#10- on every birthday list you always write. BACKSTREET BOYS!

You know your obsessed with AJ when .....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

- You have over 200 pics of him

- You have a wall dedicated just to him

- All your stuffed animals are named : AJ, Alex, Alexander , James .. Etc ...

- You make your favorite color be yellow

- You bought leopard print PJs, Bed spread , pillows, pants .. Etc .. Just because you know AJ would like it

- You use words like ' ghetto fabulous ' because you know AJ has said it before.

- You beg your mom to let you go to a Johnny No-Name concert eventhough the nearest one is 6 hours away.

- You talk to your friends like he is your for real boy friend.

- You make up hehe, sex stories about him.

- And last but not least - when you are told to put your name on something its always ***** McLean

Nick obsessions (or any Boy for that matter cause they're all SOOO HOTTT!)

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

(most of which I have done)

1) You have written at least 300 pages in one fanfic story and still can't end it

2) If everyone at your school (Pre-K through 8th) or (Freshman-Senior) knows you love Nick

3) If you attempt to draw them even though you suck

4) If you go to tattoo parlors and look for the ones that Nick has

5) If you have every single and every CD they've ever written (inc. Imports)

6) You have every poster of theirs and the walls of your house are plastered with them (even your parent's room cause you ran out of space)

7) If you take every comment about Nick personally and be sure to get back at any NSTYNCer

8) If you'll pay outrageous prices for anything BSB related

9) You wear and own all of Nick's jerseys

10) If you say, "aight" more than "ok"

11) If your favorites have become all of his favorites

12) If you quote "It's a () thang" most often (backstreet)

13) You promise to meet Nick or at least get personally involved sometime in the future, whether it be next month or 20 years

14) If you know all his siblings, pets, habits, and any other personal tidbits

15) If you know him more than you know yourself or your friends

16) Everything anyone says (in your mind) has something to do with Backstreet Boys

17) If your friends hang up the phone on you because you just talk about Nick too much (and they love afro-man with the flat nose Justin Timberlake - y'all know who he is if you're a BSB fan"

18) If everyone who meets you learns at least 50 things about the Backstreet Boys

19) If you feel like you know them

20) If you feel you can relate to them and often wish you

had time to follow them (the word stalk has too many negative connotations for my taste)

21) If you have all the beanie babies Nick has

22) If you named your dog Boo Boo to honor Nick's late terrier (even if your dog isn't a terrier)

23) If you have too much respect for Nick to name your pet after him, but you vow to name your child after him

24) If you look at little blond kids similar to Nick and think, "Oh, that could be what Nick was like as a little kid"

25) If you look for him wherever you go

26) If you've forced yourself to love football and basketball

27) If you've read "Living Free"

28) If you've played "Final Fantasy VII" just because No.

1: Nick modeled his haircut after cloud and No.2: Because it's one of his favorite games

29) If security need 4 guards to keep you from running backstage

30) If you buy every form of merchandise on the planet

31) If you are planning to move to Tampa Bay (or go there for college with the hopes of seeing Nick)

32) If you laugh at all his jokes (even, I just flew from Europe to New York and my arms still hurt)

33) You dream about him

34) You check back at Backstreet.Net everyday to see if

it's different

35) You have over 1000 pics of Nick on your computer

36) You argue that you 'love' his personality, not just his

looks even though people say, "You haven't even met him!"

37) You love him so much, your parents are sending you to a

counselor because you're so obsessed

38) If you can't stop talking about him

39) If you listen to an NSYNC song voluntarily, you start

banging your head on a wall shouting, "Bad (your name), Bad

(your name) NOTE: If you've read Harry Potter, you might

think it's funnier

40) You compare all the guys you meet to him and if one

wants to be your boyfriend, you say, "Try to be more like Nick Carter" even if that means he has to bleach his hair.

41) You buy all his sibling's albums because you know it helps him

42) Whenever you hear news about Nick's girlfriend, you pray it isn't true (The abuse stuff) and TRY to like her even though you don't like her as a person (I'm putting it VERY lightly)

43) Your insecurities are put away when you compare yourself to Nick's girlfriend and not how she's not much prettier than you are

44) You model yourself after what Nick's said is his ideal girl

45) You have at least 1 backstreet boy site

46) You have watched/listened to "I Need You Tonight" so much, your parents, friends, family scream when they hear the first few notes

47) You hate it when companies use the phrase, "Larger than Life" because it gets your hopes up

48) You feel that if given the opportunity, you would die for Nick

49) You say you'd consider suicide if he died or you'd kill the person who killed him

50) You often worry that you love him more than your family

How to know if your obsessed with the Backstreet Boys

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You miss 1 of the 5 seconds they are on t.v and WW3 begins.

2. The whole room and house MUST be silent whe they are on the TV and Radio.

3. 1,500 pictures, posters, pins, cds, jewlery and memorabelia are like nothing.

4. You spend AT LEAST $100 a year on BsB stuff.

5. Your little sister like both the Backstreet Boys AND Nsync(yuck!) and you force her to like BsB ONLY... NO MATTER HOW PAINFUL!

6. No matter how much it hurts you are happy for the fact they can get married or get girlfriends.

7. You ask someone you meet if they like the Backstreet Boys. and if they say No, walk away and never come back.

8. Win nsync tickets and backstage passes off the radio only to tell them how much the S*CK and that they may have beaten some of the Backstreet Boys records, and NEVER WILL AGAIN!!!!!

9. Before you leave your burning house you grab all your BSB stuff. THATS ALL THAT MATTERS! The heck with your brother!

10. Go to bed with Millenium on repeat.

11. Wake up with Millenium on repeat.

12. Shower with Millenium on repeat.


15. Walk into your house turn on your radion and not leave it's side until the Backstreet Boys song is over.

16. Stare at your walls and wonder what color they would be if there were (*Gulp*) No BsB.

17. Start an anti-fan club about ANYONE that steals a Backstreet Boys word (ex: Santana)

18. Brake out in the "Everybody(Backstreets Back" dance routine during dinner.


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