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Concert Reviews: 3/15/00, Toronto, ON (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: tifani []
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2000 3:26 PM

Hi! I know this review of the concert at The Skydome on March 15th is a little late...but I just got off the plane yesterday, I am from Vancouver, BC!

Let me say, this was a very expensive trip but it was worth every single penny that I spent!

First I went with my sister (15), I am 23, this was a birthday present for her. We got 2 tickets on the floor 2nd row!!!!!!!! We were so psyched!

We landed in Toronto on Monday, March 13th around 11:45 pm and went straight to the hotel. The next day we went shopping and took a cab back to the hotel. On the way, I casually asked the driver if he knew where BSB might be staying, he said, let's go to The Four Seasons and see if they're there! Sure enough, we come up beside The Four Seasons, and there in front of us were 3 of the 4 black tour buses! We were like, oh my god, just to see the buses with the Florida plates was amazing! There was a little crowd forming, so we got out and I guess most of the guys had already been loaded onto the bus, but we saw the main security guy and then we saw KEVIN get on the bus! We were totally amazed! Then the guys were off to Hamilton for their show...meanwhile, we back to the hotel and then around 11:15 or so, we turned on the news and a reporter was giving a review of the BSB concert and all of a sudden in the background, the tour buses were going by, so my sister said, let's get a cab to The Four Seasons righ t now! So we quickly got ready and headed over to the guys' hotel. We got there and sure enough there were already fans there waiting too! We chatted with some fans who were really nice and waited for the buses. The first bus came and it had the dancers on it...let me just say, these girls are very nice, they posed for pictures, signed autographs etc, and they must have been pretty tired! They are also so pretty in person! The next bus had the band on it, it's so cool to see them in person. They got off the bus and got their stuff, I chatted with Tommy for about 5 minutes, and he is so nice. THEN...then finally another bus pulled up and inside I first saw BRIAN...then I saw LEIGHANNE, and she looked out and then went and hugged Brian. Then I saw Nick's g/f Mandah inside. Then....NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took forever for them to come out of the bus, but first Nick came out and ran into the hotel, ( I heard a rumor that a fan attacked him, and this could be true because security was furious with the c rowd after Nick went into the hotel and were screaming and yelling for everyone to move back) Then Mandah came out...then Leighanne popped her head out of the bus and gave a look to the crowd like she was amazed that we were all there, and she smiled and waved to all of us...(she really is sweet and so pretty in person) so then she came out and then Brian followed her. He seemed very reluctant to come out of the bus as the crowd got bigger & bigger. Then the other bus was waiting there and AJ, Howie & Kevin came out (I didn't get to see them, because I'm not into pushing people around to get a look at the guys so little 5'3 me, was in the back of the crowd!!!) I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get to see AJ, because he is my favorite! But my sister was on Cloud 9 that she got to see Nick (her fave!).......

We stayed at The Skydome hotel and had one of those rooms that looks right into the dome so we watched the crew practically all day set up for the concert (we couldn't seem to tear ourselves away from that window!!!!) that was totally cool! Then around 4:00 pm we started to get ready and one of us kept watch at the window, then the buses started to pull in around 5:00 pm, we saw the dancers, the band and finally the guys come out into the stadium! We were screaming like crazy!!! So as soon as the guys were gone, we went to go to the concert...

I'll make the actual concert review as short as I can...first, our seats were totally amazing. We were basically front row (2nd row!) but there were two mothers in front of us who sat throughout the whole show!

The Jungle Brothers came out, and I have to tell you, they were really good. I plan to buy their CD, their music is really fun and they were really entertaining.

About an hour later, the band came out dressed in white, then the dancers with their torches and then the guys, and oh my god, I get shivers just now thinking about it, but the whole Skydome was going so was the coolest feeling being there.

Highlights for me were the following...

  • AJ waved to me & smiled at me
  • Kevin & Brian also waved to me
  • It was totally amazing how they all looked so gorgeous, if you haven't seen the guys in person, then you truly don't know how good looking they all are...I have to say AJ is and always will be my favorite, but Howie, oh my god, is soooo gorgeous, is running a really close second! When he let his hair down at the end, he was so sexy!
  • Nick was so sexual throughout the whole concert, I was kind of shocked!
  • Brian & Howie weren't around my side very much at all, so I don't really have too many highlights for them
  • But...Brian was on our side for "The Perfect Fan" and he looked so sweet and was being so sweet to his mother/daughter
  • when the confetti stuff came down at the end, it was sooo cool

Now, for the biggest highlight of my night at the concert, I threw a hat onstage for AJ...Tommy picked it up and gave it to AJ and AJ performed with it on for about 30 seconds! That was soooo amazing, I could have died right then and there! But he wasn't on my side for me to take a picture, so I was wondering, if anyone got a picture of AJ wearing the black & white zebra striped hat, I will buy it/trade for it....etc! I really would like a pic of him wearing my hat! You can email me at please please please!!!

Ok, now back to the the concert ended (with girls gone mad storming the front row, this was actually quite scary because the chairs were getting squished etc., and security couldn't do much about it, because they were so outnumbered, so I have to say, that please if you're going to storm the stage, think about the consequences, someone could really get hurt) So were hurried back to our hotel to see the guys leave...and we saw the dancers, the band and the guys leave, we screamed all their names and they all waved up to us! We didn't go back to The Four Seasons that night because it would have been too crazy...and our seats were so truly amazing at the concert that we saw the guys so close up, that that was fine with us! My sister wanted me to go to the BSB hotel and try and get into the VIP party, which I wouldn't have had any problem getting in, but I didn't want to go by myself, plus I just wanted to be with her after the concert and remember and relive the most awesome night of my life.


Hope I haven't bored you all too much!! Feel free to email me with any comments or questions, plus I took pictures so maybe we can trade!


Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2000 1:59 PM

Wednesday I attended my first "real" Backstreet Boys concert at the SkyDome. I had the best time of my life, my best friend Kristen and I got in the SkyDome around 7:00pm and waited at our seats for what seemed like forever, we were at level 534, but we still had a really good view surprisingly. At 7:30 The Jungle Brothers came on, they were ok, but everyone just wanted to see our boys, I knew there was one more act to go and I was absolutely dreading seeing Willa or Willow (Whatever she calls herself these days!) I'm not fond of her at all, but amazingly she never came out and I was very happy about that, but since she never came out we all had to wait even longer for the boys to come out, but after about a 45 minute wait, the lights started to dim and we all knew it was time! I have never felt so many emotions at one time in my life! I felt like I was floating and just felt so amazing! The Star Wars music started and all these colorful lights came on and the dancers came out with their torch light thingies and went towards the stage, and then the BSB came out on neon lit surfboards and that's when everything went nuts, I was screaming my head off, crying, and trying to take pictures all at the same time! Nick is my absolute favorite and I love him to death! It was really hard having to leave him, I'll never forget all the amazing experiences that went into my trip to Toronto....When they flew into the audience during QPGWMH, Kevin got water on me, that was really exciting, Nick was doing pelvic thrusts in my direction and boy can he dance! So many other things happened and it had to of been one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and I'll remember it always! I wish all the best to Brian and Kevin and their fiancees, and to the rest of the guys, and Nick if you ever read this I love you baby!


From: Diana Jones []
Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2000 12:07 PM

ok, this is my review of the Toronto Concert on March 15th, first let me tell you... when we got our tickets on December, we we so incredibly lucky.... for those of you that don't know, in Canada they give out wristbands with numbers on them, and the day that the tickets went on sale, they draw one number, whoever has that number gets first choice of tickets.... and everyone behind that number gets second choice and so on, and people before it have to go to the end of the line. Well it was my mom's wristband number that got chosen.... so we ended up with 1st row tickets! My friends and I were totally freaking out!

So then we had to count down 94 days until March 15th.

When they day finally came, we went downtown at about 2pm, and just walked around everywhere.

At 6:30pm they finally let us in, but it seemed to take forever... we moved like 3 inches in 10 minutes!

But we finally got in... and they never even checked for cameras (thank goodness)

Since we went to the November show too, we didn't really bother buying any souvenirs, but the only bad thing was, that the Comic book was sold out everywhere. So we didn't get it.

When we got to our seats, it was so amazing... we were like 2 ft from the stage....

Then the Jungle Brothers came on, they were pretty good............

After they were finished.. we had to wait an hour.... does anyone know why it took so long? was something wrong?

So anyways, finally at 8:55pm, the lights went down and some smoke started to rise up, they had the countdown, and the starwars music. The Boys flew out on the Booggie Bords as usual.

I'm not gonig to get into detail about the songs and stuff... but when Nick came out to do his thank-you he tripped over the step and landed flat on his stomach on the stage... it was so funny!!!!!

Nick also said in his thank-you that since this was the last show... we might see some crazy stuff! (he was so right)

Aj said that they had "one hell of a show planned"

The Boys said that they picked Toronto as the last show 'cause they love us so much! (how sweet!)

The songs were basically the same,

But during one part.. I have no clue what song it was, Howie was singing and walking backwards, so Nick came up behind Howie and Howie walked right into was so cute!

They did a lot of crazy stuff!

During "That's the way I like it" one of the male-dancers was un-dressing Brian, he ripped off his tie and started to rip of Brian's shirt.... but Brian had this kinda scared look on his face... it was so cute!!!!

We had Kevin and AJ on our side the most..... AJ was so cool, he kept waving at everyone and smiling at my friends and me.

During Perfect Fan, we had Brian on our side of the stage, and he kept making goofy faces at the girl and at the audience.

During "Don't want you back" we had Nick, he was sitting on the pole and waving at everyone! It was so cool!

At the end when they were introducing the dancers/band, my friend told me to through this beany baby chihuahua that I got for Brian, so I did. It hit his leg and he picked it up and strted playing with it. He put it down on the stage right side up... and it stayed like that until Kevin knocked it over with his foot, so it was on its side. At the end of the concert on the of the Band members took it down below.

Nick had a bottle of Silly String. and was putting the silly string all over Howie's head!!! Then Howie took the bottle and sprayed that audience.

Oh yeah, during one song, Nick was trying to hype up the crowd even more, so he did these little ...uh "moves" and then Aj came over and shook his head and did some other "moves" he had this like "Nick, this is how you do it" type look on his face. (so cute)

At the end tons of confetti exploded everywhere.... and I mean everywhere.. it looked like a snow storm.

During one part at the end, Howie came down to our side of the stage with a security guard, so we all got to touch his hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is that it was the best concert that I've ever been too, I totally can't wait for the BSB to come back again (I know it will be a while)

If anyone has any questions or if you went to the show (or you didn't) and you just wanna chat.... e-mail me

See ya and don't forget... *KTBSPA* 4 EVER!


From: Di Corpo []
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2000 3:27 PM

Here in Toronto on Wednesday, March 16th, was the Backstreet Boys concert. Let me tell you again as everyone else does. It was amazing. This was my 6th concert of been to for the Backstreet Boys and as always it was worth while.

At first a dual called the Jungle Boys opened up for the band at around 7:30 or so . After they were done there was a good wait of about a hour until the boys came on stage. While sitting and waiting impatiently I thought they'd never come out, then later on I found out that the boys had gotten some very special sick kids from the Hospital for Sick Children to come to the show and had them in private boxes to which they went to so visit them.

Through-out the show the boys constantly mentioned how they love Toronto and that it has always been a special place for them. They said how Toronto (and all of Canada) has taken them from the start and that's one of the reason's why they chose to end the tour here. They also warned allt he fans in the crowd how because it was there last tour date that they would be acting a little differently, meaning a little wilder. And let me tell you....they were.

AJ took it off! and let it be known that this was a fab-u-lous site. I could of honestly of gone for a bit more. Howie, dazzeled us with his long locks. I mean, he took his hair out and let it loose while pretending to be a rocker and head banging on the side of the stage. Kevin pranced around stage in his robe. Nick was crazy, He took silly string and sprayed all over everyone, especially Howie's face. Now Brian, here's a big thing. He took it off too! Not totally though, he just went into a cut-off. Everyone knows that b/c of his surgery he's not too comfortable with flashing his scar and stuff but Toronto thought that was a big thing.

Near the end of the show, I found it cool to see that instead of everyone being in costum that everyone got to dress in their own clothes and show off their own sense of fashion.

When the band was being introduced Nick played the drums, so Brian introduced his side and then his "offical side". Howie at this time pretended to be some rapper and whipped up a whole bunch of lines. It was cute.

One of the dancers is Canadian and from Toronto and so she got a good round of applause from the audience. On the very last song, I Want It That Way the band asked and invited every one of their staff members including security, management, all the dancers etc. to come on stage and sing-a-long with them their last song. It was cute. At the end AJ went chasing after everyone with water bottles determining to get everyone in site wet which he suceeded in. Nick continued to go after everyone with his silly string thing and made a mess of everyone. It looked like they were all having a good time which was nice to see.

For all we know the boys could still be here today b/c they've finally finished their tour and are going to take a rest in which they well deserve. They also told us to be looking forward to the new album to be released in the fall.

From: Julia the bsb lvr!

From: Uma- FrickFrackFreak []
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2000 7:01 PM

Hi, here's my review. Please add that I'll add pictures once I get them developed and to visit my site ( to see them after. You can post my e-mail addy.

Last night (March 15th), my friends and I had the great opportunity to see the Backstreet Boys live. It was just as amazing as we hoped it would be. For years I have wanted to go to see the Boys live and I could never go. It was either because my parents would not let me or I could not get tickets. Finally, I was granted with both. I was lucky to get through by calling into ticketmaster and I got four tickets. I went to the concert with my older brother Lavan and my two best friends, Elizabeth and Rosemina. The show was happening in the Toronto SkyDome Skytent. According to Canada’s MuchMusic, we had record-breaking crowd. We broke the Skytent’s record and the whole Millennium tour’s record for the amount of fans with 36000 people.

Anyways, I woke up excited, but for some reason I was passively excited. As in not screaming or going “ohmygod!” My friends did that for me, by calling and waking me up. LOL. Anyways the plan was for Rosemina to go to Elizabeth’s house and hang out for a while. Then at 2:00pm I’d go pick them up and bring them over to my house. So, I picked them up and they came over. I spent the time watching them get ready while I talked to one of my other friends on the phone. Finally my uncle, who was dropping us off at the SkyDome, called to say he was coming soon. We checked to see if we had all our stuff and walked out the door and got a surprise. There was a huge white limo with a black top, waiting outside of my house. Laughing, we got in and our drive to the Dome started. We slowly began to get even more excited. We kept laughing as we watched everyone driving by us on the highway staring into the windows trying to figure out who was in the limo (Our limo had tinted windows). Finally we got to the SkyDome at around 4:30 and all these fans were staring at us, probably thinking we were BSB. Some guy even started running along side our limo yelling something and waving a sign. It was halarious.

We got out of the limo and started walking around. There were three local radio stations there: Kiss 92, Hits 103.5 and Energy Radio. Each were set up around the Dome. We were walking towards the Kiss 92 booth (the most popular and crowded one) when we saw this huge black bus going down the street and turning to go underground. It looked familier. Rosemina turns to me and asks if that’s their bus. I saw pictures of their buses on the net, that’s why I should have known. I told her that I was not sure, but then all these girls started screaming and running towards the railing to see it. We started to walk really fast and ended up running across the street to the railing. Another bus followed it, but we couldn’t see anything. These girls were standing beside us crying. I asked what happened and one girl said that Nick, and I think A.J. was on the bus too, was looking out through the window smiling. The little tease! All these girls were crying and calling people on their cells saying, “I just saw Nick!!” I thought it was funny, but my friends were upset that we didn’t see them. It would have been cool though, if only we were there about one minute earlier. Oh well.

So the four of us walked around the SkyDome killing time. There were three booths where people were selling merchandise outside. But because we saw the Official store signs inside, we thought that these booths were selling unofficial stuff. Stupid us! Remember this was the first concert for all of us. These girls were walking around with the comic book and we asked them where they got them and they said the booths. So we ran towards the booths and found out that the comic book was sold out! We bought tour books and checked the other stands, but it was sold out everwhere. We decided to keep walking around. As we were walking around, my brother (he’s 20 and we’re 15) says to us, “Hey, there’s Kevin and A.J.” At the same time these two girls started to scream. I turned quickly and laughed. These two people were dressed in black trenchcoats and each had a huge mascot-like mask that looked like A.J. and Kevin. I kept yelling “Hey it’s A.J. and Kevin!” to see if I could get a herd of girls running, it didn’t work. LOL. Too bad we realized too late that we should have taken a picture with them. So we got to our gate and stood in line. We were near the front. For about an hour, we stood there. The SkyDome people were playing the audio from the Live in Frankfurt concert and so we were singing along, well just Liz, Rose and I. I’ve seen it so many times, I was saying everything that the guys say during the concert right before they said it. It was funny. They played the concert audio about three times.

Finally at around 6:30pm they started to let us in. The staff was checking bags but we managed to get past them without them checking ours. I had a really cheep camera, but Rose and Liz had proper cameras. I had the best binoculars of the three, so I was happy anyways. We walked to our seats and were surprised with the great view. We had so-called nose-bleed section seats (500 section), they were right at the top. But we could see everything! It was amazing, and with the binoculars, I could see all the guys and their facial expressions. I knew that it would be good anyway, from reading reviews, but I never expected the view to be this good. I kept looking at the black box, excited.

At around 7:40pm, the Jungle Brothers came out. They were ok, they got us all hyped up. The whole audience was participating. After they got off, we had to wait a whole hour before the guys came out. I thought that Wilaford (a.k.a. Mandah) was supposed to come out, but she didn’t. I think the reason it took so long for the guys to come out was becuase there must have been something not working. The crew kept climbing up to the top and checking the wires. Anyways, during this time, the crowd was getting restless so our section started the wave. It ran through the whole stadium about 10 times, by then I got bored with it and stopped. I kept my binoculars focused on the black box. At about 8:45pm, I saw Kevin in the box. Someone, I think it was Nick, stuck his hand up and waved at our section. I yelled to my friend, in excitement, “Kevin’s in there!” That’s when the crowd started going crazy. The lights went out and the band members and the dancers came on stage. It was beautiful. I wont get into full detail because you probably read about a billion reviews already. So now I’ll just say the important things. I know that he probably did this for each city, but one of the things I’ll always remember was right before the Larger Than Life music came on, Kevin’s face was on the jumbotron and he yells “Toronto!!!!” That was cool :) Anyways. They came on and everyone was excited. We stood up and screamed. After a minute I sat down and watched with my binoculars. Actually for most of the concert I was sitting and watching with my binoculars. I barely screamed either, I just sang quietly or listened to them sing. I sat and absorbed the sounds and performance, if that makes any sense. I screamed when they asked us too though and during the Everybody, We've Got It Goin' On, and That's The Way I Like It medly and some of the other fast songs, I stood up and danced and sang loudly. We were seated so that we had three sides towards us, so during the concert we had Nick, Brian and Kevin or A.J. (they kept switching) on our sides. Which was good because Nick and Brian are our favourites.

Before I go on, I have to say that whenever Nick came on the jumbo-tron, the crowd get going wild, after a while it bothered me because I couldn’t even hear him sing sometimes! But that’s ok I guess. I felt sorry for Howie because everybody would go crazy when the other guys were singing and on the jumbo-tron, but not for him, only a few would. So, when he came on, the place went quieter, I yelled “Howie! Go Howie!” And cheered. LOL, I hope he heard me. The people behind me must think I’m crazy over him. I screamed sometimes for the others, but it kept getting drowned out by the rest of the crowd. So I stopped, I figured that they guys were feeling our love for them anyways, all the fans screaming!

Anyways, let me tell you what happened. During the first three songs :Larger Than Life, Get Down and The One everyone was going crazy and the guys looked so happy. They did the WhoDaMan so many times! (If you don’t know what that is, e-mail me and I’ll send you the link.) After that the lights went down and Nicky started talking to us. A couple of the things I remembered that made us all scream was when he said, “"This is the last show of our Millennium tour, and I guess we picked Toronto because we love you all so much. Since this is the last show, you might see some crazy things on stage." I guess the guys say stuff like that to everyone though. I heard Brian saying the “Hats of to you” line. LOL. Brian also said “We've done about 170 shows on the Millennium tour, and standing in front of an audience like this, I get the jitters like it's the very first time.” That was cool. Oops I forgot to say that A.J.’s hair was dyed blond (like at the Junos) but with a dark blue line going through the middle, it was funky :) A.J. got us to say “Happy Aniversary” to Nicole’s parents. I couldn’t hear properly, but I think he was talking about Nicole Peltz, one of the co-directors of the tour. He, also, was the only one who looked up at our section and said “Hi” to all the people up at the top. We went nuts. Kevin also said, "We're going back into the laboratory to make a new album. You might not see us for a while, but that doesn't mean we're not working. So don't forget about us." Like we ever would!

During As Long As You Love Me, they started joking around and making fun of their dance. I was laughing so hard, but I was happy to finally see the chair dance. May I just take this time to say that both Nicky’s and Kevin’s “Mr. Happy” were sticking out then. It was incredibly obvious when they wore the leather. LOL. I guess I should say that Nick is now officially a MAN. Damn boy!

I saw Nick do the Superman move in the air during Quit Playing Games, lol, that was cool. Brian was flying back and forth from the stage to the crowd. He’d go to the stage and the crew would throw teddy bears at him and he’d try and catch them. Once he did, he’d fly back out and throw them. A.J. was doing crazy flips and wetting the crowd with his water bottle.

I’m very happy that during Don’t Want You Back Brian, Nick and Kevin were on our sides, although I now wonder what on earth A.J. did to his pole. LOL. Anyways, Kevin was hanging upside down and singing. Brian imediatly climbed to the top and was singing. At certain parts he began to move back and forth on the pole. Now, before I get to Nick I have to say that even though both Brian and Nick are my favourites, Nick is the one that makes me go crazy. Brian just always does cute things, Nick does the BAD things.... Anyways, Nick didn’t go to on his pole when the others did. He walked around. Then he moved infront of the pole, and he was facing us and leaned against it. Then he raised his arms above his head and then began to wind his body against the pole, grinding against it. My only comment was “No Nicky, do NOT do that!” Then he walked up to the middle of the stage for a while. Then he moved back to the pole and climbed it. He then stood at the top and began to thrust into the pole. I felt like killing him for doing that, although I liked it :) LOL. Hormones..... I could be wrong, but I think this was when A.J. was wearing a cowboy hat with a Canadian flag on it.

When Kevin was talking to the crowd, someone through this ball at him and it almost hit him, but he moved out the way. It was funny, he looked back out and pointed to himself mouthing the words, “me?” During The Perfect Fan, we were all saying “awww” when the guys were kneeling infront of the mothers and singing. Nick doesn’t sing any leads in that song so he was fooling around with the little girl he was with. He’d put his arm around her on one side, then quickly move to the other and then keep moving back and forth. In the end she just grabbed his hand and he laughed. (I appologize now if I talk too much about Nick.) Kevin kept talking into his mic to the little girl and A.J. had a girl who looked about five or six, she was so cute. Awww....

It was really cool to see Brian smiling when the crowd sang The Perfect Fan. Anyways the song ended and when Kevin and Mindi started playing a song, I was cheering and clapping. Then I saw, in the dark, someone moving towards the drums and I knew it was Nick. The lights came on and they sang Back To Your Heart with Nick on the drums and Kevin on the piano. I was one of the only people singing the “secret verse” with Brian at the end and I was happy.

Then during the medly I actually stood up and was dancing. I did the dances to all the songs and sang. The guys were going crazy.

Next, I think this was when Mindi did her saxaphone solo. It was amazing. The crowd wasn’t that loud and I think only a few people noticed what my brother and I noticed. I only told Elizabeth and Rosemina after because they were talking to the girls beside them. A.J. was standing beside Mindi dancing. But because the jumbotron camera was never focused on him, not many people noticed. Thank god for my binoculars!

During Spanish Eyes, I’ll Never Break Your Heart and No One Else Comes Close they were at the center of the stage and it was rotating. I was screaming “Howie!” all the time during that. I can’t remember during which of the songs this happened, but at one part, Nick was singing the chorus and holding his hand out towards A.J., asking for the water bottle. But A.J. didn’t give it to him. Then when Nick pulled his hand back, A.J. held the waterbottle out. LOL. Both my brother and I got mad when during I’ll Never Break Your Heart the guys did acapella and the crowd didn’t shut up, so we couldn’t hear. I also couldn’t hear Nicky singing his parts which got me mad because I love the way he sings in No One Else Comes Close. Oh well.

I finally go to see the hat dance. All the guys were around our side of the stage dancing. At the beginning, Nick dropped his hat off the stage by mistake and he smiled at the crowd and shrugged mouthing the word “oops!” I laughed as a crew member threw it back to him. I’m in love with that dance! Oh yeah, did I mention that they were in pinstrip suits, well you probably already knew. Also, even before All I Have To Give, A.J. was wearing his black hat, tilted sideways.

Before Show Me The Meaning Howie spoke about Denniz Pop, but these people were cheering when he said that he passed away. I think that was rude. I clapped when they said that they dedicated it to him though. I’m sorry, but after the Grammy performance, I fell in love with this song because of Nick’s added extra vocals, and I was so happy he did them here. I also fell in love with the dancing. I was watching Nick and his dancing partner dance with my binoculars, wow....

Next was It’s Gotta Be You. Everyone went nuts when Nick started the song. When they stopped the song to introduce the band and dancers to the crowd, I noticed Nick walk to the drum set and sort of motion for Bubba to move so he could play. Then Nick sat down and started to play and Howie came and helped him. The two of them were having so much fun, I couldn’t help but laugh. For the whole dance-off part, they were playing and Nick was really getting into it, feeling the beat. Brian had to do Nick’s side. He said “Usually this is Nick’s side, but since he’s busy, I’ll do it.” Then when he went to his side, he raised his arms (doing the WhoDaMan!) and said “This is my REAL side!” A.J. screamed and yelled, “this is MY side! Scream!!!” It was funny. I was cheering so hard for Mindi, she rules. One of the dancers, I think it was Kristin or Angela, I can’t remember, was from Canada. So she was holding two Canadian flags. When Brian was introducing her, he took them from her and was waving them around. I was upset that they hadn’t introduced M.C. D. yet, but then for the last intro, Nick walked to the middle. He said that he wanted to have a special group of rappers come up to help him. Howie was up there wearing a hooded sweatshirt, with the hood on, and doing the rap beats. Nobody could really reckognise him, but I realized it was him and started cheering. Nick kept saying, “I want my group of rappers to come up now!” Nobody listened. Nick called them the “Rapolicious Crew” LOL! Finally Brian and A.J. came up and introduced “Freaky Dicky D.” (I think that’s what they called him.) I was laughing so hard when he rapped, I was waiting the whole show to see it.

I Want It That Way was amazing. The whole stadium was on their feet and singing for this one. I was looking through my binocular) at A.J. when he pulled his shirt off and the crowd went nuts. I think he took it off in this song, or was the one before? I can’t remember. I think it was the one before, because at the end of the same song, while Nick was going down the stairs, he pulled his shirt off to reveal his undershirt, but we got a glimpse of his abs, I had my binoculars on him, lucky me! Anyways, Howie had pulled his hair out of his ponytail. Kevin was wearing this dark brown trenchcoat, with his hood on, and was playing with this toy lightsaber thing. I’ve seen it before. It’s a flashlight with this multicolored tube attacthed. It was so funny. He looked like either Darth Maul or Obi Wan from Star Wars. Brian was wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jacket.

After they finished most of the song, they stopped and A.J. called everybody up onto the stage (the crew I mean). He had to say it about three times before they listened and he was getting a bit annoyed. They had this HUGE group hug. The he suggested that everyone sing I Want It That Way acapella. So Nick started singing, “Tell me why?” And no one continued. We all laughed. Then the whole stadium sang I Want It That Way acapella, including all the crew and band members and the dancers on stage. It was amazing. Then they all had another group hug. The boys then moved to the middle of the stage on the platform and had huge group hug. It was after all their last show of the tour and it was sad, they were saying goodbye. They then waved to the crowd and bowed and then went down. The concert was over. I have to say that even though it was my first concert, it was most likely the best concert ever. LOL, it feels wierd saying that, but from the reviews I’ve read, it seems like it. I was impressed by all the added vocals each of the boys added into the show. After it ended we all were just like, wow! The concert ended at about 11:10pm.

Little things that I remember happened, but not sure when:

1) Someone threw Brian a basketball on stage (it happens at every city, doesn’t it?). So he was playing with it on stage.

