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Salt-Lake-City concert @ Delta Center

Date: Oct 24, 2001
Submitted By: Ayla

October 5 was the best day of my life cos i went to see BSB show for da first time in my life!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome, i can't say it in words they won't be enough, lol. I mean everythung was perfect. I took pics, and i was sitting really close to stage i got to see all of da boys VERY closely and i even TOUCHED KEVIN!!!!!!!! That was fabulous i was in extazy after cos i thought i'm gonna melt Nick came the closest ah, i wish i could turn back the time and stop @ that moment of happiness. Nick was shaking his butt saying "I don't think you are ready to take this jelly..." lol that as soo funny and Howieeee sooo HOT! I mean he's even hotter in real life:-) AJ was the coolest onthe show Kevin is just adorable and his body and Brian has the biggest lovely heart in the world!!!!!!! I wish i could go there again, i pray for it. Hope you enjoyed it.



Salt Lake City

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: mandy

It was all worth it at 9p.m.(6th row on the floor)-when the circular screen blazed to life with what looked like a scene straight out of "Star Wars." Exploding meteors began plummeting into the stage with a burst of heat and images of the Earth spinning furiously as Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ, and Howie appeared on smoking pedastals.

From the moment the five man band appeared on stage to their exit two hours later the constant ear deafening screams could be heard.

Responding to the recent tragedy in America, the concert featured the group performing a heartfelt rendition of "America the Beautiful." The Boys also dedicated "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" to a crew member who was killed in the tragedy.

When AJ came on stage and annouced that he was 93 days sober he received a loud roar of applause and screams.

At that moment he was larger than life.

Say what you will about boy bands, but it seems as if these guys can certainly put on an unforgettable show.

Salt Lake City

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Tanille

My friend and I went to the BSB Concert. I thought that our tickets were above the Floor, but come to find out we were on the Floor!. We were on row 17 I think. I was excited to see that we were so close to The Stage. Krystal was great and awesome. And Sisqo was awesome also. The Boys got onto stage it was awesome! I danced the whole entire Concert. They made a great entrance. When they were on the Bridge I was right there. I could see them so close. I didn't think that I would be that close to The Boys. The whole night I basically just watched Kevin, because he is my Favorite BSBoy! My favorite song was Get Another Boyfriend. I love the dance moves to that one. The Anwser To Our Lives was a great one too. It hit me pretty hard when they show the clips of the Trees being cut down and the bird pulled from Oil. They put on a great show. I hope that I have the chance to go again. With the same seating. Afterwards we went to their hotel, we heard that Kevin and AJ were already in there. My goal is to meet Kevin. I hope someday that will happen. I'm happy that I had the chance to see them in Concert. All of the guys did look good though!

Salt Lake City Utah

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Heather BSB #1 Fan

I loved the show it was really really good teh pyro was like I have never seen at all at any concert,the energy was amazing I hadn't slept but 5 hours in 2 days and during the whole thing I couldn't stop jumping and dancing,their onstage antics were very cute and funny,the whole thing was just all around great fun it was amazing and it was THE best night of my life!

UTAH October 6 2001

Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: McKayla Lee

Hey there all u BSB fans who rocked liked I did last night in UTAH. It was the best day and night for me. I got to place real early so I could catch a glimpse of them possiblliy. Well I got to meet the ladies of the guys. They are so nice. Leighanne, Kristin and Kimberly. We talked to them for about an hr and then they had to go inside. It was so cool I was able to give Kimberly something to give to Alex for me. She was so cool and nice and so pretty as well. Alex mom was there too she was with Kimberly.

Well anyways the show now was incredible. The girls sat in the pit. Three rows from where I was sitting on AJ side of course. I love the show and he looked so OH MY GOD!!! I like where he is singing "I Will Never Break Your Heart", and they get to the end of it and they send Howie to talk to him and he is saying what he was and he is like AJ tell them how you really feel and they go into "Don't Want You Back." That rocked. I love they added that kicking song. The best part by far besides the way AJ tells the GF not to call him during the show and then tosses her his phone was they sang "Drowning" and the how place was singing it with them. It was a night I will remember forever. BSB rocks and will always have my love and support no dount.


Date: Oct 07, 2001
Submitted By: Nina

The bsb black and blue tour last night was amazing! I was in section 4 row 17 seats 7 and 8 but I moved up closer to the stage.I was then in section 7 and and I could see them a lot closer then were my seats were. I were all gorgeous on stage! I screamed so loud that my throat was kind of sore the next morning. My favorite part was when they were old people and my second favorite part was when they went in their dressing room that was so funny. I bought a glowstick, tour program, a pic of Nick and a group pic and a black t-shirt.I loved Nick's energy in the show! I ran from my hotel in Utah all the way to the concert! I had a blast! This was my second time seeing bsb in Utah! It was the best two hours of my life!

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