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Obsessed? Crazy? Maybe!

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Samantha

OK, I am one of the BIGGEST BSB fans out there. Prove it you say....gladly.

CD's (I have 28)

~Backstreet Boys red

~Backstreet Boys red with 3 bonus tracks

~Backstreet Boys blue w/o Everybody(Backstreets Back)

~Backstreet Boys blue (regular)

~Backstreet's Back

~Backstreet's Back (germand import w/Missing you and All I have to give convo mix)


~Millenium Japaneese import w/extra song (I'll be there for oyu) and Larger than Life single

and cool picture booklet w/ the lyrics to all the songs

~ Black and Blue from Walmart

~Black and Blue

~Black and Blue Import w/ All I have to give accapella


~ the 5 shaped cds

~Booty call sndtrk

~All i have to give

~Quit playin games

~As long as you love me

~I'll never break your heart


~We've got it goin on (I actually have the cd single and the promotional tape from Europe that they passed out to people)

~Larger than Life

~Iwant it that way

~Show me the meaning

~The one( i got the limited edition that smells like a rose and comes with a tattoo)

~ the 3 burger king cds

~shape of my heart

~ the call

~ the call remixes

~more than that

Now to the fun part

~ I have 6 BSB scrap books, one for each boy and then a group one

~I made my aunt name my new little cousin A.J. (but he's Adam John)

~I was a Backstreet babe for a school dress up mixer and i got up on stage and sang and danced to Everybody w/ my Backstreet Buds

~I painted myself Black and Blue and waited outside for 2 and a half hours in -6 degree weather for the cd

~I've skipped school @ least 3 times for BSB related things (like when they were on The View)

~I got kicked out of class @ summer school for getting in a fight over whos better..BSB or NSync (O memories)

~I went out of town for a week for a soccer tourn and since I thought I'd Miss my posters so much, a tape my 3 fav. pinups togeter and stapled them to the inside of my suitcase so when I opened them up,...there they were!

~When my friend and I wen out of town, we took pictures that we have multiples of and taped them to our hotel walls so it's be just like home

~My friend and I bought tickets to the show in ST Louis, the night b4 and we left a note for our parents and took a 4 hr drive down there (talk about grounded...it was well worth it)

~Since I live in kasas, I found out everything there is to know about Kristin (kevins wife), but I haven't gone so far as to stalk her....yet....scary!

~WHile I was in Georgia, I went to like 5 police stations and took pictures hoping it was the station that saved Brians dogs

~I took a trip up to Ketucky w/ my friend to look @ the University of Kentucky and visit her relatives. We went o Both Kevin and Brians h/s and took pictures and the only reason I'm considering going to UK is of course..the BSB

~I redecorated my room...black and blue

~the middle school kristin attended is a block away from where i work..coinsidence..I think not!

~on every single BSB related date, my friends and I decorate our locker w/ happy birthday signs and happy 1 yr signs and people always come up and say happy birthday to us evern though it's like KEvins

~Everyone at my moms office knows me as Miss Backstreet

~I run track and I started running the 200 yd dash cuz Aj said he would if he ever had the chance to be in the Olympics

~I think the coolest thing in the world is that me and Nick were bothe born on the 28th and I have @ least 1 cousin w/ the same b-day as each BSB

~I have each boys thank you letter from Millenium memorized...almost word for word

~I spent two weeks deorating an outfit for the concert

~but I think that's the extent of my obsession : )

Yeah, I'm a little physco, but it's fun...lol


Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: luvbrian

1.I have all BSB cd's including the one from Europe

2. All of myschool supplies are BSB

3.I dont have any NSTYNC cd's

4. I cried when I found out about A.J

5.My Boyfriend's name is Brian

6.I stole all of my sisters BSB stuff

7.I drove 16 hours 4 times to see them in concert

8.my car has BSB painted on it

9.I have liked bsb since 1994

10.I know all of the BSB songs by heart and know all of the dance moves

Im not obsessed, Im enthusiastic d@mn it!!!!

