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Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: Tiffany Carter

As it says in the title NICK I love nick so much everyone that knows me know that i write ilove nick on my left hand everyday day and they know that i love nick my frinds think that i just like him for money and all that stuff but i don't I think that he is really hot he's romantic sweet and losts of other things.On my bedroom wall I have a whole bunch of nick pictures looking over my bed.In and on my science folder I have pictures of nick.Everytime that nick is on tv and it's on a school day I fake that i'm sick just to see nick.Everyday that TRL is on I run home to catch the recapto see what number nick is at.I get so pised off when they give Justin's song I change it automaticlly.Nick has an unrealesed son called "Pay Back " but everyone call's it "The Anti Willa Ford Song" I just wish that willa ford would come up to me , stand in front of me and when she lives she'll have a black eye for what she did to Nick .

Everytime my friends make fun of BSB I cuss them out no matter what.Every night I pray that nothing will happen to nick and to keep him safe from any danger my friends maake fun of me because of that and I don't care. Nick if your reading this right now I just want you to know that I love you and respect you so much.

Peace Out!!!!


Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: Denise

Do any of you realize just how annoying you are when you rattle on and on about these 5 young men? No one, I mean no one wants to hear you talk about them all day, every day. I'm telling you that when people see you coming they are thinking," oh my goodness, here she comes and she going to stop me and invade my personal space with nonsense Backstreet Boy drama" then when they finally get away from you they roll their eyes from the headache that you justa gave them. So please, I beg of you, talk to each other about them,not those of us that like them but aren't insae deranged fanatics.

Thank You

Backstreet Fan forever!

Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: Rachel

I have been a fan since their first US album, and can honestly say that I am still a huge fan. Along with many other BSB fans, yes i did get picked on and teased somewhat but that didn't bother me because I know real music. I used to listen to their cd everyday, watch their videos, and learn their awesome dance moves. Now that I'm a little older and I haven't heard of them in awhile, I haven't even thought about them lately. The other day I looked on my closet door where there is a huge AJ poster and thought about how much I used to love them. So I popped in the black and blue cd and listened to it for hours. Then i got online and downloaded their music videos and live performancea. I couldn't believe that I almost forgot how much i loved them guys. They are real and genuine. They care about their fans and about their music. SOme people think that what they say is just junk they feed their fans so have fans, but I believe them. I am one fan to say that I have stuck with them this far, and I wont stop loving their music. Right now we have Nick Carter with his solo career. When i heard about that i was thrilled just to hear about atleast one of the members of the awesome boy band. I'm so proud of Nick. But even thought the boys are taking a break and starting families, I am still a true fan, and always will be. My hat goes off to all five of them and to all the REAL fans who have stuck beside them.

KTBSPA!!!!! KTBSPA!!!!!!! KTBSPA!!!!!!

I Don't Want To Grow Up

Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: Celeste

I'm well over the age of 20 and just the other day my I was listening to my Hits-Chapter 1 CD and my mother turned to me and she asked: "aren't you ever going to grow up?" and I said: "no!"

I have plenty of time to grow up and I just don't want to grow up.


Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: lis

I just wanna say that they affected my life in a very positive Way! I love the way they manege to keep being the same sweeties >>>>really I dont know what 2 say or how 2 express my self about Them,all I know is that I love them,admire them and I will allways Will!!!!!Tey will allways be a part of my life, allways ,untilo The day I may rest in my grave!!!!

bAcKStReEt'S bABiGuRl..(i'll neva find someone like... a.J.):)

Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: yo'

whassup all my fellow backstreet fanantics!!... i be feelin all of yall...ya know we all out here tryin to keep the "BSB" pride alive...yo...ever since they came out i've been a big fan...none of my friends like them and they always joke with me just because i'm like so in love with them...but they know how much i am of a fan of theirs!!! yo man i was 4 months pregnant when i went to my first bsb concert!!!...and i did all i could to not go pee-pee throughout the whole concert:)!!!it was a tight concert though....but look all my fellow fans...who gives a damn about what other folks think...we gotta keep representin' our boys..ya know!!!"everybody" backstreet's coming back..and we all "want it that way" so remember "who do you love??"..and it is okay to cry "like a child" over them..we all gotta keep our "10,000 promises" to be the "perfect fans"!!!...so keep it alive and remember...it's "NOW OR NEVER"...to all my fellow "A.J" fans...i'm doing so good now-a-days since a cd is not out..."i onlee think of him...every "other" second!!!!!!!"...yallz keep it realz..and keep it coming! yo'


Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: JENNI

I had a heck of time these past few months, but I never had To nail myself to the verge of breaking down, coz each time I had them - my sweethearts to catch me when I fall. I love Them with all my life. They are the best ever. Ktbspa!!!!!

26 and Proud To Be A Fan

Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: Celeste

Being an older Backstreet Boys fan does have its advantages. I always have enjoyed pop music and pop culture from the time that I was 14 years old.

Now that I'm 26 I look at the past 12 years of my life and I think about what I loved about pop music and especially The Backstreet Boys.

I didn't just decide that I liked the Backstreet Boys. Actually I saw them on Muchmusic one day and I thought that they were interesting but they weren't interesting enough to really pay attention to for longer than 15 seconds.

Then 1998 came and the Intimate and Interactive special that they did for Muchmusic that year was simply astonishing. Everybody (Backstreet's Back) was voted #1 on Muchmusic's year end countdown of Favourite Videos Of All Time and the Sunday after that they did a concert special in which they had to block off Queen and John Streets for the duration of the concert because fans as young as 6 years old were lining up on the streets.

Teeny boppers, Teenagers, and even some adults were there. One girl had a broken ankle but she insisted that the ambulance take her back to concert so she could see them.

I saw it and I was just amazed at what I saw.

Now it's pushing the end of October 2002 and I'm looking forward to Nick's new album.

I never thought that I would feel the same way about another group. I felt that way about a lot of other groups but not like the Backstreet Boys and my favourite boys Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell. :)

My love for BSB...especially Nick

Date: Nov 06, 2002
Submitted By: Stefanie

Well where do I begin??? I have every BSB album that they have ever made or put out!! I have seen them three times in concert. I have gone to the hotel where they were staying and got to meet Howie and Nick talked to me!! AJ at that concert during "The Call" picked up the phone and said "Stefanie where are you?"...I have over 900 pictures and articles on them...735 which were on my bedroom walls...475 of those were of Nick!!I tattooed BSB on my ankle to show my love for them!! On the 29th of this month, I am skippin school to go meet Nick again...On the 23rd I am goin to meet him at TRL!! I will always defend Nick and the boys whenever someone has one comment...people diss what they dont know and what they dont understand...we the true bsb fans know what they are about and that they will be around forever...even if they dont make anymore albums their music will last forever!!! Id just like to end by saying that Nick is so much more talented than Justin, and BSB is the best group...NOT NSYNC!!!! (just check the records)....KTBSPA!!! Nickolas I love you, and I cant wait to see you.....Love, Stef

Madly in love with BSB

Date: Oct 16, 2002
Submitted By: Adista

I have been a huge fan for 5 years. My parents won't let me go to a concert cause we don't have the money. When ever someone makes fun of bsb I defend them no matter where I am or who it is. I have been made fun of due to them but I don't care. Some people don't listen to them just because they say they don't like boy bands but if they actually took the time to listen to their CD they would see how great bsb truly is. KTBSPA

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