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You know that you're obsessed when....

Date: May 24, 2001
Submitted By: *~°Sophy°~*

1 You search the internet or have a friend search the web for, coz you want all th unreleased tracks or re-mixes you can get your hands on. (100% guilty!)

2 You can name all of their singles and other songs on albums within the first 5 seconds you hear it (also very guilty)

3 You're planning to take singing lessons just so that you can record a duet with you fav bboy if you ever meet them! (Guilty is charged. I know it's not very likely..)

4 You can get your friend who likes punk to go to a BSB-concert because you keep telling them how great it is. (Need I say anything?)

5 You're willing to get up in the middle of the night just so that you will be able to buy a ticket to the concert just a soon as the post-office opens.

6 You cknow enough about them to write a book and three sequels about them! (Dunno about the three sequels but I could certainly write a book about them!)

7 You're father is very glad you got cable internet coz you serve to way too many bsb-sites!

8 Your aunt calls you at 8 o'clock in the morning when she hears rumours about them breaking up (which r by the way NOT true), ocz she feels so sorry for you. (No, I'm not kidding!)

9 You can't speak for 2 hours whenever one of their is first shown on tv in your country.

10 You can tell if a (not realeased) song is from their early days just by the tone of Nick's voice.

11 The first thing you say when you meet someone is: "Hi, I'm (name) and I'm the worlds biggest BSB fan." (Not guilty. I do tell them I'm a fan though, I'm proud to be one!)

12 You're entire school knows you as 'the Backstreet Boys-fan'.

13 You think their -days r national holidays. (I wish they were...)

14 You're more happy on their b-days than on your own!

15 Yuo can call yourself a BSB-expert and have everyone agreeing with you.

16 You make your best friend, who listens to hardrock, listen to their latest album, 'till she admits it's not so bad after all.

17 You can get your friend who listens to punk so excited about the BSB that she proposes to organise a BSB-evening (or afternoon).

18 You own their official biography and read it 5 times or more.

19 Just the thought of them makes you wanna book a last-minute to wherever they are at that moment.

20 You get your friend to design you a wedding dress in the colors black & blue just in case you get to marry one of them.

BackstreetLuv and a smile,


The Ten Top Quintessential Signs of a Backstreet FAN(atic)

Date: May 21, 2001
Submitted By: Fiona

1. You drape your entire room with a various BSB posters, even those dating from whence they initially started.

2. You constantly argue down metalheads/roch fanatics whenever they toss an insult about the BSB!

3. You are on the verge of concluding a long-time relationship with your best friend...all because of why? She has become an *NSYNC fanatic.

4. You take every compliment about *nsync as if it were a personal contumely against you.

5. Your most auspicious activity of waking up includes staring at every single member of BSB/Nick.

6. Your most auspicious activity of going to bed includes staring at every single member of BSB/Nick.

7. When someone inquires you to have sex, your reply is, "I am saving myself for Nick Carter."

8. You DISDAIN Justin Timberlake as if he performed a personal offence to you.

9.Not only do you devote your heart, but also, your ears to BSB music only.

10. DRUM ROLL PLEASE......And, for the most important sign of a Backstreet FAN(atic), You do what those crazy Brazilian fans do, and nearly crush yourself in a vain attempt to get next to the boys!

GOOD DAY! ktbsp.

+ Signs You Are Too Old To Be Obsessed With The BSB But Are Obsessed With Them Anyway +

Date: May 21, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

+ Signs You're Too Old To Be Obsessed With The BSB But Are Obsessed With Them Anyway +

I'm supposed to be a mature twentysomething graduate student, but I have a deep dark secret: I'm a closet BSB fan. Unfortunately, I am guilty of every item in this long list:

1. You and your friends made up a BSB drinking game, and you are all old enough to buy the beer.

2. In defense of your obsession, you have said on more than one occasion, "Hey, those guys are all my age!"

3. If a friend your age finds out you have a "thing" for Nick Carter, they either laugh at you or ask blankly, "Who the hell is Nick Carter?"

4. BSB CDs, videos, magazines, etc. are right up there with tampons and Midol on your Most Mortifying Purchases list.

5. You have never been to a concert because not only have the BSB never come to your home state, but even if they did, you couldn't find anyone to go with you (your friends at home are all non-fans) unless you wanted to chaperone your twelve-year-old niece.

6. And you would do it gladly, if it meant seeing the BSB.

7. When one of your non-fan friends says she can't tell the difference between BSB and *N Sync, you look at her as though she has uttered some kind of sacrilege. Then you proceed to list all the ways in which the BSB SO don't sound like *N Sync.

8. Your parents thought you'd outgrow your obsession, and seeing how you haven't, they are starting to worry about you.

9. If you hear the words, "aren't you getting a little old for this?" one more time, you will inflict severe bodily harm on whoever says them.