2) Brian was also playing with this small stuffed soccer ball. The thing is, I have the exact same thing at home. I was planning on buying another one and a small stuffed basketball, which I have too, to throw on stage. Then I realized that from where we were sitting, that was going to be difficult :)

3) A.J. kept kicking around this huge black and white beach ball while they walked around the stage bowing. In the end he kicked it into the crowd.

4) Nick kept spraying that silly string (I think that’s what it’s called) on everyone. At the end, Howie’s hair was full of it. The two of them were play fighting on the other side of the stage, but with the binoculars I could see everything. How cute!

5) A.J. took a water bottle and was chasing after Mindi on the stage with it. She was running around with her sax in her hands trying to get away from him.

6) Sometime during the concert, someone threw roses at Nick and they fell of the stage. Finally he got them and moved around the stage and threw them out again.

7) One of the dancers, I think it was RoRo, jumped off the stage and into the crowd, really far! 8) I saw Brian, Nick and A.J. each thrust a whole bunch of times, crazy people!!!

9) I was expecting it, and Nick didn’t let me down, he was on the floor during That’s The Way I Like It. Everyone said that they have never been to a show where he wasn’t.

10) Nick was continuously hanging around the drums.

After the concert, we tried to go and buy some stuff, but our limo had come, so we left. We went to McDonalds on the way home, but unfortunalty, it was closed. So we had to go through the drive through. It was so funny, once we got to the window where they give you your food, Elizabeth told the two girls that we were coming back from the BSB concert. One of them just smiled and walked away, while the other was so interested. She was like, Oh yeah? And we told her how it was amazing and Rosemina added that “we saw Nicky’s abs!” LOL. She wouldn’t stop saying that the whole way home, we got home at around 1:00 in the morning. Rosemina and Elizabeth slept over at my house, and we couldn’t stop talking about the concert. We stayed up until about three in the morning. We’re still talking about it and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

I am so proud to be a BSB fan. They’ve been through so much and look at them now. They can sing and perform really well. I realized as I sat there with my binoculars, quietly singing along or listening, that they are so much more talented than people think they are. I had soaked in everything at the concert and I’ll never forget it. I hope everyone will have the chance to go to a BSB concert at least once. It’s the most amazing thing and I’m happy that I finally got to go. All I have to say is that the Backstreet Boys are the ones who are “Larger Than Life.”

By Uma C.

From: D. Soper []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 1:00 AM

I went to the Backstreet Boys last concert for the "Into the Millennium" tour. It was awesome! The Jungle Brothers came out first and really got the crowd going. "Willa" didn't sing though. From the other reviews I've read, that might be a good thing. We had to wait about another 45 minutes for the boys to come out. You could hear when they were on the way because parts of the crowd started screaming. I could see them getting hooked up. They flew out on boogie boards, which was awesome, to the music from Star Wars. All the songs were awesome. Nick walked out on one of the runways and got showered in stuffed animals. At one point in the concert, beach balls and tennis balls were being thrown. All the guys came out one at a time in the beginning and said their thank yous. One of the dancers jumped right into the audience. Right before they started singing SMTMOBL, the boys said it was dedicated to Denniz PoP. It was real quiet when they said that and I screamed and Brian and Nick looked at me and smiled. I thought I was going to faint. Nick threw his 33 shirt into the audience after the dancers had a 'dance off' and then he ran through the crowd. Nick was spraying Howie all over with silly string, and Kevin was in a bathrobe and Brian was playing with a basketball while sing IWITW. At the end, A.J. was crying a bit. The concert was awesome. My ears were still ringing the next morning. I would definitely go again. One more thing, I LOVE NICK CARTER!

Concert Reviews: 3/15/00, Toronto, ON

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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From: Susan []
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 5:22 AM

Yesterday, I attended the Backstreet Boys last show of their Into the Millenium Tour, in Toronto. I hadn’t been to the concert they did here in November, but I had read many reviews and heard many things about the show. So, I thought that I knew basically what to expect...but, I was wrong. Yes, I did know what songs they were going to sing, that they were gonna fly in, that the stage was five-sided, but what I learned was that you don’t really know what something is gonna be like, until you experience it. The Backstreet Boys concert was everything I expected and much more. The whole concert just blew me away... the boys sang and danced beautifully, they looked great, the entire stage set-up was was an amazing high energy concert. But, that’s probably something that all of you that have attended one of their recent tour concerts know. I also don’t wanna bore you with a play by play of the whole concert... (song order, costumes, etc.) so, I’ll just tell you about some of the things that made my BSB c oncert experience extra special:

  • Our tickets were in the bleachers, about 30 rows from the stage. The bleachers ran along the big screen that cut off one end of the Skydome. The only hole in the screen was for a spotlight, and we were sitting in front of the hole, so we could see part of a backstage area. So, right before the show was about to we saw the BSB drive up in little golf cart things. My sister also saw Kevin and Brian hugging backstage (how cute) before they went through the tunnel, into the black box. The bleachers were also beside the box, so we saw them getting hooked onto the cables and fly up right beside us.
  • Brian, my fav BSB, spent a great deal of time on my side of the stage.
  • I walked down to the floor to take pictures and managed to spent a great part of the concert in the first 5 rows on the floor. (I wish my camera had a zoom lens) I even made it as far as front row. By the end of the concert, I was standing on a chair in second row singing, taking pics and just having an amazing time.
  • Nick was playing with a can of silly string near the end of the concert and covered Howie’s entire head with it.
  • Nick and Howie playing the drums together during the introductions.
  • When the entire Skydome was flooded with small silver and white papers.

Those are just a few highlights. Overall, I had an amazing time and I can’t wait for them to come back to Toronto again. So, if you have any questions or went to the concert and wanna chat, e-mail me:

From: Linda P. []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 11:05 PM

Hey everyone!

I finally got my chance last night to see the Backstreet boys! I waited patiently for three years to attend a concert and up until last week I was still waiting. I have watched and read review after review on concert goers and sighed. I am 21 and you might think a little too old to be at a BSB concert but let me tell you it was truly amazing. I ended up paying over one hundred dollars but I had section 123 row 20 so I ended up being so close that I could make out each one of them clearly. The show started with the Jungle Brothers who were ok but made me want to see the boys even more. They were late and came on at 8:55pm but rocked the house til after 11 pm. The band was all in white and were escorted out and the guys came out on a wire on surfboards in the larger than life sequence. Im sure everyone has heard all about the concert. What made it memorable for me was 1. I was finally there! 2. It was the last show of the millenium tour 3. They were in my turf, Canada that is.. I took a 4 hour train ride to see them and spend all day Wednesday travelling back and forth. It was an expensive trip but the lights, pyro, costumes, songs and dances made up for all of it. They truly have an amazing concert performance and their appreciation for Toronto and Canada made me very proud to be Canadian last night!! OHH they flew into the audience and Nick (D is my fave) was right in front of me~~ WOW!! they looked so hot and beautiful~~ well you get the idea!!



From: Kari []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 9:17 PM

Hey first I would like to say the concert was amazing. This was my first Backstreet Boys concert and I can say I hope that it is not my last. The concert was the last concert of the Millennium tour. Even thought the boys were a little late starting it was worth it in the end. I also had really good seats, they weren't on the floor but pretty close(I mean I could see at the start that Kevins shoelace was undone. I'll start with what happened in the start.

First we had the JUNGLE BROTHERS come out and get the crowed warmed up. They were pretty good. Then we thought that "Willa" was gonna come out. But looks like we were wrong cause she never showed. So now I can say this part was boring waiting a little over an hour for the Backstreet Boys to come out. Must I say for having 35 thousand people there everyone was pretty quite while we waited. But trust me when they showed up it was none stop fun from there.

The boys came out on boogie boards to the sound of the star wars theme. Nick and A.J had on mask so you couldn't tell who they were at first. Thats when every one started screaming and standing up. The first song was "Larger Than Life" followed by many more. Then the boys talked Nick said, "This is the last show of the millennium tour, and I guess we picked Toronto becacuse we love you all so much." " Since this is our last show you may see some crazy things on stage" he finished. Let me tell you he never let us down. Nick and A.J had a dance contest on stage which was pretty funny to watch, soon after Kevin found his self dancing with the other two. The song "Quit playing games with my heart" was the best because it ended with the boys suspended in the air over the audience. Also if you like Nick and Kevin both played a small part in the band in some songs.

If you saw the show I know no one went home disapointed. It was a good show with many costume changes. If you were a lucky one to get a piece of the boys clothing that flew around although the show, you lucky person. My mom like the "Perfect fan" when the boys broght up Five lucky mothers and daughters for the song. The show ended with the boys bring everyone that worked on the tour on stage. Which for a lot of them was probaly the last time they may see each other for the Backstreet boy are going to be out of the spot light for a while. I hope you BSB fan KTBSPA. In the end I was sad to go home but I knew I would never foget this night and it will live in my mind forver.

From: Holly Mason []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 8:58 PM

Concert Review: Toronto Sky Dome--March 15, 2000

I must say, backsteet boys are here to stay. I have seen them in concert 3 times, twice for this tour, but I think by far, this was the best concert of all of them.

Because it was the last stop of the tour, they did a lot of different things that they didn't do in Buffalo. There was a lot more fooling around on stage towards the end. The whole stage broke out into complete chaos. I went with my friend Jacque, we had section 500's seats. It was her first time seeing them so she had no idea what to expect. I had also seen them in buffalo, but was really looking forward to seeing them again.

We sat through opening act...The Jungle Brothers. I laughed at them, cause I thought they were just plain crazy. Jacque was laughing at them too. We both agree they were pretty good, but they were no backstreet boys. They "sang" their few songs and then left.

After what seemed like forever, I saw the top of Nick's head inside the black box that they come out of. I saw a few more heads, and I knew that the show was finally going to start. The lights went out and the crowd started screaming and going wild. The star wars music started, and you could see their dancers walking around the stage with the torch lights. Then, you saw the backstreet boys. They were "surfing" through the air. A couple of them even leaned down into the crowd. They landed on the stage, and got off of the surfboards. AJ let out a loud howl and the music for larger than life started to play. The music blasted and the stage exploded into special light effects and the dancing was awesome. I felt like I was in heaven. And Nick Carter was looking so incredible hot. I was practically drooling when Nick was talking to all of us. He was out there the longest, and I didn't mind it one bit.

I don't remember the exact order of the songs, but that didnt' matter to me. I was just having to much fun. Jacque and I kept screaming I luv you nick whenever it would start to get a little quiet. They played a medley of fast songs including Backstreet's Back, We've Got It Goin On, That's The Way I Like It, and Get Down (You're The One For Me). There was nonstop energy throughout the skydome. The place was definately jumping.

From: Nat N. []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 4:28 PM

- We didn't see the busses. I mean geez you have to be REALLY lucky to see them in Toronto. Everything is so HUGE compared to Hamilton.

- Well I was lucky yet again and my seats were at the passage again but the thing is that it didn't help much cause of the seats arrangings. see the row infront of me had one more seat to the right and so on. Well anyway i always ran to the right when the guys were there. I could see the guys REALLY good and the security let me =) Anyway the seat was great cause i could move around anywhere i wanted =)

- Ok I was standing on the chair. There was no one behind me who I could block the view. There were more rows behind me but anyway it's too confusing lol The seating arrangement was weird lol Only one security guard wouldn't let me stand but he was walking around all the time so I just went down the chair when he could see me :) And so did the girl behind me :) Anyway I was standing at the chair and Kevin was in our section at that time. So I was the highest, I waved witht the glow stick and screamed, Kevin looked at me and I think he recognized me cause he had this expression, "You again?!?" on his face LOL haha He smiled at me again =o) I never thought Kevin looked THAT good, I mean he's sooooo FINE!!!!!!! =)

- Oh and this time when they were flying I went to Nick's side cause AJ was all the way somewhere else and OMG!!!! I swear I could almost reach him. He was right above me and ahhhhhhh I took 2 great pics of that :) He threw either 3 or 4 toys. And get this!!!!!!!!!! I was standing there and not a lot of people were around me so I was jumping up and down and yelling, "Nick!!!!!!" He saw me and threw a white toy at me and it landed a little beside my feet and someone else grabbed it before I could :*( I was about to cry :( lol God I can't wait to show you those pics, Nick was sooooooo near I could almost reach him.

- Nick also said that their fans are the best of all the fans in the world and that they appreciate how much we do for them, etc... and how they love each and every one of us

- I don't remember who said it but they said that they chose Toronto to be their last show cause the fans here are so crazy and know how to party =) They also said since it's the last show there MIGHT be some surprises :) And there was, the show was a little longer and they threw alot of their clothes in the audience lol AJ threw his hat, I think it was Kevin who threw the coat in the audience.

- Oh and during the rap part Nick sprayed Howie with some white stuff....haha it was sooooooo funny =)

- All of it was about the same as the Toronto part, AJ was a lot in my section again :o) But ummm someone else was in my section while they were doing the flying thing but I don't know who cause ummm I ran over to Nick :) hehe I think I had the most fun at that point =) And when Kevin recognized me =o) AJ didn't look much at the audience, I mean at no one in particular.

- The end was THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The security let us all in the floor section go to the front and just a few people were infront of me. The guys were only like 3 feet infront of me. That's when they made the show a little longer ... It was soooooo awesome. Brian was singing and he was so near and he looked at me and smiled =o) He's such a sweetie!!!!!!!! Then AJ came and guess what!!!!!!!! He took off his shirt, right infront of me!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!I almost flipped out. I can't believe I rememberd to take a pic of that .... Man I had such a blast at that show!!!!!!! Kevin was playing with some long colourful stick, I have no idea what that is.

- AJ was throwing water at Nick, hehe They were all REALLY playful at the end and AJ went crazy ... it was soooooooooooo awesome. I had the best time =o) I wished for it never to end :O)

- All in all I'm still really like i'm on drugs or something :) haha Kevin smiled at me twice and I think recognized me, Nick saw me and threw the toy at me (which i didn't get :() and Brian looked at me and smiled at me when I was 3 feet away, oh man I was in heaven at both of the shows =o)

So for everyone that didn't go, man you really missed out on something. The rush and the whole hysteria at the concert is crazy. Nothing like when you watch the concert on TV. I know this was the most amazing time of my life and I can't wait to go again :o) As I already said, I have pics of ALL the highlights and can't wait to show them to y'all .... yeaaaaah including the one with AJ with his shirt off =o)

From: Nikki San Pedro []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 1:26 PM

Hi everyone! This is my thoughts and recollection of the Backstreet Boys concert that I saw last night at the SkyDome SkyTent!!! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed seeing the concert!!

The awesome show began around 7:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, the opening act was running a little late. The opening act were the Jungle Boys. I didn't know what to think of them because I didn't know what kind of music they were supposed to sing. At first they were doing a little rap and pop, then some reggae, then they did something like swing music. The Jungle boys were very eclectic and confusing...That's all I gotta say about them.

After the Jungle Boys, I was waiting for Mandy Williford, because that's who my cousin said was gonna be the other opener...bit she never came on. It was so stressful waiting there for I don't 40 minutes!!! But it was all worth it!!!

After the amazingly long period of nothingness, the lights turned off for about three minutes. Suspense was building up... It was very, very...well, I don't know a word to describe it, but it was amazing, see, I had seats right beside the black box where the boys were supposed to come out of. I was screaming my head off because in moments I was gonna see the Backstreet boys Larger Than Life!!!

Then, the Star Wars theme song played, smoke arose from the boxes, and there the Backstreet Boys were, in all of their glory, sporting their cool protective vest things, floating on boogie boards. Nick and AJ were wearing very cool helmets. It was so awesome. Then, at the centre of the stage, they all came together. They walked around the stage, Kevin leading the Boys and their dancers. (It was a round stage, with the seats surrounding them. In other words, it was a concert in the round.) After all of that, they began singing and dancing, and ohmyGod!!!! They were so unbelievable!!!! I could feel them so near!!! I was screaming and jumping, I was just really excited!!!!!!! OHMYGOD!!! I couldn't believe I was there!

The performing area was awesome!! I mean it was sooo futuristic, with like U.F.O.s and lightning conductors!!! It was just stuff like that!! And long metal arms (about 20 metres long- 70 feet?!?) with all of the fireworks (pyrotechnics- whatever you want to call it) attached to them, were hanging in the air. The actual stage was very cool, too! The instruments revolved, as the stage did, too. There was also a centre part where the centre of the circle (about five and a half metres in diameter, or maybe 15 feet?!?) raised abouve the instruments. I always got excited when it did that: )!! And attached to the stage's circle part, there were five separate ramps, one for each of the guys (duh!!!), which also raised or lowered.

They had sung a bunch of songs, I can't remember them at the moment, but if I think really hard I could tell you. But one thing that was a little weird was when they came out sporting black trench coats. Other than that everything was peachy: )!! But everything was so cool, they were awesome, they voices were more angellic than ever! I love them sooo much!! Thank you God for letting me experience an event like this!!!

*SIGH* They had a time of reflection; first it was Nick's turn. Then A.J., Brian, Howie and Kevin. Nick, I think, talked the most. He thanked us fans for all of the success he helped the achieve. He talked about how Toronto was so great, and how he loved all of us here. He said lots of sweet and nice things that all of us down here in Toronto love him for : ). When A.J.'s turn came up, he told all of us that we were the most beautiful and *sexy* fans that he's seen. He kept saying that and that was so great. He also told us that if he wasn't living in Florida, he'd be living in Toronto, 'cause it's just so awesome here! (Either A.J. said that, or Howie.) Brian was talking to us about lots a stuff, but by the time it got to him I was in as major daze!! He just said that it was a pleasure to spend the last day of the Into the Millennium Tour in Toronto!! Howie told us that he had lots of memories right here in the good ol' T.O. (DUH! in 1998, he spent his birthday with us! and just a couple of days ago he was here for the Juno Awards Show) And he also talked about the millennium (event AND C.D.). For Kevin's turn have no clue whatsoever about what he was talking about because he was mumbling.'s all I gotta say about that.

At one point, the Backstreet Boys were suspended on wire cables attached to them at their sides. This was really cool!! Kevin was flipping, and they were all swinging around. During this time, their dancers were throwing them stuffed animals that were thrown to them by us fans, and the Boys threw them to the members of the audience. Brian came to my section, and he was so close, I could almost touch him (and I got the pics to prove them! but I don't got a scanner, so sorry guys!) Anyways, the first time B-Rok got in the air and started throwing things, he threw it to the audience section to his right. While throwing the bears to the right section, he looked at me and smiled, and said one moment. I was waiting and I was in Heaven!! After he refilled his hands with stuffed animals, he went to our side and threw one directly to me!! I'm serious, I wouldn't lie about this. Anyway, I couldn't catch it because the girl sitting next to me blocked me and got it instead. GRRRRR!!! You wanna know something very furiating about that?? Well, that girl wasn't even supposed to sit there!!!! She only sat there because someone was sitting in her seat (that person probably got tickets from those stupid scalpers!!!) but, my God!! That teddy bear was for me!!!!! I hate that girl soooooo much!!! and Toronto is kinda big, but I probably will see her again, and when I do...well...let's just say I can't be responsible for my actions!!!! Brian smiled at me!!! that's my beef about those b*tch's!!!

They performed a couple of more songs, and they were soooo great!!! I swear, I was screaming my head off, I couldn't believe it! Some of the outfits they wore included this soft zoot suit-like ensemble, which I loved! There was also another protective-vest-like thing, but it was a little different. I tell you, they were soooo SEXY!!!!! And then dressed up in another suit-ish kind of outfit. Then at one point, they got to wear whatever they wanted. Nick wore just like a green shirt/jersey imitation thing with the number 33 on his back; he was also think cargo pants...I'm not so sure, it's all a blur. Brian wore a charcoal-coloured shirt and black pants and he was bouncing a basketball. Frick n' Frack looked Hot HOt HOT!!! A.J. was wearing a wifebeater (a male tank top) and sport/track pants but he later took his wifebeater off. Kevin was wearing a dark grey/charcoal-coloured turtleneck and black everything else, as usual. Howie was wearing basically a light shirt, dark everything else. They also wore this outfit where their pants and blouse were white, and their undershirt was sparkly silverish when they were singing Don't Want You Back! <- That one was a little strange.

They tricked me a lot of times by telling us "Goodnight!" and stuff like that, and turning the lights off! Whenever they did that, I became a little sad 'cause I thought it was all over. But guess what!! Two minutes later, they came out with different clothes!!! Then I was happy : ) again!!! OH BOYS!!! They did that like six times! But the last time they did that, it was actually over: (.

Anyway, they sang approximately 26 songs, with one medly, and it was all sooooo extrememly fabulous!!!!!!! Kevin had a piano solo for one of them, and he also played it for "Back to Your Heart" and he was really good! And Nick played the drums, too! They are sooooo talented, it's unbelievable!! When the Boys sang "Perfect fan" they got girls and their mothers to come on the stage and sing with them, but unluckily, I wasn't chosen: (.

Nearing the end, they sang "It's Gotta Be You" and in the midst of it, each of them introduced some of their dancers and the Backstreet Band and they each did little routines! I think this was called the Dual of the Dancer...or something like that...Those were cute!! During that time Nick played the drums, so Brian introduced his section...Nick is awesome!! Kevin introduced a female dancer holding a mini Canadian flag. Guess what!! She was from T.O.!!!! That gives me so much hope : )!!!

After that, all of the lights turned off. I really thought it was over then. But I thought there was something weird with that because they still hadn't sang "I Want It That Way" and they couldn't just not sing that, right!?!? So all the lights came on, and they sang it!!!! and they asked us to sing with them!!! I had the time of my life! But that was their last song: | They gave their last "Goodbye!"s, and blew their last kisses. Kevin put this robe on and pretented to be a boxer. And then, someone gave him a light sword and Kevin pretended to be a Jedi Knight, it was hilarious!!

And that's when it ended, sometime around 11:20 PM Eastern Standard Time. That was the best concert ever!!!! And I can't wait to go to all of the other ones to come in Toronto! Each one a more thrilling experience than the next, of which I will gladly share with you!!

From: Natalie []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 12:35 PM

Wow comes to mind about the concert I saw last night at the skydome here in Toronto. This was my 3rd time seeing the boys, and this was the bset time ever. I went around 1:30pm, to hang out with this radio station here called KISS 92. The doors opened around 7. The opening act was Jungle Brothers who were ok. They lasted about 25 minutes. Then the crowd had to wait about 1 hour until the lights came down again. Then the dancers came on stage holding this light tourches. THey waited there for about 30 seconds when the boys raised and flew over the crowd with boards. When they got to the stage they circled it for a while and then got in to "Larger than Life". A little into the show they kept on saying thank you to their canadian fans and how much they love them. THey also kept on saying how since this was their last cocnert of their tour it was extra special to them. A few highlights of teh show were: AJ during I want it that way took off his shirt and was dancing ballet during one of their other songs. I think it was nick had silly string and sparyed howie with it! I still can't belive I saw them last nite! Even though they may not be on tour for a while, I will never forget this cocert, and for sure go to a lot more.

Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 12:11 PM

HI!! I was one of the VERY lucky ppl who was at the skydome concert. I'm not gonna go into detail so i'll just put in the highlights of the show. (not in order)

-When Kevin was playing the piano, n Mindi was playing the sax, i could see Nick n A.J. at the bottom, where Kevin's legs are, n Nick was grabbing Kevin's pants n he was smiling.

-During ALAULM(i think) Nick was doing this dance move w/his legs n he looked REALLY funny. n a.j. stepped up beside him, n did it as if to say, "THIS is how u do it, Nick!" then, Kevin, and Howie joined them n they all started doing the same move! LMAO!!! That was soo funny!!

-At one point, while Mindi was playing the sax, her and A.J. were rubbing their butts together.

-When it was time for Howie to do his "rap" Nick was like, "I'd like to introduce you to a group of rappers." N him n howie were up on the circular stage. No one else was going up w/them, so he was like, "A.J., I said, a GROUP of rappers!!" He kept on saying this until A.J. and Brian finally joined them. I dont know where Kevin was.

-While Howie was rapping, Nick kept on spraying him w/silly strings until his whole head was completely covered w/silly strings. It looked really funny cuz he looked like a mummy.

-Nick was spraying the crowd w/silly strings too.

-During the end, A.J. took off his shirt!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH

-Also, during the end, A.J. was chasing Mindi around the stage w/a bottled water n I'm pretty sure he got her, but if he did, she didn't get that wet.

-Nick was really singing his butt off during show me the meaning.

-A.J.'s hair was blonde, w/a blue streak in the middle.

-The dancers were AMAZING. One of them was from Canada (Toronto, I think) and she got the most cheers during battle of the dancers.

-The Jungle brothers were okay. I thought that Mandah, or Willa, or whatever, was gonna be there but she wasn't. Just as well. I didn't really want to sit through 2 opening acts.

-Before the show started, there were 3 bsb look-alikes, n all these girls were screaming n trying to get their pictures taken w/them.

-When Kevin was playing the piano, he kept on looking into the crowd n he had this look in his eyes, as if he's telling himself to remember the moment.

There was so much energy in that room. It was LOUD! This was my first bsb concert n I had to pay $300 dollars for it n it's totally worth it!!! I was at the 100th level, row 4 so my seats were pretty good, plus, i had binoculars w/me, so I could see the face expressions and A.J.'s pelvic thrusts. lol. At the very end, everyone was hugging each other so much since this was the last millenium show. the guys thanked everyone who was involved in the production and told everyone to cheer for everyone that made the show possible.

When the show was FINALLY over, Brian, Kevin, and Howie all exited through the round stage thingy that went under the stage and Nick and A.J. exited through the stairs. A.j. was the last one to leave. Then, and just then did I notice how fast the time flew!! I waited for so long for the concert and it was over, just like that!! I was kinda sad, but I was VERY happy since i finally got to see them in concert. I took home 4 peices of confetti w/me since it didnt hit my side of the stage.

Concert Reviews: 3/14/00, Hamilton, ON (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Casey McBride []
Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2000 1:46 AM

March 14th, 200 was the best day of my life. In the past I have been to three Backstreet Boys concerts and the Hamilton show at Copps marked my fourth, and all time favourite show. I was fortunate enough to receive my ticket less then a week before the concert from a great friend. The 'boys performance was definitely one that both parents and kids could enjoy. The lights and sound were incredible, they really pulled out allthe stops. But all the greatness palled (sp?) to The Backstreet Boys themselves. As a Hamiltonian, just hearing each boy breathe the name "Hamilton" made my heart skip a beat. I was so happy to see each BSB member gave 100% into every song, every dance step, every word. They are truly amazing performers. The highlight of my evening was wathcing Nick sing is heart out and his drum performance during "Back To Tour Heart." The flying added something unique and cool to it too. I loved every miunte I spent in Copps that night. I didn't think it was possible to love Nick Carter anymore, but that night proved me wrong. Nick was as gorgeous and sweet as ever! Even with my nosebleed/balcony seats it was never a dull moment with the Backstreet Boys singing and flying all over the place!

Cassandra McBride
age 16
Hamilton, Ontario

From: Lindsay Alldis []
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2000 2:42 PM

I recently attended the Backstreet Boys concert in Hamilton, Ontario. It was the first time the "Boys" came here. The anticipation for this huge event has been running high ever since the concert was announced in early November, needless to say the Backstreet Boys did not disappoint.

The opening act was the "Jungle Brothers", two men that sang about four songs that really got the fans in the mood to party. They accomplished their goal of getting the crowd hyped by getting us involved in their show, and occasionally mentioning the Backstreet Boys. They concert was scheduled to start at 8:15 (that was when the "Boys" were suppose to be on stage) unfortunately it ran late and started at 8:35 instead.

There was a black box where the boys were to get strapped in for a flight to the stage on glowing boogie boards. While in the box one of the "Boys" kept putting his hand above the box so we could see it, which inevitably made the crowd roar with anticipation of the moments to come.

The concert started with their hit "Larger Than Life", which was followed by "Get Down" and "The One". The famous chair routine that goes along with "As Long As You Love Me" was next. In the next song the "Boys" once again took flight. Attached to wires the "Boys" took to the skies. Howie D. flew directly over my head with Brian to my right and AJ to my left. As the sang "Don't Wanna Lose You Now" they threw what I believe was little candies and flowers to the crowd beneath them.

They sang all together, including the encore, 19 songs. The highlight of the evening was when they sang my personal favourite song, song number 14, "I'll Never Break Your Heart", which almost brought me to tears.

All and all, this was an evening that Hamiltonians will not soon forget. On behave of all the "Beautiful ladies..." (AJ McLean) in Hamilton i would like to thank the Backstreet Boys for giving us a night we will remember for the rest of our lives.

