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Obsess-oops DEVOTED to nick?

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Alicia Carter

You know your DEVOTED to nick carter when...

*you know Nicks birthday *most bsb fans do*

*you have read "the heart and soul of nick carter" 4 times just to make sure you didnt miss a word]

*you know EVERYTHING about him

*cry when you didnt get tickets to the "homecomming" concert :(

*cry when you find out they came out with a video for it!

*stood inline for over 7 hours in the cold*wearing shorts and a tank top* to get tickes to the millennum concert

*stand in line for over 7 hours in the heat*wearing jeans and a sweater* for tickets to the black and blue concert * ive learned to layer so if its cold im comfy and if its hot i can take off!*

*rename your pet nick or any of his nicknames

*say goodnight to your nick poasters everynight

*cry and freak out totally on the radio when u qualified to have a chance to meet them

*cry and freak out even more when u find out ur going to meet them!

*everytimg you go to orlando,tampa,ruskin or anywheere in that area search the town just in case u can find nick

*search the town even though you know that hes out on tour in another state *ya never know when he might go home!*

*go to his old house to see where he used to live

*lie to the gaurd at his community and say your lookin at poperty just to see his house

*when u met him u stayed totally calm until he said one word to u and then turned around and freaked out

*tour room is covered in poasters of him

*have every movie,cd

*tape everything they are on even if its for .2 seconds

*thought it was sooo cute/funny when john garribedian *cant spell* made him blush

*was happy to hear nicks single ;)

*freaked out at johnny cause he did sexual movements less than 10 ft away

*freaked when u saw him come out in dreads *lol*

*watched bik perfrom cause nicks their manmager

*freaked when you found out nick was in the balcony watching bik perfrom

*dont stop thinking about him ALL the time

*cant sleep without listening to " i need you tonight"

*sleep with a body pillow which you have named nick *get outta the gutter*

*planned out your future with him

*feel bad for liking his ex's songs *but they are cute!*

*laughed really hard when justin shaved his head and comented how much uglier he looks and then coment on how if nick shaved his head he would still look fine

* on all your papers label ur name as " name carter"

*feel really stupid but proud that when u turned in an application u accidently put carter as ur last name and when they called u back and asked for " mrs carter" u had to explain that wasnt ur last name

*have nick wallpaper on ur comp and the lil mouse thing is nick. ur sn has something to do with him and ur "youve got mail" is nick saying " hey baby *hes talking to me* youve got mail"

*draw a tatoo on ur ankel that says " carters girl" cause ur to chichekn to get a real one

*all ur friends call u carter or mrs carter

*have your LIFE revolve around nick

*i have done ALL of these so i would consider myself a huge devoted *some say obsessed* nick fan. if you have done a majority of these then you are a nick devoted fan :)

10 reasons you know that you are a true fan :)

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Carly

10. When the phone rings, and even before you answer you know it's your best friend and you know that she's going to say that she absolutely loves the shirt that Aj is wearing on TRL but she's not sure about the pants that Howie is wearing.

9. When you can hear your dad playing his guitar in the garage and the song sounds amazingly like I Want It That Way. (yeah that would be my dadda)

8. When a friend that you haven't talked to or thought about in several weeks (or months) calls because the Diary of the Backstreet Boys is on MTV and they wanted to make sure you knew.

7. When people in your classes know more than they should about the boys simply because they've heard you spout the information off so many times.

6. When you squeal with delight anytime you see anything that reminds you of the boys...for instance when you stop on Nickelodeon the bottom of the tv screen says Nick

5. When you own more than one piece of backstreet apparel and wear them in public

4. When you start calling your pets Brian and Aj even though they have names already

3. When you wouldn't mind getting arrested if it was all in the name of Backstreet (however this only applys if you get arrested trying to meet them...not stalking, harming, and or raping them)

2. When your mom trys to convince you that you should pick Howie instead of Nick because he's just so sexy. (My mom says age doesn't matter ;)

1. When you care enough to make a list of reasons I think it shows that you're a true fan.

Backstreet Disease

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Jody

Hi, I suffered for 5 years from a desease called "The Backstreet Virus". Don't worry, it's not deadly, it can be contagious though. Luckily, I am cured for them most part, and, believe it or not, some day YOU will be cured as well!!! These were my symptoms:

