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pontiac Michigan

Date: Apr 17, 2001
Submitted By: Trina

Hi this is trina Me and my niece had went the the bsb concert when they were in pontiac Michigan and they played at the silverdome It was destiny's child krystel and then the backstreet boys they played one of the best concerts that I have been too we were not that far from them they seemed to play one fanstatic concert they had on black and blue for the tour the did everyone was throwing teddy bears and roses Howie looked good with his long hair. Nick looks good in black and blue. Kevin looks good with his hair combed back and A.J looks good no matter what.The same goes with brian they all looked a little nerves but they played one heck of a concert at the pontiac Silverdome thanks alot we really enjoyed the concert Love these guys with all of our hearts

BSB Concert in Pontiac, Michigan

Date: Apr 11, 2001
Submitted By: Rebecca


February 16, 2001

I went to the Black and Blue concert in Detroit michigan on February 15, 2001 and what can i say...oh my god it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo toally awsome!!!

the first opening act was Krystal and she rocked she sang 3 songs!!!and she was going around the audeince signing autographs and gving away pix of her and stuff. The next act was destiny's child omg they were so good!!!i cant beleave how good they were. they did about 5 songs

The first song they did was Everyone and ugh it was cool i had 3rd row seats and i was right in the middle of all the action. Anyway they did Larger than life and acouple of other songs. Then They had this humungus trunk on the stage that lead to the guys dressing room. So AJ and the rest took us in there (well we saw it on a screen) and AJ pulled his pants down but you couldn't see anything because his shirt was too big!! After that they had like a mini stage in the back of the place so the people with the nosebleed seats could see them. I think it was during EVERYBODY AJ waved to me and nick was making faces at the croud. Then the second to last song was THE CALL!!!! aj had alittle cell phone and it was so cute then they got into some big time dancing and it was great!!! the last song they did was SHAPE OF MY HEART brian smiled and waved at me (i think anyways).


well in the first half of the show they were wearing black coats and these blue shirts with like the face of a dragon on them or something like that. Then they went to change and they were all in white (nick looked like alittle angel) Then they went and changed again and they had black shirts on and like a orange/red/yellow/black coat on so it looked like fire. Soon they changed into well there regular clothes. but omg they all looked so hott


well u probably don't want to know about this but anyway if u are lucky when u go to your concert krystal will throw a water bottle into the croud. The best part is its nick's water bottle and he drank out of it !!! when they were showing u the dressing room they threw out little stuffed animals to the croud. At the place u can buy bsb blue glow sticks u can buy a program and they have like ten choices of t-shirts. u can buy pics of them so u can get an autograph or whatever and they had bsb pins and fake backstage passes .


On my local radio station this morning they talked to my boy nick carter!!! they talked about rumors of aj being sick on the tour and drinking a lot (its all not true ppl) and nick said they went to great lakes crossing (a huge mall near by) and I was not there (i was going to go with my buds but well lets just say an incedent happened) and they talked about how he gets around (puts a hood and tries to blend with the croud)they were talkin bout if he went to gameworks and nick said he didn't have enough time. they asked nick "why? don't u like games?" he said he loves them but he is more into writing right now. he said he likes the old games like MS. packman he said he likes the ladies (ya know because of MS. packman) and the dj goes yah u are a lady killer (yah he is , he killed me already) and then they said goodbye

February 15, 2001

Date: Apr 03, 2001
Submitted By: nicks_chick7

We arrived at the Silverdome at about 5pm, and we got in line and waited until 6pm, when the doors opened. Luckily, we were like the 5th people in line to get in. Once the doors opened everybody was screaming. I was so excited!!!

When we got into the Silverdome, I bought a shirt and a glow stick. Then my friend Kristin, and I went to go find our seats. It felt like forever, just waiting for 7:30 and the opening acts to come on stage. The crowd kept themselves entertained by doing "the wave".

