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Backstreet boys concert. Feburary 13, 2001

Date: Jul 11, 2001
Submitted By: Erika

I went to the bsb concert for a second time with one of my best friends. It was he first concert. I was pretty sick that day, but of course I could'nt miss the concert. Through Krystal's opening act, I was so out of it, I wanted to cry. For a while, I even didn't want to be there. Then when the lights went out for the bsb, I stood up. But I didn't get that rush. I was thinking "whats wrong with me." Then They came up from the floor. The very instant I saw them, I burst into tears. I was so happy to see them. I totally forget about being sick.

The concert was so great. It was one of the best nights of my life. I can never get over their perfect voices. They can put on the best show, and make everyone so happy and forget about their problems. Just like it made me forget about being sick. I think no fan should go without seeing bsb in concert at least once

Chicago, IL 2/12/01 Allstate Arena

Date: Mar 26, 2001
Submitted By: Lindsay Carter

Hey! The BSB concert on 2-12-01 at the Allstate Arena was soooooo cool! Omg it was the best concert I've ever been to! I had 5th row seats and NICK pointed at ME! Omg I almost died right there! Nick was the best! The other guys were great too but Nicks my fav. I was so lucky because when they first came out he was right in front of us! He is so sexy!!!!! They threw a lot of animals and stuff out to the audience which was really nice even though I didn't catch anything. Im going to some more BSB concerts and Im going to catch something!!! We drove 7 1/2 hours just to see them again and it was SOOOOOO worth it. If you haven't seen them on this tour then your sooooo missing out! email me at crazy4bsbnick@hotmail.commmmmmm


BSB concert in Chicago

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: Jackie

OMG it was the best concert ever!!!!!! BSB BLEW THE WINDY CITY AWAY WITH THEIR AWESOME PERFORMANCE. I when to both shows (Feb 12 and 13th) The first day I was in section 113, I could see the whole stage but from the back , the next day I was in section 210 on the top left balcony. The show was awwwwwwwwwwsome. I loved both shows; even though it was the same show it was immense both times. LET ME TELL YOU, YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH. The opening act was Krystal. She is a great singer .She has a fantastic voice. I will for sure buy her cd. 45 minutes after Krystal performed the guys came out. They came out on these platforms. At that second my heart started faster and faster as well as of the other thousand girls. This was my first time seeing the guys live! The first song they sang was “Everyone” fallowed by “ Larger Than Life”. Everyone was screaming, you could not hear the person next to you talk. The guys looked REALLLLLY GOOOD. BRIAN AND A.J looked extraaa good( as usual) .They sang almost all of the songs from their Black and Blue album, and a couple from the other two albums, about 22 songs in total. There was a part when the guys popped out from back and I was so close to them is was so unbelievable. I had to pinch myself a couple times , just to know that it was actually happing. The guys even showed us their dressing room, they were changing into their outfits, OMG you can’t miss out on that( it is once in a lifetime).

A lot of fans threw stuffed animals, hats, t- shirts. A girl even gave Brian a basketball, he loved it. I even had two stuffed animals; one that played, “wild thing , I think I love you” was for A.J and the other bear that played “ Sweet music” was for BRIAN. When the guys came to the back I threw my bears. One made it on the stage, neither, BRIAN or AJ grabbed it but it was OK because Kevin had picked it up.OMG.

The guys kept telling us Happy Valentines day, they are so sweet.

All of the five guys gave a great performance, they put a lot of heart and soul into all of their songs. The dancing was fantastic, boy do BSB know how to dance, they make your heart pound so fast it scares you (literally). I think this is been the best concert of the year(ever).

The guys were so incredible that you will see that no other band can come close to compare to BSB. For any one who hasn’t been to this concert and is going, you are in for the time of your life. Believe me you will never forget this concert. Those of you who are fans and don’t have tickets…. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.. get the tickets any way you can you will regret it if you don’t go. The only bad part of the show was that it had to end. Boy, did the hours pass by quick. The boys will make you clap, jump, sing and SCREAM. I lost my voice for almost one week. If the boys read this let me tell you that you have a lot of talent and you guys rocked CHICAGO.

AJ ~ looked really good, great dancing, funny and great voice(as usual), had a lot of !energy

BRIAN~ Beautiful voice, gorgeous smile, looked fabulous, great dancing!

