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East Rutheford NJ

Date: Apr 01, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica Barrows

Hi I am really sorry for this but I was wondering if you could take my post off on what i wrote. It has causewd some problems. Thank you so much!! This is what it said:Submitted by: Jessica Barrows

Hey!! I went to the concert on february 3rd. It was my fourth concert and I paid 280 for 3 seats. Are seats were way in the back but it was worth it. I have had a bad experience with BSB. I had gone to my first concert 8/31/98 and then 2 more. I just barely scored 5th row tickets to the Albany New York concert by sleeping out on the street sfor ten hours. Anyways, last year my best friend was picked out of us two to be the Perfect Fan. She went with Aj who I adore. i don't know if that ever happened to anyone, but it was extremely hard because she get AJ!! Well this last concert we went too we had bad seats and we paid a lot for them not to mention I lost my job just to get the day off of work and we came from VT. Well the concert was so awesome!! The best was when they went on the round stage, because we ran down closer to it!! I don't know if any of you remember Kevin reading a note from a fan? Well I sure do! All I know was that my friends were screaming because we looked over and Kevin was holding our little beanie baby with our note on it and he looked down and read it. He then gave it to Aj to read and then Nick. they then all crowded and read it. the best was when Kevin was like "whoa hold up! Guys listen to this note I just got; "We paid 840 dollars for 3 seats, got fired from a job, and travelled 250 miles from Vermont, but hey its a small price to pay for a little piece of heaven." I was flipping out!! My best friend was clinging to me screaming al;ong with my other friend!! We had our names, adresses, and phone numbers on it!! Then the best part was when nick tried to stick it in AJ's head band but then AJ took it and put it in his back pocket!! I will never forget that as long as I live!!


East Rutheford, New Jersey

Date: Mar 28, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica Barrows

Hey!! I went to the concert on february 3rd. It was my fourth concert and I paid 280 for 3 seats. Are seats were way in the back but it was worth it. I have had a bad experience with BSB. I had gone to my first concert 8/31/98 and then 2 more. I just barely scored 5th row tickets to the Albany New York concert by sleeping out on the street sfor ten hours. Anyways, last year my best friend was picked out of us two to be the Perfect Fan. She went with Aj who I adore. i don't know if that ever happened to anyone, but it was extremely hard because she get AJ!! Well this last concert we went too we had bad seats and we paid a lot for them not to mention I lost my job just to get the day off of work and we came from VT. Well the concert was so awesome!! The best was when they went on the round stage, because we ran down closer to it!! I don't know if any of you remember Kevin reading a note from a fan? Well I sure do! All I know was that my friends were screaming because we looked over and Kevin was holding our little beanie baby with our note on it and he looked down and read it. He then gave it to Aj to read and then Nick. they then all crowded and read it. the best was when Kevin was like "whoa hold up! Guys listen to this note I just got; "We paid 840 dollars for 3 seats, got fired from a job, and travelled 250 miles from Vermont, but hey its a small price to pay for a little piece of heaven." I was flipping out!! My best friend was clinging to me screaming al;ong with my other friend!! We had our names, adresses, and phone numbers on it!! Then the best part was when nick tried to stick it in AJ's head band but then AJ took it and put it in his back pocket!! I will never forget that as long as I live!!


BSB at East Rutherford, NJ

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

I know the concert was Feb. 3rd, but who cares I'm writing a review anyway cause this concert was the best concert I have ever been to!!!

Well, on the way to the concert we got lost but thank god we didnt miss anything(cause we left early) but when we finally reached the continental arena i was CRAZY! The line to get into the place was huge!! But, when doors opened at 6:30(those we the longest 45mins of my life)everyone was screaming and i was kinda funny cause the fisrt people ran to the door to get in. Once we got in a was soooooo excited!!!! We bought a glo stik a shirt tour program and sum pics of the boys!

When I sat down in my seats i couldnt stop bouncing around the wave started it went aroud the whole arena then people got bored of it and stopped. The we all started yeling BACKSTREET BOYS,BACKSTREEY BOYS and so on! Then the lights went out and Krystal came on I heard her first and last song and from what I could tell she was pretty good! The about a half hour after her performance the lights went out! Comets(i guess) started to hit the earth(i couldnt see the earth cause I side seats) The dancers came out in like robe thingys and fell over...Then the boys came out of the floor stood their for a few mins and started to sing Everyone! After that they did Larger than life, shining start and all those awesome songs! I thought it was cool when they did I want it that way and asked us to sing! The wardrobe thing was cute and funny but it hurt my neck looking up! I couldnt stop screaming whenever one of the boys came up the ramp or all of them! My throar hurt soo bad and I couldnt talk right but it was worth it!! My friend and I got to see the boys run of stage I was like nooo come back dont leave:-( Well The concert was awesome and i give it an A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++i would write about a billion more +'s but that would take too long:-) If u ever get the chance to go to a BSB believe you'll have to best time og ur life!! KTBSPA!