At around 7:15 the lights dimmed and everybody was screaming and chanting Backstreet Boys. Finally at around 7:32, Krystal, the first opening act, came on stage and performed "My Religion", "Angel on My Shoulder", "Supergirl", and "I Will Be There". This lasted until about 7:50 and the lights turned back on. at around 8:10 the lights dimmed again and the second opening act, Destiny's Child, came on stage and performed a set of 6 songes which included "Bug-A-Boo", "Independent Women", "No, No, No", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Jumpin, Jumpin", "Say My Name" and a dance routine to Jay-Z "Big Pimpin", and DMX "Party Up". After Destiny's Child performed, the lights did not come back on. the Backstreet Boys chnat continued until 9:07pm, when the big screen showed metorites hitting the earth. the Backstreet Boys rose from the bottom of the stage for a moment I will never forget. They stated off the show with "Everyone" and ended it with "The Call"

Here is the set list. (I think it's right.)

1. Everyone

2. Larger Than Life

3. Shining Star

4. What makes You Different

5. Yes i will

6. More Than That

7. I Want It that way

8. not for me

9. show me the meaning

10. I promise you

11. i'll never break your heart

12. how did i fall in love with you

13. time

14. the answer to our life

15. all i have to give

16. if you stay

17. everybody

18. get another boyfriend

19 the call

20. shape of my heart

if you went to the michigan concert or any B&B concert please e-mail me at:

I LOVE U NICK!!!! KTBSPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black & Blue Tour Pontiac Silverdome February 15, 2001

Date: Mar 13, 2001
Submitted By: Alicia

OMG!!!! First of all I want to tell you this I can die happily.

The room went totally dark, suddenly the screen lights up and earth is being blown to smitherenes by asteroids, and who comes to save the day... The Backstreet Boys opening up in a full on salute into fireworks, and "Everyone". I will never as long as I live forget that moment, for goodness sake they were all wearing leather. Then "Larger Than Life" and "Shining Star" were followed by a costume change. "Yes I Will" was unbelieveable the canes never stopped, and then came "More Than That" this is the first time I started crying, and then "Show Me the Meaning" got me going again. "I Want It That Way" came next and Nick started the song on my side of the stage, and then there was a costume change, and they started back up with "Get Another Boyfriend" and "Everybody", and ended that segment with A medley of "All I Have To Give" and something else I don't remember, and then they went into the funny costume change and Howie said exactly where I was sitting, it was so ironic. The next part is why I can die happy. They came up on the little stage and Nick was right next to me. I jumped off my seat and ran around to stand by the stage as my 5 hotties sang "I'll Never Break Your Heart" and "It's True" and as I reached in front of where Nick was they started singing "How Did I Fall In Love With You" and Nick walked right over to me and held my hand and sang to me... it was like the world stopped and it was him and me. (My mom took a picture it's so cute.) When the song was ending Nick Blew me a kiss and I had a single tear roll down my cheek. After that they sang "Answer To Our Lives", and "The Call" and they ended with "Shape of My Heart" It was the best thing I've ever seen, I couldn't believe it and when it was over and I was in the car I felt like it had all been a dream and I woke up, but it wasn't it was real.

Pontiac,MI,Feb 15 2001

Date: Feb 25, 2001
Submitted By: Jaclyn

OH MY GOD!!! HOW AWESOME WAS THIS CONCERT?? First of all,Nickolas Gene Carter is the hottest man on this earth! Black & Blue is the best cd ever!! And the concert was sooo cool! Personally I liked the Millennium tour better (cuz nick said hi and waved to me) but still it was awesome. My favorite part was when they sang The Answer to our life,first of all they had animals and stuff on the big screen (im a big animal lover) and Nick was right fricken in front of me. I was just in shock the entire time. My friend was right next to the stage and got to hold Brian, Kevin and Howies hand. She gave Howie her email and he actually emailed her!! Anyways,back to the concert...well another good part was when they went on that little stage cuz they were alot closer.My seats were on the floor and there was this stupid girl in front of us who I knew didnt even like them cuz she didnt sing a single word the entire time. Well she kept standing on her chair and she was like 10 feet tall so we couldnt see,but i was glad just to be there to hear Nicks voice. They all are really talented, you can tell they dont lipsync like :cough: nsuck:cough: Anyways nothing really awesome happened like i got to touch Nick or anything but I did get to touch him when we went to a charity basketball game in Tampa. I got to touch him!! When we walked into the sundome (where the game was held) Nick was just going to the locker room and we screamed his name and he looked up said hi and touched my hand! My knees got weak and I fell over and couldnt stand up! (i know im a dork) anyways..that was the only "backstreet encounter". Oh and at the Millenium concert we had this huge glow in the dark nick sign and he saw it and said hi and waved so that was cool too. ok back to the concert...Destiny's Child and Krystal were awesome too. Man does A.J. have a voice! and Nick really got into it he would grab his hair it was so cute. Oh and when they came out in those white suits! one word--DAMN! ok any guy is hot in white,but Nick in white ok do me now! lol Well if you ever get a chance to go to a BSB concert take it!! Oh yeah while we were waiting to get out of the silverdome, there was these guys that were bsb look-alikes and this one guy looked EXACTLY like NICK!! Which is pretty much impossible, and we got to talking and I got his #!! He was really hot! Oh yeah when we were driving home, there police escorted buses passed us and we waved to A.J. and Nick. Well if you have gone to a concert you are really lucky cuz there are people who cant afford it I feel sorry for those people cuz its an awesome experience! I cant wait for there next cd and tour!! ktbspa!! I LIKE NICKS BUTT AND I CANNOT LIE!!

