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Backstreetboys freak

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay

I've been a fan of the boys since 97 Love them sooooo much here are the stuff i have of the backstreetboys:

1. over 400 posters

2. two shirts

3. the first,second and third cd

4. 5 tapes

5. a poster of their second cd framed

6. a sampled cd

7. AJ shaped cd

8. for the fans cd

9. a book written by brians ex-girlfriend samantha

10. Heat and soul of nick carter

11. a pen

12. a sticker

13. a jey chain

14. four got milk? ads

my name is l-rok.... and.. i'm.. obessed with the backstreet boys

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: l-rok16

i seen these list of what people have done so i thought i'd put in my own.

i have:

1. 12 books

2. 5 photo albums

3. 32 video tapes

4. 20 magazines(still together)

5. 28 pins

6. 4 backstage passes (fake)

7. 9 key chains

8. 14 cd's

9. 6 tapes (some filled with the cd singles i can't get)

10. 14 Burger King things ( a double of each toy)

11. 3 binders

12. 2 daily planners

13. 5 calendars

14. 6 shirts

15. 3 piano books

16. 21 posters

17. 5'5" project on them ( got 120/100 on that :)

18. 7 sets of 8 stickers/tattoos

19. 6 rings

20. 1 wallet

21. 1 pencil

22. 1 pen

23. 1 gift bag

24. 2 dog tags

25. 1 nicks choice cola can ( lol it's actually a soft drink line)

26. a dance to made up to every fast song (even some slow songs)

and last but not least my hobby collection for the last 5 years..... my pictues

18000 - 20000 (i've actually counted up to 15000 and i'm not done counting....i

still have the ones on my walls and ceiling to do...and they're covered)

well thats my list (at least for now.. LOL)

Backstreet Boys

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Bobbi H

-your parents can sing along with you to all the bsb songs

-you can't see the original color of your walls because they are covered in posters

-you check ticketmaster.ca everyday to make sure a new concert date hasn't come up in the city you live in

-your 4 year sister can tell every backstreet boys's name and can sing all their songs

-you dream about how cute toyr kids will be when you marry Nick!

-your friends who are also BSB fans have to tell you to stop talking about BSB

-you have fights with friends over which BSB sing a certain part in a song

-you daydream only of BSB

-you own tons of CDs but only listen to BSB

-you listen to BSB when you go to sleep so you can dream about them

-you have a BSB dream at least once every 2 weeks

-you start a BSB fund for your self so you can save money to go to a BSB concert

-you ask your parents to donate money to your fund

-any time you even hear the word Backstreet or Boys you tell everyone around you to shut up

-you have BSB on your b-day cake and want ot save their faces

-you have been a fan from the start

-you have reminders of all important BSB dates but don't need them because you've memorized them all

-you been to almost every BSB site

-you e-mail all the BSB bashers who have made a site and told them what you think of them!!

Buncha obsessive symptoms

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Christy

1. You talk to your posters.

2. You're reading this list.

3. You come to this site every day.

4. You do your best to be good when your parents are around because you now if you get grounded you'd DIE because you couldn't come here and you couldn't talk to all your BSB buds!

5. You name stuffed animals after BSB.

6. You threaten your sister because she got a pet rabbit and wouldn't name it Alex.

7. You have 7 AIM/Yahoo Messenger SNs, one for each guy then 2 extras for your fave guy.

8. You write these lists.

9. You talk to me (If ya wanna talk email me @ bonesbaby33@hotmail.com or catch me on AIM as: ajsteddybear1110, kevvyslilboo, nixnintendobuddy, howiedoit3639, frickchick96, ajsteddybear33, ajzluvbug)!

10. You scream every time BSB are on TV.

11. You watched the whole episode of Roswell and you were pissed when Howie only said 3 words.

12. You wanna kill people when they talk about how this girl or that girl won BSB front row tickets on the radio.

13. You write fan fics with your name in them.

14. Your mom, on your birthday cake, tries to spell out your fave BSB's name with the candles.

15. You know all their songs by heart.

16. You go on Napster to get all the songs that are on those $15 import singles, and the funny little interviews and stupid things the BSB say.

17. You love to pick on your friends who are N**** fans, but get real pissed when they do it about BSB.

18. You use every little opportunity to make fun of Hanson and N****.

19. You censor the word N**** by saying N****.

20. You can spend hours in a music store such as Sam Goody, Media Play, and FYE, looking for or just at BSB stuff, even when you're broke.

21. You don't care how many cute guys are around when you hit the teenybopper mag section!

22. You're saving your heart for your fave BSAB, even if they're married.

23. You have sexy dreams about your fave BSB if you leave their solo song on while you sleep.

24. You'll sit in 10 degree weather waiting for tix to go on sale, and sing off-key to BSB with your headphones on because you know all the other BSB fans there are just as bad as you are and admire you for your guts.