NICK~ had a lot of energy, hilarious, made his famous faces

KEVIN ~ sweet, talked to the fans a lot

HOWIE~ nice hair, great singing

Chicago-Feb 12-13th! (day b4 v-day!)

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Kym Carter

where to start! I don't know where, I have to say though, if there is truly and posibility for me to be a bigger fan, I have reached it! And already being a HUGE fan as it is I feel I am THE BIGGEST fan! ok we don't want to read about me, we came to read about the concert.

Well I went to the Feb 12th and Feb 13th concerts for the Black and Blue Tour 2001 in Chicago at Allstate arena...well we'll start from the beginning...

Monday morning I was so tired from being up late sunday night b/c I couldnt sleep because I was SO incredibly excited that tomorrow was the day I have been waiting for, for over a yr (after the millennium tour)..and I was just about to doze back off to sleep monday but then on the corner of my eye I saw nick on my ceiling, smiling at me saying goodmorning to me, and then all of a sudden I SHOT out of bed, just remembering that I was seeing that beautiful man just 9 hours away, TONIGHT! WHOA there I had to calm down. Well of course I didn't I was like freaking out all day at school telling everyone and everything, and everyone knew because I kept mentioning everyday the previous weeks..but also I was wearing black and blue, of course!

Well I get home from school and I'm like freaking 4 more hours to go baby! Monday night I went with my mom, and we had section 104 seats, thinking they were bad...well not necessarily bad, i was just worried that they would be kinda a little behind the stage..I'm like FREAKING on the way to the concert i couldnt contain was about 5:17 when my mom decided she had to go to the bathroom ! UGH I just wanted to get there and wait in line! but since we werent going to get let in till 6:30 she said she coudltn wait, so we went to, guess..yes BURGER KING..of course! and guess who we saw there! UGH..that winner of the Kiss and Burger King contest, the one who collected the most BK logos..UGh I just sat in the car balling my eyes out calling all of my friends, it upset me that in less than an hour she was going to meet my babies, soemthing I should have been doing, I tried to win that contest too! UGH! Well my mom went and talked to her, and she said that her and her freinds worked on it night and day and didnt sleep, well I was of course upset and stupid me, as we're driving away I go 'yea well they arent big fans anyways' (I only said that because they werent like freaking out when we saw them, hell I woudld be peeing my pants, I woudltn be able to speak) but I dont know why I said that because if they werent big fans, they woudln't have collected over 21,000 logos! DUH..well that was over with becasue all of a sudden allstate was in sight! I started FLIPPING! I BLASTED the music! because just thinking they were in that very place! Ok well my mom didnt want to wait in line b/c it was cold (stupid weather!) and I didnt want to go wait in line by myself so I'm like flipping..I just wnated to go!

Well we finally go in and I run, I get: a program, a glowstick, all of the pictures (6), 2 shirts (#6 and Brian's charity one)..umm..keychain..poster what else...oh yea and then I decided I liked the posters on the wall so i ripped down 2 of them..hehe! Ok well all of a sudden I told my mom to go to our seats becasue I found some freinds....and so me and my freinds went to go put my stuff down b/c I didnt wnat ot hold my jacket and all of my other shit..and OMG I can't say that enough times! My seats were INCREDIBLE! I mean seriously BETTER than first row!

My head was RIGHT by the end of the catwalk thing on the side of the stage..we wre on the right side(as if you were on the stage) I'm not going to say anythhing aobut the concert because I've talked enough but I just have to say those seats were amazing and so was the concert..and truly this is THE concert to go to for the yr!

I'll tell you about all of them

Nick: OH my FRICKING NICKAY! what can i say about him except he gets better and better everytime I see him, I mean he DID get thinner but he's still got his chub, but hell thats' what i love about him! ESP his BOOTAY! OMG he had soo much fracking energy and I can tell he was just soo happy to be there and entertaining...oh and he also was sooo close to doing the 'suck it' thing with his hands..if ya know what I mean...during, I believe "get anotehr BF" there was a dance move like in the direction and he was JUST about to do it but he caught himself and he was like freaking out taht he almost did it (he prob kinda remembered what last impression he left on chicago last yr: he had a boner during one of the last 3 songs on the 3rd night here last yr)

BRIAN: sweetest like always, both nights he was excellent and is just sooo fan oriented, they all are, but brian is just SUCh a sweetheart! and like ALWAYS is HOTTTTT...he came over only once to our side but it was sooooo worth it, it was during "SOMH" and well waht can I say is that he is an angel, in everyway

HOWIE: he looked excelelnt..and he is finally getting the right recognition he deserved yrs ago. I thought he was great both nights and I LOVED when he say "HDIFILWY" GO D! Chicago LUVS YA!

