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I'm obsessed with Nick when ur like me!

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Chelsea Rodgers-Carter

1. You search screen names for ones that would possibly be Nick's, same wiht e-mail addresses.(I do it all the time)

2. You close your eyes and listen to "I need you Tonight" and pretend Nike is singing to only you.(I do it before I go to bed)

3. You constantly watch BSB videos and fast forward to the parts with Nick in them.(Broke my VCR from doing that so much)

4. You don't want to have a boyfriend because you're saving yourself for Nick.(I'm 18, really)

5. You can't see your walls because Nick posters are covering them.(And your parents are ticked,LOL)

6. You dream of Nick everynight.(And then tell all your friends about it)

7. Spend all your money on floor level seats to their concert.

8. All you talk about is Nick when you talk to your friends.

9. When you have a baby boy you swear to name it Nickolas.

10. You constantly write Nick Carter fantasy stoires and get your friends to write them too.

11. You really hate Willa Ford for treating Nick so bad.

12. When your depressed you think of Nick and you feel better.

13. You plan on moving to Florida, because that's where Nick lives.

14. You last message on this list is a message to Nick Carter.

15. Nick, if your reading this, I love you, e-mail me, and I promise I'll treat you like gold! Love, Me, Chelsea :)

I thought of more!!!

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Rachel

U know, that ur obsessed when:

1. you have 450 posters and half are microscopic

2. you have a rubix cube

3.all your pictures in your file are of BSB only

4. you meet your brother's friend for the first time, think he looks like Kevin, find out he has the name Kevin, and that his g/f is Kristin, and immediatly think it's a sign

5. this boy you never thought would admit to it, admited he liked "The Call"

6. when you lose the internet, you just go to your file and print out pictures

7. you are a member of every message board

8. you have a box for BSB ticket money

9. when your 1st B&B copy cracked, you cried

10. you and your best friend see each other in the middle of the hallway and say "Howiedoin"

11. your locker is pathetic

12. your former Spanish teacher announced to her new students that she took you and your best friend to a BSB concert over the summer

13. It's a new school with 8 new teachers, and already 5 of them know about your obsession

14. On the last day of 8th grade, your class played Jepordy, and the category was STUDENTS. They gave a clue of students that have been on the team(thats how they're set up), and you had to name them and your teacher put..."These 2 girls would lie in traffic for the Backstreet Boys" and every kid's hand shot up to answer. (IT HAPPENED OK)

Laws for a TRUE BSB fan to abide by

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: china

1)u must NEVER EVER listen to nsync 2) u must ALWAYS stick up 4 bsb and defend them with ur life 3) if nsync comes on the radio u have to run from the room screaming if u cant turn it off. 4) ALWAYS show ur Backstreet pride 5) support bsb in EVERYTHING they do even if it is (gulp) breaking up(but that wont happen 4 a LONG time!!!) If u are a TRUE bsb fan u should have NO trouble at all following these rules. KTBSPA everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Obession?... or is it?

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Steph

Checklist to find out if you're certifibly Obessed:

- you yell at your pics, which cover your walls, ceiling and any other place you might have pics, to stop staring at you

- you can't get dressed or undressed because you think the guys can see through the pics so they can watch you

- you'd do ANYTHING to get close to them (including flashing yourself at them)

- you talk about them so much that your mom turns into a fan and thinking Nick is cute

- your mom finds out 411 on the boys before you do

- when your friend's mom tells you thats all you and your friend talk about and need a new hobby

- when you create role plays with you and your friends, and do crazy stuff in the role plays ('nuff said on that one)

- you have an emotional break down when you here rumors about the boys breaking up

- you have an emotional break down when you hear anything about their personal lives

- you wish it'd be your turn to be AJ's next girlfriend (how many has he had by now?!?!?!?...not that i'm counting)

- when one of your mom's best friend's jokes that AJ will like her better than you and you cry for 3 days straight afterwords

- your younger sibling refers BSB to "your band" and NSYNC as "their band"

- when your dad likes NSYNC better cos your younger sibling doesn't talk about "their band" 24/7/365

