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Toronto Concert on February 7th.

Date: Sep 05, 2001
Submitted By: Becky

On February 7th I went to see the Backstreet boys show at the Toronto Skydome with a gew friends. As I would say the concert was a one in million time of my life. The dance moves were tight and their voices were heavenly! I wasn't to happy with Howie's hair, but that didn't make me stop the excitment. They were amazing. I was impressed on how the concert was even more intence than the Millienium tour I saw in Buffalo, New York. I can't wait to see them on September 18th in Buffalo, New York to watch an even better show than the last. Every show keeps getting better and better!

Black and Blue concert (first leg) Toronto, Can (Feb. 7 01) @ the Skydome!

Date: Jul 13, 2001
Submitted By: Melissa Pereira - a.k.a Mystic_Bri_Luver


I just want to say that the Black and Blue concert here in Toronto, Canada on February 7th 2001 was AMAZING!! I loved it! Every part of the concert was great. I loved the backgrounds on the jumbo trons. I couldn't believe how close I was to the second stage (@ the end of the catwalk). I think that made the experience 1000x better, but the show as a whole was great. It really focused on the voclas of BSB and what they have to offer. The whole time I was there (like every BSB concert I've been to), I felt this incredible feeling of excitment, adrenaline and the most powerful feeling --LOVE--> My love for the boys (I love Brian Littrell especially with all my heart) and all the love in the stadium or arena is amazing. I could also really hear a growth in their music (on BLACK AND BLUE) and the show brought it out evene more. I swear these guys have such beautiful voices, whether it be Brian's angelic voice, to A.J. raspy awesome hardcore voice. I love it all. Each guy contributes so much to the overall sound and harmonies of the group. I can't wait for the second leg of the tour to stop in TORONTO. I love the BACKSTREET BOYS soooooooo much and I'm always ecstatic to see them..

I'm really sad about the A.J. news. I don't mind the tour being postponed. There is a lot of time for the rest of the tour to happen. What is most important now is A.J.'s health. A.J. if you are reading this, Not only are Brian (ROK-as u like to call him), Nick, Kev, and Howie there for you, but I am one of the many mnay fans that loves you and supports you. You already took the biggest and most important step. Hang in there. Never give up and may GOD be with you always. I know you can get through this. You are in my prayers. I can't wait to see you guys when you come back to TORONTO, but for now focus on yourself.

God Bless BSB and everyone out there.

Loving Brian Littrell and the rest of BSB 4ever....

Melissa Pereira, 16

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Skydome)

Date: Jun 20, 2001
Submitted By: Kim

When the Backstreet Boys first came out from the bottom of the stage, there was a fake meteor shower going on, and some fireworks, it was amazing. They started to sing their first song which was Everyone, it was about their fans and i was crying. Then they went into Larger than life and it was amazing too because they were singing about their fans again. I remember there were two older guys about 19-22 years old infront of us and they had brought the program, which me and my friends didn't even do, because it was too expensive. So we looked at theirs before the show started. Well anyway, whent he song I want it that Way me

Toronto, Feb. 7 2001

Date: Jun 02, 2001
Submitted By: Jennifer Bleakney

My dreams came true on Feb. 6 thanx to Muchmusic!! I live in Moncton, NB, Canada, 1000 miles from Toronto Ontario. I got tickets to see the BSB Toronto show at the Skydome but my tix were not great, we were up real high, but had a great, head-on view. Anyways, after calling for an hour and sending in uncountable entries via the internet, I got through to Muchmusic and, after answering two skill testing q's, got myself two wristbands to see the Boys Live@Much special, where they sat down with a studio audience, myself included, and did an interview. Anyway, I went to Toronto and got inside Much. I stood right by Brian, my fav BSB!! That itself was a dream, standing right next to my fave Boy for an hour!! I'm right behind the Amanda girl who answered the first trivia question for the front row tix, I was going nuts the whole hour, but by the time the Boys had to leave, I had touched all of them!!! Brian's shirt, Nick's sleeve, Howie's arm. AND! I grabbed AJ and kissed and hugged him as he said," if it wasn't for you guys (fans), we wouldn't be here". Sweet or what!! AJ had stubble on his cheek! Then I pulled Kevin close and hugged and kissed him too! That was a dream come true that I'll never forget. My friend and I hung out afterwards and talked with Rick. When he heard where we were from, he was like "Oh you guys are the ones all the way from Moncton!!" I couldn't believe that he knew Moncton ppl (us) were coming!! He was so nice!