KEVIN: oh well he looked FINE also..great performance and hell he can have his own show anytime here! Kevin keep up the good work and I guess I do love the hair!

AJ: WHOA aj babby! he's of course again mr sexual, but some of his sexuality he finally rubbed off onto Nickay. AJ calm your urges down, but hell that's what gets us all going..and you looked EXCEPTIONAL Mon when you came over to us! thanx for the great pictures, all of you!

All I can say is that this was definetely the best 2 nights of my life, ESP monday night! being like only 5 feet away from them was a dream come true..sorry this was sooo long but it was worth it, right? well I know the concert was worth it, paying over $340 both nigths for just my tix was HELLA worht it and do everything in your power to get tickets if you dont have any, hell I know I am going ot make sure I go to a few more this summer because they just blow me away everytime I see them! I love the backstreet boys and have since 97 (Nick since 92) and like I said if at all possible, I am a bigger fan, and so will all of you other fans or just people out there if you go to this concert!

but always remember to KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE! Make them #1 in 2001 and beyond!

email me and I can sell you some (EXCELLENT) pics or we can just talk about the concert or I can tel lyou some more hightlights! I'm still trying to revive myself after a week..really...and well my voice is still kinda hoarse. but hell is AALLLLLL worth it LUV YOU ALLLLLLLL!

(esp you Nickay!!!!)

Chicago Black and Blue Concert!!!

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

(Sorry this is so long! I wrote it as an English paper for a significant event in my life. This is just a part of it! Since it's an English paper, the grammar might sound all formal. Sorry 'bout that too!)

Upon arriving at our seats, we could not believe how close to the stage we were! We had expected that we would maybe be able to see a small portion of the stage, but we were extremely impressed. The full stage was visible from our seats (we did bring binoculars, though; we were not first row!). We prepared by buying programs and listening to “Black and Blue” on my Discman. After close to an hour of waiting, the crowd was visibly bored. One section started the wave; pretty soon the wave was going around the entire arena! Finally, the lights dimmed. Fans screamed in anticipation as a short video came on about the opening act, Krystal.

Krystal was amazing! She has a wonderful voice. She seemed to me like a cross between Britney Spears, Pink, and Mariah Carey. No wonder the Backstreet Boys support her; there is not a doubt in my mind that Krystal is the next “big thing”.

After Krystal, we had to wait only 45 minutes for the lights to die down once again. This time, the screaming was deafening. By the time the Backstreet Boys rose out of the stage in blue robes surrounded by steam, there was no question the show was under way.

They started off with “Everyone,” a song dedicated completely to the fans. It was a very fitting way to hype up the audience. “Larger that Life,” from their second album, was next. The choreography and vocals were nothing but awesome. Next came “Shining Star,” yet another great dance song.

“Yes I Will,” accompanied by a canedance, came next. After that, the Backstreet Boys said a hello to the fans and thanked us for being there and supporting them. The following song, “What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful),” made the crowd quiet down a little as it is a ballad. After that, they sang “More Than That,” my favorite song on the album. They did a beautiful job, and their harmonies sounded wonderful. “More Than That,” led right into “I Want It That Way,” my FAVORITE song of ALL time. I was so moved by it. Everyone sang along; it was one of the most enjoyable performances for me.

They then sang “Not For Me,” (excellent!) followed by a superb “Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely.” That song, although not my favorite song, was definitely my favorite performance. The audience fell to a hush for this song; the Backstreet Boys sounded at their best at this point with their amazing vocals and harmonies.

Next came an adorable, pre-recorded skit about dressing room antics. The Boys hopped into a trunk, one by one, that led into the dressing room. As they were doing this, they joked around; it was so funny! When they all were “in” the trunk, a video appeared on the back screen. It was obviously pre-recorded. The video showed Kevin with a mustache and goatee; he had since shaved them. The video provided time for the live Backstreet Boys to change and travel to the other side of the arena, where they performed “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” (one of my favorite songs) “I Promise You (With Everything I Am),” and “How Did I Fall In Love With You” on a small, circular stage. During this set, they interacted with the fans by accepting stuffed animals and such to play with during each song. It was extremely cute. A bridge then came down from the ceiling, and the Backstreet Boys crossed it just feet above the fans while singing “Time.”