Pontiac Michigan 2/15, COOLEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!

Date: Feb 25, 2001
Submitted By: Andrea M

OMG!!!!!! Last night was one of the best nights of my life!!! First off I live in Medina, OHIO so we had to drive 4 hours just to get there (that was the worst part!!). Well here's my story:

Wednsday night- getting everything ready. my mom said "no" to getting a video camera to tape the cocnert. BOO_HOO!!! Went to bed thinking how awesome it's going to be!!!

Thursday (starts at 5:15am)- My mom wakes me up and tells me she'll get me the video camera only if I clean the house by the time my friend Jessica and her dad get there (they were going to be there at 11:30 so it wasn't a problem) so I said sure. She went out and got me this awesome one!!! I started to charge the battery. Then I took my shower and got all pretty and got all my things into one little pile to take to Michigan with me. The next thing I know it's 11:45 and my phone is ringing (I had fell asleep sitting on my couch waiting for my friend to call or come over) so I quickly double check all my things and then she comes pulling up to my door. I hop in the car and went driving for close to 4 hours. We finally get to Detroit (atleast when I woke up I found out we were there) so then we had to find our hotel. It was 3 miles away from the arena. We got there around 5:00 so then we just waited there until 6:00 so we could go in. We watched the rest of Night At The Roxybury on TV so that was fun.

6:00- We head out of the hotel at 5:55 and find that there is a HUGE line waiting to go into there (and we were still 2 miles away from the arena) so we had top wait. It took us until 6:45 to even get into where the parking was but the thing was we weren't parking. We were just being dropped off so her dad had top get out of that long line and dropped us off at the date closest to our seats (north). We didn't waist any time getting into the arena since it was so cold. We had floor seats. A4 row 5 seats 11 and 12. We found them and they seemed not to be any good (we wereexpecting them to be great seats). So we went back up to the top level got T-Shirts and things and when we came back we were scouting where some seats would be. Now I had been keeping my eyes on row 4 section A3 because there were around 10 seats not taken. Well when I saw that they still weren't taken by the time Destinys Child came on me and my friend went for them. Other people folowed us but they got kicked out since the people that were actually sitting there came. Anyways then this girl said I was sitting in her seat. I was so sad but then I started to move but then she said I could just stay there and she'll have on of her friends move down into the VIP section (thanks Jill!! seat 16!!) I thanked her so much!!! Anyways onto the good stuff.-

Krystal- Awesome girl!!!!! She sang so well and was so good!! I didn't get a chance to meet her because I wanted to see Destinys Child. She sounded alot like Pink which is awesome because I love Pink. Anyways Krystal was great!!

Destinys Child- SO GOOD!!!!!!! They were so awesome and one of them waved to me (Beionce)(spelling). Anyways they rocked the show and I was on my feel the whole time. They kicked ass!!!