A fan forever,
Lindsay Alldis

From: Lauren Jackson []
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2000 12:06 PM

I attended the Backstreet Boys concert in Hamilton Ontario on Tuesday March 14 with three of my friends, Jenn, Ashley and Jessica, I must say it was awesome! We were lucky to get such goods tickets, we were in the third row on the floor! The Jungle Brothers were the only opening act, they were ok. BSB were supposed to come on at 8:30 but they didn't come on until like 9:00. All of Copps Coliseum went crazy when they showed the Backstreet Project comic book on the screens. One of the best parts was when they had to walk through the audience to get to the black box where they would fly out of. I got to touch Nick, Brian and Aj's hands! I took so many pictures. By now i'm sure everyone knows what they sang and all that so I won't go into all those details. It was a lot better than the show they had at the Skydome in November, and it was a lot better than the one on March 15 (the last date of the tour) at the skydome. They just seemed to have more energy when they were in Hamilton. After the show we saw the Backstreet Boys get on to their bus. We also saw the dancers and the stopped to talk to us. It was so cool. I can't wait until they come back to Ontario!

Lauren, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Concert Reviews: 3/14/00, Hamilton, ON

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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From: Nat N. []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 4:28 PM

- OMG!!! Ok see we were walking to the Copps Coliseum and it was just a few more minutes away when I see a BLACK bus to my left.It wasn't driving just standing there cause there was ALOT of traffic and when it was moving it was really slow lol YAY good for me :) I was just like 5 feet away from it. Anyway I look at the front and who do I see sitting there?!? AJ!!!!!!! He was sitting on those stairs beside the busdriver. The window wasn't black there so I could see him REALLY good and I could see all of him. Like his legs too and everything :) He had his hand on his chin and looked soooo dreamy and serious. I was soooooooo shocked. Ok bare with me, that was the first time I saw any of the BSBs in real life and AJ is my favorite!!! =o) OMG!I'm soooo happy he was the first backstreet boy I saw =) I was standing at the side so he couldn't see me cause he was staring into the distance infront of him. Ok then my friend starts pulling me and saying, "OMG!!! Look! There is Nick standing in the bus!!!!" I couldn't take my eyes off of AJ lol But I did look for a short time. I didn't see Nick and then I was looking at AJ again =) Well my friend was pulling at me the whole time and she says that Nick saw me and was like shaking his head and smiling cause I was staring at AJ the whole time lol And she says that Nick looked at my pants and looked like he liked them :) They were blue and orange. Anyway ok I'm so mad at myself. I should've knocked at AJ's window but I was kind of in shock lol So we were following the bus until it went to the parking lot of the Copps Coliseum and there were tons of people waiting for the bus already. AJ didn't smile at all he was just staring and had no expression at all on his face. But my friend says Nick was smiling. I don't know cause I was too busy looking at AJ lol I didn't even take a pic of that cause my camera was in my bag and I didn't have time to take it out =) LOL

- My seat was awesome!!!! See I was right at the beginning of my row (I was 8th row) and there was the passage so I could see everything REALLY well without anyone being in my way. I was like 10 feet from the stage.

- Ok haha i was standing there right and I didn't even see the dancers with those arrows or whatever that is lol coming behind me. So the first one like tapped on my shoulder and i was like, "oh sorry" LOL haha

- Kevin was there sitting and he waved at me!!! I could see him sooo good, he was straight infront of me, about 10 feet as I already said =). I don't remember anymore what song he was singing (yea i know, i was in shock again lol) but I screamed out "Kevin!!!" and waved at him. Then he looked at me smiled and waved back :) OMG! He waves so cute =) hehe

- So the boys were like always taking turns with the sections and there he was, AJ!!!!!!!! God he looked soooooo awesome. Anyway like I already said with Kevin, AJ was straight infront of me too and while he was singing I couldn't tell where he was looking at cause he had a hat on but his head pointed in my direction. No one was inbetween AJ and me. OMG!!! I felt sooooo happy =) I took one pic of him like that =o) All of my pics should turn out awesome since there was no one infront of me to block my view. I hope I get them scanned somewhere soon. I wanna share them with all of ya :)

- AJ and Nick were in my section most of the time :) How lucky am I !!!!!!!!! My 2 favorite boys =)

- SO when they were flying, Nick was to my left and AJ was to my right :) So i was turning left and right the whole time. hahaha I couldn't decide where to look. Both of them looked soooooo awesome :) I swear they never looked better. Nick was throwing teddy bears and stuff and AJ was throwing water and flipping around. He also spit the water from his mouth at the audience, only once from what i saw though lol I still can't believe how near they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Nick was on our side A LOT!!! YAY!!! =o) He loked HOT! THey look soooooo much better in real life :) (Not that they don't look good on pics and on TV :) Each of the guys had his section and each said to scream loud when he says so. We were Nick's section and he told us to scream and so we did and then he was like, "Now what's that?!? It's like I only have 2 people here, come on guys you can do better" hehe he said that soooo sweet. So he told us to scream again :)

- While someone was introducing a dancer, AJ was on our side and he was playing with some ball and awwwwww, he looked so great :) I took a pic =o)

- haha LOL Howie's rap was THE BOMB!!!! LMAO Brian was like, "Ummm you do speak English right?" And I dont remember what howie said but it was either, "si si" or "yea yea" in a really high pitchy voice LOL

- Oh and while on my side AJ turned around and shaked his ass LOL He did it long enough for me to take a pic, ahhhhh!!!! that was so awesome LOL I was laughing so hard =)

- AJ also did a few of his famous pelvic thrusts while on our side (yea he seemed to like our side hehe Yea cause of me lol I wish :) And he also lied down on stage and was crawling like a worm LOL I took a pic of that also =o) I can't wait for y'all to see the pics =) I took 8 rolls all together with Hamilton and Toronto.

- I didn't get to see Kevin, Howie and Brian flying :( but I was happy with AJ and Nick =o) Oh and also I felt a ball repell on my foot and it went somewhere else :( I didn't even see who threw it but ughhhhh!! i was so close to getting it. Same with the Toronto concert you'll see later =)

- AJ and Nick looked sooooooooooo hot. Kevin looked hot too =o) OMG! Brian looked soooooo sweet and Howie looked good too but I think he should cut his hair. I mean it's up to his shoulder. I didn't get to see him much :(

- I don't know anymore who was singing but Brian was at the top facing in my direction cause I had this glow stick and I was the only one who had it in the first few rows. He was kind of dreaming and looking at my glow stick I think cause he didn't move his head for like a minute lol

- They looked the best in the jerseys at the end I think, Nick was wearing a green shirt with a little orange too and AJ was wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt and a baseball cap :) He looked REALLY hot throughout the show and so did Nick :) Kevin looked GREAT too, he had his hair slicked back with gel :)

- They changed costumes a few times as all of you already know, they look great in the leather outfit I thought :) And actually they looked awesome in everything :)

- During the perfect fan AJ walked around with this really cute little kid, like around 4 I think. Awwwwww it was sooooooooo cute :) AJ also like bent down and looked at the kid the whole time :o) He'll make a great dad one day =o)

- AJ said he might move to Hamilton like he does in most of the shows :) He didn't at the Toronto one though lol Yea i know why, the chances are big that AJ might've gotten discovered in saying it everywhere LOL j/k =)

- After the concert we saw their busses again and I saw Howie!!!!!!! :) The bus passed right by me and howie was looking through the window and waving. I took a pic of that too :)

I have pics of all of the highlights :) YAY!!!!!!!! Geez I'll stop writing now LOL haha =)

From: Lauren Jackson []
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2000 12:07 PM

I attended the Backstreet Boys concert in Hamilton Ontario on Tuesday March 14 with three of my friends, Jenn, Ashley and Jessica, I must say it was awesome! We were lucky to get such goods tickets, we were in the third row on the floor! The Jungle Brothers were the only opening act, they were ok. BSB were supposed to come on at 8:30 but they didn't come on until like 9:00. All of Copps Coliseum went crazy when they showed the Backstreet Project comic book on the screens. One of the best parts was when they had to walk through the audience to get to the black box where they would fly out of. I got to touch Nick, Brian and Aj's hands! I took so many pictures. By now i'm sure everyone knows what they sang and all that so I won't go into all those details. It was a lot better than the show they had at the Skydome in November, and it was a lot better than the one on March 15 (the last date of the tour) at the skydome. They just seemed to have more energy when they were in Hamilton. After the show we saw the Backstreet Boys get on to their bus. We also saw the dancers and the stopped to talk to us. It was so cool. I can't wait until they come back to Ontario!

From Lauren,

Brampton Ontario Canada

From: jackie singh []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 11:35 PM

Hi all BSB fans! :)

I just went to the BSB concert in Hamilton Ontario last night and OH MY GOSH!!! IT WAS DA BOMB!! THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY!! :) Between the lights, the effects, the dancers, the band and of course OUR BOYS!! It was one of the most amazing concerts ever!! :) (I'm not biased just because I love BSB!! nnnooooo....)

During 'Back to Your Heart' a fan threw a teddy bear onto the stage that was holding a red heart. Howie, my personal favourite, picked it up, held it while he sang and pointed to the heart as he sang, 'heart'!! It was so cute, I was almost crying!!! Then he placed it in front of him and continued to sing!!

Then, during The Perfect Fan, Howie walked around the stage with a little girl that couldn't be more than 5 years old!! It was cute, I thought my heart that was already pounding was going to explode!!

Then!!! Near the end they introduced the dancers and the band and when that finished Nick introduced a special guest, otherwise known as 'Ricky D' the rapper!! OH LORDY, I WAS GOING TO PEE IN MY PANTS WHEN MY MAN STARTED TO RAP!! He had the hood on from his black sweatshirt and he was rapping about something! I'm not really sure what but it was hilarious!! Then he wouldn't stop rapping, and Nick had to pull his shirt from the back to try and get him off the stage twice!! I was dying of laughter! :)

I also noticed all the little improv dance steps my man made whenever he felt like it. I can't even tell you what the biggest highlight was for me but i have to tell you at the end, guess what Howie did?? HE TOOK OUT HIS PONYTAIL AND HIS GORGEOUS HAIR WAS JUST HANGING DOWN AROUND HIS FACE!!! :) Okay, this was it for me!!! My arms felt like they were going to fall off because I was holding the binoculars for so long, but as soon as I saw that, all the pain in my arms magically disappeared and I couldn't help but stare at my man with his hair down. I have never seen it like that before. Well I have but when it was shorter and on TV. Seeing it in real life was a whole other experience let me tell you!!

Overall, it was one incredible show and it only increased my love for BSB (Didn't think that was possible considering I love them to death already)!! :)

Oh yeah, the other guys looked good too. lol kidding!! Don't be sending me no hate mail now telling me I told you all about Howie and none of the other guys.

Here goes,

Brian and Nick got the most screams (big surprise), Kevin geled his hair back for 'Spanish Eyes' 'No One Else Comes Close' and 'All I Have To Give'and he looked amazing! :) AJ's hair is really really blond which in my opinion, did not look good in the pics I saw of him but oh man, in real life is another story entirely! :)

During Quit Playing Games, the boys all stood in a circle in the middle of the stage as they sang 'I wish I could turn back time' and in other concert shows (maybe you've seen it) the guys do a motion of turning the clock back with their hands. Well, during this particular performance, the guys started doing that then Nick did something different. He did the motion of turning the clock back with his right leg!! It was hilarious!! Howie was beside him and he kinda looked at Nick like he was from outer space then Howie joined in!!! I had an awesome view of this because they were both facing my side!! It was hilarious!!

And who can get tired of Brian waving to the crowd, AJ blowing kisses, Kevin scratching his left eyebrow with his right thumb, Howie winking to the crowd or Nick, by just appearing on stage, I thought the roof was gonna cave in, there was so much screaming!!

Howie said something that really amazed me. I didn't know this but it's true. Apparently, last time BSB came to Toronto, the people in Hamilton were upset because they didn't come there. Some fans decided to do something about it, and through a lot of work, they got thousands of signatures saying they want to see BSB come to Hamilton. They took it to the proper authorities and believe it or not, it worked! BSB were booked for Hamilton and the fans' dreams had come true! It was quite an amazing story. Howie thanked everyone for coming and by looking around the venue, he could tell the backstreet pride was still very much alive!! :) Of course, we all screamed at this to reassure him that it was.

Each boy came out and introduced themselves and thanked each and every one of us for coming. Kevin said, 'thank you for coming and filling up all these seats', not a single seat was left empty in the entire place and we all screamed at this. Can you see a pattern developing? Hmmm...everytime one of them said something, sang something, danced or joked around with the crowd, we all screamed. Can you say, 'ringing in the ears?' I knew that you could. :)

During Quit Playing Games, the guys came swinging out above the crowd. I was sitting between where AJ and Nick flew over. I was closer to Nick's side. My sweetie was busy giving away little gifts, then doing backflips on the other side.

I got the comic book and the drawings are fantastic! :) Nick and Stan Lee did an amazing job!! :) I wanna get the other comic books as soon as they come out. They had a little ad about BSB promoting before the show but I couldn't really hear much because as soon as the crowd saw them on the screen, they went insane. I can't blame them, I went insane when I saw my sweetie, all handsome and sweet that he is! :) The comic was $10 American which makes it $15 Canadian. Stupid exchange rate! I don't care, knowing how insane I am over bsb, I would have paid anything and those of you that know me really well are nodding your heads saying, 'Yep. She's not kidding.' :)

The most amazing part of the evening came when Brian noticed me! I seriously thought I was going to collapse! First of all I have to tell you I was basically the only person in my section standing, screaming and jumping the whole night. As well, my big black binoculars I brought were pretty much glued to my eyes!! Keeping all this in mind, this is what happened. It was towards the end of the evening and the guys were singing a slow song (can't remember the name of the song). The Boys were all in the middle of the stage in a circle and Brian was directly facing my side. During the song, he pointed and waved in my direction but I didn't think anything of it because I thought, 'nah, that couldn't be for me.' But then Brian did something that I know was only for me and I almost fainted! lol He had his microphone in one hand and with his other hand, he made an O with his fingers and put them against his eye and pointed at me!! I quickly looked around to see if anyone else had binoculars but no one around me had a camera, let alone binoculars!! I reacted the same way anyone would (yeah right). Instead of waving back like a normal person, I just stared at him like a deer in headlights!! I froze!! It didn't even occur to me to wave back to him because I was in shock! I mean, what are the chances of any one of the Boys noticing me when there were 17 000 others? Then again, with me being the only one standing and screaming in my section the whole night, I guess I drew attention to myself! :) lol I think I had a half-smile on my face because he was smiling at me as he was singing. I pretty much melted, let me tell you.

Well, that's it for now. Sorry this is so long, I guess I had a lot more to say than I thought! :) lol

KTBSPA!!!! :)


a.k.a OnlySweetD4Me

From: Lindsay Vandenberg []
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 4:57 PM

OK, well I know that this review will probably sound like every other one(even though I never read any of then so it wouldn't spoil everything) but I had to write on anyways!!

For me personally the concert was the BEST NIGHT of my life! I have liked BSB since the beginning and this was the first BSB show I was ever able to go to due to SUPER bad coincidences for the fast 4-5 years! So this was a huge thrill to me!

The concert started with The Jungle Brothers opening who were so funny and were great dances! They were on for about 20 minutes and thats when the unfortunate part came! We then had to wait 50 minutes for BSB to come out but it was well worth it! At the 50 minute point the black tarp was pulled over to the black box and we all started getting excited! Thats when we suddenly saw 3 hands pop up from over the edge and start waving! We all went NUTS! The lights then went down and the music started! When I saw them, all five, rise out of that box I can assure you that I had never felt more joy! And I felt it all the way threw the concert! The guys put on an excellent show, putting they're all into ever song, talking to the audience, teasing us and just having fun! I've heard a lot of people say that when the guys talk to that audience, they sound like it's rehearsed and that they don't mean it but they are so wrong! They made everyone feel so special, no matter where that were sitting! At the very end the guys showed their complete appreciation to the audience and AJ even ran right into the audience!!

In all I would say that THE BACKSTREET BOYS put on a WONDERFUL show and they can only out do themselves in the future! I can honestly say that even though I'm 16 and people always tell me that I'll "out grow" them, they are wrong! They will always be a part of my life no matter how old I get! It may sound corny but it's the truth!



Burlington, Ontario, Canada

From: Michelle []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 7:54 PM

Hey! Oh, my gosh! I went to the Backstreet Boys concert last night in Hamilton and it was admazing! Copps' Collesium is a great venue. No matter where you are sitting they are great seats! I had awesome seats I was soooo close that when the pirotechnics were going on I could feel the heat of the red, fire ones!!! I feel sorry for the first row people...I wonder if they still have eyebrows...????!!!!!

The Jungle brothers kind of sucked. They were the only opening act so that made it even worst! Commercials for the pay-per-view BSB Internet thing and the Backstreet Project were played and 45 minutes later (after listening to really cheezy eighties music) the boys finally came on.

The concert was pretty much the same as the ones last year. There were a few changes...

When the boys came in, Nick and AJ were wearing hemets. They looked pretty funny but it was cute. Nick came on and said hi. He said that he loved Canada and that he was glad to be back. He spoke for 5 minutes about different things before the rest of the guys came on to talk. Howie mentioned that there had been a petion going around in Hamilton to get the Backstreet Boys to come and it worked! I can't remember which BSB said this but they said that they saved the best for last and that they picked Canada out of all over the world to play in last.

During The Perfect Fan, Kevin introduced the winner of Energy Radio/s contest. She was lead around my Kevin....AJ looked so sweet walking hand in hand with a little girl. He was leaning over talking to her. Aw!

As Long As You Love Me was pretty uneventful except when the boys went down under the stage and their male dancers were doing the chair routine. One of them dropped a chair and it was so funny watching him try to get back into the routine! During Quit Playin' Games, when the guys fly, Nick was right over by us. I took a lot of pictures of Nick...... I can't wait to get them developed! Howie was flipping so fast that he was a blur. It was a wonder that he could stand up straight when he got down!!!!! The first encore, It's Gotta Be You, one of the dancers threw Brian a stuffed animal. (Nick and Brian were sitting on the stage.) Brian threw it back and when the dancer threw it once again to Brian, Nick caught it. He made the stuffed animal dance in Brian's face and then attacked him with it! It was so funny. Brian and Nick ended up wrestling on the stage.

Then as the concert finally came to a close and everyone said their goodbyes. I ran down to get better pictures (I figured it was the end of the concert and I wouldn't get in trouble). I got my pictures but I also saw, Nick following AJ. He wouldn't stop and AJ was getting annoyed. Nick was laughing. AJ threw water onto the crowd and then Nick, being the copycat of AJ, got a bottle of water and through the water and then the bottle into the crowd. It was cute.

Nick looked really good all through the concert..I love his tatooes!!!!!! Kevin looked kind of weird...he needs a haircut. AJ looked as sexy as ever, although he didn't look very well...maybe he wasn't feeling well??? Howie and Brian looked the same. Although Brian looks much more mature...I wonder if it is the whole getting married thing???? The concert was excellent and I hope they come back to Hamilton again!

After the concert we had to wait forever to get out but it was worth it! As we were walking along the road the BSB bus with them on it came pulling out of Copps. I only saw AJ and one of their dancers but the crowd went wild and started to swarm the bus....the bus eventually got through the crowd but it was so cool to see AJ sitting in the bus waving at us! I just wish I could go back and do it all over again!!!!!!

-Michelle Mungar

From: Sam []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 5:36 PM

Well, last night was the best night of my life. The Backstreet Boys finally came to Hamilton and boy did they get welcomed. The show was scheduled to begin at 7:30pm on Tuesday March 14, 2000. They were obviously running behind schedule with everything except the opening act but that was just fine. The Jungle Brothers entered the stage at 7:30pm and kept the crowd of 18,000 well entertained. At the slightest mention of The Backstreet Boys, everyone would break into fits of screaming. After Jungle Brothers left the stage it was a good hour wait until the boys finally took centre stage, but let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. The came out as the have for all other concerts to the music from the movie "Star Wars" At first sight of the boys the crowd went nuts.

Screams could be heard from blocks aways and everyone had to have known that the Backstreet Boys were there for the first time. The began with their song, Larger than Life which is a major hit. Let me just tell you that they all looked like their hot selves. Brian seemed like he wasn't feeling too great but that didn't stop him from contributing to the best Backstreet Boys concert I've been to. During one of the songs, all the boys stood in the middle of the stage to sing. Nick and AJ were mouthing different things to eachother and then they broke into a dance that was oh so cute. Then, later in the show the boys were latched onto their flying ropes and begin the soar over top of all the screaming fans. My favourite BSB (Nick) happened to be flying over my section of the crowd and that was just the best. The choreography (hope that's spelled right) was just awesome. The dancing never stopped. Their latest single "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" was dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one and the groups producer Denniz Pop who died of cancer. That had to be the saddest point in the show. The rest of the concert was filled with high energy dance moves and all the talk about how the Hamilton fans have worked so hard to finally have BSB come to our hometown. All in all, it was a great show and something that I will definately remember for a long time.

From: Lins []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 1:59 PM

About 11 I heard that Kiss 92 had already started to broadcast live so I went down to enter my sign. He drove me down and dropped my off At the tent where you enter the sign, I entered and at this time I had 1 signs entered but they gave me 2 ballets. I went across the road because there was all of the media things there. Kiss 92 live, Energy radio live, Ontv, and 95.3.

I went over to the kiss 92 broadcast for a little bit then I went to eat lunch. At the kiss 92 live broadcast I was talking to some one who works at copps. She said they boys were already practicing. As I told her she could have taken me inside.

I found where the old food court was and there was nothing there as it sucked. I eventually found a new and better food court and bought a 12-inch sub. I go ham and cheese on my sub with all of the toppings. Also lettuce, mustard, manse and sub sauce.

I went back up to the corner of copps and got on the radio station 95.3. They asked me if I had seats for the concert and I said yes. Then they asked when I got the seats and I said the day they went on sale. Then he asked was that in December and I said yes. He asked if I waited in line and I said yes. Then he asked who my favorite Backstreet Boy was and I said Nick.

I decided to go home after that as mom picked me up. I stayed home for a while then I went back when Debbie came over. When we arrived back there at 4:30 it was more packed. We stuck around where the buses go in and out at first and saw 3 girls walk up the ramp and then a forth girl she looked familiar. Then some one asked are you Brian’s girlfriend. And she said yes (actually fiancée).

We went inside then and walked a bit inside the mall with all couch store’s, and luggage store. We went over to kiss 92 area and there was this neat car. A car covered in all Backstreet boy’s posters taped on it.

We went in the Kiss 92 crowd and got to warm. While we were in the crown Backstreet boy’s songs came on and everyone sang and it was on the radio, we would yell out things like kiss 92 or bsb when they asked and it was exciting.

Over all I didn’t win the tickets for the front row seats but I was happy with the seats I had. When we were about to go in I saw my mom. When I got in I bought a program because I probably won’t see them anywhere else.

We went to the wrong seats first then we found the right seats. Our seats you could see 2 sides of the stage well but you could also see 2 other sides but one side we could not see.

Well the opening act jungle brothers I didn’t like that much. They basically didn’t sing they just talked. When they were done they were getting ready for the boys.

They came out an hour later. They went to this black box and you could see them put up there hands and everyone screamed. Also there was a gray box beside it towards back stage and when it moved everyone screamed.

When the lights went off the dancers walked in with these lights and walked around the stage and put these lights in the right places. Then smoke was coming out of the box where the boys were and then they rose out of the box on space boards that lit up on the bottom of them. Then they landed on the opposite side of the stage.

Then they walked around to each side and stood in a straight line then they started to sing larger than life and ran around to there spots. They went up to the top part 2 times during this number and ended there. The lights went off then they went on and started to sing get down.

They were down on the main stage for the most part but when they were dancing together they were on the plat form. During the parts where in get down they started spread out with 2 dancers with them dancing by the end they were on top of the plat form when AJ was doing his rap and the other 4 were doing the dance up top the AJ joined up top. They went right into I will be the one.

The did most of there dancing on the stage flat part and stayed together. Once they were done with that song they introduced them selfs.

Nick was first and was facing my way (YAH). He was saying "This is the first time we've ever been here yet, right?" Nick asked. "I'm sorry you guys have waited so long to see us. We've prepared a very special show for you, but I'd like to thank each and every one of you for filling up the seats. A little birdie told me that Hamilton knows how to party”. Nick was also going on about how Hamilton was da Bomb.

Then AJ came out and on the same side and he was going on about "I notice there are a lot of beautiful ladies in here tonight. I guess that means I'm going to have to move to Hamilton next year.” As everyone was screaming.

Kevin was next but I forget what he said.

When Howie came on he was going on how Nick was right Hamilton is da bomb. Brian was next and he was thanking everyone for the support to the band because of you we are here.

They started As long as you love me on the opposite side of the stage. They moved over to my half once half the song was over, then they also did the chair dance there too. They left and the dancers did a great chair dance.

They started don’t wanna lose you now on the plat form and All you could see was Nick singing his part. Then when the course came on the rest of the guys stood up because they were kneeling down and sung the verse and went down to the stage after.

In quit playing games they started on the other side of the stage then moved over to my side and I was so happy they did the dance too and didn’t have microphone stands. In this song they flew over the crowd. Brian was coming towards my section and doing different posses. As nick was one over and spraying water over everyone. As Brian I could swear almost see me.

When that song was over they did Don’t want you back. They had they poles they could climb and they went up them and AJ went backwards, they were sitting on them. They climbed down but Nick managed to jump down off of it.

Kevin was introducing the Perfect fan. All the guys went over and pick up some one. They sung to a mother and a child. Half way through the song the pick up the child and walk holding there hands all around the stage. Then when they got back to there spot the went down on there knee’s and sung to them personally. After this song since my mom was there with me I hugged her.

The guys all left the stage as Kevin stayed on and played a piano piece with a saxophone player accompany him. Then the center part rose as Nick was on the drums. Brian, Howie and AJ were sitting right in front of my section too. So I saw all of them.

They left for a costume change and came up for a melody of everybody, We’ve got it going on and That’s the way I like it. It started as a sound of an rain storm. The boy’s came through the centre on a chain mesh for Everybody (Backstreet's Back) and That's the Way I Like It, this time in white pants and vests over silver shirts. Nick was right in front of me here doing the everybody dance then it changed songs and they moved to a different side of the stage. But they did do the everybody dance. In We’ve go it going on though I could hardly see them. As in that’s the way I like it they were more spread out and I saw more of them.

They had changed into out fits that were Pinstripe pants, grey vests and ties accompanied. Spanish Eyes they were on top of the platform sitting down and they sung it great. My mom asked me if that song was on the CD and I told her yep. The basically just stood down for this song.

Say down basically for I’ll never break your heart. As they did a lot of close ups on Brian and AJ. The next song was No one else comes close as the middle platform started to spin slowly. Nick had a lot of solos in this song so he had a lot of screen shots. During the end Nick stood up and took the Microphone off the stand.

The next song was All I Have to give they came down and got jackets and hats. They stayed dancing together on this song. They moved over to my half during the second half of the song and did that hat dance. I thought they were going to drop the hat first.

The next song was Show me the meaning of being lonely. As Howie was saying this song means a lot to us, this is the last song our first producer, produced for us. Also saying that it is close to his heart because of the deaths with in the past year and a bit. At the end they went down and danced with the girls.

The encore was next. The came out in a costume change with casual clothes and sung the first verse and introduced the band and dancers. Kevin was first and his side did nothing. Then it was Nick’s side and he was going on how they were having a contest and he wanted to be loud. When he announced everyone on his side the two dancers did a dance. Then on AJ’s and Brian’s side they did the same things. During this Nick was walking all around then he did the final introduction. It was a rapper who is going to give Mc Hammer a run for his money. His name was Mc Rapper. As he tried to rap then the finished the song from there on. As they danced on the stage.

When they were doing there bows (dancers and Backstreet Boy’s) Nick was always the first one to be on the side. He was trying to get attention as it was funny.

There last song was I want it that way. They were on the stage then they went to the top of the plat form and made the fans sing a bit of the song all the way through the song. The song ended on the platform and they did a final bow in a circle and left the stage.

From: Lesley Smith []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 10:52 AM

My name is Lesley Smith and I live in Owen Sound Ont. Yesterday I had the great pleasure to see the Backstreet Boys on the second last date of their Into The Millennium Tour in Hamilton Ont. on March 14th 2000!!!