The next night, Feb. 7, was the day of the concert!! My friend Kristal and I got to the Skydome around 12:30-1PM. There were about 20-30 ppl there then. KISS 92 FM, a cool radio station had set up a huge booth, they were to be giving away BSB tix later on. So we stood in the front row, along the railing keeping fans back from the radio booth. Not many ppl were there yet so the DJs were talking to us and the other ppl there. We told them we were from Moncton, NB and they told us to stay where we were, they might interview us later. So, hours passed, and we stood out in the freezing cold while other fans began to arrive. We kept our front row position and eventually the DJ announced, on radio, that ppl from everywhere were at their booth, including NB (us)!!! It was awesome. Then, while on air, he asked my friend and I who our fave Boy was, "we yelled into the mic BRIAN!!". It's cool cuz my cousin taped the broadcast and you can hear my voice on the radio saying Brian!! Anyways, we stood around and eventually there were a couple hundred ppl around the booth. Then the DJ had AJ on his cell, so we all had to be quiet while the DJ, right in front of me, talked to AJ on the cell. You could hear AJ say "Hi"! It was SO cool!! After awhile, the BSB tour bus drove by, only about 20 feet from me but there was no way I could chase it since I was in the front of a couple hundred ppl. Needless to say, we did not win better BSB tix from the radio station, but it was a neat experience to have been in a pit of BSB crazy fans, something I will never forget.

The concert started at 7:30, it was amzing, although our seats were high, the BSB were right under us when they were performing at the back stage. It was great cuz thats where they sang Time and thats my fave B&B song. It was an amazing night that I will never, ever forget!!

This summer I am seeing one of their five concerts in Boston on July 7! Anyone reading this who wants to email me and talk BSB PLEASE do so!! I love talking to anyone about my favorite guys in the world!!!


Black and Blue tour, Toronto,Ontario February 7/2001

Date: May 07, 2001
Submitted By: Samantha

OH MY GOD! I got to see The Backstreet "Hotties" again! I was so excited to see them at the Skydome on November 11 1999! But nothing could compare to seeing them on february 7 2001! It was SO birthday was 5 days earlier so i got to go with some friends and my dad! First my parents surprised us with a Limo! The ride that was only 2 hours but felt like eternity! I only wanted to see AJ! Well when i got there i bought a BSB Program (Which i highly recommend getting! ;) ) and headed to my seats! we waited a while and Krystal came out! She has an amazing voice! Then after about a 45 minute wait the BSB came out! They were amazing and I will never forget their lovable harmonies and sexy dance moves! My fave part of the show was the song "Shape Of My Heart" and "I Want It That Way" which by the way was a mega crowd pleaser! though i did not meet n e of the boys, i did have one of the best nights of my life! I LOVE THE BACKSTREET BOYS! KTBPA! Luv, Samantha

Toronto on 2/7/01

Date: Apr 28, 2001
Submitted By: Danielle

I was at the BSB concert on February 7. 2001, at the Toronto Skydome, and it was an amazing concert! I know the concert was like almost 3 months ago, but still, i just had 2 give a review of it! well i have been to three BSB concerts and that was my first B&B one. It was amazing. My seats werent the best but they were pretty good. they were in section 129(i think thats what it was)and we could see pretty good. It was so much fun, and they guys, of course looked extremely hot, as always! Nick had his hair all spiked up, AJ's hair was in his hot little braids, Howies Hair was straight and long, Briands hair was same as always!, and Kevins hair was long too. I think u all know already what songs they started off with and stuff, so I wont even go there. I think the best song that they performed was "Not For Me" or "Get Another Boyfriend". Thats probably b/c they are both my favorite songs on the Black and Blue CD. O well, i just wanted let ~!~EVERYBODY~!~ know that it was an amazing concert, and if u r going to one this summer, it will be the best, like with my 5th row tickets! AHHHHHHHH! okay well bubye!



i luv I3SI3

Toronto concert Feb 7th 2001

Date: Mar 09, 2001
Submitted By: Katrina

Well were do I begin. Feb 7th 2001 had to have been the most amazing day of my life. DOn't get me wrong I have been to 8 bsb concerts in the past but nothing beat this one. My freinds and I had tickets on the floor. Row 15 sec A8..We were told they were a side view and were not impressed. Well we tried for weeks to trade with scalpers but prices were just to high..So we stuck it out and agreed that those seats would be fine.

