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Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: Mila

It feels really awkward for me, but I'm very intellectual and in my mid-20's, and I have to say that I love your music and videos. I think the each of you guys are very different, and the composition of having each of you together in a group is quite clever from a marketing perspective. Boy bands can be very cute. These days, there's so much attitude with the young guys... like "98 Degrees" (I can't stand them! even though their music is sweet). I really appreciate the musical qualities, as well as the personalities and overall feel of your group. Please stay together. I'm a loyal fan to yours... BTW, congrats to Brian and Leigh! Yours, Mila


Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: Laureen

Me and ma fellow bsb fans have a right to talk all we want about them. Since they haven't been on tv very much lately we like to hear what other people think about them to subsidize our guys. they are highly missed and I highly respect the people who are patiently waiting for their comeback. :)

cRaZy 4 The amazing Backstreet Boys

Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: Candice

"Yo howie waz up whats going on".,Nick yelled from the bathroom.

"Hey"! How'd you know it waz me.

"cause your the only one whhhhoooo smells like that" Nick in response straning.

"smells like what?"

"Like something crawled up you and died".

" I'm not the one that's in the bathroom light-in it up,it smells like 6 things crawled up you and died".

As Howie walks past the bathroom that Nick was in he yells

"hey Nicky Britney's out here waiting for you" Nick jumps off the toliet and runs out the bathroom without pulling up his pants.

"Britney!!!!!!!!!" Nick yelled. Not knowing that Britney's friends Julie was wit her.

"Nick what is wrong wit you pull your pants up"

" But they are up, Nick looks down and notice his pants were down ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my buddy"

" Nick?"

" Wait Britney, I need some privicy"

" NO I am not gone wait"

" Bu bu but my buddy" he crys

Mean while Britney's friend is stunded by Nick big friend buddy.

" Nick." Britney pauses Ni... ewwwwwwww what is that smell!

" Oppps I forgot to shut the bathroom door can you shut it for me"

" No I'm out " Either you get your act together or its over"

" Come on Julie", Britney says to Julie in an angry voice.

" r-right just let me go to the bathroom"

" Ok Hurry up I will waite for you in the limo"

" LIMO " Nick yells in exciment.

Britney leaves and Julie walkes up to Nick, gives him her phone number and say "call me daddy"

Ok and this is the end Bye Bye


#1 fan

Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: jennifer

allright, well i just wanted to say that i am bsb's # 1 fan cus i have lovedthem from the start....im remember the first time i saw them on much mucis i was like omg...what great singers! but now i am just so happy fer them all cus yer all doing great in yer lives right now...i hope u'll always be singing together!...thanx and peace out!


Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: Kerri

I am in love with Nick and the rest of the guys but a lot of who also love the guys get really annoying. I keep it to myself because i know that people don't like to hear about what I have to say bout them because all of my friends don't like them or the type of music. I usually don't complain when people open their mouth's about how much they love the guys but when a read a lot of the last submissions i felt like i was going to be sick because they wouldn't shut up about people making fun of them. They make fun of me to but you shouldn't complain about it because that's the price you pay for being a BSB fan. So suck it up girls.

What I Love About Nick

Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: Nick Angel

1. The way he smiles in "AIHTG"

2. The way he plays his Fender

3. The way he loves Aaron

4. The fact that he looks really hot w/ tattoos

5. His voice




Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: Jessy

Well you know your a fan forever when you have stick by them through thick and thin. And have never left the group to be with another group. You know your been a fan forever when you been there from the being and will stick by them if let say they go there sprate ways. You know your a fan forever when you heard Kevin and Brian was getting merry, AJ working out his prombles and Nick still being Nick. That what is a fan forever. Not a hater, have to have everything of theres, been to many concerts, met them tonz, know one or all of them or whatever esla comes to mind. You just a fan forever cause you a fan and proud to say Keep The BackStreet Pride forever!!!!!

you know your obssessed when...............

Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: nick's new wife

you know your obssed when

1) you get your mom to buy the ym magiznes just in case he'd be in it

2) you go to the nick carter concert and when the open act is talking you scream real loud you stink and nick rules and put nick on.

3)you buy a nick pister at his concet (or anywhere) and bet frame put on it which cost $56.00.

4) you cuss at the tv when people diss the boys. and you type in about 2 pages everytime a reveiw is bad. and cuss out the critcs( which i done so many times).

5)every time your your teacher tells you to write a story about faviorte place in the world where would you go and you put in tampa,florida and you say cause your husband lives there and she thinks your crazy.

6)you carve a "n" in your leg so you know that your heart belongs to nick (which mine does).

7)you have every bsb cd includiong now or never

8)when you friends think you need to go get some help

9)you fake sick just to stay home so you dont miss any of our boys on the t.v

10) you support nick even though he got a arrest which i see no big deal in

11)you still love a.j even though he went to rehad which i heard he is doing good i will always love you boys.

12)you family tell you that you talk to much about nick.

13)you know more about nick than he knows about him self

14)you call about 20 book store to see if they have "what you wanna know backstreetboys secrets that only a girlfriend can tell and finally find it

15)you tell every one in school that you r married to nick carter and they swear that yopur crazy

16) some friends that are boys say nick is gay and you beat the living Shoot out of them

17)your brothers friends say he is gay and you say you are a fagit and need to get a life(that goes out to every single bsb hater)

18)you get so mad when they say nick or the bsb will be on tv but deosn't come on or is on at another country.

19)you seen over 3000 pictures of nick

20)you learn the moves to "get another boyfriend" which i know.

21) you have a room ful of nick posters.

22)when your mom and dad go to work you bladt backstreetboys or nick carter real loud then scream the words.

23)you've wrote over 50 poems about nick .

24) you "hate" justin timberlake

25)you are the bsb #1 fan

26)you convince your mom to go see some family in new youk but really because nick carter is at toys R us.

27)you hate jc's new song giving it up to her love or something i really dont care

28) you listen yo all the music nick listens to

29)you get so pissed when people say nick is fat which nick is the most sexest man that ever walk on the earth or moon or any other planets

30)you will always love nick nomatwr isf they dont make a nother alum which i have a feeling they will


Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: Rebecca

You get angry at Sakira every time you hear "The One."

Obsession, me? No way...

Date: May 15, 2003
Submitted By: Nick's Girl

U know you are obsessed when:

~You have at at least one Backstreet Boys theme for your birthday party.

~In a store, if they are playing Backstreet Boys, you refuse to leave until the song is COMPLETELY over.

~You cried when you went to one of their concerts, because you were so happy.

~Your room is covered in BSB posters, books, pencils, movies, ect.

~Whenever someone passes you in the school halway, they say: "Hey, there's that BSB freak!"

~You have wrote school reports on them, a million times.

~ Your mom and dad know all the BSB songs, and actully sing along... (gosh that's scary!)

~ You put any of the following on your school worksheets:

Mrs. Carter

Mrs. Litrell

Mrs. Dorough

Mrs. Mclean

Mrs. Richardson

~ You buy them birthday presents, and really sing Happy Birthday to thier posters.

~ You are known to seriously hurt Nstink fans.

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