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Feburary 4, 2001...Black and Blue Tour..New York

Date: Jul 01, 2001
Submitted By: Shanna

The concert was amazing. My best friend and I had seats right next to the little stage. The boys are so kind to their fans. Nick paid the most attention to us. He waved and made eye contact with my friend and I. Howie was focusing on the fans in the balconies. Brian was looking everywhere as was A.J. Kevin was on the other side of the stage but still managed to say "Hello beautiful", to my friends sister. The pyro was amazing as was the whole show. The dancing was great and so were there costumes. They put on a great show. The boys put 110 percent of their energy into the show. I can not wait until I see them again this July!

Black and Blue concert-February 5, 2001

Date: Jun 19, 2001
Submitted By: Keena Murray

This concert was awesome! It started late due to the harsh weather conditions, but the Boys more than made up for it! When the asteroids started shooting out of the ceiling, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I kept saying over and over again to my friend, "Why are they doing this to me so early in the show?" The whole show was great. The dancing was energetic, the guys were hot, and they sounded perfect live. When they sang "I Want it That Way", it was like the National Anthem to all of us BSB fans. The only regret that I had about the concert was that it had to end. However, when I go and see them in July, I am sure I will enjoy it just as much! K.T.B.S.P.A!

Backstreet Boys Black and Blue Concert 2001

Date: Jun 15, 2001
Submitted By: Christina

I saw Backstreet Boys Black and Blue Tour 2001 on February 4 at Nassau Colliseum. All I have to say was it was amazing! One of the best concerts done by them. I still think that the Millenium one was better. The stage in the round allowed the fans to have a good seat from where ever they were sitting. I personally had 4th row seats but my friends told me that it was not that bad a view from far a wway. And about the B&B tour, thank God for that stage across from the big one. I started jumping for joy when they popped out of that little stage...i was soo much closer. I will be attending the concert on July 16th and i have higher up seats but i will be near the sides of the stage which is good. THe screens behind the boys were also nice too. Nice LARGER THEN LIFE view of the boys. I hope each and every one of the true fans out there can get tickets to this concert because I think it is unfair that some people get them because their "connected" KTBSPA EVERYONE! mwahzzz

February 5, 2001 (B&B)

Date: Jun 14, 2001
Submitted By: Heather

my friend bought tix 4 me, like, a week or 2 B4 the concert!

she called me @around 8:00pm and i cried like a baby!!! i was like "OMG!!! I LOVE YOU, DEZ!!!!" (her name's desiree, i call her Dez) and the next day in school i gave her a HUGE hug!!! he-he! well, NEwayz, the concert.....ok, they didn't allow signs and i found that out the day B4 the concert, and me & dez had made really kewl, when we got there i folded up my sign and hid it inside my jacket. well, during "TIME", they went out on2 a little stage in the middle of the arena (i was on the floor, row 38) and they were only 10 feet away!!! OMG! i was freakin' out! then i pulled out my sign (i <3 Brian) and held it up. BRIAN SAW IT AND SAID; "I LUV U, too"!!!!!! OMG!!! i was TOTALLY freakin'!!! me and dez were cryin' (all the others looked at our other sign and waved, too)and jumpin' up and down on our chairs!!! it was SOOO KEWL!! i will cherish that night 4 as long as i live!

(the rest of the show was AWESOME, 2!!!)

Feb. 4th and 5th

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Okira

This is my Backstreet Boys concert review from the concerts I went to Feb. 4th and 5th. I FINALLY got to writing it. lol Lemme just tell ya that it's extremely long so you dont even have to read all of it if you dont wanna. In fact, you dont even have to read it! lol I just wanted it to be very detailed so I can remember everything from the concerts like 5 or 10 years from now. lol I mean, its just so long..but anywayz, here i go. Sit back, relax and enjoy! :)

Ohmigosh! These 2 concert nights were 2 of the best without a doubt and is no lie. Yep, I went to the TWO concerts the Backstreet Boys had here in New York. I had to! Without having gone to the first night's concert, I knew I'd love it so much that I'd have to go back. Plus, bsb are my fave group and I love 'em to death. So, I'd have to be crazy to not wanna go to both night's concerts! So I practically begged my parents to let me buy tickets for both nights until they said yes. And I'm the happiest and most grateful girl alive because of it. I love my parents so much! :)

Well, since I went to 2 concerts, even though they were basically the same performances, I've got so many great things to say so this is going to be extremely long..

Feb 4th fell on a Sunday, which was a good thing 'cuz I wouldnt have to go to boring ol' school. I woke up at 10am and from that time on, all I spoke about was bsb and not being able to wait to get to Nassau Coliseum. I drove everyone at home crazy! :P Of course I kept on talking about bsb DURING, AFTER, and the NEXT DAY of the concert. So by Feb 5th (Monday), my family at home had gone insane. Hehe :P Hey, I cant help it!