BSB- Now for the good stuff. I was so hyper when those medior bombs went off with the pyro. I could actually feel the heat on my face I was so close!! Anyways I'm not going to give you the low down on what songs they sang and all that because I'm sure by now if you've been keeping up with the reviews like I have then you'll already know. I was alittle scared to bring out my video camera because I didn't want it to be taken away. Well I finally was brave enough to bring it out at the beggining of "Shining Star". I got everything from "SS" to the end of that wardrobe movie. I got excelent footage!! That's 30 min of awesome footage (if anyone's interested then write me. I haven't figured out the price yet since this is actually mine but I will definately trade for more B&B homevideo footage esp. from Michigan). The reason why I didn't get more isn't because my battery wore out or I didn't have anymore video because I brang 2 videos and I had alot of battery left. It's just since I was so close and after they came on the walkway everyone like went over there so when they were actually back onto our stage during the songs after they came back then the security saw me pretty easily but I was doing ok until they caught me during "Get Another BoyFriend" and that was my favorite song too. Well alls I have to say is that was the best concert I have ever been to (and that was my 3rd bsb one) not to mention the closest and most fun!!! Well I would like to say thanks to the girl who let me sit in her seat because that was so nice and kind of you. I really owe you and to my friend Jessica thanks for taking me. Hopefully when they come to Cleveland I can repay you the favor. I also took 4 rolls of 24 pics oof bsb and 1 roll of Destinys Child so I maybe posting some of those up here. I'll let you know. Well thanks so much for taking time and reading this review. Hopefully all you people will have as much fun as I did. It was a blast and well worth the money!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!


Pontiac Michigan Black & Blue Tour

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: Heather

Hey all you BSBers! I just wanna start out by saying that I live in central Illinois and travelled over eight hours to get to the Silverdome in Pontiac, but it was SO worth it. What can I say? The guys still got it goin' on, baby! This was my first concert, and by the end of the night, my throat killed! But that's okay. Me and my two friends were ecstatic to see our Backstreet Boys live in concert. (We even tried to get backstage, but the guard wouldn't let us. Hey! It was worth a shot!) Oh, my gosh. It was so amazing. The show started off with "Everyone" and ended with "Shape Of My Heart" with so many hot songs in between.

I would have to say my favorite parts were the box on the stage when they all climbed down below but Kevin stayed on top and said, "This is how we do a solo show" and during the song "Yes I Will" when they looked so cute in their white suits and sparkly canes and kneeling on their knees like they were proposing. But my all time favorite part of the entire night was when I was actually watching Nick sing "As God is my witness, I will carry this through. Till death to us part, I promise to you." What more can I say? It was so beautiful. So thank you Nick, Brian, Kevin, Howie, and AJ for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience and for being able to see just how hot you all are and that you will always have it goin' on! I love you guys and all you other BSB fans! KTBSPA

BSB Concert in Poniac MI

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

It's already been a week since I saw the BSB at the Silverdome! We drove up from Cleveland Ohio to see the show for my birthday...Believe me, it was the best one of my life! Lol! Anywho I was so excited not to get lost cuz last time we were in MI to see them for the Millennium tour we were lost for an hour! Lol! So the show was great! Our seats were on the floor towards the back..I thought it was bad but then I saw the second stage right next to me! Kystal was pretty good...Not afraid to wear clothes. Destiny's child was good too. But of course I was waiting for the BSB! They came up and it was soooo hard to see cuz I'm rather short so our entire section stood on our chairs and the security kept yelling at us but we never listened..Lol so from what I saw from the screen I loved!

Of course finally when they came to the back stage I freaked out! I stayed on my chair since everyone else was pushing on the floor already which was a good thing for me to do cuz I had a great view. I was wearing my flashing devil horns so I could be noticed...Lol....They saw me! Nick and I had eye contact when he was on our side (brian was on our side majority of the time) Brian waved and so did Nick. Nick posed for me when I was taking his picture and Brian waved when I was taking his which made me happy! Lol! Them being in front of me for those 3 songs made the concert soo completely worth while! They were amazing~

Pontiac, MI- Feb 15th

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: Brianne


Being that I had won 2nd row tickets to the show, I was pumped. I really didn’t exactly know where my seats were because it was a made up section especially for contest winners. I got to Great Lakes Crossing where I met up with the BSB Dream Team of Michigan. We had lunch, and went back to their hotel rooms. About 5 p.m. we went over to the Silverdome to get in line. We stood around for about 30 minutes before we were let into the Silverdome. Once we got in, I bought a glow stick, and a program. I was really anxious to find out where my seat was, so I went down to the main floor. I get there and the guards have no idea where my seat is. I called the box office the day before to make sure this was a real section and I knew it was in front of the main section. So finally me and the guard are off to find my seat. (In the Silverdome-they could not hang the cat walk- so they had a main walkway set up) Turns up that my seat is 2nd row on the aisle of the cat walk-right at the corner where the stage and walkway met. My reaction was:

“Holy Sh*t! Look at this-(and a few choice words) I cannot believe this!”