Okay so that is just the start. We found out were bsb were staying due to my best friends dad being manager at this hotel. Well we ended up getting a suite and could believe our eyes when we saw this room it was perfect..Huge..It was amazing.

So we are at the hotel getting ready to go to the concert when my friend and I realize that we need money...Our other friend decided she wanted to wait in the room...So we got on the elevator and my friend looks at my completly white. I turned around and who is standing behind me...NICK CARTER...We both froze and couldn't say anything..When we got off the elevator he turned a smiled at us and then said bye and walked out the door into the crowd of screaming girls.

Well that was the first experience...We got to the skydome to find out our seats were AWESOME...I couldn't believe how good they were which made the show all the more better..However we couldn't help but wait to get back to the hotl to see if we were gonna have any more encounters.

After an amazing show we arrived at the hotel a little after midnight which was perfect timeing considering my fave bsb was just walking into the bar. AJ!!!! That sexy guy was in the bar a few feet away from me. We lined up immediatly to go in. OFcourse we waited five minutes but we finally got a seat. My heart was beating so fast I was so happy. Well my friend and I got up and went over to were he was..There were tons of girls surrounding him and to my dismay he was just leaving...But before he left the most amazing thing happened. He turned..Looked at me..Smiled told me he liked my shirt and reached out for a hug. I almost died. He then left and went bowling with some friends. I wasn't giving up..I knew he had to come back..So my freinds and I sat in the lobby all nite. Howie came in at like 3am wiht his sister Pollyanna who was staying on our floor...Aj came in shortly after with an ec dancer..Guess who????

I was dissapointed that he didn't pay attention to anyone but again it was early morning. There were a few other gilrs in the lobby so we all just sat and talked for a awhile. Before we knew it it was 11 am and they were getting ready to leave. We found out the Kevin,Brian and Nick left for pittsburgh right after the show it was only Howie and Aj that stayed. Well shortly before 11:30 am Aj came out...He remembered me from the nite before. I got my pic taken with him...Then Howie came out and we got his autograph..Something told me to go back to ajs bus and I did..He was so sweet I spoke to him and he held my hand untill he had to go. I lived my dream and it was incredible...I can't wait to do it again. If anyone wants you can email me and I can send you pics.

I hope everyone gets to live out there bsb dreams..You will never forget them that is forsure. I met them twice before that but this toped it all.



toronto show-skydome

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: crystal

This is just a little review of the concert on feb. 7Th at skydome..Okay before I write this I want everyone to know that I LOVE the boys and have for a really long time..But here's the thing..Putting 55,000 people in the skydome is a very very big mistake..Not one person after the third row on the floor had good seats..It was hell getting out of there(with no extra go trains running I might add) and people get soo rude and bitter and it just doesnt even make the experience fun..I mean we're all there to see the same people so we should all have something in common and be nice right? Not exactly..I guess that's my biggest problem is that (not all) but alot of girls there just get really rude and bitchy..I almost got in a fight with this girl behind me and it completely ruined the first part of the concert for me..When I was trying so hard to be nice to her..I just want to tell everyong and I guess ask u nicley to just be nice when u go to things like this..It makes the whole experience better for everyone involved and everyone has a good time..Thank u if u already do this and make friends at concerts but for those of u bitchy girls either be nice or dont go cause we dont want to deal with u..

Other than that the concert was amazing(what I could see) and the extra stages were great.(we got really close!!Hehehe)


Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Behnaz

The concert was sooo amazing! Waitng for BSB was probably, it seemed, the longest wait in my life!!..Our attemtp of the wave failed at first but we were successful!! :)

FINALLY!!..They have arrived and my heart is pounding and my legs are shaking....I am noticed by many because of my high pich screams.

During the concert, I couldn't help myself by saying increadible things such as "Nick, will you marry me?...Will you have my kids? ...Nick,TAKE IT OFF!!...TAKE IT ALL OFF!!"

Of course I was given the weirdest looks by many people. I think it was at least 20 or more people looking straight at me!!..OH WELL!!...I hope NICK heard me!!