Feb 4th, me, my sis, my mom, and my dad left the house at around 4:45pm and got to Nassau at about 5:15 or 5:30pm.I was wearing my blue butterfly glittery shirt with my cream colored pants and black boots. I also brought my fave bsb mini-backpack and my camera to take pics (DUH?!).

BLI (106.1), Walk 97.5 and Z100 (100.3) radio stations were there and because of it I had a whole lot of fun outside, even though it was VERY cold. We mostly hanged around walk 97.5 and we stood in the back. The DJ guy on top of the van, who I later found out to be named Kevin, yelled "This is the last free CD I have, who wants it?" Everyone screamed. (It was a CD with artists like Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Bsb, etc.) Kevin was like, "I cant hear you!" and then I yelled that I wanted it. To my surprise, he looked right at me and said, "Okay, you want it? C'mon right up here." My dad went to get the CD for me. Later on that night I caught a keychain that was thrown and my dad caught a box of yummy cookies. When my dad caught the box, his cell phone fell out of his pocket and got lost! So I went up to Kevin and told him what had happened. He actually found our cell phone! :) I asked Kevin for an autograph on the inside cover of the cd and to take a picture/photo. He was so sweet about everything! :)

The doors opened at 6:30pm and me, my sis and my mom went in. We found our seats in section 305/rowL/seats 1,2 and 3. To be honest, I was a bit dissapointed. We saw the stage and screen well, and saw bsb. But the only problem was that they looked real tiny from where we were seated. So I was excited, but a bit dissapointed when we saw how close to perfect our seats were the next night!...

Feb 5th I woke up even happier than the day before since I knew my seats would be closer to the stage near the ramps. They were in section 219/row K/ seats 10,11 and 12. I didn't even wanna go to school but had to. I was terribly worried that day though. You see, the weather channel predicted a snow storm. I didnt think it'd really snow, but it started snowing real bad and I was afraid the show might be cancelled because of it. This is something I definetely didnt want. As soon as I got home I called the coliseum...and I guess it was my lucky day because like the Backstreet Boys say, "The show must go on!" I became filled with joy. :)

My mom had to work so Papi took me and my sis to the concert. We left the house at around 5pm and got to the coliseum at 6pm. On our way there in the car, we were listening to Z100 and Howie called in!! He said the show wasnt cancelled for that night. He also spoke about the Black & Blue Tour, the superbowl and other things. Hearing Howie got me even more hyped up for the concert. :)

My sis and me had to wait outside in the freezing, terrible, cold and snowy weather while our dad went inside to pick up our tickets through the will-call window. Then we waited 15min more outside for the doors to open. In those 30 min, my hair got messy, my feet got wet and so did everything else I had on me. It was horrible, but oh well.

Yes!! The doors finally opened. You cant believe how anxious I was to see my seats and what a relief it was to feel heat over my body again. We walked our way to gate one, walked up one level, found section 219, row K, seats 10,11,12 and I looked at the stage. Ahh! It was the closest and best view I've ever had in all of the times I've seen bsb. Me and my sis started jumping up and down yelling "Ohmigosh!Ohmigosh!Ohmigosh! bsb are gonna be right there! They're gonna be RIGHT THERE!" We finally kinda calmed down, bought some pizza to eat, and waited for what seemed like 4-ever. The coliseum was half empty because of the delay with all of the snow. Many people arrived late even though the concert started at 8:05pm instead of 7:30pm.

The lights went off and the screaming began (DUH?!). Kevin Richardson came on the screen talking about the opening act (Krystal Harris). Bsb have her signed to their new label. She then came on stage to play the piano and sing "My Religion" I had heard this song online before and loved it. Krystal has a beautiful voice. She then sang "Supergirl" and "Angel over my shoulder". The last song she sang was "I'll Be There", a song originally sang by Michael Jackson. Before her last song, she said she's be signing autographs at Gate 2. So before the song came to an end, we went to wait for Krystal in line. While we were waiting, guess who we saw?! The girl with the red hair and freckles from the "Parent Trap" movie! She was there to watch the show. But since I'm not reall a fan of hers or anything, and since she was busy talking on the cell phone, I stayed in line.

Krystal was giving away free copies of her single, but then ran out. :( Krystal was so sweet! And she's pretty in person. I spoke my mind, telling her she has an amzing voice, the best of luck in the future and God Bless. Krystal signed my Mickey Mouse autograph book and then she said, "I love your Rock Star t-shirt! I've gotta get one just like it!" (I was wearing my black rock start t-shirt with my baggy blue jeans). We said good-bye, and lucky for us, right when we entered our gate #, bsb were about to come out!