I had the best seat in the house. I am not lying. So I am freaking out for a while, found a few friends to chat with, and then finally the lights go out and Krystal comes out. I am a big fan of hers, and she was amazing-she sings like an angel. (Got great pix)

Shortly after, Destiny’s Child comes on to sing about 5 songs. They were great too. (Got great pix of these too)

About 20 minutes after DC were on-the lights go out and BSB is coming on.

The first song ‘Everyone’ was great. I was singing along, and waving to the Boys when they came by. I am not going to go into the concert because some have not seen it yet

So Brian and Howie are basically in front of me the whole concert-but I see all of them because I am at close to center as possible. Howie and Brian are such hams, they love to wave and encourage fans. (Myself included) I get numerous waves from Howie, and a few winks.

At one point-Brian is in front of me, and I was waving-he was looking right at me-so I kept waving-still nothing-so I jump up and wave with both hands, and he walks back and mimics me! I couldn’t believe it. So funny!

Kev comes out to give a short speech and I had a stuffed monkey to throw on stage. So I took that time to do it. Kev was looking right at me, so I pretended to throw it. He knew it was coming so I threw it up there-and HE CAUGHT IT!!!! I quickly took a picture, then he showed it to the fans, then put it down on one of the speakers where it stayed for the whole show.

When the Boys went onto the stage in the back, I ran on back (I had a seat there too) and I was in the front row right in between AJ and Brian. Brian saw me, recognized me, and I pointed up to the front and he looked amazed at me and waved and laughed. It was cute.

After that, I took off for the front back to my seat- and then we were mobbed. People everywhere trying to get to the Boys on the walkway.

So, they performed the rest of the show, and it was amazing. Got responses from Brian, Howie, and Kev to my waves, and I got excellent pictures. Few points of the concert:

1) The acoustics in the Silverdome SUCK!

2) The Silverdome was so huge that the stage didn’t even come close to the fans on the side.

3) The Boys performed their asses off!

4) Nick was looking HOT!

5) Brian is a goofball

6) Howie is sexy and funny

7) Kev concentrated while performing.

8) AJ was selling his sex. LOL


I have attached the link to my pictures from my experience- I have so many pictures (7 rolls=144 pictures)buit not posted yet. In a few- the guys are looking right at me………. I will be sending out lots more as I scan. DO NOT TAKE THESE PICS AND CLAIM THAT THEY ARE YOURS!

ENJOY! And look for my report on the Boys at the Minneapolis show!


BSB Concert from Black and Blue Tour in Pontiac, MI

Date: Feb 24, 2001
Submitted By: Caroline

My concert was on Thursday, February 15 in Detroit, MI at the Pontiac Silverdome. It was such a blast! The day started out, I had school that day, when I got home I worked out a bit, and then I started getting ready. I got all primped up, and looked sizzlin(lol). I went with my twin sis, and two really good friends. We all looked awesome! So we drove to the venue (I live about 15 minutes away from this venue). Of course we rode up in Anyways, my sister drove. We got there just in time for the start of the concert. Krystal Harris was the first opening act, she was really fun and awesome, although I didn't expect her to have a buzz cut type hair cut..anyways...our seats were on the floor, which is soo awesome because the Silverdome is a HUGE venue; it seats well over 80, 000. I felt so lucky to be on the floor, because at all the other concerts I have been to I always have to sneak down. After Krystal, we walked around, taking to security guards, ya know, working the floor! lol. I knew about BSB singing on the round little stage in the middle of the floor, so I struck up a conversation with one guy right by the little stage and asked him during what song they come over here. He said 7th or 8th. Anyways, we went back to our seats, and Destiny's Child came on! I've seen them before in concert, and they rock the house! After Destiny's Child, we decided to work the floor again, and we found two girls we knew who had seats about 25 rows behind us. We brought them up to seats right by us. Then the show started! Yea!!! lol ! Even though I'm tall, I stood on my seat because the girls in front of us all did, so I couldn't see. This is my third time seeing BSB perform, but only my second concert for them (I've seen them sing the National Anthem at a basketball game). They started out with Everyone, then went straight into Larger Than Life, and blah blah blah.