Upon getting back to the main stage, Kevin proceeded to talk about the various charities in which the Backstreet Boys are individually involved. They then went into “Answer To Our Life,” followed by “All I Have To Give.” That song was done differently than in the past; they all wore cowboy outfits and did Western-influenced choreography. A little clip of an early, unreleased song (“If You Stay”) proceeded. The Backstreet Boys’ introductions of the band and dancers came after that. The Backstreet Band (the people who play the instruments) is often overlooked by the fans, so it was a nice way for the fans to “meet” the band. The Backstreet Boys introduced each and every member of the band and each and every dancer. After that, the dancers then congregated in the center of the stage, and I just knew what was next. Sure enough, the musical cue for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” came in almost immediately.

After singing that song, the Boys went into “Get Another Boyfriend.” I really enjoyed this performance too, as the choreography was especially creative. AJ then came out (that was definitely the peak of my excitement, since AJ is my favorite), telling us only one song remained in the concert, implying the song was their hit “Shape of My Heart”. Just then, his “phone” rang, leading into “The Call,” their current single. I loved that number; it was so well done! The Backstreet Boys, unfortunately, had to end the show. They did it with the obvious choice, “Shape of My Heart”. They paused mid-song to bow and thank the Chicago audience one last time. I was in tears at this point. I did not want the night to end! They did a beautiful job on the song, and at the end, they suddenly disappeared, signaling the end of a fantastic show.

Chicago 2/12

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Jewels

Alright I went to the Backstreet Boys concert in Chicago on Feb. 12th and I just want to say that it was amazing! I thought that Krystal Harris was an excellent opening act. I had amazing seats right near the front so I could see every single move that the boys made. I even caught a stuffed animal from Howie. The Boys danced great and were so fan oriented. I just want to give them props for putting on a great show!

February 13th Chicago concert

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Marcia

I have NEVER been to ANY concert in my entire life and I'm very happy to say that the BSB concert was my first and it was AWESOME!! We didn't exactly have the best seats, but it didn't matter, just as long as I was there. We got a wave from Brian and Howie too!! It's the most unbelievable feeling! Both of my friends have been to their concerts before and they were totally freaking out and I was just sitting in my seat totally cool and calm...except of course for when they came out!! And Krystal...what an amazing voice!! It's was just so much fun actually seeing them live and hearing their talent. My favorite part was when they did the wardrobe change and Kevin was bent over so you have a full view of his ass!! Oh yeah baby!!! He looks great even w/o the facial hair!! Any concert on this tour is worth seeing for ANYONE who's a BSB fan!! They are amazing!! KTBSPA!!!!!

Chicago concert at Allstate Arena (Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2001)

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: R.C. from Revolution

What up ya'll. So this past Tuesday night, "me and my boys went out" to see BSB in concert. I can't even start to explain how tight the show was. From the opening to the ending, I had my eyes glued to the stage. I can't explain it. I just can't. The whole time, I was just singing and dancing along with the boys. And I wished so badly that I could be onstage sometime in the future. They are the reason Revolution works so hard to reach our goals. INSPIRATION! Their outfits were tight, especially their closing ones. They sounded great, as usual. And let me just say, "More Than That" is my favorite song of all time, and they sang that so well. Oh, and I need to learn the dance to "Get Another Boyfriend". Haha, it was too tight. Also, before the concert, the radio station KISS 103.5 had a karaoke thing set up. Jeff and I went to it and debated whether or not to sing cuz it was all girls. We did it anyway. We sang "As Long As You Love Me" and I thought it was aight. Oh well. Everything was so perfect that night. Can't wait to see them on their second leg of the tour. Much love to BSB. I admire everything you do. You guys truly are my inspiration. Much Love and Peace Out.

