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January 27 ATL Show

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Harmoni

Ok.. well I'm writing this March 12th but I still remember a lot A LOT of things about the best night of my life! I woke up... and went shopping for an outfit to wear... we were in the store for about atleast an hour or so.... anyways my friend Lauren comes over to my house and we go to pick up Kristen and its on we go to the Georgia Dome!!

My dad( who is 47 and claims to be an Nsync fan- YUCKY) was really into the music. He, unknowingly, was wearing black and blue(so was my mom who also unknowingly did it!) and was whistling along to the beats and tappin on the steering wheel. Haahaa it was great and he still denies it! Oh well... we reach the Georgia Dome at around.. 5:30. We werent on the floor but one level up and the 4th row...... it was just as great as floor if not more!

Krystal came on.. she was a good singer. BSB is sure lucky to have her on there new label... although I realy didnt like her style of clothing... or the way she never took the mic off of the stand!! She carried that stand around w/ her everywhere.. even on top of the piano! But she was still cute and an amazing singer.... she sang I'll Be There and sounded better than Mariah Carrey!!! We sang Happy Birthday to Nicky as she calls him... it was great!

Nelly came on next. ALthough most of them were looking forward Destinys Child being there.. they couldnt make it so Nelly took place. HE did about 5 or 6 songs... and on Ride Wit Me.. he brought up 2 girls from the audience and taught them how to "drive" or whatnot.

The wait for BSB..... LONG LONG LONG. My friends and I took that time to go get our souvenirs and stuff and along the way we met a male BSB fan... he was great and not a closet fan... Brian is his fave BTW!! The crowd was chanting BSB and we were all doing the wave. I eeven look over at my dad who traded places with another friend of mine so she could sit with us... he was even doin the wave!! And FINALLY BSB COMES ON!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.. Nick Carter... leather...... OMG OMG *looses breath just thinkin about it!!* Nick was sooo amazingly hot... he looked like an angel( just like he and the other guys always do!)and his sunglasses.... OMG my babys growin up!! Seriously when I saw him rise up from the stage.. i had a minor ashtma attack and had to take my inhaler... oh lord what those boys do to me..... LoL anyways they perform Everyone and Larger Than Life.... Shining Star was next I believe.... NICK WAS LOOKIN FINE!! Him and Aj.. pelvic thrusts.... booty shakin... touching of private places.... OOH BABY!! LoL!

They guys are angels. They sing like angels, look like angels... theyre the best guys in this world couldnt ask for more!! But I do have to say.. when we sang Happy Birthday to Nick.. omg he was the CUTEST THING EVER!! He was sooo embarassed and like touched... soo red.. he like looked like he was crying or about to... and when the guys gave him a hug at the end.. KODAK MOMENT!!! I took like about 15 million pictures... LoL but it was great!

The guys did an awesome job and I didnt want that night to end. But it did :'( and soon they will be back to Brian and my home and I'll get to relive the Black and Blue exprience once again!!


Lots of love

*~ Harmoni ~*


Backstreet Boys concert (Black and Blue) Atlanta, January 27th, 2001

Date: Mar 09, 2001
Submitted By: Kaalan J.

On Jauary 27th, 2001, deep in the heart of Atlanta, GA, off of interstate 20, at 7:30 p.m. I attended my 3rd BSB concert! Was it all that I expected? Oh yes! And so much more! To me it was an awesome follow up to their whirlwind Millennium tour, in 99-00. The concert did not start until 9:30 p.m. but that was okay, beacause it gave time for us Backstreet sistas to bond, meet new people, and get all hyped up for our boys... When they came out, were we ready or what? The place was literally booming! I was only 8 rows away from my boys, so it made it all worth the while! The concert was filled with our favorite music, wonderful pyrotechnics/special effects, and the dancing that even our moms learned to appreciate! If you had not come as a dediacted Backstreet Boys fan, by the middle of the concert, you were singing and dancing just as the rest of us, (yes, my 51 yr. old mom included)! The concert was ended by the BSB's Classic, Shape of My Heart, and many of the fans were in tears, some because it was over, and others because they created a brand new memory unlike any other that a Backstreet fan can cherish forever!

