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Albuquerque New Mexico

Date: Oct 16, 2001
Submitted By: Candy

Wow!!!! Let me tell you they know how to entertain.

It was my first concert and unbelievable!!!! Nick was so HOt!!!!! I love how they start the show with the meters hitting the earth! Nick did his Bootylicious part,(to die for), when he introduced the band members he got on the FLOOR and DANCED. That was great. Nick said he went to one of the malls(Does anybody know which one if so tell me),Kevin and Howie went on a ballon ride at The Kodak Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Sorry it is hard to explane the concert in words it was breath taking. It was AJ's 95th day of being sober, go AJ. I went to the conert for my birthday which is October 18th(perfect present). They also said they would defintly be back(YES). Like I said if anyone knows what mall Nick went to please tell me important!!!!!!! Thanks!

Nick's Lover (Kiss)

Albuquerque, NM

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: New Mexican Fan

What can I say about Sunday night's concert at the Journal Pavilion??? I'm speechless!! It was THE BEST night of my life! It started out lightening and then began sprinkling, but the Boys performed even though! Brian was the first one to come out and speak to us (the crowd) and "prayed" that the weather would hold up and sure enough... the clouds went away and the stars appeared... you couldn't have asked for a more better and beautiful night to see them perform! They started out with "Everyone" and lemme tell you... I JUMPED out of my seat and didn't sit down once throughout the WHOLE show! Those Boys had me on my feet all night long! If I had to pick a favorite part of the show (which would be hard) I'd have to say when Nick played the drums during "The Answer To Our Life"!!! And especially when he started singing Destiny Child's "Bootylicious" while dancing and moving his butt around! LoL They sang new songs like "More Than That" and "Get Another Boyfriend," but also sang the "oldies" which included "Quit Playing Games," "As Long As You Love Me," (minus the chair routine) and "All I Have To Give." The show packed full dancing and ALOT of energy! The 2050 skit they did made me laugh 'cause you get to see what the Boys would like when they grew old LoL And even in the year 2050... Howie "still gots it!" LoL Anyone who's been to the show will know what I'm talking about LoL But with all good things... they have to come to an end:( AJ came out and delivered the "good news and bad news" then his phone started to ring LoL He told his "woman" that he was in Albuquerque and to "leave him alone." LoL Last, but not least, they sang "Shape Of My Heart," left the stage and people "thought" the show was over, but I sorta hesitated 'cause I knew they sang "Drowning" last. Sure enough... the Boys took the stage once again, smoke billowed and Brian sang his part of "Drowning"!! I would have taken pictures, but I ran out of film during "The Call" LoL When the song was over... a girl up in front row sprayed Nick with silly string and he stood there with his arms out while she did so LoL I thought it was so cute LoL They all locked hands, took their bow, thanked everyone for coming and left! I as so tired after the concert that I was surprised I made up the walkway and to my Mom who was already waiting for us LoL She saw their buses leave the Pavilion, but I missed it 'cause I was still IN the Pavilion trying to get out LoL And so this has been my concert review... my best concert so far, but will not be my last so long as the Boys continue to tour... I'll continue to go!:)

Concert in Albuquerque New Mexico

Date: Oct 09, 2001
Submitted By: Myssi

Well lemme just say...HOTT!!! Sisqo put on one heck of a show lemme tell ya!!!! He sang songs like Incomplete, and Thong Song. Then he did a remake of Wild Wild West. Then oh yeah it was BSB TIME!!!!! They came out with a bang! They sang, Everyone, Backstreet's Back, All I Have To Give, As Long As You Love Me, and then Kevin came out and told us he wanted to send his love out to all those affected by the attack on Sept. 11th.

After that the rest of the members came out and with the audiences help they sang God Bless America! After a short pause they came out and sang More Than That. Of course after that they sang, Get Another Boyfriend, Quit Playin' Games, and then Time. While singing Time Nick and Howie were pushing on eachother and Brian and AJ were hugging. Kevin was just singing and patting Brian on the back.

Then came time for them to introduce the band. While doing so Nick said the "Band is too bootylicious for ya babe." Then he made the du du duh noise from the Thong Song. Then he raised his shirt and his pants were sagging. HE WAS WEARING A THONG!!!!!! It was kinda gross but the girls seemed to like it. Afterwards they sang "The Call," and then "Shape of My Heart." They said that was all the time they had so most everyone started leaving. But about 4 minutes later they came out and sang "Drowning." After fireworks went off they left.

All through the night they were picking on eachother and telling Albuquerque they had some of the finest ladies they've ever seen. They also promised that this was NOT the last time they'd be here. Well only time will tell if they keep their promise! For the sake of all those teenagers and wild and crazy 30 year olds I hope they keep it!!!

From one BSB lover to another I bid you G'Night and God Bless!

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