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Danielle

1) When i made a fish in art class, i painted it yellow and red and named it "Mr. Bubbles the bleeding banana fish"

2) I had ALL of the BSB folders for school last year, and put clear tape over the spines then they were getting ripped so i could still use them.

3) I throw a hissy fit when ppl dot understand why i love them. (THEY JUST DONT GET IT!!)

4) i sulked for HOURS on end when i heard about AJ.

5) if i would have had school the next day, i would have worn all black.

6) My friends find it hilarious when i imitate Brian saying, "Our big tour bus!" on an old TV special with them on it.

7)When ever i go to a concert, i always write a long letter to the guys on the way. i have yet to get them to the Boys..

8) me and my friend Allison made a sign that said "Honk if you love BSB" and put it on my moms car on the way to the concert.

9) when i hear a BSB song on the radio, i stop what im doing and just listen. (wait, doesnt everyone do that??)

10) i have Aj's Song in my ICQ info.

11) No one dares to insult them when im around. hehe

12) i convinced my mom to like them. that was the biggest mistake ever! she yells at me when i forget to vote for them on TRL.

Here is my obsession list for ya...

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Nick's Babydoll

Okay lets break this down here.....I have a single poster hanging on my wall......a BSB calendar on my wall next to the poster......4 CDs.......a few video tapes......and well thats about it.....and I know that you people are probably thinking "God and she calls herself a BSB fan???" After reading some obsession lists.....I am shocked that people think they are bigger fans of BSB because they have more things.....Does owning more stuff make you love their music any more??? Didnt think so.....so people need to stop boasting they are the biggest BSB fan because they own the most stuff.....I love the BSB more then anything in the world and I dont have to prove that to anyone so thanks for reading this.

BsB Obssesions

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: BsB's_Ghetto_Gurl

These are the reasons I think you'd be considered obsessed.

1. You consider yourself dedicated, not obsessed.

2. You watch 45 minutes of that butt-hole Carson, just to see what # BsB made on TRL.

3. You have every single one of their appearences on tape.

4. Your dad says he used to have jam sessions with them (well maybe that's just me).

5. At some point you've had walls AND ceilings full of BsB pictures.

6. Your little brother and his best friends know more about BsB then you do...or at least just as much.

6. If you ever saw *NSYNC on the street, you'd jump 'em.

7. Your teachers ask you in the hallways, "So has Nick Carter asked you top marry him yet?"

8. Even your hip-hop luvin friends know all about BsB.

9. Your notebooks and binders are covered with BsB quotes, lyrics, and names.

10. You almost slap your own mother when she mistakes *NSYNC for the Backstreet Boys (I recommend NO ONE ever do that).

Im NoT ObsEsSeD! JuSt... OvErlY PasSioNaTe!

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: ~*~ A s H L e Y~*~

Here are some reasons why I concider myself "obcessed"...

1. i spent 400 dollars on my moms credit card WITHOUT permission to buy 10th row center floor seats to the Black and blue concert in boston on 7/7. lol BOY was my mom mad! but it was the best day of my life!

2. every inch of my wall in covered with bsb pics and posters

3. i slept in the parking lot at ticketmasters to get ticket for the millennium show.

4. i spent 230 dollars on backstreet memrobilia at the concerts.

5. i wear my backstreet boys tshirt to school and out in public loud and proud.

6. i own 14 backstreet boys cd's

7. i know every word to practically every song

8. i own every magazine with them on the cover


10. my parents think i'm annoying because i talk about them so much

11. i vote for bsb on trl everyday

12. i voted for bsb 57 times for viewers choice award

13. i teach my lil bro about the backstreet boys

14. i have 45 tapes of footage of bsb on tv.

15. i dont go a day without kissing my brian poster goodnight...lol

15. i bought 3 black and blue cd's one for me, one for my moms car and one for my dads car.