25. You'd strip naked on TRL to win BSB front row tix.

26. Your addy list of BSB fans exceeds 20.

27. You have a section in your addy book called BSB FANS.

28. You have several different emails that all have something to do with BSB.

29. You can turn any conversation that is non-relevent to BSB so that it is (i.e. If you're talking about, of all things, potatoes, you say "Hey, potatoes are what they use to make french fries and McDonald's has America's favorite fries and AJ loves McDonald's!").

30. Your obsessive symptoms list that you post on backstreet.net meets or meets AND exceeds 30.

31. You count every single BSB item you own including any pics, and even those wrappers for stickers and watches and stuff you REFUSE to trash, and it exceeds 1000.

32. You set your VCR to tape EVERYTHING BSB will be on, even if they only just show their face.

33. You hate TRL cause it's rigged whenever BSB is below #1, but when they're #1 it's the best thing in the world and they rule!

34. You have a BSB website.

35. Your parents have a limit on how much time you can spend on the internet (because if they didn't have one you'd never sleep or go to school).

36. Your parents hate BSB because they rob them of their money...hehehe...

37. The only CDs you ever buy anymore have BSB on them.

38. Anything you ever buy anymore has something to do with BSB.

39. You hate opening acts just because of the fact BSB are soooo much better and they're just an annoying delay in what you actually paid to see.

40. You SERIOUSLY were going to camp out to buy tix and were inviting friends along, until you found out Ticketmaster sells their tickets totally randomly, and puts their customers in line totally randomly.

41. Your school books and binders and folders and notebooks all have BSB on them.

42. Your whole CD wallet is full of BSB CDs.

43. You have a Discman just so you can listen to it on the way to and from school because you have BSB withdrawals.

44. Your BSB obsession symptoms list is getting close to 50 and you've only been typing for 5 minutes...

45. You calculate the difference in days between yours and your fave BSB's bdays.

46. You bring BSB CDs to school dances and ask the DJ to play your fave song which wasn't/isn't yet a single.

47. Your mom has a heart attack when she finds out there ARE actually people just liike yoooouuu....

48. Every time you buy something your friends ask where it says BSB or has a BSB pic on it.

49. You melt every time BSB mention the fans (especially that they love their fans) at an awards show or some other TV event.

50. You hate unauthorized biographies because all the facts are always wrong, because Kevin's bday is in 1971, not 1972, but they're cheap and have BSB pics so why the hell not!

51. Your favorites list on the net is all BSB sites, pics, etc.

52. You took Spanish in school just cause Howie speaks it.

53. You put all your BSB buttons on your purse.

54. You pursue a career in music production, hoping you'll get good enough to produce for you-know-who.

55. If your friend ever dragged you to an N**** concert, you'd be sure to wear every piece of BSB merchandise such as buttons and stickers that you own.

56. You stayed long enough to read this list and discovered that, yes, I AM just as bad as you. :)


Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica

To be a true AJ Mclean lover, you have to know the basics about him at first. Like you should know his full name, (DUH) you sould know his birthday,his age, his favorite color, and his favorite food,his favorite icecream, and his favorite sports. Those are just the basics.Then to be an expert AJ lover, like me, you should know his hometown of where he is from, of weather he rather wears boxers or briefs, you should know where AJ is from or what nationality he's from. You should even know his parents names. You should also know at what age AJ started singing on stage. To be AJ's true #1 lover and fan, you have to know his WHOLE life.

I know all the answers to these questions and lots more. A true AJ lover should have hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of AJ pictures in their room. A true AJ lover talks about AJ 24-7, and that is what a true AJ lover should do. A true AJ lover doesn't care what anyone else says about AJ, they deffend their love for AJ. Someone who really loves AJ should have AJ pictures in their school lockers. A true AJ lover should have all Backstreet Boys albums, DUH!!! Someone who knows this much and is this obssesed with AJ is a true AJ lover, and that TRUE AJ lover is me, the#1 AJ lover!!!

Why I think Im obssesed with BSB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Angy Littrell


2.'Cause everytime I open my mouth I said something about BSB

3.'Cause I spend all my time kepping the BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

4.'Cause my family knows all the latest news about they.

5.'Cause everytime I see Brian's picture I need to kiss him

20 reasons why bsb is so cool and why you love them

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren

1.theyre so hot!!

2.You absolutley love their voices

3.they love their fans (WE LOVE THEM TOO OF COURSE!)

4.They've been through so much crap that you know that they are real people and not a bunch of stupid puppets (like nstink!)

5. They make such good videos that when you vote for them on TRL you vote 50 times minimum a day.

6.Theyre not only singers but musicians too. and for all those people that say that they only sing well nick is learning how to play guitar by brian and nick knows how to play drums, kev can play wonderfully on the piano, we've seen aj at one of the concerts picking up a guitar too, and sweet d well havent i said enough?!? so basically if you say that theyre not talented when it comes to instuments, shove it!

oooh sorry got a little carried away! just showin my love!okay,

7. They shut down times square for goodness sake!

8. they break records ( now we all know that those NSUCK fans cheated somehow so i declare bsb having the record and anyone who disagrees can forget wasting their time cuz it wont change my mind or yours. right?)

i could write more but it's tuesday and i have to do my homework sorry! its worse to get grounded from bad grades and not being able to do things like this on the internet than not being allowed to do this for weeks!