February 3 2001 Continental Arena - East Rutherford, NJ

Date: Feb 11, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer

Hey everyone! On Feb. 3rd, I went to the Backstreet concert! I actually didn't have tickets until 10 minutes before the concert when we bought them for $120 from a scalper. The seats were behind the stage a little, but after Krystal (Who ROCKED, she's awesome) my friend and I moved up to the FRONT ROW seats that were empty on the side. From these seats, we could see the back stage area. We kept shouting NICK, NICK! FInally he popped his head out from underneath and waved to us. We also saw Leighanne walk by a few times. She also waved at us. They opened with tons of fireworks hitting the stage. We were so close we could feel the heat. They popped up from under the stage and sang Everyone followed by Larger Than Life. The dancing to Everyone I thought could improve though. I don't really remember the sequence of songs, but for Yes I Will they danced with sparkly canes. I thought it was a little corny, but it was cute. I was blessed to have Nick Carter on my side the entire time.

They did a pre-taped segment where they went under stage and showed us backstage. Since we were on the side, our whole section couldn't really see the video screens they were on, so it was kind of a waste of time, but from what I heard, It was funny! After that, they appeared on a small round stage at the far end of the auditorium, and sang How Did I Fall in Love with you, I promise you, and INBYH... Then this was my favorite part, a bridge fell across the audience and they walked back to the main stage singing Time. When they came back, they sang the Answer to Our Life, Get Another Boyfriend during which Nick had a fit by slamming a bouquet of roses on the stage and picking of the petals, and All I Have to GIve (nick dropped his hat, mid performance) They also included Show Me the Meaning and I Want it That Way, but didn't sing The One, which I was kinda mad about. They also didn't include Quit Playin Games or As Long As You Love Me!!! And something that really surprised me was that they didn't sing Its True. :( Suddenly, AJ had a "phone call" which started the Call. Instead of saying stuff like on the recording, he said something like "This is a really bad time, because we're in the middle of a concert." They they left for the encore and sang Shape of My Heart where Brian came over to us, like DIRECTLY in front of us and held the microphone out for us to sing. We were going nuts so he just laughed.

Over all, the concert was an AWESOME performance. I had the time of my life. I just think they should have played some more popular songs. For instance, they sang a song who no one really knew, and also What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful. I like that song, but not everyone has it on their cd. Other people may have annother opinion, but I think that Millennium was a better concert. But this one was SO AWESOME and fun. NIck was acting really strange though, he kept falling over slamming things and singing wildly. ktbspa

Black and Blue Concert in East Rutherford, NJ

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Claire

I saw the Backstreet Boys in East Rutherford, NJ on February 3, 2001. So the day of the ticket sale, I stood in line for hours in the freezing cold with a bunch of scalpers from the Bronx who were threatening to slit everybody’s throats if the line didn’t hurry up. Yeah, they were nice people.... But none of this mattered cause I thought it would all pay off once I reached the front. So as soon as I get there- SOLD OUT!- Great, thanks, rip my heart out and stomp on it a few times for good measure. I was devastated. That is, until three days before the concert. I work at a record store that has a ticketmaster, and my co-worker Greg found tickets to the show! My best friend friend Melinda (also BSB-obsessed) was working at the time, and she called me wigging out- majorly. So all of a sudden, here we were going to our very first BSB concert!

The day of the concert... lets see... I saw The Call on MTV and almost wet myself... then I went over to Melinda’s house and we painted our faces and everything, and we finally got on the road about 5:00. The ride to the arena seemed endless, but don’t worry, a couple rounds of Black and Blue helped us through it. We got there and joined the massive line of screaming girls- ahh, true acceptance! It was SO cold. They finally let us in, and we ran to our seats (not without buying $100 of merchandise first, of course). Turns out, our seats were BEHIND the stage... Ugh. But Melinda, being the nosy person that she is (gotta love her for it) heard a man saying he wanted to switch seats to be by his kids. One thing led to another, and we ended up in section 128- amazing seats! Thank you God for blessing Melinda with a loud mouth!

Then Krystal came out. She is my new hero. She was psycho- buzz cut and all, jumping on her piano and headbanging. I love her so much. When she sang “I’ll Be There” I almost cried. She’s amazing.

There was about half an hour of nothing after she left. Then all of a sudden the lights went off, and the room started screaming their heads off. Let’s see... then it showed earth being blown that’s morbid..and when the smoke cleared, guess who was standing there- none other than the five guys who have completely changed my life and touched my soul--oo that’s deep--THE BACKSTREET BOYS! Seeing them for the first time was just a total shock. I just lost all control of myself. I read a review earlier today that said “Once you’ve seen Kevin in leather pants, you can never go back”. I think that pretty much sums it up.

They went right into Everyone, then Larger Than Life... good job boys, recognizing the fans! The singing was amazing, the dancing was cute as hell. They sang Yes I Will wearing white suits and holding sparkly Everything was perfect, except for the woman behind us who kept screaming at us to sit down (Melinda put her in her place... that’s another one of Mel’s amazing qualities, lol). What else did they sing... ummm pretty much everything from Black and Blue with the exception of It’s True.

Then they had their cute little dressing room thing that everybody has heard about, I’m sure. Geez... I pretty much lost all control of my bodily functions at that moment... wow..Then they reappeared on the little stage in the back, which was RIGHT in front of our section. We could SEE THEIR FACES! They sang a couple songs, including How Did I Fall In Love With You. That was the last straw, I can pretty much die happy now. Hey did anybody else think it was hysterical when Kevin refused to stand up? Then the bridge came down from the ceiling, and they walked back to the main stage singing Time.