I won't bore you with the order of the songs they sang, I'll let you guys experince that yourself if you already haven't. Anyways, they then said how honored they felt to be playing here, because this place is huge and only people like Aerosmith and Rolling Stones have ever sold out here (BSB didn't even sell out, but they will in the future!!). I promised I would call my mom on a cell phone during the show, so she could listen to some of it, because she likes BSB, lol. So I called her during Shining Star. My friends and I were all having a blast, and after I Want It That Way, is when we calmly went to the little stage area. The security guards were pushing us away, and the meanest one was a woman (lol). So, we kinda just blended in with the rest of the crowd in the seats, and the security guards kept shining there flashlights on us. Right after that dressing room video, BSB rose out of the little stage , and then a stampede of screaming girls came right at my friends and I. The security guards were holding everyone back, and trust me they were vicious. The girls right by me broke through a barricade!! This was just as bad, if not worse then the being at the Limp Bizkit concert in the mosh my friend got trampeled at, and dislocated her shoulder). Anyways, it didn't matter because I was just a mere few feet away from the guys. They first sang my favorite song (How did I Fall in Love With You), and Howie was closest to me (I was pysched because I absolutely adore Howie! He's my favorite!!) Unfortunately, unlike last year, he never smiled at me or slapped my hand or anythin (grr), which made me very sad. But AJ and Brian looked at me (yea, it was cool, but I just wish it was Howie!! he's my baby! lol). Nick sang to my sister, and she got GREAT pics! And all of my buds got some waves and smiles from them. Nick gave a teddy bear he was holding to my bud (the one who got hurt at Limp Bizkit), and I got the lighter he was holding.

After the boys left the little stage and started walking on the bridge back to the main stage, I stuck around the little stage, asking the security guards for a stuffed animal from the stage (because the boys were holding them!, but they said no. So we walked around on the floor, trying to get up to front row. It was easy. I just kept walking and there I was with my bud, and the two other girls we met up with at the concert. We were in the first row, but we were way on the side, but that's alright becuase it was still cool. They did the rest of the songs, and when they did The Call I took out my cell phone and pretended I was that girl in the song..I know it was dumb, lol, but people around me were laughing! And everybody was having a good time!! So they finished with Shape of My Heart, and it was awesome. I got my last glimpse of Howie, and then we went to go find my sister and my other friend. The guitar player from the band was on the floor, and walked right by me..pretty cool! So after the concert, we stuck around a little bit, then drove all around, and looked inside and investigated the hotel we think they were stayin at. No sign of them (obviously because the concert just ended). So we went to 7-11 and got some coffee and so we could stay awake all night, in case we wanted to go back to there hotel or look around in other hotels at like 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. Well, we never did that(grr), but we were all so excited because the concert was so fun and we were so close to them!! Overall it was a wonderful concert! (What did you expect!?) When they do the second leg of their tour we are gonna stay at a hotel somewhere. If anyone can give me any tips about where they stayed in your city, I'll give you some tips on getting backstage to some concerts, hotels, and sneaking down, and sneaking stuff in (like cameras and signs). (I'm experienced at all this stuff..I've been to about 17 or 18 concerts). Well that was my review! Sorry so long!

Oh, and everyone please E-Mail your comments on my review to me! And if anyone went to the same concert please E-Mail me! I hope everyone had or will have as much fun as I did at my concert!!! Email me if you would like to see my pics!!

Ponatic Silverdome

Date: Feb 22, 2001
Submitted By: Samantha

O.K I live in Sturgis, Michigan and that's a tad far away from the Silverdome it took us 3 hours to get to highway 75. That highway is 30 miles long and because traffic was sooooooooooooooo bad it took us 2 and a half hoiurs on that one highway. Because it took us so long we missed Krystal and Destiny's Child :( but right when we got in our seats they turned out the lights for BSB to come on. The concert was totally worth the traffic. BSB ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!! Nick is so sexy and I loved the whole thing. My fave part was when Nick was on his knees *I almost cryed*. An to top it all off I got an awsome T-shirt that said "Backstreet Girls Rule!". It was my 3rd BSB concert but it had to have been the best! I would totally sit in traffic forever to see my baby!