- you're 100% convinced when any of the BSB takes one look at you, they'll fall to your feet and worship you until the day he dies

- when you're in college and you still consider BSB your fave band

- you stop functioning for nearly a week because your fave BSB noticed you, repeatively, when you went to one of their concerts

- when you're proud to be obessed with BSB

- when you dislike Jamie Foxx for what he said about AJ at the MTV VMA awards (all the jokes and stuff)

- when you randomly sing BSB tunes, anywhere and anytime and do it in harmony

- you can't fall asleep without listening to your fave BSB song first

- you can listen to BSB's songs over and over and over and over without getting sick of hearing it

- you haven't dated for anyone over 2 years because you're too much in love with your fave BSB (despite the temptation of other cute guys out there in the world)

- you continually write fanfics (graphic ones, if you know what i mean) about your fave BSB

- you and your friends rename the state of California as "AJ Land" because there are too many AJ lookalikes there, when one of your friends went there on vacation

- when you drool over their pic over and over again, even thought you've seen them tons of times before

- when you see too many look-a-likes, in general, and want to date them because they ARE a look-a-like

- you start planning your wedding to one of them

- when you pick out children's names for the children you're going to have with one of them

- when you keep having dreams about your fave BSB falling in love with you (and kiss you and you actually feeling that kiss or kisses) and wonder if your fave BSB had the same dream you did

- you do astrological profiles on your fave BSB and his significant other, to see if they are compatible

if you are half of these or more, that means your obessed! ...by the way, i took these from my own behavior...so, yes, I'm Obessed and damn proud of it! =0)


I Love Nick

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Nikki

I am so in love with them because

1. I have went to diffrent countries to get there C.D.'s

2. I go to every concert when they come here

3. I would do absoultey ANYTHING just to see them

4. You beat the shit out of people that talk shit about them

5. You cant see your walls because they are coverd with BSB pictures

6. You fight security guards just to get close to them

7. You cry EVERYTIME you see them

8. You go to Flordia just to find Nick

9. You know way to much personal things about Nick

10. You cry anytime you see them touch someone(because your mad that it wasnt you)

11. You know where they are ALL THE TIME

12. You cant talk for a week because you screamed so loud at their concert ( I still cant talk right now and my body still hurts)

13. You by 2 sets of tickets because you find better seats


You know I'm obsessed because I

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Despina

Spent over $2000 on concert tickets and hotel rooms this year alone!

Spend countless hours in the heat, sun, cold, rain, snow, hail, and thunderstorms waiting to see BSB.

Slept outside NYC to see them on the Today show in 50 degree weather with nothing but a tank top and capris on.

Drove to Boston, Hartford, Camden, Philly, Albany and New Jersey (from Long Island) to see them in concert.

I have been to 16 BSB concerts and about 20 other appearances they have done.

I won tickets on the radio for BSB shows three times!

(Disney concert, Top of the Pops taping and B&B tour)

I have met them all several times.

I was in their hotel and Kevin got in our elevator.

I have pics with Kev, Howie and AJ!

I have hugged all of them!

They recognize me at shows.

Brian has talked to me from the stage during a show.

My friends and I started www.fansstandingstrong.org to raise money for their charities. Go and visit the site.

I have spoken to Vicki Hanna at JWR about fundraising.

I went to Divas Live to see them perform for 5 min!

I spend all my spare time on-line looking for BSB news, pics, songs and videos.

I own anything and everything they have ever put out.

All my friends are now into them too.

I throw a Backstreet Bash every year to celebrate their sucess and just being a fan.

I got kicked out of their hotel by doing nothing wrong! (I still HATE Hartford, Connecticut!!)

I know all their security and tour family by name, including dancers.

I LOVE their dancer Punch and their tour manager Tim (AKA Brian's "brother")

I have met Sarah and Leighanne and they are both great.

The people at their hotels in NYC know me. (hotel security)

I know a lot of fans in NYC and Long Island.

And the list goes on...I will continue when I remember more.

Feel free to e-mail me if you want to chat.

