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Top 10 signs you're obsessed (by and older fan)

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10. You're known by everyone at work at "the girl who likes Backstreet"

9. All your friends buy you Backstreet gifts for your birthday and Christmas and New Years...

8. You and your roommate have Backstreet night

7. You sing the live versions of songs from Orlando over the radio version

6. You have to build shelves in your room to hold your collection

5. You have a separate CD case just for your BSB CD's.

4. You interupt people while they are talking if you see a BSB on TV

3. You screamed so much at the concert you couldn't talk for a week.

2. You talk about AJ, Nick, Howie, Kevin and Brian like they are personal friends of yours.

1. You know more about them than your real friends.

Don't feel badly

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Don't feel badly if you think you are obsessed with the Backstreet Boys! My friends and I make cakes for their birthdays and decorate them with candy letters spelling out their names, we also make sugar cookie men and frost them up to be the backstreet boys, but we do NOT hold fake wedding ceremonies with them and video tape it!! I also recently had a birthday and the only cards I got were backstreet (mainly Nick) cards from my friends! Oh they know what I like!

ways to know your obsessed with nick

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. you'd have an email named after nick (yep)

2.you have pokemon named after nick and the other bsb. (guilty)

3. your dog on the N64 game Harvest Moon is named nick (still guilty)

4. you do whatever you can to buy nick pics.

5.discovered this site because you were looking for nick pics. (k, i'm obsessed)

6.your friends know his birthday.

7.you had a dream about you and nick doing it. (i know your jelous.)

8.your screen name is nickfreak (thats me!)

9.you know how many years and days you and nick are. (are you scared of me yet?)

10. you adore his butt even when it looks a little large.

11.you write nick fanfics. (ok i have too much free time)

12.you can sing like nick on certain songs. (so i have a good voice)

13. you kill anyone who makes fun of him or calls him gay.

14.you try all the time to win bsb tickets even on the morning it makes you late.

15.you have over 60 nick pics on the computer.

16. your friends write notes to you and they say to Mrs. Carter

17. you tell your friends you have his kids

18. you have a friend named nick

19. you are building a fanfic site.

20. you write a list when you should be doing a take home test.

21. love his whole body

22. can't wait to visit disney world next year. (me!!!!!)

23. get disconnected from the internet while writing this list.

24. can think of 24 things to do with nick.

25. wish you could kill that b----h mandy cuz she hurt nick.

26. wish you could be brian so you can see nick everyday

27. own the "heart and soul of nick carter"

28. love aaron cuz he looks like nick.

29. your parents know all about nick

30. your mom likes the bsb cuz you like them

31. you read this whole stinking list.

You know you love Brian when....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You think about him 24-7

Whenever someone says 'That's What She Said' you can't help but smile.

You have pictures of Brian plastered over every bedroom wall.

You carry a picture of him around in your purse.

You buy Kentucky Wildcats caps that are exactly the same as his.

You can't stop watching videos of him.

You miss him like crazy.

You can't go out with anyone because they're not Brian and you feel like you're cheating on him.

The mere sight of his 'other half' makes you feel sick to your stomach.

You dread the end of the tour because you have no idea when you'll see him again.

You hate seeing him with another fan.

You hate other people talking about him and saying they 'love' him.

You buy maps of Kentucky and even find yourself looking at houses for sale in Lexington and dreaming of buying a house near to his parents.

You can't look at his left hand anymore because it reminds you of something you really would rather forget.

Whenever you are going through emotional times in your life, you find yourself wishing that Brian was there just so you could hear him tell you everything is going to be okay.

You get totally fed up with the long amounts of time they are away and wish they would start another tour.

You laugh until you cry at his Donald Duck and Jim Carrey impressions.

You wish that the ALAYLM video had been filmed in a totally different concept and that the people who hired the dancers had been fired the week before and the one's they'd been replaced with decided that a certain person wasn't right for the video. That way you wouldn't feel like you were being punched in the guts everytime the stupid thing is shown on tv.

I'm Obsessed with AJ!!!!1

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Hey I'm Claudia and i'm not afraid to admit that i'm obsessed with AJ Mc Lean because everything about him is so good he is gorgous his tattoo's ,his sexy rebel ways,the way he always dies his hair a wild color and it always looks soooooooo goood,how he doesnt care what people think of him (when the say stupid stuff)i dream about him day and night he is always on my mind no matter what i do the way i cheer up when i'm blue just becuse i look at a picture of him on my wall(i have pics of him and the others all over my room)he is just the finnest guy ever.And i love AJ Alexander James McLean!!!!!!!I Love you and i always will.KTBSPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for ever.

how to know when u r obsessed with nsync an u hate bsb

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

10: u laugh when people say that bsb is the best

9: u think that bsb is lame.

8: u think that nsync has better dance moves & better songs (helloooooooooooo?????)

7: u think that nsync sings lovely(hee hee)

6: u say that bsb only sings slow sad romantic boring songs.

(have u ever heard their album?)

5: THIS MAY NOT APPLY TO ALL NSYNC FANS: u say that the cutest out of all of the both bands is ......JUSTIN!

4: u think the whole world loves nsync(puhleeze!)

3: u think nsync cares more for their fans than bsb(r u crazy?)