16. i buy black and blue for birthday presents for my friends

17. i am subscribed to ton of bsb mailing lists

18. all of my e-mails and screen names are bsb related (o0BSb_fan4life0o@yahoo.com, Ash27BsB3, A Rok27, BriansShininStr...Etc)

19.i have soo much memrobelia its not even funny!

20. instead of saving up my money for a new car, i save up to buy bacstreet memrobelia.

21. i cried when brian got married, brian was having his surgery, when i went to all my bsb concerts, kevin got married, aj went into rehad, when aj grandma died, when howies sister died, when i saw mtv news about AJ and nick was crying, when i bought black and blue, EVERYATIME i listen to brian sing " I will love you more than that, i wont say the words then take them back..." alot of reasons to cry lol

22. i have my own brian site http://people.ne.mediaone.net/baylee/home/ashley/brian2.htm

23. i throw a mini bday party for each one of the guys.

24. i fell head over heels in l ove with them the very first time i heard "quit playin games"

25. i'm not only in love with them because of their looks, but because they are such awesome down to earth people who have hearts of gold and voices of angels

26. on the last page of all of my text books for school i write in small letters "BACKSTREET BOYS RULE". LOL sssshh!

27. i write i love bsb EVERYWHERE

28.im not a nsync fan

29. i always buy 2 of the same bsb calenders so that i can use the pictures in one of the to hang on my wall

...as you can see i could go on forever but the real reason that makes us all huge bsb fans, is that we all respect them for their music and who they are. it dosent matter how much backstreet boys memrobelia you have, of how many concerts you've been to. it all matters how much we respect them for who they are!buts its still cool to have bsb stuff and go to their concerts! lol :0)


when u are obsessed with bsb

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Rachel and Christina

1. your 5 teachers threaten to flunk you if they hear 1 more thing about BSB

2.Your 23 year old spanish teacher takes u to your 2nd BSB concert

3.u know every detail about when Nick was born

4.u did a report on What Makes you Different Makes you Beautiful

5.If someone talkes during a BSB video or song u will scream "Shut up" at the top of your lungs

6.The only reason u are best friends with your science teacher is because she is in love with AJ

7. When that same science teacher names her first child Alexandar

8. when that science teacher watches a BSB concert just because she knows everything about them

5 years wiht BSB

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Barbara

1)I went to 3 concert of B&B tour in Venezuela.

2) I have 3568 pictures about the boys from internet.

3) I think that Willa is the devil and Nick is not my favorite!

4) I have a pen, 6 notebooks, 250 posters, 3 T-shirt, 6 cassettes, 18 cd's about The boys!!

5) I've had several problems wiht my mon for BSB.

6) I have a dog that is call "nicky".

7) My room y full of poster about BSB.

8) I have a site about the boys.

9) All the people think that I'm a crazy!

10) I think about my boys the 24 hours!!!

10 Signs You're Obsessed With Nick.

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle

1. Every inch of your room is plastered with Nick pictures.

2. You alienate anyone who thinks Justin Timberlake is hotter.

3. You know the names of ALL his pets.

4. You stopped liking other guys ever since you saw Nick's face on the cover of the Backstreet Boys cd.

5. You've destroyed your television set, just because TRL played "I Wanna Be Bad" by Willa Ford.

6. Your Limp Bizkit die-hard older brother is quite ashamed of his knowledge of Nick. And it's all because you talk about him 24/7.

7. You get all pissed whenever someone compares Nick's looks to Leonardo DiCaprio's. You know that Nick is WAY better-looking than Leo DiCraprio!

8. You have the same dream every night: You ate a poisonous fruit and fall into a coma. Then Nick kisses you, you wake up, and then you both live happily every after. Resembles anyone?

9. You've been to every Born Into Kaos shows just to get a glimpse of Nick.

10. You scream every time he sings a solo.

my nickolas gene carter (and the other guys!) obsession!!