February 12th Chicago allstate arena

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Kerri

I went to the Chicago Allstate Arena on February 12th.OMG.It was the best day of my life. I was soooooooo close Howie was like sweating on me. hehe he is my favorite he is sexy!!!! The concert started out first with Krystal she was cool. After about 40 minutes the Backstreet Boys came out with loud noises while on the back screen Earth is being hit with meteros. Then they were like robote the dancers were falling down it was soooo cool. Onw of the best songs to me was What Makes You Different(Makes You Beautiful) which Howie wrote and orginally on the CD only Howie and Brian sang it but they worked out a way for all of the guys to sing it but Howie had lead then Brian. It was one of my favorites because Howie was like singing to me it was soooooo cool. It was cool how they had a stage on the other side to play a few songs so the other people that didn't have that good of seats to see too I thought that was sweet. All the guys I think put all they can to give all they can to interact with their fans through the concert but to me Howie and Brian were doing the best of that on Monday. All the guys were doing a great job but Howie was like trying to touch everybody's hands, ext. and Brian comes next only because he didn't really touch a lot of hands and stuf but he was doing a lot of waving. One of the best parts of the ocncerts to me was when they showed you to their dressing room and when they were like in only their boxers. I find it really funny how like Howie was hogging the mirror needing to fix his hair and Kevin was spraying the streamers stuff at A.J. and the stuff got all onto their fans it was funny. It was really cool how after the concert the sercurity made us walk around to get to our cars and we passed the tour buses and we watched them go to them it was cool if I was there by myself I would probably beable to have their autographs or beable to meet them. If you I guareentee that you will have the best time. It was awesome I absoutly loved Millennium btu Black and Blue was a lot better so think about how much I like Black and Blue. If you don't have tickets and your fans work, work, work to to get these tickets because it is wayyyyy worth it.

February 13th, Allstate Arena

Date: Feb 16, 2001
Submitted By: Linda

I was at the concert on Tuesday night - it was one of the best nights of my life!! I've looked forward to it since I got my tickets back in Dec., and it was even better than I could imagine!! I'm married with two kids of my own and was probably more excited than most of the younger girls around us!! I can't even begin to put into words how great I thought all the boys were!! A.J. is the sexiest there is, and Howie is running a close second!! Nick, Kevin and Brian were fantastic! I have never been to a concert before, and was greatly looking forward to seeing BSB doing their dance moves together, and it was EXCELLENT!! I did spend about half the night looking through my binoculars for a closer look - mostly of A.J.! It was very sad when they left the stage and I'm still wishing I could be back there seeing them again! I can't wait until the next concert!!!

February 12th Chicago B&B Concert

Date: Feb 16, 2001
Submitted By: Nikki aka |3-| \/™

I've never been to a bsb concert (let alone ANY famous musician's concert), so i'm definately happy I started to come to them now! I arrived at the Allstate Arena around 7:15 PM lol; I was just happy I got there before the opening act. I had high seats but a really great view, and with binoculars I could see VERY well hehe! Krystal finally came on and, I have to say, was pretty good! She sang 4 songs/played the piano and then threw out a water bottle B-rok (my fave bsb) drank out of to the audience lol =p. After that, there was about a 40 min. intermission. I just decided to wait, too excited to go anywhere lol. When the main part of the concert was about to start, there was a gigantic video screen showing the Earth being hit by meteors. Then they finally came out; people were going nuts while I just stood there in awe. They sang "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life" while I sang along hehe. I melted on the floor when someone gave a bball to Brian and he started to spin it.

Absolutely CUTE!!!! He was the nicest to the fans, shaking their hands, etc. I wanted to take a pic right then and there but was camera-less *sigh*; oh well, I still have the memory =). The halftime part when they would go into the dressing room and you could see it was really funny...Brian was spraying AJ w/ that party spray stuff and they were all making fun of Howie and his hair...lmao. I loved when they came out to the round platform near me to sing "INBYH", "IPY", "HDIFILWY", etc. (I LOVE HDIF) About to cry, I watched Brian and Howie sing HDIF. Brian waved my way, and even though I knew it was to everyone around me + me, not just me, it was the greatest feeling ever. I really felt that he looked at me. Someone threw Howie heart boxers lmao and AJ was trying to throw a blue sparkly cowboy hat onto a security guard's head lol. When the bridge/catwalk came down, they sang "Time." People started throwing stuffed animals to them; Brian caught a Lil' Tyk-type doggy and put it to his chest...sooooo adorable! When they got back to the stage and sang "Answer to Our Life," (another of my fave songs) AJ and B-rok goofed around w/ the toys that were thrown on stage =P. Brian introduced the band first, then the others; Nick did one of those 'fall on the floor then jump to your feet moves' which was pretty cool. He was falling down all nite lol. Nick had Brian kick a beach ball into the audience-B-rok was so cute when he kicked it. The encore for "The Call" was great. AJ's pants were falling down and then asked the fans if he should answer his cell lol. They finally ended w/ "SOMH,"and Brian threw out his HHCFK t-shirt he wore =). Sorry this was really long and detailed, but after all, it was my first concert. Everyday since Dec. 2 I thought about this, and now I'm a lil sad it's over. So happy there are things called memories. Anyways, if you're going to see the bsb on this tour, you will be blown away, anywhere you sit! God bless and KTBSPA!!!