Atlanta, Jan 27,2001

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: Robin

I went to the BSB concert in Atlanta. It was my first concert of the BSB!I had a great time. I seen Nelly and Krystal. The most fun I had is when I seen Kevin on that stage. He is so fine. He got really close up to where I was sitting, and I stood in the chair and was yelling "Kevin,Hey" I know people thought I was crazy. But I had the best time. I took over 50 Pictures. It was a total Blast.


Atlanta Georgia Concert on January 27, 2001

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Elaine M. Petford

This concert was totally cool. Nelle and Krystal opened for BSB. The only thing that I disliked was that only three of them showed love and support for Krystal. All of the fans and the boys sang Nick Happy B-Day during the BSB Concert he got really embarrased and he had a tear streaming down his face. Also Krystal had us sing Nick Happy B-Day.We got to watch Nick,AJ,Brian,Howie,and Kevin change clothes.The concert was totally awesome.

Atlanta GA - January 27th 2001

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Anelle D.

It was a Christmas, Birthday, and Vacation all wrapped in one weekend trip from Erie Pennsylvania to Atlanta Georgia to see the Backstreet Boys Black n Blue Concert.

I knew it would be a trip to be remembered forever.

Hope, Brenda and I were in the lead car, and Joy and Carrianne followed. We had good weather except for Columbus Ohio where it was snowing. Although the Internet travel time had it listed as less than 13 hours (for 800 miles), it took us from 7 am on Friday until 1 am on Saturday, or 18 hours to get there. But it sure was worth it.

Our tickets did not turn out to be the best seats, however Hope talked to the security guards and we moved to a closer section beneath where we were. After the Backstreet Boys concert started, the security guard (for $20 each) allowed the three teens on to the floor. They were thrilled.

Hope and Carrianne had never seen the Backstreet Boys so they were astonished. Brenda and I had the opportunity of seeing them in Cleveland Ohio in 1998, so we knew what to expect.

Since it was Carrianne’s 17th birthday she was ecstatic when they sang Happy Birthday to Nick in celebration of his 21st. Brenda and Hope had both bought silver dresses in the afternoon at Cumberland Mall, which they wore to the concert. Brenda was delighted when Howie D., her favorite, waved to her at the beginning of “How did I fall in Love with You”.

They sang all of their latest hits.

We will treasure the moment and all the fans.

It was surprising how many Atlanta folk didn’t know that BSB was in town performing at the Georgia Dome. And since the trip home was going to be long past the Super Bowl, it was nice that Dad taped them singing the National Anthem.

I can’t wait until the next opportunity to see you again. I knew it was over when they sang “Shape of my Heart”. The concert is much more than pictures on a wall, or a song on a radio, but it is enthusiasm, spirit, and people.

Keep the BackStreet Boys Spirit Alive.


Brenda’s Mom

~ Anelle D. ~

Atlanta Georgia

Date: Feb 14, 2001
Submitted By: Angela

Ok I went to the BSB concert on Janurary 27, 2001. It was so awesome. I got to my seats and was waiting for the concert to start. My seats were on the side of the stage and I was really close. (I was NOT on the FLOOR. It was the front row right before the floor). I saw a blonde headed girl that looked really familiar. It turned out to be Kristin (Kevin's wife). We got a secruity guard to tell her to come over to us. She looked at us and said one minute but never came cause the concert was about to start. First came out Krystal. She sang a few songs and sang happy birthday to Nick. Then came Nelly. Then BSB came out. They sang some songs and then went into middle section they had like the "Millennium" tour. The guys sang happy birhtday to Nick and went back to their normal routine. During "Shape Of My Heart" Nick came over to my side and read my poster. Then AJ jumped off the stage and came over to us. He reached up to touch our hands. He skipped some of the floor to come over to us. (and we were not on the floor.) It was so cool. All of the guys saw me because I was right in front of them when they looked out from the side of the stage. It was the best concert. My seats were really better than the floor because we were level with them and we could see everything (even BACKSTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!)It was so awesome.