Date: Aug 24, 2001
Submitted By: stephanie

Ok, I have been reading other ppl's obsessions for a long time now, and I think that it's time for me to write my own...Now, ok, all this stuff I write down I have done, and I'm really proud of it!! Lol....And let me just say that I have only been an obsessed fan for 8 months, (since january), and that it hit me pretty hard, b/c all this stuff I have done in the past 8 months!!

1)i know every thing that there possibly is to know about nick!! Except for one thing, and that's his clothes sizes! If anyone know what they r...Plz email me!

2)nickolas gene carter is 7 years, 4 months, 2 days, 16 hours, and 14 minutes older than me!

3)every night I have what I call "nick at night", and what it is, is where at night,before I go to bed, I listen to my headphones, and put "i need u tonight" on repeat, while reading "the heart and soul" for the 7th time, and looking at my pics of nick!

4)i seriously can not go 5 minutes with out talking about nick or backstreet boys! We can be talking about ANYTHING and u can bet that I will find a way to stick nick into the convo! Example- the other day, it was raining outside, and I was waiting at my bus stop. My neighbors were all complianing about the rain, and I said, "yeah, but if nick was here, and would be running around in the rain!"

5)one of these days I'm gonna get skin cancer on my hand, and it's gonna be in the shape of "i love nick"

6)in my math class, we were working with these little cube things that were different colors. I stole 5 of them...A green, 2 blues, a yellow, and a purple!

7)when I was baby sitting for 3 little boys I found the bk aj action figure, and I really really wanted it, b/c I had all the other guys, except aj. Now I know this is bad, but they had enough toys! So I took it! I'm a great baby sitter, huh? Lol

8)whenever I hear the names nick, brian, aj, kevin, or howie I just get this big grin across my face, even if they rn’t talkin about a bsb

9)i went to aaron’s concert, on july 15, the best day of my life, and nickolas gene carter came out! I can not even begin to describe what I felt! I was shaking really bad, and I was crying, oh gosh, I was a mess! It was such a surprise, b/c nick wasn’t supposed to be there! Every time it got quiet, even when nick wasn’t out, I was screaming “nick…I love u!” “omg, nick, plz coome back out, I love u!” When aaron was singing a ballad (I’m all about u) every one was all calm and quiet, and swaying their arms back and forth, then there was me, screaming bloody murder on the top of my lungs for nick! And nick never even looked at me the whole time!

10)my mom won’t let me go to the backstreet boys concert b/c she says I’m too obsessed! Gosh, that makes me soooo mad! She’s such a brat! B/c I love them so much she won’t let me go! That’s not right!!!!

11)i bought the journey cd b/c nick likes them. I havta say though, that I didn’t really like them, and even though nick has all the other cds, I’m not gonna buy them! One was enough!

12)ok, I seriously have this 6th sense about bsb! The other day, men strike back was playing on VH1, and I was gonna turn it, but something told me to just watch it. I did, and all of a sudden, bsb came walking out to sing with sting!! Also, at aaron’s concert, I was telling everybody that I bet nick would be there, b/c they were on break b/c of aj. My friends kept telling me that he wasn’t gonna come, but I didn’t give up on my hopes! And in the middle of the concert….NICKOLAS GENE CARTER rose up from the stage!!! I;ve never been the same since!

13)there was this guy at school, that I had never even seen before, and I went up to him to tell him that his shirt was nick carter’s favorite color! U shoulda seen the look he gave me!

14)when I bought “the heart and soul of nick carter”, I sprayed it with nick’s fav colonge, gravity! So now, when I flip through the pages, I can smell nick! It’s so neat!

15)no matter what, during school I have a pic of nick with me! I have them stuffed in my calculater, folders, notebooks, text books, everything!

16)when I’m taking multiple choice tests at school, and I don’t know the answer, I always pick “c” for carter

17)i met my best friend the day she wore her bsb shirt to school! I saw that shirt a mile away, and I was like, “OMG….BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!” and I, like, attacked her!

