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You Know you are obssesed with the Backstreet Boys when:

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer Ralston

10. Your entire room is wallpapered with bsb pics and you say goodnight to each one before you go to sleep.

9. You wake up every morning thinking about what your favorite boys are doing.

8. You freak out everytime someone mentions their name.(AHHHH!!)

7. You like to give the reasons why Backstreet is so much better than N'Stink!!!

6. You pay $164 dollars for tickets just to see AJ shake his ass!!!(It's all worth it!!)

5. You start your day off by popping in your black and blue CD and singing "THE CALL" so loud your mother tells you that the next time you start singing she is going to call the police for disturbing the neighborhood!!

4. you had your hair cornrolled just so you could look like AJ for the B&B tour!!Oh and don't forget about the blue hair too!!!

3. You stand in line for 7 hours to get tickets and get really crappy seats, but it was all good cuz bsb was there!!

2. when you realized that you know more about them than they do each other.

1. You already start making wedding plans for your future husband to be!!(AJ IS MINE!!)

but hey it's ok to be obssessed as long as you take care have fun and Keep The BSB Pride Alive!!!

#1 BSB fan

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay

I've been a fan since 97 here is my list of bsb stuff:

1. 5 videos 4 taped

2. over 400 posters

3. Calender

4. Pen

5. Sticker

6. first, second, and third cd

7. 2 shirts

8. one non working backstage pass

9. sample cd

10.a bio cd

11.AJ shaped cd

12.collitable BSB magazine

13.for the fans cd from Burger King

14.photos of them when i went to there concert in feburary


Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: BaCkStReEt FrEaK... LeY sMitH

Hey!! These obsessions are all me. Some of you may not think that I am too obsessed... but others (for example... my parents) will.

1. You have run out of room on your walls for BSB pictures and now cover your windows (the actual glass)

2. In fear of the pictures that you own getting distroyed you don' put the best ones up in your rom but rather but them safely into bindars.

3. There is always a spare tape in he VCR so that you are ready to catch the BSB if the come on... no matter what channel.

4. You TV is always on Much Music (MTV) when you turn it on... becuase this si where you are most likely to see the BSB

5. Even if you can't stand a show (there is one inparticular that I won't mention) you watch it just to see BSB.

6. You frequently go over in you head what your conversation with the boys would be like.

7. As long as you can remember you have never ahd a dream, day dream... that isn't abou the BSB.

8. You memorized the words to B&B the day you got it (I did after listenign to some sons once and some twice)

9. you take to some 70 BSB fans from different countries cause they are the coolst ppl on earth (hey to n e 1 that I talk to that is reading this)

10. Ya know that magazine or newspaper with the tinyest article about the BSB that isn't too important. you will spend any amount of money to get it. (I did that with a Toronto newspaper)

Well, those are some... and not even my best! If you want to talk... plz feel free to e-mail me at backstreet_freak_4_life@hotmail.com and become another awesome BSB fan on my list!!


P.S. Plz check out my BSB fan fic site at www.geocities.com/backstreetfreaksfanfics/bsb.html

how to tell that you are obsessed with bsb

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: jen and jess

1.our cousin wants to be the 6th backstreet boy! (he is only 5 years old)

2. you have dreams abou them everynight

3. you request them on trl everyday

Nikky (<-- don't forget he hates to be called that)

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Peggy W illiams

I know I'm obsessed with Nick and people don't like it sometime. I mean I have been a fan since they first came out. You wanna know how bad I am. I have me and Nicks wedding day, a ring I say is from Nick and I have our kids named. It all started out as a fan fiction thing that me and my friends started but now its like a life to us. We love it. My friend Nikki who loves aj planned everything.

Our Wedding day was Feb. '99 our colors were black and blue. Aj and Nikki have a daughter who is I think two. But me and Nick have three kids. Austin and Kathrine (kitty) the twins who are two and a four month old named Justin Ray "JR". Now does that prove Im obsessed. I know it may sound silly and if nick ever reads this it may scare him but hey I read some of the other obsessions and I'm not that bad,right? Well gotta jet.




(or as a couple of my bsb friends call me Mrs. Nicholas Carter)


Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Elya Wooton

I have been obssed with BSB since I was 2.

a real way to spend brian's b-day

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: megan and i dont lie abot my last name (duperreault)

Well as yall might know that b-rok and almost all the other boys (don't laugh it is not funny that denver didn't get a concert) came on down to denver, colorado on february 20th. you betcha it was a whole bunch of screamin lil girls. so i went into the arena with bsb painted on my face and finally (oh dear did i wait a long time)krystal came on and i was totally excited. so she had the entire arena singing "happy birthday" to brian. finally (after electricity and lighting problems)the old man with a horrible raspy voice came on saying kev wasn't gonna be there, stuck in LA, denver stut down the airport blah blah blah. he doesn't count cause i don't like him. the backstreet boys came on or as i like to call them NAHB nick aj howie and brian. finally aj decided that we were gonna embarassethe crap out of brian by having us sing happy b-day to brian and the look on his face was so funny.