I think Answer to Our Lives was the best part. I was suddenly inspired to go pick up trash along the side of the highway. Oh, and we were so happy that they sang Everybody- that was amazing. I thought Melinda was gonna pass out. Shape of My Heart was the encore, but half the people left before it came on... morons I tell ya...

Aight, this is pretty long, lemme wrap it up with some final thoughts... Nick is a complete lunatic. Seriously, he was so into it, headbanging, falling to his knees, jumping all over the place- Pelvic thrusts galore! I have a complete new respect for him- he stole the show. AJ was just AJ, the coolest person alive, that’s all there is to it. Mel was spazzing over Howie, and I gotta admit, he was really good... omg How Did I Fall in Love With You... Brian was....Brian. Perfect in every way. Everything he did brought tears to my eyes..I couldn’t take it. And Kevin... I still live in fear that he is going to come kill me. He is the scariest looking man alive, but I think it some ways, it adds to his appeal.

On a serious note, anyone who has tickets to this concert is in for the greatest night of their lives. Be ready to just forget about everything that’s going on in your life, all your problems and worries, and just concentrate on the talent that these five amazing men have to offer you. People can critisize the Boys all they want, but what it really comes down to is some raw talent and the ability to bring complete happiness to their fans. What’s so wrong with that? The concert was the experience of a lifetime, and I will never forget it.

~*Continental Airlines Arena - February 3, 2001 - EAST RUTHERFORD*~

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Aprille Evans (my pen name)

Backstreet Boys Take Arena By Storm – Again

Screaming girls clad in glittery makeup armed with colorful handmade posters crowded the entrance of Continental Airlines Arena on Saturday, February 3rd as mothers stood by with smiles on their faces. Tour books, t-shirts, and scalper tickets were being sold left and right. Blue glow sticks lit up the arena as the shrieks started growing louder. Where else could you be but a Backstreet Boys concert?

Surprisingly enough, however, it seems as if as the Backstreet Boys music is maturing, so are their fans. Not only thirteen year-olds lined the hallways of the arena. Girls – and boys – of all ages stood by waiting for the show to begin.

Excitment and anticipation set the mood of the audience in the final minutes preceding the opening act. It seemed as if 7:30 just could not come quickly enough.

Finally, the lights went down, and, entering stage left was a 19-year old songstress who goes simply by “Krystal.”

Krystal, the first to be signed to the Backstreet Boys’ still untitled record label, has a Sinead O’Connor meets Mariah Carey-esque style. With vocals that surpass most of pop’s current female singers and a wide vocal range, Krystal is likely to accumulate a large fan base if given the right amount of radio airplay.

The anticipation grew even more in the half hour break between the opening act and the main event. The Backstreet Boys would not keep their fans waiting for long though, for, soon enough, the lights dropped again and the arena erupted in utter screams of joy.

The tarps on the stage dropped to reveal a larger-than-life video screen that took the crowd on an intergalactic tour full of explosions and soaring meteors. The opening sequence, enhanced by pyrotechnics and dancers disguised as futuristic military men, filled the audience with overwhelming suspense. As if they needed it.

The cheers soared as the Backstreet Boys (Nick Carter, 21; Brian Littrell, 25; Kevin Richardson, 29; A.J. McLean, 23; and Howie Dorough, 27) arrived onstage, rising through the smoke, mounted on five individual pillars.

Without hesitation, the Boys jumped right into “Everyone,” the newest ode to their fans which is feaured on their most recent album “Black and Blue.” Following the adrenaline-pumping song was a smooth transition into "Larger Than Life,” their first dedication to the fans that made their career into what it is today.

The show continued with an array of strong ballads, including the Howie Dorough-penned, “What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful.”

Crooning to their fans never hurt a pop group, but the strength of their vocals and harmonies not only made the girls’ hearts flutter, but impressed the older crowd and parents alike. It is clear that the Backstreet Boys have matured into a strong vocal group since they emerged in Europe in 1993.

The performance with the most vigour and energy was, “Not For Me,” a fast-paced pop song whose words take force against a cheating girlfriend. Complete with a red and black color scheme, wind effects, and pyrotechnics, the adrenaline-powered, dance-filled performance left an awe-inspiring impression on the crowd.

In “Not For Me,” not only were the vocals, once again, stronger than ever, but the choreography was polished and truly expressed the meaning of the song.

The most personal moment in the concert took place as the Backstreet Boys appeared on a much smaller stage in the middle of the arena, from which they belted out some classic Backstreet ballads, including “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.”

Following their mid-arena appearance, a bridge that closed the gap between stages lowered from the ceiling, enabling the Boys to get even more personal with those seated in the floor section. As they crossed the bridge, they sang “Time,” a self-written song describing the feats that the group has overcome through the years.

During this bridge-crossing, the intensity of the lights in the arena increased just enough for the Boys to clearly see – and wave to - their fans, which allowed for a very personal moment between the Backstreet Boys and the fans.