1 not being able to see my bedroom walls

2 having bsb bedsheets

3 writing an e-mail to Leighanne, and keeping the reply in your Inbox for 3 years

4 imitating their autographs and handwriting

5 keeping track of the tour, checking the tourschedule every night and look up on the map where they are

6 calculating what time it is where BSB are

7 writing their names and quotes all over your schoolbooks

8 having 12 scrapbooks and 21 videotapes

9 reading books about Florida

10 visiting websites of their former highschools

11 keeping confetti from BSB concerts

12 your whole class/street/family knows about you liking BSB

13 naming your pet after them

14 wait in front of a concert venue 13 hours before the show starts to stand front row


-you intend to take BSB stuff into your grave if you die

-you don't wash your hands after you touch them

-you kiss or talk to your posters

-follow the tour bus for a month

-you only grab your BSB stuff if you leave your burning house

-you wear/buy their fave cologne

-you saw them live more than 10 times

-decorate your house just like Nick/Kevin/Howie/AJ/Brian decorated his

-you name your kid after them

-travel to FL just to see BSB sites such as their schools and houses

Pinching B's cheeks!!!

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Emily

i know it seems strange, but every time i see Brian, i get this urge to pinch his cheeks. I dunno why... he's so adorable, i think it's the mother in me coming out (whoa, I'm NOT a mother, BTW, I'm 16). That makes it worse! Arg! anyone else feel that urge when they see him?

How To Know That You are obsessed with Howie

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Loren

and yes these things have happened to me.

5. You cut your hair so it was the smae length as Howies (Hey I was in the salon getting a trim and a BSB song came on the radio and I thought of Howie and asked the stylist to cut my hair...)

4. The military is transferring your family and you have a choice of where you want to live, Florida or Washington DC, and you pick Florida just for the reason that Howie lives there.

3.You have already planned your wedding.

2.You talk about him 24-7 and your friends have now developed crushes on Howie.

1. You cried when you saw Howie belt out that note in HDIFILWY at the B&B concert.

The real obsession is right here

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Freak Carter


You really wanna know about MY obsession. Well here goes. My friend Moosh-Nick has already mentioned the Nick B.Day party. I think he would be proud of our green brownies. I li li li licked him from his head to his toes! On November 21st, the day B & B came out, I was wearing ALL Black and Blue clothing.On the 2nd of December when the tickets for the Black and Blue Tour began selling, I was out waiting in front of Showerman's for 4 hours waiting for my section C3 tickets to the Silverdome. On February 15th I was wearing everything Black and Blue you could ever imagine. I even had blue hair! That concert was the best thing in my life, so far. Howie stared directly at me and waved! Ok, on February 16th I got a present from my friend Kristin. The present was my BSB Sketch book signed by the Backstreet Boys themselves(you can see the sigs on http://nickycartersexualthang.cjb.net) I was going so hyper that day. Everyone in the whole entire school knew that I owned the BSB's signiatures. I did not let that book out of my site that day. On my calender(the Nick 2001 one) I have everywhere that the BSB are going to be. Take tomorrow for example, since today they aren't having a concert. Tomorrow they are going to be in Tacoma, WA. I know a lot about Nick Carter. Omg, don't even get me started with how much I know. The only reason Moosh-Nick and I didn't celebrate Brian's B.Day was because a school project got in the way. No one knows this but before I went to bed the night of February 20th I sang Happy Birthday to Brian. Oh, I have other things to say. Whoever was holding up the sign at the Silverdome concert that said "Bob and Val Forever!" Chuck you farlie. I missed having Nick look at me because of your sign. If you just happened to hear a "PUT THE Freakin' SIGN DOWN YOU Freaking ..." that would be me saying that. The reason Howie looked and waved at me in the first place was because he heard me shouting that. Thank you for getting Howie to notice me and blocking my view of my precious Nick. Oh, Me-Rok, I feel so bad for you. Why the hell were you looking in your pockets when Brian was staring at you???

What else can I write about being a fan. Well I have most of my wall space covered in BSB pictures(those will SOON be on my website). I've collected everything possible from the Burger Kind Frenzy. I have a total of 4 big sized BSB posters. I have Backstreet Boys, Millennium, Black and Blue, and that one European Import CD. I own a total of 6 BSB shirts. My computer's name is Nick. Well, that about does it for my obsession. Can you top it?

