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Are you a Backstreet addicted?????

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You know all about their life and know about their parents, brothers, sisters...

2.You have BSB C.Ds, singles, and all of the inedit songs like By my side, I Canīt stop thinkin about you...

3.All the day you think about Kevin, Nick, A.J, Howie, Brian...

4.In a conversation, you change the theme for BSB. Example: "I want go to Tampa on vacations" and you say: "Nick lives in Tampa..."

5.You have posters, shirts, jewells, calendars, pictures albums, and so on.

6.You speak with your friends about them, therefore your friends become Backstreet Fans.

7.You watch all the T.V shows only for see the BSB

8.You buy any magazine just for see a new or an article, or a picture of BSB.

my obsession list

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1) your parents tried to make u take your pictures off your wall when you would not stop talkin abou them

2) my brother wants to become the 6th backstreet boy (my brother is only 8)

3) your boyfriend threatens to break up with you if you dont stop talking about nick (my boyfriend threatened me, i stoped)

top 5 your obsessed with bsb

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1) your crush calls you backstreet! (my crush always says: hey backstreet!)

2) your parents all most made you take your posters down, because you wouldent shut up about them!

3) your brother wants to kill them

4) your best friend yells at you everyday for talking about them

last but not least:

5) when you put your fave's last name one your test paper (jen carter, ect...) your teachers know its you

Yor obbssed when...........................

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1)You know all the BSB's B-days but not your familys.

2)You rfuseto name your pets after the boys, just in case something happens to one of the pets, it would give you a nervous breakdown.

3)You've convinced your dad, "they arnt just another boyband"

4)When N'sync comes on the radio you scream in pain.

5)When BSB comes on the radio you scream in delight and convince your grandparent to sing "larger than life" along with you.

6)You have pics of Brias high school.

7)Brian waves at you from the stage and you go into a ceaser like stage.

8)You can recite all the words to EVERY bsb song but not to the natinl anthum.

9)You wor out your tape copy of Black andblue past understadable in 2 weeks.

10)You fanizie about chasngth BSB bus.


Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

-you keep little things like their burger cups, and wristbands from their concerts.

-you scream whenever they some on tv.

-you tape everything they're on, even those burger king commercials.

-you reminded everyone at school that black and blue was coming out on the 21st of november.

-you always get in arguements with nsync fans.

-you have wallpaper, screensavers, and cursors of bsb on your computer.

-you have everything green b/c its nick's fave color.

-you take quizzes to see how much you know about them.

-you listen to their cd's every night.

-you pray every night that you can meet them some how.

-you pray every night that nothing bad will ever happen to them.

-you hate nsync.

-you want to beat up nick's girl.

-you buy magazines of them even if there's only on picture of them in it.

-you're reading this list to see if you match any of them.

-you make one of these lists.(knowing what to write b/c you're obsessed with them yourself)

You know you're just a little too obsessed if...

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Check out my site @ www.BSMania.cjb.net plz!

1. You name your pets after the guys.

2. You have EVERY single, album, and interview disc ever made by them.

3. You know all their vital stats right off the bat.

4. You refuse to listen to any other music bseides BSB.

5. You get all excited over one little piece of gossip.

6. You have counted how many times AJ has died his hair since 1996.

7. You're reading this.

8. You've never heard of *NSYNC.

9. You cover every inch of your walls AND ceiling with BSB pictures. And maybe some of your furniture.

10. You've been to more than two BSB concerts.

11. You've written a book about them.

12. You have a website on them, and you learned HTML for the sole reason that you wanted to create a BSB site.

13. You're still reading this.

14. ALL of these apply to you.

15. You have shrines in your bedroom devoted to each boy.

Are u REALLY obsessed with Brian?

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1) Your vocabulary consists of the words Brian, Thomas, Littrell and Leighanne. (yup, and it kinda pisses my teachers off!)

2) For your book report, you had to choose a book with the main character named Brian. (had 2,who the hell would want to talk about someone named Justin????)

3) When your aunt and uncle were thinking of a name for their son, you immediatly said Brian. (i was successful in this mission)

4) You listen to the first 50 seconds of SOMH and then hit the rewind button just to hear his voice over and over again. (i do late at night and on a school night!)

5) You stay up until 1 am just to hear a radio station premere the "Black & Blue" album. (did that and then got grounded for a weeek.)

6) You waited outside in the FREEZING cold for 32 hours just to get the "Black & Blue" cd. (that paied off, i got to have them sign one of my millions of copies!)

7) You have "Black & Blue" cds stacked up to your 8-foot-celeing.

8) Every night you dream up of ways to kill justin timberlake (i would capatilize his name, but i don't think he deserves it) (yup, the one that seems to work the best was sending them to Venus!)

9) When Christina Aguilera and JC Chaesez (or whatever the hell his last name is) beat Brian for best voice on the election day TRL thingy, you burned every single picture of them. (that was hard because i already burned most of my jc pictures)

10) You know the exact dates that SOMH wasn't number 1 on TRL. (10/25; 11/03; 11/13; 12/13)

11) Your social studies teacher hangs up a black and blue chain in the classroom to count down the days until the cd comes out (ya, she's kinda weird, but she did it for me!)