When the concert, UNFORTUNATLY, ended, mr and by vest buds were singing outside. AGAIN, people were staring...but some would join us by singing or dancing!!...Sometimes my friends would chicken out and stop singing...but I continued with my BSB spirit!!....This guy,I think a father of a girl who was a fan, started dancing to our music!!..I thought it was hilarious!!

When I got home, my BSB spirit did not end....I've still got it in me....I will alsways have it in me!!..OF COUSE!! What did you think?..One night of BSB fun and I would forget the BSB????..I don't think so....!!

Anyways, I had loads of fun and I though that the concert was amazing and the dancing was great...ESPACIALLY when NICK would shake his BOOTY!!...I LOVE YOU NICK!!...'MUAH' :)


Toronto's Concert!!

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Laura B.

Oh where do i begin!! well, on feb. 7th, 2001, i was about to embark on a way to paradise! i went to school that day, all pumped, and i prayed that i wouldn't have any exams that day (which i didn't) because all my answers would be something like, "the answer to the square root of PI is Brian Littrell!!!!!!" no exams, good! so i got picked up by my paretns who were both going with me to toronto at 11:30 AM, from my hometown of Rochester, NY! go upstate!

after a 2 1/2 hr. drive on the highway, we stopped at, no where else, but a BURGER KING!! we got some supper and i looked at the newspaper. who can be on it? BSB of course, so i snatched it off the counter, and kept their picture. another 1 1/2 later, through a hord of trafic, we reached Toronto's Eaton Center, where we shopped for their European CD's and videos. besides, it's cheaper in canada, then to buy them as imports, so why not?

by now, it's around 5:30 pm. we EVENTUALLT find parking, which wasn't easy, and walk towards the gigantic skydome! hwo would have thought we'd see anyone we may know: like AJ WALKING BY US IN THE STREET!!!!!! i had my camera in hand, and i FROZE. i was just like, "mom, mom, that-that looks, looks like, is that aj?" my mom froze too! we didn't go up to him or nothing!! AHHHH!!! what's WRONG with me?? please give me another chance!! moving onto Kiss 92 fm radio. we got a t-shirt they were throwing, but no tickets, or backstage...damn.... a while later, their tour bus pulls up next to the radio guys, and all of us run over to touch it, or wave, take pics, whatever. me included! then they let us in at 6pm. excellent......

Krystal was great, got ehr autograph and picture. we got to talking, and she's so cooL! reminds me of Pink, but more down to earth. 30 minutes, now 45 minutes pass. nothing. then they "turned thr light's down low (turned the lights down looooowww)", sorry, got carried away, and the men step forward!!!!! screams, and glow sticks, and chants! ah, yes! backstreet boys are here to staY! the songs, yal know and love, except i couldn't figure out what that acapella was or the funky song aj started to sing befor that was. if you know, e-mail me please! gracias! my favorite parts were when aj was like, "yo, toronto: are you guys having fun yet?" then he's like, "toronto, let me ask you again: ARE U HAVING FUN YET??" we reply with a barage of screams!! the wardrobe, very hilarious. and did anyone else catch aj taking down his pants?? i couldn't stop laughing!!!! and my mom missed iT!! then they came on the circle, and brian waved at meeeeee!!! thankyou brian, if you're reading, for waving to me for the 2nd time, teh other being in Buffalo, on Nov. 14th, 1999!!!! i haven't been the same since! aj then goes, "should i answer it?" for the call, much later in the program. then somh. then it was over, and i went to school teh next day, even after getting home at 3:30 the next morning. i sounded like i had larengitous!! (spelling?)oh was worth it. thankyou Backstreet Boys for making my life worth living happily and proud. never give up, never break up: we love you "more than that" to "keep you in the dark"..... ktbspa, laura "frick" B.

Toronto, ON show on Feb 7th 2001!

Date: Feb 14, 2001
Submitted By: Marie-Pierre

My two day trip in Toronto beginned at 7am in Earlton, ON with a flat tire. Woo! What a start to a 6 hour long drive from our destination. Haha! But thankfully, 15 minutes later we were back on the other inconvenient occured until we were safely arrived at the SkyDome hotel!