You are tatally obssesed if (like me) you did all this stuff:

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Visi

1. You stopped breathing for 20 seconds when you found out that you got tickets for their concert

2. You started jumping on your bed, singing "We've got it going on" and ran around the house hugging everybody as soon as you started breathing.

3. Your 3-y-o cousin learned the BSB names first and then his own friends', knows the music and moset of the words of "Everybody".

4. Your parents know all their songs, even though they're sick of them!

5. You can't count your posters and magazines anymore cuz you'll get a headache.

5. You taped the whole Sabrian the teenage witch just to see the 2 minute end with the BSB in it!

6. You stood on th phone for 4 hours and 23 minutes to get tickets from the radio, and when you couldn't, you hit the radio with your computer mouse and broke them both!

7. You have all their CD's and know all their songs.

8. Downloaded Napster just cuz you needed some BSB songs that you couldn't find in any CD!

9. You log on to backstreet.net everyday.

10. You buy cakes and an exact # of candeles for their B-Days even though ppl think you're nuts!

11. You screamed like hell when they won on the American Music Awards against *NSYNC and some other aliens.

12. You spend at least 1 hour each day renewing your web page.

13. You almost killed you brother when he once (with a very serious face) told you that BSB broke up and you almost had a heart attack.

14. You kick and punch ppl when they say BSB are gay.

15. You get in *NSYNC chzt rooms and swear at them even though you've gotten kicked 1,000,000 times!

16. You spent 2 hours painting each of your nails half black and half blue.

17. At least 3 of your emails have BSB in them.

18. You almost fainted when you saw some of the guys up close.

19. Your room is full of posters and you have a huge on right in your living room even though it took you 4 days to get your mom to let you.

20. Your everything is with a BSB pic in it and the person who's locker is right next to yours has to close his eyes everytime he talks to you.

And so and so and so and so....... on! See ya soon for more cuz right now I g2 finish my science project! Luv ya! (and hate science!) :-p

P.S.: I suck at spelling, so don't tell me how bad I am, cuz I KNOW!

Top 10 Signs that I am hopelessly OBSESSED with NICK

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Becky

10. I got seriously pissed when I couldn't use nickysgirl as my e-mail password because someone already used it!

9. My friends think I'm psychotic because I screamed at the top of my lungs "I Love NICK!" in the middle of my job!

8. My main concern for the SuperBowl was what Nick was wearing ,when the BSB sang the National Anthem!

7. Every Week I spend at least 10 hours searching frantically on the internet for the YUMMIEST new Nick-Pic for my desktop

6. Even though I think all of the BSB are hot, I only keep stickers that have Nick on them!

5. I go to the Grocery store just to linger around the Gumball Machine ,waiting for the coast to be clear so I can get as many Nick Stickers as I can!

4. My friends and family think I'm a child molester because I'm 29 and I love Nick-And I DON'T GIVE A DAM!

3. If the BSB ever breaks up, I will search the internet daily just so I can find out where Nick is and what he is doing.

2. I wuz ecstatic when I thought my fav football player might go play on Nick's fav team-Tampa Bay Bucs


The day that i knew my obsession with bsb was more than i could ever imagine

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: annie mclean

I have been a huge fan of bsb since 98 i was 19 im now 22 and stil loving them go figure! lol

okay here it goes How i knew that i was In love with bsb and aj.

1. When i would watch trl and saw ppl getting the chance to meet them and i would start to cry.

2. When you have entered EVERY contest that bsb has ever had and still have gotten nowhere.

3. when your email addy has to do with bsb.

4. When you hear that your fave bsber is getting mairred or had a girlfriend you throw a fit even though you knew that you would never have a chance.

5. When you are online you go to a search derectory to see if they have aol or somekind of IAM.

My love for AJ began when..

1. When i won tix for the JNN Show i SCREAMED!

2. When i was at the show his tour bus passed me and i started crying and ppl were staring at me like i was insane.

3. WHen you push and shove other fans to get the hell out of your way so you could get i could get to the front.

4. When i Fight with my 12 year old cousin over aj. and other fnas as well.

5. When my whole mission in life is to meet bsb and one day to tell aj that i am in love with him and that him and i are ment to be.

6. WHen i could no longer hide my obssession over aj to my friends even though i stil sometimes deny it! And to one day get front row seats.

7. WHen wedding magizines look apealing!

8. I always sign my emails with annie mclean.

9. I always get into fights with nstinks fans just to tell them who's better!

10 last but not least, I know more about aj and bsb than i do about math or any subject in school. OH and i would get reallly bored and start writing bsb all over my notebook paper and i would write all of their names and color them in. I would do this til class was over.

11. when i lay in bed at night i often wonder what they are doing or where they are at as im laying in my bed.

12. I would play my b&b cd ALL NIGHT while I'm sleeping.

13. WHen i cant stop writing out this stupid list!

14. When all my friends say that i need theraphy!

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