On the screen, planets and comets from space were being shown. Fireworks and pyro that looked like comets or fireballs were being shot on stage. The dancers came out. It all looked so amazingly cool and had to be my fave part of the concert. Especially when bsb jumped out from under the stage. I was so close to them and could see everything so of course I freaked! Nick was wearing sunglasses that made him look oh-so-hot!! :P He is sooo cute!! The guys were wearing long black and blue trench coats with leather pants. (The leather was definetly working for me!! :P ) Bsb began singing "Everyone" and the crowd went wild (including me, duh?!) All of the guys looked gorgeous, as always. I cant get over how cute and talented they are. *sigh* Anyways, "everyone" had to be my fave performance. The singing, dancing, lights, special effects, clothes...just EVERYTHING!! :) The guys then sang "Larger Than Life" and "Shining Start". The dance routine for "Shining Star" was so good! Bsb can definetly shake their bootey! Of course I always knew that, but when you see bsb perform LIVE...whoa baby, everything's gotta be 20 times better!! :)

The lights went off and a little while later Kevin came out dressed in a white suit that made him look more handsome that he already is. He said hi to everyone and talked for a while. Then he went to my side of the ramps. I wasn't close enough to shake his hand but I took an awesome pic and went coo-coo since Kev was only a couple of feet away form me! ahhh! All of bsb then appeared on stage in classy white suits to sing "Yes I will". They did a dance routine with white canes and it was like the cutest performance you can ever imagine. Whenever they'd sing something like, "I'm down on my knees, I'm asking you.." they'd go down on their knees and it was all just so sweet!! I loved it soo much. (During "Yes I will" the bsb, mostly Nick, came to my side of the ramps like about 50 times! I took pics and screamed so much my throat got sore. But who cares? Plus, Nick is my fave bsb. Him being so close to me..c'mon, like I'd really keep my mouth shut?! hehe :P Nick and Kevin came mostly to my side of the ramps, the right side. Brian and AJ went mostly to the left side. And Howie kinda did both.)

"Show Me The Meaning" and "More than that" were sang afterwards. "More than that" was also cute. While bsb were singing, dancers/ballerinas appeared from under smoke and beautifully danced to the song. This is my fave ballad off the B&B album so of course I LOVED this performance. (what am I talking about?! I loved 'em all!)

If I can remember correctly, the bsb then sang "What makes you different". This song isnt on my CD so hearing this song, to me, was a first. It's such a beautiful song..I guess you can say I fell in love with it. Let me tell you, Howie can write lovely music. Just like the rest of the guys, he's extremely talented.

From here on, I cant remember the exact order in which bsb performed their other songs. But I'll try my best and give you as many details as possible.

"Not for me" had to be another one of my fave performances. There were images of flames on the screens and red smoke and lights all over the stage. A girl dressed in red and black appeared on my side of the ramps. Then bsb came out, also dressed in red and black. The dance routine was "hot"!! :) In fact, I actually felt the heat in my face from all the red smoke and stuff!! It's no lie! Anyways, I especially liked this part where they stopped singing, went up to the front of the stage and the wind that was purposly being blown kinda mde their shirts go up. Then they kept on singing. HOT!! :)

Bsb dressed according to their own style and sang "All I have to Give" and mixed it into "If you Stay". The performance was real cool. Nick came out singing his part, took the guitar player's cowboy hat and put it on. The rest of the guys came out to perform, and in the middle of the song, all put on cowboy hats to perform "If you stay" Yee-haw baby! The guys looked way hot!! Nick shook his bootay (something I personally looove him to do!) and AJ did some pelvic thrusts. (cant say I hated that!!)

Kevin spoke about how he was gonna start helping the environment through conservation and other things. He told the audience that each of the Backstreet Boys were gonna contribute. For example, Nick would be doing something to help the ocean. (Bsb are so incredibly kind and giving!) Then the guys sang "answer to our life" while pictures of the ocean, animals, forests, etc. were shown on the screen. I can really tell that Nick cares for and truly loves the ocean. At times he would just stand there, facing the screen with his back to the crowd looking at the pictures of the ocean in aw. It was so cute!! :)

I think that after this was when the guys did the wardrobe thing where they took the audience backstage, into their dressing rooms and let us in on knowing what REALLY goes on when they're getting dressed. hehe :P It was hilarious and gave me a few good laughs. It's so cool how bsb can be real funny without even having to try. Anywayz, here's what happened...