A few entertaining video skits were broadcast during costume changes, the most memorable being a scene in taped in what is staged to be the below-stage locker room of the Backstreet Boys. During the approximately four-minute skit, the audience could enjoy the beloved personalities of the Backstreet Boys that they have come to know over the past eight years.

The concert seemingly ended with a rendition of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” enducing screams during Nick Carter’s line, asking the famous question, “Am I Sexual?”

As with all concerts however, encores prevail and the Backstreet Boys returned to the stage for two final songs, their most recent singles, “The Call” and “Shape of My Heart,” both magnificently performed.

The Boys went out with a bow and a standing ovation. What else would you expect from a sold-out crowd at a Backstreet Boys concert?

Techically, the concert was well-staged, using a unique lighting system, located from above the floor section of the audience instead of from the front of the stage, allowing the Backstreet Boys to see their fans instead of being blinded by the stage lights.

Of all the Backstreet Boys tours, “Black and Blue” was, by far, the best yet. From the looks of it, the critics are wrong. There is no chance that pop music is dying out, at least not when it comes to the Backstreet Boys. Looks like they are here to stay – with much deserved longevity.


Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: ~Nadia~

Ohmigod, the BSB concert was great!!! Ok, well Krystal, came out, and she was really good, she sang bout 3/4 songs, then they had a short intermission, where like 6 guys had to go up to the arena, and so sumthin. THEN!! It got all dark, and the whole arena scremed like CRAZY!!! Then the next thing you see is the earth on the TV get hit by meteors, and everytime it hit, a PYrO would blow up on stage, it was an AMAZING effect!!! Then these 5 poles started rising up with them on it, it was great!!!! Brian was in the middle, the to his left was Aj, the kevin, the to his right was howie and nick. Then they went staright into "Everyone" it was great!!! Then "Larger Than Life",Then i think "shining Star" and a couple of slow songs. LEt me tell you, The dancing was GREAT!!!!!!!!!! It was completley AWESOME!!!!!! The best part about it was when, they all jumped into the box,like the all could actually fit in there,(but of course, the stage had an and it was so funny! They should the audience them chagin and foolin aroun backstage,it was GREAT! Then they surprised the whole audience,and went to a smaller stage!!! It was Right in front of me !! I was goin crazy!!!!! Kevin actually saw me and my mom,and waved hi!!!!! i was goin crazy!!! then the bridge came down, and ahhhhhh it was heaven! They're outfits were great too!!! Then when they were gonna perform "the Call" aj was on stage, and he was sayin it was gonna be they're last song, (yeah right!) and the a phone rang, and they all came out, and performed it. It was AMAZINGG!! then they did "shape of my heart" THen, they said goodbye, and they left with a whole bunch of pyros goin off. THAT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILL NEVER 4GET IT!

Black and blue concert~feb3rd/continental arena~a good review!

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Lauren

Ok well I was totaly syked 4 this concert 4 s0o ong! The day finally came sat feb 3rd! Me n my friends finally got there and went to our seats~i had heard from pple who went be4 me that there was a smaller stage but when I got there I never imagined that it WOULD B THAT CLOSE!!! Omg it was so close to us mayb lik 10 ft away! Ihad sect 105 row 5 off of the floor~they were pretty good seats I was still able to see their faces on the main stage~neways we got tshirts stuff lik that.

Krystal came on~i liked her songs I heard em be4 cuz I dl them a few weeks be4 hervoice was good but when she was playing on the piano she loked retarded cuz she tried to rock to hard 4 a slow song

Finally bsb came on! They had a cool opening personally iliked it better how they opened in millenium but his was still very cool~they came up from the floor then rose lik nsync did. They started wit everyone they did it so good! Im not quite sure of which songs came next n stuff but neways they did the cutest dance with yes I am they had a cane n they danced s0o cute! I think that waprob my fav! Cuz they looked s0o cute I loved it! Neways they asked us if we wanted to go backstage wit them in theredressing room they had this lil blue box kinda lik a tresure chest trunk n went in it but when kevin n aj was just left on the stage I thought it wa so cute cuz aj wet to kevin(who I love!) aj be4 beauty so goodbye kevin n then aj went in the trunk I thought that was funny~neways as every1 watching the video they made backstagei see that the smaller stage rite nea me is gettin all ready 4 them to come on~they come on n the stage rises omg I was going crazy I was s0o friggin close I couldnt beleive it! Newayskevin was facing my way the hole time almost I was bout to die! They were s0o good there I was jumping up n down they had to have seen me! Lol then this bridge type thing came down over the fans on the floor they sang time while they walked on it to the main stage~i think this concert was s0o good!Better then millenium! They ended wit somh n they sang s0o g0od n performed excelent! I loved it so much ilost my voiceit was so good u all would love it! Everyone have fun at there concert whoever is goin~n if ur not goin I feel very bad 4 u! It as so good!


Continental Arena, NJ Concert - Saturday, 2/3

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Marion aka Kevin is MINE (if he cuts his hair)


OK, special shout-outs to my friend Sofia aka "BabyAngel" (with the wings on the back of her baby-T) who could come with us last-minute.

