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Boise, Idaho

Date: Oct 22, 2001
Submitted By: Maria Anderson

I went to the BSB concert in Boise, Idaho on October 4, 2001 and it was great! It was my first BSB concert, cuz they never come anywhere close to where i live, which is an hour away from Boise on the Oregon border.

Anyway, it was sooooooo amazingly incredible!! they came out and they sang "everyone" and "larger than life" first. aj ever hot! (HE IS MY FAVORITE) well, him and nick...anyway, they were all looking pretty good. and wow...those voices. seriously, i couldn't handle it. i love guys that look good, and can sing and dance. they sounded just like the cd's in real life. i honestly think i freaked out so bad when they came out. im 19, but i turned about 12 when i saw them, and stayed like that for the rest of the concert. but its ok, I LOVE EM! :)

anyway, i think that my favorite part of the concert was when they performed "get another boyfriend". although, the whle concert was my fav part, i just love when aj freaks out in the middle and screams. hmm...yeah, but another part that was really cute as when nick was introducing the band. he said, "ARE YOU ALL READY FOR THIS?" then he busted out into bootylicous and did a cute little butt-shaking dance. i also thought it was really cute when nick and aj were out on stage and they started playing "pop" and they did a little Nsync dance. it was my two boys too, so i loved it!

all in all, it was a totally amazing night! i totally love the Backstreet Boys more than i did before, if that is possible! email me if you were there! id love it! :)

October 4, 2001- Idaho Center- Boise, Idaho

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Tara

My sister and I got to the show around 6:15 because the doors opened at 6:30. We had to leave my house around 6:45 am in order for us to get to Boise in time to go shopping before because I couldn't find anything to wear. When we got to the Idaho Center the doors had just opened so we got in line and when we got to the gate they began searching everyone's purses and bags. They were making everyone take their cameras back to their cars so I had to take my camera back and then get back in line.

Once we got down there I decided I wanted to go buy stuff before the concert because after the concert I knew it would be nuts. We waited in line and I bought my stuff and we went back down to the seats and waited for Krystal to get on. We were on the left side of the stage in the front row- GREAT seats. Finally around 7:45 Krystal came out. Before her last song she said she would be signing autographs behind section C49 and at the last Black and Blue concert I wasn't able to get an autograph so my sister and I left then to be sure we got out there in order to watch at least a little bit of Sisqo. We walked up the stairs and to the lobby where she would be signing autographs. A third of the Idaho Center was stuck in a tiny little lobby.

Finally after about 20 min I got to meet her and I had her sign my Lupus bear because I spaced and left my Krystal CD in the car. I told her she did a great job performing and she said thanks and then my sister had her sign her ticket stub and then we hurried back down to our seats.

The Thong Song was just starting and Sisqo had a blonde fro. The Thong Song was his last song so after he was done we waiting another 20 min before BSB came out.

During this time I saw a blonde girl and a dark haired girl walk out from backstage. I was thinking "That looks like Leighanne" and she turned around to talk to the guard and I was like OMG That IS Leighanne so I ran up to her and the guard was like No autographs. I was like I just want to talk to Leighanne. So I talked to her for a minute and I talked to Sarah for a minute.

Finally BSB came out. I couldn't believe how close I was.. it was unreal. I had never been that close to them before- the closest I had ever been before this was 15th row. Nick was on my side of the stage when they came out and I started screaming and jumping up and down to get his attention. Finally he looked at me and laughed. They performed Everyone and Larger Than Life before they stopped to talk. AJ didn't come over to my side of the stage during those songs but every other guy did.

Next each of them came out to talk and to thank us for coming- Brian first, then AJ. AJ said he had been 92 days sober and everyone started screaming. The other guys came out and thanked everyone and then they performed "What Makes You Different."

WMYD is one of my all time favorite songs so when I heard it I just broke down crying because of everything I have been through. Howie was standing right in front of me and he wouldn't leave the side of the stage until I screamed. They performed "Yes I Will" next and then "More Than That."

They performed a few more songs until AJ asked us if we wanted to see them change. Some girl had made a sign that said "Take it ALL off" and AJ had to comment on it and Brian said "This is a family show.. we can't do that." So then they did their little backstage skit. They came up and performed a few more songs with different outfits. Because the Idaho Center was so small there was no mini stage so they just sat down on the front of the stage. During "Time" Brian and AJ were screwing around.

They introduced the band next and when Nick was introducing them he started singing "Bootylicious." Then he and AJ did a little solo dance together with the band and Nick was holding a doll. AJ went running off to the side and Nick went to throw the doll at AJ and missed.

They changed costumes again and they came out with white pants and different shirts- some had the regular silver ones and Brian and Kevin had on USA Hockey Jerseys and Brian and Kevin had on USA flag bandannas. Nick and AJ had on NY hats. They sang a few more songs and then all of them disappeared except AJ and he said they only had 2 songs left. Then he did "The Call" skit and they performed "The Call" and "Shape Of My Heart."

After they were done with those 2 songs everyone started to leave. Then they came back up on the same things used for "Everyone" when they first come out and they started singing "Drowning." During Kevin's solo Nick started mouthing the part where Kevin goes "Love me mouth to mouth" and he was standing right in front of me winking. I started screaming and jumping up and down.

It was a GREAT concert! AJ said that for Kevin's birthday they day before they had played softball and that he was sore from it. I also got Nick to shake his ass for me- yeah baby!, and AJ stuck his tongue out at me and copied the little dance I was doing. They also dedicated "Show Me The Meaning" to their crew member who was lost on September 11 and showed a picture of him on the screen. They also performed "America The Beautiful" and waved American flags onstage. It was a great show and one that I will NEVER forget!

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