AJ asked the audience if we all liked the leather pants they were wearing (silly question huh? I mean, of course we did!) When the audience screamed, he asked if we'd like to see them take 'em off and change backstage. (another silly question!!) Everyone screamed and their dancers brought out a big blue box and opened it. AJ told Howie he had to go fix his hair. So Howie jumped into the box and dissapeared into the locker room backstage. When Brian jumped in, Nick said, "He wait for me!" and went after him. AJ and Kevin stayed outside and AJ said, "yeah baby! The kevin and AJ show!" The circus song came on and AJ started dancing, told kevin "Beauty before age!", then he went inside the box. Kevin closed the box, sat on it, and the began screaming. He said "Now it's time to get down to some serious business". He then said "Do you want to come inside?" with this weird, scary but sexy accent. (Yeah baby!) Kev jumped in the box. A video of bsb backstage was shown. AJ was showing off his tatoos and explaining it's meanings to the camera when the rest of the bsb took out whipped cream cans and began spraying him. But then AJ took out his whipped cream "gun" and sprayed them all (haha! revenge! :P ) The camera kept recording Kevin's butt when he was changing. hehe :P There was this time when Howie was telling Nick about a cute girl with a red dress who was in the audience and Nick was like "Oh really??" Nick looked into the camera, gave us that gorgeous smile of his, and said "hi". Howie got mad at Nick, said "man, she's too old for you! You cant have ALL the girls!" and pushed him into the lockers. It was very funny. :) Brian said that Nick just had a birthday and had got him a present. There was a smiley face sheet covering something. When AJ took it off, it was a toilet! The other guys were like, "Oh we got you this since you're always having to go to the bathroom and all". Nick looked like he was about to cry,his face turned red, and he covered it with a towel. Then he gave the guys a hug and said "Thanks man!" He actually like d the gift! It was soo funny!! :) AJ started pretending to pull his pants down and sit on the toilet. In the end, all of bsb started fighting and pushing eachother. AJ started brushing KEvin's hair and they all tried to fix Howie's hair. Howie told them, "guys, this room isnt big enough for you and my hair". Ha! :P Bsb all surrounded the camera, spraying Howie's hair with hair spray. They all left. Then Howie came back to fix his hair again, and left.

After the video, the guys came out from under a small round stage that was located towards the middle, almost the back of Nassau Coliseum. Bsb were real sweet of doing this because this way everyone in the coliseum would have a chance at seeing them better. There's never a time they dont care to do their best for their fans. Aww!! :) They sang "How Did I fall in Love with you", "I'll never break your heart" and "I promise you". Then a bridge connecting the end stage and round stage was lowered and while walking across it, they sang "Time". Bsb were all so sweet. I cant get over not only how gorgeous they are, but also how kind-hearted they are!! They tried to take as many stuffed animals and posters as they could from those fans that had floor seats. They also tried their best in touching their hands, which was a hard thing to do because of how high the bridge was. It was so sweet though!! Bsb love us fans so much...and they cant imagine how much I love them back!! :)

If I can remember, I think when they reached the end stage they sang "I want it that way", a song in which everyone was singing along to.

The lights went off when they came back on, out came bsb to sing "Everybody". The guys went back to wearing the leather pants that make em look yummy enough to eat. *sigh* hehe ;P I knew most of the dance steps to "Everyboyd", so even though I was dancing to every song, I really danced my butt off to this one. Whenever Nick would sing "Am I sexual?" the crowd would go absolutely wild!! And why wouldnt they? Nick is 100% sexy, without a doubt!!

"Get another BF" is one of my fave fast tempo songs off the B & B album. THe dancing was great and so was everything else.

Before bsb's few last songs, bsb named the dancers and band members. The dancers and band members did some cool freestyle stuff. Brian introduced 2 dancers and some band members. Nick introduced the drummer and vobrated (it's the only way of putting it :P ) to every beat or hit off the drums. He pretended to fall and keep vibrating. It was so adorable! Nick also introduced the guitar player. Kevin introduced the the keyboard player and 2 more dancers. The dancers and band members were real good!!

"The call" had to be another one of my fave performances! It was unique and I loved it. AJ was talking to the audience, telling us that "The Call" would be bsb's very last performance. Of course me and other fans who had read concert reviews before attending the concert knew this was a lie. For those who didnt...c'mon! You could tell aj was lying thorugh that innocent face of his. hehe :P This was NOT the last song.

So AJ was like "This is our very last song for y'all so I want you to really enjoy it." He was interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone. He took the cell phone out from his pocket and asked the audience, "Should I answer it?" The audience screamed. AJ asked, "Should I reeealy answer it?" The screaming got louder. When he answered it he said something like "What are you calling me for? I'm in the middle of a show right now! Call me back when I'm not busy!" The rest of bsb and dancers came out to perform. The performance was awesome!! AJ did many "freaky" moved that everyone (including me) loved. And bsb have definetly got the moves to keep it going' on!! :) During the bridge of the song (where bsb sing something like "oh oh ohh") they appeared from under the stage dressed in blue gowns as if they were in a church choir. It was hot!! I loved it!

The lights went off and quickly came back on for the guys to sing their very last song.."Shape of my heart". :( I was real sad, I really didnt want this song to end. I knew if the song came to an end, the concert would come to an end. And if the concert came to an end..well, its just something I didnt want. My seats had never been this great and I have never taken pics so good. But then I cheered up because:

#1: Even though I wanted it to, the concert wouldnt last forever

#2: I knew this wouldnt be my last bsb concert, and its something I'm sure of. THere are many more bsb concerts coming my way with dedication and many prayers.