So our evening started with the biggest MALE fan of BSB pickin' us up -- we were jammin' thru the streets of Manhattan 'cuz we didn't wanna miss KRYSTAL!!! We almost ran over this guy on a bike, but if I hadn't screamed, can I just say that NYC would have one less food delivery guy today???

We got to the arena JUST IN TIME for KRYSTAL. The Supergirl took the stage and sang like 4 songs. She has mad talent, but can we just say MAKEOVER? What's up with the hair? But it's all good, you got style, girl, I ain't mad at chu. After she pranced around on top of her cheesy white grand piano, she flew off the stage in her glittery cape that totally blinded me. Then, all the lights went back on...and we were all cheering "B S B!!! B S B!!!" The suspense was killing me, I was soooo restless. No one knew the time or the place the BOYS would appear...

Finally, at approximately 8:32 pm and 34 seconds, the lights went out -- OMG OMG OMG!!! They showed all these cool special effects stuff -- including awesome asteroids and meteors that were sooooo real, I thought one was going to land on us and burn me and my friends!!! I was screaming like there was no tomorrow (out of excitement, not fear)-- then different groups of dancers took the stage, and at first people thought they were THE BOYS but they weren't...FINALLY, there was all this smoke and the BOYS came up out of the stage standing on these platforms --IT WAS SOOO COOL -- no one could stop screaming!!! IT'S TIME FOR THE SHOW TO BEGIN!!!

They opened with "EVERYONE" and transitioned into "LARGER THAN LIFE" (bao, bao, bao-bao!!!) IT WAS SOOOO HI N-R-G!!! My friend Ngayin kept screaming "I LOVE YOU, NICK!!!" and "YOU ARE MY FIRE, MY ONE DESIRE, NICK!!!" My friend Steve was singing in his best falsetto, and Sofia was screaming SO loud and bouncing in her teeny-bopper outfit (she needs to work on the Black and Blue songs, though). Steve and I knew EVERY WORD TO EVERY SONG except for one!!! It's alright though, you can't win them all -- that song wasn't that good anyway. N-E-WAYZ, OMG!!! I went crazy when they sang their OLDIES BUT GOODIES, like I WANT IT THAT WAY and SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY...I was disappointed that they didn't sing "Quit Playin' Games..." and "As Long As You Love Me," but they made up for it by singing EVERY SONG on the Black and Blue album (except for IT'S TRUE, which is one of our faves, but oh well...) The little bulls-eye stage opposite the main stage was awesome, and when they were walkin' across the catwalk they sang "TIME" -- which is such an inspirational song. During "Answer to Our Life" I was so moved by the video of endangered animals and environmental activism... the boys are such great examples. OMG OMG OMG -- they sounded SOOOOO good -- they were on point! "GET ANOTHER BOYFRIEND," "NOT FOR ME," "THE CALL," AND OF COURSE, "SHAPE OF MY HEART" sounded soooooooo, soooooo SLAMMIN'!!! I couldn't stop smiling and singing!!!

At the end of the night I totally lost my voice...we blasted the album while driving home and it was like an encore of the concert in Steve's car.

On a final note, I actually thought the Millenium tour was better, but that might be 'cuz I had practically FRONT ROW seats...but hopefully when they come back for the last leg of their BnB tour, I'll get to see them again from BETTER SEATS!!!

BSB 4-EVER!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me show you the shape of my heart.

Feb. 3rd at Continental Airlines.... The Greatest Concert I have ever been too!!!

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Jen

OMG The concert was awesome! Ok it all started the day before the concert... my mom had an extra ticket and she surprised my little sis, who's 10 and loves Brian, with the ticket. So all night we were getting all excited and all. then well it was around 5:00 the next day and we were getting ready to go... I was wearing my black and blue camoflauge pants with blue hair extensions and my little sis was wearing black and blue... my mom even wore black and blue!

Well the whole ride their we were blaring Black and Blue through the speakers. when we got to the arena they didn't open the gates yet so we went over to the Z100 truck and tried to get a t-shirt but they ran out :o( oh well. andyway we got inside and i got my glowstick and a t-shirt and we then went and sat down.

Our seats were in the upper level but right on the right side of the stage so we had an awesome view! well first Krystal came out and let me tell you that girl just totally rocked! she was awesome! she has the greatest voice and she's just talented! she is definitely going to go far.

Well then it was intermission and then the lights came down again.. and since I was right above the one ramp I could see all the controls in the back and guess what?!? I saw 5 people walk though there and then under the stage! a light came on down their and I saw two faces! i saw nick and brian and they were goofing around doing this little dance! it was so adorable! lol!

Well the show started and it was awesome! I have no voice left! i was screaming and singing so much! Kevin even pointed at us and Brian waved to us! that like caused me to flip out lol! I had the time of my life and I will never forget it. I took about 28 pictures and I still have to get them developed... I don't know how BSB is going to be able to top themselves with this tour but.... they can do it! I'm just gonna tell ya'll that still r going to go.. you'll have the time of your life! and you'll never know who you'll see there! When I was there two rows up from me were a group of girls from my school... and it was weird cause they seemed like the people to not like BSB but they had shirts on the said "B-rok you rok my world!" so to ya'l.... you'll have a blast! I guarantee it!