The Atlanta Concert

Date: Feb 08, 2001
Submitted By: Shanna

Well, the night started off with Krystal and Nelly, and they were both wonderful. The two acts took about an hour, so by 8:30, I was ready for the boys (and so were the 70,000 other girls). The lights dimmed, and some space-like effects were playing on the screens above and beside the stage. I became anxious waiting for them, but finally, a cloud of haze rose up and with it were the Boys. They came up on these individual platforms in black outfits with blue on the inside of them. Nicky had these hot shades on and they went right into "Everyone". The excitement in the building was beyond anything as they sang out about their loving fans. After that, they tended to keep it sort of slow, doing a routine with these canes to "Yes I Will". All of them were in white, which made them look like angels (not that they don't already, but ya know...). Then, towards the middle of the show, they came up on this circular mini-stage in the middle of the stadium and the audience got to sing "Happy Birthday" to Nick! It was so cool to do that. While on the little center stage thing, they did a couple of their old songs and some new, then they went on this catwalk that went straight throught the audience and ended up on the stage. "The Call" and "get Another Boyfriend" showed up here and there and the finale was, of coarse, "Shape of my Heart". They basically left the stage the same way they came on, but A.J popped back up and got in some final "Goodbye's", then he left, too. All-in-all, it was the best night of my life!

Atlanta Georgia-1/27/01

Date: Feb 08, 2001
Submitted By: Kassie

My Review of the Atlanta Georgia Concert

Black and Blue Tour 2001

Sat., January 27th, 2001 @ 7:30pm

Ok,to begin with, the night of January 27th, 2001 was the best night of my entire life. When we arrived in Atlanta around 3pm and we hung around at the Lenox Square mall until around 6pm,exactly one hour and thirty minutes until the concert was to begin at 7:30pm. We were there early so we went to the concession stands and the places where the BSB merchandise was being sold. There I purchased the BSB 2001 tour program, key chain, glow stick (of course) and a T-shirt! Soon afterward we found our seats(Sect.131, Row 8-eight rows from the stage and the best seats I’ve ever had for a concert, though, last year we had great tickets as well but they were F214, Row 10-see my review from last year-link at bottom of page- )! After finding our seats my friend and I pulled out our BSB signs(one saying WE *heart* NICK and the other side saying Happy B-day Nick! The other sign said WE *heart* BRIAN and the other side said Black and Blue is #1)

We totally went crazy when Krystal came out because we had been wondering who that was that sang that extra song on the 3rd Burger King CD and of course we got to sing happy b-day to Nick(my fave guy) and hold up our(but really my)sign that said Happy B-day Nick!(I hope he saw it!)When Nelly came out we were really excited as well because some guy had told us that Destiny’s Child couldn’t make it and Nelly was opening. WE didn’t believe him but much to our surprise Nelly did open and he totally rocked!!(we even think he waved @ us once)Then once Nelly left we knew that the next time the lights went down it was for real!!(YAY!)When BSB came out we just, well went crazy.We jumped up and down holding up signs, glow sticks, and taking pictures all at the same time.(hey,its not impossible after all)During the concert my personal favorite performance was More than that but I also love the dances to “everybody” and “everyone”(they were sooo sweet to think of us again on the new album!hehe!)I liked the part where you got to watch them change clothes too!!That was SUCH a unique idea!(move over *NSYNC)Anyways,overall the concert rocked and I can’t wait ‘ ‘til next year!I’m SURE they’ll find some way to top themselves again.(They always do though its beyond me how they do it)


Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Colleen

The concert was fabulous. It has taken me this long to recover. I am a Mom and took 8 children ages 14 - 3(only 2 are mine, the youngest 2). I did have some adult help to keep up with our small entourage. We drove 5 hours and have never been to an arena concert - WOW! I did want to ask how you girls that got floor seats, close to the stage - HOW DID YOU DO IT? This concert was my children and nieces and nephews Christmas present and I thought we had great seats, but I was wrong. And do not mistake me, the seating arrangements did not damper the childrens great time. They could not have been any more excited More than I have ever seen them before), nor did they scream less or keep me up til 4 a.m. afterwards. My greatest joy was not only seeing the greatest concert I have ever seen, but the faces of these children when the Awesome 5 took to the stage. I cried, it is as simple as that. But, I was curious for next time what is the secret to getting great seats. Buying 12 tickets was a chore in itself. And trying to get them close due to ages was a bigger chore.