Since we didn't have anything to do till the start of the concert at 7:30pm we decided to take a walk downtown where the MuchMusic headquearter is at. Ok, we're from a small town and everything in TO looks SO freaking big and needless to say seeing the place where the Backstreet Boys were the night before was enough to make our day! I made sure to touch everything that I remembered AJ touching on TV! What a rush!!! I even went inside and asked the lady at the front desk if we could touch the benches the boys had sitted on. But to our disapointment, she told us they had already moved away those items. Shoot! And no, I'm not a freak...just majorly obsessed. Hee hee :)! So we go back outside and who do we see on his break? Bradford!! So of course, we asked for a pic and he accepted! Wow! My first time meeting a "celebrity"! Haha! So then, we thought maybe we should make our way back to the SkyDome...but not before making a quick stop at Speakers Corner! By the way, guys, if you spot 4 crazy girls on TV screaming WE LOVE YOU BRADFORD and talking nonsense...that's us! E-mail me if you do :)!

Well, back at the venue we noticed that the radio station Kiss 92 had this whole stage set up outside and they were pitching t-shirts and hats containing tickets and there was about 200 fans just jumping up and down screaming their love for BSB! We joined the crowd for a few minutes but decided to leave when things between 3 women got a little hectic! We didn't want black eyes to remember the concert by! LoL!

Back in the room, we prepare ourselves for the big night and order pizza. Hooray for room delivery! So, all prepped up we make our way to Gate 5 where we immediately go inside. I wanted to buy my souvenirs before the concert because from past experience I know things can get sold out very quickly! So I go and stand in line at one of those booths. The service was soooooo slow!! Ugh. I'm not a patient person in the first place so waiting like half an hour was very, very irratating!! At least the guy serving me was hot! Hee hee! I bought a tour book, a glowstick and a bandanna (that I plan to wear to school, AJ style!). I wanted this little black t-shirt with "Backstreet Girls Rule" written in white rimestones but they sold out. Crap! If anyone has an extra...e-mail me! hahaha

So, souvenirs in hand I make my way to section 125, row 11, seat 103. There I met two very nice ladies. Well really, a mom and her daughter from the US. They were really nice to talk too and I thank them for keeping me company during the wait between when Krystal performed and the long wait for the BSB! During that wait, a fake AJ was walking around the floor and he was literally mobbed by like 300 girls! Poor guy! He needed his own security after a while! But he did look ALOT like the real thing! I heard there was also a fake Kevin and Brian...but *sniff* I didn't have the chance to see them!

Alright, so after 40 minutes of wait...*drumroll please* the lights go out and I'm surrounded by a sea of blue glowsticks and gazillions of bright camera flashes! That alone was amazing! Shrill screams flooded my ears, myself, joining in! This was my 3rd concert and this is the loudest I have ever heard fans scream--it also helps that there was more of us! It gives me goosebumps just to think of it! So then amid all of this I hear "!" The start of "Everyone". The boys were finally here!!! My finger went crazy as I pushed the button of my camera repeatdly--and the pictures are proof of this craziness...108 pics in all :)! Great memories I tell ya!

I think you guys all know the songs order by now, how they play this funny as hell video footage and how they pop up on a smaller stage (awesome way to make everyone have a great view!). What I wanted to be at that very moment was either a fan on the side of the ramp or near that little stage! Lucky them!!

I can't forget to say that their voices were wonderful and the choreography to each song was awesome! The pyrotechnics were extra cool for the eyes too! And the boys themselves looked umm-umm-good and all of their costume changes made them look all the better! I especially liked it when they were wearing this silky red and black shirts and stood over these air vents. That was a really neat effect (I'm sure it cooled them off too!)! Did I already mention how I love AJ's bandanna style? Like WoW! And the corn rows were cute too! And Kevin looked surprisingly good! Cudos to him! Nick and Brian were their usual hot selves!! And Howie...well, Howie was Howie! LoL!

Oh, oh! And the pictures displayed on the main screen were so nifty!! They all had to do with the certain song but the one I liked most was the screen design for "Shining Star"! What added a nice touch was this fake flying shooting star that went across the stage at the end of the song and then BOOM! it sorta exploded! Really, really cool!

So all in all, you can see that I loved this concert! It to say it? Breathtaking? Yes, breathtaking! I applaud the boys for putting on such an energy packed show that I know was enjoyed by all 55,000 thousand fans present!