East Rutherford, NJ, Feb 2, 2001

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Alicia

Februrary 3rd, Continental Airlines Arena

I went to the Fed 3rd concert and I don't exactly have the words to describe it. When I woke up that morning I was pumped (just as I was since the day I got the tickets). The morning seemed to go by so fast, all I did was talk on the phone to the people I was going to the concert with and get ready. I was all packed and dressed by like 11:30! By this point I was sick to my stomach:) I just couldn't wait any longer. Then finally it was 2:30 and my mom and I left to go pick my cousin up half way. As soon as we pulled up my cousin ran to me and pulled out her gigantic Burger King banner. Her father works at BK so we had like all these posters and stuff. But let me tell you this banner was huge! Only half of it had BSB on it. The other half was a pic of a whooper so we folded it in half. Even when this thing was folded in half it was about 6 feet long!(no joke) Anyway, our next stop was my best friends house. There we met up with my best friend her sis and her 2 cousins. From their we went to a sub shop because we were planning a tail gate party. My 5 bsb buddies and I thought it would be cute if we wore our BK crowns inside the sub shop. LOL did we get funny looks! And as we were waiting for our subs to be made the video for the call came on and I started screaming! The guy making the subs thought we were insane. Once the subs were made we all hopped into teh car and loaded up the CD player for the trip up (it was about 1 and a half hours so plenty of good tunes were played...bsb tunes of course)

When we got to the arena we imediatly started to parade around the place with our banner(aka "tarp") We went to all teh radio stations and they all were like "wow did you girls steal that from burger king?" As soon as we were done showing off, we were ready to eat our subs(i hadn't eaten anything all day so I was starved) But our well planned tail gate party didn't turn out so good because it was around 20 degrees. So we had to eat inside that car, it was still fun. The only problem was that I was shaking so much and couldn't hold me soda.

Once we were finished eating, our heart beats were rising and they were letting us in, it was time for the show to begin(lol). About an hour or so after we were seated Krystal came on. Good singer but she really need to work on her stage The seats we had we kinda high but we could see the stage very well and I rarely looked at the screen.

Soon after Krystal got off the stage, the lights turned done low and the piro started! The piro was so awesome at this concert...I mean the way they used was very creative. BSB came out of little holes on the stage that acted like elevators. They opened with "Everyone". Was there ever a better opening song then that in history? I mean it is about opening a concert so it went perfectly. After "Everyone", they sang "Larger Than Life". Then. BSB went into a long set of songs from Black & Blue. The dancing was so incredible at this show. My mom said she saw alot of improvment from the Millennium tour! And for once the dancing wasn't centered around their dancers...they Boys did mostly solo dances (meaning just the five of them) They sang every song from Black & Blue except for "It's True". The songs they sang that weren't from Black & Blue were "If You Stay" (Bootie Call soundtrack) "Larger Than Life", "I Want It That Way", "Show Me The Meaning..."(all from Millennium), "All I Have To Give", "Backstreet's Back", and "I'll Never Break Your Heart" (debut US album)

The thing that is the best about BSB concerts is the little cute twist they put into their shows. Like who they wanted everyone in the arena to get a good show so they lowered a cat-walk and went to the other side of the arena. And I wanted to cry when they went into the "Backstreet Wardrobe" lol. They placed a box over one of the holes and sorta did like the clown in the car trick. Once they were all in the screens showed what was going on in the dressing room! lol It was sooooo cute! It was so funny because right before they did this AJ said "Do you like the clothes we're wearing?" and we all knew what was going to happen so my best friend and I started to chant "Take It Off!" And before you knew it our whole section was chanting!

The encore of the show was none other then "Shape of My Heart" And once they were done singing that they all said "Going to a place near by...gotta go!" and went down in their holes and that was that.

One thing that I did differently at this concert was try not to meet them. usuallt at BSB concerts I wait by the VIP place and try to catch a glimpes...but we were so tired. Once we got home my cousin and I watched the "All Access Video" till we fell

Black and Blue Tour---Feb. 3, 2000

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Heather

When I heard that the Backstreet Boys were having a concert again, I wanted to go so badly. The day that the tickets went on sale, my mom tried as hard as she could but no luck. I was upset but on Christmas, I got the best gift.... the tickets!!!

While waiting in line to get into the arena, my cousin walked by. I was shocked, but relived because I didn't want to say anything to her because I didn't want to make her upset!!!(you know i love you!!!)

While waiting for the boys to come out, we watched Krystal preform and she was great!! I enjoyed her preformance and I'm looking forward to buying her c.d.

The boys came out and I was so excited!!! I never sat down once!! I went to every concert in N.J. and out of all of them, this one is by far the best!!!

When they "changed" I didn't even think they were going to come out in the middle. I was so excited because I was close to them!! The whole show was full of surprizes and excitment. And the bridge was such a great idea!!

At the end of the show I was upset, but also very happy that I had the chance to see them in person! They are the best group in the world! They have influenced many people and it's a great idea that they are all doing things to protect our earth and other things.

