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I don't think I'm obsessed...why does everyone else?

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Joanie

1.) I own 300+ pics/posters of BSB

2.) I have been to all 4 of the Indiana shows and 2 of the Kentucky shows

3.) I write poems for and draw pictures of AJ

4.) I d@mn *LIPSYNC to Heck

5.) I believe Willa Ford to be the devil (and Nick isn't even my favorite)

6.) I have personal Nicknames for all of them : AJ=Bone-Baby Howie=Howiekins Kevin=Kevy-caterpillar eyes (i luv him neways) Brian=Baby Blue Nick=Li'l Nicky

7.) I demand McDonalds whenever we drive past it and always order AJ's favorite (#6 large iced tea...no lemon)

8.) I know more about Alexander James McLean than even Denise does (<---his mom)

9.) I cried for 3 hours when I heard that AJ is in rehab

10.) I have taped every single media story on AJ's problem

11.) I consider Lou Pearlman already destined for hades

12.) I didn't sit down at the concert once!!

13.) We were screaming soo much that Brian waved to me and my buddy 3 times!!

14.) Howie waved 2 times

15.) Kevy blew us a kiss

16.) AJ pointed at ME!!!

17.) I cried when AJ pointed at me.

18.) When AJ said he lost his ring (in the changing skit @ the Black and Blue concert) I walked up to the stage and gave him mine

19.) I own 17 yellow shirts because its AJ's fav. color

20.) I voted 30 times for the "More Than That" video on TRL

21.) I have Every single released cd...including all special editions and my cousin sent me the one released in Europe

22.) I am gonna marry Johnny-No-Name

23.) My dad likes Johnny-No-Name

24.) I've conviced my 12 yr. old sister and my 8 yr. old sister that AJ is the best Backstreet Boy

25. Howie is my back-up boy if everything with AJ doesn't work out

26.) I have taped every american television appearance...even the very short ones

27.) I have three air-brushed shirts I had made: 1. AJ's Awesome Angel 2. Howie's Heavenly Hottie 3. Get well Soon AJ (I had that made the day the boys announced it on TRL)

28.) I have 2 personalized Jerseys made for me: 1. ~front Backstreet Girls ~back~ AJ's Angel #69 2. ~front~ BSB ~back~ McLean 69

29.) Me and my buddies have dances made up to almost all the songs

30.) I compare people I know to the boys

31.) Every one of my notebooks for school last year had the boys on it

32.) You couldn't see my locker door becuz of all the pics on it

33.) I make sure that all of my friends know that 69 is my astrological sign

34.) I can name every single one of AJ's Tattoos

35.) I have memorized the Diary of the Bakstreet Boys


There may be more, but my fingers hurt from typing...


Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay

I cryed when B-rok and kevein got married

listen to their 1st second and third cd all the time

have over 400 posters

have 7 cds

a sticker

a pen

2 shirts

a 1999 calender

4 got mike adds

4 videos 3 which i taped of them on shows

a hat

Why you are obsessed with them

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Pamela Mclean

1.)they have good music

2.)you are waiting for AJ to be single again.Like me!

3.)Waiting for them to appear at your high school graduation to sing "i want it that way".

4.)Waiting for Nick to be single.

5.)dreaming to be in a backstreet video.

6.)waiting to be a backstreet dancer.

7.)Wanting to be in their band.

8.)you are outside at TRL with a sign saying let me up carson.

9.)dreaming of which one will be your husband.

10.)using their last name on your homework.

11.)Pretending they are your brothers.

12.)Pretending you are they're opening acts.

13.)Taking backstreet boys pictures with you everywhere you go.

14.)naming your car the backstreetmobill.

15.)Having pictures on your car, to show your love for them.

16.)pretending you are them.

17.)telling your aunts and uncles that they are your husband or boyfriend.

18.)telling your friends that they are you're angels from heaven.

19.)Having a big pin on your shirt when you go to the gracery store.

20.)watching their videos 10 times to learn the dance steps to everyone of their videos.

Feel free to e-mail me.

backstreet boys

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: nicole

I love them

When i heard that AJ was in rehap i cried

I was sad when Brian and Kevin got married

I listen to Black and Blue everyday

I always go to where their bus pulls up to get just one glimpse of them.

i try to get backstage passes to see them.

I try to get a row at concert close up.

I was sad when 4 of them had girlfriends.

I listen to millennium every second i get.

I pay their albums when they come out.

I pay every home video of them.

They are so cute.

They are Hot also.

I recored every show they are on.

I have 455 pictures of them.

I have my wall and ceiling covered with their pictures and pictures.

Nick is God's Gift to me

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Grace

Oh my God!

I'm sorry but if this site is called obssession, I gotta reveal mine for Nick!

He is the ultimate man in my life! He is perfect in everyway!I love him to Death! I don't care about anyone else but him. I've never dated a man because I'm saving myself for Nick! I love him soo muchh that i cry every night knowing he's not by my side. NICK I LOVE U 4-EVER!

Show me the meaning of being lonely

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Christi

I recently had a near death experience and had to have emergency surgery. In the process I lost a unborn baby. I have always been a huge fan since 1993 and I have grown with these guys and their music. As I was waken up in the recovery room BSB was playing in the speakers the song that has touched my heart so much! The song was "Show me the meaning of feeling lonely". Every word I listened to carefully and it explained how I was feeling and sometimes still do. I want to Thank them one day for all their hard work and dedication. I respect them more now than I have ever for singing that song and touching my heart and soul so deep inside that it hurts. Now I am the biggest fan not only for their good looks but whats inside. I have watched alot and read alot about them and I really do respect them for all their hard work and dedication. Thanks Guys!

Why We're Obsessed With The BSB

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Vivian

I think we're all obsessed with the Backstreet Boys because the 5 guys are talented, hot & sexy. I think that's basically why we're all obsessed over 5 guys. I mean, they are way better than nsuck. Their videos rock & actually make sense. Same with their songs. Who cares about a "dirty pop"?! I sure don't... I bet you BSB fans don't either! Right? Keep The BSB Pride Alive!!!

i am obsessed because.....

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Cathlene

I wanted outside in the pouring rain and thunder all night for BSB tickets and make big signs and hats for the concert and painted the car with shaving cream!

BSB fanatic

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Amber

You have all their cd's, imports, and singles.

You camp out at the music store to get their cd the day it comes out.

You think about them constantly and have daydreams about them.

You have your walls coverered with so many posters and pics that everywhere you turn there they are.

You can't go a single day without listening to BSB songs.

You buy every single magazine with them on the cover or just their names mentioned.

You go to see them every time they come to your state and if they don't you go to the next nearest state.

At the concert you can't take your eyes off them for a second because they look so freakin HOT!

You sneak your expensive camera in even though they're not allowed and take tons of pics.

You tape every single tv appearance and if you miss one you break down in tears.

You blow tons of money on fan merchandise.

You think that Nick, AJ, Brian, Kevin, and Howie are the five most talented and HOT guys on the earth!

Love The Backstreet Boys

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Kim K

I love the Backstreet Boys so much that I have a shrine of a lot of Backstreet Boys stuff. I have the t.v. guides, books, C.D's, the figurines from burger king from last year, vinyl tote bag, charm bracelet, puzzle, lunchbag, and a whole lot of other stuff. Plus I have tons of posters. I attended my first BSB concert and it was awesome.

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