12) Your friend rewrites the lyrics to IWITW for food pantry, you sing the song on the loudspeaker, no one participates, so you bring in 5 full bags of food.

13) You painted what you can see of your walls Black & Blue

~*~ If you have any of these symptoms, you are considered obsessed with Brian Thomas Littrell and the Backstreet Boys!

top 5 reasons that you may be a backstreet fanatic

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. that your room is covered entirely with backstreet boys posters.

2. you have gone to every backstreet boys concert no matter where it was.

3. every website you visit has to do with backstreet boys.

4. your screensaver on you comp. is the backstreet boys.

5. every single password you have on your comp. has something to do with the backstreet boys.

How I Know That I'm Obsessed With The BSB

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1.) Ya'll, my ART TEACHER calls me Backstreet Girl and he even spent an hour arguing with me at a school dance because I simply wouldn't give up until he was a dedicated BSB fan.

2.) My Social Studies teacher brought a BSB poster with him to school to give it to me because he knew I loved BSB..but I already had it.

3.) I have a Backstreet Night every Thursday night starting at eight thirty....in which I watch their videos, listen to their CD's, and memorize the words to the spanish versions of their songs (a.k.a. "Non catya nen yan yad [sp?]" ) all while looking at more pix of them in magazines and trying to hang up more posters.

4.) I know more about the BSB than I do my friends.

5.) I actually insisted once that my guy friends change their names to the Backstreet Boys' names...and then they threatened to kick me out the window and sacrifice me to the Backstreet gods if I didn't shut up.

6.) My english teacher told me one day in class that over spring break she saw a Backstreet Boys special on t.v. and when she saw it it reminded her of me.

7.)I have marked over every picture of Mandy Willaford in my magazines just because she broke Nick's heart (or so I believe hehe).

8.) I have begged my parents to fly me to Africa when the BSB were there during the Into The Millennium tour.

9.) I payed 200.00 for a Backstreet Boys autographed concert ticket on EBay and won...it's coming Friday in the mail....and I'm gonna frame it and hang it up in my room right between my picture of Brian and Leighanne in Fiji and my poster of AJ holding Panda, Bear, and Vegas.

10.) All during MTV Cribs when AJ was showing his house, when they showed shots of Amanda by the pool and Amanda's section of the closet, I was imagining that I was the one there instead of Amanda.

11.) I have pretended to be on Diary, MTV Cribs, and FANatic, practicing my speeches and my moves for when I show the world how much I love the BSB on MTV. (I wish I could someday).

12.) My answering maching message starts out playing "The Call", and then I say "Hey everybody, sorry you guys had to hear that...AJ just called me, as you can hear. If this is AJ, Nick, Kev, Bri, or Howie, you know my cell number so call there. If this is anyone else...um...leave a message or something and I'll get back to you if I feel like it." Hehe....mean, I know, but pretty cool. All my friends think it's neat anyway.

13.) I talk to my posters and when my sister saw lipgloss prints on them one day and accused me of doing it, I defended myself by saying, "hey, you're just mad because you know I'm practicing for the day I really do get to do this." Haha.

14.) I can sing the whole SPANISH VERSION of "I'll Never Break Your Heart" backwards and forwards without skipping a beat.

15.) I make all my teachers mad at me because I get them off subject during class by starting arguments about the BSB NOT BEING A BOY BAND or a bubblegum band. My Social Studies teacher ACTUALLY HAD THE NERVE TO TELL ME THAT NSUCK WAS BETTER THAN THE BSB! I almost got sent to the office for inappropriate language and behavior after that hehe!

From the heart of a fan...I want it the bsb way

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Well... I love The BACKSTREET BOYS!!! And I worte a poem that shows how much I love them it's called from the heart of a fan...

When life throws a curve ball your always there to help me lick my wounds with your soothing voices and catchy tunes you inspire and create without even knowing you give direction to thoughs who know not where their going, but without all the attachemnets of fame there with still be a girl that love admires and respects you all just the same.

The BACKSTREET BOYS have helped me through some pretty bad times in my life and I wrote this poem to show how much they have helped me, but now there is something else I would like to say it's really corny but its someting a friend and I wrote it's a song called I want it the Backsteet way it's my version of I want it that way;

yeah....you are my favorite group

the one band I listen to believe when I say I want it the Backstreet way. THat we are many years apart I will find away to your heart when I say I want it the Backstreet way.

tell me y

y r u such hotties

tell me y

y do u have such tallent

tell me y

all--- your fans say I want it the backstreet way

am I the biggest fan the one that loves you so much when I say I want it the Backstreet way.

tell me y

y r u such hotties

tell me y

y do u have such tallent

tell me y

all--- your fans say I want it the backstreet way

Now I can see that your reaching the top far from when you started in 93 yeah but no matter your fame status I want you to know that deep down inside of me. you r my favortie group the one band I listen to u r u r u r u r

I want to hear u say-----

tell me y

y r u such hotties

tell me y

y do u have such tallent

tell me y

all--- your fans say I want it the backstreet way

cause I want it the BACKSTREET way...

Well that was corny!



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