I had the greastest time and I wish i could do it again! Even though I didn't have the greatest seats, I was there and that is definatly somthing to be happy and proud about!I love the Backstreet Boys more then any other group out there and I hope they will do furture concerts and I will be able to attend them as well with my Backstreet loving cousin(Hi Mandi!! I love you!!) right by my side!! BACKSTREET BOYS RULE!!! KTBPA!!

My Encounter with BSB - February 3, 2001

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: John De Rosa

Ok, I'm probably gonna cry before I finish writing this, but bear with me, cause I must share this. Yesterday I went to the BSB NJ concert and our seats, at first, we thought were kinda good, we were like 30th row. But then I looked to my left, and we were 5 feet, YES 5 FT! from the circular stage where they come up on to sing the ballads. When they came up, they were so close to me, I burst into tears, and couldn't stop smiling and staring. I couldn't believe they were so close to me.

Soon after I saw AJ sit on the stage I realized, he was on my end of the satge and Kevin was there also. So I first looked at Kevin, right into his eyes, and said "Your in my heart.... Forever", and then I repeated "forever" and pointed to my heart. After that I was crying and in shock, but it got better. Kevin looked me right back into my eyes and said "Thank You" I blew him a kiss, and then he blew me one back, and he was looking directly at me. The girl who was with me couldn't believe it, she yelled "OMG there looking right at you"

What happened with Kevin happened with Howie and AJ as well, only I got a wink from Howie and Aj, and they both said Thank You. Then the Howie situation got complicated. After I relized people were throwing some gifts on the stage, I said to myself what would be a good thing to throw up there? Then I relaized my watch! (In honor of "Time") But I did'nt want to thow it up there. So rather than do that I took it off and waved it at Howie since I noticed he wasn't wearing one.

After Howie recognized me he gave me a headshake and said "I can't take that", but I said "No take It!" He then reached over to take it but the security guards wouldn't let me get to him. Keep in mind Im 2 feet away! Then Howie shakes his head to the guards and says "No let him through", so I went to give it to him, but it couldn't quite reach him, so a guard took it, and gave it to him on the other side of the stage.

Not only am I crying now writing this to you, but I was crying like crazy at the concert, and still can't believe this wasn't a dream. What i am writng is all true, and I have pictures soon coming to prove it. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with the oppurtunity to have 3 out of the 5 Backstreet Boys look right at me, and recognize that they are in my heart forever, and thanking me for that. It is still so incerdible words can almost not describe.

To end on a funny note, at least for me cause all this crying is getting annoying now, the bottom line is this:

When someone asks what time it is I will have to respond:

"Oh I don't have a watch, one of the Backstreet Boys has it, and let me give it to him" Sorry :)

Thanks for Listening Guys, I Love You All.

Nick (John)

Amazing Feb. 3, 2001 NJ Concert!!

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Monica Richardson [muah]

Keep in mind that when this was written, I had just returned from the concert and was REALLY hyper and excited!

Ahaha.. When they came out on their second stage.. I swear...RIGHT IN front of me! I was dying.. Omg.. I got such good pics.. But I was mad at kevin! He sat down on the stage on one side and barely turned toward our side! Aj was sitting on the other side.. Nick was sitting on the opposite side of kev.. But he was looking toward us a lot. Howie and bri were standing in the middle a lot.. And they looked at us a lot.. I swear.. It looked like brian waved at me!!! I am not kidding.. I was in the middle of the aisle with no onwe around me.. And I had my arm in the air and I was jumping up and down waving and I swear.. He pointed and waved.. I am soooo not kidding!! I was going to die.. And I was soooo close to them.. Ahh.. Damn.. I have been front row before.. But this seemed different.. It was amazing. Kevin.. While he was sitting down.. He was smiling and looking at these 2 older women for like a minute. I was watching him.. And I looked at them to see if it was kristin and like leighanne.. But the girl had long brown hair.. So I dunno.. He definitly seemed like he knew them! And they were in like.. Folding chairs.. So they must have been something special.. Yeah.. Probably. Anyways.. Ahh..

Omg.. I got good pics of kev when he finally stood up and all.. But I couldnt get him to look directly at our sections to take the pic... I dont think I got aj to either.. I dunno.. I was practically crying.. And I know I have met kev, aj, and bri before.. But I COULD HAVE MET THEM YESTERDAY!~!!! Dammmit.. We were sitting down .. We were kinda in the arena before we should have been.. Long story.. WE HEARD SOUNDCHECK THO! We heard them playing "answer to our life and we heard the Boys singing to it! Ahaha.. And anyways.. These girls come walking by with some guy and their mom.. And they were holding all these bsb things and they were like, "did you notice kevin was staring at..." and that's all I heard.. And I looked at my mom and my eyes were soo wide.. And I was like, "omg.. They just met them!" and when they left, the guys that was with them came in and we were like, "did those girls just spend hours with bsb?" and he was like, "no.. Like 45 minutes." and I freaked out.. I was like, "how did they do that!" and he was like, "at 3:30 there were about 40 people waiting out front and the security just came out and gave them wristbands and took them in." I wanted to frikken die!!!