"Shape of My Heart" was over. :( Bsb told us how much they hoped to see us soon. They waved and blew kisses. Then they and their dancers came to the front to bow. (Ohmigosh, I really didnt wanna leave!! :( ) And then sadly I saw, bsb slowly disappeared from below the stage. :(

Well this is the end of my concert review. I know, you're thinking "FINALLY!" right? hehe :P The concerts were the best! I love bsb soooo much and they can definetely put on an awesome show! :) K.T.B.P.A y'all!

PS~ Sorry if there were any spelling errors! I was typing real fast. :P

February 4, NY

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Beth

I wrote this for my english class, I thought it turned out pretty good.


A Night Out with the Backstreet Boys

Nassau Coliseum, February 4th, 2001

The lights dim and the screams begin. The volumes of thousands of heartbeats are steadily rising. It’s 8:43 p.m. on Sunday February 4th, 2001 and fifteen thousand fans eagerly await the arrival of the Backstreet Boys, who have just embarked on the first leg of their Black & Blue World Tour. Fans of all ages, children, parents and grandparents, unite together under the roof the Nassau Coliseum for a night filled with smooth harmonies, heavenly voices, excellent choreography and dreams come true. Tonight, I am one of those fans. As I look around I notice that the people who surround me range in age from five to seventy-five and are all as excited as I am for the show to begin. The audience is a sea of people, ranging in age, color, and gender, proving that the Backstreet Boys are no longer a pre-teen “boy-band.” The stage is elaborately built with wings that reach out to the fans up high on the sides of the stage and a large bridge that looms over the crowd.

After hours of anticipation and thousands of enthusiastic screams, the arena darkens and the show kicks off with an explosion of shooting stars and pyrotechnics so hot I can feel their heat on my face. A creative intro following a theme of outer space begins to play. The tension grows and it seems as if the boys will never come out. Slowly, the crowd increases in noise as the members of the Backstreet Boys: Nick Carter (21), AJ McLean (23), Brian Littrell (25), Howie Dorough (28), and Kevin Richardson (29) rise up out of the stage floor and slowly appear through the clearing smoke.

They break into an anthem to their fans called “Everyone” in which they point and smile enthusiastically at the crowd. They express their love for their fans with the lyrics “Let’s get on with the show, turn the lights down low… you were there from the start, we know who you are, and this one goes out to you.” The fans are truly mesmerized by the boys, who have an incredible stage presence and can make any girl feel that she alone is being serenaded. Ten dancers join them on stage, five females and five males. They are positioned behind the group so as not to take away from the boys, but instead add to the show. In keeping with the adoration of their fans the boys slide into another fan inspired song, “Larger Than Life.” As Nick Carter, the heartthrob of the group, sings “Lookin’ at the crowd and I see your body sway, c’mon”, adding, “Let me see you swaaaaaay,” thousands of girls scream and sway their bodies to the music. At this point, there is enough adrenaline in the room to power a freight train.

Next the boys slow things down a bit by singing a few of their older songs including a song any Backstreet Boys fan can recognize in a heart beat, “I Want It That Way.” The boys have now changed into more casual clothes, and are climbing all over the stage to get closer to the fans. AJ McLean, the rebel, strolls over to our side of the stage and sits out on the wing that is in front of us. He serenades the crowd around us singing “Tell me why?” and letting the fans sing back “Ain’t nothing but a heartache.” By now, the boys have their fans completely hypnotized by their music. Looking around, you can see the audience singing along and swaying to the music.

Anyone who has heard one of the four multi-platinum records the Backstreet Boys have sold worldwide will notice one thing about their music, the strong ballads. This is perhaps what the boys do best and what the audience connects with most. For this portion of the show the boys perform on a small, intimate stage on the floor towards the opposite end of the arena. This enables them to reach out to their fans when singing the ballads that they are known for so well. They hang off the side of the stage and serenade their fans of all ages with their hit songs “ I’ll Never Break Your Heart” and “All I Have To Give.” A trio of ballads follows, slowing the audience down and melting the hearts of young and old. While the boys sing “Time” a song from their latest album, Black and Blue, they recall their road to fame, the good times and the bad. They bridge the gap between the small stage and the main by climbing over a bridge that hangs over the entire arena. The boys sing to the fans below them by leaning over the bridge into the crowd. The fans are standing on their seats trying to get closer to the group who they admire so much.