Feb. 15, 2001

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Sherry

Well, Brandy, Jess, Brian, and Rob picked me up around 4:50-ish and we went on our way to Skate World to cram in Ryan's car. We got there... And I almost forgot my ticket in the car! Thank goodness Brandy caught them before they got in the Silverdome. I felt so stupid... LoL. Thatz all I have to say about before the concert... Anyway! Brandy, Jess, and I had seats on the side next to the stage but we ended up on main floor!!! After buying our glow sticks, going potty (LoL), and looking for people to take us down there, Brandy finally found some people who were nice enough to let us use their tickets to go on the main floor (THANKS WHOEVER YOU ARE!). We had to dodge security a lot... Anyway, Krystal was kool and Destiny's Child was awesome! They were really good and their outfits were really cute. We had to move from 9th row to the 1st row in section A4 (I think it was A4). Those seats turned out better than I had expected! During "Time" Brandy, Jess, and I bolted to the catwalk. I eventually got to the front from all the people pushing me. :) I was soooooooooooooo close to AJ's hand!!! I was so upset! I mean that was my goal for the nite...

But I TOUCHED KEVIN and Howie so I guess thatz ok... Not as good as AJ but it'll work for me. Brandy kept kissing my hand after that... LoL. My bubbles were defective. They would only do one bubble at a time so I just said screw it! Oh yeah! Brandy, Jess, and I put our names and numbers on a glowing button thingy that said "I Glow When I Get HORNY" and I threw it at Nick during "Time" and it was like 2 inches away from hitting him in the face. He leaned back while he was walking and he was like "Whoa!" I wish AJ would have picked it up 'cuz it was for him. Berta told me the next day that she called that person and idiot... She didn't know it was me! Hehehe... I really liked the whole catwalk thing. It was awesome! :) Then during "Shape Of My Heart" Nick came down the catwalk and Brandy bolted from our seats (me and Jess ran after her) and pushed our way towards the gate. We got Nick water on us when he did that whole water bottle thingy and I GOT NICK CARTER'S WATER IN MY MOUTH! I almost caught his water bottle... It flew over my hand. But OMG!!! He was sooooooooooo close to us! I LOVED when he was on his knees... And all his hair pulling. YOW! My fave part was definitely when AJ was doing pelvic thrusts and Nick was kneeling and moving his head back and forth. I was like on my knees doing that tongue thing Matt does. YEAH BABY!!! I didn't get home till 1 AM and I didn't fall asleep till 2:30-ish. Omigod... It was seriously the best day of my life!!! I was dead on Friday but it was totally worth it! I am never going back to *NSYNC. I still can't believe it... It was my first BSB concert and we ended up on main floor, I touched Kevin and Howie, almost hit NICK CARTER in the face with a glowing projectile object, got Nick Carter water in my mouth, and got the best concert pictures I've ever gotten... ::sigh:: Sorry this is so long... I HEART AJ! LoL! KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!!!! The rest of my reviews are on my site at

Pontiac, Mi February 15

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Michele

WOW! The BSB concert in Pontiac was my 3rd BSB concert and they get better every time!

So here goes. I drove from Columbus, OH (about a 4 hour drive)and I ended up getting lost in downtown Detroit for about a half an hour. I finally got tot he Silverdome at 7pm and found my seat. I was in section 112 which wasn't too bad but there was a speaker in front of me so I didn't see as much as I would have liked.

Krystal was ok. Nothing to write home to mom about. Destiny's Child came out next. They performed for about 45 minutes. They were good and really got the crowd going.

Finally the Backstreet Boys came out, and it was defining. They were so amazing! :-) Hard to believe, but I think Nick looks better now than he did last year! The bst song was Get Another Boyfriend. They really had a lot of energy and seemed like they were having a good time.

The Backstreet Boys have out down themselves again and hopefully they'll come to Columbus on their summer tour so I won't have to drive 4 hours again.

I hope all of you who ahve tickets to there up coming shows have as much fun as I did.

