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10 things i love about bsb

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: backstreet vampire

1 The fact that they'll always be around

2 the fact that they've grown up with me for the last 4 years

3 howie and his beautiful eyes , smile , hair , body , ahem....

4 aj and well his everything , ye cant beat aj !

5 the other boys know how much I love em too ,they all rok , especially b-rok(tm)

6 they have been a great inspiration to me thanks ladzzzzzzzzzzz

7 I will allllllllwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays love em I love you guuyz , thanx soo much for being who you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 I love howie

9 I love aj

10 kev ,, nick and b-rok (tm) ROK !!!!


Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: Tricia Hawkes

1. Nick is mine

2. nick is hot

3. nick is sweet

4.nick is mine

5. nick is sweet

6. nick is mine

7. Did i mention that nick was and STILL is mine?!!?!?!??!

8. (the very best one) NICK IS MINE AND THERE IS NOTHIN YOU WANNABES CAN DO ABOUT IT!...sorry for embarasing you, nick, but i love you, but i still want you to be happy, even if i have to do anything except illegal things...

You KNOW you're obsessed with BSB when...

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: Ashley

These have all happened to me...

1.) The receptionist you work with (that is old enough to be your grandmother) tells you she is going to watch BSB on TV.

2.) You go to Sam Goody and buy ALL the imports.

3.) Your mom wears black and blue to the Black and Blue concert.

4.) Your dad rocks out to "Everybody" when you play the CD.

5.) You went to 10 different stores looking for ALL six covers from TV Guide.

6.) You tape EVERY performance or appearance they have, and if you miss one you are beyond pissed.

7.) You've gotten your boyfriend to admit he likes them.

8.) You have tracked everyone who might possibly know what hotel BSB are staying at in your town.

9.) You have gone and attempted to find that hotel, once you find out where they are staying.

10.) You find the hotel and wait to finally get a chance to meet them! (this hasn't happened to me yet, but it will August 10th). :-)

why i am obssesed with the bsb

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: china

i have been a MAJOR DIE HARD fan of the bsb for 3 years now and i swear on my life i love these guys more then anything. they inspire me to do my best at school and to work hard to acheive my dreams. i love the bsb because they have GREAT songs and they are so very talented. i mean girls i can't even tell u how much i LOVE THEM AND ADORE THEM. there is not even enough words to express my love for them and i can't find anybuddy who understands what it is like to be a die hard fan like me and be tottaly CRAZY FOR THE BSB! if anyone understands how i feel email me and let me know so that i know i am not alone! i mean i love the bsb so so so so so much. it's not even funny how much i love them. when i heard the rumor they were breaking up i was FREAKING OUT! but it is not true thank GOD! i have so much stuff of the BSB that i am running out of room in my room for their merchandise. i can't see any reason why anybuddy would not totally love and adore these 5 talented, handsome, sweet, and special guys. Really i can't. i would die just so that they would never have to feel one ounce of pain or sadness and i really do mean that from the bottom of my heart.i swear on my life i would take a bullet for any one of the bsb and be happy i did. does anyone out there know what i mean? if you are a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR DIE HARD CRAZY-FOR-THE-BSB OBSESSED FAN LIKE I AM U SHOULD! i seriously cannot understand how someone could only like the BSB a little bit. for me that is like impossible. I AM DEFINITLY BSB'S NUMBER ONE FAN FOREVER! my whole life revolves around these giys, that is how obsessed i am. whenever i find a bsb basher, i cuss them out, even if i am at school. i love the bsb and i am not ashamed to say it. i wanna tell the whole world how much i love the BSB, so maybe i will go on t.v. and tell them! i am seroius girls. i g2g now BSB fans so KTBSPA 4 EVER! NICK IF YOU ARE READING THIS I LOVE U!


Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: china carter

1) u start a fight with anybuddy that says BSB sux or that says your faverite boy belongs to them.(nick is mine and this girl told me he was hers so i fought her and got suspended 4 it) 2) you would die just so that they would never have to feel one ounce of pain or sadness. (i would do that GLADLY!) 3) when you go to the library you always go to bsb sites even if you have a paper worth 200 points due the next day that u haven't even started yet. 4) when u get a snack from the vending machine at school, you only get a kind that the BSB said they like. (100% guilty) 5) you would die in a heartbeat for any of them. 6) you refuse to be friends with anybuddy that likes nsync even if they like BSB too. 7) you cover your folders that aren't BSB folders with pictures of the BSB. 8) you get backstage passes to meet nsync just so u could tell them how BSB is better then them. 9) when your dad won't take you to the ticketmaster to get concert tickets, u steal his car and get them your self, even if you don't have a license. 10) you have been arrested for trying to kill willa ford for what she did to nick. 11) you get mad and scream at the computer if you are on a bsb site and the computer freezes.( hate it when that happens) 12) you vote for them on trl until your fingers go numb. (hate it when that happens too!) 13) when you heard they were breaking up, you were so upset you stayed in your room crying until trl said it wasn't true. (i did!) 14) you are reading this list to see if you are obsessed and are guilty of EVERYTHING i have mentioned. 15) when you leave your locker at school, you make sure the locker is on the same number as you faverite bsb's age. 16) you buy cds that you know they own, even if you don't like that particular artist. 17) your biggest reason for staying away from drugs and alcohol is that the BSB said it isn't cool to do that stuff. 18) you refer to them as " my angels", "my babies", or "my boys" or all three! 19) when you go to a concert, you are so numb the next day from screaming, jumping up and down, and dancing that you can't move at all for a week. 20) u would totally FREAK OUT if you ever met them. (i met them and i was totally FREAKING OUT!) 21) you decorate your car with pictures of them. 22) you give your brother 100 bucks to get his hair cut like nick's so that every time you see him you can be reminded of nick. 23) when you chat online you tell people u are going out with one of the bsb, and u sound so convincing they actually beleive u! 24) if you have a headache you turn on their music and it goes away. 25) even your cd player likes them.( for instance, my cd player will work for a backstreet boys cd, but it never worked for an nsync cd when i used to like nsync- but i HATE NSYNC now!) 26) you cover your cd player with stickers of them. (like ME!) 27) when you are watching BSB on t.v you cry because you are reminded of how much you love them. (it's happened to me quite a few times!) 28) you know all their birthdays, yet you can't remember your own brothers and sisters birthdays. (LIKE ME!) 29) when you make an obssesion list, you list goes up to 29 items because thats how old the oldest BSB is!(1000000% guilty there!)

you're a HUGE bsb fan if...

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: Rachael

~you sit in ice cold weather for 5 hours waiting for tix while siging off key bsb songs

~you got your cousin a job at burger king because you went there so much during the bsb promo

~you have no friends cuz you walk around school singing bsb songs

~you can walk down the halls at school and people you don't even know will say " hey backstreet girl!"

~people at school ignore you because they don't wanna hear any more about bsb

~EVERYTHING reminds you of bsb

~you can hear someone say "backstreet boys" from a mile away

~if anyone bad talks them, they better run (you've been known to hurt people)

~you always get in trouble for writing "bsb rock" all over your homework

~you looked up the word "lonely" so you could show them the meaning of it

~your life goal is to meet them

~if you don't get tix to their concert you cry... if you do get them, you cry even harder

~you donate bsb cds to the homeless

~the bodyguards know you by name

my obsession list

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: suasan landgrebe

i know that i'm obsessed when:

1. all i do is talk about them

2. i just keep talking about fine aj

3. my friends & family get annoyed w/me just talking about


4.i know almost everything about them

5. i have to have everything of them

6.i request their video on trl about 20 times to make it

# 1

7. all i can do is just stare at the 5 hottest guys in the world & listen to their wonderful voices.

8.i just keep telling everybody why i love bsb.

9.i spend most of my money on their stuff

10. i get made-fun-of for liking them,i don't get mad.

also, if u wanna know why i love bsb, here are my reasons:

1. their wonderful voices

2. their songs, music & concerts

3. all the stuff on them that u can buy.

4. they are the sweetest guys in the world & so nice to

their fans. also,they are so ture in any magazine they do

& ture to their fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.and last,but,not least, these 5 guys are the hottest in

the world. i love nick,brian,howie,kevin,&aj,but,i like aj

the most. BackstreetBoysRule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u know u r obsessed with the backstreet boys when.......