BSB Kicks AZZ!!!

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Christianna (bsbfanatic#1)

Hey! this is to everyone world wide! i am the biggest bsb fan ever! all of my life, everything i do, revolves around them. its hard to put into words ezactly how i feel towards them, but i will try my best. now, to add to their gorgeous looks, they have voices of angels, and the best personalities. they are heaven sent! ok, but i am here to tell you why i am the biggest fan, right? will where should i start? way back in the day, when bsb was still in europe, i liked them! i lived in europe and i totally loved them! everything i do involves bsb one way or anyother! at school, on ALL of my binders, i have covered them in bsb stuff! i write their songs out all over them and anything else i come up with! people at school know me for being the biggest bsb fan! lots of them make fun of me too, but hey, it hasnt stopped me yet! and it never will. i always write i love bsb on my hands and on my books. i have even written stories and books on them! every week in school we have to write about something, a topic of our choice, and i ALWAYS write about the one, the only, bsb! hell yeah! even all my teachers can tell you i am upsest! ok, now, everything i own is bsb! my new room, i am moving in 16 days, is going to be so awesome! i have designed it specially for a bsb fan! my walls are going to be 100% bsb! then, i am going to frame pictures, and blow them up, from their concerts! my comforter is also going to be bsb! but i dont know where to find one ( if you do, please tell me) so i am going to make it myself! <---is that not something only a true fan would do? then i am going to hang bsb stuff from my walls. it will look so kewl! i cant wait! at work, i write ktbspa and bsb rocks, everywhere! you dont even understand how mad people get when they see that everywhere! lol! it doesnt stop me though! at their recent concert, i stood outside, in the rain, in like 10 degree weather, wearing a belly top, for four hours! i got frost bite on my fingers, my nose, and my toes! my mom made me leave after that, but only because my friend and i still had home work! ugh lol! but you dont understand how much i tried to get backstage. i have entered all those contests and stuff. unfortunately i never win. =(. well i could go on forever! and i will, i will write more of these things, but for now, bye bye. ktbspa! and remember, one world, one luv, bsb baby! luv ya'll!

I love the backstreet boys with all my heart

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: haley colins

Hi, my name is haley collins and i'm only 4 yrs old, I live in St. Louis, Mo. and i really like all of you, but my favorite bsb is howie and brian. I would really like to have a picture of all of you guys together, if its possible could you please send me a autograph pcture with your signature to haley collins, address is 1775 beverly dr. St. Louis,Mo 63031 thank you and I love you, Haley C. PS> I"M MUST BE ONE OF YOUR YOUNGEST FANS< I HOPE SOOO

romance storys

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: bill,oh

My wife has written 3 romance books about bsbs. They are good enough to be made into a 300 page paperback book. I would like for the bsbs to be able to read them. Maybe one of them will read this and contact me about them......

My Kevin obsessions

Date: Mar 03, 2001
Submitted By: Kristen

1) You found out that Kevin was engaged to Kristen Willits, so you suddenly go by your middle name (kristen).

2) Since Nick pisses Kevin off a lot, you yell at ur pics of Nick.

3) You cry whenever you see Kevin in the SMTMOBL video with his father on the movie screen.

4) You only listen to Kevin's part in IWITW and SMTMOBL

5) You have loved him since you were two years old and you met him as Aladdin in Disney World.

6) When ur teacher said that Kevin scared her, you refused to talk to her for a week.

7) When people tell you that Kevin needs a haircut (which he doesn't!) you beat them to tiny little pieces.

8) You were amazed that the song u and Kevin never wanted to hear again was "Bye, Bye, Bye" (mtv 11/16 from Stockholm)

9) Your boyfriend is named Scott.

10) you have more than one website made 4 him

11) You have banned "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"

12) You suddenly seem interested in saving the planet.

13) In MTV diary when Kevin said that South Africa was a beautiful place, you decided to do ur country report on South Africa.

14) You cry all day every August 26 ('specially this year:()

15) Every 18/21 of each month, you know exactly how long B&B/Millennium has been out.


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