After this the show picks up again with some of the Backstreet Boys new somewhat edgier songs including “Get Another Boyfriend” and “Shining Star.” Looking around, I notice that the entire crowd is in a trance of singing and dancing to the music. The show is coming to an end and as the boys say goodbye they thank their fans for their constant support and dedication. They disappear offstage and it remains dark as the crowd roars for more. A constant chant of “Backstreet Boys, Backstreet Boys” takes over the arena. Within a minute or two the boys are back for an encore. The show ends with a bang of fireworks much like the way it began while the boys sing “The Call”, their newest single, and finally with “Shape of My Heart.” The boys, along with their dancers, take their final bows amongst the crowds screams and cheers. Overall the show is about an hour and forty minutes, filled with music and emotion. The Backstreet Boys truly are “Larger Than Life.” They use their voices to make beautiful music and show off their skills with an incredible stage performance. The have a dedication to their fans like no other artists. All in all, it was an absolutely amazing night that I will never forget.

Backstreet Boys Febuary 5th, Nassau Coliseum

Date: Feb 16, 2001
Submitted By: Steph

I went to the Backstreet Boys Tour in Long Island a few Mondayz ago.. lol sry i took so long!..... But i live in New Jersey so we had a long way to go.. Well early in the morning i got up and called a NY radio station WKTU. and i go ton the radio and spilled my heart out lol saying how excited i was!.... and we left for the place and the weather sucked soooo bad!... our car did a spinnout from the ice... well we went on the train and headed for Long Island... it took forever but when we got there i went to my seats and i was in section A1 row 34 on the floor!! not only was i 34 rows away from the stage but i was Right next to the tiny round stage!!! it was basicly in my row.. i started crying and everything.. well the show was AMAZING..and i went up to my moms section (303) lol and saw her view and everything.. well they opened with "Everyone" and ended with "Shape of my Heart".... it was soo beautiful and me and my friend screamed soo loud the ppl in front of us moved **ut oh** lol... but i had a great time and my pictures from the round stage came out AWESOME!! if you wanna see them mail me at =) thanx!!

Feb 5

Date: Feb 14, 2001
Submitted By: Tiffany

I had front row tickets to the feb 5 show and let me tell you it was great .....i also went to the feb 3rd show and had front they recognized me from the first night. Wehn i went to the concert i wanted to do something different so i bought a pair of red leapord boxers something that would catch their eyes that i could throw uo at them.....originally they were for nick but brian was the sweetest to mr through out the night(nick waved and smiled to at me but brian went out of his way) be4 they went into that dressing room box i caught brians attenion by waving the boxers he saw them and laughed......i just let him know the were coming...then i threw them up during shpae of my heart and he picked them up.....and was looking at them but i honestly never ever expected aj to put them on i was freaking out....i started jumping up and down and screaming and then brian grabbed aj and pointed to me and aj mouthed thank you....i can't believe he actually put it on......if any1 has any pics of him wearing them please email me

Monday, February 5, 2001, Nassau Coliseum

Date: Feb 13, 2001
Submitted By: Amanda

I don't know where to start! Monday, February 5, 2001 was perhaps the best day of my life. I wore my brand new navy blue fleece outfit with my black BSB tank top and my brand new black high heel boots. I had a Nick button on each side of my fleece, I wore my Nick bracelet, my BSB watch & my "Rock Star" bracelets. The traffic & weather was pretty bad. We had to walk thru the snow from the car to the Coliseum. My seats were in Section 212 Row D. These are my best BSB seats ever. I was so psyched when I actually had to walk down to my seats. Towards the end of the bridge BSB use there's this thing that looks like the symbol from the Target stores except it's black & white. It was pretty close to my seats. we knew it had to be something, but we weren't sure of what. My seats were toward the right of center. Billy Hammond from Z100 came out to tell us they were gonna delay a lil b/c of the weather. Then around 8, the guys from WBLI came out to intro the clip of Kev which goes to Krystal. She did her thing & then they put the lights back on. Finally around (:05 it went pitch black. Then these asteroid things start hitting the stage. I am afraid of fireworks & I was so scared i was hiding behind my mom. BSB pop up in their Black & Blue outfits & Nick was closest on my side.

He had sunglasses & a blue star on one eye. They did the 1st 3 songs in these outfits. Then they changed into white suits. Nick looked like the angel he is. They started w/ a special Valentine's deication of "What makes you different". during "IWITW" they showed clips of the video shoot and a picture of a flame ("you are my fire"). Ok, now the BSB wardrobe box shows up on stage. After they all go in, they show a movie of what was going on down there. I think it's the same every night, but it was so good. Bri gave Nick a toilet for his b-day! Stuffed animals fell out of a closet & started popping up on stage. The movie was really cute, but by watching it you would just think BSB would pop back up from the regular stage. I was wrong! It ends abrubtly & boom BSB pop out of the Target thing rite near me. I was gonna die! It was not even 100 Ft awayi was like " Mom you know what I'm running!" I took my camera & binoculars & I start runnig down the metal stairs in my boots & boom I fall! I was like great what do I do now? (I discovered a "black & blue" on my leg 2 days later!) I got myself back up, finished running, almost fell again & made my way all the way to the barrier of the floor seats as far as I could go. I was about 20 fy away! I was just staring @ Nick. I think it was the best 10min. of my life!