10. You know more about Nick Carter than you do about some guys you've dated.

11. Your parents know more about Nick Carter than they do about some guys you've dated.

12. When your brother says he has a friend who looks sort of like Nick, the first words out of your mouth are, "Is he single?"

13. You roommate bitches at you for tying up the phone line because you spend way too much time surfing BSB sites on the Net.

14. You read fan fictions and go out of your way to make sure nobody ever finds out.

15. You write fan fictions and post them on your site, which nobody knows you run (and you plan to keep it that way).

16. You have created a separate directory on your hard drive where you keep your pictures, because you have so many of them.

17. You have a special space on your wall where you put your favorite pictures, and you take them all down anytime you think anyone but immediate family will be in your room.

18. You have to change your settings every time you take your laptop computer to a public place, because you don't want anyone to see your Nick wallpaper.

19. You spent forty-five minutes creating that wallpaper.

20. You used to go for older men because of their maturity, but one look at Nick and you are now espousing the virtues of younger men.

21. You suddenly find the ability to burp on command charming.

22. You know it's stupid, but you still feel vaguely depressed when you see Willa's video on TRL.

23. You know it's stupid, yet you cheer when you find out Nick is single again.

24. You and Nick were married in a virtual wedding ceremony.

25. You have a separate aol screen name that you use for all your BSB e-mail, chat rooms, mailing lists, whatever. (nickshoney96@aol.com).

26. When your mother buys you a BSB calendar as a gag gift, you are secretly thrilled.

27. You cut and save every picture, magazine article, clipping, whatever you can get your hands on, and keep them in a photo album devoted exclusively to the BSB.

28. You hide this album under your bed.

29. You go to backstreet.net on a regular basis to find out about TV appearances, tour dates, etc.

30. You tape every TV appearance, even if it's like a two-minute clip.

31. You rush home from class hoping you'll get back in time to catch the end of TRL, so you can watch whatever BSB video is currently at #1.

32. You have actually voted for at least one BSB video on TRL.

33. You have ever had a dream (as in while you're asleep, not a daydream) about one or more BSBs.

34. You were stoked to find all these "mature fan" sites on the Net, because now you know you're not the only one!

35. You read lists like this one.

36. You make lists like this one.

AAA A Obssesion list

Date: May 21, 2001
Submitted By: Francie

Over 17 cds 23 shirts 149 posters 269 Brian poster 3 howie posters 45 Aj poster 26 Kevin posers 125 Nick posters 1 Justin Timbersnot poster w/devil face and ripped 0Nstink poster. Goooooooooooooooooooooo Backstreet Booooooooyssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I know I'm obsessed with BSB

Date: May 21, 2001
Submitted By: Janelle

1. When I go to their concerts, I come home soar and have no voice from screaming and jumping so much. (but its sooo worth it)

2. I say "Nick....AJ....Kevin....Howie....Brian.." in my sleep.

3. They are all over my binders.

4. They're all over my walls.

5. I've never liked NSUCK. Hey, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but their new Dirty Pop song just flat out sucks.

6. My friends that are grunge addicts, like BSB...I helped them out of course.

7. I have every commercial, every mention of their name, every special, and every video of them on tape.

8. I vote for them on TRL until my fingers become numb.

9. I paint my nails black and blue.

10. My favorite colors are black and blue.

11. I know everything about them.

12. I dream of marrying them.

13. I visit sites every day.

14. I cry when they're not number 1 on TRL.

All the BSB Stuff I Own

Date: May 21, 2001
Submitted By: Mally

1. 6 tapes

2. 10 tapes of stuff i recorded from T.V. appearances

3. Tons of pics (mostly Brian!)

4. My NSYNC friend and I get into fights everyday over who's better even though we like both of them - we just have favorites!

5. Have every mag they have ever been on the cover of

6. My friends call me BSB Babe

7. My homepage if Backstreet.net because i'm scared i might miss something if i don't open it immediatly after getting on-line

8. I finally decided I should make one of these lists b/c i have read almost all of them

9. I leave school early just to see when a video is retired or premiered on TRL (MTT is my favorite BSB song EVER!!!!)

10. I made a website with pics of Brian all over it 'cause he's my fave

11. I tape every and all BSB performances

12. Get really pissed off when BSB aren't number 1 on a countdown, but not too pissed 'cause I know I can vote more the next day

AJ McLean

Date: May 21, 2001
Submitted By: Stefani

Alright. I have been absolutely infatuated with AJ McLean since the summer of 1997. Yeah, he's got that hard appearance, but what really drew me in, was his emotional core. I became attracted to him while watching the "All Access" video. It was when I realized just how natural and real all these guys are, that I focused all of that attention on AJ because he was (and still is) exactly who he wanted (and wants) to be. He doesn't put up an image, and that's cool. I admire him for that. I respect the fact that even though he's in the public eye, he doesn't pretend. If he's sick, he doesn't attend an interview. So, his health must mean more to him than making millions of dollars. AJ just seems like he would be a fun person to hang out with, and that's the most important thing. I'm not going to say that I love him, because that isn't true. I, personally, have no idea who he is, but I know that I'd like to get to know him.