So the long awaited night was finally over. I had fun. I had MAJOR fun! ....Oh yes! I can't forget to mention that the next morning as we made our way out of Toronto we passed beside the Four Seasons Hotel and we see this big black bus. I caught a glimpse of the license plate which read FLORIDA. We didn't realize at the moment that it was the Backstreet Boys! It was too late when it finally clicked...damn were slow! LoL At least we saw it! Right? Right? haha!

Writing this down brought back so many good memories (although it is just 4 days after!). I realize that I lived through this whole trip because of 5 men. They brought all of us together and I'm really, truly amazed by that. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you AJ, Brian, Nick, Kevin and Howie. THANK YOU!!

February seventh, two-thousand-one - Skydome Show, Toronto!

Date: Feb 14, 2001
Submitted By: Aimee

The Boys have done it again...every time I anticipate something from them, they go and exceed my expectations...WOW. What a stay in Toronto.

I live in St. John's, NF, so I flew about 2112 kilometres (1312 miles) to Toronto to see my Boys. I also saw them at the Live @ Much (I was outside because I had tried for FIVE hours with the help of my wonderful friends to get wristbands but we were unable to get through the phone lines.) The Boys are BEAUTIFUL in person...WOW. They are absolutely gorgeous! After waiting almost the full day in the cold line (with some awesome girls from Ajax and Toronto, I might add) it was definately worth it. I was less than 20 feet away from them, and WOW, they were good looking. I'm a huge AJ fan, but after seeing a glimpse of Kevin, I was yelling out to him all during the show (you can hear me and the girl next to me at one point in the show). I was going nuts, because this was the first time that I had ever seen my Boys in person. The crowd was really into the show, during the Pre-game show, we were singing really loudly, although you can barely hear us on TV. Anyways, the show was great, and the Boys (especially Kevin and Howie) tried to sign as many autographs as possible. When they were outside, I was yelling out to Kevin, and I was jumping up and down. I could tell he heard me, because he seemed to be looking around when I was screaming. Anyways, I think he finally saw me and he waved. I was in Kevin-heaven.

I also want to note that I got to meet Bradford and he signed my Dream valentine and I was able to see every single vj at Much, and Sook-yin (my favourite female vj) waved at me and George laughed at waved at me (I was waving my heart at him). But I would like everybody to note here that I was NOT that crazy girl who was banging on George's window. But that's not BSB-related, so anyways...

The next night, Wednesday night, was the concert night. I went with my brother, my sister (a 3-year-old Howie fan), and my mom. But they sat in a different section (128). I sat in B5, on the floor. I was in Row 16, Seat 8. I was SO close to the catwalk!! Me and the girl next to me (Brittany, I think) were so happy to be close. We had plans for the best pictures (We'd do whatever possible for AJ pictures for me, and Nick pictures for her).

Krystal came out, dressed in a long black robe, and she began singing "My Religion". She was good. Brittany (Britney?) and I were standing up through almost Krystal's entire set, until the last song or so when almost nobody else was standing up and we realized that it probably wasn't great for the people behind us. After the first song, Krystal sang "Angel on My Shoulder", "Supergirl" and then "I'll Be There". She has a really powerful voice, and her performance was very good (I seemed to be the only one around who knew the words to her songs, hehe) but sometimes I found it hard to concentrate on her, probably because I was so excited about the BSB, this being my first BSB concert.

We would hear people screaming, and we'd turn around looking to see where the people were. It was so annoying after awhile. Later, I found out that it was the BSB look-a-likes. We continued talking about the concert, quite normally, when the lights went out. Automatically, we stopped talking, jumped up, and started screaming.

On the screen, meteors were hitting the earth, and pyrotechnics were going off at just the right moment. The Skydome was deafning, as the speakers were booming, and the 55 000 people in there were screaming their heads off, myself included...I go nuts at concerts. Then, finally, the Boys were there, onstage, singing "Everyone". It was so good, I could see them if I stood on my toes, as there were only a few people taller than me blocking my view. The sound was good to me, but hearing a bit from the video tape my mom taped, it wasn't so great. I could hear the Boys wonderfully. They then started straight into "Larger Than Life". The crowd, already really into the show, became even more pumped up for that song. They then sang "Shining Star"...oh wow, were they ever great.

"What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful" was next, and that was a beautiful song (I've only been able to hear it through mp3). I was surprised that they actually worked dance steps into "Yes I Will", which sounds even better live.