At 1:30 the eight of us piled into the van and headed to Hamilton! We arrived there around 7:00pm (we had to stop for supper) and had to park about 4 blocks away from Copps Colliseam!!!!!

When we arrived at the colliseam, all you could hear were screams, screams and more screams!!!!! I knew right away that this was going to be about as loud as the last concert that I was at!!

Inside we bought our souveniers. I got a tour program, t-shirt, and a couple of pictures!! After getting the t-shirt my mom looked for the tickets!! She found one, but couldn't seen to find the other!! Back to the souveniere table to see where the ticket was! Luckily we found it, that was a relief!!!

Next we took our seats, I had heard that Copps didn't have a bad seat, but I couldn't have immagined what I saw!! The stage was huge!! when we got to our seats we found out that we were only about 40ft. from the stage!! Wow! Last time at the Sky Dome we were all the was ut on the 1st balcony!!!

Chants of Backstreet Boys and each individuals boys name could be heard, not only before the concert, but throughout the entire show!!! There was a wave going around the lower section as well as the balcony!! As time went on the crowd got louder and LOUDER!!! And soon it was obvious that the boys were running on Backstreet Tima (late)!! The concert that was supposed to start at 8:30 started at 8:45 (OH WELL!!!)

Soon a louder bunch of screams could be heard from the far side of the colliseam and everyone else looked to see what was happening!!! The guys were getting into their little box so that they could make their grand appearance!! Every once and a while to make the crowd scream, one of the gys would stick his arms or head out of the box!! The lights soon went out and the music started!! Star Wars theme song!!! The guys came out on space-like looking boards and landed on the stage wearing silver and blue outfits!! This is when the screams started!! The first song that the guys preformed was Larget Than Life. They did an AWESOME job of the song, and made a great first impression to Copps Colliseam (it was their first time there)

After a couple more songs the gys had a costume change and came out to talk to the fans! Nick was first, followed by A.J. Kevin, Brian, Howie!!

Each of the guys had their own side of the stage and Nick was on mine. This thrilled me even more because he's my faveourite!! Even though they're the Backstreet Boys there is always room for improvement! But just a little!! I think that my side of the stage needed to see a little more Brain because we only say him a couple of times!! Other than that everything was perfect!!! My mom managed to get down to the front of the stage to take pictures!! She took 79 so I hope that at least some of them turn out!!

During the song Quit Playin' Games the guys put on harnesses and were brought up over the crowd! Nick was dangleing right over my head, so of course I screamed even louder (if that was psooible)!!!

A piano came down and Kevin (joined my band member Mindi) played a beautiful song! After he was finished, the rest of the group joined hime onstage and he continued to play for Back To Your Heart, with Nick on the drums!!!

The exact song order is all mixed up in my head, but I can continue to tell yuo about the songs!!

During That's The Way I Like It the dancers had a contest! And during It'S Gotta Be You the dancers and band members were introduced!! Nick then told everybody about a new rapper that was comming out with an album!! I think that must must have been the only person there that did not know that the rapper was actually Howie!!!

The last song was I Want It That Way!!! Near the ebd ou the song the guys held out their mics so that the audience could sing, but instead we all screamed!! It sure was an awesome show!!!

Oh ya!!!! I forgot about the perfect fan!!! Each of the Boys got a mother and daughter/sone from the audience and brougjt them up on stage!! Kevin had Amande and her mom Nancy! Amanda was the girl fron Halifax that won the contest on Much Music!! The little boy with A.J seemed to be very proud to be up on stage, and was waving to the crowd the entire time!!!

THe concert sure was a thing that I will never forget!!! The guys put on an awesome show live!!

Well now hat you know that story of the BSB concert last night, I have to go!! I hope that if you haven't yet had the opertunity to go to a BSB concert to go and if you already have gone, go again!!!


From: michelle []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 7:41 AM

The BackstreetBoys came on about 8 45 and the entrance was as awsome as it was in november, when i saw them in toronto. The fans were going wild as soon as they started to see the smoke start.Aj was awsome he did his normal stuff like when he introduced himself he told the girls to scream as obnoxious as they could that made me laugh and scream very loud for he is my favorite bsb. Nick was the first to introduce himself and he actually had alot to say and he looked really good he has changed alot since they frist came onto the music scene, iknow nick was getting alot of bad press about his weight and i think he's lost some weight and working out, I'm a big person to and i know what it's like to ridculed about being big but nick didn't let that get him down he went out and wowed the audience and all the screaming girls couldn't get enough of nick. I for one hope they keep coming on tour and making new music, for they are very talented guys. As normal they're were alot of signs that were saying i love aj, i love nick, i love brian, and for howie and kevin. When they started to sing all their slow ballots the boys came dressed in gery pin stripped suits and they looked so classey in those suits. When they sang SHOW ME THE MEANING, howie came out and told everyone that this song was dedicated in the memory of MR DENNIZ POP and all the other loved ones that anyone has lost and i'm preety sure their were no dry eyes in the colsieum, i know mine weren;t dry. so if you didn;t get to see them and try next time because they're worth all the wait in the world

Concert Reviews: 3/13/00, East Lansing, MI

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Vanessa Martinez []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 8:28 PM

This happened and if you went to the Lansing show you know what I'm talking about when you get to the part about the cowboy hats. It's long and I really did try to keep it short so much props to you if you get all the way through it!

Okay, you can believe me or not, it’s up to you. But it’s true! This is what happened at the Lansing concert!

My friend Jessica and I left for Lansing on Sunday to stay at our friend Alicia’s house in Lansing. I met her over the net last year. We got there and Alicia’s sister drove us by the Breslin Center around 8. We saw there busses and semi’s just getting there! So we decided to look across the street at the Kellogg Center, it’s a hotel, and they were just arriving! We didn’t get to see them because the busses blocked everything.

The next morning we went to the Lansing Mall and we bought cowboys hats for the concert! We also bought Nick a shirt that said: Girls are no substitute for PlayStation! We saw it and had to buy it for him!

We went home to get ready and then we changed and went to the Breslin. It was so cold and rainy! We had on strappy heels and were FREEZING!!! We went by the loading docks and talked to roadies and security. Girls that had been there for a while said that Leighanne had brought the dogs out to play earlier which sucked for us coz we bought Engagement cards for her and Brian and Kristin and Kev. Then the Michigan State B-ball players walked out and Mateen Cleaves let us take a pic with him! We talked to him and he said, "Yeah, they can play. You know, they’re just normal guys." He was so nice! Then after freezing more I thumb wrestled a DJ from Lansing that said Justin Timberlake was better than Nick Carter! So I won coz my nails were digging into him! And we were on the radio!

Finally we got in a our seats rocked! We had 4th row bleachers so our seats we really closer that 4th row on the floor! A REALLY REALLY cool security guard put our shirt and cards backstage by the black box they fly out of so that Nick would see it!!! The Jungle Brothers came on and I liked them. I liked their dancing. After he went into the crowd and I got my pic taken with him! Then Willa or whatever she’s calling herself today came out. Her dancers were good. I thought the part in the beginning about her escaping from the state penitentiary was appropriate! She lip synched the first song and the rest was just…whatever. She whined when people weren’t standing up. It was funny! She’s a Brit wanna be with brown hair. The adult around us said she wasn’t very good. And they had no clue who she was.

Then… THE BOYS!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! Brian and AJ were by us for Don’t Want You Back… and they enjoy those polls! During Quit Playing Games most of my section sat down coz they were little kids so my friends and I were screaming and we had on cool cowboy hats and we stuck out! Brian came by us and pointed so we turned to each other and screamed and he laughed at us screaming and he pointed to his head and to us again telling us he liked our hats! In I’ll Never Break Your Heart AJ pointed to my friend Jessica and sang a line to her. In Spanish Eyes this girl next to me and I screamed Te Amo Nick! At the top of our lungs so he’d know we had Spanish eyes! He looked down and then when the platform started spinning he pointed to us! So then they did like this mega mix of their up-tempos, or maybe it was before Spanish Eyes, I can’t remember straight anymore. During That’s the Way I like It, Kevin yelled, "Yo, give it to her Nick!" So Nick straddled this dancer and was grinding on her! It was a beautiful thang ! And a male dancers jumped on Nick’s back, it was cute! And Nick and AJ went Pelvic Thrust happy the whole show! I couldn’t believe Nick! It was so cool! He totally lost the little boy image! You’d have to see it to know what I was talking about!

When they came back for an encore we asked security to let us up to front row and they did!!!!! Nick looked at me and my friends coz they knew we were the same ones with the hats! He did 3 pelvic thrusts to me! Then some people left and Jessica went up to the center barricade and threw OUR cowboy hats on stage coz Brian was signing things people were throwing and giving them back but he kept all 3 of our hats and our gold pen! AJ saw the hats and put them ALL on staked up. Then Nick came over and AJ put two on his head and left Jess’s on his head. Nick took off one that another girl had given him to put on mine!!! NICK CARTER WORE MY HAT!!! It was so cute!!! He looks good in a cowboy hat! So now they all have our hats!!! We thought they were going to sign them and give them back like the other stuff! But oh well. If you’re going to lose a hat it might as well be to a BSB, right? Now they have our hat’s, our pen, Nick has the shirt, and they have the cards! It was an amazing night! We made so much eye cont act and stuff with them… I never have luck like that! It just shows that if you want it bad enough and suck up enough you can get front row to!

From: Randa []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 6:47 PM

Well by now everyone knows what happens at a BSB concert so I'll just give you hihglights.

1. whenever Brian sings baby he makes a little motion like he's rockin a baby... how cute.

2. Nick and AJ doing a funny dance together(knees together knees apart shake your booty)

3. Kevin hit AJ in the head with a bottle of water LOL poor baby

4. Everyone throwing hats at Brian LOL

5. AJ putting all the hats on his head

6. The boys wearing Michigan State University jerseys

7. Nick saying GO Blue, Kevin: no Nick thats Wrong, Nick I thought they were the same thing

8. AJ dancing like a ballarina during TPF

9. Brian spinning a B-ball on his finger (the boy has got skills)

10. Thats the Way I Like It dance Woah! there are some hot moves in that dance.

I wish it didn't have to end but there is always the next tour!


From: Hailey Roberts []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 1:32 PM

I couldn't get tickets to the BSB concert in Lansing until the last minute. I bid on tickets and I won so I paid $130 for 2 tickets and it was well-worth it!

The boys were wonderful! I was so excited that when I saw them I cried. When they came out on hover boards flying above the crowd it was amazing! And, when the broke into Larger Than Life the audience went nuts, it was the absolute best!

The boys put on an awesome concert ! I am 22 years old and I brought my Mom with me when we left the house she hated the BSB and at the end of the concert my Mom had a newfound respect for the Boys and she though that they put on an awesome show! My favorite part was when Howie dressed up a Freaky D--it was awsome! And, it was nice to see AJ throw his jersey into the audience it was sweet!

I cannot wait to see the Boys again!!

From: Jana []
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 8:19 AM

I got to the Breslin Center at 6:45. We had nose-bleed seats! First we went to see where our seats were. When the usher asked for our tickets we showed her, she said they were going to be re-located and she gave us new tickets, she told us to go to the usher down the stairs. So we did, we ended up with front row tickets!!! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited, we went went with nose-bleed tickets and ended up with front row. Anyways the concert was late getting the boys on. When they came on I took 3 pictures and a security guard came up to me and asked me for my film, so I had to give it to him. So I have no pictues that's why I am looking for pictures. Anyway, so I had beach balls, 2 beach balls and I threw 1 of them up on during "It's gotta Be You" and Brian caught my beach ball, he started playing basketball and reading my beach ball since I had my email and number on it. I was so excited! I couldn't belive it! I threw my second beach ball on during "I want it that Way" and this time A.J. caught it, I was going nuts! Anyway I have been to two bsb concerts before this one and this was the best one, the boys get batter everytime! It was an incredible show.

Nick looked soooo good, with his new haircut and him and Brian ended up having a little competition with the audience to see who could scream loudest. It was cute.

Brian looked sssssssssooooo good, he sang like an angel and he mentioned the Michigan State winning some basketball thing.

Kevin had his hair combed back, he looked really good.

Howie had his hair down at one point and he looked really good.

A.J. had yellow hair as usual he looked fine!

Anways, during "I want it that way" they all wore Michigan State Jersey's with their names on the Back. Brian had #45, but I'm not sure what the other fella's number was.

Please if you have any pictues to show me or sell me please I am desperate for pictues, especially if you see a beach ball!

And P.S. for concert go-ers. Stay at the venue for a while after the concert and look for their 17 tour busses, cause I almost got so close to them, they left the venue about 45 minutes after the concert!



From: Katie Hecker []
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 9:04 PM

Well, the night I've been waiting for is over, but it was well worth the wait and the memories I have will last me long enough. We all left in our limo at 5:30 to go have dinner, then headed to the Breslin Center at about 7:00, much later than most people. When we got there, we finally found our seats. FRONT ROW! We knew when we got the tickets that they would be good, but we had no idea they would be this good. They were on the aisle, directly below where the Boys enter at the beginning. Also, the edge of the stage was MAYBE 10 feet away from us, probably less. So anyway, you guys know he story, LTL, Get Down, The One, etc etc etc.

The good parts were the ways the Boys responded to me and my friends. Let me paint a picture for you: Six girls, in matching pink t-shirts, each denoting our favorite Backstreet Boy, in the front row with bright signs that said things like "WE'RE LEGAL", and "WHO'S *NSTYNC?" Suffice to say that we got the attention we wanted. In the beginning, I was frantically waving the East Lansing hat I had bought from our school store, and Howie winked at me. Almost all of them laughed at the "WHO'S *NSTYNC?" sign, especially Brian. When AJ saw it, he shrugged his shoulders and mouthed "I dunno!" Howie reacted to the "WE'RE LEGAL" sign by smiling and waving, which he did throughout the concert. He and Brian are definitely the most crowd-friendly. AJ is just insane (that's why we love him!!) and Kevin and Nick kind of did their own thing. At the end, Kevin accidentally hit AJ in the head with a water bottle, which surprised all of us as well as AJ!! All the of them saw us with the shirts that had their names on them, and we even got on the projection screens a couple of times!! But the best part of the night has to to with the hat I brought.

It was just a regular baseball cap, navy blue with "EL" in white on it. I wrote "Thanks for a great show" and we all signed the brim. When Brian flew over us during Quit Playin' Games, I was waving it frantically, and he motioned for me to throw it. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite high enough. It fell behind the guard rails, and I thought it was gone for good. So I went up to one of the security guards and asked him to get it, which he did unhappily. I gave it to a different security guard who put it onstage during We've Got It Goin On, and AJ picked it up and put it on!! But a couple minutes later, he threw it on the ground. The same security guard who had put it onstage got it back, and asked me if I wanted it. I said sure, cause I was determined to throw it to one of them. So I kept it (it smelled WONDERFUL, by the way) until It's Gotta Be You. Somewhere during that song, AJ came down the stairs, and started walking our way. So I stuck my arm out over the fence, holding the hat, and called out AJ's name. He looked over, then came over and took the hat from me!! He said "thank you very much" in a very sincere voice and shook my hand. The security guards were not happy about that. It sounds so little, but I was completely starstruck. I don't remember what I said, did, looked like, anything. I hardly even realized that it was happening. When I think about it, it still doesn't seem real. Anyway, he already had a baseball hat on the right way, so he put mine on backwards (I got tons of pics), which made all the guys give him funny looks. So he took it off after a couple minutes and gave it to Brian who read the brim. AJ pointed over to us, and Brian waved (again!) He held if for a while, then threw it under the stage. As far as I know, they still have it!!

The concert was completely unforgettable. No matter what you feel about these guys as musicians, they are phenomenal performers. I was completely transfixed the whole night. The band was excellent, and they were entertaining to watch in and of themselves!! There was almost too much to see onstage, I hated to watch just one thing!!

The boys came on for IWITW wearing Michigan State basketball jerseys, because our team just won the Big Ten Tournament and has a number one seed for the NCAA Tournament. According to Brian, the Boys played a little bit of basketball with the MSU team that afternoon.

I will always remember this concert, and I hope to see another in the near future. But somehow I doubt that anything will live up to the experiences I had on Monday!! What a wonderful, professional, entertaining show!! Thanks for the memories, Boys!!


Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 7:11 PM

Hey everyone! I'm Ann, I just got back from my second Backstreet Boys concert and it was SOOOOO amazing i can't even decribe the feeling that I have right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it was about 5 minutes from my house (East Lansing) and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, lets start from the, my sister Lizzy, and my friend Ashleigh heard that the guys were staying at the Mariott hotel, so after school we ran out there to look for them. They HAD been staying there, but they had already left so we were outta luck:( But we were freaking out because people knew that they were staying on the 5th floor and the elevator wouldn't let us to that floor! So we went over to the Breslin with these girls that were at the hotel and it was so much fun waiting to get it! We went and looked at the buses and talked with some cool gaurds and funny girls. My fav radio station was also there and we got talk with the DJ a little! Ok, then FINALLY at 6 they opened the gates! We automatically went to our seats and they were SOOO good! They were seats sec.110, row 2, seats 5,6,7. They were in the middle of the area, and like on the floor! About 5th row!!!!!!!!!!! But, I KNEW that I wasn't going to be staying in that seat the whole time:) One thing was weird about Breslin though....the stage was like all the way over to one end because the arena is so small. But it didn't really make a difference.

Well anyways, before the show started I met this girl named Amanda that I met on line!!!!!!!!!! She was SO nice!!!!!!!!!! Amanda, if your reading this, hey!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the shirt you are such a sweetie:)

Then the "Jungle Brother" came out and I thought that they were great!!!!!!!!! They were SO funny, the songs were cool, and they pumped up the crowd a lot! And the best part was, the tall one pointed STRAIGHT at me for like 10 seconds!!!!!! It was SO cool!:) Then mandy, or "Willa" came out and she was pretty good. It SOUNDED like she was lip syncing, but I couldn't tell because she was moving around to much. She was really pretty! I wish her and Nick the best of luck together:)

Then we had to wait like 45 minutes until the BACKSTREET BOYS came out!!!!! We also met this really nice girl named heather (if your reading this, hi! Sorry the pen wouldn't work!:)) We went down to the floor part when they came, and we were FREAKING OUT!!!!!!! And when nick took off his helmet thing...........gosh talk about a HEART ATTACK he looked SO hottttttttt!!!!!!!!!! Now, I thought that his hair wouldn't look to good when I first heard that he got it cut, and I wanted the old "nick haircut" back! But it looks BETTER than it was!!!!!!!!!!! It was kinda like it was for the MTV thing before the grammys. AJ had the yellow hair, and the rest were normal. they did the normal songs and then for I THINK "quit playing games", Nick and AJ were up on the top thing shaking their butts and doing the Britany Spears boob shake thing that she did in baby one more time!!!!!! Ah it was SO cute! But like the whole night I would go up to like the 2nd row, but then a gaurd would come and yell at me, but it didn't stop me I still went right back!:)

The best parts of the concert:

~Nick doing ALAYLM right in front of me!!!!!!!!!!

~pissing off the gaurds:)

~Me, my sister and friend made our glowsticks spell "HI" during come of the slow songs, and we got Brian to smile at us twice, and Howie once!!!!!:)

~Nick and his SEXY dancing. AJ WHO?!?!?!? lol, j/k

~Nick did great on the drums...........SO cute

~My sister said that Nick pointed at her

~Brian and his funny faces while flying:)

~Nick was right in front of me for "All I have to give!"

~Me and my sister, made a "N" with the glow sticks, and Nick saw it and he smiled at us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

~Nick's "oh's" in "Show me the meaning"...........that was so beautiful, i was hoping that he would do it!

~Ok, during "It's gotta be you", I couldn't stand it anymore! I ran up to the front and i STAYED THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!! hahaha, take THAT security!:D

****then BSB came out with MSU basketball jerseys!!!!!!! I LOVE MSU's basketball team so I was freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they are going to win the NCAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) And when I learned that Nick and Brian played basketball with the team, I freaked out even MORE!!!!!!!! Hey, i've sat next to Mateen Cleaves at a MSU football game, and Mateen has met Nick....theres a conection:)********

~Howie's rap was FUNNY!!!!!!! (again!) I loved it! (again) :) And Nick said "ight"!!!!!!!! yeah go Nick! I love that word, Howie said it in Detriot!

~Ok, this was SO awsome!!!!!!! After "I want it that way", Nick and AJ came over and stood right in front of me!!!!!!!!! Nick goes: "Go...........Michigan????" (Michigan and MSU are rivals) I was like Nick what are u doing?!??!?!?! But when he goes: "Go...........Michigan.........STATE!!!!!!!!!!" AHHHHH! It was so cute and he it was RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!! I didn't get a pic of them tho because I was out of pics:( Oh well. If anyone got a pic of that, PLEASE send it to me!!!!!!! PLEASE?!?!?!?!? I'm beggin you it would mean so much to me. Maybe my friend got it.......

~Kevin waved at me!!!!!!! It was one of those little baby waves and it was SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!

~Ok, then Howie walks right by me!!!!!!! I was like WHOA! ok, I'm not a big howie fan, but I like reached over the rail like a idiot! I like knocked the secirity guard over!!!!!!! YEAH! I bet up one of them!!!!!!! hehehe:) But I didn't get him:(

~Then AJ walked by! But again, I was to late, but the girl next to me touched his hand!

~and THEN i saw Nick walk over to the side me leaving! So I RAN SO FAST over towards that side! it was SO funny the guard tried to get me, but I was too fast! (I knew track would rub off!:)) Nick was still to far away, but it was still fun as hell:) I love you Nick, always and forever:) I'll go anywhere for you, even if it's all the way through a crowd, I'll get there:)

And then it was over:*( But I'll always have those awesome memories:) And pictures:) I wish that Nick would have waved at me, but it doesn't matter at all because just to be close to him was enough! My mom even had fun! She's a big fan of their now and can't stop talking about the concert. GUESS WHAT!!!!!! She was sitting by Kevin's fiancee Kristin she thought! That would be SO cool if she was!

Backstreet Boys come back to Michigan soon!!!!!!!! Well, sorry for the long review, I'll remember it better now because of typing it:) E mail me if you went to this concert or have quesitons or just wanna talk!:)



Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 6:35 PM

All I can say is the Backstreet Boys are here to stay after the concert I went to Monday, March 13 in East Lansing, Mich. what else could you say. My friends and I went to see the Boys at Michigan State University, we drove 2 hours to see them(were from OHIO) When we finally got into the venue, we went to look for our seats which was quite high up I might add, BUT, you could see the whole stage which was a bonus. The Jungle Brothers came out first, I wasn't really into them, they were a bit odd to me, a little weird but I don't think anyone really paid attention to them anyways. Willa Ford, was pretty good, I was expecting her to be a bit boring but she really did a good job. After Willa we had to wait a good half hour to forty-five minutes until the BSB came out. Around Nine o'clock, my friend pointed out Leighanne Wallace, she was walking around the stage to sit by some other people she knew, everyone was screaming for her and she waved to them, she seemed very nice. Then they came out, everyone were on their feet screaming, they surfed in and did Larger Than Life which I think everyone about lost it, people were singing, clapping, dancing in their seats Next they did Get Down, Don't wanna lose you Now, The One, Quit Playin' Games, As Long as you love me and so on, the show was about the same as the last tour but the outfits were some what different.

When each of them came out to address the crowd Brian had said that he and Nick got to hang out with the MSU B-ball team while the team had practice,everyone screamed!!!! All of the boys were cute, AJ's hair was blonde so he looked really HOT. My fave Boy is Kevin, he was so cute, when the boys did I'll Never...., Kevin had his hair slicked back looking very sexy I might add. Kev dropped his hat during All I Have To Give, but that's ok, he was still FINE!!! Earlier when they did the Perfect Fan, AJ got up and started doing Ballet-like dance moves twirling around on his toes, my friends and I about died. The whole time we screamed and sang so loud we drowned everyone else out, not bad for college students huh? Towards the end of the show we decided to leave during I Want It That Way(inwhich the sported MSU B-ball jerseys with their last names on it) so that we could find their bus. My friend and my sister went to talk to the secruity guy to find out where they would be coming out and he said they were coming through this tunnel thing so we waited for about an hour or so. One by one the band members came out, then the dancers, and finally the Boys did AJ came out first with a hat and sunglasses on, almost didn't recognize him!

Then Kevin came out, he turned and waved to everyone, same with AJ, Nick came out although he really didn't look at anyone, then Brian and Leighanne came out holding hands 15 minutes later and they both waved. Next Howie came out, and as sweet as he is, he stopped for a second and turned and waved at everyone, we were like less then 50ft away from them. When Kevin and AJ got on the bus, you could see Kevin standing up to get something then he sat down and he was talking to some other guys and he was rubbing his stomach. We all crouched down and of course I whipped out the binoculars and you could see that it was indeed Kevin. That was the best night ever, the BSB always put on a good show, I've seen them twice, my friend has seen them four times, and they get better everytime!!!!! KTBPA, WE LOVE YOU BACKSTREET BOYS! If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me, I'd be glad to hear from fans

From: Betsy Vandervoort []
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 4:03 PM name is Betsy!! Okay first of all, let me say, that I have witnessed the best at their best..hehe!!! Nick, Kevin, Howie, Brian, and Alex put on a great performance at the Breslin Center last night. Lansing is only an hour away from where I live, but because of the BSB traffic (hehe) it took us two hours. Anyways...I've been to two of their concerts before, and they just keep getting better. The new costumes were really groovAy!! Nick and A.J had these helmet things on when they were flying on their boards. SOOO CUTE!!!! Well here's the scoop on the Boys at the concert

~Brian: He was goofy as usual! He seemed to be extra hyper though..that's always a plus!! During DWYB he had this urge to like shake the pole..i thought he was going to break it..hehe! He sounded amazing as always and he really got the crowd going!!!

~A.J: OMG!!! Well, you all know A.J..he was bad to the bone!! hehe..he of course had a lot of his sweet hats to show off at the concert. He blew the crowd away with his beautiful voice and smooth dance moves!!! He looks REALLY GOOD as a blonde..hehe :-)

~Howie: I don't even know where to begin :) I think Howie has been taking some bad the bone lessons from A.J cuz Howie was gettin'' down in sooooooooo many very SEXY ways at that concert. Thank you, Howie..i think we all appreciated it!!! :) Of course he did a VERY amazing job singing too...he always amazes me with his voice!!!!!

~Nick: WOW..i think i'll say that again...WOW!!!! He was lookin' fine, dancin' fine, and most of all singin' fine...this guy has gotta voice..although i know you all knew that. Nick was of course really hyper and goofed off with B-rok a lot!! SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! He was rockin' on the drum!!!! OHHH YEAHHHH!!

~Kevin: OMG....he performed soooooooooooooooo well last night..hehe!! I think he's been takin' some lessons from A.J too cuz he was gettin' pretty funky on stage with his dance moves....and let me tell you..the crowd was likin' it!!!!!!! I LOVED hearing him sing his solo parts...he truly made the concert..hehe!!! He did a great job on the piano!!

Well, I'd have to say yesterday was the 3rd best day of my life...the other two were of course seeing BSB in concert. Some other sweet parts of the concert were when this one guy had a HUGE sign that said.."#1 GUY BSB FAN"! You gotta luv it!! And, this one girl went up to my Dad and said that the concert was totally boring and he said, " YEAHHH RIGHT..this is my 3rd BSB concert and they ROK!!". Go dad!!!!! It was really fun cuz i got a chance to meet a lot of other BSB fans and talk to them!! At the end BSB came out wearing MSU jerseys. awwwwwww..they looked soooo cute!!! I think i'd have to say the Michigan State is betta than Michigan...hehe!!! Well, i hoped you enjoyed my review!!! Remember to ALWAYS KTBPA!!

~** Peace Luv Kisses Cookays Hugs!!**~

P.S: Be sure to get the Backstreet Project comic...the pics are great and the story is really cute..GO NICK!!!!***

From: Natalie []
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 3:56 PM

Being a first time BSB concert goer, could someone please tell me, are they always that damn good? What I experienced March 13th was amazing. Only the Backstreet Boys are capable of putting on a show that spectacular.

My freind and I arrived at Breslin Center an hour early, and quickly got into the meandering line for Backstreet tees. Once we had those, we changed into them and took our seats in the twenty fifth row. ( Which, since Breslin is normally a basketball court, was pretty good. You could see their faces and everthing.) We chatted with the girls around us; everyone was filled with utter excitment and anxiousness.