Pontiac Silverdome, 2/15/01

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Katherine Scott

Let me say first, that I am a "Mature Fan". As a member of the On-Line Fan Club and part of the BSB Dream Team, the other Dream Team members and I had been planning this trip for weeks. We all planned to meet at 1:30 pm at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall, have lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe then go back to the hotel afterwards and put the care packages together. Very little after that point went as planned. We were all to meet at the East entrance at the information booth to leave our packages for the boys. The problem was that we had a hard time getting these items through security at the East entrance. I made a throw pillow out of Black and Blue Silk that was an exact replica of the CD cover, it was beautiful and unique but I had to give it to the Security Supervisor who said she would take it to the boys dressing room but I seriously doubt they will ever get it. I am told that the MI BSB Dream Team rep was able to give our care packages to a body guard though. I hope it's true. The Backstreet Boys have given us so much enjoyment over the last 7 years that we just wanted to give something back. Amanda and I had made special shirts to wear. We put pictures of the boys on our shirts and had BSB Dream Team written on them with special glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. We also put our email addresses on the shirts with the same fabric paint. Our seats were in the front row just off the floor on the left-hand side of the stage. Fairly good seats this time around.

After the opening acts, Krystal and Destiny's Child, which were both very good, the crowd starting screaming so loud - then the boys came out and started to sing "Everyone", which happens to be one of my favorites, then "Larger than Life" from the Millinium CD. It seemed they sang all the favorites and they were absolutely better than they ever had been before - and I thought they were perfect before this concert. They seem to have gotten better with age and maturity,which is encouraging for us "mature fans". The crowd was on their feet most of the time and sometimes they weren't. I think the reason for this is that I think their fan base is getting older and we just wanted to sit, watch and listen to those beautiful voices. Not only are the younger fans getting older with them but they are drawing more and more new fans who are of an older age base. I believe this proves their staying power.

They certainly know how to work the crowd - they have such style and chirisma. All five of these young men performed at their peak. Out of all of them though, it is my opinion that the youngest member, Nick Carter, absolutely stole the show. He was running around, jumping, dancing, grinning all the while. In one word, uninhibited. He was absolutely fabulous. In previous shows, it has always been AJ - but not this time - it was Nick all the way. They interacted with the crowd more with this show than ever before. I can't wait for the second leg of the tour -because I will be there. I will try my best to get first or second row seats but if I don't - there are no bad seats at a Backstreet Boys concert; it's a priviledge and honor just to be in the same building with them. To all of you mature fans that think you can't enjoy them because you are too old, re-think that thought. People of any age can appreciate great talent - these young men have just begun - they have talent beyond what they've and we have even imnagined yet. Even greater things will come from these young men.

They are exactly why I believe in the "Save the Music Foundation". Music enriches the mind, heart and soul. If someone had not encouraged these young men to pursue their talent, listen to what we would have not been able to enjoy.

Pontiac Silverdome Detroit, Michigan February 15, 2001

Date: Feb 19, 2001
Submitted By: Angie and Kara

ok... first of all, i just want to say that the concert was incredible! it was great! seriously, i love those boys! they give me goosebumps! and i hate to admit that preconcert we were more along the lines of nsync... but WERE excited! post concert we could care less a/b nsync! seriously! nick carter and brian littrell turn us on! anyways, we missed krystal and part of destiny's b/c of traffic which sucked.... we were in the car ready to kill everyone! but we did get there (sprinting through detroit) in time for the boys! they started out w/ everyone and every time we hear 'turn the lights down low, it's time to start the show' we go through major withdrawl. one of the best parts of the show was when they went down into their 'dressing room' and showed us on tape this behind the scenes thing. it was hilarious! howard was very into his hair and i swear i've never laughed so hard in my life. after that they went to the other side of the stadium and sang a medly. (won't give the songs away) after taht was time and they went down a catwalk. they were very fan oriented so if your seats are on the floor near the middle have those cameras ready! be sure to pay attention to the dancing in shining star and get another boyfriend! GOOD JOB BOYS!! it's H-O-T!!! another one of my favorite songs was 'answer to our life'... have cameras ready for taht too. SO SWEET! but something i regret is not having enough film. bring @ least 4 roles!!!! anyways, this was a really dumb revue but we didn't want to spoil it too much so ther'es not much to say. also, we're kind of in awe a/b the whole thing still (2 days ago) so we dont' know what to say!


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