From here, the order in which things occured is all out of place in my head, but they sang "I Want it That Way", which the audience was singing along to very loudly. It was soooo good. "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" was excellent, the Boys walked from one side of the stage to another. "More Than That" was great, and obviously a crowd favourite. They should release it as a single. "Not for Me" was a huge surprise, as it's not exactly my favourite song from Black & Blue, but I would have to say that it was one of my favorite, if not my absolute favourite performance of the night. Flames were on the big screen in the background, and wind was blowing up the Boys' jackets and shirts...AJ looked very Michael Jackson-ish. And they even sounded better than the CD. It was indescribable.

They did a little vaude-ville performance with the outfit changes (AJ said that he didn't like the outfits they were wearing, but of course the crowd just loved them). After they all teased Howie about his hair, Howie, Nick, and Brian all went into the trunks labelled "Wardrobe", leaving Kevin and AJ on stage, which they called "the AJ and Kevin Show" (or vice-versa). Then AJ finally went down into the trunk, citing "beauty over age". Kevin mentioned that it was time to do solo stuff, but after the audience screamed, he went into the trunk, saying "Do you want to go inside?" in a deep, menacing voice. He stepped in and went down, moving his hands and making whirring noises. The audience watched a little video of the Boys getting changed in the change room, which was very funny. The highlights included...well, all of it. It was very amusing.

After that, they came out on the little stage, in the middle of the floor. I was really close to it, and it was a thrill to see them singing so close to me. WOW. They sang a little bit of "I'll Never Break Your Heart", which was a little disappointing because it's my favourite song (besides "10 000 Promises") but at least I got to see it at all. AJ was on my side a lot during their time on the little stage, and much to my excitement, he SMILED at me! I was going nuts on my chair, and I think he thought it was amusing. They also sang "I Promise You (With Everything I Am" and when they started, Brittany and I looked at each other and screamed, we both love the song. They also sang "How Did I Fall in Love With You", which was absolutely beautiful. Kevin was sitting down most of the time on the little stage. When they started singing "Time", they walked down the catwalk. Everybody was crowding around the catwalk, and the security guard told us to go back and sit down. I didn't sit down, but I did go back to my chair. Which was a little unfair, because girls who were sitting farther away from the catwalk were now closer to the Boys than I was. But anyways, they were still VERY close, less than 10 feet away. WOW. Brian was making faces at somebody in the crowd a few rows ahead, and I now have a new appreciation for him...he looked my way after he did them. woo hoo! I got great photos, I can't wait until I get them back. Howie touched Brittany's hand, lucky girl. We both started freaking out when she told me. I, howiever (whoops, typo. lol) had run out of film.

I think they did "The Answer to Our Life" next, and Kevin told us to watch the big screen. I tried, but it was too hard to keep my attention off the Boys. All I remember of the screen is a hand picking up a dead, oil-soaked sea bird from the rocks. They did a medley of "All I Have To Give" and "If You Stay", an unreleased song that had a really funky beat.

My mind is blank after that, but I think they then began the up-tempos again. They did "Everybody", a definate crowd favourite, which was great. Wow. To finally hear them do it live, in person, was exciting. They did "Get Another Boyfriend", which was another favourite. They did a great performance of that. I think that was when they started introducing the band and dancers. They weren't really memorable...

Then they started "The Call", which began with AJ talking to the audience. He asked the crowd how they liked his hair, etc. (for the record, the braids just aren't doing it for me) Then, his cellphone started "ringing", and when it did, a frequency line would appear across the screen. He said "oh, excuse me for a moment...Who could it be? Caller ID: blocked. I hate that. Should I answer it? [ crowd screams] Who could it be? It might be my mom..." and then he asked if he should answer it again, and everybody screamed even louder. He finally answered it, and he said "Hello?" [girl's voice: hello?] and he said "I'm kinda in the middle of a show right now" [girl's voice: where are you?] AJ: "I told you, I'm in a show" and then it went on like that and I remember AJ saying he was going somewhere after the show, but it probably wasn't with her (said lower than what he was saying to her, as an off-hand remark). Then they started singing it, which was excellent. They said that it was the last show, and left. But of course, they came back to sing "Shape of My Heart" and they sang it a lot better than when they usually sing it on TV. They walked down the catwalk a little bit, and their dancers were with them, and then everybody did their bows on the main stage. Pyrotechnics were going off like crazy, and then it was over. It went by so quickly.