Then they started getting on the bridge, so I headed back up to my seat, almost fell some more & got lost. They were singing "Time" which was supposed to be the candle song. Me & my friends were the only 4 in the whole place w/ the candles. B4 they did "The Answer to Our Life" they talked bout all the charities. Nick is starting something bout saving the oceans & he did this adorable little scuba movement! They ended w/ "The Call" and "SOMH". I was in a daze & my friend practically had to carry me b/c i couldn't see straight. One of my pix came really good. I'm sorry it took so long to write this, but I was so out of it (in a good way!)this week!

Backstreet Boys, Uniondale, NY Feb 5th, Nassau Coliseum

Date: Feb 13, 2001
Submitted By: Erin

Oh good lord...The best night of my life was February 5th, 2001 In uniondale, NY at Nassau Coliseum. Words cant really describe the performance the Backstreet Boys put on...It was just beyond amazing. Anyways I got tickets on the floor off ticketmaster about a week before the concert. On the day of the concert me, my 2 best friends, my sister, her friend and my mom left to go to nassau coliseum(my sister, her friend and my mom werent sitting with us). The thing that sucked was that it was snowing to the roads were pretty bad. We arrived about a hour before the show started. I was amazed our seats were great, we were on the aisle , we had a perfect view of the stage, the bulls eye stage and the catwalk(which i will get to later). The show was delayed about a half hour due to snow and such. Krystal came out at 8:00, her songs are ok, but her voice is awesome. After she left we had to wait more.

Finally they came out, Oh good lord they looked great. They came out and sang "Everyone" followed by "larger than life" The pyro was great it really got everyone going. (BTW Their was this little boy infront of us who was named Nick and looked just like Nick did when he was a child). After that they sang more songs which i cant remember, Im sure everyone knows what they sing so I will get to the good part. The wardrobe scene was sooo funny and so cute

Whey they came out on the little stage OMG I ran as fast as I could up there, security held me and other girls back but I was maybe 5 rows from it, Howie did such a good job singing "How did I fall in love with you" as well as the rest of the guys. Security made us go back, So I went back and a huge cat walk came down and they sang "Time" OMG they were so close to me I could see them so perfect, Kevin waved to me I swear, Hes is such a cutie.  OMG BRIAN LOOKED AT ME, I know you must be thinking he could have looked at anyone, but no we made eye contact, I started to cry after that, I couldnt hold it in anymore. They walked back to the main stage and performed more. During "The answer to our life" they talked about Kevins new foundation. They performed a few more songs, "The call" was performed and AJ said it was the last song

After they came back out and performed "Shape of my heart" after that song the lights came on, The show was over =( it went so fast and its now all a blur. I went to a few other concerts on different tours in the past but this one is the best. I cant wait for them to come back in the summer.

Long Island, New York

Date: Feb 13, 2001
Submitted By: Danielle

Hey sup 2 all u bsb fans??!!!!,

I went 2 the bsb concert last sunday night at the nassiu colissium in long island, new york. That wuz my 2nd concert from the bsb. The concert wuz so amazingly put together and i loved it a lot better than the milennium one but they both were da bomb!!! If any 1's waiting 2 go 2 the black and blue tour, i don't want 2 give 2 much away but you"ll enjoy every minute of it. There voices,dance moves,lights,fire and a whole lot that's in store 4 us fans!!! The bsb and every 1 else that pitched in 2 make the tour great, did an amazingy job!!! Congrats!!!!



BSB Concert 2/4/01 at Nassau Coliseum!!

Date: Feb 11, 2001
Submitted By: Leslie

Hey all backstreet fans~! Just wanted to drop a quick review of the February 4th concert at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. It was amazing concert, the best I've been to so far!! I missed their "Into the Millennium" tour, so I was reallie psyched to go to this concert. The dances were awesome, the singing was AMAZING, and of course, the boys looked awesome!! I had prettie bad seats, section 309, but I was just so excited to be there, that I didn't even care hehe. I loved the part when they came up outta the small circle stage-- me and my friend tried to get brian to wave at our side haha!! newayz, the concert was great, and if you're lucky enough to get to a show, i promise you'll have an awesome time!!! p.s. i got on a local radio station z100 too which was awesome!

Nassau 2/4

Date: Feb 08, 2001
Submitted By: Marissa

Well I'm back from the NY concert and it rocked! It was better than last nights at NJ. I was in the 20th row so it was pretty cool

I got there at about 7:15 and I made friends with the people behind me. I was looking at my pics that I had just gotten developed from Saturday's concert and I was looking at a pic of Nick and I heard the girl behind me scream so I turned around and asked her if she was ok and I ended up giving her the pic, and one of Howie to her friend and one of Bri to the little girl next to me.

I'm not gonna go through everything again but the best part of the show was when I snuck back to the little stage while everyone was watching the video HEHEHE!