If you have read through all of this and have a chance in a lifetime to see these wonderful musicians and entertainers ...please do so! It is worth the experience.

Atlanta, GA Concert Jan. 27, 2001

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: ELAINE

The Atlanta concert was the best concert I've ever been to. I got there by winning a contest in my home town. I live in Shreveport, Louisiana. I had to unscramble 7 BSB songs, being the big BSB fan that I am, won 2 tickets to the show, air fair, and hotel accomedations. I was totally stoaked. This was my second Backstreet Boys concert. I saw them in Dallas on the Millennium tour.

The whole concert was amazing!!! Nick looked sooo good and everyone sounded and looked fantastic! The dancing was incredible! I loved all of the concerts especially when they were ripping some of them off and throwing them into the crowd. I wish I could remember all of the special things they did during each song, like when Nick got the guitar from the guitar player and started rocking out and threw it back, I can't seem to remeber which song it was...if anyone knows please e-mail and tell me!

If you ever want to have the best time of your life, go to a Backstreet Boys show!! It's the most fun you'll ever have!! The shows are energy packed with tons of laughs, dancing and great singing!!!

Atlanta concert

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Terri

Here it was, Saturday night, and I was taking my 8 year old daughter to see the Backstreet Boys in Atlanta. We drove 5 hours to get there. We were both so excited. She has been a fan for 2 years. We had floor seats but they were all the way in the last section. When the boys finally came up on stage guess what we saw... a bunch of teenage girls standing on there chairs. My daughter couldn't see a thing. I asked the security guards if it was permitted for them to be standing on there chairs and he said there wasn't anything he could do. I let her stand on her chair too but I don't think the people behind us were to happy either. We spent a lot of money to make that trip. I wanted my little girl experience a dream of her own and instead of seeing the greatest group af all time she saw a bunch of the backs of teenaged girls heads. So to all you people who stand in your chairs. Please next time Don't! Think of the people behind you. They came there for the same reasons you did. I just wanted to let you know that I had to take a very dissapointed little girl home. Her dream was crushed.

Please no hate mail I will just delete it.

Angry Mon in TN

Atlanta show-GA Dome

Date: Feb 03, 2001
Submitted By: Michele


We all know that the show was da bomb, the Backstreet MEN are smokin', and their talent is off the scale. If you want details see other reviews. If your reading this one you're going to get my simple five word analysis of the best concert I've seen in my short 21 years. In MY opinion, all you need to know is this:



Thank you BSB

Atlanta Concert 1/27/01

Date: Feb 01, 2001
Submitted By: Kristin

Hey yall!!!!!! Whats up!!!!!!! The BSB concert in ATL was the best they have ever put on. Trust me. I have been to every BSB concert in Atl and this was the best!!!!! They all looked so hot and sang awesome. The security guards were evil, but I'm not going to get into that. I had 10th row floor tickets with an aweome view. The guys came out through smoke and it was amazing. The had an awesome dance to Everyone, then right into LTL. At about song number seven my friends and I got up and ran over to the middle stage. The security guards told us at song nine they would be there so we left early. They came out at song nine and we were screaming so loud. We were really close to them because we were standing on ppl's chairs.

The guys sang Happy B-day to Nick and he took out his earplugs so he could here them. It was sososooso sweet. Then we ran back to our seats when BSB was walking back on the catwalk down the middle back to the main stage. We were holding a 3-poster board long sign that said 'Marry me, Bone!!!!' AJ came over to our sign got down on his knee and put a rose out to us. Then he said, "Yes, I will" in the microphone. My friends and I were screaming so loud. Then he got up, smiled, and waved. Then we were holding another sign that said 'I love you, B-rok!!!!!!' He is my favorite. Anyway we were shaking the poster and Brian came over. He motioned us to calm down and then he read our poster. He smiled and waved. It was the best moment of my life. At the end when they were singing "SOMH", AJ walked off the stage. I ran past the security guards and made it over to AJ where I was 2ft away from him. I almost died. They are amazing. They are so hot, so nice, so funny, and they can sing. Well, I just wanted to tell you all about the best concert of my life(thanks mom). I love ya littrell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Atlanta, Ga - Georgia Dome - 01/27/01