So then I exchanged e-mail addresses with the girl on the other side of me (we had been smiling at each other and talking a little bit during the show) and when I finally found my mother, I discovered that my sister was asleep! She enjoyed what she saw, though. hehe, poor tired girl. We left the Skydome, and we saw buses leaving, which I passed off as decoys, or the dancer's buses, any bus but theirs, but I later found out that it was theirs. Ah well. It was a great two days. Then my family and I got a ride back to the hotel in one of those buggy-things that a guy pulled. It was...different. Anyways, it was a great concert, Live @ Much, everything. And that's the end of my story...(finally, huh?)

Toronto Feb.7.2001

Date: Feb 14, 2001
Submitted By: Jessica

Okay....first I would like to say that brian still looks extreemly hot from section 537 at the skydome! Okay anyways The conert was soo amazing! But I couldn't believe all the people that were sitting, and telling people to be quiet! You are suppose to get up and dance, and scream and sing!!!!

Anyways.. aside from that, after the concert was over, and we finally got through the insane traffic jam of people, me and my friends were walking towards the skywalk, and all of a sudden we herd screaming, so of course we went to check out what all the screaming was about. As we got closer, we noticed it was their tour bus. So without thinking, my friends and myself ran right in front of the bus. Brian and Nick were in the front seats beside the driver, we waved at them, and they waved back to us!!! It was sooo amazing! I actually saw my Sexy Brian up close!!!! *sigh* He is so beautiful!

Well thanx for listening to my exciting story!! It was exciting to me anyways! lol!

Toronto Show, February 7th

Date: Feb 13, 2001
Submitted By: Cassandra

Everytime I attend a Backstreet Boys concert I think, 'it doesn't get any better then this' but, 5 concerts later, it just gets better and better.   The Black and Blue tour is THE best BSB concert I have ever been to! Fans who have tickets for future shows, get ready to have the greatest concert experience of your life! The BSB came back to TO's Sky Dome on February 7th with the sold-out Black and Blue tour. The opening act was Krystal, the first artist to be signed to the BSB's record label. After Krystal's performance there was an intermission and the anticipation was running high for the BSB's fans. When the lights went low, the screaming began and didn't stop for two and a half hours! The screens lit up with pictures of space and the earth, then explosions began to errupt the stage and the 5 pillars standing on the stage, suddenly had Backstreet Boys in front of them! The band started to play, 'Everyone' from the Black and Blue album.

The 'boys, dressed in black leather and blue clothing came out with lots of energy and enthusiam to get the crowd going. I think every fan loved to see the 'boys dancing again (I know I did) The boys wore many different stylish clothes such as whit suits (with canes) , leather, and of course, casual wear. The boys wore them all well! :) About half way through their performance, the Backstreet Boys went under the stage for a costume change and allowed the audience to view it on the big screen. (very enjoyable!)When the boys returned they were in the middle of the audience on a smaller, round stage. The little stage connected to a walk way back up to the main stage and every BSB fan on the main floor was exrtememly close to the boys! When the boys sang 'The Answer To Our Life' they talked about thier foundations and what they are doing to help the world. As they sang, the main screen showed many different pictures of trees being cut down, and the environment that needs help, it was very moving. They also sang 'If you Stay', an unreleased track which was amazing. The whole concert was excellent and the boys sang and lookes as good as ever! They definitely did not disappoint!

Backstreet Boys Black & Blue TO Show

Date: Feb 12, 2001
Submitted By: Matt Jones

This tour began with endless possiblilities. In a personal opinoin, the Millenium tour was their climax concert of their career. THe sound quality of the Black and BLue show was decent considering they used the same number of speakers and same level of sound for the Millenium tour in the sky dome sky tent set-up. The sound was not as powerfull but their voices still belowed through the dome with amazing harmony. Their entrance to the stage was a little weak but their opening act made up for it. The concert was rushed and the song selection could have been better. In the Millenium tour, their were tons of dancers always interacting with the boys. The band played an important part in Millenium concert as delaying costume changes and going into solos between acts. This opinion is coming from a guy who studies their every song and harmonies to the last note. I'm hopeing that this opinion will differ from the "O MY GOD HE IS SOOO HOT " point of view accompinied by the fake cries.

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