So I snuck up there and the boys came up and I got some awesome pics. Aj recognized me from yesterday and he waved. Lmao @ him thinking that I threw this ball thing that the girl next to me threw.

I had a sign for Bri because he has the same Tiffany's heart tag bracelet that I have, so I had a sign saying Brian, We have the same bracelet! And he didnt see it at first but I held it up and he gave me a look like and then I pointed to my other hand that I was wearing the bracelet on and he pointed to his wrist and went OHHHHH, Cool I wish I had a pic of it because it was so cute, but I had my digital camera with me when I snuck back there and I had ran out of disk space when he was doing that LOL.

Nassau Colliseum *The Show Must Go On!*

Date: Feb 08, 2001
Submitted By: Tanya

wow, i still cant believe i saw backstreet boys! my family and i have tried to get tickets since the day they went on sale, but thats a whole other story.

On Sunday morning my dad FINALLY found tickets on ebay for that night and monday night, and since my sister was sick, we took the two tickets for sunday and 4 for monday. i was so happy i couldnt do anything all day xcept think of all the fun i would have that night! we got to the colliseum at 5:00, so we killed time by walking to all the radio station's setups and eating dinner in the car. Security let us in at about 6:30, so i went to my seat and saw it was right by the right wing of the stage! we waited until about 8 wen Krystal came on, and she sang three songs. I know people have mixed reviews about her, but i personally thought she was not a very good performer. the boys came on at 8:45 and what a show they put on! i cried during the first two songs, i couldnt believe that i was actually seeing BSB! Nick was sooo good, there are no words to describe how good he was, and lemme tell u- my heart skipped a beat every time he did those pelvic thrusts! The show went by way too quickly and before i knew it i was on my way home again.

I woke up the next morning still in shock from the night before, but then i heard the weather- major snowstorms for new jersey and new york. i was a mess at school, not talking to anyone or paying attention in class, all i could do was pray the snow would stop in time for the concert. i came home literally in tears because there was no way we were going to go on a 2hr drive in a storm. but as they said on Z100 wen howie called, "the show must go on" and they werent going to cancel it. at 6:30 my parents decided that it was worth a shot to see how far we can make it, so my daddy dug us out of the driveway and off we went! i even made a "long island or bust" sign to hang on our car once we got the the concert, just to show how persistant we were to see backstreet boys!

the roads were horrindous(sp?) but we made it(YEAAAA) to the colliseum at 9:00, and it must of been a miricle because the boys came onstage at 9:10! the show was as great as the night before, if not greater, and our seats were like 40ft away from the smaller stage! when they sang all their ballads like "how did i fall in love with you" and "ill never break your heart" i went into the aisle and took my whole roll of film on nick and the boys. I thought it was great how BSB did everything they could to interact with their fans throughout their show, and i especially luved the intermission where they took the crowd into their "wardrobe". the best song i think was "the call" at the very end, and "yes i will" with the silvery canes.

I think that i was very fortunate to see them two times in a row, even though i didnt have any big "omg i met them backstage" story. i hope that everyone enjoys their concert as much as i did, and i cant wait til their next tour comes around to me again!


Black & Blue Tour

Date: Feb 08, 2001
Submitted By: Michelle

OMG! The concert was a blast! Seriously, so cool! I was in the 23rd row on Monday night in Uniondale, NY in Nassau Colisseum! And Howie and Kevin looked at me, and Nick looked at me for one thirty-sixth of a second... *hehe* But they were awesome!

They truly make the fans feel great in the whole thing! It was my first concert, and I will definitely never forget it. I was like 2 feet away from the guys when they came over on the bridge from the back!

I had this huge poster that had taken me 2 hours to make and the security guard told me they weren't allowed and there were 2 things I could do with it:

1) throw it away

2) they could give it to the band after the show.... of course, i chose this!

I was like, "Can I write my phone number and name?" He's like, "Sure, whatever!" So I did, and I hope they do see it. It was humongous... I think. Both sides had stuff all over it! One side had a whole collage I did, and the other side was a poster and a little magazine clip of "The Boys Are Back" and I made letters from construction paper saying: "I Love (that was a heart for LOVE) U NICK...

I also came 1 foot away from a girl who caught a beanie baby from Howie... and 3 feet behind me a girl caught something, I think, Brian or Kevin threw out. Another girl had a Godsmack T-shirt on that was orange and had orange fake hair... and Kevin mouthed to her, "I like the hair..." I was so jealous!! SHE WAS A GODSMACK FAN AT A BSB CONCERT!!!! OMG!!! Next time, I'll wear something outrageous at their concert so they see me and 'mouth' something special TO ME! LOL But overall, the concert was a blast, exciting, hyper-active, adrenaline-rushing, and totally makes you want to scream your lungs out and jump up and down for them!

I screamed "NIIICCCKKK!!!!" so many times!! I can't believe I came so close to them... it's like a dream... I'd have it back anytime!

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