The " Jungle Boys" opened for the Boys, followed shortly after by Willa Ford. ( Willa's got herself a voice, but, I dunno, those Jungle Boys are a bit..... repetitive?) Fans were screaming for the Backstreet Boys, ( myself included,) half an hour before they even came on. But when they did... wow.

They came onstage on futuristic looking skateboards, and the crowd let out uproar after uproar. They opened with "Larger than Life," then went on to one of my personal favorites, " Get Down" ( Which, in fact, is a paradox because we never did get down into our seats.)

I especially liked it when the guys were hoisted above the crowd's heads on ropes. Howie was right above my freind and I. Lemme tell you, he looked great! And still able to sing, twenty feet in the air!

Amazingly, the guys voices never tired throughout the entire two hour concert. Kevin played a beautiful piano solo during "Back to Your Heart," and the battle of the dancers was really fun. ( That was when each boy, except Howie, he was playing the drums, took sides of the arena, challenging them to scream the loudest. They introduced their dancers and band members, and they did a little song and dance right there. AJ was on my side. The saxophone player could really play!)

The boys "ended" with "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely," which they dedicated to the late Denniz PoP. Of course, once they were gone from sight, the crowd was too pulsated with excitement to let them end just like that, still adrenaline pumped from the earlier performances. The boys came back on and did " Its Gotta Be You" and "I Want It That Way."

How someone can sing, dance and for two whole hours and still sound great during the final song is beyong me. Its amazing. Howie even hit the highest note I've ever heard a guy hit before, during " All I Have To Give." ( If you listen to the song, you'll hear it in the back of one of the last choruses; Its REALLY high.) The concert was the best I have ever been to in my life, no joke. I'm definitly coming back for more next time they show up.

Natalie, 14

Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 2:34 PM

Oh my, gosh, where to begin? We (Jessica, Vanessa, sister and I) went to stalk around the night before the concert to find out where they were staying. We saw the buses are freaked! The next day, us three girls went to the mall (yes, we skipped school!) and bought 3 cowboy hats (mine was tiger striped, the others were silver and girafee spotted) and a shirt for Nick Carter that said "Girls are no subsitution for play station". (Doesn't that sound so much like hime?) It was awesome. So, we got to the venue at 4 (3 and1/2 hours before the show) and it was freezing rain! Yuck! We stood outside hoping to see anyone! We saw Mateen Cleaves come out of the loading ramp, and we called him over for a picture and he said he had been playing b-ball with the Boys! How fresh! We were so excited! An MSU student took pictures of us for her journalism class, and some people interviewed us for a home video they were making while we waited for any signs of band members. We heard a rumor that Leighanne Wallace took Tyke and Leigh out to pee (it rhymes!) and we wanted to give her the engagement cards we had for Brian and Kevin (and of course the shirt for Nick). We had no luck. We went and partied with the radio stations and even thumb-wrestled to see who was better "Justin Timberlake or our favorite BSB" (Justin won, but the DJ cheated).

When we finally got inside, we parked our butts in our seats staring at the black box that the Boys would come out of. We saw one of the dancers and ran over there, but came too late. He was gone. We did this twice until we saw Tommy, the Boys keyboardist walking around. We raced down the stairs and were caught by, you guessed it, sercurity. We begged and pleaded with him to let us give this to Tommy and the sercurity guard said that he'd take it backstgae himself! That was great. The Jungle Borthers hyped up the crowd, which was great...When the Willa (aka Mandah) came on, wesat down and booed her like heck and everybody kept staring at us like we were crazy! So we had to explain EVERYTHING to them that we knew about her. We waited about 30 minutes before the Boys came on. The Boys came on and it was mad hysteria! I loved the new costumes that had! I got awesome shots fo them flying (if my camera didn't mess up!) Okay, Howie threw a stuffed animal to a 5 year old girl, and these older girls jumped her! How horrible is that? But the best part didn't come till the end. Remember those cowboy hats we bought? Well, Brian was autographing things for people, so we snuck up to front row and Jessica tossed our hats onstage (along with a pen) and motioned for Brian to sign them (Jessica got to touch Howie *sigh*). He nodded, and nudged the hats to the side. But AJ comes along, stakes up the hats and puts them on his head! We were screaming as loud as we could "AJ is wearing our hats!!!". So, he's walking around and then Nick comes along and AJ plops the hats onto Nick's head. We were freaking out! When the show was over, we asked the sercurity guards about our hats and they were like " they're gone." We were kinda mad! I was like, "Oh I hope Brian feels guilty!" But it was awesome to know that the Boys got our cards, shirt and even our hats! I ended up using 4 rolls of film- about 20 pictures with them with our hats on! It was the best concert! I hope they come arounda again!

PS- if anyone finds my hat at the concert, get it and get in contact with me- I'll pay for the return of it! lol

Love Yahs,


From: Melissa Martin []
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 12:07 PM

East Lansing, MI - Breslin Center
Melissa Martin & Jessica Thom (Windsor, Ontario)

My best friend Jessica and I live in Windsor Ontario, but drove almost 2 hours to the Breslin Center to see our boys for Jessica's 3rd time and my 4th time. We got there around 6:00 and there were tons of people waiting to get inside. We bought our t-shirts, glow-sticks, and posters, and got inside around 15 minutes after we got there. The first opening act was the Jungle Brothers, they were awesome!! They really hyped up the crowd and got us excited. Next was Willa. For those of you who don't know, that is Amanda Willaford. Yes, you guessed it, Nick's girl friend. She was pretty good and her dancers were really cool. After she was done the lights turned back on and there was about a half an hour intermission. Our seats were up in the second balcony but we noticed that Mandy (Willa) was signing autographs down on the main floor. Jessica and I ran down there, somehow managing to sneak past the guards that were guarding the first balcony entrance. We were around 20 feet away, and there was another guard who said we couldn't go any further because we didn't have tickets for the first few rows of seats. Jessica and I begged and pleaded for her to let us just go and say hi and get a picture with her, but she wouldn't let us. So Jessica and I stood there screaming Mandy's name trying to get her attention but she too busy talking to the other fans and signing autographs and taking pictures.

I don't see why that guard couldn't let us go for 2 seconds to just meet Mandy, she could have watched us go down there, get our autograph and picture taken, and we would have went right back up to our seats. But I still got a picture of her from where we were standing. We went back up to our seats and Jessica decided she wanted a hotdog, so she went to get it and she spotted the Jungle Brothers. So she ran over to them and told them to stay there for 2 seconds so she could come get me. She ran back to our seats and we went back to see them. They were really really nice and we got our picture taken with them and talked to them for a few minutes. I asked them if they could go get Mandy because she's Nick's girl friend (and I LOVE Nick) and the one dude said something like "oh yeah we know that. We've been on tour with them for 2 weeks and we heard it from her right away." He said she might be walking around somewhere so me and Jess lapped the whole place twice but couldn't find her. We saw the Jungle Brothers again and told them we couldn't find her so the guy said that when he went backstage again he would tell her that there are some fans who want to meet her. We told him okay, but then heard tons of screaming and saw the lights start to dim. We ran back to our seats and about 5 minutes later, our boys came out on their surf boards, looking more gorgeous than ever.

They started with Larger Than Life and we were screaming as loud as we could. There were 3 little girls infront of us, who looked about 9 years old who were with their mother. They literally watched us more than they watched the concert. Everytime we screamed they would turn around and give us these nasty looks. When Nick was talking and it went silent I screamed I love you Nick, and the mother like made a hand movement kind of saying to shut up. It was obvious the girls hadn't been to a concert before, or the mother, because they should have known there was going to be a lot of screaming. Nick looked more gorgeous then I had ever seen him before. I absolutly love his hair!!!! AJ's hair was blond and it looked really good! Jessica thought Kevin looked hot as ever, even when he slicked back his hair! Over all the concert was the best! It was by far our best one yet, and definitly not our last! There was one sign inparticularly that Jessica and I loved. It said "WHO'S N'STYNC?!"


Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 7:24 AM

We got the hard to get tickets to the concert at the Breslin Center for the March 13th show. We ended up getting 6th row upper balcony, but with the screens and the way the stage is set up there are no bad seats!

The guys were awesome! They really put a lot into giving a good show. You can tell that they are getting "burned out" from the touring, at least everyone but AJ seemed to be (I think he thrives on the stage since he's going to tour again at the end of the month).

The opening with the boards, Brian seemed to be a little nervous, Nick had to straighten him up a little and Brian seemed to be leaning on him!

All of their songs were great! No lip syncing from these guys!! They interacted with the audience and moved around a lot so that every side got a chance to see each of them.

The part with the harnesses was cool. AJ was doing a ton of backflips, Nick was laying on his back with his hands beneath his head, Howie & Kevin were throwing stuffed animals. Brian just hung on for the ride, you can tell he HATES doing the harness thing!

For the finale, they came out wearing MSU basketball jerseys, custom made with their last names on the back. Kevin still had to wear his Wildcats ball cap though! Nick yelled to the crowd "Go Michigan!" The guys made him correct himself and then he had to yell "Go Michigan State!" They sang "IWITW" and then they left. AJ came back out, took his MSU jersey off and threw it out into the crowd.

Loved the show, hope they do it again.


Concert Reviews: 3/10-11/00, Indianapolis, IN (Part III)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Lynn []
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2000 12:42 PM

Hey Ladies! I just got back from my Indy trip to see BSB and it was amazing. I too like Nikki (one of the reviewers) am one of the older BSB fans! I am 32 and I fell in love with BSB last spring. Indy was my second concert in six months. Both of which I traveled over 300 miles to see! It was worth the trip each time. Chicago's concert was great, but this one was really special. As all of the other reviews say, the boys had a lot of energy Saturday night and the crowd just loved them.

I enjoyed hearing Willa perform. I liked her a lot more than Mandy Moore. Her overall stage presence is a lot better. I wish her well.

The boys came out on the air boards and did their thing to open the show. This was my best friends first BSB concert and she was amazed! The boys had a lot of energy and kept it up through out the concert. I missed the pink tail tuxes from the Chicago concert. But, the Black pin stripped ones fit them well and as usual A.J. jams in a hat. VERY HOT!

I really liked the ending of the concert. I enjoyed how the crowd interacted with them and how each one of the boys seemed to really appreciate their fans.

I won't give you a step by step of the concert... but I just wanted you all to know that these two concerts have been the best ones I have ever attended. BSB has a certain energy and drive that pulls you in and makes you love them even more. If you get a chance, go see them live. It is worth the money and worth the trip.

This last year has been very challenging for me. BSB offered me a place to escape to and feel good for awhile. My life has gotten back on track but I will never forget nor let go of what BSB brought back to my life. It made me remember to have fun and to be alive and not live just day to day but all day every day.

Girls, treasure these times and keep them in your memory box. Something like this just doesn't come along every day. I will be there for the next CD and the next tour. I think it would be great to meet or hear from some of the older BSB fans and hear about your adventures.

Here is wishing all of you well. That you remember to be safe in all that you do and most of all KTBSBPA by being true to yourselves.

Take care ladies.


Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 1:31 AM

I went to the Backstreet Boys concert at Conseco Fieldhouse on March 10th. It was the most amazing concert I had ever been to in my LIFE! We got to the concert kind of late because we had to check into our hotel, but from what I was seeing, we didn't miss anything. The first opening act was this group called the Jungle Brothers, which makes me think that the BSB don't pick their opening act because those guys weren't that good. There was this other opening act named Willa, and she was kind of cool, but I preferred Mandy Moore and EYC. During the intermission, they showed a commercial about the Backstreet boys comic book, but I couldn't hear what they were saying because everyone was losing their minds.

But the Backstreet Boys gave it their all... once again! The show was sooooo good. I knew that they were going to be taping it because of all the signs that were around the arena lobby. They even preformed "That's the Way I Like It" which is my favorite song in the whole world. I loved the whole thing. I was laughing at all the people who left before the end of the show. It seems like a lot of people left before I Want It That Way. I caught a whole bunch of confetti and I got these Backstreet Boys tattoos that were advertising the pay-per-view concert.

After the concert, we stayed at this really pretty, out-of-the-way hotel called the OMNI. Being the person that I am, I wandered around to get a feel for things, when I saw one of the girls that was dancing for Willa. She had like reddish crimped hair and she was sooo pretty. She gave me her autograph and she got the rest of the girls and Willa to sign my paper too. When I was going back to my hotel room, I saw Kristin (that BSB dancer with the long red hair). She gave me her autograph and even missed her elevator to talk to me. She was sooo nice and sooo sweet. I met a couple of guys from the band and a couple of their guy dancers too (the one I really remember was the one with the long beautiful wavy hair). Well either way, even though I didn't meet BSB, I still had a great time at the concert.

Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 7:58 PM

Hey you guys. My name's R.C. Well, my two buds and I got to go to our first, but not last BSB concert in Indianapolis on March 10. It was amazing. Haha, not only were we like the only guys there to actually see the boys, but we were like the only guys singing along to EVERY single song. Obviously there were other guys there, but they were either with their daughters or they were like 10. =) Anyways, we had to travel all the way from Chicago to see this one since we couldn't get tickets when they came here. We missed school and left at 12:30 here and got into Indy at like 5:30. But we didn't know there was an hour difference, so we had to haul *ss from our hotel to Conseco Fieldhouse. That place was packed. I nearly died when I saw the tour busses parked outside. The concert was amazing. I'm a huge fan. My friends Mike and Jeff (the guys I went with) and I are in a group called Revolution and all we sing are BSB songs. So, it's safe to say that we had a huge time! there. HAHA, when we left the fieldhouse, all we did was sing on the way back to the hotel. We got a lot of compliments too =) But nothing compared to the Boys themselves! They're great. KTBSPA! Later all! Email me if you wanna talk about all of this. I will never forget that weekend!

Concert Reviews: 3/11/00, Indianapolis, IN

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Robin Barker []
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 6:12 PM

WOW this concert was sooo amazing! I have attended 3 BSB concerts now and this had to be the best. The audience was awesome cuz when the guys talked u could actually hear them and then during the slow songs u could hear them sing really well. The sound was absoloutely amazing! I will get right into my review now..

Okay i had great seats! I cannot wait to get my pictures back! In my section sat Rik Smits (the center for teh Indianapolis Pacers) and his wife and kids. And a few rows in front was i am pretty sure Brian's brother with his gf! they were both really cute!

I thought the JUNGLE BROTHERS were okay..they tried there best to hype up the crowd. They were actually kinda funny! I thought "Willa" ruled. I absoloutely loved her songs! I know that she is just another girl singer so it does suck for her cuz it is hard for her to not be judged but oh well. I know she is nicks gf and all but she was nice and after she went off stage she went into crowd some and signed autographs and took pics with fans! also her mom was there. She looked really pretty and didnt lip sync at all. :)the only annoyinh thing was she said "COME ON" so many times! LOL

I will get to the highlights not in any order cuz i cant remember

- AJ's (gf) Amanda Latona.. was also there she is real skinnny but she looked cute she had like a black spagetti strap on.

- Brians parents and (Brother) Harold, i think.. was there.. he is realll hot! I wasnt sure if it was him but then i looked at a pic of him and i am almost 99% sure that was him! Brian said his parents drove all the way from KY!

-Kevin said that his friends from back home were in the house and to say hi to them.

-Howies mom was also there, she came up on stage during Perfect Fan and howie kept giving her hugs she was soo cute she kept waving and then she started crying when howie sang his part and when he walked her around the stage!

okay so they came out on those boards with nick and aj wearing the helmets! etc. ect. and messed around a lot! they looked like they had a lot of fun!

-when they come up from under the stage wearing those leather pants... WOW! that wow that was amazing! And since i had good seats plus binoculars even better.! ALSO AJ was just a little "HAPPY" ohh it was soo funny! i was cracking up.. Nick gave him the funniest look hwo knows if he knew but it was funny! then howie started messin with him playin with AJ's big jacket he was wearing!

At the end of the concert when they wear whatever the want.. AJ had the yellow wife beater on and kept pulling the silly string cans out to show us all that he had it!(did any other concerts have this?) well during the time when they were introducing the band and dancers AJ kept getting all the attention cuz he would go behind the band members on the big platform and squirt him when they werent loooking! he got tommy on hte back of the head and then tommy turned around and AJ got him in the face! He kept getting everyone even mindy and she ran out from behind her instrument! then when aj was introducing his people the stage crew members got cans of their own and got him back bad.. he had to get mindy to help him get it all of... he was like ohh man look at all this snot on me!

- Brian had a beach ball and was spinning it on his finger and kept hitting people in teh back of the head.. he got tommy and nick a few times. then one of the dancers and him were tossing a bball back and forth. When it was time for bri to introduce he slowly slid down the platform it was soo cute! ALso at almost the end.. he dove face first down the platform!

- At the end of the concert people were throwing tons of things to brian to sign and he signed and threw em all back out! he also got a jersey from someone in the crown that said BROK it was real cute!

-Howie played part of the drums with BUBBA i think it is..durin the intorduction of the band.. also howie let his hair down again for the last few songs.

- During one of the songs where each boy is at a corner and they each have a girl and guy dancer nick was messin around and fell down and the guy dancer accidently stepped on nicks hand and looked down and nicks goes ouch!! but theb he waved it off and got up by that flippy thing he loves to which he did many times.

- Aj got a new hat which was quite cute from someone in the audienec so maybe we will see him wearing it inthe future.. also someone threw a hat on stage in front of brian but he didnt pick it up so kevin walked right over looked at it and put it on! i dont know what it was either KY or a colts (NFL Team here) hat both are blue?

Well i cant think of much more but i bet i missed a lot but i got to go eat so if u want to ask or talk to me email me at:

Backstreet Boys into the Millennium and beyond!!!!!!!!!!

From: Nickie
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 5:58 PM

Hey, you-all!

I'm a MUCH older BSB fan....I'm 45 years old, married, with two boys 7 and 10 years, and work as a computer consultant. So, it seems, I'm not quite what you would expect the typical BSB fan to BE! But the one real advantage of being as old as I am is that I know what I like and I don't care what other people think about me!

Which leads me to the concert last was one of the awesome moments of my life! I saw them in Cincinnati but this time, I sat within fifteen feet of the stage and up high enough that I could see the twinkle in Nick's beautiful blue eyes!

Girls, if you haven't seen these guys in person, you GOTTA go! When I see people in the media I think, 'yea, they look good cause of all the people behind them.' But boy! These guys are MORE GORGEOUS in person than any picture I've seen! Nick's haircut suits him well! And Kevin's arm's are so muscular! WOW! And Brian's smile....if the 'eyes are the window to the soul' I have to tell you that Brian's soul is kind and gentle and caring ! I loved the way he interacted with the fans! One fan held up a sign that said 'Brians why I'm cryin' and when he came out at the end with his basketball, he wrote something on it and tossed it to her! The young girl next to me almost DIED when he smiled and made a face at her!

I love the way the guys goof off up on stage. Once Howie lifted the back of AJs long jacket and made a face when AJ turned around like 'oops! he caught me'. and during one song, AJ was really being melodramatic, making hand movements almost like he was making fun of the song and Nick caught him and pointed at him, shaking his head. Of course, at the end they were all chasing each other around with bottles of foam string. At one point Nick fell down on the stage (he LOVES to do that and does it often during the performance) and AJ went over and poured water on his head!

I had one of the most wonderful times of my life! Since I was down front and on the aisle, I had room to dance and dance I did! If they noticed me they probably had a laugh at the old woman dancing down front!

Before the concert started, I looked across the stadium to an open entrance. I had seen 'workers' milling in and out of that entrance. But just before the show, I could see 5 silouhettes! They were looking out at us and I could tell one was Brian and one was Nick, waving their arms frantically at the audience! Finally people began to catch on and stood looking and screaming and waving and the guys were jumping up and down and waving back! It was so cool! (of course, being the older woman I am, I just sat and smiled.....I saved the screaming for later!)

I accidentally stumpled over BSB last year and since then, they have added such a spark to my life....a spark that I had forgotten existed. Sometimes you get so bogged down with the day to day living of life that you forget what you REALLY love to do! They reminded me how much I used to love to dance and how that dancing and music was a healthy escape mechanism for me! Last year, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure because I over the years I've been so busy taking care of everyone else that I have forgotten to take care of my self! But the BSB are helping me to get back into shape and have reminded me that if I don't take some time for me that there will be no me to give back to my family!

So THANK YOU, BSB, for begin who you are, for giving us great music, for loving each other enough that it shows at your concerts, and making it look like you are just having SO MUCH FUN that it spills off of the stage into our hearts!

Love to all you BSB fans and to the guys!


From: Meg Zintsmaster []
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 5:00 PM

Hey hey! I went to the March 11th Concert at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Saturday. Let me just start off by saying...WOW!

I have been to one concert before(Detroit) but this one was really awesome. We arrived a little early to buy t-shirts and the new comic book and find our seats. We got to our seats and realized we'd have a pretty nice view. We were the last row right in front of the box seats. So my best friend, Carly, and I were chillin' with our moms just waitin' for the opening acts to begin when we heard someone say, "Which one is it?" and pointed back to the box behind us. Carly looked and saw Howie D! Can you believe his family was in the box seats behind us!?! I couldn't. So we tried to get his autograph but he couldn't because of other fans and that sort of thing. But we were the only ones standing there looking up that way. The lady who saw him at first had left. So we stood there looking back. His little cousin, who was about five, was standing there talking to us. So we asked him quickly if he could try to get his autograph but he said he was leaving. So we kept looking at Howie. Let me tell you did he look good! Mmmm... He had on this cream sweater. It was nice. So he turned around and looked at us and waved. Oh my word! I almost started crying right then and there. We waved back and were smiling from ear to ear. It was so awesome. He was maybe ten feet away from us if that. And he totally waved right at us. So we continued to chill. We knew that his cousin was there...and we assumed other family but we didn't think close family was there. We later found out it was his mom and dad and I think maybe his sister...I didn't hear him clearly. But WOW!

So then the opening acts started after awhile. We were grooving to the Jungle Brothers. They were fun. They had sort of an island feel to them. But they didn't do anything flashy. So then in between acts. I saw two dancers, Kristin and the blonde...I forget her name. And then Willa...or Mandah...or whatever her name is was down there too just waiting to go on. So then they went on and well...she was alright. I can't say I loved her. It was weird cuz the crowd was pretty pumped when the Jungle Brothers were out there...they were dancing and groovin'. But when she came out it didn't seem like the crowd was responding. I looked around the arena to see if anyone was like wavin' their hands or groovin' in any way and most people were sitting down. I did like her dancers. The choreography was phat! I thought they could've worn more clothing'll have that. Willa does have a good voice. The one thing that really bugged me is she kept saying, "What!" like a rapper or something. I don't know. So then after a long wait, our Boys came out. I loved it!!! I can't explain the feelings I got. They all looked very good. AJ, my favorite, was sporting the new do. I prefer his hair red over blonde....but he still looked good! When the guys flew over the crowd, AJ had a water bottle and was getting everyone wet. He threw a stuffed animal out to the crowd though. It was a monkey. And Howie threw out candy. It was really cool. Let me tell you, one section, I swear, was all Howie fans. There were at least 4 signs for Howie in that one section. So the Boys seemed really pumped. The crowd loved them. I loved them! During the Perfect Fan when they brought the mom and daughter couples on stage, Howie's mom went up. It was the sweetest thing ever. I almost cried. And at the end he got down on one knee to her. It was sweet. He hugged her through out the performance and kissed her. He's such a sweet son! Then before she was escorted off stage, AJ ran over and gave her a hug too! I loved it. He's such a cutie.

The guys voices sounded beautiful the whole night. I was just in awe. I love their voices. They create such harmony:) Oh yum. The guys aren't wearing the pink suits anymore. They have these sweet pinstripe ones. They look good! So then, I know I'm forgetting things, but then, during I'll Never Break Your Heart, I cried. It's one of my favorites cuz AJ sings most of it. He waved at me during another song. I know it was to me. You know how you just have that direct eye contact, well that's how it was. So the guys all came back in "street clothes" and they were HOT! AJ had on this yellow tank top. It looked nice. Howie had his hair down! He looked so so so fine! All the guys were lookin' very good. AJ was all sly like and stuck silly string in his pockets. He did it like a gunslinger too! It was the cutest thing. So then he was attacking everyone. It was funny. But they got him back. And he got people with water again. And later he was playing with this bubblegun. It looked like fun. My favorite was when "MC D" rapped for us all. I had seen it in Detroit and loved it! So this was awesome hearing it again. AJ got a sparkly cowboy hat from someone in the audience and wore it towards the end. He was just lookin' so yummy!

I can't remember much else. I hate that. But it was one of the best concert experiences ever! I hope I'll actually meet the Boys some day:)


Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 2:12 PM

This was the most incredible weekend I've ever had! I have some things I'd like to share about the Indianapolis concerts held March 10 and 11. So here we go:

On Friday, March 10, I went to my 4th BSB concert and 2nd of this tour. It was awesome! I had a suite which was up kinda high but I had a good view of the whole show. I was over on the side where the guys lift out of the smoke. I had seen this show before and generally knew what to expect. The opening was a little different because Nick and AJ both had helmets on...I think to cover their new hair. AJ's is short and blondish-yellow and Nick's in shorter and spiky...and it looks really good in person! During their introductions...Kevin announced that they were taping our concert for a new home video. That got me excited because normally Indiana doesn't get recognized like that. Then during "Perfect Fan" the guys took girls around as usual and it was so cute. The best part of the whole night was when they introduced the Backstreet band and dancers. I love that part because the guys can be themselves and goof off. Practically the whole time, AJ had a huge beach ball and he was laying on it and jumping around on it and bouncing it. It was hilarious...Brian had a small beach ball and a basketball and he was dribbling them and spinning them on his fingers. It was an overall awesome show.

The next day, Saturday, March 11, was the best concert I've seen yet! I had 10th row seats which were actally 5th row because the first 5 rows were occupied by technical stuff. So my seats were awesome. Me and my friend Holly both made a sign that said "AJ~Can we be your beach ball." It was so funny because at one point we went out in the isle and were right in front of Brian and AJ. We wanted AJ to read it but Brian looked at it instead and started laughing. It was so cute. When AJ flew over my section, 2 girls 5 seats down from me caught a stuffed animal he threw and got into a fight over it! It was funny. I think in the end they ended up ripping it in half or something. Also...Brian announced that his brother Harold was there with his wife and then during "Perfect Fan" Howie brought his mom up on stage. He flew her up. It was so adorable! I had seen this concert in Lexington when Brian and Kevin brought their mom's up so now I've seen all three of them do it. Then...during the band and dancers' introductions...AJ and Nick had silly string and they were attacking people with it. Then someone got AJ back and he walked around for like 5 minutes with silly string on his back. It was funny. The best part of the night for me was also during the intros. Nick sat down on my side at one point and was just looking around at the crowd. Then he eyes just stopped and focused right on me! I waved repeatedly for like a minute and finally he gave me a little smile a waved back. I almost died! He's my favorite and it really meant alot to me. I love how they all react with the fans. It so awesome! But then at the end I cried because I knew I wasn't gonna see them again for a while. Overall, this was the best weekend of my life and I am so happy I got to take part in all of it. I can't wait till the next tour! It's gonna rock.


Concert Reviews: 3/10/00, Indianapolis, IN (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Heather Hill []
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 10:22 PM

Well, I'm sure that many of you already know how the concert went, but if you'd like to talk about it (or anything else about the backstreet boys) I would love to hear from you. I was in the second row for this show and I have 6 rolls worth of pics that I am willing to trade or sell. If you love the bsb's and if you love internet pen pals, write me and we can keep in touch. Thanks!


From: Erin []
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 9:16 PM

I was finally privilaged enough to attend my first Backstreet Boy concert in Indy this past Friday. It was an awesome day!

Around 4:30 we noticed that their were tour buses parked outside our hotel. And !!OH MY GOSH!! they had Florida plates. So we were waiting around in the lobby when who do I see walking down the hallway? Tommy Smith! I asked him for a picture and he said "sure, just let me put this on the bus." - I didn't think he was coming back. But then, he did AND with Dennis! So I got a picture with Tommy and Dennis, and I can't believe no one has told me Dennis got his hair cut, he looks sooooo much better.

Anyway, after that we went outside to watch their buses pull away and we heard girls screaming. So we did what anyone would do, we sprinted towards it. I saw a group of girls and shoved my way to the front of them (I did get yelled at, but heck I was at the front, who cares?) and there was THE bus, the BACKSTREET bus. AJ, Howie, and Brian were already on, but we got to see Kevin and Nick get on. It surprised me that they didn't all get on at the same time. After Nick got on, we had to wait like 10 minutes before Kevin drug his butt out there. Of course, when the bus left we tried to run after it and learned one important lesson: YOU CAN'T OUTRUN A BUS.