We WERE AT THE DAMN ARENA AT 3:30.. But WE WERE NOT IN THE FRONT!!!! Ahhh.. We were like back in the employee section.. I wanted to cry! I was soooo pissed.. Ahhh.. I am soo pissed now I can barely think of it! Ahhaa.... I want to scream.. But anyways.. I got damn good pics of them and thats all that matters.. Ahh.. Kevin had brown suede pants on.. He was sooo hot.. And they had this amazing bridge that came down and they walked across the audience.. But I don't want to give away which song they performed while walking over it.. But when kev was walking across the bridge.. Someone thre him like this brown coat and he put it on then took it off.. I have a pic of that too! And the dressing room part.. Ahh.. It's so funny.. Howie says, "yo nick. Did you see that girl in the front row with the purple dress on? She was winking at you." and then he starts winking at nick. And nick was like, "really?" haha.. He does it in this little boy like.. Amazed look. And howie was like, "yeah, why don't you say hi to her into the camera." [this is still the dressing room part.] and nick goes into the face of the camera and he's like, "hi." and then he's like, "don't wanna lose you nowww... and howie is like, "yo man stop!" haha.. And then a little later howie was yelling at nick and he's like, "she's too old for you man!" haha.. It was funny.. They were fighting in the dressing room, and aj was showing all his tattoos..

And kevin couldn't find his boots.. And they were all fighting over the mirror and howie was like, "yo I need to comb my hair!" and bri said, "well then get a haircut or something!" haha.. It was sooo funny.. And before they did the whole behind the scenes dressing change.. They all jumped into a trunk that took them backstage.. And howie, bri, and nick all jumped in and it was just kev and aj left and he was like, "this is how the group should be.. The kevin and aj show!" haha.. And he was like, "well kev, like they always say.. Beauty before age.. So I'm jumpin' in next!" and then aj jumped in the trunk and it was just kevin left.. And he goes to the bodyguards.. "you guys can throw this trunk into the Husdon River...." haha.. He was like, "nah, just kidding." The Hudson River is I believe the river inbetween NY and NJ.. Yeah it is! Haha.. Omg.. But the show was amazing.. The costume changes.. The dancing was incredible.. Nick was adorable..

Kevin was gorgeous.. AJ was hysterical. Howie was hysterical in the dressing change.. And Brian was amazing and so adorable! They were so interactive with the fans, and nick was doing a little sexy dance at the edge of the left ramp for the fans! Haha, Ah.. It was so amazing.. This show was the BEST they have ever put on.. If you thought the Millennium or Backstreet Boys tours were amazing.. Wait til you see this one. It was one of the best nights of my life.. Especially since they were 10 feet in front of me! I would have to say my favorite songs they performed were "Everyone," "The Call," "Answer To Our Life," "More Than That," ahhh NEVERMIND.. Alllllll of them!!!

The show was amazing and I am sooo happy I get to see it again tonight! For things to buy.. They have basically all the same stuff.. Just different cause it's the black and blue tour.. So I bought a shirt.. I bought the one that is black and it has their faces on both the front and the back.. And the back has the tour dates.. And on the front.. Aj and nick are in the front of the shirt.. And kev is in the middle.. Hmm I also bought a keychain for $5. I bought a program for $20.. It is much better than the "into the millennium tour" program. And I bought 2 glossy photos.. One of kev and one of nick. Overall... The Black and Blue Tour is the best yet! Even better than "Into The Millennium" and I thought that wasn't possible! I would say that this was one of the best days of my life! =0)

BSB concert Continental Arena

Date: Feb 06, 2001
Submitted By: Liz

Hey Hey Hey!! I went to the BSB concert yesterday Feb 3rd!!! Its was awsome. They let us in the building at 6:30. When you walked in it was Backstreet Heaven!!! T-shirst and posters everywhere. At 7:30 Krystal came out she was really good! I loved when she sang "Super Girl", she really got the crowd started. Then she left the stage and we had to wait about 20 more min for the men of the our to come on stage. The lights went out and these HUGE fire balls fly to the stage! It was awsome. My seats were right by the stage so we felt the heat.

The guys come out from under the stage and ther dressed in black and blue outfits. LEATHER PANTS !!! They sang "Everyone" there Dance moves were AWSOME!! AJ and Nick kept shaking there asses!!! I think the best part of this show was the fact that they made there way around the whole Arena. Everyone got to see them at one point in time. When the bridge came down all the girls started screaming and the guys kept catching all the gifts that were flying up. AJ gave some girl his jacket!!! I WANTED IT!!! The guys also lets us see them in there changeing area...LET ME TELL YOU!! Kevin has a nice BUTT!! Nick shot silly string at AJ and AJ shot him with a water gun. They are sooo crazy! When AJ came infront of me as loud as i could i screamed "HI AJ I Love you!!" he saw me and waved and blew me a kiss. I almost fainted.

This is my 3rd concert and NEVER have any of them actuly seen me, BUT my seats were awsome this year. Then when they were singing "Shining Star" Howie came oer to our section and was winking and waveing (he always winks hehe). "The Call" was the second to last song but they made it sound like it was over. So all the girls kept saying "awwwww", but they came BACK!! They sang shape of my heart! Then they left, and came back out one more wave and say goodbye! This concert was awsome the boys just keep getting better and better. Hope you guys enjoy your concerts KTBSPA!!

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