Chicago (2/13)

Date: Feb 16, 2001
Submitted By: Amy

I went to the concert on the 13th with my 2 best friends. We were up in the last row, but right on the side of the stage. It was so awesome! The beginning was kind of scary. But the boys were so incredible! When they sang on the target thing, I cried. We got Howie's bandana from the wardrobe girl! I'll never forget it.

Backstreet Boys in chicago

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By: Jenny

I went to both bsb shows on the 12th and 13th!!!!!!!!!! On the 12th I was in a balcony......But I got a wave from nick and everything!!!!!!!!! But on the 13th was the real fun!!!!!!!!! I had second row seats and the concert was so fun. All the songs were really great {especially not for me} and I got some smiles from nick!!!!!!!!!!!! I had such a good time and i'll never forget it!!!!!!! I guess you could say that I was happy that it came , but sad that it ended!!!!!!!!! If u havent gone yet...Let me tell u, u are going to have a great time!!!!!!!

Chicago concert February 13 Allstate arena

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By: Brittany T.

The concert was so amazing. The guys kept telling us happy valentines day, and I thought it was real sweet. My best friend didn't have a very good time though, because she likes nsync, but I was glad she was nice enough to come with me!! Some of the girls were dressed pretty obsessedly [is that a word??] but they looked cool. What was cool was these girls in the crowd right next to the stage had bsb on their shirts written in glow sticks which I thought was really creative cause anyone including the guys could see them then. Nick looked beyond hott well it comes easy to him. My fave performance was get another boyfriend when everyone yelled stop and then thought they would start singing but the guys tricked us and were laughing it was great. I thought the part when nick layed on the ground and start like doing these pelvic thrusts OMG!!!! That made me have a heart attack. HE IS SO FREAKIN HOT!!!!!! I thought Brian was really sweet to the fans. He always is. A girl threw a stuffed animal to him but it fell between the stage and lights, and he made the security guard get which was mega sweet. Well girls and guys if you have tix to a black and blue concert your in for one hell of a show!!! They are getting better and better every time!!!! KTBSPA!!!

Black and Blue Concert in Chicago, IL (2-12-01)

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By: Julie

OMG!!! I saw BSB on monday night, the 12th, and wow, all I can say was it was the best, most amazing night of my life! I have never been to a BSB show before, but this one by far was the best one that bsb has ever done!! My friend and I left her house around 5:30, and we got to the All-State pretty easily, we stopped at BK for somethin to eat and we were there by 6:30. We had to wait out in line to get in for a while, but that wasn't too bad. Once we got inside we got our shirts and I bought a program. We went to find our seats, which were in the second balcony, section 213. We could see pretty good, and the second stage was like right below us. Krystal came out and did 4 songs, she was awesome! :) Then after bout 45 minutes, the lights went off and the boys rose from the stage and I went absolutely nuts. Before they came out, they showed a picture of the earth on the big screen and meteorites hitting it, everytime one hit it, a big crash of fire would come booming on the stage. It was so awesome. They came out on these risers and when they lowered them down, they sorta walked like robots (haha it was adorable) and saluted us and began "Everyone". Halfway through the show, they showed us to their dressing room and we watched them fool around, it was so hilarious. They had a wardrobe box come out on stage and they all disappeared into it, and when Kevin and AJ were left they did rock-paper-scissors to see who'd go in next, and it was AJ. Kevin just closed the box and sat on it, it was so cute. On the second stage, they did a few songs, and it was so awesome cuz i was right by it and when Brian looked up into our section i was leaning over the railing and screaming and waving. The first encore was "the call" and AJ brought a cell phone on stage and it started to ring and he's like "should i answer it? should i answer it?" and everybody screamed. All-in-all, I was sad when the best night of my life had to come to an end, but it was the greatest show ever!! I never screamed so much in my life, for 2 and 1/2 hours straight! If you haven't seen it yet and you're going to, let me tell you, it was wonderful and you'll have the time of your life :) If you don't have tickets, you should really find a way to get them because it'll be so worth it! :)

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