18)i called up a radio station, and when the dj answered, I started on my speech…..I told him nick’s ENTIRE life story, from his weight at birth, to all his sisters and brother’s full names, day, time, and place of birth, and their weight!! When I was done, I told him how much I love nick and the backstreet boys, and I asked for the tickets to the bsb concert that they were giving away! Gosh darnit, I didn’t get them either!!

19)i was about to cry on the teen choice awards when nsuck beat bsb, then they showed nick and aaron, and nick looked sooo sad, but he was clapping to be polite. It was sooooo sad! But then I slow motioned it and watched nick clap his hands, and just sat and admired his HOT HANDS!!!! Then I felt better!

20)i have only converted one girl to a bsb fan….People r so stubborn around here!!!

21) I want to stop here b/c nick is 21, but I can’t, b/c I have more to say!

22)when I pray at night, I ask god to bless backstreet boys, along with my family!

23)omg..I love nick’s hands!! Someday when I meet him, I’m gonna ask him if I can touch his hot hands! “AHHHH….NICK, CAN I TOUCH UR HANDS??” do u think that will scare him away though?

24)another part about nick that I love….Ok, I don’t know what it is, but, it’s like, u know how when people have a double chin, and that one part hangs down which makes the double chin? Well, that’s the part I LOVE about nick!! Except his isn’t a double chin…it’s perfect! And omg…when he swallows…omg…IT’S SOOO FREAKIN HOT!!!!!

25) EVERYTHING I do has something to do with backstreet boys! U should see all my papers for lititure! Every single one was about bsb, except for the book report, but I did the book report on “living free”, which is nick’s fav book….So I guess in a way it did have something to do with bsb!

26)everytime my friends come over, I make them play the backstreet boys board game! We’ve played it so much that we’ve been through all the questions on all the cards! And the sad thing is the poor things don’t even like backstreet boys!

27) I sleep with a dark green sleeping bag every night. One time, my friend tried to use it during the night….Ooohhh, she’ll never do that again! How DARE her touch my DARK GREEN sleeping bag!

28)when I was at the store, I saw these backstreet boys credit cards/calendar thingsand then next to them was nsuck ones. Well, I couldn’t just leave them there, could I? No, I took every single nsuck one, and took them all the way to the other end of the store, and hid them under some lawn chair coushins! Then I went back to the bsb ones, and bought one of each kind!

28)omg I’m gonna marry nick! And if I can’t, then I’m going after aaron! And if that doesn’t work out, then his sisters better watch out, b/c here I come! *lol, j/k, I wanna be related to nick, but not that bad!*

29)I’m so sick of mountain dew and twix!

30)when I set my alarm clock, I don’t set it for 6:30 like a normal person, no, I set it for 6:28, b/c nick was born on the 28th!

31)I’m seriously planning on moving to marathon florida when I turn 18, to stalk nick! I know that it’s bad, but I won’t like, sneak into his house or anything, (ok…I might sneak in his house..J/k) I’m just gonna follow him around in stores and stuff, and watch his hot butt shake when he walks, and watch his hot hands touch things, and watch him swallow!!!

32)i can’t remember the last time I bought something that didn’t have to do with backstreet boys…I think it was 8 months ago, when I bought mandy moores cd

33)i always think during the day, “I wonder what nick is doing right now”, then I think of him on the tour bus playing video games with aj, or making fun of howie or something

34)my nails r always painted either black and blue, or dark green

ok, I have one last thing to say before I leave. I’ve read a lot of obsession lists where people r, like, ashamed of liking backstreet boys or something! They hide their bsb stuff when friends come over, and they don’t talk about them in public, things like that! Gosh! That makes me so mad, we should be proud of our boys and that we like them! Gosh…what would backstreet boys say about that?? U want them to be proud don’t u? Well….It doesn’t make them proud when they have fans that r embaressed to be their fans!!


Thank u for reading this, and keep the backstreet pride alive for ever and ever and ever!!!!!!

Please email me at nickcarter12880@hotmail.Com and we can talk about backstreet boys!! B/c I don’t have a lot of backstreet boy friends!!

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