You are obsessed with BSB if...

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica McLean

1. You watch their tapes over and over again picking out each of their cute little movements.

2. You know the dances to each of their songs, and if you don't know one, you make some up!

3. You either cry or freak out if you see them on TV.

4. When Nick sings "Am I sexual" you find yourself screaming, "HELL YEAH!"

5. Everyone knows better than to say NSYNC is better than BSB around you

6. Everyone knows better than to even speak of NSYNC around you.

7. You have a collage of your favorite BSB and take it with you everywhere you go

8. Tape all of their TV appearences even if you already have it taped.

9. You cry when you hear someone say they suck or they are fake.

10. You pay $132 to get tickets to their concert, which is your birthday and Christmas present.

11. You have changed your favorite color, book, movie, and actor to be like your fav. BSB (he he...)

12. You know all of their unreleased songs.

13. You can say all of their stats by memory.

14. Your room is covered in only BSB.

15. You refure to listen to an NSYNC song before listening to a BSB song.

16. You cancell all of your plans for the day that a new video comes onto TRL.

17. You devote your life to letting yor parents let you get a tattoo just like AJ's that says "Bone" in a cross.

18. You have parties with baked goods with they boys's fab faces on them and eat around them.

19. Your sister constantly fights with who is better, NSYNC or BSB, and you always win!

20. The day Black & Blue came out, you wore Black and Blue to school.

21. You cried because your mom wouldn't let you go to the music store to get B&B at midnight.

22. You made a shirt for their concert that said, "They shall be hott...they shall be talented...and we shall call them...BACKSTREET!" and wear it every time they have a tv appearance.

23. You blast your speakers anytime you hear a BSB song.

24. You defend Howie anytime someone calls him ugly or girly.

25. You spent 50 dollars on Burger King food just to get the cups and dolls.

I'm guilty......

I know I'm a weird fan but "it's a backstreet thing"

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Sara

1. When I first started to like Backstreet in 97 and almost no knew who they were, every time I found someone who liked them I would tell them everything I knew... well this annoyed a lot of people so they said they weren't fans then called me crazy because I knew so much about them.

2. If I get into a fight with someone that thinks Nsync is better than Backstreet, I'll lie to make them sound like they have done everything and Nsync coppied everything.

3. When I first saw a pic of Backstreet... and I'm talking 1997... old days.. bad hair... I thought they looked like the beatles and I thought Nick was the only cute one.

4. I took down every pic of the guys I had on my wall because I thought about how weird it would be if a guy had pics of me on his wall... and I never met him before.

5. Sometimes I go into chat rooms and pretend to be Nick and Sometimes Aaron. I was even Leslie once.

6. I met Leslie Carter and I lost the nerve to tell her how big of a Backstreet fan I am.

7. I do call them "my boys"

8. I do get scared for them at award shows.

9. Every year since I turned 11 I wished I could meet Backstreet.... I just turned 15.

10. I feel bad for this one....

For as long as I have been a fan I have never sent any of them a letter, a birthday card, or gift. I just figured that they'll never get it.

Obsessed Fan

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Dayna

I think an obsession for bsb is when you see them on tv and you are right up on the tv or when you have 500 posters all over your room. It is also when you wear nothing but backstreet boys merchandise. That is what an obsession is.

How to tell if you are obessed?

Date: Sep 27, 2001
Submitted By: Madeline

1. Your email address is somehow related to one or all of the boys.

2. You celebrate their brithdays with a cake and party.

3. YOu name a pet after the boys(even if it is just a rock.)

4. When friends of your who don't know the Backstreet Boys start singing along to a song because of all the time you made them listen to it.

5. You have a website devoted to the boys.

6. You are cyber-married to one of the boys(Brian and i are now married for three years, lol).

7. you know more about the boys than you do about your own family.

8. You legally change your last name to one of theirs.(Not me)

9.You freak out everytime your hear or see something about the boys.

10. You date a guy named Brian, Nick, AJ, Kevin or Howie so you can say i am going out with Brian, ect.

11. You forget what color your walls bacause you can no longer see them.

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