Anyway, on to the concert. You all know what happens so I won't bore you. My seats were one row from the back and I couldn't always tell the boys apart but I still enjoyed listening and -trying- to watch. During costume changes and any other lapses when the boys weren't out there, I kept staring at these 10 empty seats down on the floor. So after "It's Gotta Be You", me and my 3 friends decided haul our butts and get down on the floor for "I Want it That Way". And all you nosebleeders IT CAN BE DONE. The security guards kinda yell at ya, but they won't hassle you after you get into some already empty seats. So I got to watch IWITW from like row 15. It was beautiful! The boys were right in front of us, and not only could I tell them apart, but I could tell their facial expressions. The cutest part was when we got to see Nick pout after AJ refused to give him a hug. My friends and I hugged and cried together. I wish we could have been down there the whole time. I was so disappointed when they left. It was an awesome concert and definately not my last.

Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 3:46 PM

FATE. that is what comes to mind when i think about the concert i went to on friday night. i am of course talking about the backstreet boys. most everyone has been to a concert, or heard so much about them they feel as if they've been to one. anyhow the show was absolutely out of this world. (they get better each time i go-this was my third concert) now for each show my friend and i have had the same seat numbers (me 3, her 2) totally by random so we thought maybe something would happen and boy were we in for the time of our lives!!!

willa, and jungle brothers opened for the guys and really got the crowd going-better than mandy, and eyc ever did. then the guys came out and the crowd went so nuts. there was so much energy from both the crowd and the guys themselves, and the crowd just sang right along with the guys almost the entire show. it was so good that i still dont have a voice from all the screaming i did. confetti came down over the whole arena and so i saved a bunch of that-and then it was over, but our night was just beginning. as we were leaving my friend megan saw this girl she knew from drill team back in cincinnati and she was with her sister and another girl. we ended up hangin out with them cuz they were all about finding the guys-and who could resist that temptation?? as we were standing there we heard someone mention them going bowling, but we had no idea where one was so we just drove all over downtown. since they STILL didnt have a room booked we started checkin hotels (preferably one that had one of the guys-they were split up in case someone didnt know) and we pull up to the radisson and this guy with long hair comes out and jumps into this purple looking van and they speed away. we thought it looked suspicious so we followed them, at like 90 mph down the freeway and all of a sudden we saw this big pin (it turned out to be expo bowl-where the guys were) and we knew we had hit the jackpot. by that time it was 12 am, and there were like 15 maybe 20 others hangin out waitin on the guys to come out.

nick was the first to leave, he came out with willa (amanda, mandy..whatever her name is now) and she was so pretty!!! she didnt really let him stop but he cheesed really bad and flashes went off like crazy. next came brian and leighanne and she is so pretty too! they both had their heads kinda down so i couldnt get a good pic of them. anyways he is my absolute fav. and i so wanted to say congratulations to them, but i was so star struck i couldnt. my friends said my jaw hit the ground when i saw him, and i started crying but i was so happy! then we waited in the freezin temps for what seemed like forever and then about 400 am aj came out, lookin fine. he just walked right up to the crowd, much to the dismay of his bodyguard (who wanted him to get into the van) and yeah he got mobbed but nobody hurt him. i couldnt touch him, i was too short and his bodyguard was trying to shield him and get him to his destination-the go carts. mindy, tommy (i got to touch/talk to him for like a sec!) and some others all went over and rode them as well. while i was over there howie came out and he also joined in riding the carts with the rest of them. finally they were done and started going back. these other people we were with came up to us all hysterical-they had gotten KEVIN'S AUTOGRAPH!!!! i was upset that i hadnt gotten it but seein aj..and howie too.

kristin and kevin had just gotten into the van when i got back but i could still see her and she looked really pretty also. anyways by about 5ish i'd say they'd all gotten into the vans and started back to their respective hotels. we got back at about 530 barely able to feel any part of our bodies (it was so cold) and like bouncing off the walls.

that night was so great i couldnt have asked for more. but before i forget we went to the hard rock after we went shopping on sat morning-i bought that 33 shirt nick wears for iwitw, and i saw mindy-cant miss that hair!!-and the waitors/waitresses were dancing on the table (during the ymca) and then a waitor came over to the 5 of us and we got to lead larger than life and i think some people got pics and i'd really love to see some of those so if anyone has any please let me know. sorry this is so long. i just had to share my wonderful backstreet experience. i hope they know how much they mean to so many people. everyone ktbspa!!

holly, cincinnati,ohio

From: Lisa M Harris []
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 5:16 AM

This is my spring break, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate it than to see the Backstreet Boys up close and personal! Me and three friends took Indianapolis by storm on Friday, March 10 when we made it our mission to find where the Boys were staying and at least get a wave or some eye contact....and we certainly succeeded! We were walking around downtown Indy when we spotted a big, black tour bus with gold swirls pulling up outside a classy hotel and knew it was the Boys. No other fans had figured this out yet so we raced to get a good view as security guards lined up and Howie and AJ stepped from the bus. We yelled, they waved, and we snapped pictures as they walked into the hotel. It was awesome. By then, fans were lining up and we had to move back. We waited out in the freezing cold for so long waiting to get a glimpse of our faves, but they were already in the hotel apparently. (My fave is Nick, two of my buds like Brian, and the other one likes Kevin). Nick's girlfriend "Willa" came out later and went to get food at Steak n Shake across the street (Could she have been getting Nick's french fries?). She stopped and said hi and told everyone that the Boys would be leaving around five. I should get to the actual concert review now, so I will say that we got pics of all five boarding the bus and riding off to Conseco Fieldhouse. The actual concert was amazing!

This is our second one, and we were determined to get awesome seats regardless of the price. We scored seventh row on the floor...but the way the seats were set up, our row was closer than most of the fourth-row seats. And we were right by the pathway that leads backstage. We sat through two so-so opening acts and got our cameras and signs ready for the Boys to emerge on their flying boards. My friend Tonya was celebrating her 20th birthday that night and her only wish was to have Brian wave at her. When the guys flew right over us, she held up her big "HI BRIAN" sign and he pointed at her and waved for a good five seconds as she snapped pictures of it. She was soooo happy. We were soooo close to the stage we couldn't believe it. They opened with LTL and the first thing we noticed was how good they all looked, especially Nick with his new hair cut and AJ with his blond hair and different goatee. We were amazed. They launched into awesome performances of "Get Down" and "Don't Want You Back" and when they emerged with their new black outfits on we nearly died. When Brian flew over us during QPGWMH he did a cute little "prayer" and pointed at us again. A little five-year-old girl in front of us nearly melted when Kevin came off the stage to hand her some stuffed animals that were thrown on stage. It was so sweet! And when Nick took over the drums and Kevin played his piano solo on BTYH we screamed louder than ever. What talent! Yeah, the Boys can't play their own instruments! Anyway, it was the fastest two hours of my life but the highlight came at the end. The guards let us rush the stage, so we all got up to the front row and flashed our signs and took incredible pictures of the guys during "It's Gotta Be You" and "I Want it That Way". We got soaked with AJ's water and the girl next to me caught Kevin's sweaty towel.

The best part for me was when Nick and Howie saw our hilarious signs. Nick covered his eyes, nudged Howie, and pointed to us. Howie shook his head, laughed, and did a cute little dance while trying not to mess up his verse. I guess we embarrassed both of them, but atleast they will remember us! Our signs were kinda off-beat, but they weren't offensive or anything. Just attention-getting. Anyway, after IWITW, my friend Tonya (the birthday girl) managed to squeeze past security and got to touch every single Boy as they rushed backstage after the concert. She got a picture of Nick when he was about six inches away from her. And Howie grabbed her hand and did a cute little secret handshake thing...he didn't let go! She didn't wash that hand for hours and was so ecstatic to have their sweat on her hand. Lucky girl! All in all, it was the BEST concert I have EVER been to...and only because we were so close to the Boys and got them to notice us. They put on an amazing show and I hope that they don't stop touring/performing for a long least come back to Indy again! We love you! And my friend had the best birthday of her life, so thanks!

Concert Reviews: 3/10/00, Indianapolis, IN

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 8:24 AM

I recently went to the Backstreet Boys concert at the Conseco Fieldhouse on March 10th. They had signs up everywhere saying something about by going to this concert you were saying you could be used in a video. Also, when Kevin spoke to the audience he said something about smiling for the camera. I'm not sure about this, but if there's a video I hope I'm in it!

From: Amy Muething []
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 1:25 AM

Well, i went to the Indianapolis concert on march10 and of course it was absolutely awesome! our seats were so close we were i'd say only seven to ten feet away from them it was great. my friends and i are now proud to say that all of them have noticed us and picked us out in the crows. In cincinnati, all the stupid people left before they sang iwitw so when they walked around to say goodbye kevin saw us there and laughed and waved and pointed to us. then friday at Indy, howie and aj were on our side a ton and waved to us a couple of times. brian saw us during iwitw. he waved and pointed to the ball he was holding and we started jumping up and down. he tried to throw it to us but it missed and landed two rows in front of us. he laughed and shrugged his shoulders. but the best was definately nick. my friend emma adores him and so anytime he was on our side she would jump up and down and scream so loud and fling this boa she was wearing around. he always gave her really weird looks. it got to the point he'd barely even look up when he was on our side. i think he was scared of her! there were some really great signs. the best was the one somebody kept holding up whenever kevin was near them that said nice package and nice a** on the other side. it was so funny! but the best part, hold your breath girls.....they taped it! it's the show they're putting on home video. there were cameras everywhere and then nick said we got an extra special surprise you'll find out in a second during his intto. then kevin came out last and was like guess what, this is it! we're taping you guys. it was totally cool! there was a camera right next to us and i think we're on it a couple of times! well talk to y'all later!


Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 8:50 PM

Hey everyone! I saw the Backstreet Boys on Friday night, March 10.. So I got there and the woman couldn't find our section, F2. We were supposed to be in the 7th row. After awhile, she told us to just pick a seat in this certain section, which had only 4 rows. It turns out, everyone in the section was in the same situation that we were.....we were all supposed to be in 7,8,9,10 rows, but we got there instead. I got FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a dream come true for me, I started freaking out!!! We were so close to the stage it was amazing. I made an 8'10 sign for each of the guys that said their name on it. So I held up AJ's when he was near and he saw it and said, into the microphone, "Hello." Then later he saw me fumbling with all my signs and he said to me, "1, 2, 3, 4,5," like counting on his fingers. "You have one for all of us?" And I nodded and smiled, and he laughed and walked away. It was so cute. And Kevin also saw my sign for him and he said hello to me, and the same for Brian. I touched Howie's hand at the end of the concert!

Ok, now for the coolest part......The guys sang IWITW and Nick and Brian were wearing these cool jerseys. At the end of the song, which is the end of the show, Brian took off his jersey, crumpled it up and threw it into the audience. It came right towards me and me and this girl both grabbed it in the air. We started to both pull it to the point where I was lying on my back almost on the ground. Finally I managed to get it and I stood up screaming!!!!!! I GOT BRIAN'S JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my favorite too.

The show was over and her mother started yelling at me, I mean really yelling. She was soooooooo mad. She said "You fight dirty," and stuff like that, and accused me of stealing it from her daughter. She said that she should just grab it from me and that she should call security on me and told me I scratched her daughter (I don't know how, because my hands never left the jersey.) Anyway, I felt really bad, but I don't think I did anything wrong, I mean, we both grabbed it while it was in the air, and I wasn't just going to give it up to her easily. I'm feeling really guilty right now, but I feel that I didn't do anything inappropriate. I just want to say to the girl, if you are reading this, or if a friend of yours is: I am very sorry if I scratched you. If I did, it was entirely on accident!! I would never, ever, ever, ever do that on purpose. I know you are dissapointed, but I know you had fun at the concert too. Please don't be mad at me!

So now I have Brian's jersey. It says "Littrell" on the back of it and it is blue and white! It was the most amazing concert ever. The guys put on a great show, their voices were like angels. They said that our concert was being filmed for a home video of their world tour. I am so happy!! It was definitely the best night of my life. It has always been a dream of mine to be in the front row. And getting Brian's shirt off his back is something I could have never dreamed of.


Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 5:37 PM

I saw the concert last night (March 10,2000) in Indianapolis and let me tell you, I had a ball!! I screamed! I sang! I danced! I even brought home some confetti! (lol)

This is my second concert of The Millennium Tour so I knew what to expect.There were, however, some differences between the 2 that I would like to share....The new "Batman-Like" costumes in the beginning and the pinstripe suits which replaced the not so popular pink ones -which I happened to like, although these ARE better. They looked even "Hotter"in them, If that is possible.

Most of you know the song order if you've read previous reviews , so I'll just try to cover the highlights of the show I attended....

Indianapolis LOVED Brian!!! Follwed by a tie between Aj and Nick!!!

"Larger Than Life" AJ and Nick came out wearing helmets-you couldn't even see their faces. Their entire entrance is SPECTACULAR!!!!

"Don't Want You Back" (Ladder dance) AJ and Kevin hung upside down most of the time, Howie and Brian were sitting on top and Nick satyed on his for only seconds.

"The Perfect Fan" Kevin(my favorite) is going to make a GREAT DAD!! He looked so sweet with his little girl! In my opinion, It is better when the fans chosen for that are younger, under 12 or even younger! I love seeing how the "Fellas" interact with them.

"Back To Your Heart" Kevin's piano solo**sigh**...Nick played the drums!

I can't believe the amount of people that left half way through the concert...way before the encore even. Why bother going if you are not going to stay until the end? I just don't get it.

This show was better then the first one that I saw! Fans were allowed to bring in signs on this leg of the tour. In the fall, they had to sneak them in! The "Fellas" seemed to be having more fun too.

The "Fellas" (In alphabetical order,,,showing NO favoritism, yeah right!)

AJ He is sporting a new look! His hair is shaved in the back and on the sides, it is very short on top and it is a blondish yellow. He also got his dance moves back! He looked FINE!!!

BRIAN He looked GREAT!! At the end he was spinning a beach ball on his finger and then a basketball too! He also took off his jersey and threw it into the crowd and 1 lucky girl caught it!

HOWIE He looked good! When Nick introduced him as "Freaky M C D" and he did his little rap, That was GREAT! His hair wasn't in a ponytail for the last 2 songs-that was a switch. He also stole Aj's pink cowboy hat and was wearing it at the end.

KEVIN My Favorite...HOT! HOT! HOT!!!! However,He had "Grammy Hair" Which I didn't like at first, But now it is growing on me a little bit everyday! ( I still think it needs to be a little bit shorter, But who the hell am I?) I love the way he is in control in the beginning...

NICK HOT!HOT! Let me just say that Nick is giving Kevin a run for his money as my favorite. His hair! His Body! His Tattoo's! His Voice! His Playfullness on stage!!! **sigh**

All in all, this concert was just like the others - just in a different city! The "Fellas" seemed to be having a GREAT time and I can't wait until next time!!!

1 final thought...I am an older fan( I turned 30 a few days after Brian's Birthday) that is not afraid to admit my love for The Backstreet Boys ...especially after last night! Older fans are coming out of the closet!!!!! The concert that I attended, although teenage girls and younger girls were still the majority, it is becoming more diverse. The Backstreet Boys aren't just for Young Girls anymore. They are for EVERYONE!!! Dads, Moms, Guys, Twenty-somethings, Thirty-somethings, even older, Guys, and then , of course, the Young Girls and the Teenage Girls.

Just steal one of Howie's favorite quotes; "Keep The Backstreet Boys Pride Alive"


From: Kaity Zhang []
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 1:30 PM

I'm was in Conseco Fieldhouse, March 10th, last night with my friend Jiening, screaming my head off like a deranged teenybopper on cocaine (I had some frappucino that night so the caffeine was working!), waving my Howie sign crazily. It was derived from the "Got Milk?" ad that they did. Except mine said "Got Howie?" and it had an enlarged picture of Howie with his milk mustache. So how was my very first Backstreet Boys concert?

The Jungle Brothers were...OK. I didn't like their stuff but they did a good job of hyping people up...but I would've too had I been down there, screaming,"I say Backstreet, you say Boys!" Mandah, Mandy, Willa Ford, Nick's girlfriend, or whatever you want to call her...was good but another Britney-Spears-pop-artist. Arg. Finally, after waiting around for about 45 minutes, the lights went down and the band came up, as did the dancers. Holy s*** that place was loud! The screaming was incredible, but of course, I was one of the people screaming! :)

The guys flew out of their little black box to the Star Wars theme, which was awesome b/c I love Star Wars. It was AJ and somebody else who had helmets on so I had no idea who they were and after they flew around and landed, they took off the helmets and started doing Larger Than Life. Nicky was so cute! I just wanted to go down there and pat him on the head and pinch his little cheeks...except I'm, like, 5'1 (power to the short peeps!) and I'd have to stand on a stool or something. AJ has blond hair! Howie...*wheez**wheez* (Just give me some time, OK?), Brian was so...cheeky, and Kevin...yeah, OK, the Ancient One looked nice too. They sang LTL, Get Down, and The One. I was screaming the whole time and that very day, I had promised to myself I'd behave like the civilized, mature 16 year old I am...not a crazed teenybopper. So much for that.

Of course, they did the whole introduction thing: "Hi, I'm Nick Carter--" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! "--and I'd like to thank you for being here." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Heck, there was never a quiet moment. AJ said he would move to Indy b/c of all the beautiful women. Yes, I'm aware he says that every show but whatever.

They changed into black leather...once again, *wheez, wheez* Somebody kill me now. They soared during Quit Playing Games. I wished they had soared higher, man, but it was awesome. Howie did this little Hail-Mary thing before he took off and AJ was awesome, dangling upside down and doing fancy flips! That's my Bone! And the ladders...Kevin looked like he was afraid of going on them! LOL Nick scrambled up his like a squirrel to a tree and just sat there. How cute. Later on, AJ was trying to do ballet and did these pseudo-twirls. It was so great!

The Perfect Fan was so cute. The little girls and their mothers...awwww. Pissed me off that they were all little girls. I mean, yeah, I was up on the balcony, but if I had been down there, I would've just leaped up on stage and wrapped my arms around Howie's legs. ("Take me, Howie!!!! Take me!!!") Nah, it was sweet. The mother who went up with Howie w/ her daughter...she wrapped her arms around Howie's waist, like, "Lay off, all of you...he's MINE!" It was so funny. :) And Kevin's girl...she was so nervous she could barely say her name. (We finally concluded it was Kate. You're lucky, girl!)

Kevin did his piano-playing thing for Back to Your Heart and Mindi stood there and they just played together. It was so beautiful. The guys all came out later and Nick got on the drums. Awwww...I swear, that is a 5 year old little boy stuck inside a 19-year old's body. He's not sexy AT ALL. He's just so adorable!!!!!!

They sang some more songs, one of which was Everybody. You should know how the crowd reacts to that song now: "Am I sexual?" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) It was so fun. This girl in the front kept holding up a sign saying "Nice Package!!!!" LOL

My favorite part was when they came out and sang Spanish Eyes in those retro, 50's pinstripe tuxedos...*WHEEEEEEEEZ* They changed again into their own little outfits, normal clothes. Howie actually went down and touched everybody's hand. It was so hilarious. The bodyguard was running after him, like,"Wait, sir, Mr. Backstreet can't do that...please go back up on stage, sir...sir?" Howie just kept moving and completely ignored the guy. And then AJ did it after that. Muahahaha! Take that, evil security! Somebody threw something up on stage during a song and they were lined up dancing, and it almost hit one of the guys. YO PEOPLE! Try not to send them to the emergency room, okey? Oooh, ooh, ooh, and Howie's hair was down!!! I started screaming at the top of my lungs and Jiening goes,"He looks like a girl!!!" Arg. He did his MC-Freaky-D rap...yeah, he sucked, but whaddya expect? Rapping's for AJ.

And then towards the end, they introduced the band and the dancers. Everybody cheered really loudly for Tommy (you go, boy!) and Mindi's hair looked awesome! It was blond and the ends of it were pink-tipped. Awesome. When Nick introduced the keyboard playing guy, he started banging on the keys and looked at everybody with that cute, little smirk he always does. Wow, Nicky...such talent. The whole time, a beach ball was being tossed around and Nick and Brian got up on the circular platform in the middle and were twirling it in their fingers, trying to outdo one another. Awwww.

They came out one last time in jerseys to sing I Want It That Way. It was so great. Loooooooved it! Next time, I'm getting front row seats, man! After the concert, I immediately ran out to see if maybe I could catch a glimpse of something. Jiening wanted to touch the tour bus so we asked the security guard. Of course, we felt stupid: "Um...can we just touch the bus?" He was nice but he said, no, sorry, not unless you have a VIP pass. So we walked by and saw this exit all these girls were running out so we ran out and sneaked past the guard and touched the buses. Yeah, I know. Pathetic. But that was the closet we got to the BSB! OK...I'll end this.


Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 12:19 PM

When the "Into The Millennium" tour started, Indianapolis, Indiana didn't have a date for a concert. About midway through December we found out they were to come to Indianapolis and do two shows. A friday and Saturday night on March 10 and 11. My mom managed to get tickets to both, and I am so grateful for that. I spent three months waiting for this concert, and finally it arrived. Thursday night I spent with my best friend Wendy getting ready and making our signs. Mine read "Everybody knows: You're Original, you're the only one, you're sexual. Friday morning came and I didn't have to go to school, so I spent all morning getting ready so I would look perfect the Backstreet Boys! I got to Conseco Fieldhouse at about 2:00, and the show didn't even start until 7:30. There were already tour busses there for the opening acts and for the crew and band.

The security guards had our hopes up that they would sign autographs, but that never happened. At about 4:30 the Backstreet Boy's busses began to drive up. The windows were tinted, but I saw A.J. He was wearing a red baseball hat. Finally they let us into the doors at 6:00. We waited so patiently through The Jungle Boys and through Amanda Willaford. (Nick's on and off again girlfriend) Since I was on the floor we could see where the boys were signing autographs. Every time they would open the door we could catch a glimpse. And then the show started. They came out flying on little surf board type things that glew in the dark. Then they started "Larger Than Life." They were wearing these outfits that resembled a night. (You know like in a castle). They changed outfits I believe 6 times, and each was better than the last. Then, they did "Get Down," "The One," "As Long As You Love Me," and Don't Wanna Lose You Now." At the beginning of "Quit Playing Games" they all came out and soon they harnessed themselves and they began to fly again. Nick, who is my personal fave, was to my left, and A.J. was to my right. After that, they did "Don't Want You Back," and then "The Perfect Fan." During "The Perfect Fan" mothers and their daughters are supposed to be invited onstage. Only two of the girls had their mothers with them, and surprisingly enough, all of them were proabably only about 6 years old.

Next, the platform on the stage went up, and there was Kevin sitting at a piano getting ready to play "Back To Your Heart." For this song they all sat down and sang. Next was "Everybody", and that turned into "We've Got It Going On." Then came "That's The Way I Like It," and "Spanish Eyes." For "I'll Never Break Your Heart" they all sat around on stools in the middle of the stage. It was awesome, but very hard to see the guys that were facing the other way. They did, "No One Else Comes Close", "All I Have To Give", "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely", and "It's Gotta Be You." After that they introduced the dancers and the band. As everyone thought the concert was over, they stage came back up as they sang, "I Want It That Way" twice. Then all kinds of confetti fell from the sky. Then the concert was over!!!!! I went outside w/ my friend to wait for my mom, and I talked to the security guards. They told me that the boys were going to the Expo Bowl so I begged my mom to take us. In my heart I realy didn't think they would be there, but when we got there I saw a couple of fans, and some security people. The only people that were allowed inside were vip's. So that means I was stuck outisde. I went around to the side door, and BAM! there were the Backstreet Boys!. About 20 feet away from me! (but inside!).

Actually only Brian, Howie, Nick were there at that point, and A.J. and Kevin showed up later. I was so close to them yet so far away. And do you wanna know who else was there? Leighanne, Brian's fiance. It was horrible. They were kissing and everything!!!! And I just happened to see Nick put his arm around "Willa" his on and off again girlfriend. After A.J. and Kev showed up, I saw A.J. all over some girl who defiantly resembled Amanda Latona. I'm not sure if it were her or not, but it sure looked like her, big nose and all. (Sorry) It was so weird seeing the Backstreet Boys acting normal. I mean I'd never seen them like that before. Well, the party didn't end until 4:30 so we just went ahead and left at around 3:45. I tell you, this was the best concert I've ever been to. And you know what? I'm going back again tonight!

Heather Stokes

From: Mark []
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 1999 11:46 AM

Ok we got there and we seen the buses. So we stood outside freezing our asses off. It was so cold. We seen the blond dancer in one of the big black buses(She smokes). Ok so now to the concert. It was GREAT!!! The open act the Jungle Brothers were not the best i would of rather seen EYC again. But the other opening act Willa Ford was really cool. She was like a Mandy Moore but with more energy. Ok now to the best part The BACKSTREET BOYS!!! We all know they came out flying! They looked so good. A.J. looked awsome. And when Howie took his ponytail out we could have died. He was so sexy like that. Nick was shaken his ass. He looked great. So did the cousins!!! OK but over the looks because its all about the music. A.J. started like rolling on a beach ball when they were introducing the band and dancers. It was real cute. nick was getting into INBYH!! It was great. Were going again today so we'll telll ya all about it too!!!

Ashley and Samantha, Indiana

Concert Reviews: 3/9/00, Cleveland, OH (Part III)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Diane Agnew []
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 8:53 PM

After we went to Tower City, a 3 level shopping mall where they had a Pre Concert party,we walked to the Gund Arena around 7:00. The lobby was absolutely STUFFED with excited fans. Everyone held their tickets anxiously as they waited to get in. Once we finally did, we got the little coupon that said something about the free concert photo, blah blah blah......we found our seats, which were in the club level. It was ok, though, because the seats were really steep so there weren't any people's heads in the way.

Then we went out and looked at the cool but expensive BSB merchandise, and I got a shirt, keychain and comic book. (If you didn't get the comic book at the concert, people, you missed out on a whole lot) Then we went back in, and about half an hour later, the Jungle Brothers came out. I thought the breakdancer was really good and so was their rapping.

Next was Willow. As others have said, she can't dance at all, but her backup dancers were really quite good. I think she was lip syncing, but I couldn't see it that well.

Then the guys came out on their spaceboards. They didn't do much on those. After they landed, they just went around the stage and everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs. As soon as Nick said "Hellooooooo.....!" it got about 5 times as loud. I STILL had a ringing in my ears 2 days after the concert!

Anyway, first they sang Larger Than Life. All 25,000 girls and moms and dads and EVERYONE were getting into it. I mean, nobody was just sitting or standing there. I, for instance, was singing at the top of my lungs and I couldn't even hear myself. Then I screamed whenever Brian or Nick started singing, along with everyone else.

Then they did their personal thank-yous. AJ said HI to everyone at the top and in the front, then he said that he wanted us to scream as loud as we could for the rest of the show. (so we all did.) Nick talked about his comic book, and Howie, Kevin, and Brian just said thanks to everyone.

A little while later, they played The Perfect Fan. 5 REALLY REALLY REALLY lucky girls (all under the age of 14, which I thought was kind of stupid) got to go up on stage with their moms and this little 7-year-old got to hold Nick's hand and she could hardly reach! It was really cute.

After The Perfect Fan, they sang Back to Your Heart with Nick on drums and Kevin on piano. Kevin was actually really good, and Nick was too.

Next, they did Everybody (BSB's Back), and everyone screamed for that, too. At the end, AJ only had a thin tank top on, and he ripped it right in half. It was just plain cool. After that song, they flew over the crowd on their harnasses. Brian sprayed everyone with silly string.

Then they introduced the dancers and band, so we all knew that it was close to being over. I thought that the dancers' clothes were kind of, well, dumb.....they were all belly shirts. Once had the Playboy bunny, and one said I Love Boys. AJ introduced Mindi, the band's sax player, as his "personal tattoo artist". They bowed, then went backstage. Everybody thought it was over, but they had yet to sing I Want It That Way.

They let the crowd sing on IWITW, and we actually managed to do it, which was pretty cool. Another awesome thing about that song was that they wore personalized Cleveland Indians jerseys. '

All in all, it was an awesome concert, and anyone who has good seats has a great experience!


Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 8:12 PM

March 9th 2000 by far was the best day of my whole entire life. First off waiting in line at 12:00am-10am in the cold streets of Cleveland in mid-December was well worth it for March 9th. First off the Jungle Brothers were so cool. They got the crowd going singling 'When i say Jungle you say Brothers.. and When I say Backstreet you say Boys". After the 2 guys from the Jungle Brothers got off.. "Willa" came on. Well she got a bad review in the Plain Dealer, and she got one from me too. She wasn't a "bad" singer--oh wait. She lip-syned. At the beginning her head was faced down and her mouth wasn't moving and the song began. But she got the crowd going a bit and that's all that matters. 45 LONGLONGLONG awaited minutes later the Boys decided they wanted to come out :). THey came out about 8:45-ish. And it was great. They came on their boards and then came on stage. The moved around the whole stage with Kevin nodded his head 3 times when they would move! Larger than Life began. I could continue with the whole concert, but I'll only tell the really good parts!!!! In Everybody when Nick says "Am I Sexual" it was GREAT!!!! Seeing as he only did it once he better have made it good!!!

Aj got on his pole and flipped backwards while singing Dont Want You Back!! It was soo good. He looked right in my camera when he was upside down!! (go aj!!) And let's just say in Spanish Eyes I fell in love with Nick-again. It's kinda obvious that Howie D doesn't wink anymore, but.... At this concert he WINKED at me and my friend!!!! It was great. Kevin smiled :) andAJ waved also!! ALSO... Brok giggled at me, and waved(it was sooo awesome). But the best thing at the concert happened to me when Nick was at my side and he was looking at everyone, and I know he noticed me.. but he was being cute and didn't wave. So he's looking at me and then looked away.. :)! So then he starts walking away, and I wish he would have waved to me. ANd then he stopped , waitied, turned around, looked right in my eyes, smiled, raised his eyebrows, and waved. OMG it was the best thing EVER!!!!! =) ( and NOOOO i swear to you I am not lying!) Some people didn't think that i can be exactly positive they were smiling at me, but I was 2 rows away from Leighanne and Mandy-"Willa"-ford, which means i had GREAT seats. And nobody was standing infront of behind me, so I kinda know.. I mean Nick's eyes were incontact with my eyes :) *best feeling in da world* WEll anyways, Hope you liked the review!!! I have to add one last thing. At the beginning of the concert NICK says "I Remember CLEVELANd being able to scream a little louder than this, I mean I know we haven't been here in awhile ...." and Let's just say this 2 years waiting was ALL WORTH IT!!! After the concert I LOVED BSB More!! :)

LUv, Ashley!!!!

Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 5:38 PM

It's Jen again. Here is my last review from the *Into The Millenium tour* I'm a little saddened to say the least. I have had the awesome chance to see the boys on this tour 3 times. In Philadelphia, Pa on Sept, 30th 1999, State College, PA on Feb, 11th 2000, and Cleveland, Oh on March 9th 2000. I have to take this time now to reflect, and tell you all how I feel to be a Backstreet fan. (like ya'll didn't know this already.) I have met so many wonderful friends, and I have many memories that will last a lifetime. But lets get to the fun stuff now!!

Cleveland, Ohio - Gund Arena. March 9th, 2000

I am coming to the conclusion that no matter how high your seats are you have a great time! I am from Pennsylvania, and I flew to Ohio to see the boys. I also had the incredible oppurtunity to meet three of the best friends I will have for the rest of my life. Of course I met my friends from the internet. My frinds and I belong to group called Backstreet 18.

No matter how many times I see the boys, I always get that excited feeling. The boys were supported by two new acts on this leg of the tour. The Jungle Brothers, and of course *Willa*. TJB were very infectious and were a great addition to the tour. They know how to pump a crowd. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of Willa but I have to give her a bit of credit for pumping the crowd, and that is all I will say about that.

Ta da... The Boys.

The lights went down and My hands went over my eyes, and my body started to shake. What is it about these guys??? Have any of us figured this out yet? I looked to my left and there was Jodi, with her eyes attached to her Binoculars. (Can't miss any of that AJ action!!) and next to her was Martine. (The resident Nick- a - holic) . and to my left was Nat. ( The devoted Brian fan ) By the way, I am Kevin's fan till the end ( Libra's Rock baby!) The Star Wars theme began to play and that was it. I screamed so loud that I lost my voice there and then. I absolutely love the new costumes for the beginnng of the show. Was it Kevin that said they needed new ones because the other ones started to fall apart? Now that is something that I would love to see.

As usual they went through the list of tunes, from *The One* to *Quit Playin Games* To my favorite concert tune. *That's the way I like it*. I think that they throw that song in there to throw off the not so diehard fans.

Another thing that changed this time around were the *Pepto Bismol suits* They are now wearing lavender and grey that I must say is very flattering. During Kevin's solo of *Back to Your Heart* Nick decided to accompany him on the drums. Which is very cool to see Nick playing again.

All in all the show was incredible. I must say that I do think that the boys are starting to get tired, I believe that they have given they're all to us for the last year and a half, and they now deserve a break. We don't want our boys all tired out now do we?? Besides, we need to start saving up again!

So now it's time to say good-bye to all of you from my last show from the tour. I know that when they get back they will be better than ever. and I am looking for ward to it...

Luv, and Eyebrows..

Jen Long

Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 3:41 PM

That was my first BSB concert ever, and I LOVED IT. That was the best concert I have been to!!!!!!! The Jungle Brothers were pretty cool, and Willa...well I don't think anyone wanted her there. But on to the main reason why I went :) When there was the intermission in between Willa and BSB, my friends and I were just sitting there looking at the black box (that they come out of) and waiting to see like tips of heads and stuff. Eventually we saw Nick's head and people started screaming...he waved his hands around in the air and stuff. When they finally came out the place errupted with screams, it was awesome. It was seats were club seats section 125. We could see everything, except for one side, and Kevin was in our section for QPGWH, which rocked b/c he is my favorite :) I'd have to say that my personal favorite part of the concert was when Kevin, Brian, and Howie came out in The Indians (baseball team) jerseys or when Kevin and Nick played "Back to Your Heart". They looked so cute :) AJ's hair was cute..and Howie's rap was funny. They were all being cute and funny. I must admit that it was weird to finally see them in person...and afterwards it all seemed like a dream. But in a whole, the concert was amazing and fun to watch. I had been waiting for that day for a long time, and it was well worth the wait. I will never forget it. I just hope all my pictures came out!!!!!


Concert Reviews: 3/9/00, Cleveland, OH (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: kara kirby []
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 5:54 PM

This was my second Backstreet concert and it was by far the best concert that I have ever been to. I can't remember the order of the songs, but I had a smile on my face for the full 2 hours that they were on stage. I wasn't all that impressed with the opening acts, mainly because I had never heard of either of them and I didn't know their songs. I didn't really expect the Boys to come on stage through the little black box at the back of the arena, so that was a big surprise. I really liked the round stage because we had 2nd balcony seats and we could see them perfectly. They were so awesome that it is really hard to describe it. After this concert and my first I came away in awe of AJ because I think he has such a different personality on stage than he does on tv or in interviews. He was beautiful. Nick also has a stage presence(sp?) that is hard to describe. He seems so comfortable up there. My only question is, Can these boys keep their feet on the ground? They flew in, they flew during one of the songs, they climbed those pole things (that didn't look like they were very secure on the stage, it made me nervous). But I have no complaints at all. I will remember it forever.

From: Sarah []
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 2:28 PM

I attended the BSB concert on March 9 at the Gund arena! I had floor seats in section 3, row Q! (right in front of the box!) The concert was amazing when they first came out Howie was staring right and my Best friend, Lindsey, and me! Brian and Nick were on our side the mojority of the time which made the concert even better! Brian flew right over us too! The singing was great and the dancing was amazing! AJ was lookin good with his blond hair and really gave his all even though he was coughing and sneezing the enitre show, my mom told me that..she had different seats then me adn he was on her side! By the end of the show I had made my way up to the front and when Nick was hanging upside down over the stage he was staring at us (the mob that us right in front of him) then I was sprayed with his water! Brian Kevin and I think Howie too were all wearing Cleveland Indians jerseys with their names on the back during IWITW! I got a picture with Mandah..I mean Willa Ford..she was pretty nice and I walked past Leighanne..she is soo pretty! At the end of the show I ran over to where they ran backstage adn Nick, Howie, and AJ ran by and the I touched all the band member when they ran by! I also got a rose from the BSB! It was the bestest night of my life!

Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 12:21 PM

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Boy's concert in Cleveland, on March 9th. (Not without having to get up at 4 AM or stand in line for 5 hours on a freezing morning in December though!) I had seats 9 rows off of the floor, and thought that they'd be decent enough to really enjoy the concert, because last time I'd seen them (on their 98 summer tour) i couldn't even see the stage from where I was. So i was ecstatic when I reached my seats and realized the stage was maybe 100 feet away and the row we were in didn't have rows infront of us, because underneath us was an enterence backstage. (I actually spotted Leigh Anne right underneath us on the floor....although it took me until she was showing her ring to a fan to realize who it was! LOL, for all the fans upset, she seemed really nice, you guys!) Anyway, so me, my two younger sisters, and 2 of my friends sat there waiting for the concert to begin. We also sat through the entergetic set by the Jungle Brothers, who were cool, but seemed kind of out of place at a boyband concert. The other opening act, Willa or whoever she was (i think she's nick's g/f) had worse luck with the audience.

It didn't seem like anyone wanted her on that stage (and I don't blame them either.) She gave a bland preformance with a less-than-stellar singing voice, and I just wanted to laugh at some of the songs she sang! The outfits her dancers wore were cute though. And then came the big moment! The boys!! They darkend the arena, the dancers entered (right underneath me,again, lol) and boys! All of Cleveland seemed to be screaming then. The place went CRAZY! The boys sang Larger Than Life, and went right into Get Down. My friend and I especially loved this one, because of AJ and his....great stage moves, I guess you could call them. He He. They sang "The One"...the new single, I guess it would be. (And I was rooting for Don't Want You Back! Oh well...) I could go on with all the songs, but you've already read other people's reviews. It's the same thing! I have to say I had two favorite moments, though. I actually had the luck to get AJ and Brian to wave at me! (My sister also thinks Nick waved at us too, but that's only because she loves him so much, lol) I don't even remember what song it was, but my friend (who's name also happens to be AJ, lol) and I decided we were going to get one of the boys to wave at us, so we both started waving our arms trying to get them to notice us. Before we knew it, AJ was looking up at us, and he started waving his arms like I was. Then he started "rasing the roof" because that's what AJ (my friend) was doing.

He gave us a little wave and smiled....and we went crazy! I figured if I could get one, I could get another, so a couple of songs later, seeing as Brian is my personal fav, i started jumping up and down like crazy when he was on my side, and i think he noticed and gave me a wave.....probably out of pity, but none the same it was a wave! I was content for the rest of the night, loving everything I was seeing and couldn't believe my idols of over 2 years were right infront of me! Needless to say when the last notes of I Want it That Way played (it was cute too, Brian, Kevin and I think Nick all wore Cleveland Indian's jerseys....because we all know Cleveland the night was over, and now I have memories to last me a life time! I just hope all the pictures turned out!!


Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 10:51 AM

I was at the concert on March 9 at Cleveland, Ohio in Gund Arena

It is the best concert I ever been to! First, the Jungle brothers opened up for BsB, the this girl group with a girl named Willa. The after 15-30 min. or so the show started. It was awesome they sang 19 songs. Mostly from Millennium but some other songs from their first C.D. During Quit Playing Games, Nick flew over me and threw a stuffed animal at me. It was a pug with a rose in its mouth. I sat 6th row on the floor with my mom and my friends. I was very close to them. During the last songs, they came out with Cleveland Indians(our baseball team) with their last names on the back. Except for Nick. It was a very cool concert!!!!!

Concert Reviews: 3/9/00, Cleveland, OH

Date: Oct 02, 2000
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From: Mandy Grodin []
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 8:15 PM

I attended my first Backstreet Boys concert on March 9 in Cleveland, OH with my best Backstreet bud Emily. It was absolutely amazing, we had the time of our lives. We got downtown in the afternoon in hopes of possibly meeting the guys. We did not see the guys, but both Leighanne and Mandah came out of the door we were waiting by at the Gund Arena. Leighanne was holding a bag, and I quickly realized that the chiuauas had to be in there. And sure enough they were. They were running around on the grass near Jacobs Field. It was just so adorable. We were both very excited to see Lil Tyke playing around.

Now onto the concert. The Jungle Brothers opened the show and they were pretty cool. They did a good job of getting the crowd pumped up. They were doing a chant, "When I say Backstreet, you say Boys. That was a lot of fun.

Then Mandah came out, oh sorry I mean "Willa". She was okay. I was kind of actually surprised that they crowd responded very well to her. I did not hear one single "boo". That's because Cleveland fans rock! Then after waiting very anxiously for about 40 minutes, the boys finally came out at 8:45. I just couldn't believe I was actually seeing them live. And our seats were awesome, lower level, row 10 right in front of the stage. They came out of the black box and flew to the stage on their surfboards. I don't think that I ever screamed so loud in my life. I still can hardly talk, and I have a little sore throat. After they marched around the stage, they began the show with Larger Than Life. Then they sang Get Down and The One. Then they all introduced themselves. One of them said how they missed all of us Cleveland fans so much because it's been so long since they have been here. They also said how we really deserved this. No kidding, Emily and I have been waiting around 2 years to see them. But it definately was worth the wait. After As Long As You Loev Me they changed into their black outfits. Then they sang one of my personal favorite ballads, Don't Wanna Lose You now. After that was Don't Want You Back.

This performance was great. The dancing at the beginning and of course all of them on their poles was awesome. Nick was right in front of us and he was getting a little freaky with the pole. Brian kept swaying back and forth and Kevin was upside down at one point. During QPGWMH Kevin flew directly above us. He couldn't have been more than 10 feet away from us. He actally touched a few girls hands who were in the second level. Then they sang The Perfect Fan and brought up five mothers and daughters. Brian was singing on our side during the beginning and the girl who was walking around the stage was almost in tears. It was so sweet. After that the grand piano came out of the ceiling, so we knew that it was time for Back To Your Heart. Mindi and Kevin played a little solo together. That was great. Mindi plays one awesome saxaphone. During BTYH, Nick was also playing the drums. And we were very excited that the other three guys were sitting right in front of us singing. Someone threw a huge panda bear stuffed animal up to AJ and he put it in his lap. Then they sang the medley of Everybody, WGIGO, and TTWILI. This was absolutely amazing. It was one of my favorts parts of the show. Don't get me wrong though, I enjoyed the ENTIRE show. Then they changed into their gray pinstripe suits to sing INBYH, Spanish Eyes, NOECC and AIHTG. They all looked so great in those suits. And I must say that they all look great in person, we had a great view to see all of the guys perfectly. Then they sang SMTMOBL and dedicated it to Denniz Pop. I really enjoyed their dancing with the female dancers. Nick and Brain were right in front of us during that. Then they came out in their street clothes to sing It's Gotta Be You.

Kevin was wearing an orange tank top and Nick was wearing his Abercrombie/American Eagle style 33 jersey. We quickly realized that this night was going to end very soon. It was the quickest 2 hours of my life. Our wish came true at the end when they came back to sing IWITW when Brain, Kevin, and Howie came out in their Cleveland Indians jerseys. We were both going absolutely crazy because besides being huge Backstreet Boys fans, we are both huge Tribe fans. They even had their names on the backs. It was great. Then they said their goodbye's and the show ended. I kind of lost my hearing and my voice, but it was all definately worth it. Here are a few cute and funny things that happened during the concert. At one point, AJ pelvic thrusted a stuffed animal into the crowd. That was just so Aj. Brian was playing with a basketball someone had thrown up on stage. Someone threw up a beachball onto the stage and hit Brain on the head. It was so cute. Then he just started playing with it. Howie's rap was great. MC Freaky D-that was awesome! At the end Aj was going nuts up on stage. He started break dancing and doing some freaky things with the floor. Nick was also doing that at one point, AJ sure has rubbed off on him. Brian waved to Emily twice and Kevin waved to me once. Emily's 21st birthday is today (March 10), and that was a great gift to her. She got that "hello" from her favorite Backstreet Boy. We knew that they had to be waving at us because we were just about the only ones in our section who were screaming and jumping around trying to get their attention. And it sure worked. You could tell that the guys were having a great time up on stage. They were being very playful and were interacting a lot with the crowd.Everytime they mentioned the word, "Cleveland" the place went crazy.

It was such a great feeling having them in my hometown. We just got our pictures back and most of them came out great. My first Backstreet Boys concert was absolutely amazing. I'm a little upset that it's all over, but I have many great memories that we will last a lifetime. I can't wait until they come back to Cleveland!

From: Alexandra []
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 7:26 PM

Review on March 9, 2000 BSB concert in Cleveland.


I am still getting over the excitement of the concert. It was one I will never forget. The opening acts were OK. The Jungle Brothers were kind of cool and really got the audience into the performance. Willa Ford was not that great. Her songs were weird.

Now for the good part. Their entrance was so cool. I loved the way they flew over the crowd. Kevin was two feet away from me! The dancing was great. The dancers were really talented and you can see how much work they put into it. I especially liked "That's the Way I Like It", "Get Down", and "The One". The fireworks were also so exciting. At the end, the guys came out wearing Indians jerseys and sang "I Want It That Way". I hope to see another BSB concert as exciting as this one soon!

Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 3:58 PM

Ok well...I just thought I'd give you my review of the concert last nite. First off the opener's were The Jungle Boys-never heard of em, and Willa (Mandy Nick's gf). The Jungle Boys were kinda out there but they were still good. Then Willa hit the stage and she looks really different with brown hair. She was pretty good though. After that was over it took the BsB about 45 minutes before they came on. Everyone was getting kinda bored waiting around. Then the lights went out and the screams that never ended got a lot louder. To make a long story short-It was the best concert I've ever been to!!! I don't think I even had a fave song they all rocked! AJ looks really good with blonde hair too! But I hafta say that even though they all looked really really good, Nick was da best!!!! They performed at the Gund Arena and there were about 18,000 people there-sold out! Well...I can't think of anything else to say 'cept-BsB rock!!!


From: Danielle
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 11:35 AM

Yesterday my cousin and I drove three hours to Cleveland to see if we could possibly get tickets for the bsb concert there. We have been to two concerts before and had heard that in other cities they had released tickets at the box office about an hour before the show. Needles to say, we didn't get tickets, and we knew that that might happen. However, as I said before I have been to Columbus and Lexington for other concerts, and I have to say that Cleveland was the most unfriendly, disorganized arena I have ever been to. I felt unsafe, and I will probably never go back there again. I am not trying to offend anyone who lives in Cleveland, but I just wanted to voice my opinion on this arena! Thank you Danielle

From: Heather Scott []
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2000 11:45 PM

I just got home from the concert, and I must admit, it was one hell of a show! They manage to outdo themselves every time! I'd do a more descriptive review, but if anyone has read any of the reviews, its basically the same, just the show keeps getting better and better! Besides, I have to go to bed, My bus for Indianapolis leaves at 6:45 am, I'm going to the Indy show as well! I could never watch the into the Millenium tour too many times!

Concert Reviews: 3/7/00, St. Louis, MO (Part II)

Date: Sep 30, 2000
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From: Christy Barcus []
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 8:39 PM

I went to see the Backstreet Boys on March 7th and let me tell you it was awesome! It was second time time I had see the Backstreet Boys and I think the second time was a whole lot better. I wasn't in the front row or anything like that, but that didn't matter it was still a great show. My nephew and I had seats in the handicap seating area and they were great.

The first opening act were the Jungle Brother, who are two man rap group. I didn't think they were bad at all, but when I looked around in the crowd I only a few teenagers dancing and participating. They were only on stage for a few minutes it seemed like and then they were done. Then came came the next opening act Willa Ford, who I think couldn't sing at all and wanted to be a Brittany Spears wanna-be! Thank goodness she wasn't on stage for to long.

Well it was before 8:30 pm when Willa Ford got off stage, so that meant that the crowd of over 2000 (I think) had to to wait until a little before 9:00 pm for the Backstreet Boys to make their appearance and make their appearance they did! They came riding on their air surf boards flying through the air until they landed on stage. After they landed all five of them marched in formation like soldiers (along with their dancers) around the stage and stopped on each side of the stage all their fans could take pictures of them as a group (which I thought was very sweet of them to do), then came some pyrotechnics and then they started the concert with "Larger Than Life" which was awesome. All the songs they sang were great, but when they invited five of their fans and their moms up on stage and sang "Perfect Fan", which Brian wrote, I about cried because it so sweet seeing all five of the guys walking hand in hand with their little fans. To me it showed how much they do care about their fans and how much their fans cared about them.

There was only one song I thought they could have done differently and that was "I Want It That Way. " I didn't like it because they sang half of it and then talked a little then closed the show with the end of the song "It's Gotta Be You" and then confetti and the last bit of pyrotechnics went off and the show was over around 11:00 pm. Getting out of the Dome was a nightmare because there thousands of fans trying to get out, then there was a matter of waiting for our ride. I tried to call out from my cell phone, but it was all jammed up from other people trying to call out on their cell phones too! Then there was the matter of about 6 or 7 limousines coming to pick up certain fans! There were so many limos that traffic was backed up for miles. My nephew and I didn't get picked up until after 11: 30 pm. All in all it was the best night of my life!

Christy Barcus (Wheels(27/F))

From: Courtney Mette []
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2000 6:13 PM

My God, it was so awesome. This is my third BSB concert, second in St. Louis. It was a lot better than the one at Kiel. It could be that this time I had floor seats. I was in section L1 row 14, I was the very last seat in that row. From where I was sitting I had a really good view of when the guys came out of the black box. The worst part of the seating was that there was a camera crane in front of the section so that crane will definitley be in some of my pictures. Some of my fav parts were of course anything that Nick does, but I liked it when Howie and Brian talked about cheering for the Rams at the Super Bowl and Brian said he got to meet Kurt Warner, and he gae him a shout out. No one else has mentioned this, so I assume this was the first time Nick has done this, he played the drums for Back to you Heart. The best part of the whole concert was when it was over (no I was not glad it had to end) I was sitting right next to barricades that were put up. These happened to be the barricades that the boys ran through at the end of the show. The dancers came first, and a couple of them clapped my hand. The boys came next first was AJ, I may have touched his hand, but I can't remember, Nick was next, I was like an inch from touching him, but my best friend got to touch the towel that was around his shoulders. Howie was next, I didn't see the other two. The band came last, I yelled at Tommy but he didn't look at my was. I think I caught Mindi off guard when I took a picture of her, the flash was right in her face, I hope I didn't blind her. The last band member I saw, I think was Dennis, he got his hair cut shorter so I wasn't sure ( don't worry it was still long, just above his shoulders.) The last thing I'll mention is during the frst encore they released black and white beach balls advertising th online ppv concert,a nd they released long white balloons, I got 1 of each.

From: Jennifer L Fawver []
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2000 5:09 PM

First of all, let me start off by saying we were lucky enough to land 2nd row and it was amazing! I'll skip the opening acts because they were really short and I didn't care for them much. One was a rapper due called the Jungle Brothers and another was a lip-syncing Jennifer Lopez wannabe named "Willa Ford" (a.k.a. Nick's girlfriend).

Okay, the lights dimmed at about 8:45 and the crowd just went wild! We were all screaming so loud we couldn't hear anything else. All of the sudden, they appeared out of nowhere on the flying skateboards. I just lost it. I couldn't believe they were right there in person! They actually landed on the stage opposite from where we were sitting, so the other side got the first look at them. Well, we had to wait a minute or two for them to march around to each side of the stage. It was the most exciting thing I've ever been to! You have to wait for them to get to your side and it's the anticipation that gets you! Well, when they marched around to our side and just stood there and stared out into the audience, I just covered my mouth and screamed. My hands were trembling so bad! I could actually see drops of sweat on their faces! It was amazing! When they were standing there, Nick looked our direction, so I waved and he looked at me! It was the absolute weirdest amazing feeling. He saw me wave becaus e he didn't look away. I was trying to get him to smile, but they have to put on that serious face during the intro, you know. My mom saw it and she grabbed my arm and we screamed like 2 teenagers (I'm 25, she's 50!) LOL! They finally went into Larger Than Life. OMG, they were all dancing so sexy with the girl dancers and Nick got this totally HOT look on his face that just about made me faint! I about lost it right then and there! Next, they went into Get Down and The One. It was awesome. During The One, Nick went off the stage down the stairs and sang his part directly to a couple of lucky girls. Ooooh, I was jealous! It was sweet, though.

Next, they all went under the stage for a costume change and Nick stayed up and did a little monologue/speech thing thanking us, etc. He is SO FUNNY! He was making everyone laugh the entire time. Then he went under and they all came out in black outfits. They looked hot! They wore black leather pants that showed a little more than I was expecting, if you know what I mean. I'm not complaining. Let's just keep it at that. They sang As Long As You Love Me, Don't Wanna Lose You Now and Quit Playing Games. The only thing that sucked was that sometimes they are on the other side of the stage and you can't really see them. This usually lasted only a couple seconds, though. The concert was so awesome, I can't complain. After Quit Playing Games, they strapped themselves into these flying swings and swung through the air above the audience. AJ was on our side. He's so funny! He was making faces and stuff while he was flying above us. He dyed his hair blond (I don't like it), but he was still cute. He to ok his shirt off at one point. Everyone loved that!

They changed again and came out and sang Don't Want You Back. This song sounded so awesome! Lots of bass! Since it's a totally serious song, they were singing this one with some major attitude. It was cool. This time, Kevin and Howie were on our side. They switched back and forth. They were using the ladders, of course, and Kevin hung upside down. Howie was winking. Next, they brought up the mothers/daughters and sang The Perfect Fan to them. That was sweet. Next, Kevin got on the piano, Nick got on the drums, and the other three sat down on a step facing towards us and they all sang Back To Your Heart. It was really pretty.

They went down again and emerged from the middle of the stage wearing white pants, silver tanks and white jackets. They looked GOOOOOD! Very good! They sang a medley of Everybody and We've Got It Goin' On. We didn't see them head-on much during this because they spent a lot of time on other sides of the stage. Except I saw the side of Nick when he said, "AM I SEXUAL?" All the girls screamed of course (including me!). They made it our way next when they sang That's The Way I Like It. This REALLY had some sexy dancing and it was HOT! They were practically making out with the dancers on stage! There was one point where their faces get really close, like close enough to kiss (needless to say, I was a little envious!). This song was really fun because they were really getting into it and having a ball. Nick took his jacket off, so he was just wearing the white pants and silver tank. You could see his tattoos. He looked so good! What's all this I hear about him being fat? He is NOT fat - he was look ing FINE!!! I saw NO bulge in his tummy (I would've been able to see it in what he was wearing) and his arms look defined. I also noticed he has a great butt! Everybody needs to stop saying he's chubby or paunchy or any other cut downs they can think of. Just because he's filled out and not super skinny anymore doesn't mean that's a bad thing. He looks awesome and I wouldn't want him any other way. There, I said my piece.

After this, they changed into pinstripe suits that looked really sexy. Then they moved to the center and sat on stools in a circle and sang I'll Never Break Your Heart. Oooooh, this one was good. It sounds incredible live. After that song, they stayed seated and the center stage began to rotate very slowly during the whole next song which was No One Else Comes Close (one of my favorites!). Nick stood up off his stool during this one and really belted it out. He was really getting into it and it was awesome! From there, they put on the pinstripe jackets, got up and sang All I Have To Give. They came to our side for the hat dance. That was really awesome to see close up. They did an awesome job on this dance. Next came Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely on the stools again. What can I say about this one? They dedicated it to Denniz Pop. It's just an awesome song that needs no explanation! They sounded wonderful.

I knew at this point it was getting close to the end. I was right. They said their first round of goodbyes and left the stage. We all screamed for an encore. They came out and sang It's Gotta Be You in really casual sporty clothes. I LOVE that song! The introduced their dancers in the middle of the song and then Nick did another little monologue. I have no clue what he was talking about because the screaming was so loud, but he was being silly again (big surprise!). Then he was kind of playing "conductor" and having us sing the rest of the song with him. After that, they said goodbye again and left the stage. Well we all knew what was coming next.

