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crushin on bsb is a good thing!!!!

Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: Katie

lets see.. i have been obsessed with the backstreet boys since they first became big in germany. My good friend went there and sent me a cd and told me i would love it, and i did and have loved them ever since...ive been to every concert that has come to h-town and thought every one rocked.....i have aprox.380 posters most of which are nick. He's the man i choose of the group though they all turn you on in there on little way.. ive been called overly obsessed because i have a pic of the cuz taped to the window of my car.. i have my 6-disc cd changer full of bsb which i drive around with the windows down and the sunroof open and play as loud as i can....when im sad i play bsb and i brightens me up super fast..i think i have almost every bsb cd form out of this country and in this country for that matter. my fav songs are all i have to give and party!!!! well thats it for today guys so ill holla at yall some other time.


Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: Hayley

Why am I obsessed??!!

-I have all of their singles that have been released

-I have over 6,000 pictures of them

-I saved my concert tickets

-I'm listening to their music 17 hours out of 24

hours in a day

-I sleep with their music on every night

-I have 4 BSB t-shirts

-3 BSB keychains

-A notebook all about each of them

-I write them fanmail once or twice a week

-I have two BSB hats

-I have about 35 magazines of them

-I have a photo album filled with over 300 pictures

of them

-I talk about BSB everyday to all of my friends

online and off

-I have 5 BSB pens

-I have the Around The World video

-I have every CD that they have ever released

-I record every TV show that they're on or are

mentioned on, even if it's only for a second

-I have tons of framed photos of them

-Their CD's NEVER leave my CD player

-I listen to them wherever I go

-I've recorded every music video that they've made

-I have a whole shelf dedicated to them

-I dream about them almost every night

-the door to my room is covered with their pics

- I have every news article on them

-I write poems about them

-I write fan fictions about them

-I have a teddy bear that's wearing a little BSB

t-shirt that I made myself...I sleep with it every night.

-I have every song of theirs memorized

-Every year for my birthday I have a BSB cake

-When someone in my family asks me what I want for a present for a holiday, I tell them I'll take anything that has to do with the backstreet boys.

-Practically everyone at my school knows I'm obsessed.

-All of my teachers know I'm obsessed

-I write about them for class assignments

-I have 3 BSB candles

-I have a BSB dream diary

-I have 4 screen names dedicated to them on AOL

-I have over 25 screen names dedicated to them on Yahoo!

-I have 4 screen names dedicated to them on MSN

-I have every BSB lip balm

-I have BSB calenders

-I have tons of BSB bracelets

-I have 7 BSb necklaces

-I have 5 specially made BSB t-shirts...my favorite is the one that's made like a jersey that say's Nick's Chick on the back with Nick's picture on the front.

-I seriously know every little thing about each one of them.

-I have 5 of these little license plate things with each of the boys' names on them.

-My locker at school is filled with BSB pictures & magnets

-I have a specially made lunch box for school with BSB's picture on it

-I have about 15 HUGE posters of them

-I have a BSB desktop

I could go on and on...

How I love BSB

Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: Andyo

1. Have over 1,000 pics of them....1,246 to be exact

2. Have loved them for bout 6 years now

3. Have pillows of them that you sleep with every night

4. Get really angry when people dont like them and critisize them

5. Play games where you are married to them or going out with them

6. Change your last name to one of theirs

7. Wanna move to Flordia or Kentucky just so you live close to where they go

8. Have ever book of theirs about them

9. I have every Cd even the singles and doubles of their 4 cds

10. Have dreams at night bout them and wish they came true in the morning

11. Meet new people and become friends with them just because they are BSB fans

12. At concert cry my eyes out and scream like a freak when you see them

13. Try to get backstage tickets just to get close to the hotties

14. doesnt shut up bout them and parents friends and BOYFRIENDS get mad about it

15. only music I listen to

16. Music helped get though tuff times in family

17. Inspired me to follow my dreams


Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: kaT carter... (hehe... i wish:) )

ok... I am extremely obsessed with the Backstreet Boys... Here are a few things i have done:

~ Flown to Washington D.C to see them perform the National anthem at a remembrance concert for the NYC incendint.

~ I ended up having bad seats, so I went and baught another pair of tickets so i would have better seats.

~ I got to the concert at 6:30 in the morning so i could be first in line! The actual line didn't come till like 10... but i was first :)

~ I have every single BSB cd... single... chinese versions EVERYTHING!

~ My walls are plastered with pix of bsb... even my ceiling has posters!

~ I have all the action figures, and BK stuff including the lifesize cardboard cutout of the group that the local BK gave to me.

~ I have been to over 10 BSB concerts

~I have 9 tee shirts.