9.theyre giving to the needy and the earth (right kev!)

10. they are making and have made their mark in this business and all over the world!

11. even people who so-called "hate" them know all 5 of thier names

12. theyll add a whole another leg to thier tour just to let us get the chance to see them

13. they put their privacy on the line and are being critisized by the press and others everyday just to make us, the fans, happy and go so far as to make a song (larger than life and everyone-DUH!!)

14. if they werent so cool i or other fans would not be wasting their time typing this stuff nor would their be so many freakin' sites!

15. they bring the people together.one of my friends is my friend because we are so obsessed with these 5 wonderful people.

16. they sell out every concert in record time!

17.They enjoy doing this business and dont whine! they are so thankful for what they have and dont say things like oh this? yeah it is very depressing this business.

18.it gives us fans a reason to live

19.they do what THEY want to do. they dont copy (ahhheeemm nstink!)

20. They are sacrificing their own lives (remember they only have 1!)just to entertain us and make us smile. now that is a good reason.


without them, we would be nsuck fans THANK U BSB! any-1 who sees this write to me!! and dont 4 get 2 KTBSPA!

The Ten Backstreet Boys Commandment

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Frannick

The Ten Commandments of a hopelessly addicted fan.

1) Thou shall not like any other bands besides BSB

(e.g. N'snyc)

2) Know the names of all the Backstreet Boys (Nick,Howie,Brian,Kevin, A.J.)

3) Be proud of who you are

4) Do not stalk the Backstreet Boys because it's bad

5) Do not camp in Backstreet Ground (meaning: their houses)

6) Do have a scheme on murdering Mandah Willaford. (Just Kidding! but if you have one I can help out)

7) Thou shall not listen to anything EVIL that N'SYNC says

8) Respect the Backstreet Boys

9) Thou must have ALL the BACKSTREET BOYS albums! OR Thou shall perish in eternal ruin! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just Kidding! but at least you should have one!

10) Thou shall collect Backstreet memorabillia/posters/magazines/or anything that has anything to do with the backstreet boys.

you know ur obssesd when

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Baby

1. you've been to over two concerts

2. you stood in the freezing cold infront of their tour bus for 7 hours even though you had to go to the bathroom really bad waiting for them to get out

3. when kevin is giving you his autograph you giggle hystericaly and can't manage to say a single word (i swear i had to have freaked him out)

4 when you get interviewd by radio and tv because you were standing infront of their tour bus for so long.

5. when you forget to scream when nick walks by cuz you are amazed by how hot he looks in real life (he looks real good)

6. when ur friends swear they will hit you if you menssion bsb again

7. when you know the exact date you became an official fan ( i was an on and off fan since 95 but i became an official one on January 28 98)

8. when you start drilling simon jackson (the guys with the spirit bear foundation thingy) about how nice the bsb are and stuff when you see him on the bus (im not a stalker i swear....i knew who he was cuz i saw him at the bsb concert and he was like holding posters and i heard he got to meet kevin and the guys)

How to know that you are an obbssed fan

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Sahra

Ok I know thousands of people send in thier BSB lists saying why they are obbssed. Well im over the limit of obbssed im to the point where its scary! lol. JK! Well my friends think im crazy!

Ok why? Well lets see i have to add 5 posters. And then i count them. The posters ahve too have no ripes and have to be absolutly perfect. I have to always have them polished. If i see on little bitty rip I have a fit! Ok and right after i go to bed and say my prayers and then i kiss every single one if I miss one poster I have to go over and say im sorry to the poster and then kiss it. LOL. And then I ask God to watch over AJ, Brian, kevin, Nick and Howie. And then I ask him to let me meet BSB. And for one of them to fall madley in love with me and marry me (wishful thinking). Then on thier b-days I have little partys. I go out and buy cakes. I say to the lady to but on Brians cake i hope you have the "time" of your life on your b-day. Then I pay for it and go bye a card and a present. I buy a 26th b-day candle. I go home call up all my friends even obes that dont like BSB and tell them to wish Brian a happy b-day. i force them while sining a BSB song until they do it. And then I go get all my BSB cds. I play all the ones that Brian has the most solos in and play it over and over all day. I have so many posters, pens, books, shirts, cds, BSB screen savers, folders, magazines, articles, pin ups, clocks, videos, and lots of other cool stuff i cant even count it! I have a shelf in my room that each on is dedicated to a different BSB. In my mind im married or going out with ALL the BSBs not just one but ALL. I fell that each song is dedicated to me. I know i sound wackey and crazy but i love BSB!! I know all thier sns. I constantly write them till they write me back (not shure its them but i hope it is). I threaten and beat up anyone who says one bad thing about BSB. I know all the symbols to all thier song BWBB, INBYH, GPGWMH, SOMH, SMTMOBL, GD(YTOFM), IYWITBGG(GYSABB) Well my friends think im a little on the strange side! lol. Well i love them!! KTBSPA! luv ya BSB!

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