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: china carter

1) u try to kill anybuddy that says nsync is beter than bsb, or u would like to. 2) when your teacher says 4 u to go to the school library to do your report, u go to bsb sites instead of looking up info for your report.(hey i cant help it u know how it is) 3) u convinced your mom to let u hang up bsb pics all over the living and dining room walls because u ran out of room on your bedroom walls. (like i did) 4) you have a sign on your door that says "only backstreet boys fans allowed". (i do!) 5) you go around getting mad at people with the same name as one of the bsb because they "stole " one of the bsbs names. 6) u mowed "bsb" into your front yard and your dad practically killed you. 7) whenever your teacher says it is okay to write on the board you only write stuff about bsb and u almost kill anybuddy that tries to erase it. 8) you have over 200 posters of them on your wall and thats only the ones you have hung up already.(like me!) 9) u have tried to kill or beat up willa ford for what she did to nick carter. 10) u would do ANYTHING for them. 11) u make it clear to the whole school that if they make fun of bsb at all u will have your uncles construction company knock down their house. 12) u cover your ears and closes your eyes when nsync comes on t.v . 13)

My obession w/ the greatet band in the whole world!!!!

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren Littrell

1. you spend hours reading the obession lists on backstreet.net and are happy to find out that bsb has so many loyal fans.

2. your family gets disgusted w/ you for talking about Brian or bsb so much.

3. when you had to move to a new house and take all your wonderful bsb posters down..it took you almost 5 hours to get them down w/ out ripping them.

4. you have been to 3 concerts.

5. you paid 128 dollars to see them for the 4th time in atlanta june 11th.

6. you wonder what bsb is doing right this minute.

7. you dream about them atleast once a week.

8. you re-name your cousin b-rok b/c you think he looks just like Brian.

9. you buy every magazine w/ them in it.

10. you write Brian all over your notebooks and desks at school.

11. you will get in a fight with ANYONE who disses bsb.

12. you know you will faint if brian so much as looks in your direction.

13. you are always thinking about bsb.

14. you blow off a date with your boyfriend to watch them on TV.

15. when they gonna performed on world music awards you got in the living room 15 minutes early w/ popcorn and blankets and a pillow.

16. when the weather people issued a tornadoe warning and interrupted the show you threw popcorn at the tv and moaned and whined to your mom about the situation.

17. you scream at Carson when bsb doesnt get #1.

18. you vote for bsb on trl.

19. you call the radio station when they played nsync's new song and told them it sucked big time and that bsb was so much better.

20. you are totally and completely in love with Brian Thomas Littrel and can not and WILL NOT imagine your life without him!!

How I Know That I'm Obsessed With Nick Carter...

Date: Jun 01, 2001
Submitted By: Frackess

1. I've had more than 50 dreams about the boy, and that's just the ones I can remember. God knows if there are more that my mind couldn't keep intact-- you know how you'll forget what you dreamed sometimes? Yeah, that's it.

2. I had a great night out on the town and when my friends and me went by a tattoo parlor...Yes, we got inked. I got Nick's name on my arm. I don't regret it, though because I think it's beautiful. It hurt pretty badly, but it was worth it!

3. Every time we go to one of those restaurants where there's a jukebox, I play all the BSB songs that I can and whenever I hear Nick's solo parts, I squeal and sing with him like no tomorrow. This generally leads to total embarrassment for whoever is with me, but total fun for me!

4. I'm currently working on a novel about Nick and I. I'm on Chapter Two and things are going great in the story. I'm living with him!

5. I hate missing TV performances, and I run myself on a guilt trip. The idea of missing Nicky's cute face and not to mention the rest of him just gets to me terribly. I usually try to play hookie or get someone to record it, even if it means one of my parents coming home from work to get the VCR going. I've faked sick before just to stay home and see my Nicky on TV!

6. I've become a Journey fanatic, and ocean lover, and also gotten really into drums and things to do with percussion. Not only because of Nick, but also because I enjoy those things.

7. I can relate any word to Nick or the BSB. (Say you have the word 'orange'...Oranges are grown in Florida, which is where the BSB are from!)

8. Anytime I hear lines from their songs being said on TV or during a class or whenever, I freak and begin singing the song and getting it stuck in my head for the day. (Like, if my teacher says, "Tell my why, such-and-such." I immediately relate that to Nick singing "Tell me why" on 'I Want it That Way" and I have it stuck in my head.)

9. I find myself having crushes on guys who share the same characteristics as Nick does. It's not on purpose, but more of a sub-conscious thing, I guess.

10. Anytime some girl begins gushing over Nick, I immediately have some sort of grudge against them. Just hearing someone else talking about him makes me wanna punch them, pretty much. I feel as if he's "my man" and like everyone else should lay off. Hey, he IS my man and everyone else SHOULD lay of, ya hear?!

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