~ I have one bsb sweatshirt

~ I have multiple BSB bags and carrying cases

~ I have multiple BSB notebooks... including three diaries

~ I have 4 BSB candles

~ I was the first one to get the Millenium CD, and Black and Blue cd in my town ( the box hadn't been opened yet.. and the Wal*Mart told me i was the first one)

~I got my dad to listen to BSB

~ When my mom died, i listened to the song the perfect fan over and over again... it coping with her death seemed easier.

~ I wrote them multiple letters.

~ I met Krystal 7 times.

~ I have one pair of BSB pants

~ I am literally obsessed... i have everything to do with them... pins, buttons, candels... ect... i really want to meet them!!! AND I LOVE YOU NICKOLAS GENE CARTER, ALEXANDER JAMES McLEAN, HOWARD DWAINE DOROUGH, KEVIN SCOTT RICHARDSON, anD BRIAN THOMAS LITTRELL!!

Its a good thing to love BSB

Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: Erin

Well I am a huge Backstreet fan. I have been one for about 6-7 years now. I have over 850 posters in my room. I'm 16 and just am in love with them. I have been to 6 concerts and have gotten at least second row on the floor, never further back. I've seen the black and blue tour three times, once in march then twice in October. The 15 in san jose then the next night here in reno where I live on the 16. My birthday was the 16th and that night at the concert I got a kiss from Nick. I had front row center that night and had held up a sign that read "today is my 16th birthday and all I want is a kiss from Nick" so when he came out onstage when they each indivisualy come out I held up the sign, nick read it and came right off the stage and gave me a kiss, and I have a picture to prove it. That was the best night of my life. I have bsb all over my car, my friends think that I'm crazy but who could't be crazy for these boys right? My goal is to meet them and just talk to them and thank them for what they do and just keep it up. I have bought almost all their import cds' . I went to Italy a few years back and bought nothing but bsb stuff for myself. I love them so much.Oh yea and you think that I'm crazy, then you're not a true bsb fan.

Thanking BSB for saving my life!!!!

Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: Nikki

BSB has been in my life for almost 6 1/2 years and I will love them forever. They changed my life so much that I would do anything to meet. If I had not seen or hear their music I would have been dead by then. I wanted to commit suicide so much because of who I was. But now i am still alive thanks to BSB. I will always, always love them forever. I have been through all the pain they have been through and suffered everything they have felt. for some reason these FIVE GUYS are my GARDIAN ANGLES.


living in a backstreet world

Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: Krystal

i'm living in a backstreet world because all i do is eat sleep and breath bsb. i listen to them all day long and even listen to them in my sleep. i have all the info about them memorized. a backstreet world is fun to live in and is easy to love them too.

I know i'm obsessed

Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: Krystal

Knowing I'm obsessed:

Singing their songs in my sleep

Imagining I'm married to aj

Writing stories constantly

Memorizing everything about them

Thinking of them costantly

Listening and dancing to all their songs non stop

my obbsession with nick carter

Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: ashley duderstadt

Ok this is my obbsession I love nick carter and I know every thing about him and all four of my wall and my celling is full of him and I wish I could meet him and I love him

By ashley duderstadt

Aka mrs nick carter

YOU know when YOUR obsessed with BSB when...

Date: Jul 22, 2002
Submitted By: Laura E.

you know you are obsessed when....

1. almost all your teachers know you love BSB & just about everyone who knows you, knows your a BSB fan

2. even though the guys have been on a break for a long time you still have to tell everyone "yes im still a BSB fan, and NO they havent broken up" (yes now i know how the guys feel..lol)

3. when you belong to the Vanessa Carlton message board even though you know half of them dont like BSB you MAKE them try and like BSB by talking about them all the time almost..lol hey to any NESSAholics that R readin this :)

4. when the official BSB board was driving you nuts, you decided to leave the board AND the guys but 2 or so days later you went back..lol

5. you TRY to like and not make fun of Nsync because the guys said they are "friends" with them *cough* suuure they are..lol

6. when a few GUYS from my school wrote "bsb rock" in your year book or "bsb 4evr"..lol and when half of your signatures in your yearbook were about BSB or britney..lol

7. when there is only like 3 people in your group that loves boy bands, your friend is known as an Nsync fan, your other friend the Hanson fan, and when YOU are known as the BSB fanatic..lol

8. you only pretended to admit you like Hanson so your friend would admit she likes BSB (which she did..lol)

9. when you write about BSB in your school work (like surveys, projects etc etc..)

10. When Nicks nickname actually had to do something with a mythology project you put his picture for part of your project.

11. When Alex from the calling said it was annoying being compared to aaron carter....you dont listen to their cd anymore :)

12. when you've seen them in concert 3 times, & when nick came into the official BSB chat you didnt freak out in front of him and say omg a million times but after you got done talkin to him you totally freak out and scream your head off like a teenybopper not being able to control yourself..lol

13. when kevin was on the Andy D. show, you still watched it even though you despise Andy D. with all your guts!!..lol

and last but not lease when your on your 3rd obsession list :)

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