Your know that your BSB obsession is out of control when...........

Date: May 15, 2001
Submitted By: Lucinda Marie Carter

1. You know more things on The Backstreet Boys than your actual school work.

2. Everynight when you go to sleep you have a BSB dream.

3. Your walls are covered from celing to floor and from door frame to door frame.

4. You have not seen the color of your wall is 7 years. (100% True in my case)

5. That not even a Backstreet Boys Quiz book that is full of personal questions on the boys can stump you. (I got all the questions right..There were like 500!!!)

6. You OWN everything of there's from a pencil to bed sheets.

7. That everything you see in the store of BSB, you have to buy it and tell everyone that you have it.

8. When you start clubs on the boys or of your favorite member. (That's true I have 12.)

9. Whenever you go for a night out no matter if it's with parents or buddies you have to wear a BSB T-Shirt and a necklace to show everyone that you are a fan.

10. Whenever you hear someone put The Backstreet Boys down that you go up to the person and back up the boys.

11. When you start writing your last name as your favorite Backstreet Boys' last name.

12. Everytime that they premiere a new video of BSB'S on TRL you have to stay home to watch it and record it at the same time.

13. You will do anything to see the boys in concert, at a meet 'n' greet or to watch them film their video that you call everywhere to try and find out where they are going to be at.

14. Whenever they are in your hometown for a concert. You arrive at the venue really early to try and catch a glimpse of your favorite. Sometimes you may even start sweet talking the closest security guard to you and try to see if he'll let you in backstage.

and last but not least.

15. No matter where you are at or what you are doing you can always hear if it's a Backstreet Boys song that is playing on the local radio.

We'll I've been a fan since May 19th, 1994 and there is nothing that can stump me about the Backstreet Boys. I know everything that their is to know and no one can tell me otherwise. I also have 6,858 pictures of them adorn all over my walls in my room and all over my furniture. I am definately BSB'S #1 Fan!!!!!

Erin's BSB Obsession

Date: May 15, 2001
Submitted By: Erin

I own.....

1) 5 shirts

2) 1 pajama

3) 1 fisherman hat

4) 350 pictures and articles (my walls, dresser, door, and bedframe is covered)

5) 7 cds

6) All official tapes (and 1 unofficial)

7) 8 tapes of taped performances

8) 5 pens

9) 4 notebooks

10) 1 pack of gelpens

11) 2 2001 calendars, 2 2000 calendars, & 1 1999 calendar

12) 1 pack of tatoos

13) 11 pins

14) 2 iron-on patches

15) 2 keychains

16) 2 folders

17) 1 bumper sticker

18) 1 BIG pin

19) TONS of magazines that have BSB in them

20) 13 stickers

21) 2 little framed pictures and 1 big framed picture

22) 1 pack of BSB trading cards

23) 1 BSB photo album

24) lots of pictures from photo packs

25) Heart and Soul of Nick Carter

26) Official BSB book plus some unofficial

27) Book written by Brian's ex-girlfriend

28) Computer game

29) 2 concert tickets (they are framed)

30) 1 locker calendar

31) 1 CD carrier

32) 10 big posters (3 Nick, 1 Brian, 6 group)

I am a loser, I know.

Backstreet Boys are My LIFE~

Date: May 15, 2001
Submitted By: Mary

I am totally hooked on BSB and I don't like the word obsession, but here goes anyway:

1. If a day passes and I haven't listened to BSB music, I become very grumpy.

2. I bought a BSB tee shirt for my dog and he proudly wears it.

3. I have put photographs of "my boys" on my family wall of pictures and consider all the guys part of my family

4. My family has stopped teasing me for my love of all things Backstreet or risk the consequences of my wrath.

5. There are little black notes of BSB music running through my veins instead of blood.

6. I have managed to get tickets for me, my daughter, and two of our best friends for everynight the "Black and Blue" tour hits our city.

7. I no longer hate my birthday because this year I was in Philly to celebrate it with "my boys" in concert, and our seats were the best we ever managed to get.

8. My husband is now calling "my boys" THE BOYS.

9. I include all of the Backstreet boys in my daily prayers for safety.

10. I carry the Backstreet Boys in my heart whereever I go and they help me get through the bad days as well as the good ones.

11. I went to a Britney Spears concert with my daughter and after two Britney songs, I left my seat, and went to the food court with my portable cd player and plugged into BSB music.

12. I have written things for publication in Fansillustrated in hopes that "my boys" will read it.

13. I have written to Howie's mom.

14. I have joined the online fanclub.

15. I live for BSB!!!!!

16. I have begun writing poetry, thanks to my love of BSB!!!

17. I sleep, breath, live for my boys of Backstreet.

18. I share the same birthmonth as Nick.

I will treasure Backstreet Boys forever and beyond.

They have given me so much through music, and for that I thank them.

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