2: u cringe every time u hear a bsb song

1: u feel 2 fight when u hear that bsb rulz.

welll if u have reache this far, u must have a lot of time.

let me tell u something, nsync copied bsb ok u have the truth fair and square. u better run outa here or otherwise we're all gonna catch you hee hee hee

your obessed when.....

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

(1) Everybody in your family knows everything about bsb(or atleast what you know about them)

(2) In almost every converstaion you get in is about bsb

(3) your older brother sings there songs(but makes fun of them urgh..Chris)

(4)You compare your cousin or boys at school to Kevin or any other bsbs.

(5) Your wall is covered with bsb

(6) you have a picture of them in your locker,in each of your notebooks,& one hidden in the back seat of your grandmothers car.

(7) You've got your younger cousin liking them.

(8) If someone says anything bad about bsb you react immediatly

(9) you cried on Kevins wedding day,

(10) you cried on Brians wedding day.

(11) You scream at the top of the lungs at the tv when

somebody's got something wrong about bsb

(12)Your door says be-ware of the Obessed fan,diss them & DIE!(or something along them lines)

(13) when your brother turns the tv off the bsb you scream!

ways to know your not obesseed

(1) your brother makes fun of them,but you don't care you laugh right along with him.

(2) You have no posters or articles having to do with bsb


Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You cut out every little article they're in (Big or Small).

2. You record just about every tv appearance they're on.

3. You buy all their memorabilia.

4. You know all their songs by heart.

5. You have named your children after them or you plan on doing that.

6. You imitate them or recite a quote they've said.

7. You've been to more than 2 concerts.

8. You know the names of each member in their family.

9. You have a bsb e-mail address.

10. Your family pet is named after one of them.

Steph's Best Backstreet Obsession List

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Here's how you know if u r obsessed with the BSB:

1. You camp out in Times Square for at least a week before the BSB come to TRL. (i told my family i hate illinois and i wanted to move to NY!!! they didnt listen)

2. You have every single CD they ever made, including the imports, albums, and even those unauthorized interview ones!

3. The day their new album came out, you woke up at 3 in the morning, woke everyone else in your house up, got ready, and left for the nearest music store even though they didn't open for at least 2 hours.(that's going to be me on Nov. 21)hehe

4. Your parents(and everyone else you know) think you're crazy because of your "unhealthy obsession". (ME)

5. You talk about them constantly. (my mom is so sick of me)

6. At the concert, when Brian looked at you, you went into shock and couldn't concentrate on anything else the rest of the concert.(I've never been to a concert, that was my friend! (Lucky!)

7. When your brothers were making fun of them, you printed out tons of BSB pix, used up all your ink, and that night, you decorated their room with the pix. (hehe.. that was fun!)

8. You write one of these.(well isn't that what i'm doing now?)

9. Some people check the stocks online every day, some people read the newspaper every day, but you check backstreet.net every day!(Me!!)

10. In sewing class, when you had to sew pillows, on yours you stitched 'BSB FOREVER'.(next time!)

11. Instead of saying certain words, such as literally, you say Litrellaly, or how, you say howie, etc.(my bros think i'm insane!)

12. Your teachers think you are insane after seeing your test papers, on which you have written BSB RULE all over them. ( i was gonna do that... next time!)

13. When your neighbor is blasting Eminem, Dre, etc. music, you put your BSB cd in the CD player and blast it even louder. ( i hate when she does that!)

14. When someone dares to dis BSB, you get in fights with them. (of course me!)

15. You threw a fit when you were on vacation in Canada at the same time as BSB, only they were in Toronto and you were in BC and on the way driving there, your dad wouldn't go through Toronto to see if you could find them. (me again!)

16. You started crying like an idiot for no reason when you saw them on TRL. (me)

~~~~~~~~~***********BSB FOREVER!***************~~~~~~~~~~~~

10 Things To Tell If You're Obssessed About Hating the Backstreet Boys

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

X. You get a twitch every time you see them on TV.

IX. You call radio stations around the country voting for Eminem because he hates boy bands.(Blink 182=boyband, Aerosmith=man boyband, BoyzIIMen=vocal group, BSB=vocal group. Get the difference?)

VIII. You kidnap their dogs.

XII. You talk trash about the Backstreet Boys provoking fights with 12 year old girls. You lost every time.

XI. You're the first one in line to buy BSB concert tickets because that's the only way you're mother would let you back in the house for taking her signed BSB poster.

X. You know all the lyrics to their songs because you spend hours alternating the words in your quest for being the next Wierd Al Yankovic.

IX. You change your name to Justin Timberlake, all of a sudden have a chihuahua which you name Nick Carter while dating a Britney Spears look-alike.

III. Carson Daly kicks you out of Times Square for stalking him and NYPD knows you as " that guy who dressed up as Christina Aguilera to get up to the MTV studios and steal BSB empty water bottles to auction on Ebay."

II. Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera file a joint restraining order against you. You can not come within four states close to them. Eminem sees an opportunity to make money so he writes a disturbing Grammy Award winning rap song about you after filing a restraining order against you.

I. And you're still trying to steal things BSB have touched to put on Ebay. You figured might as well make money while you stalk them. While trying to go through their trash, you meet them face to face and you go to jail for breaking the restraining order. Everyone in jail calls you BSB hater and want nothing to do with you. You find out your look-alike girlfriend is a man. Want her to hit you one more time?!

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