Date: Feb 01, 2001
Submitted By: Jamie

I arrived at the Georgia Dome at about 7:00 and had plenty of time to get souveniers. I'd recommend bringing a butload of cash if you want t-shirts, programs, etc. I know I spent about $400.00. Sometime after 7:30PM Krystal came out. She pretended to play on a white piano, but it was pretty obvious it was a fake piano (really a keyboard) when she stood on top of it. Her songs were pretty good and she sang Happy Birthday to Nicky (as she called him in the third verse). I didn't care much for how she dressed, but she's pretty good.

Sometime around 8:00PM or sometime later, Nelly came out and did a couple songs. I don't really care for Nelly, so I just sat and watched. I didn't even know they were going to be there, but I don't care either way so it didn't really matter. I'm not sure of the exact time, but around 9:00PM or 9:30PM the lights went out again and you just KNEW that the BSB were on this time. It was twice as long a wait for soundcheck than Nelly and Krystal had.

The Black & Blue spiraled backdrop suddenly looked like stars, and the TV screens showed an Armagedon like theme. As asteriods hit the planet (or whatever), pyro shot from the ceiling and made mini-explosions over the holes in the stage. Then the boys rose up from them on tall stands, still. They came back down and broke into Everyone, followed by Larger than Life. They were awesome, and all of the dances were awesome. Nick did this booty-shakin' thing and everyone in there, including myself, went nuts. Hehe. Get Another Boyfriend was also done great. I love the dance, in the way they drop into the stage at the end. I don't remember the exact order, so I'll just tell you some of the highlights.

They performed Yes I Will with a cane dance and had ballerina-like dancers dancing in smoke during that song also, I thinkn - or it may have been What Makes You Different. They did a bunch of songs, than went down a trunk to their dressing room. The scene in their was hilarious. Brian clobbered A.J. with silly-tring, Nick knocked over a table, and they fought over the "mirror" (camera). A.J. also showed off his tattoos. I got a glimpse at Nick's new ones while he was in his white wifebeater (he was wearing black sunglasses during Everyone - nearly made me pass out - boy looks fine). When they left the dressing room, they suddenly came up in the bulls-eye thing through the middle of the Dome. They sung a couple songs, including "Happy Birthday" to Nick, who stood in the middle with his arms crossed while Kevin preached to him about 'closing his eyes, and just letting them sing to him' - you have to have been there to understand what I mean by that. The stage-hands set up ramps so they walked across it while singing a song (Time, I think) to get back to the stage.

They did a couple more great songs, including I Want It That Way, Everybody and The Call. The last song was their encore, Shape Of My Heart. They did it great and that's when I noticed all of their voices sounded really great that night. They took their final bows and dropped into the stage. A.J. came back out and did some mprove dance thing before leaving.

Overall, it was a great concert! I remember leaving, wishing I could turn back time and see them live again! Hopefully they'll come through GA on another wing so I can see them again, that'd be awesome :-)

Atlanta Georgia, January 27, 2001

Date: Feb 01, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa

The Atlanta concert was the bomb! That's about the best way to describe it. The guys sang wonderfully, they've definitely improved on their choreography, not that it was bad to begin with, and it was a heart stopping show filled with plenty of pelvic thrusts *GASP* that took my breath away! Leighanne walked past my section and she was pretty nice to the fans, saying Hi as she walked by.

The opening acts were great! Krystal has a lot of talent and I hope she makes her name known. I still have the Supergirl song in my head!!! Nelly definitely got the crowd crunk with Country Grammer, EI, and a few more of his songs.

Nick looked really good, and it was kind of hard to believe he was going to be 21, he's really grown up since the BSB first started. We sang Happy Birthday to him twice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!! When the guys sang to him, I almost thought he was going to cry because it was a surprise!

I wish the best of luck to the guys and for all of the fans, You are definitely in for a treat! If you don't have tickets to a concert, get some, because you won't be disappointed!

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