They took a few minutes to come back, building our anticipation. Finally they came back out and started I Want It That Way. They were all acting really natural and just kind of walking around and goofing off with each other and the dancers during this song. The whole song was really relaxed and un-staged, which was cool. Nick and Brian came to our side of the stage right in front of us and sang together. They were playing around with each other acting like they were hitting each other and stuff. Sounds stupid, but it was cute. Then my favorite part of the song was about to come and Nick was standing RIGHT in front of us. I'm like, "OMG! I get to see him sing it! OMG!" You know, when he sings, "Don't wanna hear you..saaaaaaayyeah, yeah, yeahah, ah, ah." and then he didn't sing it! Nick! He sang, "Don't wanna hear you..." and then put the microphone to the audience and had us sing it! I was looking forward to that part all night! Anyway, they finished the song and Kevin came off the stage d own the stairs right in front of us and we all rushed towards him! He was shaking hands and stuff and that's when I grabbed his bare forearm! I was like, "OMG I touched Kevin!" LOL There were girls screaming and crying and everything. It was total mania!! Then he went back up and they all got in the center of the stage and it started to descend. They said goodbye and waved as they disappeared. It was so sad, but it was such an awesome concert. I've never seen anything like it in my life. I can't wait until their fall tour - I'll be there!!

From: Kelly Yearian []
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 6:18 PM

Sorry for my tardiness in writing my review, I have been completely recovering from Tuesday nights incredible concert.

On Monday me and my friend decided to find the boys, and we were successful, even though we did not meet them we were ecstatic just knowing where they were staying.

On Tuesday, we got up very early and headed to the Regal and waited for a while with a bunch of little girls. So we gave up and went home to get ready for the concert.

We deck our car out in our normal neon colors when the boys come into town. As we entered the dome I was amazed, I had never been there. I believe it was the most people (kids) I had ever seen. I had seen the boys the last two times they had came to kiel, and the concert was far better.

I think I speak for majority of the crowd, the opening acts were the biggest waste of time. The wait between the last opening act and the boys was a good 45 - 60 minute wait. The boys then put on the best preformance I had ever seen them in. I have to say I do like A.J. the best but, I was pretty amazed to see him completely aroused when the boys returned to the stage in the leather outfits, and it was pointed out by Howie to the entire sea of girls (most of which are 4-15). It was a great show.

Everytime I have seen the boys they have had B&D security with them but, this time they almost made the night terrible. They were so rude and hateful to all.

I had spent the night outside for these tickets and I was gonna have a good time and they werent going to ruin my night although they made a large impact of my review the truly were very mean some people.

After the final encore, everyone was literally being pushed out of the amphitheatre by the B&D staff. When I got outside I realized something I never realized sitting in sec.a1 row 17 (seventeen rows from the stage) until I got outside, there was a sea of people, It looked like millions of people. You could not see the road. And even though I am 19 years old and most of them couldnt drive, we all had something in common, We had just seen one of the best concert's we all will probably ever see.

Thank You,


From: Laura []
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 2:14 AM

Four hours in the car is not fun, but the drive down to St.Louis from Chicago was fun because we saw tons of other cars on their way to the BSB Into the Millenium concert on March 7. All the girls we saw were so cute! They had pictures all over their cars and painted things like "We're rockin' for B-rok!" or "Backstreet Boys or Bust!" And you gotta love the mothers who were just as excited to see fellow BSB fans! The Trans World Dome is huge!! There were so many people there. We(my sister, Aimee(23) and I(Laura 20) had great seats that we got from the Online Ticket Auction, Section A1, Row 10, Seats 22-23...and we met a lot of great people around us that had also bought their tickets through the charity auction(that auction was the best idea, I don't mind giving money to charity versus the greedy ticket brokers!) VIP was onstage when we got there, so I did not see much. met one of the Jungle Brothers, he was very nice, have no idea who the girl was, and asked everyone around and nobody had any idea either!! Since I know everyone before me has written the full layout of the show I will just give you the highlights of the evening..

-Nick's new haircut is superHOT!! Nick jumped up two spots on the BSB scale after that! It makes him look older.

-the grey pinstripe suits, they all looked so classy, and Kevin especially with the long coat and fedora was.....

-Nick and AJ doing a dance off in the middle of a song(?) on top of the stage, they are so funny

-Kevin spitting water at Nick during the dancer intros

-Howie throwing Hershey's Kisses from the sky things

-I just love when Brian waves while he is singing, we all can see him smiling and waving and singing in our heads!

-Brian singing chorus section fast on As Long As You Love Me

-Howie, AJ, and Kevin all stepping off stage

-Kevin punting stuffed animals off the stage

-Howie during SMTMOBL is SO emotional!! I Love IT!

-Nick's hair for It's Gotta Be You

-I think it is great how they changed the show a little bit, this was my third show so it was nice to have it still be surprising!

-AJ singing "Baby, baby the love that we had was so (pause) strong" I love that!

Have you ever seen anything so moving you cried? These boys are such strong performers that I was bawling during Show Me the Meaning, to have such power over your audience proves what great performers theses guys are!! This was the best Millenium show I have been too! They were all in such great moods that they were performing at their best! Have fun at your shows Toronto and I will see you Indiana!!

From: Robin L. }}i{{ []
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2000 6:26 PM

ok well, here goes my concert experience!!! We got up to st. louis around 10:30 -11:00 am we had many hrs to kill lol so we were like ok we are on a mission (backstreet mission)lol ok so we went to about 2 hotels (one was surrouned with security but ended up only being the vice pres. uhh hum lol not bsb ) ok well they we got to talk to this police lady and she said that she wasnt suppose to say but she told us were they were staying!! Step one accomplished..... Ok well we got to the hotel and we were coming off the elevator and guy is ready to go on the same elevator we came off of (going to do his laundry) So... my friend was like hey guy and she took a pic with him and he was going to be on his way haha not to fast i was like hey can i get a pic too? so he smiled really big and was like sure!!... Ok so we were like alright so we walk around some more....we were just walking and like a bunch a girls started screaming outside and well here comes Brian (he is a hottie ) so we got to meet him first! Then we were on our way... I was happy but i still wanted to smell a.j. (lol he smells good) then later on we also met emo, melanie, and richland (i think that was his name he was the ro-ro replacement dancer)....Then we also met mindi and bubba and bubba said he liked my shirt!! so as the day went on we went to the mall to eat and stuff then we came back and a limo rolled down there window and threw mardi gra beads at us!! (no none of us took off our shirts all we wanted was the beads lol)

So we were walking around and the funniest part was this cute little girl was like staring at me and there was a pole 10 times bigger then her and all of a sudden you hear "smack" and then she started crying i felt so bad b/c the ppl i was with was like look what you did lol!!! I don't know lol but i had numerous ppl whistling and turning there head and ppl in limos waving at me omg it was so funny !!! (but hey who doesnt like the attention right).... Ok well here comes the good part the Moments we met bsb!!! First Nick came out and he went in a separate bus!!! I only got to take a pic of his arm!!!lol But we went to the other side were they get on the bus b/c no one was there so we were like hmmm we are going over there!! Omg Here comes A.J. (omg he is my fav and he is unexplainable lol) So i got to take pics and i yelled His name (well, something else i personally call him) He stopped like he was stunned looked around and looked my way and said hold on I promise i will be right back (security wouldnt let him back off) Than here comes howie (very cute and sweet)(one of my faves now lol) Well, before i got him to sign my top or even came close to him i took a pic and well he totally just stopped signing a cd a girl gave him and well looked right at me and had his mouth wide open smiling and practically posed for me lol!! then he came over and signed my tube top that i was wearing under my net shirt!! I lifted up my shirt and he signed my tube top i was in an aww lol!!! Then here comes Kev he is hot im telling you!!! I got plenty of pics and it was the best experience ever have and ?s or comments feel free to email me love ya Robin

Sent: Friday, March 10, 2000 11:29 AM

ok--my three friends and i attended the st. louis show on tuesday. i'm going to skip over the boring stuff cause pretty much everyone and their mom (literally!) has been to a BSB show and we all know what goes on! :) i'll start with monday night. our hotel was connected to a mall and we decided to wander around the hotel/mall for a while since the bellboy that brought up our luggage said the guys have stayed at the hotel before (he had taken their luggage for them so of course we had to get a picture with him since he had met them!) so was after 11 and the only place open was hooters and we were thirsty...but it was hooters so we didn't know if we should go cause we're totally against it! the restaurant was three floors up, but you could see it in. at this time, i didn't know aj had dyed his hair blonde, but he was wearing glasses and a wife-beater. we could see his tattoos so we decided to go up there! we were so excited. we sat at a table and we waited for all the slutty waitresses to quit hanging on him (it was really pathetic!) after a few minutes, we went to go stand by him and the body guards just looked at us funny--but didn't say anything. at one point, a waitress walked by with a tray full of drinks and aj said, "man, that's alot of drinks!" but it was so funny...i don't know--we laughed at him! after that, the bodyguards said he only had time for one picture with the three of us (our other friend was studying in the hotel room--she didn't come with us!) so we went back to our table and we had our cameras ready and we had a marker out for him to sign a picture and two cd covers for us. skanks! anyways--jump ahead to the concert.

we had bought mardi gras beads, balloons, mardi gras masks and we had a purple crown for howie, a red crown for kevin, a sailor hat for nick, an army hat for brian and we had a huge plastic bone for aj. anyways...after mandy...or should i say "willa" got off stage, we started blowing up balloons and bouncing them around. it was quite funny because instead of playing with them, people were holding on to them like it was from the guys or something...what dorks. so anyways--we waited until it's gotta be you to throw the stuff on stage. we got in fights with 4 security guards and a cop, but we got both crowns and a couple masks (oh, everything had their names on them and we put "firecrotch" on one of the masks for kristin (the dancer) wasn't supposed to be mean...i'm sure she's been called that as a joke before! anyways...nicks hat and the bone didn't make it on that sucked...BUT nick took brian's (brian saw his name was on it and didn't even care...)and was marching around like a soldier. it was so cute! everyone (including the dancers) except for brian wore the soldiers hat...but nick kept taking it back! it was so funny! kevin wore his crown for a while and he wore a mask. kristin wore her mask for a long time! that was cool of her! the best part was when howie did his rap with the crown on! he was soooooooooooooooooo cute! :) somehow...we don't know if the security guard put the bone on the stage or a dancer saw it or what...but kevin had it in his hands and he tapped aj on the stomach with it. aj had it for a little bit and then he looked down and read it and he LAUGHED! :) it was the coolest! after that, he held it up and turned in a circle, as to say, "look girls, i got it!" it was sweet! then when nick and aj do their little talking thing during i want it that way, aj goes to nick, "you look like gomer pile."! we all screamed at the top of our lungs! it was so cool! after the show we saw a couple people with the masks and i saw some girl with the soldier hat. if anyone reading this knows the people that have anything of ours, e-mail me and let me know how you got it and everything. i'm curious to see who got it and how. so anyways--the st. louis show kicked ass just for the fact they were playing with all our stuff on stage! sorry this is a little lengthy, but my friends and i are still excited about the whole trip! :) i would love e-mail from anyone who was at the show! hopefully pics will follow soon!

love kirstin

Concert Reviews: 3/7/00, St. Louis, MO

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Andrea G []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 4:28 PM

Last night was probably one of the best BSB concerts I have ever been too. I guess since there were about 65,000 people there (that's what people tell me). It was just such a great atmosphere which made for a better show. well many of you know all of the songs that they sang so i won't go into that. of course they metioned something about the rams winning the superbowl!!! at the end three of the guys wore rams jerseys, but i forgot which ones. i really hope they come back some other time. this just made me like BSB a little more, seeing them live once more.

Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 6:24 PM

Last night I saw the best concert ever!! The St. Louis concert was amazing! I loved the awesome pyrotechnics that were throughout the show. At the end I was so excited to see Brian, Kevin and Howie wearing Rams jerseys, it was so cute!! Nick and AJ were being rebels and wore other jerseys with no team names. I loved the entire show, it was so much fun. I'm sure you already know this, but be prepared and bring earplugs and binoculars, it's really loud when the Boys perform and you want to see them well, so bring the binoculars. The concert was great, but I think Brian had some trouble with the ramps on the stage, he kept falling up them!! It was funny to see him stumbling up the ramp. That's about all I have to say, except that AJ might be moving to St. Louis, he mentioned moving here last night, and I'm not sure if he was joking or not! Hopefully it wasn't a joke!!! Enjoy your show, I know I did!!!

From: Emilie []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 6:09 PM

Hi! I went to the Backstreet Boys concert in St. Louis on March 7. It was the best concert I've ever been to! Ive been a fan of the Boys for almost 2 years now, and this was my first BSB concert. It was probably one of the best nights of my life! The Jungle Boys and Willa were really good. The Boys didnt come on until 9, so the whole TWA Dome, all 68,000 of us, were really restless. Finally the guys came on. I screamed my lungs out! The concert was excellent. My fave songs were "I Want it That Way"(when they all had on Rams jerseys with their names on them!), "Everybody", "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonley" and "Get Down". Come to think of it, all the songs were my faves!! They all looked so hot. When they were flying, AJ was literally right above me, because we had 20th row. I screamed so loud, I could barely even hear the other girls screaming. My favorite parts were when the guys sang "The Perfect Fan" with all the little girls and their moms. It was so sweet! Also, I liked when they were flying and when the confetti and balls and balloons went everywhere. I got 1 balloon, 3 balls, and a lot of confetti. Did I mention the guys were all really hot?:) Especially Kevin. And AJ. And Brian. And Nick. And Howie. I reccomend anyone to go to this concert. You will have the most fun there then you will ever have again in your whole life!

PS- Get one of the comics-they're cool!!

From: Erin Coleman []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 2:40 PM

Okay guys, I just got back from St. Louis and I saw and met the Backstreet Boys!!! It all started early Tuesday morning, we arrived in St. Louis and the searching began! He found a hotel with tons of securtiy around it, even though I knew they never had that much security, i thoughr for sure they had to be there, so we jumped out of the car and went a close to the hotel as we could, but we got stopped by a security guard, and we found out, it wasn't BSB, but it was the Vice President! LoL were we surprised! So we talked to a couple of police and one lady told us where they were, so we ran there about 3 blocks down.

We took some pics of their buses, even though we had seen them tons of times before, it was just the thought. So we then we in the hotel and walked all around, but no luck, so we were getting of the elevator and I see a really familar looking guy, I yelled "GUY"---Guy is in the Boy's Band. He was surprised I knew his name and stopped, he took pics with my friends and I and we saw he was going down. So right then I knew where he was going, The Laundry Room! So I went down there and he told me what time the Boys were leaving and stuff, then we had to get to the other tower of the hotel.

We started walking down this deserted hallway and saw someone coming in with two securtiy guards and a bunch of screaming girls were outside. I saw it was Brian, and waited for him to come inside I yelled, "Brian, can I please have my picture taken with you?" He goes, "no, sorry I really have to go" I go, "But it's my 16th B-day!! PLEASE" He said, "okay, Hurry!!!" So I got my pic with Brian, he is so cute in person, it never shows in pictures like it does in person. Then we also met Melanie who took over the dancing for Amy Lee. We also came across some security people and the two guys were saying, "Yeah, that young blonde one, he is a little jerk!" I think my mouth droped open! I was in awww, we knew then that they were in that tower somewhere. So we got in the elevator and went up to the 7th floor, and no luck, so the guy we were with went to go move the car and we were going to meet up with him in about an hour. We went up to the very top floor where there were two suites and walked around there, and we could have sworn that we heard Amanda Latona's voice in one of them. But we had to go meet up with our friend, and found him in the Lobby. He had just been told to leave the hotel, b/c he found out how to get to where the boys were and had just seen Kevin!!! So we thought we should go try to get up to the top floor again, but we were stopped and kicked out! But we met Mindi, another band member and got pictures with her, its so funny b/c when you see the band and dancers it surprises them that you know their name.

We saw that more and more girls were lineing up outside. So we went to the mall to eat lunch. We figured that the boys will have to come out of the hotel somewhere, and we could find where without getting kicked out again! LoL We walked back and got some Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Beads thrown at us. LOL so we saw that tons of girls were at the hotel by now, and the main guy that kept throwing us out was outside now trying to control them. And we went in again. This time my mom got some keys from the front desk and told them that she wanted to preview that hotel for her job. So we had our way up now, and they couldn't stop us!!! We went over to the elevators and at the bar, I knew I saw Bubba who is in the band also, so across the whole bar, I yelled, HEY BUBBA!!! LoL everyone including my friends looked at me like I was Crazy. I got to take pics with him too, and he took his dreads down for me.

We got one the elevator and went to the 27th floor where a maid was cleaning the suite where we had hear the girl who sounded like Amanda and my mom asked her if she could look at a suite for her "job" she said sure and we got to go in, there were papers everywere so I asked he who had been in here and it was part of their Management she said, and we could have any of the papers we wanted, so we got a phone number of Johnny K. and got their official scheduele for the night. So then we knew for sure when they were leaving and everything. We then went to the 4th floor, b/c they were staying in the third and their was no way to get there by elevator. Our friend who had figured out eariler how to get there and got in trouble gave us a key and we started sneaking through the fire escape and we were going to meet up with him and my mom in the lobby. We snuck down there and found the door way, but it said fire escape I THOUGHT if i went thought it might set off an alarm or something, so we went down to the lobby.

We found my mom and our friend and saw 2 of the dancers and got a pic with them too, but they looked at us all really funny, we were like what? Then we heard a guy yell, "they are out there signing autographs!!!" So we took off running, and Nick had just came out, but we couldn't really see over everyone, but I raised my camera up and got a picture. Then we saw that the other bus was pulling up after he had left and we saw we could sneak around it to see them get on and no one was over there so we went! And they let us stand there as long as we stayed on the curb! So then here came AJ!!! OMG, wow, we got pics of him and he said he would be right back to sign autographs and got on the bus, then came Howie!!! (My Favorite) He took forever b/c he was signing autographs for everyone. He finally came around the bus and signed both of my friend's shirts, but I already had his autograph and I just wanted a picture with him! So he was rught in front of me and I go "It my 16th B-day, can I please have my pic with you???" He said no that he would get in trouble, I go "PLEASE" he said I can't take seperate pics sorry, but gave me a little head nod to get down there and take one, LoL so I stepped down and security pushed me up, so I stayed on the curb but leaned back and Howie held me up and I held on to his sholder!!! We were cheek to cheek!!! but the Picture wouldn't take!! He saw that and waited for like forever, but then he was like, I'm so so sorry, but I really have to go!!! I said okay, and he left! :( OMG, he is so fine in person, Pictures do not do that boy justice at all!!!

Next came Kevin and we got pictures of him too!!! He looked really good too! Then the bus left and we waved goodbye and went to the arena!!! The concert was awsome!!! I saw them in Novemember, but they seemed really tired and Nick came to the venue 2 hours eariler and we really acting all pissed and stuff, and non of them seemed to enjoy themselves very well, But not this time!!! They all seemed to enjoy themselves I was really glad to see that!!! Well that's my review, Write me if you have any questions, my AOL IM name is AlexsZebra, but I don't have an email on aol. Talk to you soon KTBSPA!!! ---ERIN

From: Jessica Popp []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 8:25 PM was the BEST show ever last night!!!! Teh Jungle Brothers rocked!! And Willa was soooooooo good! (Everyone needs to stop judging her..she is VERY talented!!!!)

It took the BSB FOREVER to get out there!!!! But when the did 75,000 people went nuts!!!!! They measured how loud it got, and it was just as loud as two 740 jets taking off!!!!! That'show loud it was!!!!! The show rocked! Nick's hair was soo sexy! And AJ dyed his again, its blonde now!

Howie got DOWN with the pole that is for sure!!! :) :)

And the best part was the end, Nick kept hitting AJ with a ballon and they were arguing, and AJ kept telling him to "zip it" It was great! Nick hit Kev with the ballon and Kev took it and ripped it!!! LoL!!!

All night they talked about how awesome the Rams were!!! It was awesome!!!! And at the end Howie, Brian, and Kev had on their own made Rams jerseys!!!!

It was definatly the best day of my life, this was my 3rd BSB concert, and i can't wait for my 4th!!!!


Jessica Jackson, MO

From: Krystal Fultz []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 10:05 PM

This was my third concert that I have been to on this tour. I already knew what to expect. The end was different. They dressed up as n sync and it was great. There opening acts were the Jungle Brothers and I think her name is Whilma. Also known as Nicks girlfriend supposedly. Then I found out where they were staying at. We waited un til 12:30 and finally Howie came out. He looked so good. His body guard wouldn't let him sign autographs. Then out cam Kevin he looked the best. I was already crying my eyes out. To top this all off I had just turn 16 at midnight. My sister told him it was my b-day. He signed my comic book kissed me and said Happy B-day. I almost fainted. I was crying so hard the hotel security asked me if I was going to be ok. It was truly the best b-day and the best night I had ever had. Kevin is the nicest guy. Krystal Fultz

From: Towne []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 6:24 PM

The St. Louis Concert (3-7-00) was GREAT!!! It's the second concert I've been to, MUCH MUCH better than the first. Several of the costumes were different from the last one. Their first costumes were more 'futuristic' than the old ones, and were Really cool. When they were gettting ready to sing Larger Than Life, Kevin's head bobs were too cute. . . then throughout the show, the guys goofed off and made the concert great in more ways than one. I would have to say ( although it will sound dumb to most of you) my favorite line said throughout the whole show was in Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely, when Kevin was singing 'Eyes of Stone..' . Eyes of Stone is my website name, and even though I have a cold and sore throat, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and he pointed in the direction I was sitting while he was singing. I know he wasnt pointing at me, but it was in my general area, and that was good enough for me. So if you were at the St. Louis concert, feel free to email me, and let me know what you t hought of it, especially what you thought was funny, because Im gonna put up a St. Louis concert review soon. Oh yeah, and visit my site! Thanks! You can find it in the banner links section. KTBSH & PA!

Concert Reviews: 3/5/00, Austin, TX

Date: Sep 30, 2000
Submitted By:

From: Camille Rose []
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 8:43 PM

The show in Austin was great! This was my second Backstreet Boys concert in one week, I went to the show in San Antonio on March 1! I have to say that the Austin show was more exciting for me personally for several reasons. One happened to be that we had GREAT seats. We were seated next to the box that the boys come out of on their surfboards. From where I was sitting, I was able to lift up the black curtain that covered the backstage area and see the boys walking around a couple of minutes before the show. Kevin was hugging all of the guys telling them to have fun and have a good show. I saw all of them except for A.J., who's hair had changed from brown to yellow since I'd seen him in San Antonio! While my friend and I and another little girl (she was 5 and loved Brian! She was sooo cute!) were looking down at them, Howie noticed us and gave us a little wave. The little girls eyes almost popped out of her head she was soooo excited. Then all the boys made there way into the box and we could see Brian get attached to his harness. Of course, the lights dimmed and the crowd started screaming as smoke poured out of the box.

My friend and I were shocked by how close they were to us when the rose up. Then they floated to the stage and started the performance with "Larger Than Life". When the time came, each boy thanked the audience, and as he did in San Antonio, A.J. said he'd have to move to Austin because of the beautiful ladies. The boys were much more hyper in the Austin show and did a lot more running around and jumping off the stage in Austin than they did in San Antonio, and they kept talking about how they had heard that Austin knows how to party! They sang all of their hits from the first album and all of the Millenium album except for one song. When they flew over the audience during QPG, Brian was on our side and waved to us since we were jumping up and down and waving like crazy. A friend of mine said that Nick flew right up to her and tried to hug her but couldn't reach. Howie spent the whole time doing flips and tricks, while Brian seemed kind of nervous and just waved and did a couple of flips.

My favorite part of the show was when the boys came back onstage to sing the final song, "I Want It That Way". However, I was sad because they wore cowboy hats in San Antonio and talked with southern accents, but they didn't in Austin. It was great and Kevin sang to some girls on the front row during his part of the song. I had a great time at both concerts and will never forget them! If you are going to see this show soon, you are going to LOVE IT!

From: Camille Turner []
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 6:12 PM

I just got back from the Austin concert last night and one word describes it all... INCREDIBLE. It was my first show and certainly not my last. After 2 opening acts *Jungle Brothers and I think her name was Willow* which were pretty 9:00 the boys came out from the side of the stadium on their boggy boards and floated for about 10 minutes and came down and welcomed us and then started Larger than Life. They did several songs before they slowed it down with QPGWMH. Then started INBYH in Spanish and finished in English. They floated around and Howie (which was on my side) through out candy, AJ sprayed his side with water then through his water bottle at them which cause a fight over who got his bottle. When what we thought was the last song (SMTMOBL) and everybody started getting up, the broke out with their last song IWITW and EVERYONE got in to it. Even my dad and he dont care for em. Howie rapped and he was great. It was the best ever. Cant wait for next year.


Lufkin, Texas


Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 3:59 PM

OMG i went to the concert yesterday and the concert was the best i just loved the way they were flying threw the air and stuff it was really amazing i just loved it and when the guys brought up the mothers and daughters aww that was like sooo sweet it made everyone in the front row cry!! they totally rock! laterz

Jen AKA: Roxy Ann

From: Martha Lydia Lopez []
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 11:41 AM

First of all, never in a million years did i think that da boys would come to Austin. we are considered the "Live Music Capital of the World", but it's always been more like local music, and pop music isn't at all popular here. I'm in the university here and I have yet to find one fan among all the students, and thats cuz I'm in the most populated university in the U.S.!! When I heard they were coming, I wasn't gonna go cuz I spent so much money on them last November for second row seats at New Orleans! I couldn't afford something like second row again. Well, I got so sad hearing all the hype about it in every station. The radio stations were all excited months before the concert with contest after contest after contest to win tickets. I think my friends finally felt sorry for me and bought me tickets. lol I was pretty close to the boys cuz the seats were better than i thought. AJ is blond now and looks incredibly SEXY!!!! (Whoa Baby!!!!) I think that he and Kevin got the most screams here. (and nick and howie and b'

The time when I felt that the stage couldn't be louder was when AJ said he was gonna move here. Ofourse he says that all the time cuz he said it in New Orleans too. I hope he comes to live here. lol. he can stay with me cuz i don't mind. lol They sang "I'll never break your heart" in spanish, which ofcourse i knew the words to cuz i'm bilingual. They did sooooo good! Well, I'm not gonna describe everything else cuz you all already know everything, but all I can say is that they won over Austin! At least I strongly believe they did. Austin doesn't embrace pop music as much as other cities, but the boys were the exeption. Way to go boys!


From: amy T. []
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 1:43 AM

I headed out at noon, in search of their hotel. Having no idea where they were, I just drove around downtown Austin, until I saw it. There in the parking lot, was the big black bus! I screamed then entered the parking lot of the Four Seasons. I parked like two spaces from the bus and got out. I touched the bus then took a few pictures of it. Long story short, I never saw them, but I made friends with the bus:)

OK, I got to the concert WAY early and talked to some other fans. 99% of BSB fans are nice, just thought I'd add that:) When I went inside, I knew my ticket said Section 6, row 9, seat 26. When I was shown to my seat, it was actually on the THIRD ROW, because of how they divide the sections on the floor. I was VERY happy!

OK, the first act was Jungle Brothers. They were really cool. I really liked them. Then Willa/Mandah came out. She was whatever. Her dancers were REALLY good, but she could not dance to save her life. And the lip synching was just annoying.

At about 8:45 BSB came out and it was LOUD. I won't go through the whole set list, for many reasons, ONE, I cant remember the order of their songs. How anyone can is a mystery to me. And two, if you read one review, they all say the same thing. I'm just hitting the highlights.

I started taking pictures, then by like picture #15, this BIG old, mean, ugly, useless piece of crap, bully, er I mean body guard told me I couldn't use my camera and TOOK MY FILM FROM ME!!! I said this is "bull @#$%" and he said, "I don't need your attitude, I can kick you out of here." So, I said, all right, I just wish someone would have said something sooner. I hope he gets chicken pox...punk.

OK, I did have a disposable camera with me, so HOPEFULLY some of those pics come out. Who knows? Anyway, they sounded soooo good. And looked sooo good. And AJ has blond hair. It looks really cool. I think he did it cuz you can't notice his receding hairline, with his hair so light :)

BSB's dancers are AWESOME!! I think my favorite part, was All I Have to Give. Those pin-stripe suits were YUMMY! And the dancing was great too.

A girl, two rows in front of me caught Nick's sweaty towel. We asked, and she let us smell it. Crazy, I know:) She was really cool for sharing!

And AJ waved at me!!!! I know it was me, because I was the only one waving from my section at the time. We made eye contact. *sigh* And Brian waved at the girl next to me.

It was well worth the money and the wait. Can't wait till they come back!!!

Amy Tribes Austin, TX

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